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An excerpt from: Street Life by: Lynwood Porcher Jr. Chapter 1 When is there time to say enough is enough?

When time has passed you by or when you have become anything but worthy. After so many years away from the free worl d can you rush to catch up? Linnie L. Train Rush was no fool by any means, but he got caught up in a world of drugs and money that would cost him thirteen years o f his life. Linnie landed in one of the districts most infamous prisons The Wall. The Wall was located about 20 miles outside of Washington, DC in Lorton, Va. The W all was home to some of the districts most vicious criminals. It had a 25 foot h igh brick wall that enclosed the prison from the outside world. On the inside it was more draconian in its appearance. The cells were small, dirty, and cramped with faulty plumbing and almost no ventilation. The cells were boiling hot in th e summer and freezing cold in the winter. Harry Harris was also doing time behind the wall. He was serving a 15 year sente nce for armed robbery when he first met Linnie. From that day on the two became friends and they planned and plotted on how they would one day top the drug game . Harry was known as Soupbone to his close friends. No one could figure out why he was called that, but Soupbone was in a particularly good mood this morning. H e knew Linnie was being released and in a couple weeks he too would be released. Then they could start to put their plan into motion. Man Im glad this shit is over! L. Train stated. I know what you mean Soupbone responded. You only have two more weeks and you will be out there with me L. Train said. Yeah man, my time is coming so I can leave this shit hole too! Soupbone stated. We have a lot of work to do on the outside, just as weve planned for so many years L. Train said. Rush, if you want to get out of here today you better come on! the guard hollered down the tier. Its my time baby-boy, Ill holler at you in a couple of weeks, so keep your nose cle an, I love ya L. Train said. Yeah Train you be safe and Ill get at you when I show, love you too! Soupbone repli ed. The guard led the way down the long hallway that would put Linnie L. Train Rush back into the free world once more. As the gate was closing the guard was holler ing, Hey Rush, you better stay out there! Youll never see me back on the inside again! Linnie hollered back. Waiting on the outside of the prison was the woman that Linnie wanted to be with for the last thirteen years. Karen Rush was a strong willed woman and she was v

ery attractive. At 55 and 140 pounds she was the love of Linnies life. They have b een married for eighteen years and have three children. Karen was very excited t o see her husband without all the guards standing over them while she visited. Hi baby! Karen said as she reached out for the man she loves. As the two of them k issed and hugged tears were running down her face. Whats wrong? Linnie asked. Nothing, Im just so happy to have you home again honey! she replied. The morning after spending a wonderful night in bed with his wife, Linnie was th inking to himself, he had to get a job soon. If he didnt his parole officer would be all over him. Good morning honey! Karen said to her husband as she was bringing breakfast to him in bed. Good morning, Linnie replied as he sat up to eat his breakfast. While finishing hi s breakfast, Linnie thought about his kids. Steven T. Rush the oldest son, at age 24 was doing okay. He was working at a loc al bank, but not happy with the job. Derrick D. Rush, the middle child, at age 22 didnt know what he wanted out of lif e. He was working his way into jail by selling drugs. Keyania S. Rush the baby of the Rush family, at age 21 was doing fine by running her grandmothers hair salon. Chapter 2 Sgt. OMalley and his partner Det. James were sitting in their unmarked car waitin g on a drug deal that was about to go down on 5th and O. street north west. They had a hot tip that two kilos of cocaine was going to be bought at that location today at 2:30 pm. It was just 1:00 pm and it was getting hotter by the second. Man I hate this stakeout mess! Det. James stated. Yeah me too, but it goes along with the job Sgt. OMalley responded. It was thirteen years ago when OMalley and James first became partners, after the y caught one of the districts most elusive bank robbers Linnie L. Train Rush. A black BMW pulled up at the corner of the market and two men got out carrying a black bag. Thats our boys now with the stuff Sgt. OMalley said. Det. James tensed up at the sou nd of Sgt. OMalleys voice; because he knew when making a bust like this a lot of g un play could start. Lets give them a few seconds to relax and you cover me when we enter the market Sgt . OMalley stated. Whenever youre ready Det. James responded. The two undercover officers exited the car looking like they were also drug deal ers from the hood, wearing Timberland boots, baggy jeans, and t-shirts. Freeze! Nobody move and keep your hands were I can see them! Sgt. OMalley stated. O ne of the men that exited the BMW started to go for a gun, but he thought better

