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November 18, 2011

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Vietnamese woman 'aged 50 years within days'

Vietnamese woman who claims she aged by 50 years in just days has doctors grappling for answers. Nguyen Thi Phuong has the wrinkled and saggy skin of a woman in her seventies, but claims she is just 26 years old, the media reports. Ms Nguyen claims her skin started to sag and fold after an allergic reaction to seafood in 2008, which caused her to develop hives. She used traditional medicine to treat the hives, but her skin began to age rapidly days later, she says. "All the hives disappeared, together with my itching. However, my skin began to sag and fold," she was quoted as saying. what the problem is and I can be treated so my face gets back to normal." Sydney-based dermatologist Michelle Hunt said she was suspicious about the claims, after seeing photos of Ms Nguyen before and after her condition developed. "There is a slight difference in the nasal elevation between the two," she said. "Usually, with age, the nose tip droops but in this case it is tilted up a bit in the photo where she looks older which makes me wonder if the photos are of two different people." But it was also possible that Ms Nguyen suffered from generalized cutis laxa, Dr Hunt said. Cutis laxa is a rare condition that causes skin to lose all its elasticity. It is congenital condition but has also been

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linked to allergic reactions. The condition, which is extremely rare, may develop any age following an outbreak of hives, Dr Hunt said. She said a skin biopsy could verify Ms Nguyen's claims. Doctor Hoang Van Minh, head of the dermatology ward at Ho Chi Minh City Medical University, diagnosed Ms Nguyen's condition as mastocytosis, according to local news publication. But Dr Hunt said this condition, a rare disorder caused by too many mast cells, would usually cause a patient's skin to look red and pigmented, rather than making it

sag and droop. Dr Hunt said the condition would most likely need to be corrected with cosmetic surgery. Ms Nguyen's husband has stood by her side and says that he still loves her as much as the day they met. "I married Phuong when she was a beautiful woman. I have followed her through her disease and have never been shocked at all," he said. "It's not easy to talk about one's own marital affairs. Just simply understand that I still love her very much." What could she be suffering from?

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Friday, November 18, 2011

thiNkiNg of seNdiNg bags or boxes to fiji!!

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Fiji News
mAheNdrA motiBhAi pAtel out But Not doWN

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiji ANd jordAN estABlish relAtioNs

The Republic of Fiji and the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan formalised diplomatic relations at a ceremony in New York on Fijis Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Peter Thomson and his Jordan counterpart, His Royal Highness Prince Zeid Al-Hussein, signed a joint communiqu establishing diplomatic relations between the two countries. The communiqu expresses the desire of Jordan and Fiji to promote and strengthen the bonds of friendship and cooperation between their countries in political, economic, cultural, humanitarian and other will be guided by the principles and purposes of the Charter of the United Nations and other norms of international law, particularly on equality among States, respect for national sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and noninterference in the internal affairs of States,
Fijis Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Peter Thomson and his Jordan counterpart, His Royal Highness Prince Zeid Al-Hussein, after the signing of the joint communiqu establishing diplomatic relations in New York.

Mac Patel after Motibhai bought Murdochs News Limited Fiji Times Newspaper

aka Mac Patel, Chairman of Fiji Times and Motibhai Group of companies that own Prouds Stores and other distribution companies, has been released from Korovou prison last week. against him while he was the Chairman of Post Fiji Limited, a government owned company he helped turn into a very His Post Fiji CEO then, Peni Mau, was also jailed alongside Mac Patel in March this was released last month. It is understood that Mac was released on extramural before his full jail term thats due sometime in December. So far, no Fiji local media has reported Patels release. Sources also reveal that Mac Patel, a diehard Fiji patriot, has come out bigger and better than what tyrant Frank Bainimarama, Nazhat Shameem, Aiyaz Khaiyum and others tried to do to him to break him. Mac Patel is said to have won over many sympathetic Fijian supporters who look to to justify Franks bluff clean-up coup. Many Fiji citizens now see Mac Patel as Fijis Nelson Mandela.

and respect for international treaties. Following the formalisation ceremonies, Missions of Jordan and Fiji to the United

Nations, the ambassadors held discussions on areas of common interest to their two countries, including UN Peacekeeping issues and forthcoming UN Election.

prime miNisters exporter AWArds Next Week

The only awards ceremony that rewards in exporting into Fiji, the Prime Ministers Exporter of the Year Awards, will be held week. The ceremony enters into its 19th year with the theme Taking Fiji to the World. Investment Fiji chief executive Ravuni Uluilakeba said, Winners become role models for the businesses in Fiji demonstrating their drive to achieve success overseas and demonstrating their Uluilakeba said the awards have been coined to encourage exporters to market their products beyond the shores of Fiji. The awards range from manufacturing to business across all industries regardless of its size and location. Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will present the awards. The awards night will be held on November 26.

WomAN chArged With exploitiNg Workers

A Wellington businesswoman in New Zealand is facing rare charges of exploiting Fijian workers by not paying them the minimum wage or holiday pay and inciting them to work while on visitor visas. The 44-year-old has been charged by the Immigration Department with 12 counts of aiding, abetting, inciting, counseling or procuring two women to breach the conditions of their visitor permits, supplying false information about the purpose of their visits and her relationship with one of the women, and failure to pay money under the Holidays Act or Minimum Wages Act. The two female workers named in the charges have returned to Fiji. The businesswoman was granted suppression of her name, occupation and identifying details. Lawyer Bruce Squire, QC, said his client worked in New Zealand and Fiji. He argued that she should be allowed to travel to Fiji to meet work commitments. After her arrest last week, she surrendered her passport to Immigration lawyer Terri Thompson said there were concerns the businesswoman would not return, telling the judge that the womans children were in Fiji. There was also the risk of her contacting witnesses while there, she said. Mr Squire described the concerns as nonsense. The womans business and her husband were in signed a lease for new premises. He said she was a permanent resident in New Zealand, her husband was a citizen and her Wellington District Court judge Chris enough to affect the womans right to travel, especially to her homeland. He said the allegations were of underpaid employees who were unable to work legally in New Zealand. The maximum penalties the woman faces of $100,000, or both. Judge Tuohy granted her bail until next month on the condition she have no contact with witnesses or the complainants, and that she advise the department of any travel.

Fiji pm ANd presideNt meet With Belgium eNVoy

Patrick Renault, the non-resident Belgian resident to Fiji, met with Fijis Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau. Renault presented his credentials to Ratu Epeli followed by a courtesy visit to Commodore Bainimarama at government house. He was accompanied by Belgian Investment and Trade Commissioner Nathalie Surmont. Fiji has a diplomatic mission based in Belgiums capital of Brussels which is accredited to other European countries and organisations including the European Union and the World Trade Organisation.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiji News

Friday, November 18, 2011

sABmiller set to oWN Fiji Bitter

Fijis internationally famous beer, Fiji Bitter, is set to become part of global brewing giant SABMillers portfolio. SABMiller has announced a conditional takeover of Fiji Bitters brewer, Fosters Fosters Group Limited (FGL). Fosters Group general manager Tony at the Reserve Bank of Fiji (RBF). SABMillers initial offer of $4.90 per share for Fosters Group shares was rejected, but a Scanlan said if SAB Miller is to acquire the shares in Fosters Group they will be required to negotiate with Coca-Cola Amatil Limited as well in relation to the sale of Fosters Group Fiji operations. The sale has to be approved by the Commerce Commission as well. The takeover is expected to be completed by mid December.

rB pAtel group medicAl trAiNiNg director, dArshAN For FireFighters pAtel resigNs
RB Patel Group Limited director Darshan Patel has resigned from his position. Group's chairman Padam Lala in a statement said Patels resignation is due to personal circumstances. Patel was one of the seven directors of RB Patel Group Limited. Patels replacement will be appointed once Meanwhile, Deepak Rathod has been appointed as the company secretary. Rathod is also the companys chief National Fire Authority will begin emergency medical training next week Department. The training is part of a continuing collaboration between NFA and the Matsusaka Fire Department. Aseri Radrodro said the long association

"This training program continued annually undergoing training in Japan every year until 2008," Mr Radrodro said. and Mr Radrodro thanked JICA Fiji for facilitating the capacity building program. much as possible during the three weeks of training JICA Fiji's residential representative, Jichiro Sasaki said it was a priority for the NFA to be highly trained in providing emergency medical training with the added responsibility of emergency ambulance services. "I hope that the training that you receive in the next few weeks will enable you to carry out your duties and responsibilities at the highest level," Mr Sasaki said. A welcome ceremony was conducted at Walu Bay's NFA headquarters for Japanese trainers Yusuke Morimoto and Masafumu Okayama.

molAsses geNerAtes $8m

THE Fiji Sugar Corporation has revealed more than $8 million has been generated from molasses sales to date. This means a growers as they receive 70 per cent of all proceeds from sugar processing minus industry costs as per the Sugar Master Award. Fiji Sugar Corporation executive chairman Abdul Khan said molasses sales continued to be a lucrative by-product of sugarcane processing and a means for generating much-needed revenue for the industry. Apart from international sales, the country's biggest brewery is also a customer for the product. been produced," Mr Khan said. tonnes to United Molasses and the second ship is due anytime now. We have also sold to the Foster's Group, a major dairy company here in Fiji, and Wilton Stockfeed in New Zealand. "To date our revenue from molasses is in excess of $8 million," the executive director said. molasses in 2009.

Fiji's multiculturAlism AmAzes VisitiNg AcAdemic

A VISITING academic who was a guest speaker at the recent Fiji Literature Festival says she was impressed by the fact that a Muslim college in the west had a Hindu principal. Qaisra Shahraz, an English academic of Pakistani origin, told the media that multiculturalism in Fiji was alive and kicking in all its positive aspects. Ms Shahraz said multiculturalism appeared to be well embedded in the fabric of Fijian life and that there were good relationships and mutual appreciation of other local languages, cultures, and customs between Fiji's ethnic groups. She said Fiji was like any other developing country and was facing the invasion of balance between the old and the new. "It is important to move with the times but one should not have to compromise and give up one's culture and customs. Fiji is extremely rich in its multicultural heritage and good at celebrating it which is appealing to outsiders," Ms Shahraz said. She was also highly appreciative of the world-renowned Fijian hospitality that she and her two young sons enjoyed while staying at the Trans International Hotel in Nadi. "My sons and I had a wonderful time," she said. "My sons had a great time on the beautiful Bounty Island, swimming and snorkeling. We were well feasted and treated to wonderful entertainment, with lively and graceful dances and songs. Fijian hospitality is simply marvelous and we got to sample a lot of mouthwatering and delicious dishes, a wonderful mixture of Indian and iTaukei cuisine provided by the Fiji National University's wonderful catering staff."

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiji News
Fiji to host Food ANd WiNe FestiVAl
Fiji will be playing host to the inaugural South Pacific Food and Wine Festival next year, an event which is expected to put Fijian flavours on show to the world. In launching the festival, Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said it would give a chance for Fiji to showcase itself through the art of food. This upcoming food and wine festival and conference will offer a truly unique opportunity for attendees to experience authentic Fiji its local produce, fresh cuisine, talented chefs, and pristine Khaiyum. He said the event would also allow emphasis to be placed on using local foods and produce to serve tourists who came to Fiji. What using locally grown foods will do is it will say to the public firstly as Fijians that our foods are as good as other foods, and that we should not shy away from using our foods for the And thirdly is that we must continue to grow, not just our own foods but in fact we can import substitute and there are many foods which are not grown in Fiji He said the festival would also bring in visitors to Fiji during traditional low visitor periods. The South Pacific Food and Wine Festival will feature international chefs such as Masterchef Australias Manu Feidel and Robert Oliver, author of Mea Kai: The Food and Flavour prestigious 2010 Best Cookbook in the The festival will also incorporate a hospitality conference for tourism stakeholders from around the Pacific. The festival will start from March 1417 at Denarau in Nadi.

Air cAliForNiA compANy receiVes pAciFic recogNitioN For serVices expresses moNo rAil plAN For Fiji
THE Transport Ministry is looking at introducing a mono rail system to supplement, modernize and ease our travelling experience. Colonel Timoci Lesi Natuva while Meanwhile, the minister has called on all stakeholders to consider road safety seriously. "Each week a serious fatal accident occurs on our roads which results in about one person either admitted to the hospital or dying every single week. dying every month and more than 60 by the end of the year. "Many of them are young children, men and women the future of Fiji. "Government feels that in all its efforts to reduce road fatalities by the year 2020 under the United Nations Decade of Action for Road Safety 20112020, its Arrive Alive Campaign Initiatives still struggles with other country road safety stakeholders in educating, creating awareness and informing people about road safety," Col Natuva said. best small airline in the world in a 2011 readers poll conducted by renowned travel magazine, Conde Nast Traveler. The National Carrier beat out the likes of Virgin Australia, which was ranked 10th and Dutch airline KLM Cityhopper which was ranked 8th. said Conde Nast was a world famous magazine and the recognition was obviously a good one for the airline. A subsidiary of British Airways, OpenSkies was voted by Conde Nast readers as the best small airline in the world while voted third best in the world. Meanwhile Singapore Airlines was voted top foreign airline in the world. Advertise in

Niranjan Showroom in Suva. "A renowned mono rail company based in California has expressed its interest to busy Suva-Nausori corridor. "The intention is to expand the rail network further from Suva to Nausori as a means of attracting more tourists to the capital, Suva. factor for government to proceed with the project with the sole and simple reason of controlling our fuel import bill which in 2008 stood at around $1.2billion," Col Natuva said.


