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FIRST PUBLISHED - 1937 Printed in Great Britain at The Chapel River Press. Andwer. Hants .



but it must be recognized as a phase. the belief that the universe could be explained as a huge machine. second world-picture was Mechanomorphism. Mechanomorphism has been the accepted world-picture. until this generation. and which has never really succeeded in functioning. and resultant morality. and then of one such supreme person. You cannot make a true morality from the belief that the universe is nothing but a machine. The first world-picture. three general ideas of conduct based on the three world-pictures he has so far made. The following essay attempts to trace in outline the conduct indicated to us by this third world-picture. and the majority of men to-day are trying still to act in accordance with that picture. so you must try to behave but it has never worked. even among the religious. just as. the its belief that the universe was the expression of individual The persons. . was Anthropomorphism. Men have tried to act on that for as you believe things to be. which is to-day beginning to gradually defining impress be made by the third world-picture. Bonapartists placed the Second. that world-picture which is now taking the place of Mechanomorphism. Nevertheless.FOREWORD This book is called The Third Morality because in man's history he has had three main moralities. between the First Napoleonic Empire and the Third. It is a Morality true. because they are sure that it is inconsistent classified as This attempt so to act however however unethical must then be the Second Morality. that conduct which must finally take form as the Third Morality. though the Second Napoleon remained all The Third Morality is the his life an Austrian ward.




further. . had co-ordinated . beside chart and log.INTRODUCTION THIS practical book. hardly one of us does. readings " " then on Here actually run. and next a series of " " deduced It reckonings plotted from these readings. Hence the voyager at this point should push ahead . either imagining someone would do it for us or that it need not be done. a chart made from soundings and bearings. currents are strong at that entered the records of the log water there reefs . further on. The fact is. It is a series is a of made as nearly as possible up to date in all the subjects which are relevant. Here it need only be said that the present writer searched for many years to find such a book prepared by a contemporary expert. met . Why we havfc lived in this delusion and why it has let us down to-day the first chapter of this book discusses. By that is meant a book the findings of which have already been put to use. The writer has been driven to answer three questions What is the nature of the actual contemporary world we are now in ? How should we act in view of that knowledge ? How can we get ourselves so to act ? : Everyone ought to compile such a book for themselves. it is also a rough specification of the steer carefully . lived out in use and are offered for such use. We have lived in a fool's paradise. first. And. at that point contrary winds. and is. must use full sail further again. must run close hauled. one who was informed. he must kind of craft which may be built and could carry out such a voyage. this chart are is clear .

even his subject He young by with life. discovered that almost all who were making the New Knowledge were hostile to applying it. his board. yes. He failed He found instead two gravely to find such a book. his laboratory were to be provided for him. which Heine had confined " in his epigram The only thing we learn from hisis that men never learn anything from tory history. paid for its everyday more peculiar." was wholly dismissed by Bury when he concluded : : The only thing which your research can add to the discovery of history is to add yet another document (the notes of your research) to history. And. as a matter of fact. His pay. his lodging. having made that outline. still less speculate as to their meaning. caught he was to have an existence half-way between the monk's and the queen-bee grub's a curious creature celled in and fed on a diet which made real contact a special scholarship.INTRODUCTION information and had deduced the action such information implied. would set out as plainly the action which such facts require of us. Specialization knowing more and more research. of course. but simply to observe. the dichotomy of the researcher and the practical man was actually attempted. to assume that those who knew did not have to live and those who lived did not have to know. his library. note and classify. the task of the researcher is not to adjudge their use. The scholar-researcher was to be a kept creature. of less and less dominated use of history. but. When he began his search he disquieting things. The practical man kept upkeep and won for it livelihood . it was to have no this oddity. Such a book must set out clearly and broadly the facts now available to our generation and his then." The authorities in the Natural Sciences " The taught : All facts are equally valuable . This was.

Partly. That was the state of affairs in contemporary knowledge twenty years ago. again. could get no information which could be employed to shape complete action. and the Instead of the man who knew is man who acted but did not know.INTRODUCTION Such mental and Partly because of tradition. correspondingly. and consistent way of life had been abandoned. however much they might wish to act. which separates researcher from practitioner so enlarged. still less acted. Partly also because It reassures is of the still older tradition that such further knowledge had been and can be obtained by detached thinkers. Not Specialization has only has the distance increased a hundredfold. men who have to . This critical condition to-day has led to the most serious consequence. and. The specialist alone was informed. but did not we have so to-day that it men whose particular knowledge minute could not give them a line of action. The man General knowledge for a of action was never informed. because some of the detailed finds which the specialized researchers made were able to be applied by the practical man to increase his means. even if they should consult such experts. why ? superiority. As has been said. and his own subject grows increasingly. but gulfs now yawn between one researcher on his particular ridge and what a decade ago were his comrades. act microscopic. complete After another twenty years that condition has become critical. and ever more rapidly. men of action who. whether there their any doubts they may have as to any knowledge worth having beyond rule-of-thumb knowledge. oddities have always been kept by practical physical To do so feeds their none too sure sense of men. Men of action. every expert outside his own subject is a layman. but he never summed up.

is forced to ask What is the principle. what the general underlying truth. So they have altered their circumstances and their powers. You must add up your findings and see what sum they make and you must act . Hence to-day we see everyone going back to principle. More and more they have been using. The man of action research is old ends nevertheless compel the discovery of new ends. All practical people. by rule of thumb. means and yet to prevent science from constructing Science was to be true for particular practice but not true for general principles. are you must order your action. the findings of specialized research. piecemeal and for menial purposes. Means dictate ends.INTRODUCTION live and to deal with things on a life-size scale. It is these radical changes in their conditions and their resources which have driven them to see that they can no longer carry on with their inherited conventions and unquestioned habits. practical people who did the next thing and didn't think about principles. as you estimate the whole thing to be. 'The men who did' were content to be empirical. on which specialized : working knows is or not. for nearly three generations all practical people have been trying to think one thing and do another. provided things worked. so specialists. As the book will outline. it compelled to find it is Whether the specialized researcher must be there and the man of action ? it. and even a significant amount of rousing themselves. realize they can no longer live by tradition. But in this adding to efficiency they suddenly found themselves compelled New means employee! for to think about purpose. They have tried to use science to increase their their ends. In short. as you judge what the whole going concern means. to-day the arrest of earlier chapters of this eighty years over. waking up to the fact that as you think.

That is not offered to us. is That refusing to construct one from the current facts. waiting quietly in a vacuum till we know enough. Therefore most people will not face it. Compelled to find a system to live by. they fall That back on earlier systems. We cannot abstain. only precipitate chaos. it is 'the underlying cause of our present suddenlyincreased peril.INTRODUCTION on that summary. hoping to find it ready prepared for them circumstances explained and action indicated. failing to find such a contemporary construction made for them. It is no use remarking that such a summary must be provisional and incomplete. Men find themselves driven to discover itself it but by may to arrange the present facts in an an order of meaning^. Of necessity it must be. The only choice is whether we will act on a clear system or act at random. It is inevitable. Unfortunately. sometimes by another. but equally of necessity must you The choice. sometimes by one system. though driven to such a system. is are ourselves. is the source of our peculiar danger to-day. however. a world-picture. they shirk the labour of themproduce selves making such a one from contemporary facts. : We task. act with such knowledge as you have. It is. They have They look about. we all now see. is not whether to act with incomplete knowledge or to abstain from action. sometimes by none. therefore. That is becoming widely accepted to-day. In fact. they have to have interpretation. He agrees with common for action has no such contemporary summary opinion been made. far from a reassuring decision. though it undoubtedly difficult. a system. compelled to face this the only honest conclusion. . The present writer has made that search. Act and live we must.

