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TalinaofGor: pardon got a question for u if u dont mind me askin Lirima: sure, fire away TalinaofGor: what do u plan

on doin with kiara and was it all plan out or was it more of a surprise attack? TalinaofGor: sorry just wondering Lirima: lol, what I plan to do will happen as the rp comes along...I don't like to ruin good rp with surprises Lirima: as for now she's in Liri's control Lirima: why do you ask? TalinaofGor: well was it all plan out that u was gonna capture her? TalinaofGor: i have heard from someone that she was planning out being a slave b ut idk Lirima: Eh, it doesn't really matter in the rp Lirima: she is now, thats all that matters. TalinaofGor: and with her get captured kind of screwed me over big time but ehh Lirima: well, its rp Lirima: you need to be more resilliant. TalinaofGor: ok and with it being rp where does that put me in the rp TalinaofGor: that is the key Lirima: Its your character Lirima: so its your decision. TalinaofGor: because i was not able rp if she not around Lirima: Lirima didn't capture you, and you were not there when the camp burned, so that is your decision. TalinaofGor: ya but if u see how i look she has me shackled and collared.truth w here would mostly i would end up Lirima: Frankly, Lirima is sticking her neck out for Kia. She's not going to tak e anyone else Lirima: She would probably have let you burn if she had seen you. Lirima: She's not a fan of weak willed women. TalinaofGor: she was keeping me as a slave pet Lirima: Well, she isn't anymore TalinaofGor: camp pet* Lirima: so your decision as to what to do. TalinaofGor: well seeing that i am kind of screwed.i can go ahead and kill my rp . TalinaofGor: well ty for answering my questions Lirima: Would you like my honest opinion? Lirima: on the situation TalinaofGor: sure i guess Lirima: You have to make a decision for what to do with the character. This is just- rp, and you're in a sea of available rpers. Kia is nice, but she is far fr om the best, and she's trying to learn- which is great. There are other people y ou can rp with, and killing your account over an rp related event is kinda drast ic. If you escaped the fire, great for you, go do something with the character. TalinaofGor: ok TalinaofGor: u tell me who want a person that would rp as a child that has colla r around there neck TalinaofGor: and is branded TalinaofGor: ...... Lirima: I don't know, its not my job to find them Lirima: you weren't there to be captured, thats what it amounts to. TalinaofGor: bingo there my point Lirima: and there's no way for random rpers who come into the room to check for bodies TalinaofGor: that where it screws me over. Lirima: if you aren't there, you can't be counted TalinaofGor: not my fault my pc overheated Lirima: if you really want to involve yourself in this rp, you've got to figure out how to find them, where'd they be, etc etc

Lirima: not my fault either Lirima: but thats how rp works. TalinaofGor: i'm on imvu almost 24/7 TalinaofGor: ya ik what u mean TalinaofGor: but i am lookin at how TalinaofGor: i got told that ur camp is in with Vica Lirima: so, this is completely off subject TalinaofGor: and Vica blocked me Lirima: but if you're a 6 year old ..why do you have such defined breasts o.o TalinaofGor: >< Lirima: my camp is in with Vica..and she blocks rpers she doesn't feel are skill ed enough or willing to learn Lirima: i mean, really though, there are kid skins Lirima: you've got some big hooters for a kid TalinaofGor: i look and cant really find skins for a kid that is nude.... TalinaofGor: and ur saying the same to kiara then as vica blocked her Lirima: Yea, I've seen them before TalinaofGor: cause she was not in the mood to pratice on her sparing as she bloc ked her Lirima: I know she did. Lirima: I was there TalinaofGor: well if u have seenn them then send me a link cause idk what to loo k under Lirima: i will TalinaofGor: but u sayin if i want to try to get into the rp how if vica has blo cked me Lirima: I'm serving as a liason right now TalinaofGor: a what? Lirima: and I'm only helping one person at a time. If\when I think kia is ready. .ill ask vica Lirima: a Liason TalinaofGor: idk what u mean.sorry confused TalinaofGor: and truth i have seen kia tryin her best to be a great panther but she does have times she need time alone Lirima: shes not going to be a panther Lirima: I'm not going to present her as a panther. TalinaofGor: ur gonna present her as a slave? Lirima: indeed. TalinaofGor: ehh though so Lirima: a liason is an in between person who serves in civil matters Lirima: by the way. TalinaofGor: alright then TalinaofGor: i guess i should go then TalinaofGor: have a nice night. Lirima: Good luck with things