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Countries Taurs - see Taurs Fiell - see Fiell Daeran A physically small but militarily large nation to the

east of Taurs. It is a rocky land with cliffs and windy plains, and thick, dark forests. The Silver Arena, the primary fighting arena in Delmor, can be found here. Daeran is highly militarized; it is run by its nine generals, who answer to the Chancellor and his two Advisors. Officials come to power through rank and promotion, except the Advisors, who are chosen by the Chancellor. Daeran taxes at a flat rate. Ojad A land of hills and plains with a warm climate. It has some thin forest and a large coast. Its population is highly nonhuman, and includes many wildcat people native to the area. King Falador himself is a lion demi. Ojadians have a fierce aggression towards Daeran. Ojad has a hierarchical system that is integrated into the military: The King, then the generals, then the mayors. There are different racial leaders who act as integrators, as well. All Ojad officials are elected by popular vote. Ojad taxes at a flat rate. Ojads borders are guarded against Daeran, and even trade is not allowed. Quajada This land, to the south of Fiell, is a land of dense jungles and tropical beaches. Many indigenous peoples live in its villages, but most people reside in Mizgar, the main port city and capital. Aside from Mizgar, Quajada is essentially anarchistic. The indigenous people follow tribal leaders and witch kings. The Regions of Fire The coastal areas on the eastern side of the Nersian Desert, known colloquially as the Regions of Fire, are disorganized and have a very loose political structure which is basically comprised of mayors and trading officials. It is a wide, friendly region of ports and villages. Many sailors, travelers, thieves and merchants live in this large and powerful but fragmented nation. It has the largest sea trade and strongest navy of any nation in Delmor. Many Oervans and Piconas live here. The Regions of Fire has no general tax, but the major port cities impose a tax on trade. Many smugglers seek to slip past this tax. Territories Nersia

An unruly, weak nation fallen into anarchy. A few scattered villages lie here and there, but most of the country is dominated by a huge, mysterious desert. The desert is dangerous and labyrinthian, so not many explorers try to venture in it, but it holds many secrets. The Unclaimed Lands A vast area of plains, marshes, mountains and cliffs. Birds of prey, wild cats and hoofed mammals roam the expanse. It is cut off from Daeran by the White Hills. The Terregrine Cliffs can be found here, along with the Gordenna Mountains, the famous site of the War of the Ancients. The Novemberlands A wild land of mountains and thick forest. Free magic and many legendary beasts and spirits roam the wilderness. Dark necromancers, barbarian fighters, and dragons can be found in the jagged peaks. Spirits called Yokai are the source of many legends throughout delmor. Celhano valley in the south is the only major human residence, and has developed a strong defense to fend off bandits and dark creatures. The Frozen Wastes To the north of the Novemberlands, there are great mountains and fields of snow, ravaged by blizzards. Only tough, dangerous beasts live here. Daniel Gordenna disappeared here while seeking to climb Altice Peak.