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cost price factory price, manufacturers price net price price free on board purchase price sale price

e wholesale price retail price fixed price guaranteed price cash price market price preferential price piece price, unit price price control maximum price, ceiling price minimum price prime cost, first cost, first price, initial cost, initial price price freeze

price fixing price index price fall rise in price on a lump-sum basis() all-inclusive...
mission/ objective group objective internal environment external environment planning organizing staffing leading controlling process principle technique manager general manager administrator supervisor enterprise business industry company effectiveness efficiency entrepreneur power authority responsibility

scientific management modern operational management behavior science productivity motivate motive law regulation economic system managerial function product service profit satisfaction affiliation esteem strategy policy discretion diversification assessment consistency consistency strategy public relation value aspiration prejudice review approval major decision division general manager portfolio matrix star question mark cash cow procurement demographic factor

geographic factor company image product line joint venture liquidation strategy retrenchment strategy tactics motivation subconscious status affection desire pressure satisfaction needs for self-actualization esteem needs affiliation needs security needs physiological needs maintenance hygiene motivator probability reinforcement theory feedback bonus stock option labor dispute absenteeism turnover reward franchise zeal confidence inspire ingredient loyalty devotion

style trait adaptability aggressiveness enthusiasm persistence interpersonal skills administrative ability intelligence autocratic leader democratic leader free-rein leader the managerial grid work efficiency obedience leader behavior supportive leadership participative leadership instrumental leadership achievement-oriented leadership CEO (Chief Executive Officer) CFO (Chief Finnace Officer) COO (Chief Operation Officer) CTO (Chief Technology Officer) CPO (Chief Procurement Officer) CMO (Chief Manufacturing Officer) CQO (Chief Quality Officer) CKO (Chief Knowledge Officer) self-actualization human input surplus income cost capital goods machinery equipment building inventory

the empirical approach the interpersonal behavior approach the group behavior approach the cooperative social systems approach the social-technical systems approach the decision theory approach the mathematical approach the systems approach the contingency approach the managerial roles approach the operational approach human relation psychology attitude pressure conflict recruit appraisal select train compensation delegation of authority coordinate performance merit system behavior subordinate deviation inspection record record of labor-hours lost sales volume quality of products advanced technology customer service strategy structure followership individuality

personality safety latitude pessimistic static optimistic dynamic flexible resistance antagonism eclectic primacy pervasiveness fear resentment morale layoff wholesale retail procedure rule program budget synergy conglomerate resource acquisition growth goal proprietary product rival promotion managerial decision business ethics competitive price supplier vendor conflict of interests derivative policy

expense account approval procedure sick leave vacation labor-hour machine-hour capital outlay cash flow wage rate tax rate dividend cash position capital shortage overall budget balance sheet feasibility the commitment principle return on investment capacity to produce practitioner end result performance personal interest welfare market share innovation productivity profitability public responsibility board of director size of the organization organizational culture management by objectives appraisal tool motivational techniques control device personal worth strength

weakness opportunity threat personal responsibility counselor quantitative objective qualitative objective verifiable objective priority payroll