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Major Historical Events:

A comprehensive overview from Geoffrey Whitherwhytes The History of Delmor

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Origins of the Three Orbs Centuries ago, in the port city that was to become Avor, three mage colleagues joined together in a project to create the most powerful Rinvell-storing device they could. After years, they together created four orbs of unbreakable glass, powerful enough to contain a Raiju. Each of them became obsessed by the power of the orb, and each tried to find a beast stronger than the others to infuse inside it. They each found a massively powerful spirit and either tricked them or defeated them in battle. They then bound each into an orb. The mages then returned and demonstrated their power by killing the strongest Sinoko known: a Black-Ether Raiju lord known as Cyrana. With this incredible feat, they came to be seen with a godlike status. However, many Yokai wanted their brothers to be freed, and the mages were each killed after being attacked numerous times by powerful beasts and spirits. But even the great beasts of the Novemberlands could not break the orbs. And so the Three Orbs remained in Avors possession and became legends: Myrisn of the Waves, Oveyan the Mountain-maker and Terrien of the Gales. The War of the Ancients The art of Necromancy was being discovered in the years following the Three Orbs creation. The art of Rinvell was expanding, and the disciples of the goddess Ihano were also rising to power, but many power-hungry mages sought other magical endeavors, which often led into darker territory. Mordeo was an orphan who became one of these magical explorers. He attended the Allaria Academy of Rinvell in Fiell and was soon a prodigy. By the age of thirteen, he had graduated, six years early. His teacher, Lord Briarlight, took great pride in his achievements. After graduating, he ventured deep into the Novemberlands, exploring the boundaries of Rinvell. Four years later, he returned to Allaria to share his findings. Lord Briarlight was horrified to see Mordeos experimentation into body reconstruction, raising the dead, and possession. He ordered him to cease his studies and threw his journal into the river. Mordeo was infuriated and stormed out of the city, vowing to continue his research. Meanwhile, Altos was a rising military star in Avor. The common citizens were scared and bewildered by the onrush of high Rinvell into their culture, and Altos was a symbol of honesty, morality and culture. He won a lot of support for this. He became the Commander in Chief of the Avor Army when he was nineteen, making him the youngest to ever achieve that position. When a small war broke out between Avor and Wyord, a neighboring state, he found a traitor in the Avor council and exposed him. He also single-

