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What is Employee Relations ?

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What is Employee Relations?

An organization cant perform only with the help of chairs, tables, fans or other non living entities. It needs human beings who work together and perform to achieve the goals and objectives of the organization. The human beings working together towards a common goal at a common place (organization) are called employees. Infact the employees are the major assets of an organization. The success and failure of any organization is directly proportional to the labour put by each and every employee. The employees must share a good rapport with each other and strive hard to realize the goal of the organization. They should complement each other and work together as a single unit. For the employees, the organization must come first and all their personal interests should take a back seat.

What is Employee Relations ?

Every individual shares a certain relationship with his colleagues at the workplace. The relationship is either warm, so-so or bad. The relationship can be between any one in the organization - between co workers, between an employee and his superior, between two members in the management and so on. It is important that the employees share a healthy relationship with each other to deliver their best performances. An individual spends his maximum time at the workplace and his fellow workers are the ones with whom he spends the maximum hours in a day. No way can he afford to fight with his colleagues. Conflicts and misunderstandings only add to tensions and in turn decrease the productivity of the individual. One needs to discuss so many things at work and needs the advice and suggestions of all to reach to a solution which would benefit the individual as well as the organization. No individual can work alone. He needs the support and guidance of his fellow workers to come out with a brilliant idea and deliver his level best. Employee relations refer to the relationship shared among the employees in an organization. The employees must be comfortable with each other for a healthy environment at work. It is the prime duty of the superiors and team leaders to discourage conflicts in the team and encourage a healthy relationship among employees. Life is really short and it is important that one enjoys each and every moment of it.Remember in an organization you are paid for your hard work and not for cribbing or fighting with each other. Dont assume that the person sitting next to you is your enemy or will do any harm to you. Who says you cant make friends at work, infact one can make the best of friends in the office. There is so much more to life than fighting with each other. Observation says that a healthy relation among the employees goes a long way in motivating the employees and increasing their confidence


and morale. One starts enjoying his office and does not take his work as a burden. He feels charged and fresh the whole day and takes each day at work as a new challenge. If you have a good relation with your team members you feel going to office daily. Go out with your team members for a get together once in a while or have your lunch together. These activities help in strengthening the bond among the employees and improve the relations among them. An employee must try his level best to adjust with each other and compromise to his best extent possible. If you do not agree to any of your fellow workers ideas, there are several other ways to convince him. Sit with him and probably discuss with him where he is going wrong and needs a correction. This way he would definitely look up to you for your advice and guidance in future. He would trust you and would definitely come to your help whenever you need him. One should never spoil his relations with his colleagues because you never know when you need the other person. Avoid using foul words or derogatory sentences against anyone. Dont depend on lose talk in office as it spoils the ambience of the place and also the relation among the employees. Blame games are a strict no no in office. One needs to enter his office with a positive frame of mind and should not unnecessarily make issues out of small things. It is natural that every human being can not think the way you think, or behave the way you behave. If you also behave in the similar way the other person is behaving, there is hardly any difference between you and him. Counsel the other person and correct him wherever he is wrong. It is of utmost importance that employees behave with each other in a cultured way, respect each other and learn to trust each other. An individual however hardworking he is, cannot do wonders alone. It is essential that all the employees share a cordial relation with each other, understand each others needs and expectations and work together to accomplish the goals and targets of the organization.

Importance of Employee Relations - Why Employee Relations at Workplace?

Every individual at the workplace shares a certain relationship with his fellow workers. Human beings are not machines who can start working just at the push of a mere button. They need people to talk to, discuss ideas with each other and share their happiness and sorrows. An individual cannot work on his own, he needs people around. If the organization is all empty, you will not feel like sitting there and working. An isolated environment demotivates an individual and spreads negativity around. It is essential that people are comfortable with each other and work together as a single unit towards a common goal. It is important that employees share a healthy relation with each other at the work place. Let us find out why employee relations are important in an organization:

There are several issues on which an individual cannot take decisions alone. He needs the
guidance and advice of others as well. Sometimes we might miss out on important points, but our fellow workers may come out with a brilliant idea which would help us to achieve our targets at a much faster rate. Before implementing any plan, the pros and cons must be evaluated on an open forum where every employee has the right to express his opinions freely. On your own, you will never come to know where you are going wrong, you need people who can act as critic and correct you wherever you are wrong. If you do not enjoy a good relation with others no one will ever come to help you.

Work becomes easy if it is shared among all. A healthy relation with your fellow workers would ease
the work load on you and in turn increases your productivity. One cannot do everything on his own. Responsibilities must be divided among team members to accomplish the assigned tasks within the stipulated time frame. If you have a good rapport with your colleagues, he will always be eager to assist you in your assignments making your work easier.

The organization becomes a happy place to work if the employees work together as a family. An
individual tends to lose focus and concentration if his mind is always clouded with unnecessary


tensions and stress. It has been observed that if people talk and discuss things with each other, tensions automatically evaporate and one feels better. Learn to trust others, you will feel relaxed. One doesnt feel like going to office if he is not in talking terms with the person sitting next to him. An individual spends around 8-9 hours in a day at his workplace and practically it is not possible that one works non stop without a break. You should have people with whom you can share your lunch, discuss movies or go out for a stroll once in a while. If you fight with everyone, no one will speak to you and you will be left all alone. It is important to respect others to expect the same from them.

An individual feels motivated in the company of others whom he can trust and fall back on
whenever needed. One feels secure and confident and thus delivers his best. It is okay if you share your secrets with your colleagues but you should know where to draw the line. A sense of trust is important.

Healthy employee relations also discourage conflicts and fights among individuals. People tend to
adjust more and stop finding faults in each other. Individuals dont waste their time in meaningless conflicts and disputes, rather concentrate on their work and strive hard to perform better. They start treating each other as friends and try their level best to compromise and make everyone happy.

A healthy employee relation reduces the problem of absenteeism at the work place. Individuals are
more serious towards their work and feel like coming to office daily. They do not take frequent leaves and start enjoying their work. Employees stop complaining against each other and give their best

It is wise to share a warm relation with your fellow workers, because you never know when you
need them. You may need them any time. They would come to your help only when you are nice to them. You might need leaves for some personal reasons; you must have a trusted colleague who can handle the work on your behalf. Moreover healthy employee relations also spread positivity around. It is essential that employees are comfortable with each other for better focus and concentration, lesser conflicts and increased productivity.

Strategies to Improve Employee Relations

For the organization to perform better it is important that the employees are comfortable with each other, share a good rapport and work in close coordination towards a common objective. People feel responsible and motivated to do good work and enjoy their work rather than taking it as a burden. It is important that the management promotes healthy employee relations at workplace to extract the best out of each individual. Competition is essential but it should not promote negativity or any kind of enmity among the employees. Let us go through some steps and strategies for a healthy employee relationship in the organization.

