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Making Someone Fall in Love With You Love Rule #1: A cardinal rule if you want someone to love

you or like you is to love yourself first. If you do not treat yourself as you would want others to tr eat you, it is a lost cause. Therefore my dear girls and guys, take good care of yourself, love yourself completely. Love Rule #2: Get noticed, fellas. Let your guy or girl know that you exist and not just exist, you are fabulous! Thus, the point is that be around that person, (where ever - office, college, gym, club) making sure that you are well dressed and groomed. Glancing at him or her here and there will add to the impact. But that glance should be friendly to start off. Read more on how to make a man fall in love with you. Love Rule #3: Okay, now you have made sure that the person knows about your exis tence. What next? Well, take a step forward and try a strike a conversation with that individual. If you are working in the same office, I am sure you would bum p on him or her sometime or the other. Grab that opportunity to chat up with tha t person. If it is a college, join the activity which he is interested in and ge t talking. This is where you are embarking towards a new relationship. Love Rule #4: Be yourself and be confident. Always be involved in something or t he other. Once you start talking to each other regularly, you don't need to be a vailable every time, at this juncture. The person should feel that he should tag along because of all that you do. He should feel that if he does not, he will m iss something exciting related to you. So be positive and love life, keep cool. This is true of how to make someone fall in love with you online or even how to make someone fall in love with you again. Love Rule #5: Your acquaintance with that fellow is growing, which is great! Get to know that person thoroughly and you too can be pretty open (as much as comfo rtable you are) too about your life. Share a good laugh with him. At this point starting to bond emotionally is important when you want to know how to make some one fall in love with you. If your are unsure if he loves you or not check, out signs he loves you. Love Rule #6: Give him what he wants. Does he need emotional support? Or help wi th office work? Or wants to shop for his parents? Here is your chance to show hi m that you are always there for him. At the same time, do not have unrealistic e xpectations even after you make that guy fall in love with you. Have reasonable standards and know that no one is perfect. Also, do not let that person take you for granted. Love Rule #7: When it comes to how to make someone fall in love with you over th e phone, have good communication etiquette and watch your voice and intonation. There is nothing more sexy than a good voice and communication skills! Guys, rea d how to make a woman fall in love with you for some more help!

Signs He Loves You The mystery of his love is unbearably tough for you to solve. However, not anymo re. Here are a few tips or signs he loves you, to help you unscramble the puzzle of your heart. Signs He Loves You He loves you, he loves you not, he loves you or may be he loves you a lot. It's difficult to know whether he is in love with you or whether he just likes you (a nd there's a big difference between the two). You wake up thinking of him and ca n't sleep because the thoughts about him are flying at the speed of light in you