handedly defeated the Wyord general. For this, he was awarded a sword fashioned of pure gold. He was wildly popular, and had won every single battle he fought. Mordeo, at about this time, tried to break into the Avor Stronghold and seize the Three Orbs. Altos got wind of this and rushed to stop the intruder. But when he got there, it was too late: Mordeo had broken into the seemingly impenetrable fortress. Altos was shocked. He sought out Mordeo, but could not find him. Mordeo returned to the Unclaimed lands, and with the power of the Three Orbs, drew together an army the likes of which had never been seen. He promised people, beasts and men alike, power if they joined his cause. Altos became aware of a growing darkness and drew together his own forces. He set out into the Unclaimed lands, and encountered some of Mordeos legions. He defeated them and returned, thinking the forces he met were the entire army. But then, reports of a massive army conquering the land came to Avor, and Altos realized his mistake. During this time, Lord Briarlight had gone to learn with the Glistenshells. He befriended them and gained their respect, and with their teachings was soon named the Grand Archsage of Allaria. He returned to his hometown, and heard the news of Mordeos army. He was heartbroken to hear his favorite student had gone so corrupt, and sought out Altos. The two agreed to try and stop Mordeo. Altoss armies marched towards Mordeos, and eventually they clashed in the Unclaimed Lands. Mordeos army began to slaughter theirs, and for the first time in his life, Altos had to retreat. Ashamed, yet determined, he looked to the other races for help: He told the Glistenshells, Terregrines and Oervans they could each take an Orb if they aided him. He offered the Elves a vast amount of pure silver, and the Dwarves gold. With a new army, Altos struck out to Mordeos fortress in a valley between the mountain range later to be known as the Gordenna Mountains. However, a third party had become concerned of their territory: the Dragon King of the Novemberlands realized his land was threatened by Mordeo, and also headed towards the mountains. Altos and the King met before the mountains and engaged in battle, until Altos realized he had no hope without the Dragon King. He asked for a treaty, in return promising to let the dragons exist in Delmor peacefully. The King agreed. Before the battle, the Archsage blessed Altoss gold sword with the most powerful magic he could (later to be known as the Legend Blade.) Mordeo, realizing the power against him, took the four orbs in front of him and resurrected Cyrana as an undead dragon. Mordeo stood atop his head as Cyrana send a ripple of black fire that destroyed hundreds instantly. Fighting raged for almost a week straight. Eventually, the Archsage gained the upper hand by taking his staff, the Eagles Herald, and called six White Arrows of Judgment on the undead beast. It was momentarily paralyzed, and two Terregrines flew Altos into the air. He jumped down and plunged the Legend blade into the dragon. Mordeo tried to kill Altos, but the Archsage suddenly appeared in front of him and took the blow. He vanished, and Altos drew the blade and ran Mordeo through. The dragon and Mordeo both collapsed. Altos left the legend blade in the ground where it fell, to commemorate the Archsage. He returned to Avor and became King, where he united all of Taurs under his rule. He gave the Three Orbs, taken from Mordeos dead body, to the Oervans, Glistenshells and Piconas, and the three races bonded with the spirits power. The Terregrines took to the skies in their great Airship. The greatest Oervan mages took Myrisn to its sacred home in

Alluvia to learn its secrets, and became infused with its sacred energy. The Glistenshells harnessed Oveyan and grew to know power like they had never known before. Ciaron and the Piconas (see Piconas) The Alluvian Wars The Alluvian wars was as critical to history as the War of the Ancients, however, the fighting was done in the shadows and was more political than military. Five months after the conclusion of the War of the Ancients, The Oervans and Glistenshells each had territory in the sacred land Alluvia, where the spirits originated. The Terregrines sought to claim the southern plains of Alluvia as their own, but the Piconas now saw themselves as equal to the three other races and demanded a territory. A massive war broke out between the Terregrines and Piconas. The Glistenshells took the opportunity to attack them from behind. They were enamored by the power Oveyan had shown them, and seeking to gain more of the power, seized the other two Orbs while the fighting ensued. The Terregrines, outraged by this, turned on the Glistenshells. The Oervans reacted to this maneuver by sending a strike force to the Glistenshells fortress. The Terregrines and Oervans burned it down and the Terregrines snatched the two Orbs. When the Piconas returned to their base from the fighting, they found Terregrines had infiltrated Muspelheim and stolen Ciarons Sword. The Piconas and Oervans now turned on the Terregrines. Meanwhile, a high-level Glistenshell inventor was working on a series of complex, powerful golems to aid in their revenge. However, Animation Rinvell was not enough to power a Glistenshell golem. So the Glistenshell leaders struck a deal with the Oervans; the Oervans would use Writing to power the Glistenshell golems, and in return, would get a large amount of Glistenshell materials they used to build their magical items. This resulted in the Glistenshells developing the Created laborers, Chessboard Knights (Luster Soldiers), and ultimately, the Glistenshell War Machines. The fighting quelled. Momentarily. For a year, the four races stockpiled their armies. The Oervans, in secret, developed the Seven Artifices, later to become the Seven Forbidden Artifacts. The Terregrines trained and began to crack open Myrisns and Ciarons vast array of spells. The Piconas sent expeditions deep into the Novemberlands, and after long struggles and return voyages, brought back an enslaved league of Raiju. On the eve of the anniversary of the hiatus, the war resumed. The Piconas initiated by sending a Fire Draco to the Terregrines airborne ship. The Glistenshells strategically attacked at the same time, creating a two-pronged offense. The War Machines devastated all opposition. The Piconas and Terregrines were no match. Meanwhile, the Oervans divided into two armies. One snuck into the Piconan base and placed enchantments on the Raiju with the Artifices, and the other stormed the Glistenshell camp. The Glistenshell army retreated to defend, and began to fight the Oervans. Safe from the War Machines, the Piconas successfully defeated the Terregrines and seized Ciaron and Myrisn. Terrien was safely delivered to Terriens Peaks. The Piconas returned and were ambushed by their own Raiju. The Oervans however, called off the attack and tried to bargain for Myrisn. Negotiations were successful, and the orb was returned. Now, the Terregrines made a grab at Alluvia, the territory initially fought over. The Piconas called upon their Yokai allies and the dwarves, and summoned a

