“Malaysians Can Walk Freely at …… without police permit”?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
1. Is this civil disobedience? You bet. We want to defy the existing Police Act which requires citizens to apply for police permit and the tabled Peaceful Assembly Bill which requires citizens to notify the police 30 days in advance for public assemblies organised. We will gather but do neither of these. See what the police can do to us, when the media, tourists and fellow Malaysians are watching. 2. Why don’t we bring placards and banners? The Police or security guards often seize banners and placards or use them as evidence of us disrupting public order. So, we will wear yellow with just our national flag (Jalur Gemilang), flowers (jasmine will be good) or balloons (where you can write your message). Now, let the police show us if any laws prohibit us from wearing yellow, or bringing national flag, flowers or balloons in the public. Otherwise, why are others not targeted? 3. What do we do there? We do what normal people will do when they meet friends in a park or a street. We chat. We walk. We take photos together. We sing. We dance. Or we can just enjoy the Sun and do nothing. Make sure you are at least around three more other people to constitute an “illegal assembly”. Have fun! 4. What difference will we make? We will show how Malaysians can defy the assembly laws and reclaim public spaces. The Government should withdraw the bill if they don’t want to see more Malaysians doing it at every tourism spots every weekend. We are telling the politicians: We are not idiots. We will never accept a stupid law that is too draconian even for Burma, which now allows street protests and requires a 5-day notice to the police. 5. What if the Police do arrest us? Congratulations. You will be on Al Jazeera, BBC, CNN and all over on Youtube. The whole world will see how ridiculous the Malaysian assembly law is – you actually get arrested for wearing yellow, holding a flag, a bunch of flowers and a balloon in your hand? More people will march against the Bill and for you next week! What else do we need to pressure the Government to withdraw the Peaceful Assembly Bill? You will be national heroes! 6. How likely is our arrest? Unfortunately, the likelihood is very low. We are publicising this, telling the Government this is a trap. We don’t think that they are too dumb to not understand what trap is. 7. Who are there for me if I am arrested? We have informed the Bar Council’s Legal Aid Centre (LAC) http://www.malaysianbar.org.my/legal_aid_centres.html (03-26913005 / 26932072) and human rights organisation Suaram (0377843525) about these protests. Lawyers will be there should anything happen. Relax. Make sure you smile in front of cameras. It’s the police who should be afraid of us, not vice versa.

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