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1 An CrganlzaLlon ls a soclal arrangemenL whlch pursues collecLlve goals whlch conLrols lLs own performance
A 1rue
8 lalse

2 CrganlzaLlon ls noL preoccupled wlLh performance
A 1rue
8 lalse

3 CrganlzaLlon accumulaLes and share knowledge
A 1rue
8 lalse

4 CrganlzaLlon enable people Lo be more
A LlmlLed
8 LducaLed
C roducLlve
u none of Lhe above

3 ubllc secLor companles are owned by Lhe
A lorelgner
8 Locals
C CovernmenL
u nCCs

6 1he organlzaLlon who converLlng one resources lnLo anoLher are Lg Coal lnLo elecLrlc
A ManufacLurlng
8 Servlce lndusLry
C 8eLall and dlsLrlbuLlon
u Lnergy SecLor

7 8eLalllng and ulsLrlbuLors companles exLracL and reflne raw maLerlal
A 1rue
8 lalse

8 lnclude reLalllng dlsLrlbuLlon LransporL banklng varlous buslness servlces (eg
AccounLancy adverLlslng) and publlc servlces such as educaLlon medlclne eLc
A AgrlculLure
8 ManufacLurlng
C Lnergy
u lnLellecLual producLlon
L Servlce lndusLrles

9 lnLellecLual producLlon companles produce food and beverage producLs
A 1rue
8 lalse

10 rlvaLe SecLor companles are owned by Lhe cenLral or local governmenL or agencles
A 1rue
8 lalse

11 LlmlLed companles Lerm llmlLed llablllLles means
A 8lsk ls generally resLrlcLed Lo Lhe amounL LhaL Lhey have lnvesLed ln Lhe company
8 8lsk ls llnked Lo lnvesLor personal holdlngs
C 1haL Lhe funds Lhey lnvesL ln Lhe company are secured
u none of Lhe above

12 A llmlLed company has a separaLe legal personallLy from lLs owners (shareholders)
A 1rue
8 lalse
13 1he ownershlp and conLrol of a llmlLed company are noL legally separaLe even Lhough Lhey may be vesLed ln
Lhe same lndlvldual or lndlvlduals
A 1rue
8 lalse

14 ConLrols managemenL and sLaff and ls accounLable Lo Lhe shareholders buL lL has
responslblllLles Lowards boLh groups owners and employees allke
A lnLernal AudlLors
8 CovernmenL agencles
C nCCs
u 8oard of ulrecLors

13 usually conslsLs of career managers who are recrulLed Lo operaLe Lhe buslness and
are accounLable Lo Lhe board
A LxLernal AudlLors
8 lnLernal AudlLors
C CperaLlonal managemenL
u SupporL SLaff

16 ubllc llmlLed companles are also known as publlc secLor companles
A 1rue 8 lalse

17 Whlch of Lhe followlng ls noL Lhe advanLage of a llmlLed company?
A SeparaLe legal personallLy
8 no resLrlcLlons on slze
C LlmlLed LlablllLy
u Cwnershlp ls legally separaLe from conLrol
L Compllance cosL

18 CooperaLlve are owned by who share proflL
A Workers or CusLomers
8 CovL And nCCs
C Cwners and ManagemenL
u none of Lhe above

19 An organlzaLlon whlch ls owned by lLs member raLher Lhan ouLslde lnvesLors are called
A Co operaLlves
8 LlmlLed Company
C ubllc SecLor Companles
u MuLual AssoclaLlon or lunds

20 ubllc secLor companles can ralse funds from whlch of Lhe followlng ways?
A 8alslng Laxes
8 Maklng charges (servlce charges eLc)
C 8orrowlng
u All of Lhe above
21 ubllc secLor has a problem LhaL Lhey have Lo pay hlgh raLes for Lhelr borrowlng from Lhelr lenders
A 1rue
8 lalse

22 nCCs are dlrecLly llnked wlLh Lhe local or cenLral governmenL and Lhelr prlme alm ls Lo make proflLs
A 1rue
8 lalse

23 MlnLzberg's belleves LhaL all organlzaLlons can be analyzed lnLo ComponenLs
A 2
8 4
C 3
u 7

24 Whlch of Lhe followlng ls componenL of MlnLzberg's organlzaLlon model?
A SLraLeglc apex
8 1echno sLrucLure
C SupporL sLaff
u CperaLlng core
L All of Lhe above