massive army to attack. The Glistenshells called the Elves, and together backstabbed the Oervans and placed their leader prisoner. A massive four-way war broke out: Oervans trying to free their leader, Piconas and Terregrines competing for Alluvia, the Terregrines trying to get revenge for defeat, and the Glistenshells trying to defend their current ownership of Alluvia. Slaughter was widespread. The four sides were evenly matched. Until three months later, the same team of inventors who built the Created designed a new golem: a Created Glistenshell with incredible capacity for power. This caused many political arguments over ethics, but eventually it was agreed upon by the Council. An aspiring Glistenshell Sage, Vanyale, offered himself to take the body as his Elua. Soon, it was complete. Vanyale was introduced, and, combined with the War Machines, defeated the Terregrines and Piconas at a critical battle. The Terregrines, nursing their sore Honor, returned to the Peaks. The Oervans recognized the Glistenshells new power and sued for peace, and negotiated the trade of the Seven Artifices for their leader. The Oervans withdrew from war altogether. But, as they retreated, some Oervan thieves slipped into the Glistenshell encampment to reclaim the Artifices - However, the Glistenshells defenses were formidable and the thieves could only seize a few. The Southern Alluvian plains stayed a no-mans-land. Fighting between the Glistenshells and Piconas ceased, but tension remained The Schism (See Glistenshells) - Long story short, a group of Glistenshells, including Vanyale, broke apart from Glistenshell society and formed their own system in the Guiding Tower. Daniel Gordenna Daniel Gordenna is Delmors best-known explorer. He was an incredible scoutsman and cartographer, and mapped what is known of the Unclaimed lands and the Novemberlands. He mapped and named the Gordenna Mountains, and even went as far north as the Frozen Wastes, where he was never seen again. The Kazume and Sypherion (See Kazume) - A Kazume mechanic known as the Inventor, among other feats, manages to capture the beast Sypherion from another realm and takes one of her teeth - binding her energy to his creation the Jester Engine. With this, the Kazumes status are elevated to that of the Oervans, Glistenshells, Terregrines and Piconas. The Ash Wars The Piconas began to see the divided Glistenshells as a weaker threat, and attacked Fiell, attempting to regain lost territory. They hoped that the weaker, smaller Ordered Glistenshells would not defend Fiell. However, the Glistenshells saw Fiell as a source of power and wealth and attacked. Long-standing tensions between the two races finally erupted, and war broke out. The Piconas attack force boasted morale and raw aggression, but they largely underestimated the Glistenshells pure magical strength. The general leading the attack was killed at a final battle outside the Guiding Tower. The Piconas retreated from Fiell. The Fiell Acquisition

Fiell, with increased confidence in their Ordered Glistenshell support, now decided to expand its territory. They conquered much of the free tribal area surrounding Quajada, and doubled their empire. They made an economic treaty on threat of war with Quajada, and Quajada fearfully agreed, sending a large percent of its exports to Fiell. Fiell also took many areas under colonial rule, including the Biere state, the southern White Hills, and Malvasia. They expanded to the north and east, but were met by Taursian and Ojad demands to cease, and agreed because they feared the two nations strength.

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