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Title:Nandos Privacy Policies


The objective of this document is to provide you with general information about our privacy policy.

If you are a minor, younger than 18 years of age, please carefully consider the content of this privacy statement, together
with your parents or legal guardian.

Nandos is proud to introduce its formal online privacy statement, for consideration by all interested parties, who choose to
engage Nandos commercially, in any way whatsoever.

The Nandos corporate identity and brand reputation is of material value to us. Our relationship with the public is founded
on good faith and trust. In accordance with our culture of excellence, we hereby wish to re-assure you that Nandos
collects, receives, processes, distributes shares and stores your personal information in a professional and responsible
manner. We strictly adhere to the principles of privacy and security in relation to the information which we collect from
third parties. We recognize that these principles are critical antecedents to increased participation in e-commerce.

We essentially maintain information about you in order to provide you with the most effective and convenient access to our
broad range of activities, products and services.

This notice serves as a public notification and a standard for all Nandos employees, insofar as it relates to Nandos data
collection and storage protocol.


2.1. Non-Public Personal Information

Non-public personal information essentially is information about you, which we collect in order to enable us to provide a
service to you, deliver a product, or to engage you in any one of our proprietary activities. Typically and insofar as it is
possible to do so, personal non-public information is collected directly from the party so concerned.

Non-public personal information includes, amongst others the following:
O Full names and surname;
O Physical and postal address;
O Telephone numbers;
O Electronic contact particulars, for example, email address;
O Verification information;
O Information in relation to your transactions with us, our affiliates or associated concerns;
O Information stored by selected third parties, for example Credit Bureaus; and
O Employment history (where applicable).
Personal non-public information does not include biographical, business, or financial information.

2.2. Biographical Information

Biographical information includes, for example, demographic data, such as your job description, income, personal
preferences, interests, hobbies, general health and so forth.

Typically web merchants, or vendors, use biographical information to assist them with the following issues:
O Profile customers;
O Target future communications for marketing purposes;
O Customize web pages for use by individual customers;
O Market research; and
O Marketing and promotional purposes.
4 For example, as an aid in relation to the vendors marketing and promotional objectives and strategies.
Nandos appreciates your concerns with regard to the use of biographical information and we therefore furnish you with an
opportunity to formally consent to our sharing of your biographical information. You are accordingly presented with two
options in this regard:
O Opt-in; and
O Opt-out.
If you wish to select the opt-in alternative, please note that this mechanism requires you to actively give consent to us
sharing and disseminating your biographical information. To this end please select the opt-in option by double clicking on
the "opt-in box below.


Should you wish not to consent to us sharing your biographical information please actively select the opt-out alternative,
by double clicking on the "opt-out box below. By selecting this option you will avoid your biographical information from
being shared with third parties.


2.3. Financial Information

Financial information includes, amongst others, items such as:
O Banking particulars;
O Bank account particulars, such as credit card numbers; and
O Authentication information.
The disclosure of financial information by individuals is of paramount importance and typically bears the most significant
risk to the individual concerned. At Nandos we fully appreciate the obvious reluctance of customers to disclose financial
information. However such information is necessary to conclude most e-commerce transactions. We have therefore taken
great care to ensure that your financial information is secure and that the underlying confidentiality is not compromised in
any way.

We are committed to ensuring that your financial information is not misappropriated in any way and have therefore
employed sophisticated techniques and mechanisms to reduce the perceived risks so associated with electronic
transactions. Such practices include, amongst others:
O Authentication mechanisms;
O Confirmation and payment assurance;
O Cryptography;
O Digital signatures;
O Non-repudiation provisions; and
O Alternative payment methods.
2.4. Electronic data

Electronic data primarily refers to information which relates to your website and includes information, such as:
O Internet service provider;
O Browser type;
O Domain name;
O Intellectual Property ("IP) address;
O Details of the website which referred you to us;
O Links;
O Web pages of interest to you;
O Requests, for example, web pages so requested by you;
O Date and time of such requests;
O Entry and exist points;
O Statistical analysis of web page traffic patterns;
O Website administration; and
O Surfing behavior.
The collection of electronic information may, if necessary, involve the use of tracking technology and generally acceptable
mechanisms such as cookies and pixel tags, for example. Electronic data is also referred to as passive information.
Vendors passively collect information, in instances where the users are not required to enter anything.

2.5. Aggregated data

Aggregated data refers to data from which the identity of the relevant individual cannot be determined.

Privacy concerns in relation to the use of aggregated data, by vendors, is therefore limited and bears very little risk to the


3.1. General

Nandos collects and uses all the information listed in clause 2, above. We use the information which you disclose to us for
commercially acceptable purposes, which includes, for example:
O Communicating with you;
O Engaging you in selected activities;
O Marketing;
O Advertising;
O Promotions;
O E-commerce transactions;
O Research;
O Establishing site activity and trends;
O Monitoring site performance;
O Improving site design and functionality;
O Sale of our business;
O Mergers and/or acquisitions;
O Joint ventures; and
O In compliance with legislative and regulatory requirements.
Nandos reserves the right to monitor your compliance with the terms and conditions of the use of this website and we may
accordingly choose to track your usage of this website to confirm such compliance. Nandos may also, within its sole
discretion, choose to terminate your access to this website.

