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lly generated message: Thank you for using HP's Instant Active Chat Support.

Our Chat Support is provided free during your warranty period. Your request has been received by our Technical Support Center, and has been queued. Support for HP Notebooks, Desktops, and Printers are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You will receive a response to your support request in 2 minutes or less. Starting Jan 1st 2010, HP has stopped free support for all out of warranty Consumer Notebooks and from Feb 1st 2010 free support for all out of warranty Commercial Notebooks has been stopped as well. Alternatively, you have the option to seek self-help support from our website at or you can bring your notebook to Service Center for chargeable support. [21 November 2011 17:18:51] -- Automatically generated message: The HP Support technician, Subham S has been assigned to your case. [21 November 2011 17:18:57] -- Automatically generated message: For reference, your Case ID is 4636166691 [21 November 2011 17:19:44] -- Subham S says: Hello Ashish, thank you for contacting HP and for your interest in our Active Chat Support. My name is Subham and I see you have a question regarding your HP PC. Please give me 2 minutes to review your information. Thank you. [21 November 2011 17:21:26] -- Ashish Ahuja says: Ok [21 November 2011 17:22:13] -- Subham S says: I understand from the case note that. battery back up is low in HP Notebook PC, am I right ? [21 November 2011 17:24:26] -- Ashish Ahuja says: Yes [21 November 2011 17:24:41] -- Ashish Ahuja says: It was around 3 hours earlier but now days it is hadly 1.5 hours [21 November 2011 17:26:21] -- Subham S says: No worries! Let me see what best I could do for you. [21 November 2011 17:26:36] -- Subham S says: Please confirm the details in question; 1. Serial Number:CNF0457LHC 2. Model Number: Compaq Presario CQ42-233TU 3. Contact No:9899655361 4. Email 5. Country of purchase of the unit:IN:India

6. Country where you are currently residing:IN:India 7. Year/month of purchase of the unit: [21 November 2011 17:27:20] -- Ashish Ahuja says: Yes it is correct [21 November 2011 17:27:29] -- Ashish Ahuja says: the prouduct was purchase in March - 2011 [21 November 2011 17:27:38] -- Ashish Ahuja says: I am from New Delhi, India [21 November 2011 17:29:51] -- Ashish Ahuja says: Hi, you there??? [21 November 2011 17:30:33] -- Subham S says: Yes, I am still connected to the chat session. [21 November 2011 17:30:46] -- Subham S says: Thank you for the confirmation and updates. [21 November 2011 17:32:05] -- Ashish Ahuja says: ok [21 November 2011 17:32:54] -- Subham S says: May I know the Operating System installed on the unit? You may click on Start -- right click on Computer and select Properties. You should get the operating system and bit version details. Example: Windows Vista Home Premium 32 bit, Windows XP Professional with SP2, Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. [21 November 2011 17:33:11] -- Ashish Ahuja says: 32 bit [21 November 2011 17:34:09] -- Ashish Ahuja says: windows 7 ultimate [21 November 2011 17:34:16] -- Subham S says: Let me know the complete details asked! [21 November 2011 17:35:04] -- Ashish Ahuja says: It is 32-bit operating system

[21 November 2011 17:35:25] -- Ashish Ahuja says: Pentium dual core - CPU [21 November 2011 17:36:15] -- Subham S says: Thank you for the update. [21 November 2011 17:36:22] -- Ashish Ahuja says: Windows 7 ultimate copyright @ 2009 [21 November 2011 17:36:29] -- Ashish Ahuja says: ok [21 November 2011 17:36:31] -- Subham S says: I understand the same is not preinstalled, am I correct? [21 November 2011 17:40:00] -- Ashish Ahuja says: My hard disk got corrupt so all my original windows was gone [21 November 2011 17:40:08] -- Ashish Ahuja says: so I got it changed from HP [21 November 2011 17:40:22] -- Ashish Ahuja says: but I could not recover my windows [21 November 2011 17:42:05] -- Ashish Ahuja says: Can you please hurry??? Sorry to say but you are taking a long time. [21 November 2011 17:43:57] -- Subham S says: Ashish, please accept my apology for the delay in response. [21 November 2011 17:44:12] -- Ashish Ahuja says: Ok, no issues [21 November 2011 17:44:39] -- Subham S says: Sorry to inform that, HP always recommend to get notebook with preinstalled Operating System as per the requirement. HP generally test all the software parted with the unit during shipment and the non pre installed software ( software installed from user/retailer end) may not match or give some issue. In this scenario, since the Operating System is installed from non HP source,you should be supported on best effort basis related to operating system. [21 November 2011 17:46:01] -- Subham S says: Please perform a battery calibration on the unit. 21429/en_us/c00817650/loc:1&cc=us&dlc=en&jumpid=reg_R1002_USEN%20vista&lc=en