of it when he saw Det. James coming up from the other side with his nine millim eter in his hand stating, I wouldnt do that if I was you! After making the bust the two detectives were back at the station booking the th ree men with possession of cocaine and carrying a pistol without a license. Sgt. OMalley, the captain wants to see you in his office asap! the desk clerk told him. Whats up cap? Sgt. OMalley asked after entering the office. I have something for you. They just released Linnie Rush yesterday and I want you to keep an eye and ear open about him. Yeah sure Cap, Sgt. OMalley responded. When OMalley left the captains office he was wondering why he would want him to ke ep an eye out on Linnie Rush. After all Linnie was a bank robber and he was now working narcotics and homicide, but if thats what the captain wanted he would do it anyway. The next day at the Rush home: Linnie was on the phone putting his plan into action, but little did he know the re were eyes about to be watching his every move. Im going to shower and Ill meet you at the carwash on Branch Ave, Linnie said throug h the phone. Ill be there at 10:30 am Man-Man responded. When they hung up, Linnie was thinking that things were going as he hoped they w ould. But he knew he had to be careful, because after all he was on parole. Also he was waiting on his main man Soupbone to get out, and then they could really start to get things rolling. It was 9:30 am, so he had an hour to get ready to m eet his man at Sams Carwash. Are you getting ready to go somewhere? His wife asked him. Yeah but Ill only be out for a few hours Linnie replied. Karen Rush knew her husband was going to do whatever it took to make a better li fe for the both of them. But she was worried about him and his way of making tha t happen. While boarding the P-12 bus that would take him to the carwash, all he could do was smile to himself because he knew this wouldnt be happening too much longer. F irst thing in the morning he was going to get his permit and then he was going t o buy a car. When the bus pulled up to his stop he could see Man-Mans truck parked in the lot. As he walked towards the lot Man-Man was exiting the truck with a big smile on his face stating, Im glad youre out. This time you have to stick with me and Ill take you to the top! Yeah Slim, I messed up before when you were trying to pull me in with you, but al

l is well now and Im ready Linnie replied. They walked up to the McDonalds and after entering the restaurant Man-Man ordere d a fish sandwich and a large coke. Linnie ordered the same thing. They then too k a seat in the back of the restaurant where they could talk. Look Train, I got whatever you need. All you have to do is say the word and youre off to the races! Yeah slim, I know but I want to do this thing right. Linnie stated. I know what you mean, so Im going to give you three of my best men to work for you until you feel comfortable Man-Man responded. Thats what I need; at least until Soupbone comes home, then were going to put thin gs together. Linnie said. Im going to give you a key for right now and when you want more all you have to do is just holler at me. Man-Man said. Okay slim Linnie replied. Man-Man told Linnie that he would have someone contact him as to where he could pick the stuff up. Then he reached into his pocket and gave him five thousand do llars to hold him over. Back at the truck, Man-Man asked Linnie if he wanted him to drop him off anywhere. Linnie said no because he had something else he neede d to do. Then they departed with a hug. While waiting on the bus Linnie started to think about his son Derrick. His wife asked him to have a talk with him, so that was going to be his next stop. As he rode the bus Linnie was thinking about how long he knew Man-Man and that he sho uld have hooked up with him a long time ago. But drugs got the best of him and h e took that fall. Now that he has been drug free for almost ten years he knew th at he could make it in the drug game. Man-Man had been in the drug game for almo st twenty years without catching a case. He is very smart and did things real ca reful when it came to drug deals. As Linnie was coming out of his thoughts his s top came up and he left the bus and headed for his sons house. When Linnie knocked on the door, his son opened it and they hugged each other. T hen Linnie took a seat by the window in the living room. Whats up Dad? his son asked as he took a seat too. Nothing, I just thought I would come by and see how you were doing. Mom called and said you wanted to talk to me. Yeah and its nothing real big, but Ive been hearing some things that have her worr ied about you. Its about me sell drugs huh? Yeah, but Im not here to tell you what to do because you got to be your own man no w son. I do want you to know that Im behind you no matter what you do. Thanks Dad, Derrick responded. But, you do have to keep this away from your family and home front. Linnie stated. Yeah I know Dad, but Im just doing a little something to make ends meet!

