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Will India beat Pakistan? Balaji Narasimhan | | http://www.balaji.ind.

in/ 25th March 2011, Bangalore: Now, Im not really a cricket buff, but an India Pakistan match is something that interests everybody in India. And by everybody, I mean everybodyroads in many cities are deserted, you can rush home during rush hour and the only risk you run is that the police will book you on grounds of insanityfor, who in India can avoid an India Pakistan match? So, though Im not a cricket fan, I decided to look at Indias chart because this affects the country as a whole. India has had an impressive track record against Pakistan in the World Cup. We have clashed with them and won four times and have not lost even one match against them until now. But this doesnt mean that we will be lucky the fifth time either on 30th March, 2011. BTW, heres the chart: ra lgku india su ch 15/aug/1947bu sk 12:00 am sa new delhi 28n36 77e12 lg: 0744 ke gu India will be running SU-RA-BU from March-29-2011 to May-13-2011 In birth chart, Surya is placed in the 3rd house of sports, while Rahu occupies Lagna as 10th lord. Budha, though in the sign of a great enemy, is placed in star of RYK Sani, who is placed in Budhas star. The biggest worry is that on the day of the match Budha will be at zero degrees Mesha. The fact that Budha is getting over neechatva is good; but being at the edge of the 12th sign is not good for victories. Also, we have to considersince Budhas PD starts on 29th, what if the chart calculated by the software is off by a day or two? What if India is still running Sanis PD? Then what happens? Will India win? It is good to also consider the exact degreewise transits on that day. Kuja will be transiting the 9th, Rahu will be in the 6th, and Ketu in the 12th from Chandra. Additionally, Sani will be Vakra in the third from himself and Guru will also be transiting the 9th from Sani. One thing to note is that both Guru and Sani will be on that day exactly at the 20th degree of Meena and Kanya respectively. This means that Guru, the lord of the 8th house of agonies, will be afflicting Sani, the Raja Yoga Karaka doublydirect aspect on Gochara Sani and also exact aspect on Sanis Janma position. Sorry to play Cassandra, but I feel that India is doomed to lose. Maybe it is because Im a naturally gloomy guy, or maybe it is because Im running KE-SKCH, which has given me slightly better than average predictive capabilities. Of course, I could be wrong. As I write this, my PD lord Chandra is neecha in the 6th from my Lagna. Lets pray that I am wrong and India wins! PLEASE NOTE: This article has been written solely from a Jyotish perspective. Do not let your affection for either country or team ignite your passions. Do not use divine Jyotish for frowned-upon activities like betting.