Hence many of the fundamental Marxian philosophic deductions are no In the second place.INTRODUCTION are retreating onto systems which. however. for two reasons. of reality which may be rendered in mechanic terms. even if science had longer valid. the his ethic does mechanistic cosmology on which Marx tried to base not give rise to an ethic. but they will break down. as they must. Hence the Marxist cosmology only satisfies those whose wish is so strong that they will accept a system which is based on a half-truth (the Mechanistic cosmology) which was. peculiarly happy and effective in his time and attack stultifies all action. but because radically successful. not because it incorporates a greater is number of observations of the outer world. incidentally. adequate or inadequate in their day. if all the processes of history are determinist and inevitable. then human freewill is a myth. purposive process action with your conditions. Where Marx 6 . morals an impossibility (for moral conduct assumes is volitional freedom) and. Three such systems from the past are now popular. important facts discovered since they were framed. Science has moved far since then. not moved (as the following chapters point out). As is always being pointed out. as the Revolution guaranteed by this necessitarianism it will take place of itself and no one need work for it. At the moment the most it is the latest. It cannot. These systems may allow you to live Men with the sense of being part of a complete and believing you are in co-ordinated. are not contemporary. whether true or false. lead to anything but fresh cataclysms. It is based on the science It is only true of that aspect of almost a century ago. the Marxian cosmology. of course. for a little while because they omit. In the first place it is not sufficiently true.

of course. an even * less contemporary world-picture. to love the poor and equally right to hate the rich. which included the facts which he had overlooked or which were then actually unknown. He canalized dogmatic faith that tide of mixed emotion which It was hates success as much as it is touched by failure. The duties which in his (Fichte's) opinion stand in the front rank are not as would be in harmony with the spirit of his age (the early nineteenth century). G. in time and space. this was not the reaction of the unconvinced.INTRODUCTION was that with shrewd estimate of the economic system of the Europe day (so shrewd that it nearly came true) he combined an even shrewder appeal to the a of his emotions of those caught in that system. right as a obsoleteness of Marxian theory have roused its critics to put in its place a system which was more contemporary. Dr. . . in his latest book. Schweitzer says According to Fichte. Fichte's important influence " in our present crisis. This. The inadequacy and cosmology. of the Absolute. the general duties based on the ethical nature of man. On the contrary making our confusion worse confounded they did not go on." is the philosophy of nationalism in an earlier and even more crusading form than in Hegel's identification of the State as the expression. Therefore pure Being he sets himself a limitation of himself in the material world in order to be constantly overcoming it and in order thereby to become conscious of himself as the Will-to-Action. but back to an even more rudimentary should. if his work is inA good summary of sufficiently known to the politicians outside Germany. J. and his special endowments. . who points out. of course. God cannot rest in the state of because he is infinite Will-to-Action. his cosmology and its ethic is given by Albert Schweitzer. his profession That of all : . Indian Thought and its Development. The only other two world-pictures which opposed themselves to the Marxian were the picture of the divine race and the sacred nation-state with its God-given mission to order and civilize the world the philosophy of Fichte* and the Thomist cosmology. Fichte is the philosopher-founder not merely of German but metaphysical nationalism is recognized by thinkers. All too sad to say. but those which result from his social position (nationalism).

Each contains enough truth to efficient. The relegation of Catholicism to a private. The third world system still current. then. Two of them. can build up a state probably as powerful as the Marxian and right like much of in its (human societies are far more equally inspired with a passion for an Islamic propaganda. too. the Thomine. are the three world systems which the ordinary man to-day finds ready for him when he suddenly realizes that have a system of some sort he must. ism has so much that is right in its economics that it can build up a state enormously powerful and awake that missionary devotion that despises the unsaved and them Das Kapital. and make one for himself he will not. Fichteism has that psychology organisms than the rationalistic individualists realized) that it. Rome itself has often confirmed with many concordats. the cosmology-ethic of the Catholic Church. Hence they cannot be prevented from an unrestrained effort to destroy each other. whereas a Marxian and a Fichtean of public difference in the world to-day. the Marxian and the Fichtean. tribute or the sword. This. Catholic does not.INTRODUCTION These. from Rome. activity was defined when Irish Nationalism proclaimed that it took its religion. They can command the enlightened devotion of no mind which will serve only the whole truth. offers deadly effective in means. not a public. are to-day attracting millions and generating enormous powers. and to-day the Pope. It is a contemporary fact to be noted without either relief or resentment make a a power that. but would not take its politics. make its followers desperately but does not contain Marxiansufficient to enable them to perceive the end. no longer commands the devotion of crusading millions. though his congregations are attacked 8 . It has become a private outlook for personal behaviour.

a cosmology is a threefold essay : co-ordinated outline of contemporary knowledge as far as it is known to this writer who has to include every relevant fact known to him . It may be repeated this book is only issued because it is Because the writer could not find the practical. the ethic which such an outline of contemporary knowledge must yield. If. contemporary. an ethic. having so elucidated the conduct. choice for any free man to-day but to set out as clearly facts he can the which are known : to bring these into basis of relationship. you find plenty of tackle out of seaworthy raft could be made. an outline of training so as to induce action to conform with information.INTRODUCTION and their religion infringed. work done by a more competent hand. though you can find no boat on deck that could live in the sea. But. it is necessary to see how is to arrange life so that this ethic can be lived. in brief. so as to yield a common knowledge. you will set to making such a raft. and a is its substance. When if a ship into boats. has not laid one leader under excommunication. as you hesitate. in spite of the sudden a which . That. he had to do it : himself. let alone his people under interdict. It the reason for writing this book. you sinking and everyone is getting notice that all the boats provided are is warped with age and their seams agape. an exercise. an outline of the conduct which follows the outline of knowledge . then. There is. you will hesitate. Of course it must be makeshift. therefore. no as of present knowledge. Then. a None of summary the systems offered is. as the great liner of western civilization slowly settles (for she does settle slowly. and from that knowledge deduce the kind of life which should be lived consistent with that knowledge.

