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Corporate structure
Siemens plc Holdings Board
Alan Wood Chairman


Andreas J. Goss Director

Roland Jaksch Director

Günter Dombrowe Director

Gerard Gent


Director and company secretary

Dr. Siegfried Russwurm Director

Dr. Ralf Thomas Director

Sir Richard Sykes Advisory Board member

Sir Ian Robinson Advisory Board member

John Armitt


Advisory Board member

Executive Management Board of Siemens in the UK
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Andreas J. Goss
Chief executive for UK and North West Europe

Roland Jaksch
Chief financial officer for UK and North West Europe

Juergen Maier
Industry sector lead for UK

Jens-Peter Saul
Energy sector lead for UK and North West Europe

Günter Dombrowe
Healthcare sector lead for UK and North West Europe

Clark MacFarlane
Siemens IT Solutions and Services sector lead for UK, Ireland and North West Europe

Alan Feeley
Managing director – Global Shared Services/Chief information officer for UK and North West Europe

Gerard Gent
Company secretary and head of legal

Toby Peyton-Jones
Director of HR

Claire Jarvis
Director of communications

John Garred
UK regional compliance officer

Gordon Smith
Executive office



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Our vision and values
Our vision puts into practice our belief that the highest performance and the highest ethical standards can drive our profitable growth. Our goal for the future is: =creating a world of proven talent =delivering breakthrough innovations =giving our customers a unique competitive edge =enabling societies to master their most vital challenges =creating sustainable value. our customers in both established and emerging technologies. Our defined aim is to be a trendsetter in all of our businesses. We are entrepreneurs whose innovations are successful around the world. We measure the success of our innovations by our customers’ success. We are constantly revising our portfolio, and we act on our commitment to society. That’s how we transform our innovations into sustainable value. How can we remain innovative in the future? We intend to support and nurture all of our employees, enabling them to unleash their full energy and creativity. Inventive, ingenious and creative, we embrace the new and different in empowering our people to achieve their best. EXCELLENT: achieving high performance and excellent results We aim for excellence in all areas and we do everything to achieve this aim. Our vision defines this aim and inspires us to provide outstanding quality and impressive solutions for our customers. Always. Excellence also means attracting the best people in the marketplace and giving them the skills and opportunities they need to become high achievers. This approach promotes a high-performance, profitable culture in our company. How can we remain excellent in the future? Excellence is about constantly challenging existing processes and defining a path of continuous improvements. It also requires us to be flexible and proactive and to embrace change so that we are always positioned to optimally leverage new business opportunities.

Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses

RESPONSIBLE: committed to ethical and responsible actions At Siemens, we are determined to meet – and wherever possible, exceed – all legal and ethical requirements. Our responsibility is to conduct all business according to the highest professional and ethical standards and practices: there must be no tolerance for noncompliant behaviour. The principles related to ‘responsible’ serve as the moral compass by which we navigate our way through our business decisions. We must also encourage business partners, suppliers and other stakeholders to adopt a similar standard of ethical behaviour. INNOVATIVE: being innovative to create sustainable value Innovation is a cornerstone of our success. Research and development are vital elements of our business strategy. A holder of key patents, we are a strong partner for


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CLIMATE CHANGE Greenhouse gas emissions have risen dramatically since the industrialisation of the 20th century. OUR ANSWER: We are one of the world’s largest suppliers of healthcare technology. risking further climate change. and to 70% by 2050. A growing. Today. URBANISATION Half of the world’s population now lives in cities. giving city residents the world over clean air to breathe. By 2030.INNOVATIVE Industry Megatrends We believe the future will be shaped in large measure by four megatrends – irreversible. We are convinced Siemens is better placed than any of our competitors to meet these challenges. As these cities and economies grow. up to half of children born in the UK today can expect to live to 100 years old. security. The growth rate is particularly rapid in many of the so-called megacities (cities with more than 10 million inhabitants). increasing pressure on technology and resources. reliable electricity supplies. they will place an increasing burden on urban infrastructures. ageing population and lengthening lifespans mean demand for healthcare will soar. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 6 . mobility and a good quality of life. while still keeping costs under control. global developments that will have an impact on everyone for decades to come.000 years. Eleven of the 12 years between 1994 and 2005 were among the 12 warmest recorded since weather observations began. They contribute an ever-increasing share of their respective national economies – Tokyo. the concentration of CO2 in the earth’s atmosphere is the highest it has been for 350. safe water to drink. Average life expectancy worldwide will increase to 72 years by 2025. DEMOGRAPHIC CHANGE The world’s population will grow to more than eight billion by 2025. contributing many important advances in medical research and development that will help to identify diseases earlier and improve patient treatment. The proportion of the global population aged over 65 will nearly double to 12% by 2030. global power consumption is forecast to double. for example. OUR ANSWER: We have the technologies to create more sustainable urban infrastructures. provides 40% of Japan’s gross domestic product. a proportion likely to grow to 60% by 2030. and to more than nine billion by 2050.

Consumers want products that are more unique at the lowest possible prices and technologies keep developing at breakneck speed.INNOVATIVE Industry Energy OUR ANSWER: Our innovations are boosting the efficiency of power generation and transmission technologies while substantially reducing CO2 emissions. Our wind power solutions are the preferred choice for some of Britain’s biggest projects. For manufacturers. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 7 . this means plants and machinery must be adapted to meet new requirements ever faster and with maximum efficiency. OUR ANSWER: We combine virtual product planning with automation technologies to create ‘intelligent’ factories with highly flexible production processes that make the manufacture of even customised products cost-effective. GLOBALISATION Increasing globalisation means increasing competition for industry.

FIT42010 – CORPORATE RESPONSIBILITY Corporate responsibility means providing outstanding. economic and social responsibilities. the divisions and the company as a whole that will enable us to match the performance of our top competitors. profitable growth by capturing leading positions with our products and services in high-growth markets worldwide. ecological. we cannot just rely on the strengths of the individual businesses. and are able to contribute their full potential. FIT42010 – OPERATIONAL EXCELLENCE To achieve best-in-class performance. People Excellence stands for a corporate culture in which all individuals strive for peak performance. innovative products and services for society. the Fit42010 programme will help Siemens to achieve the highest performance with the highest ethics Energy Fit42010 has set ambitious goals for the sectors. energy and healthcare sectors. while fulfilling all ethical. Good corporate responsibility will help secure the long-term success of Siemens. The top+ programme supports this strategy by identifying best practices to reduce costs and increase value. 2. innovative – provide the foundation for our efforts. FIT42010 – PEOPLE EXCELLENCE The success of a company lies in the sum of the successes of its employees. Fit42010 has four key strategies: 1. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 8 Back to contents . focusing on our strengths in the industry. To reach these targets and create lasting value for our shareholders and customers.EXCELLENT Industry Fit42010 By building on our values. 4. 3. Our values – responsible. we are harnessing two of our greatest strengths: our power of innovation and our global supply chain management system. FIT42010 – PORTFOLIO The goal of our portfolio strategy is to generate sustainable. know their goals precisely. We have to unleash the full potential of Siemens as an integrated technology company. To turn this aspiration into reality. excellent.

support the Siemens One approach. act and behave as one entity. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 9 . It encourages Siemens businesses to think. which stands for customer focus and account management. efforts are targeted on the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games and the Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games. or actively supports a colleague in another business to secure a new contract. Make it Happen and Pass it On. An employee who passes a valid sales lead to a Siemens business (other than the one they work for). Supported by senior management. could be eligible for a financial reward. is an integral part of the company and its key differentiating factor The Siemens One idea is not a programme or an extra layer of internal bureaucracy. to influence and drive future business.EXCELLENT Industry Siemens One Siemens One. Two incentive schemes. One of its main elements is the focus on top customers. It is a vision. more than 40 countries around the world are formally engaged in Siemens One. positioning Siemens with key stakeholders in cities. such as London. It drives profitable growth by encouraging a more co-ordinated approach to account management and by exploiting crossbusiness selling opportunities. Another area of activity is city account management. relationships with whom are handled by nominated account managers and executive sponsors. In the UK. Siemens One also co-ordinates the response of Siemens businesses to opportunities arising out of major sporting and cultural events. an attitude and a culture.

