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Advantages of Smartphones

Segregating Work Life and Home Life

O Smartphone users can segregate their personal and work identities. This is especially
important in the public sector. The dedicated workers such as police oIIicers, teachers or
nurses can extend themselves and their personal lives in helping others by using
Smartphone Ieatures. The users can take work calls on their Smartphone without giving
out their mobile number as well as make calls that display their work number rather than
the Smartphone number. This enables people to use their own Smartphone Ior work-
related certain callers. Caller ID alerts them to the identity oI a caller, so they can decide
iI the call requires immediate attention or can be sent into voicemail. Another Ieature
helps the users to identiIy whether a call is coming in to their personal line or business
line. This enables them to answer the call appropriately. Call scheduling permits users to
schedule when their work line is available. Any organization that seeks to boost
productivity, manage employee schedules and cut costs needs to employ all the available
technology advantages ('Smartphones: A Savvy).
Serve As A Convenient Social Networking tool
O Smartphone provides users the capability to connect with the Internet using the carrier's
network, a Wi-Fi hot spot or their own wireless home network. This access is instant and
increasingly Iast as carriers are continually working on accelerating the speed oI their
networks (Adkins Amy).
O Due to its instant connectivity, Smartphone can act as a social networking tool as it gives
convenient access to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. This will help the
users to keep themselves updated with their network`s statuses and inIormation. With
one-touch or one-click Internet capabilities, users can have access to their network`s
pages in social networking sites.
O Instead oI having chit-chat hours in caIe, the Smartphone users can actually chat with
their Iriends at any places anytime. This will help those people who have hectic liIe to
maintain good relationship with their Iriends or network as an e-conversation can be
started anytime and anywhere with Smartphone.
O Thus, Smartphone acts as a good social networking tool Ior the users to keep in touch
with their network anytime at any places.
Smartphone Serves As Childrens Learning Tool
O In today`s society, it is a Iact that mobile devices are a part oI Children`s lives. This can
be proven by Carly Shuler, an author oI the report Pockets oI Potential who estimated
that almost 20 oI children aged 5 to 7 use a cell phone (HoIIman Todd).
O ne look at Apple`s iTunes App Store conIirms this trend. Not surprisingly, as the
number oI applications (short Ior "applications") Ior children has grown exponentially, so
have the number oI applications aimed at making kids smarter. Currently, there are over
3,400 education applications available Ior download at the iTunes store, with a large
number oI them targeted Ior children between the ages oI two and Iive (HoIIman Todd).
O Advanced mobile technologies also oIIer instantaneous access to a variety oI inIormation.
O Instead oI acquiring knowledge Irom the books, these applications will not only allow
the children to absorb unlimited knowledge but also balance their childhood liIe by
giving them Iun while learning. Meanwhile, interesting applications can help to cultivate
children`s interest in learning.
O Smartphone is mobile and allows the parents to encourage anywhere and anytime
learning in addition to providing 21
century skills like communication and collaboration.
Although Smartphone is not going to solve the education crisis, however, they are
another tool in the toolkit that, iI used properly, can enable meaningIul learning

sadvantages of Smart Phones
Addiction to Using Smartphone Application Increases Accident Rates
O Due to a variety oI Smartphone Applications, the users tend to get addicted to using the
applications in Smartphone even when they are driving. ThereIore, careless driving
increases the accident rates.
O In urban areas, each collision that occurs during peak hours can even induce horrible
traIIic congestion.
O Severe car accidents caused by careless driving can even cause death. The victims will
lose their beloved ones in horrendous accidents.
O The trauma oI an accident might leave a mark in those who get involved car accident Ior
several times. In other words, this will not only result in physical harm but also
psychological damage. Although there is still a possibility oI getting involved in a car
accident at some points oI someone`s lives, addiction oI using Smartphone applications
while driving can increase the possibility oI car accident.
O According to the research and studies, they have Iound that older-aged individuals
demonstrated diminished driving perIormance while using a cellular phone. In contrast,
Briem & Hedman Iound no diIIerence in eIIect on driving proIiciency between age
groups (Karen S. Lissy). This clearly shows that any age groups can get into an accident
iI they are not alert.
O Hence, Smartphone with advanced Iunctions can deteriorate accident rates in the world.
High Cost and Tedious Applications
O The cost oI Smartphone is extremely expensive compared to other cellphone. The
equipment required Ior Smartphone is expensive. Additional money is charged Ior any
development applications.
O This is not an appropriate type oI cellphone Ior people who are still pursuing their studies
in school. For students, they do not have purchasing power Ior expensive Smartphone
because they only get pocket money Irom their parents. ThereIore, the use oI Smartphone
among students might increase the burden oI their parents.
O Although it brings conveniences to users, it can be very tedious as it requires users to
download new programs that are diIIicult to learn in order to have better perIormance
(Adkins Amy). The users will have to spend more time to learn how to use the
applications and this requires plenty oI time.
Hard to Achieve a Work-Life Balance
O Smartphone allows users to be "on" at all times. They can receive and send email as well
as download, edit and return documents and spreadsheets. Business can be taken care oI
whether a block away Irom the oIIice or halIway across the world, day or night.
O However, the constant stream oI data and interruptions can be a disadvantage oI
Smartphone. Although Smartphone can enhance productivity, it is pretty hard Ior users to
disconnect and achieve a work-liIe balance.
O The small size, light-weight Iactor and portability oI Smartphone allow them to be carried
at all times, which makes it almost impossible Ior some people to designate a clear
delineation between work liIe and home liIe. Frequent checking oI email and internet
applications takes time and attention away Irom interpersonal relationships (Lee Weal).
A decrease in labor productivity declines the eIIiciency oI a company. As a result, the
overall perIormance oI a company can be ruined by the employees who are addicted to
using Smartphone with advanced Iunctions during working hours.

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