It has included it all the facts known to one typical Westerner and live. involved in a civilization which can no longer hold itself together. at the sea and the tilting deck. that there is to looking hand the material to make other time to do it. rafts and there is still 10 . sea. though not long. It does ride the his raft. if he is in earnest. can try out This raft has been so tried. It is a raft very It is to suggest to others.INTRODUCTION explosions. and as we are all in the same predicament. unskilfully lashed together. It isTTot suggested that anyone should adopt this particular system. has yielded a system by which he can As the facts brought together are all facts ascer- tainable by any of us. as her boilers and engines one after another go out of action). each. this practical sketch may be of some use to others.



for God's sake. Though it has become little better than a Sydney Smith. we " are apt to cry Short views. our amusements or our causes. Perhaps our particular causes and specializations will somehow turn out to have been " one far serving a great cause aimed at a great end a off divine event to which the whole creation moves. Perhaps the still " going concern our time.THE THIRD MORALITY CHAPTER I ARE ETHICS ENOUGH The Disgusting concern. short " views It is no use thinking about our fundamental " will last dilemma. or have any direction." There is evidently more unconscious direction in the whole thing than Rationalists imagined. ! as : series of piecemeal miseries. it is evidently far tougher than pessimists thought. that Crisis ? No one can look at That is a truism civilization to-day without the liveliest a truism so painfully obvious ceased to be able to respond to it. So the irresponsible and the responsible both refuse to think any more about the general question does the whole thing mean anything. turn away away to our pleasures or our preimpatiently occupations. With we have We he faced the last great upheaval. and can we intentionally co-operate with that purpose 13 ? .

That. why that is so. There is no reason for Reason to despair as yet. discuss ultimates has often been rated. maintains that men's actions are a result of their thought. It is. True. no cause human method our present social madnesses. surely it is peculiarly the task of Rationalists to demonstrate reasonably. in spite of our actually discovering The first fact. and what it is they are its and achieving. that we have to realize is that the acute state of civilization to-day need not be merely an anxiety which everyone is deciding to repress because nothing can be done about it . then. 14 . without anger now or despair.THE THIRD MORALITT This discouragement with thought. and it is the task of the Rationalist not to lose his nerve but to detect that method. anarchic. chaotic. action in all is for believing that There is much blind. Reason face the issue. however. however. men's actions do not seem a less-informed at all largely directed by what knowledge is of the mind called reason. It is a state of affairs so unprecedented and so unexpected that. this It is refusal to the basis of the reason of the clerks. the crisis in civilization to-day can be an interest. is at a discount. Benda denounces " gentsia. no use for men who call themselves men of understanding and believe themselves to be of goodwill to fail even to understand their own comIf reason panions' bewilderment and disheartenment." the betrayal of intelligence by the intelliJules as what M. elucidate acting why purpose and explain to men so they so behave. The far Crisis Nevertheless has Reason + When we the we see there is another and more hopeful reason why Reason should return to attack and not sit down under its reverse.

they 5 : recover our wonder. there are enough of us remaining and we have enough remaining shreds of detachment to feel a certain wonder and curiosity at this cataclysm. They make themselves against cature. then we may discover still salvable. but surely. we can take the next step. and sociological enquiries. it can do and has done more for the physical comfort of its constituents than any other ever was able to do. We have a^ivilization which was never more powerful and rich. housing. self-forgetful interest is the first step to mastery.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? physical fears. diet. we who read and discuss can be expected be expected to feel in the presence of this and should upheaval something beside panic or despair. Once we determine to recover our intense interest in the whole process of civilization. It may be an eruption. It was Reason which told them they could not behave otherwise than violently. pensions. 15 . such as the Census. is Diagnosis Let us then state our present condition briefly.' merely a poet when he said Detached. but behaving irrationally. then. our civilization has not only more control over its environment than any other. To-day Governments assume hygiene. When we civilization is " By wonder are we saved. Further. and so they are following Reason. Plato may not have been this violence due to their acting on certain arguments. That next step is to realize that civilization's crisis is Men are not a consequence of a crisis in thought. All previous Governments could only offer defence against the foreigner or your neighbour military strength and judiIf they did this they had fulfilled all their duties to their citizens. are behaving violently .

THE THIRD MORALITY responsible for education. limited but intense. a vestige. The nation-state has always been more of an organism than that survival of XVIIIth-century individualism could perceive. the Crown. but far from being a wholly atrophied vestige. This fact organism. craftsmen and traders whose surplus resources keep a leader and his armed followers. of the priest-kingly estate. and the rise of citizen armies has shown how apart blended. tangle of class and personal relationships it is also an vast unlimited liability concern in which the shareholders feel themselves altogether involved is still If we would allow due insufficiently realized. two functions that of the war leader and that other and utterly different vocation of being the epitome of all the people and its ranks. has always combined. the leader. which a modern community expresses between its constituents. Even then and limitation of Lord Melbourne only by was a false abstraction. protecting their frontiers from invasion and putting his arms behind their justice " to keep the peace and enforce contracts. have become the whole relationof the individuals and the classes in the ships it community. The leader. or confused. The legislature is far from being only a combination of traditional prejudices of the propertied with the irresistible violence of the The army itself is not by any means a class janissary. The community is become more than a number of farmers. the 16 ." That was the definition a government's duties given a century ago. in return for the right to tax them. if confounded. a that the modern state is only in part a . weight to of it we should be able both to understand some present national enthusiasms and also what on the surface to be denied by these hysterias appears the amount of goodwill.

just as remarkable. against collapse through brigandage into desolation and complete logical next step. Beside the will and power to dominate. We have heard much about the growth of sense and power during the last 300 years. We have heard far too little of the other growth. classes also claim. This was bad enough. All war in civilization is civil war. and when science puts in their hands methods which allow each judge to destroy his fellow. This is the international anarchy. and class war is its end That conclusion. the demand on the part of those who have that their neighbour who does not have shall come within the circle of resources. though. Everyone in the community (regardless of whether they pay) is a liability which must But this is simply the in some degree be accepted. Nor does the madness stop here. if we are to face our baffling reality steady and whole. every man. The debit side is all too familiar. That is not the whole better to tyrannize.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? are the governments able to remain as insurance" good. only taking their subjects' risks if they are Nor To-day they are beginning to accept the task of finding work or maintenance. 17 . war. What nations Nation-war must sanction classdo. his fellow and a every group. say many." agents. The community is becoming community-conscious. the growth of sensibility and compassion. We have nations (these communities growing in self-consciousness) who refuse to acknowledge any laws between themselves. there is truth. is Not its depopulation. It becomes almost a desperate condition when these conflicting judges maintain that they may use any means to enforce their verdicts. Each state maintains it is complete judge of its right. That is the credit side and must be fully allowed.

a collision. and 18 let others behave so. It It itself. Each step could not. Reason. it was that inevitable. in the mildest language. a single being is That divided against a seizure. Of course. " a tangle." but may it is the end of a series of logical methodical steps. like a : screaming swaying to his sleep-walker finding himself on the parapet. and then the old ways would have in that statement. Europe second " : " lasted your time. to find be itself. you could only hope the far away that you yourself would be reached in your well. going the last which need ? Europe " ago why eighty ? By Europe is meant." there are two assumptions " " who is First. enlarging. Europe wakes up to find itself at tether's end. rational edge was still sufficiently would not reach it. Long Disregarded. The men of action. It is. behaved as they did. the leaders of European civilization. . Advanced sensibility confronts calculating savagery and this grotesque conflict is not that of a too highly civilized state confronted by brutal invaders. a stroke. save me ! fall. however. a jam.THE THIRD MORALITY the present crisis of civilization. . years Europe has been so well aware where it was going it refused to look. it is Europe has known where it was eighty years. And eighty years clear. that was their look-out . a bolt from the blue. is Civilized man is in the throes of not. It children's time. it is only a pretence to maintain that Europe Rather for the last eighty has really been sleep-walking. of course. but of a house. it seemed to those on the spot and in control. logical. By leaders is intended the men " " not " quite as much of thought but even more " than the men of action. " " and all the time Save me. be helped . a pretty mess. Now Come to Roost Still.