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Fiji News
johN trAVoltA iN Fiji

Friday, November 18, 2011

iNVestmeNt Fiji reVeAls 2012 plAN

Government has been placing major emphasis on attracting foreign investors into the country especially by trying to expedite all the approval processes. It goes without saying how crucial investment is to grow the Fijian economy. A major role in this has to be played by Investment Fiji (formerly known as Fiji Trade and Investment Bureau), who in recent times has no doubt become quite aggressive in its approach in as far as attracting foreign investors is concerned. This year, Investment Fiji worked tirelessly to bring in quite a number of potential foreign investors to Fiji from outside of traditional markets to showcase the investment opportunities that exist in Fiji. So today in our 2012 Budget build-up, we focus on what Investment Fiji is requesting for and also what their plans are for 2012. Our Business Editor Rachna Lal liaised with Investment Fiji chief executive Q: What is Investment Fiji asking for in the 2012 Budget? A: Investment Fiji has plans to mount trade and investment promotion missions outside of Fiji in 2012, and if the Fijian Government increases our Budget, then Investment Fiji would be in a much better position to advocate for the private sector. An increase in the 2012 Budget will allow Investment Fiji to better market Fiji as an investment destination to potential investors. Q: What areas of investment will Investment Fiji be focusing on in 2012? A: Apart from promoting our local products and Fijis investment portfolio, investment in 2012. Every year few for the upcoming year. Governments support towards the onestop-shop initiative aimed at bringing investment reform into Fiji. Investment Fiji is therefore working closely with a number of Government agencies to ensure a stronger commitment for a better Fiji; the online feature will make a top of the class level of service. Investment Fiji further hopes to enter new emerging markets such as the Middle East, South America, South Africa and strengthen its relationship with the MSG Q: Mining sector in Fiji is certainly booming. What is Investment Fiji planning to do with this sector? A: Investment Fiji has been receiving interest from foreign investors in this area and we hope to better promote this in 2012 in collaboration with the Department of Mineral Resources. Q: How will all this be possible? A: Investment Fiji hopes to achieve all these with the support from the Government in 2012.

HOLLYWOOD star John Travolta touched down at Nadi International Airport. blockbusters such as Saturday Night Fever, Grease and the cult classic Pulp Fiction arrived in the country piloting his Jett Clipper Ella, which is painted in vintage Qantas livery. Awe-struck fans at the Nadi departure terminal said the mega-movie star was "very approachable and warm" when asked to pose for photographs.

for foreign investment and Investment Fiji will undertake the responsibility of promoting these areas. Q: What initiatives has Investment Fiji planned for 2012? We have plans for out-going missions, seminars, trade exhibitions to name a

Toll Free: 1-866-790-8984

Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiji News

iNdiAs leAdiNg eNtertAiNers iN Fiji

One of the worlds leading Indian entertainers, Charkula Arts Academy from Vrindavan, India is in the country to showcase the people of Fiji the spectacular drama, Ramleela and Raasleela. brought to Fiji by the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR), government of India to mark the 40 year of existence of Indian Cultural Centre in Fiji, festival of India 20112012. performance in Lautoka director for Indian Cultural Centre, High Commission of India Dr Kamal Kishor Mishra said the group has travelled world over and their performance would enhance and strengthen cultural ties between people to people and Fiji and India. Dr Mishra said the group will help promote cultural exchange and further boost the capacities Fiji and India share. He said the epics, Ramayana and Mahabharata, which represent Ramleela and Raasleela respectively, are two Indian narrative contributions to the world literary tradition, art and culture. The stories from both the epics contribute towards human lives in many ways. We should also know that both the epics have

He said during the groups visit, people of Fiji will get the opportunity to witness the play from the two great epics, the Ramayana and Mahabharata. Ramleela is based on the ideal ethos of human life while Raasleela means play of Dr Mishra. The group will be performing in Suva, Nausori, Labasa, Nadi and Ba. Meanwhile during the yearlong festival of India in Fiji, well-known cultural groups representing different dimensions of Indian culture will be showcasing their multifaceted talents all over the country.

krAmer eNters BeWAre oF Bogus exporter AWArds AgeNts: us eNVoy

Kramer Ausenco (KA) is a multidisciplinary consulting organization which was established to pursue international infrastructure design and construction management, in particular within Papua New Guinea (PNG) and the South West After being unsuccessful once in the Prime Minister's Exporter of the Year Awards in 2008, KA has not lost hope and has once again applied for awards under two categories; Westpac Services Exporter of the Year Award and HFC Exporter Exporter of the Year Awards will be held Spa. KA managing director Nathan Kirk said the company is primarily a professional engineering services exporter and we have been enjoying strong growth in recent years. He said the company's partnership with the Ausenco group has strengthened its capability. "It will enable us to continue with our Islands, which is our core services business base and the area which we can contribute the most. application forms have been warned to be careful. The United States Visa Service in Fiji has revealed some businesses are using customers' details for other applicants. Vice Consul, Robert Blakeslee says this is more-so with green card applications. "We've seen some groups that gather the information from the applicant and enter applications. They'll use that applicant's information and try to get money from other individuals that perhaps do not qualify." Blakeslee says some travel agents have already been reported to police. He adds people should carefully supervise the work of travel agents, and ask for help from the Embassy if need be.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiji News
ahead of the perpetrators, he said. beat the system and because of our limited The authority also has a good relationship

illegal Cases unCovered

The customs division of the Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority has uncovered and entries this year. These include items brought in by cargo ships and other vessels that grace our shores throughout the year and also by air. us because of our limited resources to get their illegal items into the different ports. trace suspicious actions and movements. the purchasing of container screening rush into the deal. on prohibited items. The number of reports is huge and though done properly. It is an expensive equipment

Consumer CounCil warns of fake travel agents

The Consumer Council of Fiji has called for all travel agents in the country to be operators. The councils comments come in the

Council chief executive Premila Kumar activities.

dismaC warns of possible flooding

torrential rain. The Fiji Meteorological Services predicted periods of rain, heavy at times, and squally thunderstorms over most places. The public can expect moderate to fresh demand for lump sum of money after migration visas and permanent residency to overseas countries, said Kumar. numerous travel agents pursuing local Group and nearby smaller islands. precautions due to the tropical disturbance, moving in a south-to-south easterly direction. travel agents.

occur, said National Disaster Management Committee director Pajiliai Doubui.

Friday, November 18, 2011



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Friday, November 18, 2011



Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiji News

Heart surgeries for paC HigHligHts on borrowed tHe underprivileged $6.5m

from the Sydney Adventist Hospital's began in Suva on Monday. Operation Open Heart provides free life-transforming cardiac surgery to children throughout Australia and the Under the OOH project, cardiac specialists and other medical staff Fiji and over the years, 606 Fiji citizens Provident Fund but failed to deposit the sum into a separate account as procedure The Public Accounts Committee cited the Suva City Council for this matter, saying the money obtained for capital projects account. over municipal councils for 2004, at the Colonial War Memorial (CWMH). In a statement from the Adventist Hospital, close tonnes of specialized cardiac surgeries. provided by the Ministry of Health, program. A 63-member team of volunteers is in managed by the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons, Australian donors of OOH, Heart Kids Australia, the medical supply industry of Australia, Air Hospital Sydney to four supplies

City Council in short-term deposit and upon maturity deposited into the General Account. Auditor General's report. In an audit of the insurance cover, the committee found that four vehicles "Furthermore, an additional three vehicles included in the comprehensive insurance cover," the committee said. The council has since carried out an

Sevens wizard Waisale Serevi signs an autographs for his little fans Noa and Lojan Anderson at TappooCity in Suva.

national diabetes foundation forward looking reCeives donation from bsp life

new taxi fare

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a holistic approach because it puts in consistent for the next four years. more accountability and transparency to FRCA (Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority), professional services and consistency in the application of rules and regulations including taxi fares, throughout Fiji, Commodore Bainimarama said.

$9,000 donation to the National Diabetes Foundation of Fiji.





the donation.

National Diabetes Foundation Centre, said responding to the sporadic negative comments from the media and certain individuals. It is unfortunate that the analysis of this agreement by certain sections of the limited, Commodore Bainimarama said.

The chairman of the National Diabetes Foundation of Fiji, Dr Wahid Khan said that they appreciated all the help they could get. We need help from not only cooperate partners but also the public and the people in our country. One in every four people suffer from diabetes and its about time that people

The Fiji Bus Operators Association and Government have a similar agreement as be in place for three years. The Prime Minister commended the in improving the public transportation system. increase safety compliance.

diabetes to be public enemy number one, Mr Khan said. Staff nurse at the centre Meresiana Kadir because there are not enough resources. The cases of diabetes in Fiji are rapidly it, Ms Kadir said.

Fiji News
deClining world eConomy to affeCt fiji
Fiji's trade and tourism activities are anticipated to be affected by the

Friday, November 18, 2011


knowing tHe CHinese market

tourists and often its destination countries and accepted and appreciated. says a tourism expert. released results of a survey conducted on Chinese visitor expectations in Fiji. the past 16 years at various universities in Australia and China, and is visiting professor Management, USP. The Ministry of Tourism held a seminar a presentation on Chinese values and departure lounge of Nadi airport. products in China, an understanding of understanding the Chinese concept of man in of settlements, buildings and architectural attractions in China. visitors appreciate. Chinese have traditionally included humans integrally in nature. Those countries that improve their host-environment.

and the US are anticipated to have some implications for Fiji. The International Monetary Fund has

problems facing the advanced economies in Europe.

expected to rebound.

BBB warns parents to be wary of The Event

The Event, a business that entices parents to spend thousands of dollars for help in appears to be bringing its once in a lifetime opportunity to B.C. last April that representatives from the Disney Channel do not participate in The not authorize any independent casting agent to represent that he or she is participating on behalf of Disney Channel. itself as a modeling and talent event that brings aspiring models and talent Pasacreta, BBB President and CEO. Unfortunately, that may not be the case. Parents need to exercise extreme caution promoters. In other cities across North America consumers have told BBB that they felt misled into believing the business had pressured into signing contracts they competitive business and a paid seminar refundable. A company representative told a BBB number that the event offered a chance to get your child in front of a talent agent. experience. Kamloops claims to have lost $9,000 to the business after they felt pressured into signing a contract at a local mall. Hes attempted to have the charges reversed In a statement, Disney told a Mobile, picture studios or recording companies. For any questions, contact Mark Fernandes, BBB Communications and Marketing Specialist at: 604.488.8701; agents and others to notice your child. employment or high earnings.

air paCifiC Hires new ground Handling Company

company in Australia. Brisbane and Melbourne airports. the decision to re-contract is part of operational assessment and costcutting.

Studio, Inc. The company is advertising on local radio stations plans to hold modeling screenings. This business advertises extensively

across the country. families interested in pursuing modeling and acting careers for their children: for up-front payments in the form of registration, consultation or administrative fees.


Friday, November 18, 2011

Fiji News
savusavu man gets jail time

man named a Habitual offender, gets a 10-year term

each of three counts of theft of a motor vehicle.

diabetes awareness day to be annual event

THE University of Fiji said it hopes to

resolve domestic problems.

While Tamani had apologized to the drivers in court and despite the victims emotional torture and inhumane treatment by a group of men.

bad role model as a father. encouraged by the number of people that the symptoms of and managing diabetes. Dean of the Umanand Prasad School

his children only caused fear in the home The court heard that on March 24 this year,

August 27 this year, Tamani and others robbed three taxi drivers of cash, personal vehicle. traumatic and have left a sense of distrust

a lot of positives. her and threatened to cut her shoulders. and his accomplices. "It is safe to infer that you targeted the victims because of their vulnerability as public service providers." convictions. "Having regard to your previous convictions and the nature of offences you committed shortly after being released from prison in 2011, I consider you to be a threat to the community," he told Tamani.

control because it doesn't do you any good," a counselor. Domestic violence is not reconcilable so I am sentencing you to six months in prison to teach you that cane problems."

and they enjoyed the experience," he said. Medical students such as fourthyear student Parneet Harish found the experience enlightening and alarming at the same time because many people did not

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lot about diabetes," he said.

Fiji News
development of children on a holistic level 30 emotional abuse cases and 114 of sexual year, the ministry has recorded a total of This is the message conveyed by the Ministry of Social Welfare, Women and Poverty Alleviation permanent secretary Mr Govind Sami in light of the Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (PCAN) campaign to be commemorated on Saturday. Mr Sami said last year, the ministry had He said these statistics are alarming and calls for collaborative responsibility to ensure that children are given the best care, love and understanding. abuse and neglect is not tolerated in homes, schools and communities. The ministry on its part is appealing to everyone to ensure that they report all cases of child abuse friendly environment, he said. Mr Sami said the ministry has already

Friday, November 18, 2011


govind sami Calls for Collaborative approaCH

in their Annual Corporate Plans. International Day for the Rights of the upon everyone to join hands in ensuring best care for our children. The ministry alone cannot achieve this, its a joint responsibility of everyone in the society to ensure that our children become good citizens, good leaders to carry on the legacy of a peaceful Fiji, Mr Sami reiterated. sexual abuse cases. It is sad to note that in many of the to the victims and is often a close family member. The youngest victim of child abuse and neglect to date is 3 years, Mr Sami said.