Involve your team members: They should feel important and indispensable for the organization. An
individual must be assigned responsibilities according to their interests and responsibilities. Dont impose work on them. Let them willingly accept challenges. They must enjoy whatever they do otherwise they would end up fighting with their superiors and fellow workers.

Encourage individuals to share their work with each other: This way people tend to talk with each
other more, discuss things among themselves and thus the comfort level increases. Let them work together and take decisions on their own. A team leader should intervene only in extreme cases of conflicts and severe misunderstandings.

Assign them targets and ask all your team members to contribute equally and achieve the target
within the desired time frame. Motivate them to work in groups. This way employees have no other choice than to trust their fellow workers and take each others help as well. An employee must have the liberty to express his ideas and all of them should sit together to decide on something which would be beneficial to all.

One should try his level best that all the employees must have their lunch together at the same
time. Half an hour to fourty five minutes must be dedicated to lunch and one should not discuss work


during lunch time. There are other topics as well. Discuss movies, sports, shopping or any other thing under the sun. There will be no harm if the employees go out together once in a while for get togethers, picnics or shopping. Ask them to bring their family members as well.

Encourage effective communication among the team members. It has been observed that poor
communication leads to confusions and misunderstandings. The communication has to be precise and relevant. One should not play with words and be very specific about his expectations from his fellow workers as well as the organization. If you are not very happy with your colleagues proposal, dont keep things to yourself. Voice your opinion and do express your displeasure. It will definitely prevent a conflict among employees later and improve the relations among them. Be straightforward. Dont pretend things just to please your boss. If you find anything unacceptable, discuss with your superior but in a polite way.

Written modes of communication must be promoted among the employees for better
transparency. Verbal communication is not as reliable as written communication. The agendas, minutes of the meeting, important issues must be circulated among all through emails. Make sure that all the related employees are in the loop. Dont communicate individually with any of the employees as the other one might feel neglected and left out.

Morning meeting is another effective way to improve the relation among the employees. Let
everyone come together on a common platform and discuss whatever issues they have. The meetings must not be too formal. Allow the team members to bring their cups of coffee. Start your day with a positive mind. Greet everyone with a warm smile. Exchange greetings and compliments. If any of your team member is not in a pleasant mood, do take the initiative and ask what is wrong with him. Try your level best to provide him a solution.

Organize birthday parties, Christmas parties, New Year parties etc. at the workplace. These small
initiatives actually go a long way in strengthening the bond among the employees. Ask all of them to decorate the office, their work stations and make all the necessary arrangements themselves. You will actually be surprised to find out that everyone would be ready with some thing or the other. Employees would actually take the initiative and organize things on their own. Let them enjoy with each other and have fun. Praise the individual if he has done something exceptionally well. Reward him suitably. The names of the top performers must be displayed on the notice boards for others to draw inspiration from them. Encourage everyone to perform well to live up to the expectations of the superiors as well as the management. A healthy relation among employees promotes a positive ambience at the work place and employees feel happy and satisfied at work. They look forward to going to office daily and also work hard to realize their teams as well as organizations goals.

Employee Relationship Management

Employees are the major assets of an organization. It is essential that the employees perform together as a collective unit and contribute equally towards the realization of a common goal. No task can be accomplished if the individuals are engaged in constant conflicts and misunderstandings. It has been observed that targets are achieved at a much faster rate if the employees work together and share a warm relationship with each other. Employees must be comfortable with each other to deliver their best and enjoy their work.

What is employee relationship management ?

Employee relationship management refers to managing the relation between the various employees in an organization. The relationship can be between employee and the employer as well as between employees at the same level.

What is Management ?
Management is nothing but a technique which brings people together on a common platform and guides them so that they achieve their desired targets without fighting with each other. In a laymans language, management is nothing but managing things effectively so that tasks are accomplished without any hassles and confusions. Management is required everywhere. Every individual goes for shopping. The moment you enter in an outlet, a sales person would come to you and assist you in your shopping. He would try his level best to convince you and guide you in selecting an outfit according to


your taste as well as budget. The moment you finalize something, you automatically would be directed to the billing section for the monetary transactions. Your shopping basket in no time would reach the packing area where the officials would nicely put the outfits in a smart carry bag flaunting the logo of the store. Finally there would be a supervisor who would recheck your bill and thank you for your valuable time. How do you think such a smooth coordination is possible? Not a single moment, there was any confusion. All this is possible through management. Every thing was well managed and organized effectively to avoid confusions and meet the ultimate objective of the store ie selling the product as well as making the customer happy. Employee relationship management is an art which effectively monitors and manages the relation between individuals either of the same team or from different teams. Employee relationship management activity helps in strengthening the bond among the employees and ensures that each one is contented and enjoys a healthy relation with each other. Employee relationship management includes various activities undertaken by the superiors or the management to develop a healthy relation among the employees and extract the best out of each team member. Let us go through certain activities which are imperative for a healthy employee relationship management:

Transparency in communication is of utmost importance for a healthy employee relationship

management. A single point of contact must be assigned who should be made responsible for handling queries of all the team members and escalating it to the seniors. Confusions are bound to arise if all of them would walk up to their superiors with their problems. Let the team members decide their SPOC. In such cases employees actually know who to get in touch with in case of a query and in the absence of their superiors. The hierarchy should not be too complicated and every employee should be accessible to each other. Important information must be passed on in the presence of all, where everyone has the liberty to express his opinions freely. Important information can also be put on the notice boards for everyone to read and get a common picture. If any one has performed exceptionally well, do display his name on the bulletin board. Let everyone read it and get inspired to perform better next time. Encourage morning meetings where individuals can come together and know each other well. Exchanging information through emails is also an important way to improve the relation among the employees as everyone knows what is being communicated to the other individual.

Encourage group activities at the workplace. Motivate individuals to work together probably in a group
so that the comfort level increases. The more they talk, the more they get to know each other. Give them a target, a deadline and ask them to take each others help and reach to a conclusion. They would definitely come closer this way and start trusting each other more. An individual spends the maximum time at his workplace and one should treat his team members as a part of ones extended family. It is important to celebrate festivals at organization, the same way we do at our homes. Celebrate each others birthday and do ask for treats. Such informal get togethers go a long way in improving the relation among the employees. Individuals come together, enjoy together and come to know lot many things which actually they dont bother to find out during the normal working hours. Families must also be invited for a better bonding. The team leaders must ask their team members to take their lunch together so that they discuss other things apart from their daily work.

Assign challenging work to your team members so that they feel motivated to deliver their level
best. Do not assign something which they do not find interesting. The responsibilities must be divided equally among the team members and no employee should be overburdened. Every employee should be aware of his key responsibility areas to avoid confusions. No way should the work get monotonous.

The concept of workstations and cubicles must be promoted rather than closed cabins. People
sitting in closed cabins tend to get cut off from rest of the employees in the organization and are generally lost in their own sweet world. They would enter their cabins in the morning and come out in the evening and thus sometimes even dont get the opportunity to exchange greetings with their fellow workers. People sitting in workstations tend to talk to each other more often even in between work and thus relationship improves. One can even walk up to the others desk to have a brief chit chat in order to take a small break and feel relaxed. Employees sitting together discuss many things and even share their secrets, thus the trust increases. It is commonly observed that if any of your colleagues sitting next to you is on leave for some days, you start missing him.