[21 November 2011 17:46:13] -- Ashish Ahuja says: ok [21 November 2011 17:46:18] -- Ashish Ahuja says: so what should I do with this link [21 November 2011 17:47:05] -- Ashish Ahuja says: there are 3 options with this callibration with notebook in use, notebook not in use [21 November 2011 17:47:44] -- Subham S says: You need to perform all the steps. [21 November 2011 17:48:20] -- Ashish Ahuja says: ok so that it would lot of tiem [21 November 2011 17:48:23] -- Subham S says: Once done, install HP Support Assistant following this link. [21 November 2011 17:48:31] -- Ashish Ahuja says: so after that what should I do after performing those stpes [21 November 2011 17:49:09] -- Subham S says: Then perform a battery health check on the unit following the link provided below. reg_R1002_USEN%20vista [21 November 2011 17:49:18] -- Subham S says: Get back to us with your observation once done. [21 November 2011 17:49:48] -- Ashish Ahuja says:

Follow the steps below to calibrate the battery power meter readings. 1. Connect the AC adapter and allow the battery to charge to 99% - 100% of capacity. 2. Disconnect the AC adapter from the notebook PC. 3. Click Start , enter power in the Search field, and then selectPower Options from the list.

4. Select Create a power plan from the left sidebar. 5. Click in the Plan name field and type Calibrator . Then, press Enter . 6. Select Never for all topics in the On battery column. 7. Click Create to accept the values and force the battery to consistently discharge. 8. Allow the battery to discharge completely until the notebook PC shuts down. NOTE:The battery power meter is now calibrated, and the battery level readings should be accurate. 9. Connect the AC adapter and restart the notebook PC. 10. After calibration, return to the Power Options dialog box (Step 3) and select your default power plan setting. Back to top Calibrate the battery while PC is not in use A calibration cycle requires that the battery be completely charged and then completely discharged. The calibration may take one to five hours, depending on the age of the battery and the notebook configuration. Follow the steps below to calibrate the battery power meter readings. NOTE:Do not use the PC during the calibration cycle. 1. Shut down the notebook PC. 2. Connect the AC Adapter and charge the notebook PC until the battery charge light is green, indicating that the battery is completely charged. On some models the battery light glows white, and on other models the light turns off when fully charged. See your model's User Guide. 3. Restart the notebook.

4. Press F8 several times when the HP logo appears. 5. When the Windows Advanced Boot Options menus displays, use the Up and Down arrow keys to selectSafe Mode and then press Enter . 6. When the Windows Advanced Startup Menu displays, select the Startup in Safe Mode option. 7. Disconnect the AC power adapter from the notebook PC. 8. Allow the battery to discharge completely until the notebook PC shuts down. The battery is now calibrated, and the battery level reading on the power meter should be accurate. Back to top

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Then perform a battery health check on the unit following the link provided below. USEN%20vista

[21 November 2011 17:49:18] -- Subham S says: Get back to us with your observation once done.

[21 November 2011 17:49:48] -- Ashish Ahuja says: ok

[21 November 2011 17:50:32] -- Subham S says: If you are using Internet Explorer to log in the chat web page, to get back via same chat and follow up the issue better,add this link in the Favorites of your web browser. To resume back, go to Favorites, click on the saved link and

get connected to us. Alternatively, to resume the same chat, please enter instant support web site using this URL: in your web browser and launch Active chat. Please click View your other Active chat issues and then click the chat id:16678270 listed. Please get back via same chat to save time and help us to follow up the issue better.

[21 November 2011 17:51:28] -- Ashish Ahuja says: OK