Initiatives and Innovations – is an award scheme that encourages the collection. either by individual or team problem solving. and sees their job as supporting the front line.EXCELLENT Industry Excellence programmes Siemens runs three key company-wide programmes to promote business excellence and reward the individuals and teams who practise it TOP+ The top+ business improvement programme is one of the main drivers of Operational Excellence. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 3i 3i – representing Ideas. and where everyone is accountable and empowered. Many successful projects have been honoured with top+ awards in the past few years. It is a selection of programmes and tools designed to help Siemens keep ahead of the competition. The ultimate aim is to achieve a stronger. more competitive company through creative thinking. such as value. 10 Back to contents . THINK CUSTOMER The goal of the Think Customer initiative is to make Siemens in the UK as well known for customer service excellence as it is for innovation and technology. innovation and customer focus. Think Customer aims to create an organisation where the customer is seen as both the starting point and end point of all activities. concentrating on topics that will make the most impact for the business. Employee ownership is also linked to continuous improvement. sharing and implementation of good ideas at all levels throughout Siemens. a pillar of the Fit42010 strategy.

managers can engage and motivate their employees. assessing performance. This enables employees to build skills within their current role and prepare for future career moves. TalentSpot will help to drive down recruitment costs and replaces all similar schemes run by individual businesses. By following this philosophy. Rewards will be a minimum of £1. Activities focus on the four areas of the Leadership@Siemens programme: setting standards. and supporting careers and delivering consequences. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 11 . One of its aims is to encourage crossbusiness referrals. supporting and developing performance. Under TalentSpot. Siemens is committed to training and developing employees and identifying new talent DEVELOPMENT The Development team at Siemens. ensures that every employee is provided with the guidance and professional development support to achieve their full potential.000. Siemens employees in the UK can earn up to £3. and Siemens believes that engaged employees deliver superior performance – giving Siemens an advantage over its competitors.000 if they recommend someone who is recruited by the organisation. so employees in one department or company can make recommendations for positions in any other part of Siemens. Referrals can be made for vacancies advertised on the intranet or on a speculative basis. depending on the role taken up by the referred candidate.000 and a maximum of £3. part of the company’s new HR Competency Centre.EXCELLENT Industry A great place to work To attract and retain the best people for the company’s success.

which sets out a framework of 12 modules and 55 requirements covering the whole life cycle of a project from initial contact with the customer to completion. The programme. while at the same time continually improving working practices. also provides a career path and an internal certification process for the project management community within Siemens.EXCELLENT Industry PM@Siemens PM@Siemens is a global programme designed to improve project management skills and procedures across all parts of Siemens Half of our UK turnover comes from project-related business and the aim of PM@Siemens is to equip employees with the right skills to manage projects professionally and profitably. There are around 400 practising project managers employed by Siemens in the UK and PM@Siemens develops their capabilities and competencies. how knowledge can be shared. giving guidance on where best practice can be found. PM@Siemens itself is recognised in the marketplace as being ‘best in class’ of any project business programme. and which tools and processes should be used. The commitment of Siemens to the professional development of its project management capability was recognised when it became the first corporate organisation in the UK to be accredited by the Association for Project Management. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 12 .

COMPLIANCE Siemens has clear rules governing its ethical behaviour towards its customers. Corporate governance forms the basis of all decision-making and monitoring processes. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 13 .asp) or by calling the helpdesk on 08000 328483 in complete confidence. The network of Business Compliance Officers provides compliance-related business advice to management and employees across the Siemens functions.ethicspoint. CORPORATE CITIZENSHIP Activities in this area focus on the Generation21 and Caring Hands programmes (see page 14). They are all explained here CORPORATE GOVERNANCE Siemens is committed to strict compliance with the rules of financial reporting and transparency. as well as additional regulations business partners. Compliance forms an important part of daily business within Siemens. in accordance with worldwide legislation. The Compliance function supports the business goals of Siemens and ensures only clean business is Siemens business. as well as to open communication with its shareholders. employees. quantifiable and increasing contribution to energy conservation and climate protection.RESPONSIBLE Industry Corporate responsibility Under Fit42010. It is continually adding products and services to its environmental portfolio. The Helpdesk can be contacted on 08000 328483. the processing of payments and dealings with consultants. for example. Binding business conduct guidelines give clear instructions to all employees to comply with all applicable laws. All employees should be 100% compliant in their work at Siemens – the online Compliance Helpdesk encourages staff to ‘Tell Us’ or ‘Ask Us’ about compliance issues or concerns. Siemens focuses on four areas of corporate responsibility. or to request expert answers on compliance queries. making a direct. Employees can report irregular practices to the Compliance HelpDesk – either online (https://secure. CLIMATE PROTECTION Siemens has adopted several measures to minimise the impact of its own operations on the environment. public bodies and society at large. They also support the Corporate Compliance policies.

This will have a board of trustees and an official structure to offer better governance and transparency of education and community programmes. It will increase awareness. to local good causes. one of many national initiatives.RESPONSIBLE Industry Corporate citizenship Through its Generation21 and Caring Hands programmes. Caring Hands also raises money for disaster relief programmes in response to emergencies around the world. recognises the top science. Generation21 also works at a local level and many businesses in the UK have built up links with schools and colleges close to their sites. Many sites have charity committees that enable employees to make regular donations. and associated budgets. Energy Healthcare Siemens launched its Generation21 education programme to promote engineering as a career for young people. matched by the company. and ensure a local approach to education and community initiatives is maintained. internally and externally. Cross-sector businesses Caring Hands co-ordinates a broad range of community and charitable activities. not least recognising and supporting the efforts of employees who help others in their communities. of the charitable work taking place here. 14 Back to contents . Siemens plays a positive role in local communities and supports those in need further afield SIEMENS UK FOUNDATION The company is currently setting up the Siemens UK Foundation. technology and engineering students at the UK’s leading universities each year. The Sir William Siemens Medal Programme.

Besides raising brand awareness. reputation and core values – in the eyes of both employees and customers – through its sponsorship of the GB Rowing Team Siemens has been the High Performance Partner of GB Rowing since 2006 when it signed a six-year. which will see Siemens as the sole sponsor of all Olympic and Paralympic class boats until the end of 2012. It also gives Siemens a platform to strengthen its commitment to employees and to corporate responsibility through events such as the annual Indoor Rowing Regatta and The Stroke for Stroke campaign which raises funds for The Stroke Association. goal setting and the pursuit of excellence. In addition. Siemens chose to sponsor rowing because the sport shares its values of continuous improvement. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 15 . Siemens is backing ARA High Performance Programmes that help to support and develop potential medalwinning talent at rowing clubs around the country. its crews topping the medals tables at both the Olympic and Paralympic regattas. The support of Siemens helped Great Britain to be the most successful rowing nation at the Beijing Games. £3.2 million sponsorship deal.RESPONSIBLE Industry Corporate sponsorship Siemens is reinforcing and building its image. The company is also supporting the Amateur Rowing Association’s World Class Start Programme. designed to identify individuals who have the potential to become international rowers.