The employees must be motivated to avoid politics and blame games at work. Such activities are
considered highly unproductive and spoil the relationship among the employees. Backbiting is a strict no no at the workplace. Avoid getting into unnecessary controversies and useless criticism at work. Respect your team members as well as your superiors. It is important that one trusts his management


rather than unnecessarily cribbing and finding faults. Avoid conflicts and try to adjust with each other. It is okay to be friends with your colleagues but dont have unrealistic expectations from anyone. Last but not the least the superiors or the team leaders must not act pricy and try to dominate their team members. The Hitler approach does not work now a days. No one should be afraid of his boss, instead treat him as his well-wisher and mentor who is always there to support him. The employees must be able to fall back on their team leader anytime. The team leader must understand the needs and expectations of his employees and should not be too harsh to them. If they want a leave for a genuine reason, do grant them. Dont be after their life if you find them chatting with their family or friends over the phone once in a while or log on to any social networking site. These things are natural but make sure the work does not suffer.

Partialities must be avoided for a better employee relationship. Treat everyone as one and every
individual must respect each others privacy. There is a limit to everything and thus over indulgence in each others work, too much of a friendly nature should be avoided. For a better employee relationship management, it is important that employees have a positive frame of mind and dont always consider their colleagues as their enemies. Dont always assume that your fellow team member would say something against you in front of your boss. Avoid disputes, misunderstandings, instead work together, enjoy together and make the organization a better place to work.

Role of Communication in Employee Relationship

A healthy employee relationship ensures a positive environment at work and also helps the employees to achieve their targets at a much faster rate. People are more focussed, can concentrate better in their assignments and hence the output increases. Employees are not engaged in constant fights, are eager to help each other and do not take work as a burden. They enjoy each and every moment at work and do not take leaves often. Communication is not only important in our daily lives but also plays a crucial role at workplace. It is one of the most important factors which either improves or spoils the relationship among employees. The communication has to be transparent and precise for a warm relationship among employees. Clarity in thoughts is important. Dont assume that the other person will come to know on his own what is going on in your mind. The thoughts must be converted sensibly into relevant words such that the other person is able to understand you well. The employees must be very clear about what is being expected from them. Their key responsibility areas, roles and responsibilities must be communicated to them in the desired form for them to perform their level best. Dont play with words. Be straightforward and precise in what you expect from your team members. Dont blame them later. Haphazard thoughts and abstract ideas only lead to confusions and spoil the relationship among the employees. Let us go through the below example: Janet was working as a key accounts manager with a leading advertising firm. First she wanted Ted to prepare a report on marketing and sales strategies undertaken by her organization, then she wanted him to prepare a report on the branding techniques and finally she asked him to also include the promotion strategies. She herself was not very clear about her expectations. Poor Ted was so confused that he submitted an incomplete report to Janet. She was not at all happy with Teds performance and always side-lined him in future. In the above example, Janet was not very clear about the content of the report and also confused Ted. One needs to express his ideas clearly for the other person to understand it correctly. Poor communication in this case spoiled the relation between Janet and Ted who were once good friends. Had Janet told Ted to prepare an exhaustive report on Marketing, sales, branding as well as the promotion techniques undertaken by the organization, things would been crystal clear and Ted would not have made any mistakes. One should be first very clear about his needs, expectations and then only communicate it to the other person. Dont change statements quite often. Be firm. One should not tamper any data or manipulate truth. You would never gain anything out of it.Be honest and pass on information in its desired form. If your boss has asked you to download some information to your fellow team members, please do pass it on as it is.Dont try to add or delete words as it would earn you a bad name. No one would trust you in future or come to your help whenever required. Remember honesty always pays in the long run.


Think twice before you speak. Avoid using foul words against anyone at the workplace as it spoils the ambience of the office and leads to several disputes among individuals. Dont say anything which would hurt anyone. Avoid lose talks. It is okay to enjoy at work but one should never cross his limit. If you do not agree to anyones ideas, it is better to discuss things with him rather being rude or harsh. Whatever you communicate has to be crisp, relevant and should make sense. Dont utter non sense at work. Be a little professional in your approach. Important information should be passed on in the presence of each and every employee for better clarity. Every employee should have the liberty to express his views and ideas. Dont expect you would clear your doubts later on, ask questions then and there. No one would feel bad, rather appreciate your interest and attentiveness but do not jump in between. Do wait for your turn to speak. Dont meet anyone separately as the other person might feel neglected or left out resulting in major displeasure and conflict among the team members. Do take care of your pitch and tone. It should not be too loud. Depend more on written modes of communication as they are more reliable as compared to verbal communication. An individual might back out if the information is passed on to him verbally as there are no records, but it never happens in written modes of communication. Prefer passing on information through Emails. All the related team members must be marked a carbon copy so that everyone knows what is being communicated to his fellow member. One should master the art of writing emails. Remember an email is nothing but a mirror image of ones thoughts. Make sure that your mail is self-explanatory and everyone is clear about your ideas and opinions. An employee needs to be constantly motivated to avoid a dip in his performance. If someone has performed exceptionally well, do not hesitate to praise him. Words like Well done,Bravo,Great Performance go a long way in making the individual happy. If you are satisfied with your team members performance, do communicate your feelings to him. Communicate effectively with your fellow team members and you would never have a problem with anyone. People would respect you and work would be fun for you.

Role of Motivation in Employee Relationship

A healthy employee relationship leads to an increased level of satisfaction among the employees and in turn an increased productivity. Workplace becomes a much happier place and employees tend to concentrate more on work rather than unproductive things. Motivation plays an important role in a healthy employee relationship. A motivated employee works better and at a much faster rate as compared to others. Motivating the employee would in turn benefit the organization only. You need to charge your cell phone after sometime for it to operate well, similarly a human being needs to be motivated from time to time to avoid a dip in his performance and for him to remain loyal towards the management. Motivation acts as a catalyst for organizations success and helps the individuals to remain productive and deliver better results everytime. Simple words like Well done, Bravo, Great, Wow can actually work wonders and go a long way in motivating an individual. If any employee has done exceptionally well, do appreciate him. Give him a pat on his back. The employees feel contended at work and thus share a warm relationship with their superiors. They do not badmouth anyone in the office or speak ill of their organization. Higher motivation rate results in more satisfied employees. Every organization invests time and money to groom an individual and make him a corporate material. It is absolutely an organizations loss if it is not able to retain its employees. A motivated employee would stick to an organization for a longer duration and enjoy a healthy relationship with his colleagues and fellow workers. He would not be engaged in disputes and instead work hard to achieve his targets and in a way benefitting the organization. A token of appreciation is a must. Cash prize, gift vouchers and shopping coupons help in motivating the employees to a great extent. Every individual tries hard to win the prize money and does not get time to fight or criticize others. They do not lose focus and instead take each others help to accomplish their tasks within the stipulated time frame. They get a motive to work.