Cameras Help poliCe

Most of the busy streets in the capital city said placing cameras in Suva City is greatly assisting them in monitoring people.

eigHt men fined for drinking in publiC

EIGHT men appeared in the Savusavu Magistrates Court pleading guilty to Maciu Matavesi, 38, Sanivalati Saumi, Tuisiga, 20, and Sepo Tusiga, 60, appeared before Magistrate Ropate be erected to inform the public against $80. of alcohol. The police approached the men after receiving a complaint. Matavesi and Sepo Tusiga said they "A public place is a public place.

characters. He reminds people that they are being monitored. hanging around the city during school hours.

winter pet Care tips

Advice for the Colder Winter Months and Holiday Season Heartworm disease: This mosquitotransmitted disease can be fatal to your dog. In areas that have a year-round mosquito problem it is recommended preventative throughout the year. After

enough so that moisture cannot accumulate inside. If possible, provide a "door" (perhaps

to moderate toxicity, depending on the ingredients and amount ingested. precautions. Keep these products stored in tight containers out of your pets and children's reach and be sure to remove

the members of the public to assist them in

sugar priCe drops

the price of local sugar dropped by Corporation. Chief Executive Abdul Khan said that all four mills have crushed 1.7 million tonnes of cane so far this season producing Average TCTS ratio is about 12. Khan said the cane purity has also improved and they are hoping for better tonnes of molasses to the Caribbeans.

bring your pet inside. frostbite: may be scaly or sloughing. If you suspect

antifreeze: Even a very small amount of antifreeze can be fatal. Precautions carefully. Thoroughly clean up spills at once. Keep containers closed tightly and food: calories, so feed your pet accordingly your veterinarian for advice on feeding your pet.

pill form and given daily or monthly. Housing: Be sure to provide proper shelter for your pets. If yours is an indoor pet, his draft-free area, preferably elevated slightly shelter. The house should be elevated

that are changed frequently. Continue until your veterinarian as soon as possible; he/ seriousness of the condition. Some substances


Friday, November 18, 2011

New Zealand News

HealtH stops woman doZens of wHales going to jail for dead after Cop's deatH tHreat

beaCH bans lifted as nZ Claims baCk sHore

new Zealand's bay of plenty residents can reclaim their picturesque shoreline as maritime authorities announce beach bans will be lifted. the last persistent remains of oil and debris Some beaches, especially the busiest cleaned up. locals celebrating the end of a successful Health officials have advised that oily The grounding off Tauranga's coast on business as usual for those returning to the beaches. before Rena grounded," Mr Courtnell said. "There are small amounts of oil buried in

mass stranding in new Zealand

tHirty-one pilot whales were others hung in the balance after a mass stranding on a peninsula at the north of new Zealand's south island. The remote location of the stranding depend on the tide, the Department of told the reporter.

duty police officer shot in the head has avoided a prison sentence because of her health.

intensive supervision and disqualified

strained and they did not have anything to A ban on collection of seafood from the affected coast also remains in place. Beach access restrictions have been lifted for all beaches from Mount Maunganui to and the area around the Papamoa Surf When an off-duty police officer of a stranding in Australia's island state, Tasmania.

the salvage operation has spared the coast from any further large-scale spills.

devil''. She also told her son's partner and the Nuuaea's explanation to police later

Campaign to save CHristCHurCH CatHedral Heats up

grandson. driving after being stopped by police been stranded on Tasmanian beaches in the past 30 years.

kiwi fined by australian Court over

course of her life, and had major emotional and psychological health issues. complainants, Mr Brosnahan said the

airport bomb joke

offending, difficult relationships and in some instances, ignoring orders and directions. alcohol charges could expect to be sent to

threats against aviation security, the media reported. a 12-month good behaviour bond. by staff at Brisbane airport on Monday


flammable substances. replied. facing home detention or prison.

new Zealand man Cops axe to tHe groin at tHe Canterbury a&p sHow, but He's okay
Event director Rae Finlay told the when an axe head became embedded in

motHer CHarged witH killing baby

airport before he made the comments.

sleeping environment. ensure such an incident could not happen again. going to Christchurch Hospital. suppression, appeared in the Rotorua breaching her bail conditions. No pleas have been entered.

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USA News
us fines airline $900,000 for tarmaC delays
the us department of transportation fined american eagle airlines usd900,000 for keeping 600 passengers waiting on the runway for more than three hours in 15 of its airliners as a result of flight delays at Chicago's o'Hare international airport. imposed by the federal government in April 2010 for tarmac delays of domestic flights. "We put the tarmac rule in place to protect very seriously," Transportation Secretary coordinate their resources and plans to tarmac." The fine stemmed from incidents that Four statue groupings are mounted on the the artillery, cavalry, infantry and navy more than three hours. A total of 608 passengers had to stay more than three hours inside the planes on the climb up the steps and actually do it," Illinois the terminal, according to a Department of Transportation investigation. closed for the day, according to Blanchette. Dave Blanchette told the reporter. Four flights of steps lead to the terrace, in 18691874.

Friday, November 18, 2011


tHieves steal abraHam linColn's Copper sword at tomb state HistoriC site in springfield
sword from the burial site of president abraham lincoln, one of the most media reports. brandished by the statue of a Civil War Historic Site in Springfield, Illinois.

made of granite. A fragment of the ancient

southern military forces surrendered. He each bear the name of a state that made up either in the form of travel mileage, coupons for other flights or cash reimbursements. extended the regulation to include international flights in US airports, though

Couple sues airline over CoCkroaCHes

a couple who felt sick after seeing storage areas on an american flight is suing the airline. Harry Marsh and his fiance Kaitlin

supervisors booted for letting air-traffiC Controllers sleep, watCH movies

let their staff members sleep or watch been booted from their positions. Senior federal aviation officials transferred

US, as reported. Among the other claims against the airline are intentional infliction of emotional distress, nuisance and fraud. mental and emotional distress, in addition AirTran denied several of the allegations.

The insects scurried out of air vents and

goofing off at the centre. in Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) history, included the departure of the facilitys top official, air-traffic manager At least four operations managers also investigation. The FAA confirmed it had reassigned several supervisors to strengthen management at the centre. distressed.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Create history in Surrey.

Please come & show your support on Nov. 19th, 2011. Vote for Vikram Bajwa for Mayor. C 8 6 , Vikram JS Bajwa For Mayor ,S 604-593-5383

World News
Coke plans $2bn IndIa Investment In bId to boost growth
Coca-Cola has said it will invest $2bn in India over the next five years in a bid to increase its market share in the country. Part of the investment will go towards expanding manufacturing capacity and the distribution network to meet increased demand. The worlds largest soft drink company said it expects India to be one of its top five markets by 2020. The amount is equal to what Coke has invested in India in the past 18 years. This investment is a part of our longterm commitment to invest in innovation, partnerships and a portfolio of brands that will enable us to grow our business in a sustainable and responsible way, said Atul Singh, president of Coca-Cola India. The countrys demographics, economic and social parameters are all huge drivers of growth and we have to ensure that we capitalise on the opportunity, he added. Important growth markets With robust economic growth in recent years and a more affluent middle class, India is one of the fastest growing consumer markets in the world. Coca-Cola has also benefited from Indias rapid rise, with the company the last 21 quarters. Ahmet C. Bozer, Coca-Colas president, Eurasia and Africa Group, said the company was keen to tap further into Indias expanding market. India is one of our most important growth markets as we work toward our 2020 vision of doubling system revenues and servings this decade, he said. If we continue to do the right things each day and at all times, it would not surprise me if India becomes one of the top five markets for the company globally by the end of this decade, he added. The company said it will use part of the investment to focus on enhancing the consumer experience and building brand loyalty.

Friday, November 18, 2011


lIver Implant gIves boy another ChanCe of lIfe

Doctors in London say they have cured a baby boy of a life-threatening disease which was destroying his liver. They implanted cells which acted like a temporary liver, allowing the damaged organ to recover. The team at Kings College Hospital in south London says the technique is a world first. Eight-month-old Iyaad Syed now looks the picture of health but six months ago he was close to death. A virus had damaged his liver causing it to fail. Instead of going on a waiting list for a transplant, doctors injected donor liver cells into his abdomen. These processed toxins and produced vital proteins acting rather like a temporary liver. The cells were coated with a chemical found in algae which prevented them from being attacked by the immune system. After two weeks his own liver had begun to recover. Professor Anil Dhawan, a liver specialist at Kings College Hospital, says the whole team at the hospital is delighted: This is the first time this treatment has been used to treat a child with acute

Iyaad Syed: A miracle boy

liver failure. Its only a few months back when I first saw this child who was so sick requiring support on dialysis and a breathing machine. We think we have given him another chance of life and seeing him now six months down the road with nearly normal liver function is remarkable. Dr Ragai Mitry, Head of Liver Processing at Kings, who helped in developing the

technique, said: We are very pleased the transplanted liver cells have helped in supporting and delivering the missing metabolic functions of Iyaads failing liver. Iyaads father, Jahangeer, said his son was a miracle boy. He added: Once he had the treatment after 48 hours he started to get better and hope came back. It is brilliant and we are very proud of him.

buffett takes 5pC stake In Ibm

US billionaire Warren Buffetts Berkshire Hathaway investment firm has bought $US10.7 billion worth of shares in information technology giant IBM since March. The investment amounts to about 64 Buffett told business television network CNBC. The investment would make Berkshire Hathaway IBMs largest or second-largest shareholder - investment advisory group State Street holds more than 64 million shares. Mr Buffett, 81, who has long had an aversion to buying technology stocks, told CNBC that Berkshire had paid an average price of $170 a share, 10 per cent less than last Fridays closing price of $187.38. The shares were up 1.3 percent in opening intend to buy more of the company. I wouldnt be talking about it if I did, he said. Mr Buffetts stock-picking prowess has made him the worlds third-richest man, Forbes magazines latest list of the worlds billionaires. Mr Buffett praised IBM, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in June, for having a strong plan for the future, saying: Theyve done all kinds of things right.
Warren Buffetts stock-picking prowess has made him the worlds third-richest man.

trade Monday; Berkshires most widely traded B shares fell 0.3 per cent. Mr Buffett, known as the Sage of Omaha for his investing skills, said that Berkshire had finished its IBM spree and did not

Rometty, the current head of sales, marketing and strategy, to take over as chief executive on January 1, making her the first woman to lead the iconic US firm. Mr Buffett also said Berkshire had increased its holdings in a leading US bank, Wells Fargo, but did not give any figures.

SS Painting
Interior Exterior Decoration Free Estimates
Sumer Singh

CoIn-tossIng loser throws grenade kIllIng one

a man who lost a coin-tossing gambling game at a carnival in the philippines hurled a grenade at other players, killing a teenager and injuring 22 people. The suspect was furious because he believed another player at the gaming venue had cheated him, said local police chief Senior Inspector Jordaen Maribojo. He was searching for the man who he believed had cheated him. Apparently, the grenade thrower saw the man in the middle of the gambling area. When he saw him, he lobbed the grenade and fled, said Insp Maribojo. The explosion killed a 19-year-old man named by local media as Joseph Tomelden while most of the 22 injured were also teenagers who had been watching or playing the game, he said. years since the foundation of Carmen, a rural and violence-plagued town on the strife-torn southern island of Mindanao, according to local police officials. Insp Maribojo said it was not known how the attacker, who fled and was still on the run, obtained a hand grenade.


