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The Oceans The North Sea

Alluvia The sacred home of the Three Spirits bound into the Orbs. It is a beautiful island with mountains and desert in the west, windswept cliffs in the north, scorched plains in the south and a forest and lake in the east. Silwood A large island to the northwest of Taurs. A beautiful, silvery forest populated by Elves covers the whole island. Silwood has different leaders for different areas (military, social, crafting, etc), who are all equal.

The Great South Sea

The warm southern seas of Delmor are a prime location for trade, and many merchant lines crisscross it between Fiell, Ojad, the Regions of Fire, Quajadas port cities, Malvasia, and the Nersia-White Hills region. This active trade network has allowed many large cities to develop on its shores. The City in the South and Malvasia are located within the Sea. The Bridge of Sands is a famous sand bank than runs through the sea, and is an easy way to access Malvasia. Further south is the underwater abyss called The Deep. The City in the South The Oervan capital. A multi-leveled city thats both above and below the surface of the ocean. Its powered by a network of water wheels and gears. Malvasia A southern island covered in a wild jungle. It is connected to the Regions of Fire by the Bridge of Sands. The island is filled with strange animals and plants. A volcano sits on the southern edge. Maple Island A rich mining island which in the far west of the Great South Sea. It got its name from its peculiar shape. It is owned by Fiell.

Lethahna / The West Ocean

Kairuna An exotic land to the far west. Many sailors travel here and make their last stop before setting off to the Sea Beyond. The Bone Islands The necromancy and dark arts hub of the sea. They lie to the north of Kairuna.

The Sea Beyond the Horizon If one sails through Lethahna far past Kairuna, they will reach this legendary ocean to the west. Supposedly there are many mystical phenomenon, like the Glass Forest and the Frigid Whirlpool. Explorers sail here trying to reach the Sky at the Worlds Edge. Those who return come back bewildered, awestruck and frustrated.

The Sea of Storms

The storm-tossed waters to the far northeast of the North Sea, bordering the Frozen Wastes. Home to many, many pirates. The storms here are said to have great magic. There are many small islands with strange properties. Hurricane Isle An island of magnetic black sand that is constantly being struck by lighting deep within the sea. Compass Point Island A completely circular island of smooth marble. It is bowl-shaped and filled with a strange, sweet mist that lures many sailors. The ground is peppered with holes that open up underground. Crowgate Prison The most well-protected prison in Delmor. Pirates are kept here, because of its location in the sea. From the mainland, only the most criminal and dangerous are sent here. There are no animals but crows. The prison itself is highly magical.

The Heavens
A group of islands to the southwest of Fiell. The water here is calm and warm. Mist surrounds the islands, making travel by boat difficult. As a result, travel by flying machine or transportation magic is common. The Heavens are comprised of two main areas: The Realm of Twelve and the Silverlands. The Realm of Twelve - Four countries, divided into twelve states, with a diversity of climates. It is home to the Bookkeepers, intelligent nymphs who maintain culture. The Silverlands - The east-most island of the Heavens. It is a mist-shrouded land filled with roaming souls that blurs the line between the physical world and the Spirit Realm. Spiral Mountain rises from the haunted plains here. It is a massive mountain, huge by any standards. Inside is a huge river that spirals up and down the mountain, leading to three legendary Wellsprings. The Wellspring of Sound is a fountain surrounded by harps that are constantly playing quiet melodies. Soft songs are always echoing in whispers through the air. The Wellspring of Dawn is a huge stained-glass globe shining with an inner light. Underneath the globe is an octagonal pedestal of marble. Each side of the pedestal has a picture frame in which beautiful landscapes are constantly being painted and erased. Water flows out from under it. The

Wellspring of Passion is a pool, lined with pillars and statues of lovers embracing, warriors fighting, and people grieving.

Parallel Realms
The Void A cavernous world where darkness clings to everything like thick fog. The Spirit Realm A ghostly and sacred place that touches the physical world in certain areas. The Mirror Realm A magically charged inversion of the physical world where fire is cold, feathers are sharp and up is down. The Twilit Lands Little is known about this eerie, alien world. The Obliterated Realms A legendary place filled with banished souls and lost secrets. Many people seek this place for treasure or knowledge, but the only known way to reach it is through the Ark of the Broken worlds.