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Course: Core Skills Module: Problem Solving Topic: Advanced Iterations Topic Level Objectives Solution Block 1.

Understand and implement multilevel iterations 2. Understand and implement control break logic 3. Understand and implement grouping and subgrouping on lists 4. Understand and implement basic operations, add, retrieve, modify and delete 5. Understand and implement Ranking 6. Understand and implement merging of lists 7. Understand and implement multiway operations 8. Understand and handle list exceptions Concept 1. Understand list primitives viz, array 2. Understand list operations viz, traversal 3. Understand multi level list and operations 4. Understand types of list growing, bounded, ordered, unordered, similar, dissimilar etc. 5. Understand searching algorithms and its complexity 6. Understand sorting algorithms and its complexity 7. Understand list exceptions, out of bound, overflow etc. 8. Understand boundary value test cases Ability 1. To visualize collection of related entities 2. To visualize mutually exclusive and repeatable operation on these collections 3. To perform basic traversal and search 4. To perform addition, modification and deletion of list elements 5. To perform basic operations like grouping, ordering and ranking Quality 1. Right representation of collection 2. Optimized complexity of the algorithms operating on lists 3. Effective handling of list exceptions Knowledge 1. Know about / Awareness of Collections (ArrayList) 2. Know about / Awareness of Associative list Relevant Module Objectives Ability

1. Define a problem with its context, contract and sample scenarios 2. Define black-box test scenarios 3. Define solution approaches 4. Simplify problem by breaking it into sub-problems 5. Represent approach as Algorithm/ flowchart or PDL 6. Perform Dry Runs 7. Translate solution approach iteratively into programs 8. Trace the solution on the system 9. Test the solution 10. Debug the solution 11. Summarize solution approach, alternatives and their pros and cons 12. Modify the solution if there is a change in requirement or context 13. Test the effect of the modification Quality 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. Understand Understand Understand Understand Understand the the the the the importance of good variable names importance of inline documentation importance of a routine definition need for local / auto variables need for a routine or function

Duration: 1.5 hours Activity Sl. No. Activity Introduce a problem (available in faculty supporting material for the topic) that 1 involves repeated operations Discuss concepts using the given 2 presentation Ask the participants to solve the problem in pairs - Define problem - Manual solution with a sample scenario and all test cases 3 - Assumptions Ask the participants to explain their solution and other participants to seek clarifications (faculty in pure listening 4 mode) Trace flowchart/algorithm for few test 5 scenarios (cross pair activity) 6 Translating solution to code 7 Testing and Debugging 8 Summarize / Discuss quality Approximat e duration 5 minutes 10 minutes

10 minutes

15 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes 10 minutes Approx 90 minutes

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