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The Past All Through the Hood and All through the House not creature was sturring

not even my mouse I couldnt figure out why It was all so stunning Whatever. I need to check my line up Would Jacobs be running? I flipped the light switch Not a spark to be gained I went to get candles Scented lava-lane I mashed on the monitor Something was not right I checked my clock on the wall The clocked stopped at midnight "I Just changed the batteries on this damn thing" Is all I said When suddenly a voice said to me "Too late we're going back instead" "Harken you!" I shouted Was this some deceit? But out of nowhere came Aaron Brooks Dressed as clown from head to feet The ghost of Fantasy Past I began to studder He threw the ball backward "Week 10 remember?" He signed his hands And the room began to blur the blue bacame grey He brought back old September I rubbed my eyes I couldn't believe But there I was All young and naive The clock was winding down I had the 5th pick I could see my myself stammer "OH NO!" I tried to move quick I tried to do a tackle Ray Lew would be proud of But I rushed right through him I was more intangible than the breath of a dove

Duh dunt dunt duh dunt dunt A selection was made Brooks smiled and threw the ball backward (again!) and my room was remade The Present Whoa! That was insane I was back in front of my computer Looking at stats of Peyton Manning A rocket arm with a vision to up to a mile He's surrounded with playmakers Wait! Harrison's on trial 3 pick 6's already You can blame the line But Salisbury is no longer here Be honest. It's decline Saying these word aloud His pictured turned Voiced his displeasure " Oh Lord not this again Is this the ghost of Fantasy Present? What did I do to earn this resent? "You have no soul in Fantasy football" He repeated my old line And reached out of the screen and I went toward a fallen shrine Fantasy purgatory is where we stood running backs over 30 Welcome to Shaun Alexander's neighborhood I read the sign aloud Could this be right Peyton Smiled and pointed There were men in uniform and Travis Henry in a fight 9 Kids and 9 women came out to help but to my surprise It was to Travis they yelped We walked further along and turned a street when I saw Brett Favre and Madden

in a lover's retreat I averted my eyes but to no avail because rightt there in front of me was Pacman's cell There was a message left unchecked Called ID said Irv I keyed receive What I heard was absurd "Smoke the pipe and drink the kool-aid Jerry Jones is an ass Last night I sat down and prayed." GET ME OUT OF HERE I told Manning He signal for 30 or 45 seconds A hallowed spot like a day dream The Future

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