Friday, November 18, 2011

World News
CalIfornIa man buys mInIvan for $14,000, fInds $500,000 of CoCaIne InsIde
when san Jose man Charles preston noticed the windows in his second-hand minivan would not go down properly he figured he would live with it because it had a great air-conditioning system. But Preston was shocked when his mechanic found the cause of the window jam half a million dollars worth of cocaine packed in the door panels, the San Jose News reported. Preston paid $14,000 for the 2008 Chrysler minivan, which he uses to deliver food to people living on the street, in May last year. Recently he noticed the brakes were making funny noises so he took it to the mechanic, who checked and repaired them. When Preston arrived to pick up his van, the mechanic said he noticed a problem with the windows and offered to look into it. At first the mechanic thought the objects he found wrapped in purple and clear cellophane were some kind of insulation, but soon realized they were not installed by the manufacturer, and instead contained drugs. Im, like, dumbfounded, said Preston, a psychologist. Honest to God, my hands went numb. After the police were called they found 14 packages of cocaine hidden in the doors. After impounding the van, they found five more above the back wheels. They told me, Youre so lucky, youd be in jail for the rest of your life if you got searched in a traffic stop and they found this, Preston said. The van was previously owned by a rental car agency and the car lot that sold it to Preston has offered to replace the van with a drug-free ride. I just want to get rid of the van. I dont want it in front of my house, Preston said. Somebody could just come and want the car and run me off the road. When I drive now, Im always looking around.

emaIls show people arrIvIng In uk on prIvate Jets were not CheCked by border offICIals
a uk border agency (ukba) official has leaked emails which claim some passengers arriving on private charter flights did not face any passport or customs checks. The official, working at Durham Tees Airport in northern England, voiced concerns to management at the UKBA that his staff did not even see some of the passengers. He was told the no-checks policy was part of a new national General Aviation Strategy being rolled out and that the policy at his airport was consistent with national policy. The whistleblower wrote, As we are not allowed to physically see the passengers ... we have no way of checking whether the handling agent information is correct or even if the number of people arriving matches the number we have been advised. It is creating a situation where we are not able to secure the borders as robustly as we would like to, for no justifiable reason. In an extract from an email written back to the whistleblower, management said, The procedures were put in place to satisfy the business need and after consideration of the perceived risk of the traffic at the airport ... it suits the business and eases the never ending pressure on resources we have on a daily basis. In response to the leak, a spokesperson from the UKBA said in a statement, It is not true that we dont carry out passport and warnings index checks on private flight passengers and we will deploy officers to airfields where we have concerns. The official is the latest in a series of whistleblowers claiming that border officials were authorised to water down checks at UK ports and airports and that this had come from Home Secretary Theresa May. May insists she only approved the pilot scheme to relax checks on some European passport holders and that Brodie Clark, the former head of the UKBA, extended that to thousands more EU and non-EU passengers without her permission. He resigned to pursue a case of constructive dismissal after May was accused of hanging him out to dry over the controversy.

woman had drunken sex wIth four boys and esCapes JaIl sentenCe

doCtors aCCIdentally glue northern Ireland boys eye shut

a three-year-old boy had his eye accidentally glued shut by a doctor at a hospital in northern Ireland. Sam Caldwell was taken to Ulster Hospital, near Belfast, after he sustained a cut above his right eye, the Belfast Telegraph reported. Doctors told his mother Kerri the best way to close the wound was to use medical glue. After about 20 minutes the doctor told Sam to open his eyes but he couldnt, she said. His right eye was completely glued shut. She had put too much on his lid and it had slid around his eye. She added, No one came near us. Sam was getting more and more upset, crying and screaming, but no one in the hospital came back to us. Another doctor later told the alarmed parent that the glue would take at least four days to wear off, saying the little boy would get used to it. The whole experience has left both Sam and I very upset. He is scared to open his other eye. I am annoyed that this happened, he went in with a minor cut and came out with a glued eye, Kerri Caldwell said. A hospital spokesperson said, Unfortunately, it is a well-recognized complication that the glue can leak before it dries. In most cases lukewarm water will loosen the eyelashes, but otherwise this will occur naturally within one to three days.

Laura ODonnell walked free from court.

a woman who had sex with four teenage boys has walked free from court after being handed a suspended prison sentence. Laura ODonnell, 20, pleaded guilty and was convicted in the County Court of four counts of sexual penetration of a child under 16 and five counts of committing an indecent act with a child under 16. Court documents reveal she plied the alcohol on three separate occasions. The first two involved one victim and the third, all four. Documents show ODonnell, who had trained to be a childcare worker, assaulted the boys while drunk between February and June last year in Ballarat . Judge Sue Pullen wholly suspended

ODonnells two-year, five-month sentence and placed her on an 18-month community-based order despite her previously breaching a similar order for an attempted robbery. A report handed to Judge Pullen by a community corrections officer said hour order and even failed to attend an assessment for the order she was eventually granted. The judge attributed her offending to a troubled background, low self-esteem and alcohol abuse. president Noel McNamara said the sentence was a disgrace. If it was a man on those charges it would have been a different story, he said.

eastern turkey hIt by 5.2-magnItude quake

eastern turkey was struck by a strong earthquake for the third time in a month. Data recorded by the US Geological major city still recovering from October 23rds 7.2-magnitude earthquake that killed more than 600 people and last hotel and killed at least 27 people. The Euro-Mediterranean Seismological Center reported more than a dozen seismic events following the quake, ranging in strength from 2.4-magnitude to 3.9-magnitude.

Friday, November 18, 2011


bowel cancer risk

risk by almost 20 percent. to be good for the gut and protective against bowel cancer, the Imperial College London two million participants, found for every risk of bowel cancer dropped by 10 percent, the British medical journal reports. Experts recommend that adults should eat the average intake in Britain is only about The researchers, from Imperial College London and the Danish Cancer Society, concluded that a high intake of dietary grains, is associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer. Whole grain foods include brown and whole meal breads, cereals, oatmeal, brown rice and porridge. instance, only contains about three grams about 16,000 people in Britain alone a year, more than breast or prostate cancer.

dental cleanings reduce heart attack risk

people who have their teeth scraped and cleaned had lowered their heart attack and stroke risk by 24 and 13 percent respectively, compared to those who never had a dental cleaning. study of a database of more than 100,000 people who underwent dental cleaning and were followed for an average of seven years. Scientists considered tooth scaling frequent if it occurred at least twice or more in two years; occasional tooth scaling was once or less in two years. Protection from heart disease and stroke was more pronounced in participants who got tooth scaling at least once a year, said Emily (Zu-Yin) Chen, cardiology fellow Taiwan, who co-authored the study. Professional tooth scaling appears to reduce can lead to heart disease or stroke, she said, adults who had received at least one full or partial tooth scaling and a similar number of people matched with gender and health conditions that had no tooth scaling. None of the participants had a history of heart attack or stroke at the beginning of the study, under the Taiwan National Health insurance data base, the source of the information used in the analysis. In a separate study, researchers found a big difference in heart and stroke risk based on the number of remaining teeth. Anders Holmlund, Centre for Research and Development of the County Council of Gvleborg, Sweden, and senior consultant (specialized dentistry) studied 7,999 participants with periodontal (gum) disease and found people with fewer than 21 teeth had a 69 percent increased risk of heart attack compared to those with the most teeth. A higher number of deepened periodontal pockets (infection of the gum around increased risk of heart attack compared to those with the fewest pockets.

too much tv and little exercise ups depression risk

scientists have revealed that spending too much time watching tv can increase the risk of depression, while regular exercise can give the opposite effects. The researchers at the Harvard University found inactivity could cause a range of emotional and physical symptoms associated with the condition, whereas exercise has a positive impact boosting self-esteem, sense of control and endorphin levels. According to the study that surveyed nearly exercised were around 20 per cent less likely to get depression compared to those who rarely exercised. Higher levels of physical activity were associated with lower depression risk, the reporter quoted lead author Michel Lucas as saying. The findings revealed that those who exercised the most 90 minutes or more each day were 20 per cent less likely to be diagnosed with depression than those who exercised 10 minutes or less a day. Meanwhile women who watched three hours or more of television a day were 13 percent more likely to be diagnosed with depression than those who hardly ever tuned in. However, Lucas added that the results dont prove directly that watching too much television and avoiding exercise leads to depression and that there could be other variables involved.

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the dietary habits of the spanish good way of keeping diabetes at bay.

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consumption lowered the diabetes risk. Eating red meat in excess is tied to higher cardio risk, higher blood pressure, diabetes and a moderate decrease in life expectancy mainly due to cancer or heart disease, the journal Nutricion Hospitalaria reports. Mediterranean diet and has health

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forward that attempt to explain why the diabetes, the researchers explain. The increase of Omega-3 in the cells of the skeletal muscles improves insulin sensitivity, a factor associated with the lowered risk of diabetes.


This information is provided for knowledge and education purposes only. Individuals should visit their physicians for more information on their health.


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Chai Time
strawberry Cake

aries (march 21april 19): Those who are born under the Aries sign would be slightly happy and successful in this period. Those are in service may gain favor of their seniors and authorities. And chances are promotion and career growth is good. Finance wise you would be in a desired position. Money may come through multiple sources. Gains through share market, Speculation and mutual funds are possible. You may also get back your blocked money in this week. Businessmen would be entering into new deals. Domestic life would be going smoothly. taurus (april 20may 20): The beginning of the week would create some troubles and expenditures for Taurus born people. You may spend freely during go freely from your hands and you would Later during the latter half of the week circumstances would be revolving in your favor. There might be some improvements have expected sources of earnings. Health would be much better than earlier one... gemini (may 21June 20): It would be a mixed week for those who are born under the Gemini. You might be busy in your domestic or personal activities. Work pressure would be increasing and you would be restless in this period. Sources of income would be there in this period, but, expenditures will also increasing at the same time. Hence, you need to make a budget so that you could control unnecessary expenses. Those are in service will not have expected gains or promotions. Businessmen will not face countries are possible. Cancer (June 21July 22): Those who are born under the cancer sign would be obtain desired outcomes. The this week and you may enter into new and own business would be highly fortunate in this week. Possible you have some new clients and proposals, which will boost your business and economical position. Besides this, family atmosphere would be full of happiness and prosperity. leo (July 23august 22): Those who are married and planning to conceive a baby. It might be a golden week for conceive a baby. Transiting planets in wish. Besides this, those are unmarried and waiting for a suitable match, may have a few most suitable matrimonial proposals. The wedding bell may ring in this week. If youre a student and going to appear in exam or educational test, you might be successful. virgo (august 23 to september 21): Your family will need your help during

much of this week. Theyll usually show their appreciation for your assistance, but dont be surprised if some of your acknowledgment. Be very thorough and conscientious and complete what you begin. Avoid hustle and bustle and allow matters to fall comfortably into place. Be very careful not to meddle in others affairs or offer advice that hasnt been requested. libra (september 22october 23): Dont let friends take advantage of your generous nature. Although you may give a lot, make sure others dont see or treat you as if you were a doormat or at times even a martyr. You may have to make matters running smoothly. Take care of your own needs when thats necessary so you dont feel resentful or frustrated. love, be sure to expend the necessary effort to eliminate whatever problems stand between you. At times, you may have to give more than seems fair to you, but try to do as much as is necessary so you both can reach a satisfying understanding with each other. scorpio (october 24november 21): Youll probably run into a good deal of emotion throughout the week. If you can express your feelings openly, clearly and in a balanced manner, you may receive much affection and love. If youre single, radiant romantic pleasures. There are likely to be considerable possibilities for the future, including the distinct possibility of marriage. If youre already married, this can be a week to continue or rekindle the special passion you have for each other. sagittarius (november 22december 21): During this week, you and your spouse may want to assess the situation and matters are likely to progress more slowly than you expect. This isnt usually a year for much business achievement, anyway, but theres likely to be more forward

movement than is clearly visible. Spend some time with your creative avocations. Give matters related to your work or career the attention thats necessary but be careful not to neglect any obligations that affect your home or family. Capricorn (december 22January 19): During this week you may want to devote some time to developing a closer relationship with your family and special friends. Since your business interests are likely to be developing more slowly than you expected, youll be able to give your attention more readily to your spouse, parents and children. Give of your time, energy and resources whenever possible. aquarius (January 20february 18): Those who are born under the Aquarius sign would be obtain mixed outcomes in this week the staring of week would be as per your satisfaction. You may capable to come midst the famous and learned people. Family atmosphere would be full of happiness. But, alter during the latter half of week circumstances would not be in your favor. You may have some hot arguments with your spouse. A lack of mutual cooperation and support would be clearly observed in this period. Children may also create some tensions too. Hence, you need to pay extra attention over the children. pisces (february 19march 20): During this week, make your family, colleagues and associates understand how important it is for you to remove any obstacles so that you can share a more harmonious and loving relationship. Recognize that you can be friendly and caring and still retain your leadership ability. Take other peoples emotions and needs into account. Expend some effort to be as sensitive and understanding as possible. To the best of your ability, play down your own strong personal needs. Instead of emphasizing your usual independent approach, try to help family members express their own independent nature.

Ingredients egg white /4 cup sugar /3 cup butter or margarine teaspoon vanilla extract /4 teaspoon salt egg, separated 1/2 cups + 1 tablespoon a teaspoon baking powder /3 cup fat free milk cups strawberries or mixed berries such as raspberries, strawberries and blueberries cup whipping cream, whipped directions P Coat a 9x9 baking pan with cooking spray. In a large bowl, with an electric mixer on medium speed, beat the egg white until stiff. Add 1/4 cup of sugar and beat until smooth. In another bowl, with the mixer on medium speed, beat the butter, vanilla extract, salt and remaining sugar until the mixture is creamy. Add the egg yolk and beat to incorporate it. Add 1 1/2 cups of and the beaten egg white. Beat until thoroughly combined. Coat and add them to the batter. Pour the batter into the prepared pan. Bake for 40 minutes or until a wooden pick inserted in the center comes out clean. When cooled, top with fresh whipped cream.

lemon herb lamb Chops

Ingredients 1/4 cup olive or vegetable oil 1 tablespoon lemon juice 1 garlic clove, minced 1 teaspoon grated lemon peel 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon dried basil 1/4 teaspoon dried rosemary, crushed 1/4 teaspoon pepper 2 (6 ounce) lamb loin chops directions In a large resealable plastic bag, combine Seal bag and turn to coat; refrigerate for at least 2 hours or overnight. Drain and discard marinade. Broil lamb 3-4 in. from the heat for 4-6 minutes on each side or until meat reaches desired doneness (for medium-rare, a meat medium, 160 degrees F; well-done, 170 degrees F).