Industry Inside this section Overview Industry Automation Drive Technologies Building Technologies OSRAM Industry Solutions Siemens Mobility Industry Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 16 .

efficiency and flexibility of companies” Juergen Maier Industry sector lead for UK Siemens Industry sector is the world’s leading provider of production. efficiency and flexibility of companies operating in a wide variety of industrial and infrastructure markets.Industry overview Industry Energy “We have a clear mission: to add value to our customers by applying our unrivalled knowledge and marketleading technology to their businesses. engineering and transportation in the UK. elevating our position from that of product or service supplier to strategic business partner. An additional customer benefit is our ability to harness the skills and experience of all our divisions to devise solutions. This changes the way we can engage with our customers. growing mobility and the need to manufacture customised products at affordable prices. We have a clear mission: to add value to our customers by applying our unrivalled knowledge and market-leading technology to their businesses. scarcity of raw materials. building and lighting technologies. Our six divisions provide the answers our customers are seeking in response to ever-increasing energy demands. We have the expertise to increase the productivity. We have the expertise to increase the productivity. Forming close relationships with key industry figures is also essential as we continually develop our strategy. We are among a group of leading industrial companies advising the government on issues affecting the future development of manufacturing. transportation. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 17 Back to contents .

used by companies to manage the way they design and develop products. Used in a wide range of industries – from automotive and aerospace to food and construction – the division’s systems can automate individual machines or entire car factories and chemical plants. administration and maintenance processes. suppliers and partners. ● Siemens automation products and conveyor systems help to handle passenger baggage at all the UK’s major airports.Rough Guide Industry Industry Industry Automation The Industry Automation division of Siemens is the world’s largest supplier of industrial automation systems. ● The Industry Automation division has recently developed a fail-safe software controller for PC-based automation. Based on international open standards. Its low-voltage switchgear distributes power reliably and efficiently to industrial. For the first time. safety-related tasks can be performed via a PC using Siemens technology. this software seamlessly integrates production. enabling them to benefit from the advantages offered by automation: innovative design. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● In the UK. Siemens is also a leading provider of product life cycle management (PLM) software. It tailors solutions to the individual requirements of customers. production flexibility and consistent quality. Siemens is the only vendor to offer a PLM platform that incorporates all departments. plus a complete range of sensors. which operate to exacting standards of precision and reliability. Siemens is the market leader in industrial automation systems and the second biggest supplier of PLM software. Its product portfolio includes control systems. productivity improvements. commercial and domestic buildings. Cross-sector businesses 18 Back to contents . process instrumentation and control. and covers all the phases in the life cycle of a product. cost reduction.

printing. it tailors drive solutions for industries such as metal forming. Payback on investment in Siemens energyefficient drive systems averages just two years. along with electrical and mechanical components and software tools. large drives and mechanical drives. Siemens is the market leader in CNC equipment. A variable speed drive can reduce energy costs by up to 80% compared with a conventional drive. Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 19 . the division’s portfolio includes motion control systems. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● In the UK. packaging. In addition to AC (alternating current) and DC (direct current) drives and motors. Cheshire. These energy-efficient drives help customers to improve performance and reduce costs. It has also developed drives for applications in ships and trains. and in raw material extraction and processing. CNC (computer numerically controlled) systems and decentralised drives. Siemens variable speed drives are manufactured in Congleton. and can be configured to most applications from heating. electronics manufacture and textiles. and delivered to customers in the UK and around the world. ventilation and air-conditioning to large centrifuges in the food industry. ● Motors and drives account for 65% of industrial power consumption and a single 75kW motor may use more than £1 million of electricity during its lifetime. As well as standard products.Rough Guide Industry Industry Drive Technologies The Drive Technologies division of Siemens leads the world in the design and manufacture of industrial motors and drives. in renewable energy generation. which power machinery and production lines in plants and factories. ● Siemens automation and drives product portfolio is the most modern in the world – four out of every five products sold are less than five years old.

from a simple light switch to the main switch gear in an industrial installation. are monitored using Siemens security systems. ventilation and airconditioning plants. under the Siemens. ● Britain’s biggest and busiest railway stations. It is a world leader in the development and manufacture of control systems for heating. incorporating closed-circuit television (CCTV). access control. Its security portfolio includes some of the most advanced electronic security technology in the world. which supplies a wide range of low-voltage products. Cross-sector businesses Back to contents . 20 Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Tesco and Asda have reduced their energy costs by more than 20% since installing Siemens building management systems to improve the energy efficiency of their stores. fire safety and security control systems supplied by Building Technologies. perimeter protection and intruder detection.Rough Guide Industry Industry Building Technologies The Building Technologies division of Siemens is a leading provider of innovative energy. safety and security systems that maximise the efficiency and protection of buildings and public spaces. creating safe environments. including Waterloo and King’s Cross. Crabtree. lighting. Wylex and Volex brands. Its systems are so advanced they can guarantee against false alarms. lowering power consumption and delivering significant energy savings. air-conditioning. Part of the division is Electrium. Its automated technology ensures rooms are kept at the right temperature at all times. remote monitoring. Building Technologies offers a wide range of fire safety products. ● The four buildings which make up the UK headquarters of Siemens are managed by intelligent heating. In addition to fire and gas detection equipment.

and infrared lights to control rain sensors. ● Eight out of ten cinemas in the UK use projectors with OSRAM lamps. In the UK. OSRAM is a leader in the field of light-emitting diode technology. is one of the two largest lighting manufacturers in the world. museums and stadia. wholly owned by Siemens. the Royal Albert Hall and the Trafford Centre in Manchester. from homes. brake lights and interior lights). restaurants. ● Today OSRAM has 46 factories in 17 countries and supplies customers in 150 countries. offices. Lloyd’s of London. to airports and industrial facilities. making an important contribution to environmental protection and helping customers to reduce costs. It is the world’s leading lighting supplier to the automotive industry.Rough Guide Industry Industry OSRAM OSRAM. which consumes up to 80% less electricity than conventional bulbs. hotels. providing lamps for cars. ● Half of all cars in the UK are fitted with OSRAM lights. lane guidance systems and night vision aids. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● OSRAM was founded in 1906 and the brand name was created by combining the names of the two metals – osmium and wolfram (now known as tungsten) – that were used at the time to make filaments in light bulbs. trucks and motorcycles (headlights. Its products are used in every application. It has the broadest range of energysaving products in the world as green technology is at the core of its research and development programmes. OSRAM’s products have been installed in prestigious buildings such as Tate Modern. Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 21 .

with key markets in Brazil. oil production platforms and refineries. commercial and leisure customers worldwide. United Utilities and Scottish Water use Siemens equipment to treat several hundred million litres of water every day. It has three business units in the UK: ● Chemical Feed and Disinfection – a leading provider of chemical dosing. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Siemens Water Technologies is one of the world’s leading suppliers of water-processing equipment. steel and aluminium industries. and rolling mills for the iron. ● Siemens VAI MT has a strong global presence. metering.Rough Guide Industry Industry Industry Solutions The Industry Solutions division of Siemens specialises in developing systems and services for plant operators in the water treatment and metal-processing industries. sustainable or able to be modernised. Areas of expertise include projects for blast furnaces that are new. industrial. reliable water treatment products to municipal. Siemens VAI Metals Technologies (MT) is the only company in the world with the technology and capability to offer a high quality. comprehensive range of services for the entire life cycle of metallurgical plants. ● In the UK. India and China. Russia. chlorination and electrochlorination products ● Electrocatalytic – a global supplier of seawater hypochlorination systems and electrochemical equipment designed to control biological fouling and corrosion at power plants. companies such as Thames Water. pioneering technologies that boost productivity while limiting any impact on the environment. Cross-sector businesses 22 Back to contents . Siemens Water Technologies delivers cost-effective. and on ships ● Memcor® Systems – for more than 25 years its filtration membranes have been used in systems at home and abroad to treat wastewater and improve drinking water quality. disinfection.

the company offers a wide range of systems for signalling. Turnkey Solutions employs efficient project management and an emphasis on delivery. integrating different transportation systems with one another to move people and goods efficiently. Traffic Solutions has an extensive range of products to assist traffic managers and local authorities in reducing congestion and enhancing road safety.Rough Guide Industry Industry Siemens Mobility Siemens Mobility is at the forefront of innovation in road. Infrastructure Logistics provides material-handling equipment used by major airports and postal services. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Traffic Solutions provides more than half of all the traffic equipment installed on the UK road network and its technology helps more than a million people cross the road safely every day. control. ● Rolling Stock has an awardwinning dedicated team of 600 looking after 10 fleets of trains across the UK. regional. totalling approximately 1. Its portfolio includes extra low voltage traffic signals along with expertise in design. training.400 cars. installation and maintenance. The Rolling Stock business designs fast. notably the Class 332 Heathrow Express and Siemens’ modular electric multiple unit – the Desiro. Cross-sector businesses 23 Back to contents . Within Rail Infrastructure. Working on significant projects where expertise is required from across the division. ● Infrastructure Logistics’ postal automation and sorting system allows Royal Mail to ensure the daily delivery of 70 million letters and thousands of parcels. which combine bespoke requirements with highefficiency sorting and automation. rail and logistics. efficient. communications and electrification for main line. metro and light rail infrastructure applications. safe and reliable trains with considerable success in the UK.