r mind. From dawn to dusk you can't help but dwell in his thoughts. But does he feel the same? Does he love you as much as you love him? If you really want to f igure out whether this man of your dreams loves you, you will have to spend some time in observing him. A keen observation of signs he loves you, can help you i n deciphering his love for you. Here are a few signs he loves you, that will hel p you in decoding his romantic inclinations. Obvious Signs He Loves You With You He will be with you. Straight and simple. If he is in love with you, he will do everything in his capacity to be with you. As sure signs he likes you suggests, a man marks his territory, by being with you constantly. He does so, because he wants the world to know that he will be with you, no matter what you do, where y ou go and he'll just be there with you, no matter what. We humans are animals to o, this exactly what a pet in love with his master would do. This might be a wil d comparison, nonetheless, its true. Mind Games Flirting is a mind game devised by us, to make subtle suggestions. What I mean i s, the next sign he is in love, is his undaunted try at flirting tips. His overt ly sweet behavior, his caring attitude and beguiling flirting ways are signs tha t he loves you. It takes a lot for a man to show his caring, loving and 'I am in terested' side to a woman. So if you are seeing and it seems genuine, then wait till you've noticed the next of signs he loves you deeply. Physical Proximity Men love closeness and the sense of touch as much as we women do. If this guy in question, holds your hand and entwines his fingers into yours, then this is a s ign he loves you more than a friend. When a man touches you this way, it is his way of showing that he will protect you and will hold your hand if you ever fall . He may also keep making physical contact, such as mischievously touching your hand while handing you a drink or while taking something from your hand to leave a few signs he likes you, for you to ponder over. Know what I mean by mind game s now?? Read more on body language signs of attraction. Social Networking He will introduce you to his friends, his family and his relatives. He will do s o, to make you a part of his social network, which means the world to him. Intro ducing you to his parents, is a way of solidifying his relationship with you. It 's a way of showing you, that now you are a part of his world. Meeting the peopl e who are important to him, is a sure sign that he really loves you a lot. Find out how to tell if a guy likes you. On the Flip Side The man in question may show you all these signs he loves you and then suddenly he may refrain from all of it. This is because men fear rejection. He may sudden ly get detached from you and make you wonder why. This is so because, he loves y ou and is scared of losing you, by overdoing his act. At such a point of time, i f you too are in love with him, assure him and give him his space. Read more on signs a guy likes you. There are many signs he loves you. However, these were some of the signs that wi ll come on strong. Ways to tell a guy likes you is difficult since every guy is different than the other and the signs will differ too. This phase of your life, when every day is a maze to reach out to your love in secrecy and with hidden a gendas, is great fun. Enjoy while it lasts, because someday the love would be in the air, without any games of hide and seek. Good luck!

Sure Signs He Likes You Are you wondering how to know if a guy likes you? Read on to know some sure sign s he likes you First petal gone - 'He likes me'. Second petal gone - 'He likes me not'. Third p etal gone - 'He likes me'. Fourth petal gone - 'He likes me not' OK. So this is th e fifth time you took the flower test to see if the guy really likes you. Three out of five times the test came positive. It indicates that he likes you. But th en you still wonder why he just waits for you in the hall to be able to enter th e class with you? Why is it that every time you turn towards him, you catch him looking at you? If he likes you why doesn't he say that in clear words? Ah! If y ou said 'words' then my dear friend it's time for you to be initiated to the baf fling world of reading into unspoken words. Trying to delve into the minds of the members of the opposite gender has been ba ffling man long before he started wondering about how the stars twinkle in the n ight sky. There was some respite for guys when Ronan Keating sang the song 'When you say nothing at all', in the movie 'Notting Hill'. However, for you girls, t here is no need to despair. Though a guy may not be able to put it across in wor ds (it would have been so much easier if only they could), there are ample signa ls that a guy sends across that could be read as sure signs he likes you. Guys and (Lack of) Communication With the exceptions of the likes of Tennyson and Shakespeare, our men definitely believe that actions speak louder than words, and thank God for that! They migh t not be able to find the right words at the right time. But if you are lost in the woods you can definitely rely on your guy to get you out of the wilderness. Research has proved that men are generally good with numbers and reading maps, b ut when it comes to communication and handling emotions, women certainly do a be tter job. Besides science, there is the society that has further made our men in ept in scripting their emotions into words. Everything they see around tells the m that they have to be strong, and matters of the heart, like communicating one' s feelings, is a woman's domain. However, if we pride ourselves in being able to handle emotions well, then even men have found ways of expressing them through their behavior. All that you have to do is to be able to read the sure signs tha t he likes you. Sure Signs He Likes You If you are genuinely interested in a guy and want to know if he would reciprocat e your feelings, look out for the following traits in his behavior that are sure signs a guy likes you. 1. When a boy likes you he would want to spend more time with you. He wouldn' t mind riding a few extra blocks to your home to go to school with you. He may e ven volunteer to watch Titanic with you despite being a Star Trek fan. If you fi nd a guy doing things he normally would not do, it means that he is ready to do things he does not enjoy just to be able to spend more time with you. This is a sure sign that he likes you. 2. Do you feel that he is looking at you when both of you are in the same roo m? You have started feeling this way probably because you have caught him lookin g at you very often. If he looks at you frequently and never misses a chance to flash his pearly whites even when he is with his friends planning the next footb all practice session, you could safely take this as one of the evident signs tha t he likes you. 3. A male friend of mine once said 'It's only when you see girls talk that yo u realize that you don't need to think before talking. You just have to open you r mouth and words come out like water gushing out once the gates of a dam have b een opened after a heavy downpour.' It's true, not only do we girls love to talk