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thInkIng of beComIng a CanadIan CItIZen? try this practice test: discover Canada
1) who were the group of seven in modern Canada? A. A group of Canadian landscape painters in the 1920s. B. Seven Canadian soldiers in World War I. C. Seven athletes who won Olympic gold medals. D. A group of Aboriginal peoples. 2) from where does the name Canada come? A. From the Inuit word meaning home. B. From the First Nations word meaning land. C. From the Inuit word Kanata meaning nations. D. From Kanata, the First Nations word for village. 3) who has the right to apply for a Canadian passport? A. Landed immigrants. B. Canadian citizens. C. Green card holders. D 4) when did the british north america act come into effect? C. 1881. A. 1876. D. 1901. B. 1867. 5) what are the regions of Canada? A. Rockies, Ontario, Quebec, Prairies B. West Coast, Central, East, Canadian Shield and South C. Atlantic, North, Central, Prairies and West Coast D. West, North, South, East, Central 6) how can a party in power be defeated in parliament? A. If a majority of the MPs vote against a major government decision. B. If Canadians vote against the party in power. C. If the Premiers vote against major federal government decisions. D. If Canadians do not approve of the laws to be passed. 7) which province is Canadas main producer of pulp and paper? A. Ontario. B. New Brunswick. C. British Columbia. D. Quebec. 8) to what ocean is newfoundland closest? A. Arctic. B. Labrador Sea. C. Atlantic. D 9) what does and minority language educational rights mean? A. French is more important in Quebec and English is more important in other provinces. B. French and English have equal status in Parliament and throughout the government. C. All languages have equal status in Canadas government. D. English is more important than French in Canada. 10) which province has the most valuable forest industry in Canada? A. British Columbia. B. Quebec. C. Ontario. D. Alberta.

roasting lamb
A perfectly roasted lamb will be crisp on the outside, tender and juicy on the inside. Roasting is a dry heat cooking method, meaning that you do not add any liquid to the meat as you cook it. Dry heat is best for cuts of meat that are naturally tender. Choosing the right Cut The leg and rack are the most tender cuts of meat on a lamb. Rack of lamb is often served Frenched, with the fat and meat trimmed from between the ribs and the bones scraped clean and protruding outward. Your butcher should be able to do this for you; ask for the meat trimmings to make soup later on. seasoning the meat L it doesnt need much seasoning, yet robust enough that it pairs beautifully with any rosemary, oregano, marjoram, thyme, lemon zest, cumin, coriander, mint and garlic. Before seasoning the lamb, trim some of the excess fat and any silver skin. Chop up herbs/seasonings and rub the mixture evenly over the surface of the meat. Wrap the coated meat tightly in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight for the best Another popular way to season a roast is to make small incisions in the surface of the meat and push slivers of garlic and sprigs of herbs into the slits. You can do this right before you begin roasting or a day ahead Season the lamb however you like--but dont salt it until just before cooking, as salt can draw moisture out of the meat. roasted to perfection Before roasting your lamb, remove it from the refrigerator and allow it to sit for 30 minutes. A piece of meat at room temperature will roast more evenly. Use a roasting rack to ensure even browning and heat circulation around the meat. The amount of fat that your lamb has on the outside and marbled through the middle will determine the cooking time and temperature: minutes, then turn the temperature down to roasting minutes per pound to reach medium rare. Using a hot oven gets leaner cuts of meat nicely browned on the outside before they become overcooked and dry in the middle. degrees F (160 degrees C) for a longer period of time, allowing the fat to slowly melt and bathe the roast in its own juices. Meat cooked with this method will take about 30 minutes per pound to reach medium rare. The most accurate way to determine doneness is with a meat thermometer: 110 degrees F (42 degrees C) is rare rare well Avoid cooking your lamb beyond this temperature as the meat can become dried out and tough. For safety, the degrees F. rest your roast O degrees C) of its ideal cooked temperature, remove from the oven, place a foil tent minutes. As the meat rests, the internal temperature will increase by several the juice that has come to the surface of the meat during cooking will begin to return to the center. A well-rested piece of meat will be more tender and retain its juices better when you slice it.

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1. A 2. D 3. B 4. B .C 6. A 7. D 8. C 9. B 10. A


This information is provided for knowledge and education purposes only. Individuals should visit their physicians for more information on their health.


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foods to help you relax

Eat your way to a more relaxed state and no, we dont mean pigging out on highcalorie junk food while lying back on the While there isnt a cure-all food to magically erase frustration, you can get some stress relief through a combination of exercising, eating small meals throughout the day and getting more of these fresh goodies. 1. whole-wheat pretzels 4. nuts 7. dark chocolate Research indicates that dark chocolate, that is, with 70 per cent or more cocoa, may lower levels of stress hormones. 8. milk Stress runs you down, which leaves you open to sickness. Almonds, pistachios and walnuts are high in the antioxidant vitamin E and zinc, both good for boosting the immune system. 5. silver beet Eating carbohydrate-rich foods gives you an energy boost and triggers the brain to release a feel-good chemical called serotonin. 2. Carrots

diabetes and you

tips for tasty and healthy meals

Preparing food that both tastes good and is good for you is not a magic trick. A few simple meal planning and preparation tips will help you to produce healthy, delicious food that your family will love. take a few minutes each week to plan your menus This will allow you the time to schedule a quick and easy meal on Wednesday when Jimmy plays hockey and a late dinner on Thursday because of a parentteacher interview. As well, you will be able to try a new recipe or ensure that a favourite is served more often. Cruise the grocery store with a list A grocery list will ensure that you bring home everything you need to prepare the tasty and nutritious meals you planned and help you to not load up on unneeded items, whether its chips or an extra bottle of ketchup. This simple trick list will usually save you money by helping you to avoid impulse buys and ensure that you have everything your family needs on hand. Choose seasonal produce and pick the brightest colours that you can Buying fruits and vegetables in season lets you enjoy peak flavour at modest cost. Buy asparagus in the spring, peaches in the late summer, and apples in the fall. When the price of fresh produce is high, frozen fruit and vegetables are usually an economical choice. Canned fruit and vegetables are another alternative, but be aware of the sugary syrups and higher salt content. Fruits and vegetables provide lots of vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy at a very modest calorie cost. In general, the darker the colour, the higher the nutrients (think bright red peppers, or dark green broccoli). equip your kitchen for low fat food preparation This neednt be expensive and you can gather the pieces one at a time. A steamer for vegetables helps retain their flavour and nutrients without added fat; a pan with rack allows the fat to drip away from meat to help you achieve low fat, flavourful cooking. Sharp knives allow you to remove the fat easily and slice meat thinly; non-stick cookware lets you to brown or saut without added fats or oils.

Have a glass to get more B-vitamins, protein, vitamin D and bone-building calcium to relieve tense muscles. 9. banana and avocado

Munching on crunchy foods also helps beat stress. Nutrient-rich carrots, celery and other crunchy, fresh veggies offer satisfying crispness, but wont bog you down with too many calories. 3. tea

Silver beet and other leafy veggies like spinach are full of magnesium, which can help control and limit your bodys release of the stress-spiking hormone cortisol. 6. yogurt

What do these fruits have in common? Theyre loaded with potassium, a vital mineral for keeping blood pressure low. 10. fatty fish

Calm frazzled nerves with a steaming cup of your favourite tea blend. The soothing warmth and teas plant compounds work together to level off your bodys response to stress.

Work more calcium into your diet with non-fat or low-fat yogurt, which contains probiotics that help create a healthy and calm digestive system.

such as salmon, sardines and tuna manage adrenaline levels to help keep you calm, cool and collected. Theyre also good for just about every part of your body, including the eyes, skin and hair.

Canada News
teen struCk by ICe hoCkey puCk dIes
a teenage ice hockey player has died after being struck in the neck by a puck accident during a weekend game. Student Kyle Fundytus, 16, died after he was hit by the puck during a Sunday game in Edmonton, Alberta. He had been attempting to block a shot during the third period of a Midget AA game and was immediately taken to hospital. The head coach of his team, Nathan incident that is just unheard of. We play at a pretty competitive level. Kyle was just doing what he does every other time he was on the ice. He was just putting it out for our guys. These kids are covered in gear, and high-end gear. You have vulnerable spots on your body in any kind of gear and it hit that vulnerable spot. The Fundytus family acknowledged Edmontons hockey community for the overwhelming support they have received during their tragic loss, the media reported. On Kyles own Facebook page, he wrote about his passion for the game, noting in one post on the social networking website, I love the smell of a hockey rink. Hockey Canada and Hockey Alberta will review what happened.

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CrtC offers CompromIse on usage-based bIllIng

decision allows internet wholesalers to charge based on speed, not volume
small companies selling internet services will likely be paying for download speed under a decision announced by Canadas telecommunications regulator. The companies, which buy their internet services from larger established providers such as Rogers and Bell, were fighting an application to the CRTC by Bell to charge more to wholesale customers. The CRTCs decision, announced Tuesday, gives established providers two options for charging independent internet service providers a flat rate or a rate based on capacity and the number of users. Bell had asked to be able to charge based on the total volume of internet data used by its wholesale customers. The regulator rejected that model. The capacity rate model charges based on the speed of the service meaning the small ISPs will be paying for the size of the pipe, not the amount of data that flows through the pipe. And it means small ISPs will have to pay more to provide faster internet to their customers. The CRTC requires Bell and Rogers to allow the smaller companies to use their internet infrastructure and regulates the price which they can charge for it. The regulator initially approved Bells pitch to charge fees for going over set bandwidth limits, but the Conservative government pushed back soon after the January 2011 announcement. Prime Minister Stephen Harper favoured a review of the decision, and Clement announced on Twitter that the government was asking the CRTC to take another look. Clement was right Konrad von Finckenstein, chair of the CRTC, says the regulator made a mistake in deciding last year to allow Bell to raise its prices for independent service providers. Our original decision was clearly not the best one. It was wrong and it was pointed out by a lot of people, including Minister Clement. He was right. We have today fixed it, we have made this new decision, von Finckenstein said. The bottom line is that you as a consumer will not face a cap or limitation of use because of anything mandated by the CRTC. Any kind of cap or limit, payment per use that you will have to pay is because your ISP decides to charge you, not because we mandate it. Clement responded on Twitter, writing that von Finckensteins comments were gratifying. Another part of the decision will force the small ISPs to plan how much internet they expect to need. If they require more than theyd planned for, they will need to buy more capacity from the established providers. Part of the rationale for going with a capacity model is that it costs more for the infrastructure to provide faster internet. The infrastructure is much of the cost for providers like Bell and Rogers, who are the only ones who directly reach consumers homes. NDP Digital Issues critic Charlie Angus pointed out in a statement that the decision only affects about six per cent of the market, those who buy their services through smaller ISPs. Angus said hed like to see the government do more to protect consumers from unfair billing practices and bandwidth caps. Allowing big telecom companies to reach into the pockets of struggling families and ask for even more money is just plain wrong, Angus said in the statement. large providers vs. independents The dispute was between companies, such as Bell and Rogers, which own the cables and other infrastructure, and small internet service providers, which rent network access wholesale from those companies and sell it to customers. The small ISPs often sell internet services at a lower price than the mainstream companies and with no monthly limits on bandwidth. After the government demanded a review of the CRTCs original decision last winter, the regulator held hearings to examine new proposals and get feedback from consumers, industry groups and internet providers. The review generated thousands of submissions through an online public consultation and included several days of public hearings in July. The CRTC heard a number of new ideas for how retail internet should be priced: which included usage-based caps and overage surcharges, was met with harsh criticism. Its final proposal was that independent ISPs be charged 17.8 cents per gigabyte of usage. Consortium, which represents small model, in which charges would be based on the measured peak network traffic travelling at the point where the independent ISPs network joins the network of wholesale network providers such as Bell. network services from companies such as Bell in some areas and rents its network to independent ISPs in other areas, proposed that wholesale providers charge independent ISPs based on the capacity of the link between the wholesalers network and the independents network. The price includes the cost of upgrading other parts of the wholesale providers network to accommodate traffic from the independent ISP for the next 10 years.