Industry Energy Inside this section Energy Healthcare Overview Fossil Power Generation Renewable Energy Oil & Gas Power Transmission Power Distribution Energy Service Cross-sector businesses 24 Back to contents .

distribution and metering services. Siemens. Our customers expect more reliable. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 25 Back to contents . transmission. the National Grid will undergo major structural change in order to connect renewable energy sources and ensure the government’s 2020 energy targets are met. furthermore. Carbon reduction targets get tougher year by year. Our wind turbines are more efficient over a wide range of conditions. We never stop pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Our gas turbines are setting new standards in efficiency while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. more environmentally responsible solutions than ever before. Our wind turbines are more efficient over a wide range of conditions. through the six divisions of its energy sector. sustainable technologies and best-in-class engineering solutions across the energy conversion chain.Energy overview Industry Energy “Our gas turbines are setting new standards in efficiency while at the same time reducing CO2 emissions. We never stop pushing the boundaries of what’s possible” Jens-Peter Saul Energy sector lead for UK and North West Europe Electricity consumption continues to rise. is ideally placed to help the UK meet all of these challenges. more economical. many of the country’s nuclear and coal-fired generating plants will need to be replaced. We pride ourselves on providing innovative. And our new high-voltage direct current transmission technology enables power to be transmitted over vast distances with very little loss. During the next decade. At the same time. from oil and gas production through to power generation.

Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Siemens upgrade to steam turbines at the Drax plant in Selby.Rough Guide Energy Industry Fossil Power Generation The Fossil Power Generation division of Siemens is a world leader in the development of clean. they can compensate for fluctuations in electricity supplies from green energy sources such as wind power. Siemens high-efficiency combined-cycle plants support the development of renewable energy – with their quick response times. Siemens carbon capture technology. Siemens supplies key gas and steam turbine generator components for power stations. steam power plants and thermal power islands for nuclear power stations. near Newport. helping to strike a viable balance between climate protection. supply security and cost-efficiency in power generation. combined-cycle gas turbine plant at Uskmouth. Its innovative technology delivers substantial savings on fuels and emissions for every type of power plant. Siemens is constantly developing new technologies in this field. eco-friendly. ● A new. drastically reducing emission levels even when operating at full capacity. for example. including simple-cycle power plants. will make coal-fired power plants cleaner. having won contracts to design. most recently from Severn Power. gas or oil. Wales – being built and then operated by Siemens for Severn Power – will be nearly twice as efficient as the former power station on the site. In the UK. combined-cycle power plants. build and commission nine major power plants. and designs and manufactures power plant control and instrumentation equipment. Yorkshire – Europe’s biggest coal-fired power station – will cut carbon emissions by 5% or one million tonnes per year. reliable and efficient power generation using coal. Cross-sector businesses 26 Back to contents . Siemens is a leading supplier in the power station market.

Siemens is building two offshore substations. When it is completed in 2011. Greater Gabbard. it will supply clean electricity to more than 415.000 homes across England. installs and services wind farms. ● Greater Gabbard.6MW – being the preferred choice of utility companies and developers for Britain’s biggest wind farm projects. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Siemens entered the wind power market in 2004 and is now the world’s leading supplier of offshore wind farms.3MW to 3. ● More than 7.000 Siemens wind turbines are in operation across the globe. the equivalent of taking 350. and is installing the world’s largest offshore wind farm. will save more than one million tonnes of CO2 emissions per year. The availability of its turbines (the capability to operate when the wind is available) is the highest in the industry. providing 40% of the nation’s wind turbine generating capacity. the UK’s first offshore wind farm to lie outside its territorial waters. builds. Siemens built Europe’s largest onshore wind farm at Whitelee. also being constructed by Siemens. It designs. off the Suffolk coast. Its advanced wind turbines – with power outputs from 1. near Glasgow.Rough Guide Energy Industry Renewable Energy Siemens dominates the renewables market in the UK.000 cars off the road. which will be connected via subsea cables to an onshore substation near Sizewell. Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 27 . To feed the power generated to the National Grid.

28 Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Highlights ● The SGT-400 gas turbine fleet. Siemens provides the key components for extracting oil and gas. turbines and process compressors are repaired and serviced for onshore and offshore applications for the oil and gas industry. Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery designs. more than 153 units have been sold across six continents in a variety of industrial and oil and gas applications. has now achieved one million hours of commercial operation. In addition. midstream (pipelines and storage) and downstream (refining) processes by drawing on the capabilities of both the Energy and Industry sectors of Siemens. including compressors and drives. manufactures. and automation and control systems. At workshops in Aberdeen and Lincoln. Siemens supplies components and systems for generating electricity to industrial companies and public utilities.Rough Guide Energy Industry Oil & Gas Siemens has the technology to ensure oil and gas is recovered. It can also supply power generation and distribution technology. water management systems and integrated IT solutions. In the UK. It offers a highly efficient and environmentallyfriendly solution for applications in power generation and mechanical drive. The Oil & Gas division can offer solutions for all upstream (exploration and extraction). designed and manufactured in Lincoln UK. Its innovative technology is helping plant operators reduce emissions and drive down energy costs. installs and services a range of small industrial gas turbines used in industrial applications and the worldwide oil and gas industry. Back to contents . transported and processed in the most efficient and environmentally responsible way. Since the SGT-400’s introduction in 2000. all the necessary electrical equipment.

insulated switchgear and control systems. circuit breakers. to extend and refurbish electricity substations as well as construct new ones. the division offers added-value services through design. ● Siemens was the first company to develop an automated system that reduces emissions of SF6 gas (used to insulate switchgear and the most potent greenhouse gas yet identified) by giving plant operators the earliest possible warning of leaks. such as E. This expertise in offshore connections is now being used to help Siemens win new business in international markets.ON. commission and maintain equipment at customer sites across the country. ring main units.Rough Guide Energy Industry Power Transmission Siemens is the clear leader in the power transmission market. EDF Energy and United Utilities. More than just an equipment provider. Siemens technology also helps to deliver a third of Northern Ireland’s electricity supply. Siemens Transmission and Distribution Ltd supplies a comprehensive range of equipment. Cross-sector businesses 29 . including transformers. procurement and project management. An increasingly important focus for the division is energy from renewable sources and it has developed groundbreaking technology to transmit power reliably and efficiently from offshore wind farms to the National Grid. Others assemble and test Siemens products for overseas customers. In the UK. It works with all of the major utilities. Its high-voltage direct current (HVDC) technology makes it possible to transmit electricity through power lines and undersea cables over long distances without significant losses of energy. Teams of engineers install. Back to contents Energy Healthcare Highlights ● A quarter of the electricity used in England and Wales passes through substations controlled by Siemens systems.

● As part of a long-term contract. Up to 500. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Siemens maintains and reads meters in more than 14 million homes and businesses in the UK. gas and water companies. Smart meters. helping managers to improve efficiency and cut their electricity bills. Consumers can learn how much energy they are using and when. It is also developing metering services for the international market from its global centre in Nottingham. Siemens Metering Services provides metering services to the UK’s largest electricity.Rough Guide Energy Industry Power Distribution Siemens technology and services help to distribute electricity to homes and businesses.000 energy customers are visited by employees of Siemens Metering Services every week. seeing what appliances and gadgets in their home use the most power. Cross-sector businesses 30 Back to contents . substation automation technology. and a wide range of products and services for power grids and electrical networks. McDonald’s uses Siemens systems to monitor exactly how much energy each of its restaurants consumes on a daily basis. Distribution companies can gain the optimum use out of their equipment by knowing which parts of the system are being heavily used and which are less busy. It has recently established a smart metering joint venture in New Zealand. as well as large public and private organisations such as Shell and Tesco. which are set to become a major area of future growth in the UK. Utility companies benefit from more accurate bills and reduced data collection costs. Its Power Distribution division supplies medium-voltage switchgear and components. facilitate the two-way communication of real-time information between the customer and the utility company.