The employees must be motivated not to spread negativity around. They should be encouraged not to make issues out of small things and do not bring their personal tensions to work. They should be made to realize the importance of team work at the workplace and healthy relation with colleagues. No one should forget their purpose of coming to the organization. Motivate employees to work in a group rather than working alone. They must realize that working in a group means a better exchange of ideas and thoughts to come to an unique idea fruitful for them as well as the organization. Employees should be motivated to help each other and treat their team members as a part of their extended family. Individuals should complement each other at work but one should not forget his limit. Too much of a friendly nature again leads to problems and unrealistic expectations. Award ceremonies must be organized at the workplace every month or after every three months to acknowledge the top performers. Call them on the dais and honour them. Display their names on the companys main notice board so that every employee gets to know about it. Give the top performers badges for them to flaunt and do this activity in the presence of all. Dont do it separately as the other employee might get hurt and start fighting with his team members. These kinds of activities slightly give an upper edge to the employees who have worked hard and performed well. Others also feel inspired to perform better next time. Job rotations and promotions are also an important way to motivate the employees. The management must ensure that each one is happy with their work and monotony does not creep in to the team. When an individual does not enjoy his work, he would always look for excuses to fight with his colleagues and spoil the environment. He would be indulged in lose talks and always blame others for his non performance leading to an unhealthy relation among employees. It is important that the employees are motivated well to extract the best out of them and ensure a healthy relation among the employees.

Role of Attitude in Employee Relationship

The performance of an individual is largely dependent on the relation he shares with his colleagues. It is really important that individuals are friendly with their colleagues so that they can discuss several issues with each other and come to a conclusion best suited to all. No individual can perform alone. Tasks are accomplished at a much faster rate when the work load is shared among all and each one contributes in his best possible way. Nothing productive has ever come out of conflicts and disputes. They in turn lead to major rifts among employees and create stress at the workplace. Why to unnecessarily spoil relations with people? You never know when you might need the other person. Attitude plays an important role in improving the relationship among the individuals. Nothing is possible unless and until an individual has a positive attitude towards life. You might have excellent communication skills, might be an intelligent worker, but if you dont have a positive attitude; you would definitely fail to create an impression of yours. People would be reluctant to speak to you and you would be left all alone. An individual should never ever have a negative attitude at workplace. It is dangerous. Your organization pays you and in turn expects quality work from you, so why unnecessarily crib over things. It is always better to accept things with a smiling face. If your boss assigns you some task, it means that he finds you capable enough to handle the assignment. Consider yourself fortunate and the chosen one. Dont make faces as your superior might feel bad and eventually lose his trust on you. Clear all your doubts with the person, who has delegated you the responsibility, rather than criticising and making fun in front of others who are not involved. Dont always find faults in others. No two individuals are alike. The other person might not be as intelligent or as educated as you are, try your level best to adjust with him. Adjustment does not mean accepting any wrong things, rather it is compromising sometimes.


Sam and Sara were team members and sat at adjacent workstations. Sam had a habit of constantly chatting over the phone with his friends and family, which sometimes irritated Sara. Case - 1 Sara always thought that Sam did it intentionally to disturb her. She fought with Sam terribly and now has strained relationship with her team member. Case - 2 Sara spoke to Sam about her displeasure, convinced him and requested him to either speak a little low or go outside for attending calls. Now a days Sara and Sam are best of friends and together they contribute effectively to their teams targets. Case 2 is any day a far better option. One should not be too rigid or adamant. Be a little more flexible. Dont always assume that the other person is wrong and only you are correct. You may be wrong sometimes. Listen to what the other person has to say and then only come to a conclusion. Dont take any decisions with a blocked mind. An individual should not make issues out of small things. It is always better to forget things. Ignore things as long as they are not affecting your teams performance. Dont take things to heart. The more you become negative for your colleagues, the more you fight with them and in turn spoil your relationship. One should be forgiving. If your boss is angry with you over something, do take the initiative and say a sorry to him. A simple Sorry can actually do wonders. If you do not have the courage to talk to him, send him a sms. Saying sorry will not lower your self-esteem, instead it would strengthen the bond between you and your superior. One should never backstab anyone just for the sake of a mere promotion or some money. It is unethical. Human relationships are more important and should be valued. Dont carry your ego to work. Everyone is equal at workplace. Respect one and all as everyone is an employee just like you. Dont treat anyone as untouchables. One should always keep his personal life separate from his professional affairs. Dont drag your personal tensions to work. Try to keep a balance between the two. You cannot afford to ill-treat your colleague just because you had a fight with your spouse the previous night. Your fellow team members have nothing to do with it.Learn to enjoy life. One should always look at the brighter side of life. Treat your colleagues as your friends. Give them time and try to mingle with them as much as you can. Go out together for shopping or for a movie once in a while. You will feel attached to them. The trust factor and the comfort level increases. Remember there is always some light at the end of a dark tunnel. Never lose hope in life. Stay positive, be good to others and enjoy a healthy relation with one and all.

Role of HR in Employee Relationship

It is rightly said that the success and failure of an organization is directly proportional to the relationship shared among the employees. The employees must share a cordial relation otherwise they would always end up fighting with each other. Nothing is possible without trust. You need to trust people to expect the best out of them. Trust only comes when you are comfortable with the other person. An individual cant always take decisions alone. Employees together can discuss things among themselves, come out with innovative ideas and accomplish the tasks at a much faster rate. A human resource professional plays a key role in binding the employees together. He/she must undertake certain activities which help in strengthening the bond among the employees and bring them closer. The individual taking care of the HR activities plays a key role in involving all the employees into something productive which would give them an opportunity to know each other well. Individuals are so engrossed in their daily routine work that they hardly get time to interact with each other. Many of them dont even know the full names of the person sitting next to their workstations. The human resource department must ensure that several group activities are being organized at the workplace to bring all employees on a common platform.