Car found 27 years after beIng stolen

polICe in newfoundland said they had located a stolen car nearly 30 years after the 1970 opel was pinched. The cars owner reported its loss in 1984 after it disappeared from a garage in Newfoundlands capital city St Johns. Twenty-seven years later, after a tip-off to the Royal Newfoundland Constabulary, police found the car in another garage in the same city. The (Royal Newfoundland Constabulary) is currently in possession of the vehicle and an investigation is being conducted, said police media spokeswoman Suzanne FitzGerald. Police were not able to elaborate on details about the car, but said the previous owner


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Canada News

ImmIgrants healthIer than Veteran mountIe bob Paulson CanadIan-born CItIzens named new rCmP
The healthy immigrant effect persists, according to a Statistics Canada study released Wednesday that found immigrants are generally healthier than Canadian-born citizens. Although the edge in health declines for immigrants the longer they live in Canada, the mortality rate for newcomers continues to be lower than for Canadian-born residents, even after immigrants have lived here more than 20 years. The study does not examine the reasons immigrants tend to have better health, but those are likely to include the screening that selects an inherently healthier group of people who arrive in Canada, and also those who have a healthier diet and are more physically active in their native countries. The longer the immigrants live in Canada, the more closely they adopt the patterns and behaviours common here. The relationship between immigration determine, however, as the origins and demographics of immigrants to Canada have changed. Statistics Canadas current analysis relies on the 19912001 Canadian mortality follow-up study, which examined 2.7 cent, were immigrants. mortality rates than Canadian-born people: In 2006, immigrants made up 19.8 per cent of Canadas population, a proportion that is Mortality rates differ according to the origins of immigrants, and the study suggests there is a need for more in-depth analysis of health by country of origin.

harper says Paulson has broad experience, deep understanding

a new chapter for the storied police force

senior police leader with broad experience. Harper says the new commissioner brings with him a deep understanding of the challenges facing the national police force. commissioner who heads federal policing for the force, overseeing everything from of organized crime. An insider told the reporter the choice

drInkIng water at rIsk In most of Canada

water remains at risk from contamination. The Ecojustice report says progress in protecting water after the Walkerton disaster in Ontario a decade ago has faded. the provinces worthy of an A grade for its water-protection efforts. Nova Scotia received an A minus, with other provinces picking up a B or C grade and the three territories ranging from C to D-. The report says the federal government comes off worst picking up an F for a record that continues to worsen. beyond treatment and monitoring to look at protection of drinking water sources. provinces and territories have taken steps protection plans. grades by province

Costco pulls ginger beef over listeria concerns

out. He replaces William Elliott, who announced his decision to step down earlier this year after an often stormy four-year tenure.

tourIsm VanCouVer exPeCtIng eConomIC boom from grey CuP

Ginger Beef Choice brand Special Combo, sold in a one-kilogram packages bearing UPC 6 65075 22980 2 and a best before date of 2011 NOV 28, could be tainted with Listeria, the CFIA says.

says football tourists spend $500 per day from across the country arriving here next week for the 99th Grey Cup. The tourism industry is anticipating an economic boom. The last time the Grey Cup game was stadium. Forty per cent of those folks were from outof-town, so it has a tremendous immediate Our hotel community takes care of them when they are here, our restaurants, our He tells us the spending by those football a per-person, per-day [basis], spending are here for around three days, so youve Gazely says the economic impact is similar to that of a major convention visiting the city. Western Championship. The winner will face the Eastern Champion either Winnipeg or Hamilton on November

Some ready-to-eat ginger beef meals are being pulled from Costco stores across western Canada because of concerns they could be tainted with listeria bacteria, the Canadian Food Inspection agency is warning. The affected product, Ginger Beef Choice brand Special Combo, is sold in

The CFIA warns food contaminated look or smell spoiled but may cause listeriosis, a food borne illness. severe headache, neck stiffness and and people with weakened immune CFIA said in a statement issued on Wednesday morning. Infected pregnant women may illness, however, infections during pregnancy can lead to premature delivery, infection of the newborn, or

The company is voluntarily recalling the product after it was distributed to Costco stores in British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba, but there have been no reported illnesses associated with the meat.

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Just for Kids

Crib safety
Watch out! Toddlers use bumper pads and By Teresa Amanda was never what Id She never once tried to climb out of her birthday, Amanda discovered some new skills, including how to maneuver herself out of a playpen. I managed to catch her just before she fell. As I held my rescued daughter, I realized that if Amanda could get out of the playpen, she could get out of the crib. And that would mean a big drop Crib-related injuries under two years of age are injured in accidents associated with cribs, playpens or bassinets each year, according to a Two-thirds of those injuries are due to falls, and the most frequently injured body parts are the head, neck and face. Gary Smith, who led the study and is the director of the Center for Injury Research and in Columbus, Ohio, says some injuries are due to problems with the design and maintenance of the crib itself. Others are because the child is able to climb over the edge of the railing. Toddlers have a high can lean over the railing, they will topple out. That high centre of gravity also means safety guidelines Smith suggests: or taller or is a climber move him to a toddler bed. using has been recalled. If it has, check with the manufacturer to see if there is a repair kit or a technique to make the crib safer, and do the repairs before using it again. screws havent loosened and no bars or other parts are broken. Active toddlers can bounce around and jar screws or bolts loose.

kids need a good nights sleep


The bear is hungry for bananas

sorting out sleep problems Sleep experts recommend the following tips: culminating in a lucky dip or favourite school-age kids, especially if they are getting out of bed or coming into your bed at night. anxieties that might be keeping them awake. happy place they like such as the beach is scared of the dark. as reading, drawing, listening to quiet music in the hour before bed to help wind down. games and other activities in the hour before bed. hours before bed but make sure your child gets plenty of exercise during the day. caffeine and limit spicy or salty food which can cause thirsty children to wake. every day. If none of these tricks work, you should probably see a doctor who can refer you to a medical specialist, sleep physician or psychologist to investigate why your child struggles with sleep and help you Children respond well to treatment and sometimes children with behavioural sleep problems wont listen to their parents but may listen to a professional.


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winter energy saving tips

weather can save energy, help keep your winter energy bills under control, and keep you and your family warm when temperatures drop. heating set it to lower the temperature at night and your thermostat by 10 degrees at night can reduce your heating bill by 10 to 20 percent. is: Installed properly. a programmable thermostat only saves energy when it is programmed. Not located in an unheated space, a poorly-sealed or seldom-used room, or in direct sunlight near a heat source. The thermostat should be able to sense the average temperature in your home. If it is not in the right place, contact a heating and air conditioning professional about having it moved. thermostat by just one degree Fahrenheit your filters at the beginning of the heating season and monthly during the season. Clean or replace them if there is significant dust build up. The air inside your home can be very dry. Moister air feels warmer, so a humidifier can help you feel comfortable even though your thermostat is set at a lower temperature. electric outlets and switch plate covers. windows and doors as possible. That includes overhead doors on attached garages. windows. Find them at a local hardware store. room is less than 100 square feet and isnt Close the floor or wall registers and return air vents, and keep the doors closed. and blinds during the day. Close window coverings at night to keep the heat in. window frames for cracks and fill them with

fall beauty tips

earthly delights Up the luxury factor the next time you take a bath or shower by slathering on a skin-smoothing scrub. Two of the most popular types of natural body scrubs are salt-based and sugar-based. Salt plays double-duty as a thorough exfoliator and a soothing disinfectant. But if you love gourmand fragrances, pick a scrub thats sugar-based. Theyre a perfect choice for sensitive skin because the sugar dissolves quickly once water is added. turn on the brights Most of us wish our teeth were a shade when a camera makes an appearance. by choosing a lipstick with a blue base. from oranges and corals as they have the opposite effect. Or actually whiten your teeth with an at-home whitening kit that contains peroxide. We love the them four times a year because one application lasts for three months. manicure makeover The perfect polish is now just as statement-making as a Birkin bag or wedge heels. Fall shades are a mixed bag of moody colours: deep plums, dusty khakis, mixed-up metals and subdued nudes. As far as nail shapes go, you can either play it safe and keep them short and square or try them rounded and a tad bit longer. The rounded shape is flattering for women with shorter nail beds, giving the illusion of elongated nails. Iced out Soothe tired eyes in half the time by popping your eye cream or gel into the fridge overnight. The cooler temperature will bestow instant relief and put a spring in your previously sleepy step. great lengths False lashes are the makeup equivalent make you feel instantly glamorous. False lashes work with a range of looks, from a natural application to something dressed up for night. For a more subtle effect, trim a standard pair of false lashes in the middle and apply them only to the outside corners of the eyes.


Sunshine Coast resident busted for insurance fraud after reporting motorcycle stolen
engine and other parts. ICBCs SIU learned the hard way that filing a false insurance claim and police report can be costly. In 2007, Jesse Germaniuk told police that he chained his 2002 Honda 600 motorcycle to a wooden post in the town for a couple of days and when he returned the motorcycle had been stolen. Germaniuk subsequently filed a stolen vehicle claim with ICBC and because he carried comprehensive insurance, which includes coverage for stolen vehicles, he collision coverage on the motorcycle though, so had he been in a crash, he would not have been compensated for damages to his bike. In 2010, ICBC received a tip about the claim through its fraud tips line. ICBCs subsequently investigated the claim and determined that the motorcycle was not stolen as Germaniuk claimed. In fact, Germaniuk had crashed his motorcycle into a pole and then salvaged the investigation that led to the seizure of the Honda engine and other motorcycle parts and accessories from a shed on Germaniuks property, following the execution of a search warrant. After pleading guilty to fraud by filing a false claim last June, Germaniuk was in victim surcharge costs. Insurance fraud is not victimless it is a serious crime that steals hard-earned money from the overwhelming majority manager of ICBCs special investigation unit. Our customers dont deserve to be exploited in this way and we will do with information regarding suspicious, exaggerated or fraudulent claims is encouraged to call ICBCs fraud tips line at 604-661-6844 or 1-800-661-6844, toll free from anywhere in the province. Tip information is confidential and callers can remain anonymous.

Australia News
son desCrIbes frantIC last moments of mothers lIfe
horrific details of the death of a Frankston mother at the hands of her former partner. her youngest son to the United States to meet her new partner, when she was killed in May last year. The childs father, Bradley Carolus, 40, has admitted stabbing Ms Robinson to death in a fit of rage. At a plea hearing, Sheree Robinsons mother cried as she told him a man does not own a woman and her daughter was not his property. The court also heard a victim impact statement from Ms Robinsons 18-yearold son. He and his mother fled the house, pursued by Carolus, who had a knife. In the statement read to the court, he described seeing his mother trip and fall. He kept on running, a decision that he said would haunt him for the rest of his life. Carolus will be sentenced at a later date.

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geoffrey rush named VICtorIan of the year

Actor and performing arts mentor Rush has been honoured for his outstanding achievements in a lifetime career on the stage and screen and for his long-term commitment to the Australian arts, including mentoring young Australian artists. The actor has a cupboard full of awards including an Academy Award, a Tony Award and an Emmy Award. He also has three British Academy Film Awards, two Golden Globes, four Screen Actors Guild Awards, a number of AFI awards and has been inducted into the ranks of Australias elite performing artists with a Helpmann Award. His international career did not take off until his mid-40s when he won an Oscar for his performance in Shine, based on the life of pianist and composer David Helfgott. And it was his masterful performance as and a Golden Globe. However, it is his profound interest in and support of Australian film and theatre which has earned respect and admiration. He has been instrumental in helping young artists get started in their careers,

Victorian of the Year: Rush arrives at Oscars earlier this year.

brIsbane to host maIn oPera season

including Cate Blanchett, whom he chose to star alongside him in a theatre production not long after she graduated from NIDA. is Afghani-born Dr Nouria Salehi for her

medical achievements and her voluntary efforts in Australia and Afghanistan. The medical research of the highly respected nuclear physicist and biophysicist includes the use of radioactive isotopes to detect and treat various forms of cancer.

For the first time in 24 years Opera ParkIng meter thIef Australia will present a main stage season in Brisbane. jaIled for stealIng $145k productions including A Midsummer Nights Dream and The Magic Flute. it is important to bring performances to Brisbane. Brisbane is such a major cultural centre in Australia now that it was important also for Opera Australia to be part of And for audiences in Brisbane to be able to come to Opera Australia productions and have access to those productions is a from Melbourne parking meters has been jailed. Josef Andelman, 48, pleaded not guilty at trial earlier this month. revenue stolen from Melbourne City Council between 2007 and 2008. Andelman played a prominent role in an elaborate racket of security contractors which collected money from the citys meters. the council discovered deficits in its balance sheets. In sentencing, the judge told Andelman he had breached the trust of his employer and shown no remorse for what he had done. He was sentenced to four years in prison, to serve a minimum of two years.

australIa to dePort fIrst afghan faIled asylum-seeker

Australia is to deport an Afghan man after rejecting his asylum claim - the first time such a move has been taken. Mirza Jan, 27, and said he would be deported on Saturday. He is the first person to be repatriated under a deal struck between Canberra and Mr Jan says he no longer has family in Afghanistan and will be persecuted because he is Hazara, an ethnic group targeted by the Taliban. He left Afghanistan in 2001 and arrived by plane in Australia last year, having had and in Ireland. detention centre in Sydney. no friends, no family Australian immigration officials say they are satisfied he can be safely returned to Afghanistan. Arrangements have been made for an Afghan male who arrived in Australia on February 16, 2010 to be removed the Department of Immigration and Citizenship said in a statement. His protection claims have been thoroughly examined by the department, by the refugee review tribunal and the Australian Federal Magistrates court and The man had been provided with advice Mr Jan told the media that he feared for his life because there was no-one to protect him in Afghanistan. I have no friends, no family there. So how Ian Rintoul, of Australias Refugee Action Coalition, said the move set a dangerous

woman Charged oVer 4yos drug oVerdose

year-old girl was rushed to a hospital on ingesting an illegal drug. The woman, from Coombabah, has been charged with endangering a child by exposure. the condition of the girl. in the Southport Magistrates Court on November 29.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

Indian Cinema
Its the Cutest baby girl for aishwarya and abhishek!
The entire Bollywood is in a jubilant mood as Aishwarya gave birth to a beautiful baby girl on Wednesday. According to the medical briefs both the mother and the baby are in stable condition. The actress was attended by the Salvi. Aishwarya will leave the Seven Hills Hospital of Andheri, Mumbai in a day or two. Highly ecstatic Amitabh Bachchan tweeted, I AM DADA to the Abhishek Bachchan tweeted, ITS The photos of the baby are still eagerly awaited but we dont expect that to happen soon. Grandfather Bachchan doesnt like to allow the media inside the household and he is sure to guard the apple of his eyes from the prying world. However, the photos of the baby would be most sought after by the fans and the media alike. We sure hope that the girl gets a chance to live a blessed normal childhood as she deserves. As good wishes pour in the Bachchan household of Jalsha, the inhabitants are elusive for any media byte. No wonder grandfather Amitabh Bachchan and Grandmother Jaya Bachchan along with their son Abhishek Bachchan are too busy to welcome the new family member. The new born baby girl is scorpion by star sign, as is her mother. The grapevines are abuzz with the speculation about whether she had inherited the stunning features Aishwarya and the acting prowess of Grandmother Jaya Bachchan will surely be an extra ordinary combination. Grandfather Amitabh Bachchan is a living legend of the tinsel town. blood is thick in bollywood There are eight-to-10 prominent Bollywood historian and author. The vast majority of the countrys top acting talent is from a so-called producers. Agneepath. The song goes as Chikni Chameli. Roshan, Sanjay Dutt and Bobby and Sunny Deol are just some of the star names belonging to powerful Bollywood families. female lead. The Agneepath remake is being slated to release on January 26 next year. starred in many quality projects, achieve huge stardom but for the action hero his family is his most priced procession. He admits that he cant live a day without his wife and son.

