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AppnIntmcnt Lcttcr

ReI: HR / 2010-11 DATE:-20 April, 2011




Dear Mr X,

This is with reIerence to your application and the subsequent interview, you had
with us. We are pleased to appoint you as ~1unior Accountant Trainee On the
Iollowing terms & conditions:-
1. You shall join your duties on or beIore 20 May 2011 at our Angamali Plant,
2. You will be paid Rs.20000 /-CTC per month Ior a period up to 20
May 2011.
3. You will be paid emoluments Rs.5000/-CTC per month w.e.I.1
2011 and your salary details are as Iollows:

Particulars Amount in Rs.
Basic 12000
HRA 3000
Conveyance 1500
CEA 2060
P.F. 1440
Total 20000/-

Our appointment will be governed by the annexure 'A` appended herewith.
We welcome you to this organization and trust we will have a long and mutually
rewarding association.
Please communicate your acceptance oI this appointment by signing a copy oI this
letter and returning it to us.
We wish you all the very best in your career with us, and we are conIident that you
will continue to built on the good work you have started.

Yours IaithIully,
For (Comp Name)

Authorised Signator
accept the oIIer and terms and conditions mentioned in aIoresaid letter and report
Ior duty on/or take charge on the post with eIIect Irom

Signature oI applicant.