, but we talk a lot! If you are desperately looking for a foolproof test to see if he likes you, then call him and see if he enjoys talking to you. Believe me, if you can make a guy talk for more than 10 minutes over the phone, then it mean s you scored a brownie point. 4. If you are still wondering how to tell if a guy likes you, look for obviou s signs in his body language. When he likes you, he would rarely turn his back t owards you. He might lean a little towards you while talking. He may touch your arms or might try to hold your hand. Even when in a group, he would stand beside you or always face you. Where guys fail with their words, they try to make up t hrough physical touch. However, don't be too skeptical. If a guy is genuinely in terested in you, he will never cross his limits. If he does, then he is not wort h your time. 5. A guy might not talk much but he can surprise you at times by pointing out the minutest change in your appearance. He might compliment you on the differen t way that you parted your hair even when your best friend might not have notice d it. When a guy likes you, he will be very observant about you. So any slight c hange in your appearance or even behavior will hardly go unnoticed. This can be one of the telltale signs a man likes you. 6. One of the common tactics that men use to show that they care is to make f un of the woman they like in a light and inoffensive way. He may tease the girl or even call her funny names. Some women may find it strange, but this is the wa y guys grew up. Haven't you seen the way guys laugh and pull pranks at each othe r? If he likes you, he will express his interest in the same way that he did wit h his buddies. This just reflects the level of comfort he has with you. 7. Friends are a great way to find out if a guy likes you. If his friends kno w that he likes you, they won't be able to keep their mouths shut for long. It m ight be subtle or quite apparent, but be alert to note if they tease him about y ou when you are around. You could also find sure signs a guy like you from your friends. Many times guys speak to the friends of the girl he is interested in to know about her likes and dislikes, so that he could impress her at the right mo ment. 8. A guy who likes you may be the only one in the audience when you are talki ng about something that was a complete turn-off for the rest of you friends. You may also find him to be the only one laughing at your jokes that others did not find even remotely funny. While some guys may do this to impress you, others ma y do so because whatever you do or say genuinely interests them. In either case, the guy is trying to tell you that he likes you. 9. If a guy likes you, it will be evident in the way he would treat you. Even if he is a flirt, his words would be more genuine when he talks to you. His com pliments to you would be more sincere than those he uses for other girls. He wou ld also be more courteous and attentive towards you than with anyone else. 10. You would know that you have scored a biggie when a guy introduces you to his friends and family. When a guy lets you in to his inner circle it's a sure s ign that he likes you. This is one of the final signs that a guy likes you, as h e has let you into his private space. If the guy in whom you are interested shows a few of the above 10 signs, he like s you for sure. But how do you know if he likes you genuinely? It's true that th ere is nothing like a verbal confirmation. However, if you want a healthy relati onship, give men the time that they need. When they feel the time is right, thei r words would mean just what you want to hear. How to Tell If a Guy Likes You The smile on your face lets me know that you need me There s a truth in your eyes sayin you ll never leave me The touch of your hand says you ll catch me if ever I fall You say it best when you say nothing at all...