I couldnt live a day without my wife and son, says akshay

on completion of 20 years in Bollywood. His journey from Saugandh to Desi Boyz has been tougher but brighter. In this

riteish, genelia to tie the knot in february

Indias most famous couple actress and model Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and her actor husband Abhishek Bachchan had a baby girl. As the latest addition to one of a small number of acting and producing dynasties that dominate Bollywood, will she grow up to be If the odds, or the genes, are to be believed, then the newly born daughter to the Bachchan-Rai is destined for the silver screen. of her life, but being born into Bollywood royalty gives her a head start like no other. Her mother is Aishwarya Rai, the World, who has starred in a number Her father is Abishek Bachchan, a Bollywood actor who is rarely far from the front pages of magazines. Her grandmother is actress Jaya Bhaduri. And her grandfather is Indias most famous man, Amitabh Bachchan, a Bollywood megastar whose career has spanned decades.

would survive, but I couldnt live a day without my wife and son. Tina has made me a home; one I can run to any minute. I want to share the rest of my life with her, says Akki. Akshay works round the clock every day except Sunday as Sunday is exclusively for his family. Speaking about his work schedule, On Saturdays, I work from 7 am to 2 pm, after which I spend time the way I want to. I always take Sunday off. Every year in June, I take a family vacation because thats when my Boyz which stars John Abraham, Chitrangadha Singh and Deepika

the result turned out to be positive, Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia DSouza after dating for nine years decided to tie the knot in February. They met on the set of Tujhe Meri in their relationship till date. A source said, We`ve been told to keep ourselves free from the third to They have decided the venue as well. Hyatt Regency has been The families have decided to keep it a very low-key affair. So only close family and friends will be Riteishs guest list includes the Bachchans, Boman Irani, Imran Abbas Tyrewala and Ram Gopal includes friends from Bollywood the source revealed, She will invite Tyrewala. Her latest Telugu co-star Rana Daggubatti will also be on the

after sheila ki jawani katrina to sizzle in Chikni Chameli

shoes of item girl, she will be Agneepath is a remake of yesteryears blockbuster where Hrithik Roshan is the lead hero.

Friday, November 18, 2011


Indian Cinema
dont call me bhai, says salman khan!

Vancouver bids to host IIfa in 2013

Vancouver, Canada is in the running to host in 2013 the bollywood extravaganza the International Indian film academy (IIfa) weekend and awards. Columbia, has invited Wizcraft International Entertainment-owned property IIFA to hold its 14th edition place in Toronto this year. If you could put what happened population and one of the youngest Indian populations in Canada. It is a Clark said in a statement. Clark met members from the Hindi Advisory Board members; Ramesh Sippy, president of the Film and Mumbai. as a perfect destination for IIFA an annual three-day celebration premiere, a global business forum, an IIFA Foundation charity event and the IIFA Awards night. We put up a great show for the Winter Olympics 2010 and we will put up a great show for IIFA. there are so many things we can communicate through this wonderful medium, the business of doing business. I promise you, we know we have to do a lot work to bring IIFA creativity in Canada and it is also the gateway to North America in say, Man, those Winter Olympics she added. Clark also invited industry stalwarts, actors, directors and producers, among others to come to British Columbia to shoot Indian movies. Andre Timmins, the IIFA director, said: We are in the process of success over the years and especially after its North American premiere in Toronto earlier this year, IIFA has sparked global interest and we have received several bids from countries vying to host the Weekend and Awards. We understand this as a sign of the growing importance of India in the world economy and how the international phenomenon and we added. The IIFA destination for 2012 has not been decided yet.

Except for his two sisters Alvira people calling him bhai. At an event in Dubai, Salman was referred to as Salman bhai, the actor quickly retaliated, Dont call me bhai! Ive got two sisters thats That was not IT! Even when Suniel Shetty, who was also present at the event, called him bhai, Sallu snapped, old when we came to your wedding Hahahaha, good one Sallu miyan!

haPPy bIrthday!
November 19 dara singh zeenat aman November 20 shilpa shirodkar tusshar kapoor November 21 helen November 22 saroj khan sajid nadiawala raza murad November 24 amol Palekar

john abraham to tie the knot soon

If the latest rumor is to be believed Bollywood hunk John Abraham is going to tie the knot next year. The lady in question is said to be Marwah. Ever since John Abraham broke up with Bipasha Basu, he has been in news for his alleged relationship with few beauties but it the ultimate choice of John. recently and John Abraham seems They were seen very comfortable in each others company and John like a protective boyfriend guarded After splitting up with Bips, John They were very much in love and both are destined to take their relationship to the next level. and even refused to share screen with Bipasha in Race 2.

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Friday, November 18, 2011

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Friday, November 18, 2011

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Indian Cinema
top 5 worst bollywood debuts
The Bollywood industry had a lot of actors making their way to unfortunately many of them have failed miserably to make their making a mark in the industry by Here are a few actors who are still struggling to make their mark in Bollywood: harman baweja Boss Season 4 where he was seen succeed much. zayed khan in that reality show. Apparently he actress who was even a participant in Big Boss 4. aditya narayan Aditya Narayan bombarded in look he was given the movie was side lined a lot as more importance and spotlight was given to Emraan Hashmi and Mallika Sherawat. However after doing quite a few chance to prove himself in acting with no movies coming his way. He could not prove himself in singing even.

the movie could not do well at all and Aditya failed to impress the other directors to cast him in their movies. Unfortunately, Aditya did He even joined the brigade of worst actors in B-Town after his It was a very nightmarish start for him as he was launched by his father Harry Baweja, in the movie, the beautiful former Miss World of audience inside the hall but soon they let their way out. Harman acted get a hit in his bag. fardeen khan

Apart from these few actors, there have been many others who just failed to make a mark in the Bollywood industry and are still struggling to get through.

the producer suffered a huge loss with that movie. His acting was very poor in the movie but his looks made him survive in this industry. ashmit Patel

He made his debut with the movie Inteha, which was directed by do well although the storyline and concept of the movie was good. acting skills at all as his acting was movie he appeared in the movie Murder which apparently did well

in the Bollywood industry. He was even launched by his father, the most dashing actors in Bollywood at that time. However Fardeens


Friday, November 18, 2011

immortals (PG) * * *

By ROBERT WALDMAN Ancient times create the perfect havoc for warring factions in Immortals, a sizzler from Alliance Films now holding court at Empire Studio 12, Colossus and Cineplex Odeon Theatres across B.C. Gods and mere mortals collide in Immortals, a rambunctious offering from Alliance Films that works on a variety of levels. Sure to prove popular with those into mega fantasies like 300 and Clash of the Titans, Immortals charts a brutal course of a plain man battling a ruthless leader out to control the world. Steeped in mythology and tradition its the Gods that are looking down on Earth as a relentless madman sets his sights on conquest of the lands. By all accounts King Hyperion is as ruthless as they come. Oscar winning heavyweight Mickey Rourke (Iron Man 2) gets lots of screen time which he uses to full advantage as he slices and dices his way through the lands in a quest for immortality. Number one objective is for him to secure a magical bow that wields unbelievable powers. Out to stop him are some ordinary citizens led by the most unlikely of heroes. Not quite ready for prime time warrior to be is Theseus, a man with his own grudge to settle against King Hyperion. Relative unknown actor Henry Cavill (the Count of Monte Cristo) may well be headed to stardom as the mild-mannered peasant/slave who rises to the occasion to lead the revolt against Hyperion and his mammoth army. High up above, overseeing the impending bloodletting, are a series of Gods who also have a

Oprah Winfrey receives honorary Oscar for humanitarian work

Oprah Winfrey received an honorary Oscar at the 3rd annual Governors Awards in Los Angeles last Saturday. She was awarded the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, granted for efforts that promote hope around industry, US magazine reported. I never imagined myself receiving an Oscar, certainly not for doing what I believe is a part of my calling, a part of my being, she said, as excerpted by the Hollywood Reporter. Its unimaginable that I would be standing before you, voted by the board of governors. So when I say thank you, the thank you comes from a place deeper even than I know, because its not just from me, its from everybody who made me possible, she added.

for survival. Snazzy special effects, mild 3-D elements, and a sense of desperation all work well in this campy tale that fans of this genre will warmly embrace. Director Tarsem Singh (The Cell) takes us back in time to the ancient world and succeeds in building a strong rivalry with good against evil and creates great tension and epic battle scenes worthy of your consideration. Strong support from the likes of Stephen Dorff (Public Enemies) as a comrade in arms to Theseus and Freida Pinto (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) as a virgin with the ability to foresee the future help make this epic journey a lot of fun. lends a hand as a mentor or sorts with lots of historical baggage in his resume. Bottom line on Immortals is that its fantasy with lame 3-D elements but engaging battle scenes and rivalry that makes this movie rock!

Brad Pitt to quit acting in three years?

Actor Brad Pitt says he may quit acting when he Asked how long he would continue to act, the 47-yearold, on Australian chat show 60 Minutes, said three years, adding his days as lead actor are numbered. The actor said he might move behind the camera when he steps out of the limelight, as reported. Ive really enjoyed the producerial (sic) side and getting stories to the plate that may have had a harder time otherwise, said Pitt.


Friday, November 18, 2011


Your First Trip to Hawaii

Quarantine before proceeding to the airline counter for check-in. It is best not to bring fruit or other plants, unless you show proof that you are allowed to export them. Without proof, fruits, vegetables and plants will not clear Customs and will must go through a security scan. You must (HNL) on Oahu before heading to Maui daily ferry service to and from the nearby islands of Lanai and Molokai. Airport Travel Tips person. piece, along with one personal item such as notebook computer bags, purses, briefcases, cameras, etc. baggage; U.S. weight restrictions when or passport ready. and boarding time given by your airline or travel agency. Its always best to arrive at the airport early. Staying on Maui There are a wide range of accommodations on Maui, including high-end resorts, hotels, bed and breakfasts, and rentals. Kaanapali, Lahaina, Kihei, Makena and Wailea on Mauis sunny western coast as well as one resort in Hana in east Maui. Anytime of year is a good time to visit Maui. The average temperature here is and November, is warmer and drier while winter, between December and March, is a bit cooler. Trade winds keep things comfortable year-round. It is generally drier on the western (leeward) side and wetter on the eastern (windward) side. Traveling on Maui You can get around Maui by shuttle, tour bus, taxi, or public transportation. But to really experience all that Maui offers you should consider reserving a rental car in advance from the Kahului or Kapalua Airport. Currency Exchange Hawaiis currency is the U.S. dollar. You can exchange currency at Kahului Airport (OGG), at the other major neighbor island airports, and at resort destinations. Major credit cards are widely accepted and ATM machines are plentiful. Travelers checks are accepted at many businesses. What to Pack Its warm in Hawaii, so pack your summer attire. You may want to bring a jacket or sweater for the evenings. Bring warmer clothes if you plan on visiting higher elevations like Haleakala National Park. Suits and ties are very rarely worn here. Bring some casual dress clothes or resort wear if you plan on experiencing Hawaiis nightlife. You can buy an aloha shirt and them) when you get here. Tipping U.S. standards on tipping apply: gratuity is included for large parties Housekeeping: $1 US per bed, per night Luggage porters: $1 US per bag Doorman: $1 US for calling a taxi Language English and Hawaiian, although Hawaiian is not commonly spoken. Major resort areas often have customer service representatives who speak Japanese. Internet and Electricity Internet access is readily available in Hawaii. Electricity in the U.S. is 120 volts (120 v) at 60 cycles (60 Hz) per second. If your device does not accept this voltage, you may need to purchase a voltage converter. Agricultural Inspection The U.S. Department of Agriculture enforces strict rules regarding the exportation of uninspected plants and animals and requires a declaration form for each person arriving in Hawaii. When departing, your luggage must pass a preand plants. You are welcome to take Items purchased at the airport or mailed home form local vendors are inspected for you.
Continued neXt week

Continued FRoM LASt week

Maui Travel Tips Getting to Maui Kahului Airport (OGG) is the Mauis main airport. There are two smaller commuter airports as well: Kapalua Airport (JHM) in West Maui and Hana Airport (HNM) in East Maui. Many airlines offer non-


Cond Nast Traveler : 2011 readers Choice Awards

Top Transportation
Getting to your vacation doesnt have to be the worst part. Our readers rated these airlines and cruise lines as the nicest ways to travel. CruiSE LiNES Small-Ship lines 1. Seabourn, 91.8