who had supremely . accounted for all survival survived. never dare come near its " the shadow. except its growing a philosophy. flourish above rotten body of Liberty. momentum on as a force in action. if not indicate a practice Nothing could save it. through but there was no longer any intellectual It conviction in it.ARE E1H1CS ENOUGH? because they thought the men of thought had pointed out the way. new to be the to fail. but was only Ever since then. not for political and practical failure. Hence it was like an oak tree with its tap-root cut for a time it seemed to have suffered no damage and still its date." The sixth decade of the in XlXth century is the period which we must look for intellectual collapse. That statements brings us to the second question : Why eighty years ago ? How It Thought has Dictated Action is eighty years ago since Liberalism died as a force It carried . the method and means was by the unlimited and blind struggle to survive. down to the collapse of the outer structure of Liberalism in this decade. Natural Selection was expressed through each species competing with all was the force which man. it has been doomed . King of the Forest then mysteriously it began and briar and thorn. Natural Selection . theoretical What was defeat. was therefore the creature who best illustrated the working of Natural Selection. It was the victory the intellectual event of that period ? of the opinion that whereas all life was a continuous of that evolution evolution culminating in man. based upon emotional goodwill. and any sociologist worthy the name should have been able to forecast that collapse. and that it stubbornly refused to do. knew it had no more philosophy. in thought. which it thought would .

famous Romanes Lecture. that new unmistakable Their good faith was facts established this conclusion. that was ruthless and cunning before my time -pecunia non olet ! The steps of the I can throne have mercifully been cleared for me a king of peace and mercy who succeeds the crude reign. It was obvious that many of them at least in their conscious minds were as concerned at the conclusions they had reached as any official moralist. Biologists. Man. It is clear that. H. was propounded most moralists saw that The biologists maintained. as soon as he begins to exercise clemency. Having its station or it would soon be dethroned. however. and the fittest. it must prove very dangerous .THE THIRD MORALHT the others. Natural : Selection might not be able further to threaten man through any other species. it must keep rest on its laurels. to morality. Nor was that all won to the top. would." No . could and must him " biologically moral " He must not think " The It past may have had to be bloody. bold and resolute. never seriously challenged. then threaten and keep through his own species. when he concluded by telling men to " defy the cosmic process. which survived. however. thank God." This assured the onlooker of their good faith. was that which managed in competition with its fellows to force them to the wall and itself to the front. founder of the line. if such a of Darwin. plainly enough. the men whose it When 20 . practical teaching doctrine should be accepted. They saw how serious these facts must T. rivals This was the will grow up and his dynasty go down. that it was the unbiassed truth. Huxley summed up the position in his prove. therefore. . was the animal which had been most no species might deadly to its rivals.

21 life and not dare teach . at last saw steadily and whole. alone." Liberalism seemed to go And when just the " on same to ever fresh triumphs. destroyed the nonsense of the Rights of realize " Sciences of Man. learn what is the real truth about men who knew their business. Yet a deadly change had taken place.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? science it and study was Life and who. Thought. The minutes of an individual's life are years in the life of nations. be drove them. It was pure truth that That these facts must. However. was the conclusion come to by all responsible accepted persons. feels When the first symptoms of the poison working. the instead of the philosopher now putting the man of blood and iron. The practical conceptions of Darwinianism took fully a generation before they began to affect the policy of statesmen ." that they had cut the root of Liberalism. it was the real politician who could bundle the old phrasemonger out of the room and tell him to pack himself off to science. then. either with a new despair or a strange hope. thank goodness. out of coun- tenance by pointing away from his mean practice to sublime principle and the Truth of Life. Takes Time to Act an ignorant suicide swallows a fatal dose of a He finds soporific he expects immediately to swoon. before the men of action began to there was something in these new-fangled Life. superstition and freedom broadened down from precedent declined. no one seemed a penny the worse. and real politician. to precedent. that was done. that nothing has happened and for a few minutes believes. would not have so reported if they could have said otherwise. that the It may be many minutes before he dose has failed.

had come over to their side." the Liberals themselves had by their actions shown that they realized. and that the shifts and crimes for which they had felt they had to apologize were really " biologically moral. The Revelation was a revelation of an anthropomorphic deity. the complete establish- ment of the mechanic universe. to Traditional Morality Began be Undermined 300 Tears Ago Why did not Newtonianism. so they will and must behave.THE THIRD MORALITY But even before the statesmen began to wake up to the fact that truth and principle. that the game was up Darwinianism was the death of philosophic humanitarianism. it of the early XVlIIth was a struggle between Revelation and century put We can. for the question which may and should be raised at this point is What did Darwin introduce into the picture of reality that Newton had not introduced 250 years before ? Granted that as men believe the universe to be. : universe as indeed Blake often maintained. which till then had been the sanction of morality. which they had always feared. There was. That statement again needs enlargement. 22 . no reason why morality should not for a machine could be no sanction for collapse . destroy morality ? There is no doubt that in those advanced countries in which it was accepted it did destroy the old cosmology and with it fell the Anthropomorphism. it was Newton and not Darwin who was the mind which destroyed mind's place in the . The Nature. was a machine. As the writers and thinkers it. more deeply. then. now thought to be fully seen. analyse the situation a little Nature. consciously or unconsciously. however. the belief that the universe was directed by personal intelligence.

That postulate. It is reasonhim to behave well God can be discovered in as : the human heart. Here you had a re- an accepting. Any amount of pain is worth the lesson. so man could find out what God willed and fulfil that will. Of course he himself postulated behind the machine-minder. faith." It was on this basis of Natural Theology in man's heart and mind. Natural Theology established itself on the fact that Nature is regular." said the Deists." God is the service of man to man and that is the pathway to glory for ever. majestic laws his fingers in the morality then " ? Man " is " naturally good. Newton had shown machine. that the cosmos was a blind machine a was of no philosophic importance." the ancient " The universe works by simple Stoic text responded. that That position is what the XVIIIth century called righteousness. however. What was vital was that now men were to make a distinction between man and the world. which had been otiose in statement and cruel in practice could be swept away. Here was a universe which never interfered with man. Natural Theology. and the machine in that all God the rest that Liberalism arose. was the retreating forces stabilized on an inner position. Berkeley brushes away the problem of evil on the ground that it is so important for man to learn the of Nature that God lets him machine as the best way of teaching pinch him Natural Law. Whence regular.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? What actually happened. The machine in itself is a moral. able for Nature is naturally mechanic. however. Men should be free from each as well as c 23 . neutral. Old religions forming. laws so that within that framework man may be free to act reasonably and well. between themselves and the universe.

as Natural Theology had shown him was God's will. part of outer Nature and outer Nature was only a machine. If man was. God meant them Political by the belief that man is the mind of God an orderly mechanic universe to build up set free in a free and orderly society. is completely different from house not. the hundred hands of Philanthropy move among those generations because they are guided and inspired live. He it give him room and sustenance to live the full life reasonable. unless you separated completely between man and outer Nature. But the past had not been so wrong . free and equal. good -night to Natural Theology and the Liberalism 24 . He was God's hands. Prison Penal Reform. He understood how knew its natural laws . You to are setting men free to live Reform. Education Reform. Man acts well and wisely because God is revealed to him in his heart and mind. his mother. though it was true that. then. who alone acted through him. behind all reforms. It S. because he knew it needed must make : tackling. kindly. because of half the as XlXth. after all. he was a blind machine.THE THIRD MORALITT other's oppressions. then the consequences must be very grave. well. He alone was free and rational in a world so simply and blindly regular that it was obviously his material to shape. for God was in by reason. as the past had thought. unless you did hold the past to have been Right down to J. Abolition of Slavery. Mill that sanction exists clearly Man his the universe. They would also be free all men revealed from tabus the oppressions and inhibitions of older moralities for man was free to remake his environment. is quite wrong. Hence all the reforms of the XVIIIth century and to tackle it it. He knew God's will in his mind.

ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? of which It is Natural Theology was the essential foundation. 25 moment . had to be muffled. Would to consider later. magnificent the New attempt to Knowledge. He could not handle things in their full richness. men made with such apparent between themselves and their world. moving. He must make them simpler. a division of fields the first con-mentats (if one may coin a word what each realized it must yield in order to hold the other at bay) which anthropomorphic religion and mechanistic science have repeatedly tried to of of those uneasy for a cold estimate arrange. sounding and solid world into two portions. Colour and sound he put aside for the Then. Sheer necessity of intellectual convenience drove him to make this division. They did not. that it is worth enquiry how this division was effected. u I'd rather be a though till Wordsworth's time the cry. " pagan suckled in a creed outworn if once more Nature would come alive. and movement. for strategic convenience. Unconsciously also he may have been influenced by social convenience and safety. with the problem he set himself to study just mass immensely simplified. He took apart this colourful. all data into primary and secondary characteristics. Man and Nature were not easily sundered and many must have felt the banishment. learn to take the separation for granted without an effort. To trace the first appearance of the fissure between to his morality and reality. it became clear. For enquiry shows that theologians and scientists had come to an unspoken so remarkable that ease this distinction treaty. Galileo had divided. Human Nature and Nature. we must go behind Newton In his predecessor plan the campaign of Galileo.

provisional. his own among the The moral climate was worsening. inadequate. lopsided. that Authority could do was to prevent the second half the complementary part of the whole truth being brought into equal prominence and so making a complete of rest. that part was already in the hands of all natural philosoThe half truth could not be suppressed. The now driven from the North by Protestantism. Machiavelli (as will be noted further. a full cosmology. on page 53) had convinced almost all rulers that almost all their subjects and fellow rulers were evil. gation The moment of intervention could not have been more unfortunate. condemnation could only forbid that work being completed. was on the aggressive defensive of the CounterReformation. and after other researchers had begun successfully to follow similar lines. Galileo himself was far from being a conciliatory character (indeed his actual condemnation and suffering was due to his publishing acrid reflections on the Pope's intelligence comment which to-day would have permitted the libelled to get heavy damages The crash came. after Galileo's work was already known. The part which was partial. All phers. What Galileo might well have come to see could only be a temporary 26 . All investiin an English law-court). As intelligence sharpened it seemed to reveal men to each other as having in reality none of the traditional humane virtues and only being cunning animals. Instead of answering Machiavelli convincingly. was to be tabu.THE THIRD MORALHT he not be secure from moral interference if he studied only an abstraction and not full reality itself ? Unfortunately he judged without sufficient knowledge contemporary human nature. Religion was torn by civil war. balance of knowledge. Church. Coming. as it did. Tempers were on edge.

became The abstraction of " characteristics " the " and for experiment. with Authority. Hence. therefore. was % first cowed and The stage of fear is represented Determined to avoid collisions by Cartesianism. He did not intend to banish mind from the universe. snatched the child away. after vindictive. it made the Galilean abstraction not a convenient classificatory So it gave division of material but an objective fact. so fatally arresting his divine only lopsided monster. the a magician. Religion and Morality forced Science to make absolute and objective what had been intended to be merely a subjective distinction. not a device for thinking absolute. He was surprised and arrested in his work when he had made a provisional construction. The too well the part of the frightened development. Science. Cartesians used to torture animals to demonstrate that the animal was only a machine. Man alone had a soul and his soul sat distinct in his body. startled as in so many fairy-stories.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? division the " from primary secondary became not a convenience of research but an absolute separation. leaves Church played all Queen-mother who. that it would never cross the frontier now drawn surety " " sound between soul and body. the anthropomorphic cosmology) was a modern outlook not in- tended by the founder to be mechanomorphic. like a flame in a lamp. and interrupted when creating a higher being. 27 . finding the disguised Demeter making her son immortal by bathing him in the fire. and only begun to fill in the half of it. call the second cosmology (the worldwhich the new learning was beginning to put picture What we may in the place of the ancient world-picture. what good scientists as well as good Catholics. To show how they were. an objective fact.

half-conscious assumption that this division between a dead outer world (which : 28 . if you might not study consciousness more fully than that (and one step further along the experimental track and you would hear the minatory growl of the how know that consciousness was sui Inquisition). and that souls were merely convenient figments invented by Churches and Religions the better to dupe and control mankind. In short what happened among Protestants. a steam from a spent steam-engine in short. only found when the body was working. as much as among Catholics. The entire soul could never be All the rest. could not so be explained away. H. could be This was the division made between the old Church and the young Science. Cogito ergo sum my awareness. and not after all only a by-product of the generis body. This was a conclusion to which the behaviour of theologians drove scientists.THE THIRD MORALITY couched in the pineal gland. nothing in itself. The wish therefore the thought that perhaps after all there was prompted nothing to study but bodies. human body. Still. was a gradual. studied. the material universe. Huxley was to maintain. Descartes himself had established it as fundamental with his axiom. a conclusion which theologians did not fear when they were strong but were bitterly to rue when Consciousness their days of weakness came upon them. Secretly the young Science feared the Church and hated it. merely an epiphenomenon ? The conspiracy of silence on this essential issue lasted until the XlXth century among all eminent researchers. as T. is the fact that establishes beyond a doubt my existence. the fact that I find thinking going on in the very centre of my consciousness. including all animals and the studied and was mechanic. vanishing when the body collapsed.

perceived with perfect and without any deflection. adulteration. the fact of consciousness. not because he really picture man was so. but belonged to another order of things into which research was impossible and blas- phemous. because the theologians thought they had saved Anthropomorphism. assented to this division. a huge alien universe. willingly supported what the earlier scientists. but because he had ruled himself out. becoming used to the division. and perhaps in the province of the body. The soul could look on. who had been born as Catholics and experienced the threats of Authority. was a real objective division. not a convenience for research. a post-anthropomorphic psychology. But neither Protestant nor Catholic would let the second cosmology be completed and add to the post-anthropomorphic physics. at least in the province of the soul. studying the whole of physics as though it had no connec- tion with the world of consciousness. selection or objectivity. had conceded with varying degrees of conscious disingenuousness and resentment. with childlike and complete loyalty. Hence a hopeless disbalance which nothing but the development of the post-anthropomorphic psychology could correct. Naturally in this became insignificant. never asking how much of a hand he had in making what he saw. In short the Church had grudgingly at length allowed its and analysis assuming that consciousness a post-anthropomorphic physics. as though physics gave a complete picture of reality.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? probably included all animal life and even the human body) and the soul. Newton. brought up in the assumption. Later the Protestant scientists. This correction neither theologians nor scientists were going to undertake. while the scientists thought that the Mechanism which they came 29 .