Research says that if the employees are satisfied with their job responsibilities, they tend to remain happy and avoid conflicts with each other. Individuals develop a feeling of trust and loyalty towards their organization and dont waste their time and energy in unproductive tasks. Organize various activities like potlucks and small get togethers at the workplace. Ask each one to bring some dish according to his taste and convenience. Let the employees enjoy together. Employees tend to discuss lot many things apart from routine work in these kinds of informal get togethers. One day probably the last day of the month should be earmarked with the sole objective of celebrating birthdays falling in the particular month. For example all those born in the month of May should celebrate their birthdays together on the last day of the month i.e. 31st May which will help a great deal for them to remain charged for next one year. The HR should send a formal mail inviting all. Let everyone enjoy and have fun. Divide individuals into groups and ask each group to do something. One group can probably be responsible for the decoration of the venue; the other group can take care of the cake as well as other eatables and so on. The HR person should ideally support each group to ensure that no one faces any difficulty in getting things organized. It is the responsibility of the human resources team to organize various events like sports day, annual day, green day etc. The employees must be encouraged to participate in these kinds of extra curricular activities. Employees are able to relax this way and take a break from their routine work. Problems crop up when the work tends to become monotonous. Employees should enjoy coming to office, rather than treating work as a burden. The HR in coordination with the team leaders must display the names of the top performers every month on the companys noticeboard.Send a congratulations mail as well. The human resource professional along with the supervisor can even hand over a small trophy as a token of appreciation to the top performers. Do this activity in the presence of all. The one who has performed well starts trusting his management more and strives hard to win many more trophies in the future. Everyone is aware about each others performance and gets inspired as well. While making the organizations policies, the human resource department must fix a common time for lunch for all the employees.Assign half an hour for the same and make sure that no one during the lunch time is seen working at their workstations. Everyone should come together at the office canteen and take lunch together. When people sit together, half of their problems disappear on their own. Employees share their sorrows, displeasures and various other problems with their colleagues and this way come closer to each other. People develop better bonding this way. When a new employee joins an organization, make sure he receives a warm welcome by all. The induction program should be conducted at the auditorium or the conference room so that everyone can be invited. Ask the new joinee to introduce himself well. Let others know that a new member has stepped into their family to help them in their assignments. The HR along with the line managers must communicate the key responsibility areas clearly to the employees to extract the best out of them and avoid dissatisfactions later.

Role of Managers in Employee Relationship

A healthy employee relationship is essential for the employees to find their work interesting and perform their level best. It is important for everyone to understand that one goes to his organization to work and conflicts must be avoided as it is nothing but a mere waste of time. Employees must be comfortable with each other and work in unison towards a common goal. An individual cannot remain tightlipped and work for infinite hours, he needs people around to talk to and discuss his ideas. One must have friends at the workplace whom he can trust well and share his secrets without the fear of them getting leaked. This way the employees feel motivated and enjoy going to office daily. They do not take frequent leaves and strive hard to live up to the expectations of the management. For an organization to perform well, it is important that the employees are friendly with each other and avoid criticism, backstabbing at work, a strong reason to spoil the relationship among the employees. The team leader or the manager plays an important role in promoting healthy relation at workplace: It is essential that the supervisor assigns challenging tasks to his team member as per his specialization and interest. The individual should have interest in the work; otherwise he would treat it as a burden and unnecessarily crib about things. It is important that the team leader understands his team members well. Try to find out their interests and what all they expect from the organization. While developing their KRAs it is always better if the team leader calls everyone and invites suggestions from them. Let them decide what best they can perform. This way the employees

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would never blame each other or their superior later as they themselves have decided on the roles and responsibilities. Encourage them to willingly accept the challenge. They would strive hard for a better output without fighting and finding faults in each other. A team leader should be a role model to his team members. He should treat each and every individual as one and avoid partialities at work. Do not give anyone a special treatment just because he drops your son to school every day or says a yes to whatever you say. Appreciate if someone has done exceptionally well but do make sure to correct him if he is wrong somewhere. The team leader should not be rude or harsh to anyone. There is a correct way for everything and one should not insult any team member. It is strictly unethical. Sit with him and make him realize his mistakes. He would definitely look up to you in future. The superior must not act pricy and should always be accessible to his employees. The individuals must have the liberty to walk up to their immediate bosses in case of a doubt and clear things. The hierarchy should not be too complicated as it leads to confusions and disputes among employees. The manager must ensure that all important communication takes place on an open forum for everyone to get a common picture. Problems arise when communication is done on a one to one basis. Call everyone together so that all the members are clear as to what is expected out of them and what their colleagues are up to. Communication should be transparent for an effective employee relation. Any employee should not feel neglected or left out. If the team leader wants to pass on any information to his team members, he must send a mail keeping all the related members in the loop. As a team leader it is ones prime responsibility to encourage healthy competition at work. Competition is mandatory for an individuals growth but it should not turn friends to foes. Motivate them constantly to perform better than the other but make sure there are no useless gossips in your team. If you find any of your team members criticizing or making fun of anyone, stop him immediately. Do not provoke any individual to fight, instead intervene and try to resolve the conflict as soon as possible. Make sure all your team members take their lunch together and you are also a part of it. Dont discuss work that time. Let them enjoy. Encourage everyone to talk to each other and participate in discussions. Do take the initiative to ask about their families or personal lives as well. They would feel attached to you. If you find any two of your team members not getting along well with each other, make sure both of them work together on the same assignment. They would not be left with any choice than to talk to each other and discuss things. Make them sit together on adjacent workstations so that the comfort level increases. The team leader should be neutral to his team members and make sure they enjoy a healthy relationship with him as well as their fellow team members for a better output. A team leader should try his level best to bring his team members closer and bind them together.

Employee Engagement
How do you think an organization runs? With the help of people who contribute in their own way to accomplish tasks and achieve goals of the organization. The individuals who spend their maximum part of the day at the workplace, striving hard to reach to a conclusion benefiting them as well as the organization are called as employees. In a laymans language employees are the lifeline of an organization. A human being would die if there is no blood in his body, similarly an organization cant survive without employees. Employees are the main assets of the organization and it is really important for them to prioritize their tasks at the workplace. They should think about their company more than anything else. To extract the best out of each team member, it is important that they enjoy their work and feel attached to the organization. An employee must be committed towards his organization for him to deliver his best and remain motivated. The employees must be engaged in productive and challenging tasks so that they do not lose their focus and avoid conflicts and unnecessary disputes. An employee must be engaged in his work for maximum output.

What is Employee Engagement ?

Employee engagement refers to a condition where the employees are fully engrossed in their work and are emotionally attached to their organization. One cant achieve anything unless and until one is serious about it. An employee must be dedicated towards his work and should take it as a challenge. Work should never get monotonous as it would then be a burden for the individual.

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Problems arise when individuals have nothing creative to do and sit idle the whole day. They start interfering in each others work and tend to become negative for the organization. They start finding reasons to fight with their fellow workers and crib about almost everything. The employees must be assigned challenging assignments as per their interests and expectations so that they devote their maximum time to work rather than loitering and gossiping around. The team leaders or the managers must ensure to review their team members performance on a weekly basis to find out whether they are enjoying their work or not? An employee must not treat his organization as a mere source of earning money only. An organization is a place where employees go to upgrade their skills and learn something new every day. One must respect and love his job to expect the same. Never talk ill of your organization in front of anyone.

Effective ways to enhance Employee Engagement

The team leader should understand his members well. Do not assign anything which the employee would
not find interesting.

Effective communication enhances employee engagement. Make sure there is transparency in

communication at all levels and everyone is aware of what is happening around him.

The management must constantly motivate his employees. Cash prizes, trophies, gift vouchers,
certificates are an effective way to motivate the employees and keep them engaged in their work. Give them a target and ask them to achieve that within a particular time frame to earn handsome incentives or lucrative prizes. This way, the employees would not waste their time and spend their maximum time working and aiming for the rewards.