Large-Ship lines 1. Celebrity, 87.7 2. Princess, 80.9 3. Royal Caribbean, 78.9 4. Carnival, 70.9 river lines 1. Uniworld Boutique River Cruises, 90.3 2. Grand Circle Travel, 86.1 4. Avalon Waterways, 78.9 AirLiNES Foreign Airlines 1. Singapore Airlines, 88.1 3. Emirates, 80.4

8. United Airlines, 49.3 9. Alaska Airlines, 48.3 10. American Airlines, 47.0 Small Airlines 1. OpenSkies, 90.8 2. Porter Airlines, 78.2 3. Air Tahiti Nui, 66.6

Medium-Ship lines 1. Crystal Cruises, 93.0 2. Regent Seven Seas Cruises, 91.6 3. Disney, 89.8 4. Oceania Cruises, 86.0 6. Cunard, 84.2 8. Celebrity, 79.9 9. Princess, 79.8 10. Royal Caribbean, 76.3

6. Etihad Airways, 77.2 7. Korean Air, 76.1 9. ANA (All Nippon Airways}, 73.9 10. JAL (Japan Airlines), 71.6 U.S. Airlines 2. JetBlue Airways, 71.0 Blue), 49.6


Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday, November 18, 2011


Story of Shri Satyanarayan Swamiji

Chapter 1: Once upon a time while travelling the three worlds, Yogiraj Narad Muni reached Mrityulok(Planet Earth), he saw the human beings suffering immensely. He visited the abode of mankind from the sufferings. There he met the Almighty Lord Chakra, Gadha & Padma, wearing Tulsi Mala (garland) in his neck. He started to pray & requested Oh Lord!!! You are the supreme power, nothing can touch you, not even wind or mind can get you, your power is limitless, you know everything, you help your devotees to overcome their sufferings & sorrows. Hearing all the pleadings of Sadhu Narad Muni, the Almighty Supreme asked Narad Muni Oh Narad! Why have you come to me & what do you want from me, tell me, I want to hear the same from you. Yogiraj Narad Muni replied, Oh Lord! I just went to Mrityulok, where I saw all kinds of human beings suffering in sorrow due to their previous karma. Oh Lord! the Almighty, is there no way bananas, ghee, milk & choori (made the prayers, all present must have the prasad & then take their meals together, & then sing, praise, & chant mantras of Lord Satyanarayan. By doing this, in kalyug gives the boon (reward) very quickly. This chapter of Shri Satyanarayan Swami is over. All chant (say) Shri Satyanarayanji Ki Jai. Chapter 2: The Lord said Oh Narad! Now I will tell fast. In a place named Sunder Kashipur, there used to live a very innocent brahmin. In hunger & thirst; he used to roam for his daily bread. When the loving Lord saw the Brahmin in sorrow & begging daily; he took disguise of an old Brahmin & asked him, Oh Dear!, why are you so sad. Please tell me all I could help you out? The Brahmin told the Lord, I am a poor Brahmin & I roam daily for bread. Do you know if there is any way to come out of all this sorrow?
Continued neXt week

that their suffering becomes less or is it possible that they get complete moksha (relief) from their sufferings. If so, please let us know. The Lord, at once replied Oh Narad! you have asked a very good To free man-kind from all sufferings, & to ultimately reach Heaven , there is one virt (fast), & today I will tell you all about it. Anyone who does Shri Satyanarayans get all the pleasures on earth & will reach his goal.

Yogiraj NaradMuni then asked, Oh Lord!, has anyone kept this fast before? This virt is done on which day & how exactly is it done? Please do let us know all the details. Whosoever does Bhagwan Shri Satyanarayanjis Katha with Brahmin & with his family with full rites will be relieved of his sufferings & sorrows, will be bestowed with increase in wealth & wisdom; will be blessed with children; get overall victory & increased devotion. For this prayer, one requires riped

Feature Story

Bangladesh bride disowns her dowry demanding husband

A top human rights group in Bangladesh has praised a bride who disowned her husband within minutes of their wedding because he demanded a dowry. Sultana Kamal of the Ask rights group said that Farzana Yasmin had taken a principled and brave stand against the gross injustice of dowry payments. Ms Yasmin told the BBC that dowries were the cancer of society. Giving or receiving dowries is a criminal offence in Bangladesh but is still widely practiced. Ms Yasmin has shown considerable bravery in doing what she did to highlight the evil and oppressive dowry system, said Ms Kamal, the head of the Ain o Salish Kendra (Ask) rights group. She said that the number of enforced dowries in rural areas was alarming, and that it was not diminishing despite government efforts to wipe out the tradition. Already she is facing recriminations with several parties trying to defame her and portray her as a loose woman. In fact she is a heroine of Bangladesh. Have to protest Ms Yasmins decision to divorce her husband within minutes of their wedding in the conservative southern district of Barguna has sent shockwaves through the country, with this, I thought I have to protest. I know I cannot change the fate of thousands of other similarly oppressed women in the country but at least I have taken a stand. to take refuge with friends and family in Dhaka denounced her husband as she was about to be taken to her wedding car at the end of her marriage celebrations. She told the BBC that he and his family wanted to delay her departure until they had My older sister reacted: We are going to give you our girl only, nothing else was promised, she said. Ms Yasmin said that she was dumbfounded by the actions of her rogue husband and his family. She ended up discarding her wedding dress and storming out of the ceremony.

Jordan romero youngest to climb Mount Everest

A 13-year-old American boy became the youngest climber in the world to reach the top of Mount Everest.

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Ms Yasmin said her husband was a rogue to demand dowry payments

with supporters and opponents of her action The 10-minute bride told the BBC that she wanted other dowry-oppressed women in Bangladesh to be inspired by her actions, which correspondents say appear to be without precedent. The dowry has become a cancer of our society. I have read this in newspapers and always wondered why people should put up with it, the masters graduate told the BBCs Shakeel Anwar. When I found myself getting caught up



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WWE Survivor Series 2011

NHL Trade Rumors

CM Punk Needs to Win for WWE to Be Exciting Again

Trading Vancouver Canucks Cory Schneider May Not Be an Option

goalie Roberto Luongo suffered an injury in Sundays win against New York. For now, Cory Schneider will be the Canucks number one goalie. It has been widely assumed that the Canucks would have to trade the backup goalie before the trade deadline this season. It makes sense; he is a talented young player who is stuck behind an entrenched starter. Schneider will be a restricted free agent after this season and the Canucks will have to make a decision sooner or later. The general thought is that they could bring in quite a haul for him this year at the trade deadline. While some fans would rather see Luongo traded out of town, the reality suggests that he wont be traded. Luongo is under contract for what feels like the end of time and has a pretty hefty that you would have to get him to waive his no trade clause which doesnt seem very likely. So that leaves them with the option of moving Schneider. While it may seem like the Canucks could get decent return for Schneider, there may not be much of a market for him at the deadline. Any team looking to pick up Schneider at the deadline would be a team that saw themselves as contenders. There are not many of those types of teams that dont already have their goal tending shored up. Philadelphia, New York , Pittsburgh, Washington, San Jose, Chicago, and Detroit all are set at goal tender and will not, barring a major injury, be interested in Schneider at the deadline. Perhaps the biggest exception to that would be the Tampa Bay Lightning. last year and returning starter Dwayne

Since CM Punk became the best in the world, the WWE has buried him to the point of almost completely stopping all the momentum he built this summer. Thats why at Survivor Series the WWE has to give CM Punk the WWE title. CM Punk is one of the best pure wrestlers in the business, and his talent on the microphone leaves all others in the company to shame. Alberto del Rio is solid on the mic and in the ring, but he doesnt have that charisma that the WWE wants from their title holder. The experiment of him holding the WWE title hasnt been a huge disaster, but it has been lackluster enough to warrant a change of hands. All of the change that CM Punk was talking about is bound to take place sooner or later, and what better time than at the If the WWE wants their shows to be interesting again, they need to hand CM Punk the WWE title and a microphone and allow him to run the show. That wont happen, though. This is the WWE were talking about. There are enough stars not involved in matches that this has the feel of yet another run in. John Laurinaitis and Kevin Nash are still kicking around in the backstage area, and to think that someone who doesnt like CM Punk wont interfere is just nave. WWE is trying to blow the doors off Survivor Series this year, so I imagine in this match. What that means is anyones guess.

Roloson is struggling this year. Some of that is the play in front of him and some of that is his age. So lets say that the Lightning, or another team that rises up, feel that they are one goaltender away from getting back to the Finals this year and are in the market. Would Schneider be that guy? There are other options that may come to get equal value. In Long Island the Islanders are carrying three goalies right now. Most notably is Evgeni Nabakov who has made it pretty clear he would like out. Nabakov would be cheaper and is a guy who has much more experience than Schneider. The Lightning has already mined the Islanders for a goalie and might prefer to do so again over Schneider. Then there is Jonathan Bernier in Los Angeles. He is stuck behind Jonathan Quick and the Kings might also be looking to move their back up. Bernier and Schneider are both

and both considered future number one goalies. Bernier may come cheaper than Schneider to Schneider. Schneider was on the Presidents Trophy winning team, got a start in the playoffs and has some cache across the league. If a team could get Bernier for less than Schneider they might prefer that, thinking they were getting a player with a similar upside. Schneider is not the only option for other teams looking to make a deadline deal. That may force them to hold onto Schneider and make decisions this off season. In the off season more teams will come into play as landing a young and up coming goalie will be a much sought after commodity, even for some contending teams. It looks like the Schneider versus Luongo debate will be a topic all year in

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Friday, November 18, 2011


Henderson gets next lightweight title shot after UFC on FOX 1 victory
Frankie Edgar awaits Henderson at uFC 144 in JapanuFC on FOX 1 victory
The widest grin after UFC on FOX 1 belonged to the man who just found out he the man who just won one. After Ben Henderson defeated Clay Guida via unanimous decision at the Honda Center, UFC President Dana White next challenger for lightweight champion Frankie Edgar. Henderson reacted with excitement that only Junior dos Santos, heavyweight title in the evenings main event, could relate to. With Frankie, I think I match up very well, Henderson said. I think if I stick to the game plan, Ill do a little bit better. Im very excited for that. Frankie and I are going to put on a great show. Henderson will tentatively meet Edgar, who is coming off of a comeback TKO victory over Gray Maynard at UFC 144 in Saitama, Japan, on Feb. 26, 2012. White already had trouble containing his anticipation for the lightweight title scrap. I was texting him for four days like a groupie, man. I was so blown away by his performance and every its exciting. Guida and Henderson bonus for putting on the Fight of the Night at UFC on FOX 1. From the opening when Henderson dropped Guida in a striking exchange and The Carpenter answered by driving his opponent into the fence, back-and-forth action The UFC lightweight championship belt that fans love was on display. White was on the televised pre-show at the time, but kept turning around in an attempt to catch a glimpse of the bout also took turns working on submission because of the roar. Henderson said he fed attempts in the second and third rounds. Henderson and Guida each scored off of the energy. Guida noticed it, too. takedowns as well. Although it was close, peoples faces and get people cheering, Henderson did enough to win eight out of Guida said. I feel my fans with every a possible nine rounds on the three judges punch I throw. Every time I get punched scorecards. I hate decisions, cant stand decisions, in the face, I feel my fans. Henderson said. But it is what it is. Next Its going to be a daunting task against the has never lost via stoppage. Maynard in each of his last two bouts. But Henderson, a former WEC lightweight champion, promised he would come in at his best against Edgar. I can do a lot better than that, Henderson said. You guys havent seen nothing yet. Henderson is somewhat of an unlikely the beginning of the year. Henderson WEC appearance less than a year ago. But hes won three straight since and looked impressive in the process. Henderson dominated potential No. 1 contender Jim for the title, Anthony Pettis Melvin Guillard, also suffered upset defeats to give Henderson the opportunity. Now that hes He deserves that shot in Japan, Guida said. Ill be sitting there, watching close.

multiple surgeries over the past few years, and Hendersons age. Although at 41, Henderson still packs as much dynamite in that right hand of his as he ever has. The co-main event will see another former Pride champion in Wanderlei Silva battle former Strikeforce middleweight champion and Sanhou standout Cung Le. This will be We are back for the fourth straight week with The Hot Seat. Beginning with UFC 137, covering UFC 138 in England, before moving on to the historic UFC on Fox event that took place last Saturday, the UFC ends a dramatic run of events with UFC 139, which will take place in San Jose on Saturday night. The main event pits two former Pride stalwarts against each other as former UFC light heavyweight champion Mauricio Shogun Rua battles former pride welterweight and middleweight champion and current Strikeforce light heavyweight champion Dan Henderson. Obviously this is a matchup that would have been more exciting when the two were are Ruas knees, which have gone through he has never fought anyone quite like Silva, Urijah Faber and Brian Bowles will face off to determine who will lose to current UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz again. Bowles lost the WEC version of the title to Cruz back in March of 2010 when he couldnt continue after the second round, due to a broken hand. Faber just lost an exciting unanimous decision to Cruz at UFC 132. and didnt disappoint, but it was evident that The rest of the card has its ups and downs, jeopardy of losing their jobs, but a couple of them are very interesting. Let us look and see who may be collecting an unemployment check in the very near future.

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Friday, November 18, 2011



Friday, November 18, 2011


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