23 SLraLeglc apex ls Lhe lndlvldual who carry ouL baslc work ln Lhe organlzaLlon
A 1rue
8 lalse

26 are Lhe managers and Lhe managemenL sLrucLure work beLween Lhe sLraLeglc apex and operaLlng
A SLraLeglc apex
8 CperaLlng core
C SupporL sLaff
u Mlddle llne

27 SupporL sLaff ls Lhe help sLaff ln Lhe organlzaLlon such as secreLarlal cleanlng repalr and malnLenance sLaff
A 1rue
8 lalse

28 1echno sLrucLure ls sLaff wlLhouL dlrecL llne managemenL responslblllLles buL who provlde Lechnlcal supporL
1haL ls l1 and AccounLs
A 1rue
8 lalse

29 When organlzaLlon ls subdlvlded lnLo speclallsL deparLmenLs wlLh each deparLmenL speclallzlng ln a parLlcular
Lype of acLlvlLy Lg markeLlng flnance and producLlon 1hls Lype of deparLmenLs are known as
A Ceographlc
8 roducL / brand
C luncLlonal
u Pybrld

30 Cne of Lhe dlsadvanLages of Ceographlcal deparLmenLaLlon ls lLs causes dupllcaLlon and lnconslsLency ln pollcy
A 1rue
8 lalse
31 ls Lhe dlvlslon of a buslness lnLo auLonomous reglons or producL buslnesses each wlLh
lLs own revenues expendlLures and caplLal asseL purchase programmers?'
A uecenLrallzed
8 ulvlslonallsaLlon
C Pybrld
u luncLlonal

32 S8u sLands for SLandard buslness undersLandlng
A 1rue
8 lalse

33 Successful ulvlslonallsaLlon requlres cerLaln key condlLlons SLaLe whlch of Lhe followlng ls correcL?
A MusL have properly delegaLed auLhorlLy
8 MusL be large enough Lo supporL Lhe quanLlLy and quallLy of managemenL lLs need
C MusL have poLenLlal of growLh ln lLs own area of operaLlon
u Should be scope and challenge ln Lhe [ob of Lhe managemenL of each unlL
L All of Lhe above l none of Lhe above

34 Pybrld SLrucLure are
A luncLlonal ueparLmenLaLlon
8 ulvlslonal ueparLmenLaLlon
C Pave boLh luncLlonal and ueparLmenLal sLrucLure aL Lhe same managemenL level
u Mlx of all SLrucLures

33 A slmple sLrucLure ls also known as enLrepreneurlal sLrucLure
A 1rue
8 lalse

36 Whlch of Lhe followlng are noL Lhe characLerlsLlcs of slmple sLrucLure?
A Wlde span of conLrol
8 no mlddle llne or hlerarchy
C CenLrallzed sysLem of command
u Croup and consclences declslon maklng
L ulrecL conLrol over operaLlng core

37 CrganlzaLlons have an lncrease use of parL Llme and Lemporary conLracLs of
A CenLrallze
8 Shamrock organlzaLlon
C MaLrlx
u Pybrld

38 Pandy called shamrock as flexlble flrm
A 1rue
8 lalse

39 Shamrock organlzaLlon has a flx employmenL no even ln Lhe Llme of recesslon or slow growLh 1hey pay heavy
amounL on penslons hollday pay and healLh lnsurance
A 1rue
8 lalse

40 Shamrock organlzaLlon self employed professlonals are (Clve 2 besL answers)
A ermanenL employee of Lhe company
8 1op managemenL execuLlves
C Plred on conLacL on a pro[ecL by pro[ecL basls
u 1hey are pald ln fee for resulLs Lhan of salary

41 Span of conLrol ls also called and known as span of managemenL
A 1rue
8 lalse

42 Span of conLrol means
A Level of managemenL ln Lhe organlzaLlon
8 no of superlor looklng afLer one [ob
C no of subordlnaLe dlrecLly reporLs Lo lLs manager / superlor
u no of managers responslble for lnLernal conLrol

43 lf manager have 7 subordlnaLe Lhe span of conLrol wlll be 8
A 1rue
8 lalse

44 More nonsupervlsory work on Lhe manger wlll resulL ln a narrow span of conLrol
A 1rue
8 lalse

43 A Lall organlzaLlon wlLh many managemenL levels has a wlde span of conLrol
A 1rue
8 lalse

46 Scalar Chaln means
A no of subordlnaLe reporLlng Lo a manager
8 1he chaln of command from mosL [unlor Lo senlor
C 1he chaln of command from Lop Lo boLLom
u 1he chaln of command from mosL senlor Lo mosL [unlor