evidently realizing forbade enquiry which would decide. provisional division into an absolute could only produce from an incomplete an unformed ethic. who were simple religious men (i. and this assumption was strengthened bases by the suspicious this. Men study could not be blamed for thinking that everything else the small objects such as animals and men would also prove no exception to the vast rules that ran all round them. compelled theology Hence make to a subjective. despite the goodwill of most physicists. and Nature must be one and the law of outer Nature (mechanism) and man. enough to continue science. so long as the Church was foolish clinging to Anthropomorphism. and Man fact that Authority. Nevertheless this gap between man and nature could not be held open. they thought they could only preserve by compelling cosmology to develop one-sidedly and incompletely and by forbidding the corresponding exploration of those from which a true sanction of a true morality could have been derived.e. The penalty which the cosmology anthropomorphic theologians brought on themselves and on society was an impediment of the morality which distinction. had proved to be completely mechanic. must 30 be the law of life . debarred in its formative years by from psychology and epistemology.THE THIRD MORALHT to feel was a full and objective description of the whole domain of physics. could be assumed to be about to be proved valid for all phenomena (phenomena of life and consciousness as well as of matter) and could certainly be a successful alternative hypothesis for a cosmology. anthropomorphs The outer universe under in their spiritual outlook). Logically emotionally it seemed the case was forgone.

treatises endowed to demonstrate Natural Theology. The universe went blindly. show that even Man was an theologians recognized the dilemma. it could no more . change it did. by their Natural Selection arose. he must cut his way to a place in the sun. and so did all life . more go down into the battle. The Bridgewater Treatises. The interlude : You might disregard the universe or refuse. and had as little purpose.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? Natural Theology destroyed by Natural Selection It was just that ancient connection of man and nature that Darwin reasserted. here and now. Quite apart from the ultimate futility of it all (that all life must in the end be frozen out). You could not disregard life. Liberalism had no answer to this. Not only would all life end decline. There was no noble end to which man. a great goal. at least indefinitely. if not infinitely. far worse. point men to some one philosophy Darwin had proved far off divine event. animal. Natural Theology collapsed with the establishment of Natural Selection as the explanation of life. if he and his stock were not immediately to become obsolescent. might build while depending from the steady hub of the vast machine. if he would enjoy even the little time that remained. Hence Liberalism had to change radically and. His success must mean others' disaster or v ice versa that was the only choice. life meant. and yet hope to build up a noble monument of life under the vacant vault which would stand. as the universe. through following the voice of God in his heart and mind. the . as in futility and be as though of it had never been . like Huxley and unlike the coarser Carlyle to accept it. pointless philanthropy was Man must go back where he belonged and once over. we can It had no longer a see by its actions. because life was part of the universe.

the blood of which flowed in your veins flooding you to-day with courage. First ethics must be advocated as purely utilitarian. been the path of the Liberal retreat. All talk. that balance of conduct required by mutual convenience. acts and restraints which looked like sacrifices but which really brought out of him heroic because their pack. in fact. give such full expression to their physical appetites that they dropped into such a satiety that ideas such as meaning and purpose and all general understanding became for them senseless. Such a modest ethic is. This has. by enlightened all self-interest.THE THIRD MORALITY life which you were part." of co-operating with nature must be dropped. But the retreat cannot be stabilized there. and it only managed to continue by violence and cunning until forces even more violent and blind should snuff it out. for the sake of society. For a short time Liberal ethicists attempted to show that evolution required of the individual. ethics have no sanction save such personal satisfaction as an individual can and does obtain from such judiciously moral behaviour. Life not only had no aim or purpose the means whereby it carried on were despicable. men's means ceased to do was to increase was a man of means . There was no purpose in life. that can be sustained by a rationalist. then. increase everyone their comforts until all were so comfortable that they All that the Liberal then could till think. He liked being of the pack like fighting for from the fact that this social Quite apart 32 members . if of course. of of " living according to nature. his best nature. What the community requires and what the individual needs are not necessarily reconcilable. tomorrow with passion.

for it Rolls impotently die. this attempt to hush up. Newton's discovery showed the practical man that. Galileo : It was all latent in Newton. the soul. such defiants to face the adverse verdict served on them officials refused de by biology. Freud drove him from the last fastness. philanthropists. for man's body was sprung from nature and his mind from his body. but. still pressed reform on the still The those home and war who had ceased and administrators. Biology gave them all the evidence they required to justify reaction at abroad. Darwin banished him from life. for statesmen and politicians. no power existed which would intervene to save his values or sanction his ethics. to prove the need of reform by philosophy. The only practical advice to be drawn of an earlier mathematician : from the Principia was that " That inverted bowl men call the sky.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? picture presented us with the international anarchy in full blast. in Descartes. Darwin and the struggle to survive was enough proof for practical man. to burke. in mechanism would conquer all. on as you or I. the individual's claims was bound to fail. Liberalism's Cremation Newton banished God from nature. once it had conquered nature. outside man. for the men in office. Under whose arch we creatures crawl and Lift not your hands in prayer to it. with greater courage than sense." Darwin's discovery showed that in life and in man's on the nature was written no law of Natural Theology : 33 . coup It is psychology which has given them the grace.

" talked of as an absolute reality. we shall see how the teaching of Freud was needed to bring home the lessons logically present in the theories of Newton and Darwin. They generally are agreed 34 .THE THIRD MORALIST What Kant had contrary. psychology has attacked. It is nothing but the superstitious efforts of the pack to coerce the individual. and should be nothing but healthy animals. even the conscience. has been So. as every reviewer of science has realized. The moral law within " had to be banished from any action last in the outer world. The materialist scientist who supports pure ethics and generally a rationalist is the pure ethicist a supporter of materialistic science. Here for the present it must suffice to say that the Freudian explanation has revealed to many that conscience is not only harmful but unnecessary. to be healthy he must throw off this sorcerer's and not to be endured for a spell only fit for savages moment by men of intelligence who have discovered the If he is truth that they are nothing but. What however such complacent rationalistic onlookers have not realized if is that not only is these accepted theories are true is religion destroyed but ethics and all morality as well. and as unnecessary as harmful. then from life and now from the very spirit of man. the law of life was the negation of morality. In the next chapter. religion made to retreat first from the universe. the conscience which might drive the tender to leave a world only to be controlled by crime. But even that retreat. and might give the tough a sense of guilt in their success. when considering the resistance which illogical rationalists put up to accepting the practical consequences of their theory.

