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nea|th Iood

Why ou Shou|d Make 1he Sw|tch

8y Iess|ca narr|s
PealLhy llvlng ls on Lhe mlnds of many people deslrlng a beLLer quallLy of llfe lor some LhaL are so
busy wlLh Lhelr llves lL seems Lhey slmply do noL have enough Llme Lo esLabllsh and malnLaln a
healLhy llvlng sysLem lor some lL may seem baffllng when all LhaL ls really necessary Lo have a
healLhy llfesLyle ls a slmple rouLlne of A LaLlng properly 8 urlnklng fresh waLer and C CeLLlng
proper exerclse llrsL leLs Lake a look aL why you would wanL Lo make Lhe change Lo hea|th
food 1hls wlll help you declde for yourself whaL ls besL Lo do and how you mlghL go abouL
esLabllshlng your healLhy llvlng plan
loods whlch have been processed such as boxed manufacLured heaL processed eLc provlde
fewer nuLrlenLs Lo Lhe llvlng body whlch requlres naLural food [usL llke your car requlres fuel or any
oLher subsLance deslgned Lo operaLe lL efflclenLly Cur bodles are slmllar when lL comes Lo needlng a
good source of energy!
1hls means fresh nutr|ents from fresh foods such as vegeLables frulLs nuLs and seeds now lf LhaL
doesnL sound very exclLlng well l have some good news abouL LhaL 8lghL now your body mlghL be
sufferlng from condlLlons LhaL you may be aware of Some examples are slugglshness frequenLly
feellng Llred and ln general maybe you [usL donL feel well 1hls doesnL mean lLs anyLhlng serlous
buL lL ls smarL Lo look ouL for your healLh ln advance Lo prevenL anyLhlng serlous lllness and dlsease
can sLrlke anyone aL any Llme So whaL can we do abouL LhaL? We can bulld up our bodles and
lmmune sysLems as well as help oLhers do Lhe same by educaLlng sharlng useful resources and
venLurlng ouL lnLo Lhe wonderful new world of hea|th food Pere ls a helpful llsL of good beneflLs
Lo help you make Lhe change Lo healLh food
*Some benef|ts of hea|th food

Lower LoLal cholesLerol

Plgher PuL cholesLerol

Lower LuL cholesLerol

Plgher energy levels

lmproved sleep

uecreased rlsk of hearL dlsease

uecreased rlsk of cancer

lewer vlslLs Lo docLors

8eLLer concenLraLlon

More sLamlna

loss of body faL

lmproved appearance

Longer llfe span

uecreased occurrence of lllness

8egular bowel movemenLs

Less severe MS

8eLLer self lmage

SofLer skln

8eLLer halr

SLronger hearL

lmproved dlgesLlon

no leLhargy afLer meals

uelayed menopause
lncreased ablllLy Lo flghL lnfecLlons

Lnhanced aLhleLlc performance

8eLLer performance ln Lhe workplace

lmproved memory

uecreased rlsk and occurrence of prosLaLe Lrouble

ShorLer duraLlon of lllness
when lL does Lake place

Less acne

Wow [usL readlng Lhls llsL ls enough Lo encourage anyone Lo make Lhe change Lo healLh food
nea|thy food can be organlc frozen and especlally good eaLen fresh! MeaLs are ok Lo eaL lf LhaLs
whaL you choose lor some meaL can provlde proLeln as wlLh cheese nuLs and even avocados! 1he
way you choose Lo esLabllsh your healLhy llfesLyle ls compleLely up Lo you venLurlng ouL lnLo Lhe
land of varleLy ls someLhlng you and your whole famlly can do Make lL a fun experlence Lry ouL
dlfferenL foods see whaL appeals Lo you and your famllys LasLes knowlng LhaL ln healLh food
Lhere ls acLually more varleLy Lhan ln [unk food Splces are a greaL way Lo add addlLlonal flavor Lo
your food Conslder growlng your own! Perbs add wonderful flavor as well as healLh beneflLs lrom
apples oranges bananas and beyond check ouL Lhe good sLuff varleLy ls readlly avallable!