47 uelayerlng ls Lhe reducLlon of Lhe number of managemenL levels from boLLom Lo Lop
A 1rue
8 lalse

48 uelayerlng would
A Make an organlzaLlon Laller
8 Make an organlzaLlon flaLLer
C Make no effecL
u none of Lhe above

49 ln a small organlzaLlon Lhe span of conLrol wlll be narrow because Lhe numbers of employees are llmlLed
A 1rue
8 lalse

30 narrow span of conLrol mean sLrlcL and close monlLorlng of subordlnaLes whlch resulL ln demoLlvaLlon of
A 1rue
8 lalse

31 Whlch of Lhe followlng ls noL Lhe level of sLraLegy ln Lhe organlzaLlon?
A CorporaLe sLraLegy
8 8uslness SLraLegy
C LxpendlLure SLraLegy
u CperaLlonal / luncLlonal SLraLegy

32 1he dlsLlncLlon beLween corporaLe and buslness sLraLegy arlses because of Lhe developmenL of Lhe
dlvlslonallsed buslness organlzaLlon whlch Lyplcally has a corporaLe cenLre and a number of sLraLeglc buslness
unlLs (S8us)
A 1rue
8 lalse

33 1he sLraLegy whlch concerned wlLh whaL Lype of buslness Lhe organlzaLlon ls ln ls called
A 8uslness SLraLegy
8 CorporaLe SLraLegy
C MarkeL SLraLegy
u luncLlonal SLraLegy

34 CorporaLe sLraLegy has a long Lerm lmpacL
A 1rue
8 lalse

33 Mean how an organlzaLlon approaches a parLlcular producL area
A MarkeL SLraLegy
8 CorporaLe SLraLegy
C Lmployees ManagemenL
u 8uslness SLraLegy

36 ls a Company dlvlslon producL llne wlLhln a dlvlslon or slngle producL or company brand LhaL
has an ob[ecLlve and mlsslon dlfferenL from oLher company buslness and LhaL can be markeLed lndependenLly
from Lhe resL of Lhe company?
A CperaLlonal SLraLegy
8 LlmlLed Company
C SLraLeglc buslness unlLs or S8us
u ubllc SecLor Co

37 ueal wlLh speclallzed areas of acLlvlLy
A luncLlonal / CperaLlonal SLraLegy
8 8uslness SLraLegy
C SLraLeglc buslness unlLs or S8us
u ubllc SecLor Co

38 SLraLeglc managemenL ls carrled ouL by Lhe senlor managemenL and ls concerned wlLh dlrecLlon seLLlng pollcy
maklng and crlsls handllng lL have Llme frame for lmpllcaLlon of 3 Lo 3 years
A 1rue
8 lalse

39 CperaLlonal managemenL (carrled ouL by supervlsors and operaLlves) ls concerned wlLh rouLlne acLlvlLles Lo
carry ouL LacLlcal plans ueclslons aL Lhls level would deal wlLh shorL Lerm maLLers
A 1rue
8 lalse

60 1acLlcal managemenL (carrled ouL by mlddle managemenL) ls concerned wlLh esLabllshlng means Lo Lhe
corporaLe ends moblllzlng resources and lnnovaLlng (flndlng new ways Lo achleve buslness goals) ueclslons made
aL Lhls level would have medlum Lerm lmpllcaLlons
A 1rue
8 lalse

61 CrganlzaLlons enable by brlnglng LogeLher Lwo lndlvlduals Lhelr comblned ouLpuL wlll exceed
Lhelr ouLpuL lf Lhey conLlnued worklng separaLely
A Synergy
8 AccounLablllLy
C roducLlvlLy
u none of Lhe above

62 1helr a dlfferenL way LhaL an organlzaLlon can be dlfferenL from each oLher Whlch one of Lhe followlng ls
A Cwnershlp / conLrol
8 AcLlvlLy / legal sLaLus
C roflL and non proflLable
u no of worker and managers
L Slze / source of flnance / Lechnology

63 Are Lhe organlzaLlons whlch acqulre raw maLerlal and by Lhe appllcaLlon of labor and
Lechnology Lurn Lhem lnLo producL Cr ln oLher words Lhey add value Lo Lhelr purchase
A Servlce lndusLrles
8 AgrlculLure
C Lnergy
u ManufacLurlng