The team leader or the manager must be in constant dialogue with his team members. He should know
what his team members are up to. Performance monitoring is important. The team members should be answerable to their immediate bosses.

Be friendly with your team. Dont ask them to stay back late unnecessarily. They are likely to commit
more mistakes and eventually lose interest in work. Let them go back home on time and enjoy their personal lives as well. Rejuvenation is essential for an individual to remain happy and stress free. More than a strict boss, be a mentor to them and stand by them always.

Encourage your team members to think out of the box. Ask them do their work in a little different way
than they normally do. The employees must put on their thinking caps at workplace and accomplish the task in the most innovative way. Such activities help the employees to develop a sense of trust and loyalty towards the management and stick to the organization for a longer period of time. They consider the organizations goals as their goals and thus try to achieve them at any cost. The employees learn to take ownership of their work and do every possible thing which satisfies them as well as the organization.

Employee Engagement and Employee Relationship

Employee engagement refers to a situation where the employees are engaged in their work and hardly get any time to gossip or spread rumours. It has been observed that an employee engaged in work tends to avoid fighting with others and thus enjoys a warm relationship with his colleagues. Most of the time he is busy with his work and stays away from nasty politics or interfering in each others tasks. Both the two terms have a direct relationship with each other. In the real sense, employee engagement is directly proportional to employee relationship. More the employees are engrossed in their work; the better the relation among them. Let us understand the relation between the two with an example: Michael was heading the marketing and the branding team of a leading firm. He had four team members reporting to him. Michael being a responsible team leader ensured all his team members were assigned challenging tasks for them to enjoy their work. The team members were always on the toes to do something creative everytime. Michael took his lunch with his team members in the companys cafeteria and made sure to spend some together every weekend. His team members never fought with each other, instead enjoyed their work, discussed things among themselves and came out with innovative ideas satisfying all. Most of the time they were seen glued to their workstations and hardly had any time for lose talks, gossips, blame games or criticism. An employee sitting idle the whole day at workplace creates problems. It is rightly said that an empty mind is a devils workshop. People with no productive work to do actually look for excuses to argue and even provoke others

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to fight. They are involved in all kinds of destructive work and pose a threat to the decorum and peace of the organization. An employee who finds his work interesting would never bother whether his colleague is chatting over the phone or dating someone. He would be more concerned with his work and strive hard to complete it within the desired time frame. He would utilize his time in completing his assignments to submit it further rather than peeping into his colleagues computer or finding faults in others. An employee who is satisfied with his job profile would always think in the favour of the company and would stay away from doing anything which would bring a bad name to his team as well as his organization. He would prefer working rather than wasting his precious time in unproductive tasks. Engaged and satisfied employees always try their level best to work hard and justify their salary. An employee who is serious about his work would definitely complete it at a much faster rate as compared to non serious workers. Chances of mistakes in their work would also be less and but natural they would earn appreciation from their superiors or team leaders. Their work would be liked by all and hence they would definitely enjoy a healthy relationship with their superiors and fellow workers. Employees would be able to complete their assignments on time and thus impressing the management. The team leader should ensure that the key responsibility areas of the team members match with their interests and specialization. It is essential that the employees dont treat their work as a burden and look forward to going to office daily. In such cases employees enter the office with a positive frame of mind and are more adjusting and compromising with each other. They readily help each other and enjoy a healthy relationship with their fellow team members. An employee must concentrate on his work rather than fighting with others and spoiling his relationship with his fellow workers.

Tips for a Professional for a Better Employee Relationship

For an organization to perform well, it is essential that the employees share a warm and a healthy relationship among themselves. They must be comfortable with each other for them to enjoy their work and deliver their level best. Disputes and disagreements only lead to stress and nothing productive comes out of it. Let us go through some handy tips for a professional for a healthy employee relationship:

The first and the foremost mantra for a healthy employee relationship is effective communication.
A professional must communicate effectively by carefully putting his thoughts into relevant words to avoid confusions and better understanding at the workplace. One should never play with words or speak something which might make the other person feel awkward or out of place. Ones communication has to be crisp and precise to create an impression. There should be transparency in speech at all levels for a healthy relationship. Pass on the information as it is.Never manipulate the truth. Communication is an art.No individual is born with effective communication skills; it comes in due course of time with practice.

Professionals must depend more on written modes of communication than verbal as it is more
reliable and one cant back out later. An email is nothing but a reflection of ones thoughts and should be self explanatory for the others to respond accordingly. Take care of the style and font of the mail. One needs to be very careful about the subject line as the other person opens the mail only when the subject line is impressive and relevant. The mail should be marked to all the employees who should be a part of the communication with a cc to the team leader for him to be aware of what is happening in his team. Dont send mails separately to individuals as it might create a confusion and eventually a friction among employees.

One should never adopt a casual attitude at work. Be professional in your approach. Learn to be
disciplined. A professional must abide by the policies of the organization for better relations and peace at work. An individual should not take frequent leaves to ensure timely submission of work. Dont unnecessarily ask for favours from your team members. For a better relationship with the fellow workers, one should not interfere in each others work. No one would appreciate if you peep into your colleagues computer screen or open something not meant for you. One should be more concerned with his own work rather than bothering about others. Your organization pays you for your hard work so one should not waste his time in criticizing or making fun of others. How would you feel if someone unnecessarily pulls you into a controversy? You would never feel like talking to him. Avoid playing blame game at work. Learn to own your responsibilities else you would be left all alone in the office.

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Backstabbing should be avoided as it is considered highly unprofessional and spoils the relationship among the employees.

Dont walk into meetings empty handed. Carry a notepad along with you to jot down the important
points for future reference. An individual cant remember each and everything thus it is always advisable to write down somewhere to avoid forgetting things later and earn the criticism of others. Develop the habit of carrying a planner to mark the important dates. The agenda and the minutes of the meeting must be circulated among all so that everyone gets a common picture and nobody feels neglected.

It is essential to maintain the decorum of the office. Remember you are not sitting at your home
where you can shout on anyone. Be polite to everyone irrespective of his designation and level in the hierarchy. Never use foul words or abusive language against anyone as it lead to severe disputes among employees. If you do not agree to someone, it is better to sit with him and discuss rather than arguing and spoiling your relationship. A professional must avoid gossiping and spreading unnecessary rumours at work.

Employees must help each other at work for a better relationship. One should avoid being jealous
and selfish at work. If someone has done well, do appreciate him. Lend a sympathetic ear to your fellow workers if they are in trouble. Be a little more adjusting. Things cant always be the same as you want, compromise sometimes to your best extent possible. Dont just rush to your desk and start working the moment you step into your office. Greet others with a warm smile. Take your lunch with your team members and do go out once in a while to increase the comfort level. Celebrate festivals at the workplace where each and every employee can come together and enjoy. Dont forget to wish your colleague on his birthday. Bring a nice gift for him as well.

