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Session Checklist
Introduce the Session Manage the Agenda
Open the Agenda Item ____ Introduce the agenda step. ____ Describe the purpose of the item. Explain Technique ____ Explain the terminology. ____ Perform warm up activity. Conduct Technique to Address Item ____ Apply techniques. ____ Develop deliverables if required. Document Consensus ____ Document results. ____ Summarize conclusions reached. ____ Obtain closure on agenda item. Document Open Issues ____ Post Action Items and Open Issues. ____ Determine target data for resolution. ____ Determine who will take responsibility for each item. Distribute Preliminary Documentation ____ Assemble and distribute for review. ____ Review with group as needed. Review Consensus ____ Obtain consensus from participants and project team.

Welcome the Participants ____ Greet participants as they enter. ____ Direct participants to pick up name tents. ____ Direct participants to their seats. ____ Direct observers to their seats. ____ Offer refreshments. ____ Pass around attendance log. Make Introductions ____ Introduce session facilitator and documenters. ____ Introduce project sponsor. ____ Introduce project manager. ____ Introduce project team. ____ Have participants introduce themselves. State the Purpose of the Meeting ____ Have project sponsor express support. ____ Have project sponsor explain project scope and objectives. ____ State the session goals and objectives. Introduce the Agenda ____ Post the agenda. ____ Briefly describe each agenda step. ____ Review session evaluation approach. Review Administrative Information ____ Explain lunch plans. ____ Explain break schedule. ____ Identify location of restrooms. ____ Review arrangements for messages. ____ Review final day schedule/participant departure. ____ Review emergency procedures. Explain Roles and Responsibilities ____ Session facilitator ____ Documenter ____ Project Sponsor ____ Project Manager ____ Participants ____ Observers Explain the Ground Rules ____ Post the ground rules. ____ Explain importance of ground rules. ____ Ask for additions or changes to ground rules. ____ Check for consensus on ground rules.

Conclude the Session Closing the Session ____ Thank the participants for their hard work. ____ Praise them for their involvement and accomplishments. ____ Summarize the accomplishments. ____ Obtain closing remarks from project sponsor. ____ Ask project manager to explain the next steps and describe resulting documents, if any. Complete Session Evaluation ____ Distribute and collect evaluation forms. Break Down the Room ____ Remove and gather all flip-chart information. ____ Remove all facilitation and personal materials. ____ Coordinate room clean-up as applicable.