64 CooperaLlves are owned by workers or cusLomer whlch of Lhe followlng feaLure ls noL belongs Lo lL?
A Cpen membershlp
8 CooperaLlve dlssolves lf any member qulL
C uemocraLlc conLrol (one member one voLe)
u ulsLrlbuLlon of Lhe surplus ln proporLlon Lo purchases
L romoLlon of educaLlon

63 A span of conLrol resulLs ln each manager supervlslng a small number of employees
A Small or narrow
8 Large or wlde
C 1lny
u none of Lhe above

66 A of managemenL occurs when more subordlnaLes reporL dlrecLly Lo a glven manager
A Small or narrow
8 Large or wlde
C 1lny
u none of Lhe above

67 A allows a manager Lo communlcaLe qulckly wlLh Lhe employees under Lhem and conLrol
Lhem more easlly
A Large or wlde span of conLrol
8 Small or narrow span of conLrol

68 span of conLrol ls economlcal for Lhe company
A Large or wlde span of conLrol
8 Small or narrow span of conLrol

69 Cne of Lhe advanLages of Lhe narrow span of conLrol ls LhaL lLs requlred low managemenL skllls
A 1rue
8 lalse

70 Span of conLrol ls fasLer and reach Lhe Lop managemenL ln qulck Llme
A Large or wlde span of conLrol
8 Small or narrow span of conLrol

71 Whlch of Lhe followlng ls noL a parL of shamrock organlzaLlon flower dlagram?
A Self employed professlonals
8 ConLlngenL work force
C 1echno sLrucLure
u Consumer
L rofesslonals

72 ls recognlzed ln law as a person LhaL can own asseLs and owe money ln lLs own name lL's separaLe
ln Lhe law from lLs owners
A roprleLor shlp
8 Sole Lraders
C LlmlLed company
u none of Lhe above

73 1he ln large companles allows Lhe dlrecLors and managers Lo run Lhe company on Lhelr
A none execuLlve dlrecLors
8 Shareholders
C Lmployee's of Lhe company
u CusLomers and clvll socleLy

74 ls noL a crlmlnal acLlvlLy lL's allow mulLlnaLlonal groups of companles Lo leglLlmaLely Lo avold
Lhe paymenL of Lax
A 1ax evaslon
8 1ax servlce
C 1ax sysLem
u 1ax avoldance

73 1he accounLlng deparLmenL ls subdlvlded lnLo Lhree parLs Whlch of Lhe followlng ls lncorrecL?
A llnanclal accounLlng
8 ManagemenL accounLlng
C 1reasury or flnance depL
u llnanclal advlsory depL

76 ubllc secLor companles are ulLlmaLely accounLable Lo
A unlLed naLlons
8 rlme mlnlsLer
C llnance MlnlsLer
u arllamenL

77 Shamrock organlzaLlon ay ls Lled Lo organlzaLlonal performance
A ConLlngenL work force
8 Self Lmployed
C rofesslonal core
u none of Lhe above

78 Shamrock organlzaLlon Are Lemporary and parL Llme worker who wlll experlence shorL perlods
of employmenL and long perlod of unemploymenL?
A ConLlngenL work force
8 Self Lmployed
C rofesslonal core
u none of Lhe above

79 Whlch of Lhe followlng ls noL Lhe example of ubllc SecLor Company?
A CovernmenL hosplLal
8 CovernmenL Collages
C Wall marL sLore
u ollce deparLmenL

80 nCC and CharlLles are noL requlred Lo produce accounLs ln law
A 1rue
8 lalse

1 A 16 B 31 B 46 D 61 A 76 D
2 B 17 E. 32 B 47 A 62 D 77 C
3 A 18 A. 33 E 48 B 63 D 78 A
4 C 19 D 34 C 49 A 64 B 79 C
5 C 20 D 35 A 50 A. 65 A 80 B
6 D 21 B 36 D 51 C 66 B 81
7 B 22 B 37 B 52 A 67 B 82
8 E 23 C 38 A 53 B 68 A 83
9 B 24 E 39 B 54 A 69 A 84
10 B 25 B 40 CD 55 D 70 A 85
11 A 26 D 41 A 56 C 71 C 86
12 A 27 A 42 C 57 A 72 C 87
13 B 28 A 43 B 58 A 73 B 88
14 D 29 C 44 A 59 A 74 D 89
15 C 30 A 45 B 60 A 75 D 90

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