I have something going on as we speak and I want you to come in with me. Linnie sa id. Okay Dad, Derrick replied. Enough of that, well talk some more another time, now tell me how have things been going with you? Im doing okay, but I need to find a job to pay these bills. Yeah I know son, but just hold on, because things are going to start looking up r eal soon. They talked for another hour or so then they said their goodbyes and Linnie was back on the bus headed home. When Linnie entered the house he could hear his dau ghter talking to his wife and that brought a smile to his face. As he walked int o the kitchen the phone was ringing and his daughter answered it. When she turne d around she saw her father standing there, and with a big smile on her face she hugged and kissed him. She gave him the phone telling him Its for you Dad, someon e named Harry is on it. Hello Linnie said after taking the phone from her. Whats up? Soupbone asked. Nothing, I just came into the house and I need to talk to you, but this phone wont do Linnie stated. Yeah I know, but Ill be out there in a few, Soupbone replied. They talked for a little longer and then they hung up. Hows my baby? Linnie asked his daughter. Im okay daddy she responded. Honey, Steven called and said hell be over early in the morning to take you downto wn his wife said. Okay, thanks baby Linnie responded. Daddy Im on my way to work at the shop, but Ill be back over tomorrow when you and Steven get back from downtown. Keyania gave her mother and father a kiss and then she was out the door. That girl has really grown! Linnie stated. Yeah I know Karen replied. I talked to our son and hes okay, so dont worry yourself about him Linnie said. As they talked Karen made him a sandwich which he ate. Then he told her that he wanted to lie down for a few hours. Chapter 3 Lets go James, we have a call! Sgt. OMalley stated to his partner.

While they were riding to their call, Sgt. OMalley was telling Det. James about w hat the captain told him regarding Linnie Rush. You mean to tell me hes back on the streets already? Det. James responded. Yeah thats our court system for you Sgt. OMalley said. I thought he had 13 to 39 years, and we both know he should have received more ti me than that. Det. James stated. He did get 13 to 39 years, and its been 13 years. I didnt think he would make parol e his first time up. Sgt. OMalley responded. They both couldnt forget the day they caught Linnie Rush. It was one April mornin g in 1981 when things werent looking to good in the precinct, because Linnie Rush had struck again. He made his getaway on the subway train and thats how he came by the name The L train bank robber. On that day the two officers were making an a rrest on some car thieves when up from the Martin L. King Jr. Ave subway stepped out a man fitting the description of Linnie L. Train Rush. OMalley looked at his partner and he couldnt believe their man was coming right their way. OMalley came around the car with his gun drawn hollering Okay Linnie get down on the ground a nd keep your hands where I can see them! With surprise in his eyes Linnie knew this was the end of the road and he had no where else to run. After all, his picture was all over the news. While riding do wn to the station Linnie was thinking, if only he took the tape out of the last bank like he always did; then they would not know his face. But now that it was over he was somewhat glad, because his drug habit was taking its toll on him. When OMalley and James pulled up to their call they spotted what they came for. S nake was standing on the corner and when he saw the unmarked car he tried to run , but Det. James caught him before he could get three steps. Okay Snake we got you now and youre going away for a long time! Det. James stated w hile hand cuffing him. They had been building a case against James Snake Green f or some time now. James Green was a small time drug dealer and now they put a st op to his progress. Back at the precinct they carried James Green into the inter rogation room. We have you now Mr. Green and Im going to make sure you go away for life, because Im hitting you with the Rico Act! Sgt. OMalley stated. I want to phone my lawyer! Green responded. Yeah I would want a lawyer too, if I was in your shoes Det. James said. Man, you dont have shit on me! Green stated. But little did he know they had a whole lot of stuff on him, and he was going t o jail for a long time if he didnt give them something big or someone. When they showed him the tapes with about 20 transactions he knew he was going away. So he told them that he could give them something big that was about to jump off. Lets hear what you got! Sgt. OMalley stated. You guys know Carlos Jackson, well I think hes about to put Linnie Rush down with some drugs, but Im not for sure. I heard him talking to Tony Gray and some other guys about working for Linnie Green said. That brought a smile to Sgt. OMalleys face because the captain asked him to keep a