One should intervene immediately in case of conflicts and arguments. Dont tend to ignore things.
One needs to be loyal towards his organization to be in the good books of the management as well as to grow professionally. Never misguide anyone. If you are not aware of something, it is better to stay out of it than misleading the other person.

Last but not the least one should always have a positive attitude at work. Try to be friendly with your
colleagues and dont always find faults in them. Dont assume that your colleagues would always harm you. One should always look at the positive side of the things to avoid stress and maintain a cordial relationship with everyone at work.

Donts for a Healthy Employee Relationship

An organization is a place to work and not a battle field where employees would fight with each other. One needs to treat his fellow workers well, understand each others expectations for a healthy relationship and maximum output. The employees must be comfortable with each other and work together as a team. Remember there is no I in a team. Every employee should think about his team first and all his personal interests should take a backseat. It is important that each and every employee works in close coordination with each other and decide something which would satisfy all. Dont treat your colleagues as your enemy. Learn to respect as well as trust them. Team leaders and superiors must ensure a healthy relationship among the employees to avoid negativity within the teams. Let us go through some important points which must be avoided at the workplace for a warm relationship among the employees:

Avoid partiality at work. Dont treat someone well just because he stays near your place or brings lunch
for you daily. Everyone must be treated as one. If someone has done something wrong, it is the duty of the team leader to correct him irrespective of the relations he shares with him. Favouritism must not be promoted at the workplace. Every individual should be assigned work as per their interest and capability. The work should be equally divided among all. Dont impose your decisions on your team members. Let them decide on their own what is correct for them and what is not.

The employees must avoid lose talks and blame games at work. They actually dont help. Learn to
own your mistakes and find out ways to correct them. It is absolutely natural to commit mistakes. Every human being does, so no need to panic and pass on the blame to others. It severely spoils the relationship among the employees. One should not spread unnecessary rumours about any of his colleagues. If you come to know something about anyone, it is better to discuss with him in private rather than publicising the whole story. Just think what would you gain out of it?

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An individual must never break his colleagues trust. If your team member has shared one of his
secrets with you, please keep it to yourself only. If the person sitting next to you has expressed his displeasure over anything, dont disclose it in front of your boss or others. Avoid nasty politics at workplace. If you cant help anyone it is better to stay out of it rather than giving wrong suggestions

Avoid communicating with employees individually. Meetings must not always be conducted one to
one. Call all of them together and address them on an open forum. Let each and every one express their concerns. Emails must be sent with all the participants in loop and suggestions must be invited from their side. The communication has to be transparent for a better employee relationship.

Avoid criticism at work. Never make fun of anyone. Pointing mistakes is important but make sure you
do not insult the other person. Sit with him. and make him realize his mistakes. Dont be rude or harsh to anyone.

Dont have separate lunch timings for the employees. Gone are the days when managers and
supervisors used to sit in their closed cabins and special peons were assigned to them. The concept has changed now a days and everyone is one working for a common goal. The team leaders position will not be tarnished if he takes his lunch with his team members. Dont always discuss work at your office. If it is your colleagues birthday, do make it a point to wish him in the morning. He will feel happy.

Too much of interference in each others work is bad and can lead to adverse effects. Dont
unnecessarily peep into each others computer screens. One must respect each others privacy. It is important to do work together but dont ask too many questions or tend to irritate others. Dont always try to find out what the other person is up to. Never ever read anyone elses notes or open any courier or envelope not meant for you. If your colleague has asked you to send a mail from his system on his behalf, make sure you dont read any of his personal mails.

One should be a little positive for better employee relations. Dont always assume that the other
person is wrong. Avoid unnecessary cribbing at workplace. If you are not well, it is better to stay at home rather than going to work and spoiling everyone elses mood. Try to look at life from a larger perspective. Finding faults in others must be avoided for a better relation.

Avoid being selfish at work. Try to help others. Dont ignore things just because it is not related to you.
Understand the other individuals problem and try your level best to sort it out. Every individual needs a break and if your team member asks for a leave do allow him but make sure your work does not suffer. This way your team members would respect you and discuss issues more freely in the future.

Efforts must be taken to avoid conflicts at work so that employees come closer to each other,
work together and does not lose their focus. They must be cordial with each other for a warm and a healthy ambience at workplace.

Qualities in a Professional for Better Relationship with Co Workers

An individual must share a warm relationship with his fellow workers to remain happy and satisfied at work. Dont fight with your colleagues and spoil the decorum of the office. You need people around to talk to, discuss several issues, evaluate the pros and cons of your ideas and finally come to a solution which would be fruitful to you as well as others. An individual must have certain qualities for a better relationship with his fellow workers:

One needs to be sensible enough to understand that every organization has a set of policies and
it is mandatory for everyone to abide by the rules and regulations. One cant go against the policies no matter whether he likes them or not. One cant get all the comforts at his office just like home. You cant be too fussy at work. If your organization is paying you; they would also expect work from you. At work you cannot always take leaves whenever you like. There would be times when you wish to be with your friends, but if your organization needs you, you have to be there at any cost. Excuses dont work in such a scenario. Professional commitments are far more important than personal pleasures. Dont give your management an opportunity to raise a finger against you.

Stay positive and motivated. Nothing works better than self motivation. Look for reasons to stay
motivated. Remember happiness lies within you. Enter your office with a smiling face. Dont work out of any compulsion. If your job is getting stagnant, it is always better to move on. Dont stick to it and crib. One must understand that every organization would have some or the other problem, you cant leave all of them. You need to adjust somewhere so why not in your present company? Be a little adjusting and try to be friendly with your team members. Dont spread rumours or pull anyone into controversies.

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Avoid pretending to be good in front of your boss. Such a habit might earn you a bad name in your
team and your fellow workers might ignore you when you need them. Your work speaks and nothing apart from that really matters. Dont try to play politics against anyone just for a promotion or mere appreciation from your boss. One should never manipulate truth and pass on the information as it is. Never backstab anyone. Honesty always pays in the long run.

An employee has to be a good communicator for an effective employee relationship. Be transparent in your communication. Never play with words with an intention to confuse others. If you do not agree to anyone, dont simply say a yes. Sit with him and discuss in a way to convince the other party. One needs to be firm on his statements. Dont change your mind quite often. It leads to misunderstandings and confusions among others. Be patient and never be rude to anyone. One should speak what is acceptable at the workplace. Dont use foul words against anyone. Learn to keep a control on your tongue. Avoid being hyper at work. It is always better to ignore minor issues rather than fighting with others. One needs to be disciplined at work. Follow your organizations policies. Never be late to work. If your office timing is 9.30 AM, make sure you are there sharp at 9.28 AM. Work for yourself, not for others. Your boss cannot always sit on your head. If your superior is not there in the office, it does not mean you will roam here and there. Sit at your workstation, concentrate on your work and leave on time. Dont unnecessarily irritate people. If you are not disciplined; no one would appreciate you. One should respect his superiors as well as his colleagues. Relationships would never improve unless and until you respect others. Treat all as one. One should give his team member his desired space. Respect each others privacy. Too much of interference in each others work is bad. Avoid staring at anyones computer screens or try overhearing anyone elses conversation. Dont open couriers or notepads not meant for you. It might contain something confidential and the other person may not like it. One should always keep his superiors in the loop in every communication. If you are sending an email to an external party make sure a cc is marked to your boss and he is aware of the entire development. Any information meant for all team members should be downloaded to them in the correct way. Avoid being jealous at work. If your colleague has done well, do appreciate him.

