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The Emperors Champion Secondary Advance Class

For use with Warhammer 40K: Deathwatch Tabletop RPG

Prerequisites and Requirements Must be Black Templar Requires Rank 6, Costs 5000 Experience Requires 60 Base WS, Vision from the Emperor Must have acquired 1 Relic Weapon and 1 Chapter Trapping as Signature Wargear.** Requires Marks of Distinction: Chosen of the Chapter, Master of Blades (Power Sword/Power Fist), Unshakable Required Talents: 28 total, Must have 1 of these: Hunter of Aliens, Scourge of Heretics, or Slayer of Daemons.

Abhor the Witch Berserk Charge Blademaster Combat Master Counterattack

Spend 1 Fate Point premission, test WP VS. Psy for whole Kill Team. +20 to WS with Charge instead of +10. Reroll one missed attack per round with bladed weapons. Opponents in melee gain no bonuses for outnumbering. After Parry instantly attack with parry weapon as free action. This attack suffers a -20 Penalty Test WS, Success disarms, 3+ Degrees of Success may take enemy weapon Immune to Pinning, Fear. Disengaging requires WP test. Full turn angering, next turn gain +10 WS, Str, Tough, WP. -20 BS, Int. Must melee if possible. Immune to Fear, Pinning, Stunning, Fatigue. May not Parry, Retreat or Flee. Lasts duration of

Adeptus Astartes, Characters with Psy Rating may not take.

Action Cost

Charge cost Weapon Skill 30, Melee Weapon Training Weapon Skill 30 Weapon Skill 40 Free


Disarm Fearless Frenzy

Agility 30

Full Action

Extended Action

combat. Furious Assault Successful hit with All Out Attack Action, spend Reaction to make 1 more attack using same bonuses or penalties as original. When All Out Attack is used, PC may add Strength Bonus to Weapon Penetration. Attack Gains Shocking, due to amount of force used. When Run/Charging opponents suffer -20 BS until PCs next turn. Gain +10 WS to Chosen Hatred target. Weapon Skill 35 All Out Attack cost

Hammer Blow

Adeptus Astartes

All Out Attack cost

Hard Target Hatred (Any) 1

Agility 40 Talent Groups: Chaos Space Marines, Daemons, Mutants, Psykers, Specific Xenos, Other Iron Discipline Toughness 40 Willpower 30 Adeptus Astartes

Charge/Run cost

Into the Jaws of Hell Iron Jaw Jaded Killing Strike

Lightning Attack

Litany of Hate

In personal combat while visible, Followers immune to Fear and Pinning If Stunned, Test Toughness, succeed = Stun failed. Does not gain Insanity or affected by Fear except by Terrors of the Warp. Spend Fate Point when using All Out Attack to make attacks impossible to dodge or parry. Make 3 melee attacks with main hand. Unusable with Dual Strike, if PC has a weapon in each hand, they may strike 3 times with their main hand and once with off hand, provided they have Two-Weapon Wielder Talent. Test Charm to extend the effects of the PCs Hatred talent. One ally per point of

All Out Attack cost Full Action, action with Preternatural Speed

Swift Attack

Hatred (Any) 1

Full Action

Preternatural Speed Resistance (Psychic) 1 Stalwart Defense

PCs Fellowship bonus. Lasts duration of combat Use Swift/Lightning Attack as a action; also those talents are usable in Charge. Gain +10 to tests to resist school The Battle-Brother may spend a Fate Point as a Full Action to adopt a Stalwart Defense. While adopting this condition, the Battle-Brother may not move and may not Dodge. He may make a Parry reaction against all successful strikes against him, and all Damage he suffers is reduced by 2. Furthermore, the characters enemies gain no benefits for outnumbering the BattleBrother in close combat. These effects last until the Battle-Brother chooses to end his Stalwart Defense or until he is rendered incapable of fighting. Gain another dodge once per round, allowing for 2 dodges a round Re-roll WP to resist mind affecting Psy Powers. (Ex. Telekinesis still works.) When PC makes a Charge Action, first make an unarmed attack against every opponent he is charging. This represents slamming into the enemy with the characters armoured bulk. This attack automatically also has the potential to knock the opponent down in the same way as if the PC had used the Knock Down

Weapon Skill 40, Agility 50 Talent Groups: Cold, Fear, Heat, Poisons, Psy Adeptus Astartes

Full Action

Step Aside Strong Minded Thunder Charge

Agility 40, Dodge Willpower 30, Resistance Psy Adeptus Astartes

Free Reaction

Charge Cost

True Grit Unshakeable Faith Wall of Steel Hunter of Aliens/Scourge of Heretics/Slayer of Daemons (At least one)

Action. Once this attack has been resolved, the PC may make his normal Charge Attack as normal. If the PC charges a Horde, he may make d5+1 unarmed attack against the Horde. If PC suffers Critical damage, the result. PC may re-roll failed WP against Fear Additional Parry per round. +10 WS, +2 damage to either Xenos, Heretics or Daemons. Only one of these is required to become an Emperors Champion, to have more than one is the players choice, though it is recommended to better slaughter the enemies of the Imperium.

