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Questions asked by TCS in PI on 03/11/2011

1. What is Bhilai famous for?

2. What is Chattishgarh famous for?
3. Tell me about your family background
4. Explain your summer project? Conclusions? Recommendations?
5. A number of questions on summer project
6. How important is brand?
7. Why do you want to join TCS?
8. Tell me something about yourself.
9. Why marketing?
10. Market a vicro & an clair to me
11. Do you have any questions for me?
12. Domain knowledge of Operations & Computer science
13. General awareness was their focus & how quick can I reply.
14. HR interview was very general
15. Tell me about your summer internship graduation & post graduation
16. Why IB, why operations.
17. North Korean people are unique on the planet
18. Why foreign minister?
19. What is international management?
20. Any latest news?
21. Introduce yourself
22. Tell something about summer internship.
23. How you started with summer internship work
24. Problem with Nano car.
25. About your hometown?
26. What is product cannibalization?
27. Tell me something about your family background.
28. Findings & learnings from summer internship
29. Tell something about your home town
30. Tell about C++.
31. What is reorder point?
32. How will you relate your B. Tech (CSE) to PGDM - International
Business (operations)?
33. What is threshold point?
34. Why are you keen to join TCS?
35. Use of Management in Software Company.
36. Who is the father of operations management? State his principles.
37. Who were Deming & Juran. What is their origin?
38. Tell me about yourself
39. Favorite subject in Finance and why?
40. About FDI in, India
41. F1 race track beneficial or not for India economy?
42. Eurodebt crisis, US - debt - crisis.
43. What do investors look for in financial statement?
44. How is foreign exchange rate determined?
45. Why major trade is done in dollars? What are the benefits?
46. What is the benefit of having same currency in Europe?
47. What was your learning experience in Vedantra?
48. Hobbies
49. Financial ratios - P/E ratio
50. Euro - debt crisis, Middle Asia Crisis
51. Management of Sensex & Why?
52. A lot of questions about F1 race. Sponsors, Winner etc.
53. Derivatives - introduction
54. Merging - IT companies.
55. Impact of F1 race on India economy.
56. AC to DC & DC to AC convertor (graduation)
57. Tell me something about yourself, family background.
58. Why marketing?
59. Why IT, any Certification in IT?
60. General knowledge questions. 2G Scan, happenings in Thailand, Syria,
Euro crisis etc.
61. TCS SWOT analysis
62. Tell me something about the job profile offered, will you be able to
63. Your BIMTECH fees with the remuneration offered.
64. Ebay business model.
65. Future of Apple after Stave Jobs
66. What is repositioning. Give example.
67. Why mechanical, why marketing?
68. If Honda offers you a PPO will you accept?
69. Market & sell this water bottle.
70. Economics related questions.
71. What RBI should do to control inflation? How loans impact inflation SBI
72. Steve Jobs death and impact on apple
73. General knowledge questions
74. Trays Palestine conflict F1, CWG
75. CEOs of various companies internship project
76. About work ex.
77. About internship