Its Newcastle service centre repairs. ● Siemens provides services for a global fleet of gas and steam turbines with a total generating capacity of 680 gigawatts – about 20% of the output of all largescale and industrial power plants in operation in the world today. Utilising state-of-the-art diagnostics technology and remote monitoring systems. and generators and compressors. including the manufacture of all spares. services and upgrades Siemens-built gas and steam turbines and generators. they are also meeting demand for technical solutions that extend the life of older steam turbines by adapting them to meet new environmental standards. Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 31 . steam and wind turbines.Rough Guide Energy Industry Energy Service The Energy Service division provides comprehensive long-term maintenance services for power plants. Siemens engineers can make sure that individual components and whole plants are always running efficiently and reliably. maximising plant availability. With their expertise in air pollution control technology. keeping costs down and reducing the emission of greenhouse gases. gas. as well as equipment produced by other manufacturers. This work is undertaken primarily for utility companies and power station operators. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● The Energy Service division has long-term service agreements for power generating units at nearly 500 locations worldwide. The division also services Parsons steam turbine generators that are still in operation with customers around the world. ● Environmental solutions from Siemens include removing nitrogen and sulphur oxides from exhaust gases.

Industry Energy Healthcare Inside this section Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Overview Siemens Healthcare Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Siemens Magnet Technology Siemens Hearing Instruments 32 Back to contents .

we are developing new blood and genetic tests that can help diagnose cancer. In medical imaging. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 33 Back to contents . able to cover the entire care continuum from prevention and detection to diagnosis and treatment. we have an unrivalled range of computed tomography (CT). We are also the market leader in hearing instruments. It will also help realise the vision of fully personalised medicine for each individual patient. our patient record systems allow clinicians to collate and analyse complex sets of medical information quickly and efficiently. Siemens is responding to the challenge. this integrated approach to healthcare will improve the accuracy of examinations. In practice. improving patient care and cutting waiting lists. In laboratory diagnostics. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scanners. while still keeping costs under control. We are also the market leader in hearing instruments” Günter Dombrowe Healthcare sector lead for UK and North West Europe The UK’s growing. contributing many important advances in medical research and development that will help identify diseases earlier and improve treatment. Siemens Healthcare is the world’s first integrated diagnostics company. able to cover the entire care continuum from prevention and detection to diagnosis and treatment. increasing the pressure on technology and resources. and ultrasound systems. ageing population means future demand for healthcare will soar. In healthcare IT. It means more patients can be assessed and treated in the same hospital visit. as well as infections and coronary diseases.Healthcare overview Industry Energy “Siemens Healthcare is the world’s first integrated diagnostics company.

ultrasound systems. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Siemens Healthcare is the number-one supplier of CT and MRI scanners in the country. They also use less radiation and are considerably more energy-efficient. installs and maintains medical equipment for many of the biggest hospitals within the NHS under long-term managed services contracts. clinical and financial processes more efficiently by streamlining practices. which enable hospitals and surgeries to manage their administrative. ● Each year Siemens invests more than one billion euros in healthcare research and development. Its technology helps clinicians to diagnose the most common. MRI scanners.000 women in the UK for breast cancer every weekday of the year. It is the market leader in diagnostic imaging. secure access to the vast amounts of data generated for each patient (such as medical histories. Cross-sector businesses 34 Back to contents . ● Diagnostic systems made by Siemens are used to carry out 900 million medical examinations per year worldwide. ● Its mammography machines screen 15. images from scans and lab test results) at the touch of a button. gynaecology and women’s health. some lasting for up to 35 years. neurology. and mammography and X-ray machines. Siemens Healthcare is also a leading developer of IT networks. revolutionising patient care in fields such as cardiology. complex and serious diseases earlier and more accurately. Siemens Healthcare provides. improving workflows and speeding up the exchange of information. Its latest scanners are faster and deliver needle-sharp and highly detailed images.Rough Guide Healthcare Industry Siemens Healthcare Siemens Healthcare is the UK’s largest supplier of medical equipment. constantly upgrading and expanding its portfolio of CT scanners. Its electronic patient record systems give doctors fast.

England. Many of the analysers made by the division are fully automated. ● The global headquarters are located in Deerfield.Rough Guide Healthcare Industry Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics is one of the world’s leading clinical diagnostics companies. This information helps physicians to detect conditions such as cancer. USA. Germany. It also manufactures blood diagnostic kits that are used in doctors’ surgeries and on hospital wards. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics was created by the acquisition of Diagnostic Products Corporation. Diagnostic tests are also used to manage the treatment of Cross-sector businesses 35 Back to contents . providing healthcare professionals with effective and efficient products to diagnose. monitor and treat disease. Ireland. Llanberis. the most comprehensive test menu in the industry. improving the speed and accuracy of test results. Wales. and Marburg. by monitoring the efficacy of drugs and therapies. In Europe. The broad spectrum of innovative technologies from Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics can assist in the diagnosis of more than 900 different diseases and conditions. Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals and King’s College Hospital. Swords. cardiovascular disease and kidney failure at an early stage. a process known as in-vitro diagnostics. manufacturing sites are in Sudbury. ● The equipment is used by some leading NHS trusts including Cambridge University Hospitals. Bayer HealthCare Diagnostics and Dade Behring in 2006/7. It develops and markets systems that generate clinical diagnostic test results using blood and fluid analysis. advancing the quality of patient care and reducing the cost of its delivery. and can be operated by laboratories of any size. London. patients with illnesses such as diabetes. Illinois.

patient comfort and efficiency of MRI scanners. Since developing the world’s first whole-body superconducting magnet in 1980. lighter magnets that are easier to transport and install. MRI is a non-invasive technique for obtaining cross-sectional images of the body and plays an increasingly important role in modern healthcare. the company developed the world’s first open-bore superconducting magnet in 2004. Cross-sector businesses 36 Back to contents . then became a joint venture company before being fully acquired by Siemens in 2003. Advances in space. Siemens has a purpose-built factory in Oxfordshire. ● Among several firsts. Around 95% of its output is shipped overseas and the business has won six Queen’s Awards in recognition of its export success and technological achievements. Siemens Magnet Technology has pioneered a number of innovations to improve the performance. with a manufacturing capacity of up to 1. ● Every Siemens-made MRI scanner and more than a third of all MRI scanners installed in hospitals around the world have at their heart a superconducting magnet manufactured by Siemens Magnet Technology.Rough Guide Healthcare Industry Siemens Magnet Technology Siemens Magnet Technology is the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of superconducting MRI magnets for medical scanners. resulting in smaller. which is evident in its extensive patent portfolio. revolutionising patient comfort.500 superconducting magnets per year. aviation and Formula One racing technology have led to the use of lightweight materials with high-tensile strength. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● The original company was founded in 1982 as Oxford Magnet Technology.

is the new face of Siemens Hearing Instruments in its marketing and advertising. The scheme began after a screening found that one in seven of those staff tested had significant hearing loss. and feature innovations such as wireless technology that synchronises hearing instruments in both ears. The company has launched a scheme which allows UK Siemens employees to receive up to four discounted hearing instruments per year. ● Every fifth hearing aid sold around the world is a Siemens product. Back to contents Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Kellie Moody. yet there are a further four million that would benefit from one. It is committed to making the most advanced hearing aids in the world by combining cutting-edge technology with the latest research from universities and the medical profession. It has equipment and patient management software systems installed in hospital audiology departments across the UK. manufacturing and supplying hearing instruments for more than 130 years. easy fitting. It is also a leading name in the private sector. providing digital systems and audiological equipment to independent dispensers and national chains. Cross-sector businesses 37 . The company holds numerous patents for improving the sound quality and comfort of hearing systems. ● Two million people in the UK today wear a hearing aid. making Siemens the world’s leading manufacturer of hearing instruments.Rough Guide Healthcare Industry Siemens Hearing Instruments Siemens Hearing Instruments has been designing. Siemens Hearing Instruments has been chosen as one of the government’s strategic partners for the provision of digital hearing aids to the NHS. a model and former Miss Deaf UK. Many of its designs are hardly visible. offer instant.