Yes, the soundtrack from Notting Hill says it all. Love seldom needs words to ex press it self. Although most of the girls just know when the cupid strikes, and un derstand when the guy is interested, there are others who have no clue about wha t s going on. For all such women out there, here are some interesting ways to find out if a guy likes you. Of course we ve all heard about the sparkle in the eye an d the magical smile and the rest of the clichs that claim to be guaranteed ways t o find out if a guy likes you. Since I do not believe in all of the clichd ideas, but I also believe in everyone having their own point of view, here are the cli chs, and my own version of signs that would help you to tell if a guy likes you. Here it goes The Clichs: How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Body Language If you closely observe his body language, there are certain surefire signs that prove his interest in you. These signs include the following: * * * * * * He touches your arm, or even puts his arm around you He leans towards you while you guys are having a conversation Even when you are in a group, he will be facing you He always wants to hug you He always smiles at you He treats you differently than other girls

Eye-contact It is said, that a woman can always read a man s heart through his eyes. No guy ca n ever disguise his feelings if you look him straight in the eyes. If a guy like s you he will always try and make an eye contact with you. Also, he might stare at you, without being aware of the fact that others might be watching him. If he is rather shy, he will try and look away if you catch him staring at you. Watch out if you see a mischievous glint or an affectionate sparkle in his eyes when he looks at you. As for the more mischievous and bold guys, a playful wink might also do the trick. Etiquettes Yes, it is said that if a guy likes you he will try and impress you and will be at his very best behavior when you are around. He will open the door for you, ho ld out your chair if you go out for a meal, will look out for you while walking, will hold your hand while crossing the road and so on. Attention to detail The guy will go out of his way to entertain you, make you laugh in case you are in a group. He will always be listening very carefully when you are talking. He will try and grab you attention by cracking a joke, passing a comment. He will a lways ask for your opinion in every little thing. Mind Games He might try and flirt with you friend just to see whether you get jealous. On t he contrary, if he seems really jealous or angry if you display flirtatious beha vior with any of his friends, or any other male-friends of yours it is a sure th ing that he likes you. My Point of View: How to Tell if a Guy Likes You Although some of the clichd points might hold true, I feel some of them merely te

ll you if a guy is attracted to you or even infatuated. If a guy genuinely likes you, you just know he does, he wont put up an act to impress you. Here are some of the signs that I feel are surefire ways to tell if a guy likes you: * He is himself when you are around, which means he is really comfortable wi th you. * He truly appreciates you positive points and most subtly brings the negati ve points to your notice and most importantly he does not shower you with false praises, but instead shares honest opinions. * He celebrates his achievements with you and comes to you for encouragement when he feels dejected * He supports you and encourages you in every important task you undertake. * He shares his deepest desires and darkest fears with you. * Last and the most important sign, when he talks about his future, he menti ons you in it Love is not about mind games, and fooling around - it is about being genuinely i nterested in each other. So make sure you find the right guy, who has his heart in the right place, and loves you truly, madly and deeply! How Can You Tell If A Boy Likes You, And How Do You React? There are so many questions running in a person s mind during the adolescent years . For girls, one of the biggest questions is: "How can you tell if a boy likes y ou?" Well, while there is no clear-cut way to know whether a boy likes you, you can w atch his body signals and communication styles to see whether he does like you o r not. So are you all set in knowing the answers to the all-important question: "How ca n you tell if a boy likes you?" To tell if a boy is attracted to you, ask yourself these questions: ? Does he look at you more often than normal? ? Does he seem to go out of his way to spend time with you? ? Does he pay you more attention than he does with the other girls? If you answered "yes" to at least two of those questions, then chances are, the boy does like you. So what s the next step? Well, most boys would rather pursue than be pursued. Even though we are now livi ng in a modern era, boys still like being in control. They still like being the pursuers instead of being pursued. A girl is a gem for a boy to really look for. It is best to let the boy be in pu rsuit, rather than you be in pursuit of him, because your taking the role of pur suer cheapens your femininity. On the other hand, if you really cannot sit still and wait for the boy to make h is first move, you can smile at him and make yourself look great; but nothing be ats looking unaffected. Beyond the subtle ways of letting a boy know that you enjoy being pursued, the b est way for a girl to respond when her question "How can you tell if a boy likes you?" has been answered, would be to enjoy life. Being a positive and happy person makes you confident; and confident girls alway s increase the chances of attracting the boy of their dreams.