Pet Animal & Marine Insurance Coverage

II you are in search oI insurance coverage Ior your pet-related business or inland marine
Business then you need a complete insurance package to deal with it.

II you own or operate a business which deals with pets or owners oI pets, you need to carry a
proper amount oI insurance coverage to protect you, your Iamily and your business Irom
catastrophic physical and Iinancial losses. Typically, your business would need a commercial
general liability insurance policy, commercial property insurance and some inland marine
coverage. More options are deIinitely available, but these are the basics.

Here are the coverages your insurance policy should include:
· Physical damage coverage Ior the animals in your care, custody and control
· ProIessional liability Ior your grooming operation
· Medical Payment Expense Ior the animals in your care, custody and control
· Inspection costs by insurance companies included in your premium
· An adequate amount oI coverage Ior your property, including building (iI required) and
· An adequate amount oI inland marine coverage (your property while in transport)

Preferred Businesses Would Have:
· No building coverage
· No overnight kennel
· Up to 30 animals per day maximum
· Pet Care Services Association accreditation
· Grooming operations
· Retail sales operations
· No more than two losses or claims per coverage part (excluding closed without payment)
incurred in the past Iive years (liability), three years (property/inland marine)

Available Limits of Coverage:
· Maximum property value oI $3,000,000
· Coastal Zones Maximum property values up to $500,000 per location
· Liability Limits up to $2,000,000

Ineligible Businesses:
· Veterinarian services
· Stables
· Those accepting equine or commercial animals
· Those who sell products under their own label
· Those who provide training Ior hunting, security, show or agility
· Those involved in pet adoption or pet rescue
· Businesses with pending or prior bankruptcies
· Those with existing tax liens
· Businesses with 2 General Liability losses in the past 3 years and/or risks with 2
Property/Inland Marine losses in the past 3 years
· Those who located Louisiana

What is inland marine insurance coverage?
We are asked this question oIten. Inland marine insurance is usually a "line" oI coverage added
on to a policy or sometimes purchased as a stand-alone policy. Generally speaking, it covers
goods in transit or projects under construction. Although it`s generally a type oI property
insurance, some classes within inland marine only provide liability coverage. It is derived Irom
marine insurance, which covers items, whether in transit or not, while on water. Once it gets to
land, that coverage ends and inland marine picks up Irom there.

Typically, the following types of businesses require some form of inland marine insurance
Ambulance Equipment
Amusement Rides
ATM Machines
Band UniIorms
Catering Equipment
Mobile Concession Stands
DJ Equipment
Exhibition Property
Go Karts
GolI Carts
Janitorial Equipment
Laundry Equipment
Medical Equipment
Mortician`s Equipment
Musical Instruments
Photography Equipment
Pool Cleaning Equipment
Radio or TV Studio Equipment
Recording Studio Equipment
Rock Climbing Wall
ScientiIic Instruments
Sports Equipment
Theater Property
Vending Candy/Snacks
Vending Stamps
Vending Videos
Videographer Equipment
As you can see above, all oI these businesses are moving on a regular basis.

Inland Marine Product Highlights:
· Discounts iI in business with no losses Ior a minimum oI three years
· Discounts iI items are brought back to owners place oI business each day
· Discounts iI the business has a central station alarm
· Discounts iI all items are Iives years or newer in terms oI age
· $500,000 limit oI insurance
· Limit per individual piece oI equipment varies by type
· $2,500 maximum limit on blanketed equipment

About Board Walk Insurance: II you are in search oI insurance coverage Ior your pet-related
business, contact Boardwalk Insurance Group today Ior your Iree quote. We oIIer commercial
general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, inland marine insurance Iloaters,
umbrella policies, worker`s comp policies and much more. Since Boardwalk is an independent
insurance agency, we represent several insurance companies and insurance brokers, giving us the
opportunity to shop insurance coverage Ior our clients. This assures you get the best deal, not
only in terms oI pricing, but also Ior the coverages you need in your speciIic situation.

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