Industry Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Inside this section Siemens IT Solutions and Services Roke Manor Research Siemens Financial Services Cross-sector businesses Also in this section Our joint ventures 38 Back to contents .

every organisation needs to reduce costs. IT is critical to these imperatives. customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of our business. with core business processes via IT. As the only IT provider embedded within a global. speed up core processes. improve service quality. and our in-depth understanding of industry and operational administrative processes. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 39 Back to contents . from Siemens and other industry leaders. speed up core processes. In this rapidly evolving world. the management of complete IT landscapes. Our clients across the private and public sectors recognise us as a strong and effective partner in supporting their business goals. Ultimately. We share market and portfolio know-how with our Siemens partners in the North West Europe cluster.Siemens IT Solutions and Services overview “In this rapidly evolving world. every organisation needs to reduce costs. innovative technologies. we are able to offer an extensive portfolio of industry-specific solutions. respect the environment and stay closer to its customers.” Clark MacFarlane Managing director Siemens IT Solutions and Services and Cross-Sector cluster lead for SIS North West Europe Industry Energy Megatrends such as demographic change. urbanisation. climate change and globalisation are reshaping the competitive environment and forcing organisations to continually update their business models and operations. We provide the answers to global challenges by connecting specialised. systems integration and consulting services – all from a single source. Using our extensive knowledge of the marketplace and sectors we address. integrated technology company. our objective is to ensure the success of our customers by transforming IT into business value. IT is critical to all these imperatives. respect the environment and stay closer to its customers. improve service quality.

Rough Guide Cross-sector businesses Industry Siemens IT Solutions and Services Siemens IT Solutions and Services is a leading international provider of Information Technology services. We deliver services from more than 10 sites. Cross-sector businesses 40 Back to contents .000 fixed telephones and 8. offering a onestop shop for the complete IT service chain – from consulting to systems integration right through to IT and business process outsourcing. while its customer satisfaction and contract renewal rates are among the very best in the industry. 10-year technology framework contract with the BBC.000 in the UK. Siemens IT Solutions and Services: » supports 28. it has many awards and accreditations to its name. » Energy Healthcare Highlights ● As part of a £2 billion. telecommunications. supported by colleagues in global production centres in locations such as Eastern Europe. utilities and media sectors. India and the Philippines. It also supports other Siemens businesses in the Industry.000 employees worldwide. Siemens IT Solutions and Services employs approximately 35. 29. Customers include many of the largest and best-known organisations within the government. with over 3.300 mobile phones » provides the technology behind BBC iPlayer and the UK’s switchover to digital television » implemented the world’s most advanced broadcasting centre » played a vital role in the BBC’s extensive coverage (broadcast for the first time in high definition) of the Beijing Olympic and Paralympic Games in August 2008.000 PCs. One of the UK’s top 10 providers of IT outsourcing services. financial services. Energy and Healthcare sectors too with IT expertise.

It drives business performance with the latest product. NS&I transferred responsibility for its operational services to Siemens IT Solutions and Services. from desktop services to IT consulting. environmental sustainability needs to go beyond simply improving the energy efficiency of the IT infrastructure. delivered service that is best practice in the retail financial sector. These services are complemented by a spectrum of industry-specific solutions. including collecting and repaying money invested by customers. In IT terms. there is a national effort to reduce the effects of climate change from individual citizens. correspondence and enquiries. with comprehensive and broad-based IT and process know-how. National Savings and Investments (NS&I) handles around 45 million transactions for 27 million customers annually. its portfolio is both proven and flexible to meet customers’ ever-changing situations. NS&I has more than halved its operational costs. process and partnership innovations. Cross-sector businesses 41 Back to contents . In the UK. Under a pioneering public/private partnership agreement. Siemens IT Solutions and Services adopts a two-stage process to sustainability: an initial health check to understand the business and identify a prioritised list of possible actions for » Energy Healthcare Highlights ● With the support of Siemens. it will be the reliability. it offers fully integrated IT solutions that intelligently network production and management processes. security and value of an IT environment that will determine an organisation’s success. drawing upon cross-sector expertise. Services and support are delivered from onshore and offshore facilities according to customer requirements. and from systems integration to web and application hosting.Rough Guide Cross-sector businesses Industry Siemens IT Solutions and Services Siemens IT Solutions and Services recognises that. and benefited from a host of system and infrastructure projects. a topic of concern to everyone in the world. local communities and the public and private sectors. Siemens IT Solutions and Services is responding to the challenge of environmental sustainability. increasingly. Underpinning its portfolio is a comprehensive range of IT outsourcing and infrastructure services. An experienced and expert business partner. tuned to address the demands and requirements of particular market sectors. With its IT for Sustainability approach. From application management services to data centre services. as well as managing records.

giving drivers and insurers confidence in a vehicle’s MOT test status and the quality of the whole testing process. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Siemens technology helps the Vehicle and Operator Services Agency (VOSA) to issue more than 25 million MOT test certificates every year. IT rationalisation and ERP (enterprise resource planning) consolidation. It has hugely reduced opportunities for fraud. then a detailed and longer-term engagement to help the customer deliver a more economic and environmentally sustainable business.Rough Guide Cross-sector businesses Industry Siemens IT Solutions and Services » improvement. Specific solutions that can contribute to an organisation’s environmental sustainability are then identified. as well as supply. we can apply a technique called Environmental Load Accumulation Modelling (ELAM). As part of this. a service developed by Siemens that specifically identifies the carbon emissions from our customers’ ICT estates. These include transformational data centres. In a 10-year. VOSA chose Siemens IT Solutions and Services to design. build and support a new computerised MOT testing system. and energy and fleet management services. Cross-sector businesses 42 Back to contents . install and maintain equipment and documentation for its testers. £230 million private finance initiative. application and desktop virtualisation.

We recognise the importance of working collaboratively so customers can benefit from the full range of our collective capabilities. What’s more. Its software. we have an excellent understanding of Siemens’ business drivers. Working on behalf of government departments. mine detectors and unmanned air vehicles. In recent years. Its technology can be found in such diverse products as mobile handsets. drives the systems controlling congestion charging and low-emission zones. it provides products and services for markets ranging from defence and security to transport and telecommunications. purpose-built laboratories include. which has revolutionised the television coverage of cricket and tennis. equipment used by » “Roke is behind some of the most innovative technology being supplied by Siemens to its customers. the Hawk-Eye balltracking system. for example. joining forces with its Siemens One partners to design. Roke has rapidly expanded its work for Siemens. information systems and electronic sensors. medical scanners. Roke is recognised as one of the worldwide centres of research and development excellence within Siemens. wholly owned by Siemens. defence agencies and commercial organisations. radar.” David Smith. high-profile projects. Other innovations to have come out of Roke’s modern. as a Siemens business ourselves. develop and deliver complex. managing director Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 43 .Rough Guide Cross-sector businesses Industry Roke Manor Research Roke Manor Research. specialises in pioneering groundbreaking technology in wireless communications. as well as other Siemens businesses.

Roke has detailed knowledge of evolving technologies and standards. Healthcare and Cross-Sector businesses.Rough Guide Cross-sector businesses Industry Roke Manor Research » vision-based systems to enable unmanned air vehicles to land autonomously. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● Roke Manor Research takes its name from the 19th century manor house which forms part of its 22-acre site near Romsey. The following year. Hampshire. There is also a dedicated account team for Siemens. software and mechanical design. This approach is supported by a product development service encompassing hardware. ● It became a Siemens company following the takeover of Plessey by Siemens and GEC in 1990. It currently holds over 350 patents for a variety of innovations and technologies. GEC sold its 50% shareholding and Roke became wholly owned by Siemens. which enables it to rapidly build prototypes and carry out feasibility studies on ideas. ● Roke is one of the UK’s leading companies in terms of the number of patents it files each year. and automatic number plate recognition systems. supporting Industry. from autonomous systems to network monitoring and homeland security. Each sector gives customers access to full-time account managers. Energy. Roke consists of 12 business sectors covering its core areas of expertise. Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 44 . equipment used by air traffic controllers to plot the height of aircraft.

