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Will India win the World Cup again? Balaji Narasimhan | | www.balaji.ind.

in If at first you dont succeed, skydiving is not for you; and if you want to succeed every time, or drop out at the first hint of failure, Jyotish is not for you. Recently, I predicted that India would lose to Pakistan in the semi finals and I was fortunately wrongI say fortunately because, if I had been right, my colleagues told me that I would be drawn, quartered, tarred, feathered, andwell, you get the idea. Now, I want to try and predict if India will win in the finals. Previously, I tried to analyze Indias birth chart. Now, I shall work with a prashna chart, based upon the advice of CS Ravindramani ji of JV group, who recently highlighted what each house stands for. The same is summarized below: house 1 2 3 4 5 6 what it stands for first team gain of wickets or runs interactions on field condition of pitch audience and mood might of competitors house 7 8 9 10 11 12 what it stands for second team unexpected events getting right umpire decisions umpires, record keepers gain of wickets or runs loss of the match

While I have decided to follow Ravindramani jis advice, I have made one changehe said that the chart cast at the time of the toss can be used for analyzing the outcome of a match, but I felt that a prashna should be cast when the question comes to you. So, I cast the prashna as below:

Incidentally, the question for Prashna was, Will India beat Sri Lanka on Saturday?

Though the lagnadipati occupies the 8 , he is conjunct Guru, lord of the 5 house of purva punya and Kuja, lord of the 9 and the general karaka for sports. Sukra, the lord of the 3 house of sports, aspects lagna from a kendra, in conjunction with Chandra, who rules desires. In a Prashna, association of Chandra is considered beneficial and his link with the 3
rd rd th



and the 1 is auspicious for India.



Now, India is represented by the Lagna, but who represents Sri Lanka? Is it the 6

house of opponents or the 7 , which deals with the other team? In view of my recent failure I decided to play safe and spread my tentacles like an octopus (Oh, Paul! I wish I could predict like you!) and encompass both houses. First, the vimshopaka balas: varga shadvarga sapthavarga dasavarga shodasavarga surya 13.1 13.32 13.23 12.97
th th

sani 8.75 9.62 12.5 12.23

rahu 14.8 15.4 16.7 15.45

Lagna Lord beats 6 /7 lord Sani easily in the shadvarga and saptha varga, and even in the dasa varga and sodhasa varga, manages to hold his own. The only problem is that the 7 house is also ruled by Rahu, and he beats Surya in all the four vargas. Now, consider the bhava balas: houses 1 6 7 strength 559 474 454
th th th

Easily, lagna is stronger than both the 6 and the 7 houses. It would also be interesting to consider the dasa at the time of the prashna. It is RA-SA-SU from Feb-26-2011 to Apr-18-2011. All three are in mutual kendras from each other, but the one problem is that the MD and PD lords are disposited by Guru, who is neecha in navamsa.

In summation, insofar as India is concerned, these are the positives: Suryas vimshopaka greater than 6 /7 lord Sanis Strength of lagna is greater than 6 /7 in bhava bala The 6 /7 houses lose strength because its lord is vakra Dispositor of Sani is vakra in the 9 , strengthening this house of luck
th th th th th th th

There are also a few negatives, namely: Other 7 lord Rahus vimshopaka greater than Suryas Lagna lords dispositor is neecha in navamsa

Fortunately for India, the positives outweigh the negatives and hopefully, this could mean that India may repeat its 1983 performance and win the World Cup again. ***