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YANG Jianli, President 1875 Connecticut Ave., NW Suite 410 Washington, DC 20009 (240) 643-8793 (857) 472-9039

October 17, 2011

U.S. Department of State Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and Labor DRL/LEAP Room 7817 2201 C Street, NW Washington, DC 20037 RE: Appeal to the U.S. Government to Prevent Chinese Government Official Li Qun, Abuser of Chinese Human Rights from Entering into the United States.

Most Respected Officials of the U.S. State Department: I am Yang Jianli, a citizen of China. I would like to request that the U.S. State Department prevent Li Qun and other relevant persons responsible for the widely known abuse case of human rights defender Chen Guangcheng, from entering the United States at any time. Chen Guangcheng was born November 12, 1971, in Yinan, Shandong Province, China.s He lost sight in both eyes when he was one year old. Despite this cruel handicap, Chen managed to educate himself in legal matters, and as a young adult began to take cases relating to the violation of civil rights of the people in and around Shandong Province. In 2005, Chen Guangcheng was investigating incidents of forced family planning in the city of Linyi, and revealed his findings to external media. Then the harassment by police and government officials intensified. In early 2006, Chen Guangcheng was arrested in Beijing and taken back to Shandong. In March, he went missing. In June, he was criminally detained. In August, the People’s Court of Yinan County sentenced Chen Guangcheng to four years and three months of imprisonment for ‘intentional destruction of public property’ and ‘assembly to obstruct traffic.’ After Chen Guangcheng was sentenced, his wife, Yuan Weijing was also kept under house arrest in the village of their residence. On an average day, there would be 20 persons guarding her. The guards beat Chinese and foreign reporters and other human rights defenders who tried to visit Yuan Weijing. On Sept 9th, 2010, Chen Guangcheng was released from prison. Since then, Chen and his family have been kept as virtual prisoners in their home. He, his wife and child have been kept together under house arrest, under ever increasingly surveillance. Chen Guangcheng and his wife were beaten up on multiple occasions for trying to leave the house or interact with neighbors. The child has not been

allowed out to go to school, while almost all visitors who try to see the family are beaten or imprisoned. In 2008, Chen Guangcheng reportedly found blood in his stool, which can be an indication of a serious medical condition. He was never given an examination by medical personnel or allowed any treatment. Li Qun is the current Party Secretary of Qingdao and a standing member of Shandong Provincial Party Committee. He is the one who is mainly for Chen Guangcheng’s case and ill treatment. Born in Shandong Province in 1962, Li Qun spent time in the United States, studying for his Masters of Public Administration at the University of New Haven, Connecticut from June to December, 2000. During that time, he also served as an assistant to the mayor of New Haven. From December 2002 to March 2007, Li Qun was Party Secretary of Linyi, Shandong Province. In the period wherein he served as the Party Secretary of Linyi, Chen Guangcheng revealed Li Qun’s zealous implementation of the government policy of forced family planning. Li Qun sent the chief of police, Chen Jie, to question Chen Guangchen and requested that he be silent. Chen Guangcheng rejected this request. Following this, Chen Guangchen’s ill fate arrived. The many defenders who understand the circumstances of the case confirm that Li Qun is the main person responsible for Chen Guangchen’s case. In May 2008, Chen Guangcheng’s wife contacted me through a friend. In March 2011, Chen Guangchen and Yuan Weijing wrote me a letter, stating their situation and hoped that there could be some help. With regards to Li Qun being the main person responsible for Chen Guangchen’s case, I am of the opinion that Li Qun is a serious violator of human rights. After deliberating with Chen Guangcheng’s family and several human rights defenders in China, I decided to report this to the U.S. government, and request that the U.S. government mark Li Qun’s records. If Li Qun applies for a U.S. visa, I request that the U.S. government deny it. If Li Qun appears in the U.S., Chen Guangcheng and family has requested that I take legal action. I will also urge the media to follow and report on Li Qun’s whereabouts and activities. At the same time, I will also urge human rights activists of other nations to take similar actions. The United States is the most powerful democratic nation in the world. U.S. laws protect the fundamental human rights of their every citizen, and oppose any form of violation or persecution of those human rights. As such, I must seriously urge that the U.S. government take notice of Li Qun should he ever decide to enter the country. And please be assured that, in order to prevent these human rights violators from setting foot on U.S. soil, I will continue to provide you with information on Li Qun and others involved in the case. It is my hope that the State Department will be willing to accept the information that I provide, and will provide a response that lets us know the U.S. Government will not condone the type of monstrosities that are currently being experienced by Chinese citizens such as Chen Guangdeng at the hands of local party officials such as Li Qun. There is no excuse for the beating and torture of a blind man and his family for simply telling the truth.


Yours Most Sincerely and Respectfully,

Yang Jianli, Ph.D. President and Founder Initiatives for China Fellow, Harvard University