n eye on Linnie Rush. Now he had a man that could possibly put him away for the rest of his life, plus they were after Carlos Man-Man Jackson for years, but could nt get anything on him. So, if we let you back on the streets you will be our eyes and ears and report to us about anything thats going on with Jackson and Rush Det. James said. I have no choice in the matter, do I? Green stated. I guess you dont Sgt. OMalley responded while smiling. So now that the net was set and it had two big fish in it, Sgt. OMalley knew the captain wanted them off the streets. They made their plans to nab Carlos Man-Man J ackson and Linnie L train Rush. The informant would report to them at least twice a week, and right away if any kind of drug deal was going down. One thing for su re, James Green was going to live up to his nickname the snake. Two weeks later Soupbone came home and things were going as they planned. Tony G ray, Mike Perry, and La Wilson were working for Linnie Rush, and they were putti ng in work too. Man I need to stop on Talbert St. and see what up with Tony Linnie said to Soupbon e. Linnie had his permit and was driving a 1992 BMW 735. As they were riding to Tal bert St. Soupbone was telling him that they needed to be careful. We cant be going on the strip like this Yeah I know, but I need to holler at Tony because he got word that someone is tal king to the feds about Man-Man and me! Linnie stated. Damn man, these jokers are still playing fuckup Soupbone responded. Linnie parked his car in Barry Farms Southeast and they walked down to Talbert S t. When they got there they saw Tony standing next to the corner of Talbert and Martin L. King Jr. Ave. Whats up Train Tony asked. Lets walk and talk, this is my partner Soupbone that I have been telling you about Linnie said. Whats up Soupbone? Tony asked as he reached out to shake his hand. Aint nothing Soupbone responded. Train I think that joker Snake is talking to the feds about you and Man-Man! Tony stated. Linnie shook his head while stating, Wheres that bitch at now? Hes up on 58th place northeast with his bitch Tina, Tony responded Well we know what has to be done! Linnie said Yeah lets do this bitch before all of us end up behind bars Tony responded. I need to talk to Man-Man first, so Ill get back at you later Linnie said. Back in the car Linnie was fucked up about being on the feds wanted list already . I cant believe that joker is talking to the feds about us, after all hes in the g

ame too Linnie stated. Yeah I know, but you have to realize we have been away for 13 years. This joker m ight feel we are getting in his way. Soupbone responded. Linnie stopped at a phone booth and paged Man-Man. With the page and code 935, M an-Man knew he had an half-hour to see what was wrong with Linnie Rush. When Man-Man pulled up Linnie and Soupbone exited the BMW and the talk was on. Did you know about Snake giving information to the feds about us? Linnie asked. Yeah I heard something about that from my man. Hes fucking that jokers bitch and on e thing about her, she cant hold a secret. Man-Man replied. So, whats up? Linnie asked. He has to go bye-bye! Man-Man stated. And what about miss cant hold water? Soupbone added. She has to go too! Linnie responded. I have some people that are going to handle that Man-Man said with a half smile on his face. Well its your call, but make it happen fast. Also holler at Tony, because I told h im I would get back with him after I talked to you Linnie said. Leave everything up to me. Whats up with you Soupbone? Man-Man said. Im okay but I dont like the idea of a joker just coming home and already drama is s tarting up. With a brothers record that shit dont look to good, ya dig Soupbone st ated. Yeah I know, but thats going to go away real fast. If you know what I mean. Man-Man responded. After they talked for another half hour Linnie took Soupbone shopping. Chapter 4 Hello! Is James Green there? Sgt. OMalley asked through the phone. Yeah, hes here Tina responded. When Tina handed James the phone she shook her head knowing that taking to the feds about Man-Man and Linnie could result in both of their deaths. Yeah this is James Do you have something for us? Sgt. OMalley asked. Not yet, they act like they know something. Nobody will do or say anything around me anymore James responded. You be careful, and keep your eyes and ears open. Whos the new guy Linnie has with him? Sgt. OMalley asked. His name is Harry Harris but they call him Soupbone. He and Linnie were in the jo int together, he just came home a couple of days ago. James responded.

