Tooth Amigurumi Pattern by Lindsey11097

      white worsted weight yarn 4.25 mm crochet hook yarn needle black yarn OR black embroidery thread & needle powdered blush (optional)

This pattern shows how to make the tooth- I just added the hat later. Finished size is about 2 inches tall. Good luck.

"Point" (make 4):
1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. ch 2, sc 4 into second stitch from the hook sc in each stitch (4 sts) increase, single crochet; repeat (6 sts) single crochet 2, increase; repeat (8 sts) increase, single crochet 3; repeat (10 sts) single crochet 5, increase; repeat (12 sts) be sure you leave enough of a tail on each point to sew together later

1. sc 8 along the base (now the top) of each point to form a circle around the outside of the points (32 sts) (fig. 1A) 2. sc in each stitch around (32 sts) 3. take the tails left on the points and sew the inside together (fig. 1B) 4. Now, you basically decrease until there is just enough room to stuff. Stuff, and continue to decrease until the hole closes. 5. Pull the tail down through the tooth and tie to the bottom before trimming to create a dimple in the top of the tooth

Use black yarn or thread to embroider two eyes and a mouth to the front. Apply powdered blush with a cotton swab.

This is my original design. This pattern is for personal use only. Please do not reproduce pattern to claim as your own, sell this pattern, or post on other sites

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