Challenges for a Better Employee Relationship Management

The relationship between employees working in a common organization is called as employee relationship. Every employee should ideally be comfortable with others to stay motivated and stress free. No conclusion has ever come out of disputes; instead it is just a mere wastage of time and lead to a negative environment at work. The employees should work together as a single unit to come out with more creative plans and accomplish the tasks at a much faster rate. Employees enjoying a warm relationship with each other tend to discuss things among themselves and always think in the favour of their team which eventually benefits the organization also. Sometimes it is really difficult to satisfy everyone. Someone or the other would have an objection to ideas leading to major unrest in the team and spoling the relationship among themselves. Let us go through the challenges to an effective employee relationship and ways to overcome them:

Not all teams can afford to have members of the same sex only. Female employees are also likely to
be there in the team and might not be too comfortable with their male counterparts. A male employee trying to be friendly with his female team member just to increase the comfort level between them might not be appreciated by her. She might think otherwise and lose her trust on him. A feeling of insecurity would crop up and thus spoiling the relationship between them. One needs to be very careful while dealing with team members of the opposite sex.Think before you speak and do take care of your limits. Too much of interference and a friendly nature might not work well. During informal get togethers make

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sure one does not speak anything which might embarrass the females. Avoid too much boozing or smoking at parties where female team members are also invited. They would feel awkward and would never be able to talk to you or discuss things. The female employees must also understand the corporate culture and should not overreact unnecessarily. It is absolutely normal to go out for meetings with your boss who is a male.

It is really difficult to meet the expectations of each and every employee. Employees should not
expect monetary benefits which exceed the companys budget. The moment the management refuses to offer the desired incentives or perks to the employees they become negative and tend to spread rumours around. They badmouth their superiors, lose interest in work and hence their relationship suffers. To avoid such a situation, it is essential for the employees to have realistic expectations. Dont ask for something which you yourself know is not possible and might disturb the budget of the organization. The team leader from the very beginning must prepare an incentive plan after discussing with his team members. The incentive plan must be same for everyone.

It is human tendency to support someone who speaks well about you or favours you always.
Jerrys music academy was near Patricks apartment. Jerry went with Patrick almost daily and no doubts always supported him at the workplace. Patrick was the one who had the liberty to take frequent leaves. Jerry never ever said anything to him which was not at all acceptable to the other team members. One should never be partial at the workplace. Everyone is working to earn his bread and butter just like you. No one is special in the organization. If anyone is working hard, the company is also paying him well. It is always better to avoid taking unnecessary favours from anyone. Dont ask your subordinates to pick your son from school, go for a grocery shopping or book your movie tickets. The moment you ask for favours, the other individual starts taking undue advantages.

You can never change the thought process of any employee. One can never get into anyones head
to find out what he is thinking. You might speak something in a casual way but the other person might misunderstand it and make an issue out of it. One might say something in a light mood but the other person might take it seriously and start arguing. It is always better to be crisp and precise at workplace Avoid lose talks at work and dont discuss things not related to your work.

The superior might not always be accessible to his team members. A team leader might have to go
for an urgent meeting when his team member walks up to him with a query. In such a scenario the employee should not feel neglected or ignored. It is the team leaders duty to get back to his team members once he is free.

Be realistic. Dont ask any employee to attend his office on his birthday or marriage anniversary. One
should never ask any employee to stay back late at office when he knows the other person has a party to attend. Understand others problems well. The team member should also not ask for leaves when he is aware of the work pressure.

Remember life is all about adjustments. Dont always have a negative approach towards life. Learn to
compromise sometimes and make the organization a happy place to work.

After Effects of Poor Employee Relationship Management

The relationship among the employees plays an important role in deciding the fate of the organization. Employees must respect each other and come to each others help whenever required and look forward towards achieving the organizations targets. If the employees do not enjoy a healthy relationship among themselves, problems are bound to arise and ultimately their productivity decreases. Let us go through the after effects of a poor employee relationship:

One must enjoy whatever he does to deliver his best. Lack of interest and focus result in errors and
delay in the task. Employees involved in constant disputes tend to spread negativity around and spoil the ambience of the organization. One doesnt feel like going to office and eventually his work suffers. He starts treating work as a burden. One feels suffocated at places where individuals sitting on adjacent workstations do not talk to each other. Your happiness, sorrows, tensions need to be shared with others. Imagine a situation where you are constantly fighting with your siblings at home. Would you ever feel comfortable ? - The answer is no. In the same way if one is involved in constant arguments with his fellow workers, he would never feel like stepping into the office. One needs to have friends at

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work for him to stay motivated in the organization. No individual can work for 8-9 hours at a stretch. He needs a break and people around for him to relax.

In the current scenario only those organizations can survive where work is done in an innovative way. Creativity and innovation comes through discussion. Employees must sit together on an open forum where every employee has the liberty to express his ideas. Every employee comes out with a unique idea which can be evaluated thoroughly to come out with something that has never been thought or implemented before. Employees together can contribute their level best in coming out with something beneficial to them as well as the organization. One needs to have trusted colleagues at work who can guide him and correct him if he is wrong anywhere. If one is spending the maximum part of his time in the office, it is but natural to share some or the other secrets with the team members. If you fight with others, you cant rely on anyone and things would be really difficult for you. One has to pretend always and cant speak his heart out. Employees not very satisfied and pleased with their work and management tend to change their jobs frequently. They find it difficult to adjust in such circumstances where one is at loggerheads with the other employee and thus fail to perform. Employee retention becomes a major problem when employees do not share a warm relationship with others as well as the management. An organization invests so much of its time in training the new joinees so that they come at par with the other existing employees and its really sad when the employees leave midway. If employees have strained relationship with each other, everyone works in his own sweet way and coordination becomes a concern. Employees are reluctant to share their workload and are thus always overburdened and unhappy. They fail to accomplish tasks within the desired time frame and hence the organization suffers. Employees are busy pulling each others legs and thus waste all their time which should be ideally used in productive work. The output of the employees in such situations is actually a big zero. Nobody likes to carry tensions back home. Disputes always lead to stress at work and people feel restless even at home. One cant enjoy anywhere and is sad always. Individuals take frequent leaves from work leading to disciplinary problems at workplace. Nobody bothers to follow the rules and regulations of the organization and the office is a complete mess. Organizations fail to make profits and as a result come to a situation where they need to be shut down. Employees must be comfortable with each other for them to give their hundred percent at work and stay motivated.

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