It is active in a variety of markets including healthcare. Energy Healthcare Highlights ● SFS. transport. the company runs highly sophisticated point-of-sale services that offer almost instantaneous financing decisions. The company has an extensive sales force working in the field to deliver a local service to customers. Buckinghamshire. For equipment vendors. a member of the Finance and Leasing Association. for sums ranging from £1. enhancing customer service.000 to many millions. pension management and insurance functions. In addition. has more than 250.Rough Guide Cross-sector businesses Industry Siemens Financial Services Siemens Financial Services (SFS) is one of the UK’s leading providers of financial products and services to the private and public sectors.000 customers in the UK. ● It has arranged finance for 90 of the current FTSE 100 companies and for more than half of local authorities and NHS trusts. diverse range of assets – from hospital beds and medical scanners to wheelie bins and refuse trucks. SFS is independently recognised as the number-one provider of asset finance to the UK public sector. enable companies and institutions to invest in equipment and infrastructure. it works closely with other Siemens businesses to meet the financing needs of their customers. Its tailor-made solutions. financing an incredibly Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 45 . ● SFS acts as an in-house bank for Siemens and is responsible for all its treasury. acquire working capital and improve their cash flow. It has offices throughout the country and its UK headquarters are located in Stoke Poges. reprographics and vending.

installation. network components and end-user devices. It also offers a range of 46 Back to contents Energy professional support services including consultancy. contact centres and secure networks. wireless broadband and fixed broadband technologies. Its global headquarters are located in Finland. has a strong presence in unified communications. the company provides a complete portfolio of mobile. customer training. as well as public and corporate customers in various industries. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses . The company. which enable organisations working within their existing IT infrastructure to improve productivity and allow the exchange of information across both wireless and fixed networks. Nokia Siemens Networks is one of the world’s top three telecommunications companies.Rough Guide Our joint ventures Industry Our joint ventures SIEMENS ENTERPRISE COMMUNICATIONS Siemens Enterprise Communications is a premier provider of business telecommunications and data networking technology for companies and institutions of all sizes in all industry sectors. NOKIA SIEMENS NETWORKS With a workforce of 60. network integration and maintenance. Focusing on innovation and sustainability.000 employees in 80 countries. The company leads the market with its award-winning open standards solutions. Nokia Siemens Networks collaborates closely with Siemens and Nokia to offer end-to-end solutions for communications service providers.000 people in more than 150 countries around the world. which has more than 14. and a comprehensive portfolio consisting of software.

Rough Guide Our joint ventures Industry Siemens Domestic Appliances Energy Siemens has been developing innovative home appliances since 1906 when it produced its first motorised vacuum cleaner. it would save enough CO2 to fill more than half a million Olympic-size swimming pools. ● If everyone living in the UK switched their current washing machine to an ‘A’ rated Siemens appliance. Siemens is the best-selling premium domestic appliance brand. with many exceeding this to achieve the super-efficient ratings of ‘A+’ or even ‘A++’. Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 47 . putting it in prime position to become the world’s largest supplier of energy-efficient appliances. mail order companies. Siemens products are sold through selected independent kitchen specialists. In the highly competitive UK market. Healthcare Highlights ● Siemens invented the coffee machine (1914). refrigeration. applying for almost 800 patents in one year alone. dishwashing and laundry. and the country’s best-known high street and department stores including Currys. Comet. dishwasher (1964). online retailers. self-cleaning oven (1970) and condenser tumble dryer (1976). manufacturing a wide range of freestanding and built-in products for cooking. ● Siemens patents more innovations than any other white goods manufacturer. Siemens Domestic Appliances is the UK arm of BSH. Today it is one of Europe’s most trusted and topselling brands. a joint venture company set up by Siemens and Bosch in 1967 to manage their household appliance businesses. Harrods and Selfridges. The majority of products made by Siemens have gained the official EU energy class rating of ‘A’.

professional services and strategic purchasing. builds.000 square metres of space. IT. develops and operates the company’s facilities. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses . It plans. CIT/GSS UK helped generate direct and indirect cost savings of more than £45 million for Siemens in the past financial year. CIT/GSS UK allows businesses to reduce costs and focus on their core activities. human resources. By pooling resources and adopting standard approaches. By improving efficiency and quality of service through the use of 48 Back to contents Energy cutting-edge technology. Siemens has a property portfolio spread across more than 3. will in future control all the company’s real estate assets. SRE. comprising approximately 530. Utilising space more efficiently and disposing of unwanted property is expected to generate savings globally of £250 million by 2012. including accounting. which previously administered only about half of the portfolio.000 different sites around the world. In the UK. commercial and industrial property.Rough Guide Other operations Industry Other operations SIEMENS REAL ESTATE Siemens Real Estate (SRE) is responsible for managing the property assets of Siemens AG. comprising nearly 18 million square metres of office and production space. SRE manages 150 leasehold and five freehold properties. supporting Siemens businesses in all matters relating to office. finances. CORPORATE INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY/ GLOBAL SHARED SERVICES UK Corporate Information Technology/Global Shared Services UK (CIT/GSS UK) provides a range of internal services to Siemens businesses across the UK.

The team also works closely with communications teams in the UK sectors to maximise opportunities to promote Siemens and to communicate the company’s strategy and business progress to all employees. forecasting and reporting processes for Siemens in the UK. It produces financial reports. shares employment best practice. MANAGEMENT OFFICE The Management Office team (formerly known as Corporate Development) supports the profitable growth of Siemens businesses in the UK by delivering insightful and value-adding research and analysis of external issues such as macroeconomics.Rough Guide Corporate departments Industry Corporate departments CORPORATE AUDIT Corporate Audit fulfils a governance role. and ensures that Siemens complies with corporate and international accounting guidelines and regulations. The team also provides advice and guidance on accounting and reporting issues. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents . COMMUNICATIONS AND GOVERNMENT AFFAIRS The Communications and Government Affairs team is responsible for raising the profile and enhancing the reputation of Siemens with existing and potential customers. coordinates training and development. investors. CORPORATE FINANCE AND CONTROL Corporate Finance and Control leads and co-ordinates the financial planning. effective and accurate. providing the senior management team with independent assurance that the company’s financial. accounts and presentations for the senior management boards of Siemens in the UK and for Siemens AG. ONEHR OneHR helps to ensure Siemens attracts and retains highly qualified. OneHR shapes personnel policies. while also ensuring employees receive competitive remuneration and benefits packages. operational and systems controls are adequate. 49 Energy This department also oversees and co-ordinates Siemens One activities. motivated. opinion formers. helps identify long-term career development opportunities. It operates within the communications strategy formulated by Siemens AG. key business sectors and customers. as well as special analysis and projects for the North West Europe cluster as a whole. which includes major events and City Account Management London. the media and the general public. employees. skilled and customer-focused people in order to achieve excellent business results.

There are three levels of Podium awards – Gold. These awards are designed to give instant recognition to individuals and teams who live the company’s core values on an everyday basis. A nomination will be considered for a Podium award if an individual or team has had a considerable impact on colleagues. Excellent and Innovative Champions has incorporated the best elements of previous employee recognition schemes. text Champions to 81025 followed by your message (normal network charges apply). Silver and Bronze. so individuals and teams who would have been rewarded under the old schemes can still be nominated by their managers and colleagues for awards. which the recipients can use towards a gift of their choice at the reward shop. the business or Thank You awards are either in the form of e-cards or reward points. Healthcare Cross-sector businesses .Rough Guide Champions Industry Champions The new Siemens-wide Champions scheme recognises employees whose outstanding work reflects the core values of Responsible. each including a monetary prize. There are two types of awards – instant Thank You awards and Podium awards. The easiest way to make a nomination is through the Champions website. and has contributed to significant business success.siemens. Gold awards will be presented at a national ceremony held annually. 50 Back to contents Energy You can also call the Champions hotline on 0845 054 5923. which you can access from the MyPlace portal or by going to www.

