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1. Acknowledgement My grateful Thanks to those Saints, Philosophers, Scientists, Doctors, Engineers, Managers & Leaders who lived and living, guided me in making this presentation. My Pranams and gratitude to a 97 year lived Legend Siddhar, Doctor, Philosopher, Scientist Vethathiri Maharishi from South India, who guided me in my life as my Mentor and Guru.

2. Philosophy and Science Philosophy has many answers for one question. Science for one question has only one acceptable answer for the day, until it is proved otherwise the next day. This means both Philosophy and Science are open ended. This is the natural dynamic thinking process in search of Reality, which seems to be evasive and infinite. Therefore it becomes necessary for us to consider collaboration and conviction in the process of our thinking Philosophy scientifically to make our life socially joyful and peaceful.

3. Unified (Philosophy + Science) for Universal Peace

The ecological balance on earth proves the unity in nature. The struggle for global unity in human culture is also in the process for attaining Universal peace. Many learned people in the past and in the present are tirelessly working towards this goal. For this purpose sciences must be unified and scientists to bring unity among sciences, which will sure provide universal peace. Of many in the world, there is one south Indian Saint, Philosopher and Scientist Vethathiri Maharishi who has given a very good base to build the unification of sciences for the well being of mankind in particular and the universe at large.

Human kind is in perpetual quest for Reality. The search for the fundamental field of reality, will lead to the understanding the pattern of universal energy particles play and thus the understanding of ourselves towards peaceful and joyful living. After all, are we not connected with the universe? If stars do not exist, we don’t. Therefore we are all well connected not only with each other but also with the universe.

The search for reality starts with simple things – matter. Man (also includes woman) with his ability to think, is always fascinated with matter that are close by. He started looking in so many ways and got so many ideas to share with the fellow men. In the beginning they were called Spiritual / Religious masters with their abstract ideas, then the era of Philosophers with their logical rational ideas, and then came the Scientists with their proven and utilitarian ideas. We all see in the continuity, as Science’s fore fathers are Philosophers and Spiritual masters.

Naturally there are different ways of looking at things. 1. Look up in the Sky: for the celestial physical bodies (PHYSICS) 2. Look down on earth: for the changes in the physical bodies (CHEMISTRY) 3. Look deep in the water: for the millions of species (BIOLOGY) 4. Look within oneself: for the power of mind (PSYCHOLOGY) 5. Look at others around you: for joy of companionship, love and service (SOCIOLOGY) 6. Look everywhere around: for the reflections of Absolute space, time, energy and intelligence of Oneness (SPIRITUALITY) All this are interconnected and have a definite network locally and non locally or consciously and unconsciously.


Physics is the first step in the search of Reality. Recent LHC (Large Hadron Collider) experiment in CERN (Central European Nuclear Research Institute) is expected to open up new areas of findings and research in finding the ‘God’s particle’ with their experiment started on 10 of September 2008.

Particle is the key in physics; so also the motion and the medium. One cannot see the particle in isolation with the medium in which the particle resides or moves and the path it takes. All the three are important. The particle is spinning has energy in it. The particle resides or moves in the medium of space therefore the space do exert certain pressure on it. The particle takes a path of waves besides spinning.

Matter, a collection of particles determines the space, but it the space that decides how the particles must behave. The wave path motion is the result of energy of exchanges between the particle and the space. The medium space gives the shape to the matter and the energy gives the particle the spinning, which results in matter.

The whole universe can be rearranged to show that the sum total of all energy and matter is zero. The medium has a variable density depending upon the matter within. This offers a wave path / pattern of image. When the density of matter and the density of space equals, the image becomes zero. Whenever there is a difference in their relative density the image appears. That’s why probably people say that everything came from nothing or nothing is the source of everything.

What exists is space. The matter is waves of space. All this requires more and more explorations, research analysis and acceptable theories. You call this by any name, but this is what both the Philosophers and Scientists are searching for.