Toughness 40

Agility 35

Free Reaction

**: Should the Battle-Brother have acquired one Chapter Relic Weapon, this fills the requirement. : Vision of the Emperor: Rarely the Divine Emperor of Mankind will smile upon one of his Sons of Battle and grant them a task or message in the form of a dream that has been projected from the Chaos of the Warp, where the Emperors spirit is thought to reside as he battles against the innumerous unseen enemies of his Imperium. These messages or tasks are of the utmost importance and Battle-Brothers that experience such blessed visions immediately report to their Chapter Chaplains and Chapter Masters, recanting the precious moments spent in the God-Emperors grace. Such visitations cannot be mistaken for Xenos or Heretical sorcery as The Emperors presence negates any and all doubt from the Battle-Brothers mind, as he is the True Father of all Adeptus Astartes and is instinctively recognized and unmistakable. Such Visions, while extremely rare, are always taken seriously and through joint effort of the Chapter Master and Chaplains, are closely discriminated to ensure the Chosen BattleBrother is pure and uncorrupt of heart and mind, eliminating any chance of Chaotic or Xenos influence. Debasing said fears, they go about how best to complete their given task, or delivering the message. Usually, recorded visions have told of enemy commanders that must be

slain or captured, to turn the tides of battle in large sectors or on whole planets. They generally provide some insight that detail: a weakness in enemy defenses, how and where to encounter such enemy commanders at the most opportune time or perhaps when best to assault a defended enemy encampment or position. Such information is acted upon immediately with all haste and any available forces that can be directed to the divine task are sent. The Emperors Champion is outfitted with the renowned Armour of Faith and The Black Sword Wargears so as to best complete his holy mission and is sent with elite forces into the heat of battles to encounter enemy commanders and champions in single combat and slay them in the name of The Emperor. Should The Emperors Champion fall to the unrelenting tides, it is seen as a bad omen, and is a major blow to Imperial morale. However, should such a tragedy befall the Imperial Forces, they will strike at their enemies with unparalleled fury and righteous fire to punish such heretics, be they humane, xenos or daemonic. Imperial Forces and Imperial allied forces receive +10 to Weapon Skill and Ballistic Skills within 100 meters of the fallen Champion. Let it be known that the Champion does not need to be dead for this bonus to occur, merely; suddenly out of sight (swarmed, and is definitely going to require aid), incapacitated, or otherwise mortally endangered. (IE: Under heavy-arms fire, or perhaps nearby Imperials notice a Missile Launcher preparing to fire upon the Champion.) If the Champion does die Imperial forces do whatever is required to retrieve the revered Armour of Faith and The Black Sword. Should the enemy forces responsible for the fall of The Emperors Champion prove to be too overwhelming to Imperial infantry and ground armor, Imperial ships from high orbit will carpet bomb and terraform the area where the Champion has fallen in a last attempt to recover the venerated Artificer armour and Relic blade.

: The Armour of Faith and The Black Sword

The Armour of Faith
The Armour of Faith is a revered set of Mk. VII (7) Aquila Artificer armour that has been handed down to each Emperors Champion since the times after the Horus Heresy, a tradition that began with the Black Templars original High Marshal, and first Emperors Champion, Sigismund. Due to the amount of hands the revered suit has changed the wearer gains a unique Armor History, +2 to Cohesion unless a Psyker is present within the Kill Team (+1 if there is) and +10 Psychic Resistance. Armour of Faith Quickstats Artificer Armor: +12 AP, Sanctified (Daemons take 1 point of damage if they hit) Immunity: Possession Resistance: Psychic +10, Warp Weapons -2 damage Cohesion: +2, unless a Psyker is present within the Kill Team, in which case the bonus is only +1 (EG: Librarian, Psychic Inquisitors, Grey Knights, and Astropaths)

: Power Armor History: Through Blood and Fire; This Ancient set of Power Armor
has passed through multiple hands of Emperors Champions, all of whom have been selected from the Black Templars finest. The suit of Artificer Armour has been destroyed and rebuilt multiple times from hundreds of different suits of Power Armor, though its original base was what inspired the Techpriests of Mars to manufacture the Mark VII (7) Power Armor, and is regarded as such. Due to the near thousand different pieces from which the armor has been reconstructed, the wearer gains an extra Armor History, in addition to Pride and Prejudice below, from the table 5-12 Power Armor History on page 162 in the Deathwatch Handbook.

: Power Armor History: Pride and Prejudice; Apart from being remade multiple times,
the suit has also housed many different Black Templars; from the High Marshal Chapter Masters, to fledgling Initiates, and even the spiritual leaders that are Chaplains. An effect of this has ingrained many different prejudices and hates towards many different xenos, heretics and daemons, and occasionally to fellow Adeptus Astartes, or other Imperial officials. As a result, the wearer gains Hatred to all Xenos, Heretics, and Daemons (only WS+5) but also suffers from Enemy: Adeptus Astra Telepathica, and must choose one Rival: Adeptus Astartes Chapter.

The Black sword

The Black Sword is a special sword, held by the Emperor's Champion of the Black Templars chapter. The first of these weapons was given to High Marshal Sigismund during the battle for the Imperial Palace. Though the weapon may take on many forms to suit the bearers taste, it is invariably a power sword that can slice through flesh and armour with equal ease. It also considerably increases the strength of the Black Templar who wields it. The Black Sword Quickstats One or two handed power sword, users preference, and is always Master-Crafted. The Black Sword (One-Handed) Damage: 1d10+10E Penetration: 7 Qualities: Sanctified, Power Field*, Balanced, Razor Sharp, Shocking The Battle-Brother gains Unnatural Strengthx1 when wielding The Black Sword. The Black Sword (Two-Handed) Damage: 2d10+9E Penetration: 10 Qualities: Sanctified, Power Field*, Felling (2), Unbalanced (2) [-20 Parry], Razor Sharp

The Battle Brother gains Unnatural Strengthx1 when wielding The Black Sword. *: The Power Field on The Black Sword is able to break Warp Weapons at a 25% chance.

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