early or mutual selflate. but neither has any superstition. where was the sanction to be found ? social convenience. of course. And finally magic was cast away and there was But this. Against this easy assumption. this wish-fulfilment argument. stands the unanswerable judgment greatest of rationalists. of is the David Hume " : There no reason why I should prefer the pricking of my finger to the death of 1000 fellow beings. The ethicist Then dawning religion. ethicist maintains he has 35 but where has his science discovered that sanction . it is On the contrary. mixture of magic and morality. is not at all the way that things have actually happened. otiose and natural science destroys. immoral. it was the alternative to martial law interest was not enough to make men serve the com- munity and respect the rights of their neighbour. obvious that such a belief is so baseless it could only be accepted by those so willing it should be true as to be very unwilling to examine even superficially whether it For it is quite clear that the sequence of developis. objective foundation for this belief. reply the rationalistic ethicists. reason introduced ethics and there was Reason's triumph left morality. which materialistic his sanction for morality ? it is The in life. With In religion gone. In the first place religion was the sanction of morality right or wrong. ment.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? that rationalism yields pure ethics. only religion. which the materialist rationalist has assumed led to free and pure ethics. leads on the contrary to the abolition of ethics." That brings us to the second criticism of the materialist ethicist's assumption that morality stands untouched. a has thought that first there was magic. while superstitions. unadulterated by They may agree .

megalomania andfolie de grandeur. this attack the materialist ethicist was all latent in Newtonianism. it cannot refute . yet such conduct does yield a sense of comfort to the individual. these packs themselves have in their behaviour toward each other or to their constituents no moral nonsense about them. the materialist ethicist it is depended) did teach is this : Whether or no individual so is evidence of natural morality that the subordinated naturally to the pack (and will subordinate himself to his man ought and com- munity). Survival In Natural Selection and the the complete denial of by Struggle the complete sanction of the international morality. Materialistic Naturalism destroys not merely religion 36 . back into the conscience. he has an instinct to serve the pack.. even when it Here now the ethicist fails and brings him to defeat. maintaining that. But what biology (on which his freedom from instinct. though biology denies that moral conduct is possible in the world. he seems to have none now. ethicist retreat Nor can the finds sense Freudian psychologist awaiting him. We must repeat.THE THIRD MORALITY Man is sprung from a gregarious In biology ? animal and therefore it is natural for him to be altruistic . . compensatory hallucinations. Man may have had instincts. the of which brings on illusions of illumination. Has biology found such an instinct ? The verdict is very doubtful. anarchy which now threatens civilization with complete we have destruction. This triumph in disaster of defying with glad exultation the blind universe for one who has felt it. But the one may be right ? a million know nothing of it. All he has is certain tendencies and the very height of his evolution seems to depend on his mental flexibility. he is only suffering from baulked sexual emotion No.

such as envy. It goes further. and they are not wrecking any wise too powerful that particular explosive energy which must be kept from social life. even in a society which can resist and resolve all other strains such as economic and social inequality with little effort and slight modification. Liberal- ism and ethicism are dead. as morbid. prove unbearable. jealousy and defiance. Maybe. the tabus and restrictions seem to have been imposed because. as unhealthy. the primal disruptive force in society. rightly. Sex-control a tabu. as he can justly and easily maintain. for rationalistic materialist of to-day is what all the XlXth-century ethicists would have immoral. It is more than an argument as to what actions should and must result from certain theories.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? without sanction. To channel this. who have doubted the advisability of have generally questioned that advisability promiscuity Sociologists 37 . and yet he is. and further. istic ethicist The rationalistic material- the actual to-day has no place save as a survival. The a first freedom of which he is avails himself is sexual is freedom. it it also leaves ethics The Rationalist Materialist to-day must be immoral This conclusion is not merely a deduction arrived at from the study of theory. shows ethics to be as illusory. sexual strains. force. as religion. very awkward society therefore in uses its strongest inhibitions for. Huxley and materialistic science. from following the history of our thought. as But sex Malinowski has pointed out. The collapse of Liberalism is the proof that these forces here described have so worked and so wrecked. and. acting on a rational deduction from materialist principles and the accepted conclusions of called.

however. For a moment the animal may have seemed a little dazed at finding itself free. that self-control. repeat. appetite grows with eating. feuds. dominating. Sex is a cruel force. We need to It springs from the self-assertive. It requires. sex is cruel. caring only for lust and incapable of all other interest or of that postponement of pleasure. injustice and outrage. simply because As Kohler points out in his it attains a natural satiety. and trivializing. in order to assuage its passion. beginning to show a certain roughness end in a homicidal accident. Perhaps for a moment that relief seems pure gain. emotion. the chief danger with which unrestrained sex confronts society. however. We need to is It is not satisfied merely by slaking a physical need. it have seen people delighted at the tiger out of its cage because they were We which may remind ourselves that the majority of murders are always to-day as ever sexual murders. without the individual maintained and there having to employ any conscious control. having let bored at the irritation it caused them by its constant scrabbling at the bars. constant sexual stimulus does not study bring sex to an end but turns it into a constant habit. That his sex may trouble the individual and make him an addict is not. men The . It needs to show-off and dominate.THE THIRD MORALITY on the ground that unrestrained sexual indulgence makes addicts. of chimpanzees. It is not an appetite which ceases to assert itself. pretentious side of life. not merely to have but to take. not merely to enjoy 38 . Already. which is the first virtue necessary for civilization. they have is some evidence now which suggests that those who declared sex was only troublesome when repressed were mistaken. the aimless repetition of a trivialized. That is the danger of incessant quarrelling.

This is always witnessed where sex is not controlled. not She fans the need of conquest in the casually availed. even compelled not merely to seduce any who attract it but if they do not attract it. if it is to be sated. will not last. In the main they are content for the time with numberless affairs. to triumph. It is therefore to take any. That. says and only 10 per cent. if they are prized by another possible rival. only the Shaw is still alive who taught " If you preach succeed. The woman. some. you must not avail yourself of the : later stages of that first . This requires that it be not only capitulated to by its prey but that it humiliate all its rivals. wants to be passionately. breaking the rules. however. the restrained and reverential attitude of the lover. It is the cruellest form of bullying. It rouses even the weakest and most peaceable to fight. and that the bare " " Man real in sex. It is Stendhal who wants." The generation which has succeeded has only had a few years of licence. not merely to be met. man. desperately desired.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? but to spoil. her to keep on proving to himself his maleness. too. amour propre. physical craving. conquests. Already they are bored. It makes social anarchy. At present we have not seen the degenerative process. For it has. act of copulation was all that was and must have. " " is love composed of 90 per cent. Man does not want concessional repetitions of the same weariconcessions licence truncated function for materialism has made people imagine that the lyric element. That such another male treasures his spouse is to make that spouse tempor- He has to snatch arily attractive in the sexualist's eyes. rouses D rivalry and both male and female 39 feel again . was only the consequence of a morbid repression. the others will you advocate. but to conquer.

