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History 10.

1 COURSE OUTLINE Department of History/International Studies/Political Science Course Description: This is a General Education (GE) Course and is required for all students entering colleges and universities. It is intended to provide freshmen students with the basic information on the history of the Philippines from prehistory times to the contemporary period, reinforcing what they learned in high school. As a general survey course, it should preset in broad outline to the students the major developments of Philippine history and culture during the past four hundred years. Consequently, the methodology is not to burden the students with the detail and minutiae of Philippine history but to show why and how the major features of Philippine history and culture developed through time. I. Introduction II. Philippine Prehistory and Geography a. The Philippine map: provinces and capitals b. Geographic features and provincial identifications III. Prehispanic Philippines and Indigenous Peoples IV. Spanish Colonial Period: a. World historical background and Spains colonial policies PRELIMS b. Early resistance against Spains colonizing attempts c. The Reform movement d. The revolutionary movement - the Katipunan e. The Revolution against Spanish colonization MIDTERMS V. a. Filipino resistance and collaboration against the Americans b. The Commonwealth Government c. Positive and negative consequences of American occupation VI. The Japanese Occupation a. Effects and Influences of Japanese Occupation VII. Post-War Philippines a. The Third Republic b. External Affairs: Southeast Asian role/status and involvements SEMI-FINALS VIII. Martial Law IX. EDSA Revolution to the Present a. Globalization and affecting features: IMF/World Bank and Foreign Debt b. Global affairs and involvements FINALS Grading system: Attendance Quizzes 10% Assignments/Reaction Papers/Reflection Papers Reports/Presentations Term Exam Summative Project (Final Term) References: A. Books Agoncillo Scott ARcilla, SJ Jocano Bernad, SJ Dela Costa, SJ B. Articles C. URLs D. Video Clips and Documentaries Requirements: 1. 2. 3. 4. Assignments Oral reports/presentations Reviews/Reaction-Reflection Papers: movies, video, books, articles Map Test 5% 20% 15% - 10% 20% 40% 15%


Local and domestic educational trips

Classroom Policies a. b. c. d. e. 1x1 ID pictures for the seat plan Individual political map of the Philippines email/facebook address for facebook grouping Consultations for presentations/reports Classroom conduct according to GMRC and as prescribed by Student Handbook