clothing chains and grocery stores. Although it carries the Siemens name. as well as protection for their dependants if they die. the scheme’s finances are completely separate from those of the company. MY CHOICE My Choice is a flexible scheme that allows Siemens staff to convert part of their salaries to benefits such as health and dental insurance.Rough Guide A great place to work Industry A great place to work As you would expect from a world-class organisation. company-wide effort to encourage employees to invest in Siemens shares and so benefit from its share performance. travel agencies. SHARE MATCHING PLAN The Siemens Group Share Matching Plan is part of an innovative. For every three shares an employee buys. including electrical retailers. childcare vouchers and retail vouchers. life assurance. Siemens offers its employees a fantastic range of benefits and discount schemes SIEMENS BENEFIT SCHEME The main aim of the Siemens Benefit Scheme is to provide members with an income after they retire. they will get one share free. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Back to contents 51 . MY DEALS My Deals is a comprehensive Siemens employee discounts package offering discounts on Siemens products and products from a variety of different retailers. INTERNET The company’s corporate websites contain comprehensive information about Siemens in the UK and the 189 other countries in which it operates. the intranet portal for Siemens in the UK – the company’s new website for mobile devices 52 Back to contents .com Annual reviews are also produced covering the activities of Siemens in the UK and North West Europe. Electronic versions can be downloaded from: Energy Healthcare www.Rough Guide Information resources Industry Information resources Siemens produces a range of corporate media to keep its employees informed INTRANET MyPlace. including links to the individual websites of each business. Cross-sector businesses www.siemens.siemens. useful downloads and information on all aspects of working for It is also published online: intranet.siemens. are printed and distributed to offices. More resources are available on the global intranet portal: ANNUAL REPORTS Siemens AG publishes its annual report at the end of the fiscal year (which runs from 1 October to 30 September).siemens. the company’s employee newspaper. as well as tools. SIEMENSWORLD Every month copies of the global Siemens website the website for Siemens in the UK – has been redesigned and relaunched to give employees even more up-to-date news about the company. factories and other operating sites across the globe.siemens.

plus the addresses of major manufacturing sites UK HEADQUARTERS (including all corporate departments.Rough Guide Siemens UK businesses Industry Siemens UK businesses This list contains contact details for each Siemens business. Siemens Real Estate and Corporate Information Technology/Global Shared Services UK) Siemens plc Sir William Siemens Square Frimley Camberley Surrey GU16 8QD Tel: 01276 696000 Energy Industry sector Siemens Automation and Drives Sir William Siemens House Princess Road Manchester M20 2UR Tel: 0161 446 6400 Siemens Automation and Drives (Standard Drives) Siemens House Varey Road Congleton Cheshire CW12 1PH Tel: 01260 283000 Siemens Building Technologies Sir William Siemens Square Frimley Camberley Surrey GU16 8QD Tel: 01276 696000 OSRAM Osram House Waterside Drive Langley Slough SL3 6EZ Tel: 01744 812221 Siemens Water Technologies Priory Works Five Oak Green Road Tonbridge Kent TN11 0QL Tel: 01732 771777 Siemens VAI Metal Technologies Loewy House 11 Enterprise Way Aviation Park West Bournemouth International Airport Christchurch BH23 6EW Tel: 01202 331000 Siemens Mobility/ Siemens Traffic Solutions Sopers Lane Poole Dorset BH17 7ER Tel: 01202 782000 Siemens Mobility (Rail Infrastructure) Ashby Park Ashby de la Zouch Leicestershire LE65 1JD Tel: 01530 258013 Back to contents Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 53 .

Rough Guide Siemens UK businesses Industry Siemens UK businesses continued. off Lambourne Drive Wollaton Nottingham NG8 1GB Tel: 0115 906 6000 Oxford OX1 2EP Tel: 01865 265500 Siemens Magnet Technology Wharf Road Eynsham Oxfordshire OX29 4BP Tel: 01865 880880 Siemens Hearing Instruments Alexandra House Newton Road Manor Royal Crawley RH10 9TT Tel: 01293 423700 Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Healthcare Siemens Healthcare/ Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics Sir William Siemens Square Frimley Camberley Surrey GU16 8QD Tel: 01276 696000 Siemens Molecular Imaging 23-38 Hythe Bridge Street Cross-sector businesses Siemens IT Solutions and Services Sir William Siemens Square Frimley Back to contents . Energy Energy sector Siemens Energy Solutions and Products/Siemens Wind Power Sir William Siemens Square Frimley Camberley Surrey GU16 8QD Tel: 01276 696000 Siemens Transmission and Distribution Sir William Siemens House Princess Road Manchester M20 2UR Tel: 0161 446 5000 Siemens Transmission and Distribution 2 Koppers Way Monkton Business Park South Hebburn Tyne and Wear NE31 2EZ Tel: 0191 495 3537 54 Siemens Transmission and Distribution North Farm Road Hebburn Tyne and Wear NE31 1LX Tel: 0191 401 5255 Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery Waterside South Lincoln LN5 7FD Tel: 01522 584000 Siemens Energy Service Fossil CA Parsons Works Shields Road Newcastle-upon-Tyne NE6 2YL Tel: 0191 276 1188 Siemens Oil & Gas and Industrial Applications Service First Floor Olympic House Doddington Road Lincoln LN6 3SE Tel: 01522 583165 Siemens Metering Services Woodyard Lane...

. Energy Camberley Surrey GU16 8QD Tel: 01276 696000 Siemens Financial Services Sefton Park Bells Hill Stoke Poges Buckinghamshire SL2 4JS Tel: 01753 434000 Siemens Enterprise Communications Brickhill Street Willen Lake Milton Keynes MK15 0DJ Tel: 01908 855000 Nokia Siemens Networks Medway House Newbury Business Park Newbury RG14 2PZ Tel: 01635 525000 Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Our joint ventures Siemens Domestic Appliances Grand Union House Old Wolverton Road Wolverton Milton Keynes MK12 5PT Tel: 01908 328400 55 Back to contents .Rough Guide Siemens UK businesses Industry Siemens UK businesses continued..

He not only became one of the leading industrialists of the Victorian age. He died in November 1883. A brief history 56 Back to contents . entrepreneurial spirit. He soon achieved his first success by selling a patent for a revolutionary electroplating process. following a funeral service held at Westminster Abbey. William’s inventiveness. and was buried at Kensal Green cemetery in London. Queen Victoria awarded William a knighthood in April 1883. he was also one of the first environmentalists and was concerned about waste and pollution. guided by the philosophies and traditions pioneered by Sir William. the installation of the first electric street lighting. the development of the first water meter. shrewd business sense and love of turning scientific principles into practical solutions led him to achieve many notable firsts in engineering. In the following 40 years. aged 60. a 19-year-old engineer from Hamburg. William established the UK subsidiary of Siemens and the company grew rapidly under his leadership. he founded the Siemens & Halske Telegraph Construction Company. Together with Johann Georg Halske. That was the year William Siemens. Sir William Siemens Siemens has been at the forefront of technological change and social progress in the UK since 1843.Rough Guide The history of Siemens in the UK Industry Our founder. Siemens continues to make a valuable contribution to the economy and society of the UK. ‘von’ since 1888). in 1847. In the 21st century. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 1845 WERNER VON SIEMENS (WILLIAM’S BROTHER) Werner von Siemens (1816-1892. Berlin. arrived in London with just a few pounds in his pocket. In recognition of his contributions to science. and the construction of the first public electric railway. Its early successes included the laying of the first undersea telegraph cable between Britain and the United States. circa 1845.

Present day OFFSHORE WIND FARM.6-107 wind turbines are rated at 3. FARADAY The Siemens cable ship Faraday (c. It has since become a classic. 1936 SIEMENS ON THE US STOCK MARKET A large banner on the building of the New York Stock Exchange marks the start of Siemens on Wall Street on 12 March 2001. circa 1900. develops into an important element of Siemens automation technology after 1959 (photo taken in 1961). By 1884 this ship had laid six transatlantic telegraph cables. initially for the manufacture of cables – near Berlin was in the area which later became Siemensstadt. The initial market rate for Siemens share certificates was at 112. 57 Back to contents . supplying environmentally-friendly power to more than 80. 5. BURBO Burbo Bank Offshore Wind Farm in Liverpool Bay has 25 wind turbines supplied by Siemens Power Generation.25 USD. W48 TELEPHONE The W48 telephone set was introduced in 1936 and manufactured until 1960. a modular electronic control system.Rough Guide The history of Siemens in the UK Industry 2001 1874 CABLE SHIP.6 megawatts (MW). Erection of the type SWT-3. 1959 SIMATIC CONTROL SYSTEM Simatic. Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses 1900 CABLE FACTORY KABELWERK WESTEND The first Siemens factory – the Kabelwerk Westend.000 households.000 GRT) was built in 1873/1874 by William Froude to the design of the Siemens brothers. at the end of 2007. The wind turbines started commercial operation.

Industry Energy Healthcare Cross-sector businesses Siemens plc Sir William Siemens Square Frimley Camberley GU16 8QD Back to contents .