When the phone line went dead, there was a knock at the door. Without thinking T ina opened the door and to her surprise three men with ski masks burst through t he door with their guns drawn. James looked up with fear in his face asking, Whats up man, you can have all the money and drugs, but please just dont hurt us. One of the men pushed Tina down on the floor and stated, Bitch if you open your m other fucking mouth that will be the last breath you take! They tied them up and blind folded them, then they sat and waited. James knew this wasnt a hold up and that his life might be over. About twenty minutes later a knock came at the door , and when one of the men looked out the peephole he could see it was who they w ere waiting for. Man-Man came in and when the door closed he stated, Take the blindfold off that b itch, I want him to see me! When the blindfold was removed James knew his life wa s over for sure, but he was wondering how and who could have told them. When Tin as blindfold was removed she stated I told that bastard you would find out! Shut up bitch. You ran your mouth to jazz and thats how we found out! Man-Man state d. You no good bitch! James snapped. Fuck you! Tina replied. Gag them and get them out of here. Put there asss to sleep! Man-Man stated. Chapter 5 After James Green and Tina Morris were taken care of, Linnie Rush was living lar ge on top of the drug game. With his own runners he had three strips locked down with the dope they called Bum Rush. Soupbone was in charge of handling the runner s and supplying the drugs. Linnie was working for his cousins carpet company in V irginia and trying to make a life for his family. But little did he know the fed s were about to turn up the heat being that their informant had been missing for more than two weeks. Before Linnie left work that day, Man-Man paged him and told him he would meet h im at his house. When Linnie arrived home Man-Man was already there. Whats up Slim ? Linnie asked. We have another problem! Man-Man responded. Whats up now? Snakes brother is trying to find out what happened to him Man-Man replied. Then that joker has to go too! Linnie stated. I have someone on that as we speak! Who is his brother anyway? Linnie asked His name is Fred Green, but they call him big hand Man-Man responded. Why do they call him that? Because he killed a man with his bare hands Man-Man stated. Well lets make sure those hands end up in his motherfucking mouth! Linnie said.

Fred Green was a big time drug dealer and pretty fucked up that his little broth er disappeared. He grew up in north west Washington, Dc and came up in the drug world very fast. Big hand had half of north west locked down with his drug and a sked James to come uptown and work with him. James wanted to work in the south e ast and when the feds ran down on him, he gave up Carlos and Linnie instead of h is own family. That cost him his life and now there was going to be a war betwee n Greens crew and Carlos and Linnies crew. The feds didnt know it but their work had just begun. There was going to be a lot more bodies turning up in the city of Washington, Dc. Fred called a meeting wit h his top man and his foot soldiers. I want someone to find out what happened to my little brother! Fred stated. We have people on the streets now! Warren responded. If I find out Man-Man had something done to my brother, Ill take that whole fuckin g crew out one by one! Fred stated. Warren Morris was Freds top man and also Tinas big brother. Little did he know it was going to be personal with him too. Soon as you know something, let me know. Fred said. You got that Warren responded. This material his been excerpted from: Street Life by: Lynwood Porcher Jr. Twitter: @LynwoodPorcherJ

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