. Nature never bargains, but only balances. This is what happens in the process of particles to molecules to compounds. Without chemistry, the world will be a dull and dumb place to live. The changes that occur in the balancing act of matter to space and its reversal proves the cyclic order of nature. We seem to face problems with nature whenever, we try changing the nature’s balancing act. This affects one’s normal health and environment. Matter may be important in physics, but it will not really matter unless there is chemistry in it. While matter is quantity, chemistry is its quality. Man is physical in appearance but it is his character that is social. Making any matter into utility begins with chemistry. If the origin of matter is space and matter is essentially comprises of spinning spaces called particles, then chemistry is the interaction between the spaces and the particles. This gives rise to a phenomenon called “opposites coexist together always” like the Compressive space and the Spinning particle. This shows the concept of Magnetism in which the opposite poles coexist and thus provides a powerful magnetic force field that one cannot see but feel. This quality of Magnetism is the one that gives the property to matter and character to man. Chemistry proves the quality in physical matter by dissolving it into nothingness through associations and disassociations of elements. This is akin to the attraction and repulsion in the Magnetism. Where there is Magnet, there is electricity which is the field filled in the universe. When this is present in the universe is called Universal Magnetism and in the organisms is called as Bio Magnetism. While physics deals with the origin of matter, chemistry deals with the changes in matter. This changes primarily occur due to the phenomenon called Magnetism. We need to explore more in this direction to find the reality of changes in nature.

6. BIOLOGY Biology deals with cells or a group of cells that form an organism. Organisms are lively things that builds and breaks. Metabolism is a key in biology. In metabolism, anabolism builds and catabolism breaks. Biology is essentially a system that builds and breaks. Organisms may appear to be independent in growth, living and death, it is intrinsically dependant on its own instinct plan of functions as well the out side environment in terms of matter and mind. This is the beauty of organism that each one is a Holon – which is a whole by itself and also becomes a part of the large complex stuff like our own body. Macro universe in micro form gives rise to Biology. How the planet positions can affect living beings is a matter to ponder. Every living things link themselves with the universe thorough their sensory organs. The macro 5 elements transform into 5 functions such as feelings of pressure, sound, light, taste and smell. The magnetic property of attraction and repulsion gives rise to pressure on skin. The same when intensified gives rise to sound to ears and light to eyes, both are being electrical. When the magnetic intensification continues further it gives rise to taste in tongue and smell in the nose, both are chemical reactions. Thus we have seen, how magnetic pressure evolve it self into electrical and chemical transformations. Each organ is designed in such a way that it is able to effectively exchange the External matter / energy into internal matter / energy. This is the transformation of Universal Magnetism into Bio magnetism. Each and every cell in the body is magnetic. This proved beyond doubt by the development of MRI scans and use of SQUID in medical sciences. The whole body system is electro vibratory. Measurements like ECG and EEG support it. This is called Bio magnetism, which is the cause for Life force in the body system. The circulation of Bio magnetism (Life force) in the body ensures effective management of its sub systems of Air, Heat and Blood circulation. The uninterrupted circulation of these sub systems assures proper health. Therefore the intensity and quality of Bio magnetism is vital for leading a healthy happy life.

7. PSYCHOLOGY (Wherever the word man is used it includes woman also.) Biologically evolved man is endowed with the 6 sense – the ability to think. Thinking is also a part of the Bio magnetic conversion and consumption. While matter remained as a part of nature and all living beings up to animals used nature as it is, it is only man who is able to convert nature to his comforts and convenience. This shows the power of his thinking mind.

Though man by size is a speck of a dust compared to universe, has a fleeing life time compared to the life time of stars, but has the power of mind much greater than the universe. Only because of this capacity man is able to study the secrets of nature and use it to his advantage. Unfortunately the mind has evolved from the past nature of animal instincts with its roots based on the 5 senses, it tends to behave intoxicated with brutal power and sensory comforts. Therefore man needs a refined thinking and a better mind training. The present education system has grossly failed and made things worse.