3.2. Tracking technology

We use sophisticated technology to obtain certain types of information when your web browser accesses this website.
Cookies, for example are alphanumeric identifiers which are transferred to your computers hard drive through your web
browser to enable us to recognize your browser and to provide customized features to you. Cookies allow you to take full
advantage of the best features of this website.

However, you may within your sole discretion chose to instruct your browser not to accept new cookies, or to disable
cookies altogether. If you do not wish us to use the information which is collected by means of such technology, please
disable the relevant functions on your browser.

We also use pixel tags to help us analyze online behavior. However this behavior is not associated with any personal
information disclosed to us and any risk is therefore minimal.

3.3. Information sharing

Our policy is not to share your information with unaffiliated third parties and we accordingly agree not to sell your
information to such third parties. However, the information so collected by us may be supplied, in good faith, to our
affiliated advertising and marketing agents, for the sole purpose of developing our marketing, advertising and promotional
vision, policies and strategies.

You may choose not to provide certain information, but then you have to appreciate that you may not be able to take
advantage of many of our features, or be able to participate in certain proprietary activities. Certain Nandos services and
products can only be offered to you if you supply us with the relevant information.

3.4. Links

This website may provide links to third party websites or resources. The information practices of those websites are not
covered by this privacy statement. You are accordingly not protected in terms of the provisions of this privacy statement
when you select to link to the websites of such third parties.

We urge you to carefully review the terms of use and privacy policy of any linked third party website before disclosing any
information to that website. Nandos shall not be held liable for any damages caused by your disclosure of information to
any such third party links.


Nandos does not knowingly collect personally identifiable information from children on this web site , nor do we solicit
minor children to transact with us in any way whatsoever. However, we cannot be held liable for the voluntary disclosure
of information, by children, on this web site. In the event where we are able to identify the sender as a child we will use
any personally identifiable information, so disclosed to us, to communicate with the minor child in an attempt to focus
his/her attention on the provisions of this clause 4 of our online privacy statement. Information so disseminated by minor
children will not be misappropriated or abused by Nandos.

Please note that this website is intended to be accessed by adults and children over the age of 18 years. We require the
submission of certain personally identifiable information to fulfill and honor our obligations in relation to electronic
commercial transactions.

Nandos shall not be liable for any damages suffered by either yourself or any third party as a result of the disclosure of
information by a minor child on this website.

4.1. Parents

Nandos encourages parents and guardians to oversee and monitor their minor childrens online activities. No personally
identifiable information should be submitted to this site in any manner or form, by children, without the consent of their
parent or guardian.
4.2. Children

Please take caution not to disclose your personal information or financial information, without the consent of your parent or
guardian. It is dangerous to disclose any personally identifiable information electronically, as it may enable third parties to
contact you either online or offline. Please discuss any activity on this web site with your parent or guardian first.

Children should be especially mindful of the fact that any personally identifiable information which his voluntarily submitted
to a public area of this website may be collected and used by third parties, who may abuse such information. Children
should under no circumstances expose themselves to such risks.


When your information is processed, we take great care to ensure that access thereto is limited, strictly to those
employees, representatives, affiliates, or agents, who need to have access thereto in order to meet our customer service
commitments to you.

We have procured a variety of sophisticated mechanisms and techniques toprotect the confidentiality and security of your
personal and financial information, which is disclosed to us electronically. To this end we strive to maintain the highest
possible standards to ensure that physical, electronic and procedural security is not compromised in any way. However,
Nandos cannot be held liable for any damages suffered by you, as a result of you engaging in any electronic transaction
with us.

Nandos constantly strives to stay abreast with the latest technological developments and industry initiatives to enhance
the security of your said information.

We furthermore also make every reasonable effort possible to maintain physical security with regard to our offices and
information storage facilities.


We invite you to contact us in the event where you may have any unresolved questions or concerns. We will attend to all
enquiries which we are reasonably able to address.

For your ease of reference we set out below our contact particulars:

Address: Nando's Chickenland Malaysia Sdn Bhd, No. 123, 2nd & 3rd Floor, Jalan Sultan, 50000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Please communicate any change in the information previously disclosed to us, by directing a written notice to our
Customer Relations Department, using the above contact particulars, marked for the attention of Website Administrator in
order to enable us to update our database, thus ensuring our commitment to efficient service is not frustrated.


Nandos reserves the right to update, amend, supplement, or change the terms of this privacy statement, should it be
deemed necessary to do so in the future. Please refer to this statement periodically to note any changes and new
practices. Whenever this privacy statement is updated in any way whatsoever, the date of the relevant update or
amendment will appear at the bottom of this page.