The name man is given referring to his Mind And Nature and not to his body matter. Mind is excited with its thoughts. Thoughts emanate from 6 sources namely, Needs, Habits, Environment, Others imposition, Genetics and Divinity. Based on the type of thoughts mind takes the shape and frequency of such thoughts for actions. This action may be another thought or talk or deed.

This determines ones behavior and continuation of such behavior becomes the habit and a repeated habit forms ones personality. Higher the frequency of mind show aggression/agitation and the lower frequency show the calmness. Agitation drains energy while calmness conserve energy. We need energy for better mind functions. Therefore the mind needs to be trained to follow 5 principles of living. They are simple to follow and powerful in its results.

1. Earn livelihood thorough own efforts. ( Do not live out of some one else’s earning) 2. Do not hurt mentally / physically yourself and others. ( Love all ) 3. Do not kill to eat. ( Be Vegetarian) 4. Do not trespass others’ property and their freedom to live. 5. Help the sufferings to the extent possible. ( Develop habit of helping others)

Individuals must think to decide to act. Reflexive actions are for non thinkers. Train mind to think cool and act in harmony with nature. After all man is a product of nature, he enjoys when he is in harmony with nature and suffers when he is in disharmony with nature. Let us learn the art of thinking, working and living for a happy life.

8. SOCIOLOGY Man is a refined product of nature. In nature we find many things are always in groups. Man is no exception. What is the use of success in man when he does not have any body to share with?

The key word here is good relationship. Is it not that the lack of it is the cause for all our problems in the family, organization, country and in the world? While the above 5 principles sets the foundation for oneself, the following 14 Vethathirian Principles would pave the way for the world to live in harmony and peace. At the outset they may look far fetched, but that is the holistic path which is being progressively realized by the leaders and thinkers of the world.

14 Vethathirian Principles for the world:

1. One world Government. 2. One world Economy. 3. One world Justice. 4. One world Army (Protecting borders of all Nations) & Ban all Wars. 5. One world Religion; Universal agreement on Truth (God), acceptable to all.

6. Reformation of culture. 7. Living under the guidance of Intellectuals. 8. Respecting womanhood and giving full equal rights. 9. Living in tune with law of nature. 10. Avoiding unnecessary rituals and festivals. 11. Sports to be made non commercial and only for children. 12. Education to include teaching of Laws of cause and effect. 13. Disseminating the philosophy of Magnetism. 14. Food and Water to be globalized and made available to all.

The world when adopts the above principles, sure will follow World Peace leading to Prosperity and Happiness to all.

9. SPIRITUALITY Spirituality is recognizing the Holistic Knowledge of the universe and beyond. This is what powers the man for his behavior and actions. With this knowledge of Vethathirian Holistic science, the man will be more refined to understand the universe as a whole and he himself is a part of the undivided whole. As long as he lives in harmony with nature he enjoys the world or otherwise only sufferings are for sure.

We summarize below the ‘Laws of Vethathirian Holistic Science” in a nut shell.

1. All things and living beings including mind are evolved out of one single Almighty Attractive force called Gravity. Intensification of Gravity gives rise to Repulsive force. Combined effect of Attractive force and Repulsive force is Magnetism.

2. All changes in shape and size of things and their properties are due to Universal Magnetism.

3. All changes in living beings and their sensations etc. are due to Bio magnetism, with its archive as genetic centre.

4. Refined Bio magnetism with thinking ability in Human beings is Mind. Mind training and development for a better understanding of Love and Compassion.

5. United minds of the world realize that all existence is a part of the undivided whole, leading to one world of governance and living together in peace, prosperity and joy.

“May the Whole World enjoy Prosperity, Happiness, Wisdom and Peace”. P.S. Your comments are most welcome. email: profmadhavan@yahoo.com --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Prof. Dr. Madhavan, CMD of Centre for Holistic Development is a Management Advisor / Consultant / Trainer for Corporate / Institutes /Social organisations. Basically a mechanical engineer with management specializations and has a honorary Doctorate in Holistic Management.

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