can once more fling the world into war and may wish to do so to prove As always. Sex wins a new lease of life but of course society has gone back to the vendetta. calamities. a rejuvenation. There is no equality here. who won their which explode pent resources power by passion. Yet Conrad Heiden in his important study of Hitler maintains how large a part of his life is : this sexual present violent fact that men passion for competition has played in the making of the German politics. they cannot have. without suddenly seen as desired by another male. The hunt is up . when the woman he has viewed as an almost subconscious function the passionate excitement and which. are charges and bring on public is This. 40 . and those who have not the physique to fight get out. rekindled. the game becomes fast and furious . but as on Monkey Hill the powerful with all the females. the rest with none. the powerful get all. She will prize him as she never did before. of autocrats. with beginning to do : aimlessly repeated. We have to face the whose life is disbalanced. too he suddenly finds that here is for him a revival of passion. wives faster. then snatching. Blood. he will not only have rewon u his valuable." the valuable will be re-enriched. Free sex ends not in all enjoying themselves." No. If he can snatch her back.THE THIRD MORALITY the only feeling they value The conflict. then. " a gentle ease in changing partners and discarding duds. the private passions their superior virility. trivialism and boredom. featureless intrigues . and on whose dominance women can play. life's hot interest is back. is up . catch-as-catch-can goes ever lovers. Sex surely cannot be of such significance. complaisant husband. too. This picture may seem too hectic. husbands. is what sex freedom must and will do and first.

the strong has been selected and the weak have been weeded down and out. a creature who will give way to other-world fantasies and superstitions unworthy of a free man. what objection can ethics of I my take based on materialistic science put in the way taking any other satisfactions I find myself to need ? my " pleasures where I find them and I take goods on the same Good That he And he In short there is old way. and in the end the after many have destroyed each conflicting individuals fall under one tyrant who by superior strength and cunning has managed to crush them. Natural . morbid . to satisfy himself. other his means. take everything he otherwise he is repressed. my health and my real satisfaction that I have as much sexual exonly will the periences as I desire (and there is no biological reason. thing. adds Natural Selection. the ancient plan shall take who has the power shall keep who can. when it shifted its basis from.. why I should respect the rights of others or keep my sworn word). has survived . desires materialist science by any rule of conduct on any extravagance of He . then have all their liberty taken away and become his slaves. rather the reverse. Nor decay of morality extend only down the If it is important for sexual line. The individual is the only fully real must. unhealthy. 2s Of course this leads to an inter-social anarchy violent as the international anarchy. that is all right.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? fighting and homicide to keep the edge on passion. Yet we must add that this is hardly the goal which Liberalism." no limit put deduced from individualism. fittest The But. They.

France led the world in social-reforming consciousness based on the Natural Theology of the XVIIIth-century reformers. it is true.THE THIRD MORALITY Theology to pure ethics. The Degenerative Process from France see Those people who do not wish to the logical consequences of their beliefs or lack of beliefs. The tide reaction is. Darwinian Natural Selective Evolution. till civilisation collapses and humanity Illustrated is liquidated. fully eighty years ago that this is France. Newtonian Mechanics. showed the first signs. But we are still they brightly remark. expected to reach. deduced behaviour from a certain view of life and reality. Voltaire is the perfect example of such minds and none had greater It is significant that he popularized influence than he. Freudian sex-dominated consciousness is true and this is the whole description of man and the universe. Unfortunately it was inevitable. they must be the consequent. unlimited tyranny within. Church. and humane a morality could be. will declare the above to be too gloomy a picture. that he must go back at once or he because his retreat will be cut off. Ethics have to have a sanction . fully sanctioned. For how long ? A person ignorant of tides seated on the rocky end of a here. tide began to turn. running with ever growing speed however. the 42 . If Materialistic Science. based on a cosmology which got rid of the active : more traditional. Democracy and Liberalism have lost much. then society must end in unlimited war without. and put anthropological cosmology of the cruel in its stead the rights of man. Newton with religious fervour he was anxious to show how perfect. though still feet above water will drown of It level. the logical country. to-day. reef may think it alarmist when told.

accident in the world of action could affect Indeed.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? goodwill in man's heart. but the steady progress of conviction. is the emotional counterpart of militarist Even the miscarriage of the Revolution cannot destroy this zeal. detached thinkers as much as harassed administrators. the social conscience philanthropy begins to be lacking gradually sinks lower. no longer believe in man. democratic. It was not the Revolution's excesses or Napoleon's reaction which killed Liberalism in France. the true race of ascent. and. That greed. no its powerful thought and argument could only be overthrown by other proofs and arguments. tells La Place. on fear and A no longer proud of his state as the most civilized. fully individualized state must hold itself together on personal convenience. a last ineffective shadow from the disproved Anthropomorphism. citizen is The character cares supremely for 43 its savings. rational and humane he cannot be. The peasant personality denominates the state. the grave and deadly cause of that symptom is that men. administrators the constant spur of . minded than Newton. Rousseau's position Voltaire's rationalism. for the hypothesis of a Napoleon there more clearis no need God behind phenomena a minder somewhere about the machine. Its the mechanistic philosophy. XlXth century's mechanistic interpretation of The advance cease of social reform to improve the prisons checked. for it has fallen behind in that. So the XVIIIth century's mechanistic interpretation of the outer universe is followed by the life. it is deeply . Suspicion has awoken whether Deism is more than a hang-over. when that must be strengthened. is . Corruption is no more than a symptom . the law naturally written there in man's unfallen nature. a very weak tie.

was suddenly ended by emotional revolt. sentimental reign of Philippe. it was not true. the trary. Louis Napoleon. took advantage 44 . and the clever adventurer. only thing which combines all citizens is to protest Better the country against any tax for social services. that Liberalism was done. as the individual can keep to the full his private savings. second city. It was now only an emotional habit . and hospitals. water mean. because it had had its rational basis cut from under it." Louiskindly. as the English used to maintain before they thought her alliance " French are decadent/' On the connecessary. and the Chief of Police has reported with the complacency of a zoo-keeper " We have criminals in France of a type seldom matched in Europe and quite unknown in such countries as England and Scandinavia/' Historians of XlXth-century France have pointed out that it was as she lost her sense of herself as the leader of humane civilization that she took to developing with a certain ruthless thoroughness her colonial empire. His shrewd and indeed kindly sense was shown by the steps he took to prevent sudden panic and collapse into dictatorship. The Frenchmen sensible. Marseilles. for money is its only reality. earlier than the more emotional peoples. dilapidated prisons squalid. services The an prisons are a scandal. There cities in France.THE THIRD MORALIST and avaricious. All this of course is not evidence that. is of an oriental squalor. He could not prevent the squall and capsize when the " the Citizen King. and sewage a generation and more out of date so long individualist The . the municipal level. are no voluntary social services in most of the The devout give money to their priest to distribute. it is proof of their clear-mindedness and power equal France's : on of logic. highly thoughtful and shrewd realized.

an attraction for people who no longer believed either in reform or romance. But something had to be put in his place. France with a heavily farmed empire is envied by her neighbour Germany. dangerously Communism grows among the city dwellers. they saw to it that he went for good. Greed. however. That the founders of the Third Republic found in the appeal to the peasant personality a nation of individual savers tied together by the Government's sacred guarantee " rente.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? of the reaction to swing himself on to the shoulders of the people. for who the see it permits is. on the reflecting. in the civilized community or the conquering state. no longer united through a common goodwill to one another and a common aspiration towards creating a Fear. but also because every citizen fears that the Boche is after his back-garden empire. we have seen." This tie. immediate danger is not internal but external. in itself not sufficient social human It is culture supreme over all that came before. therefore. how much other communities provide as a matter of Yet social obligation for all their members. for. as it is we see here the retreat from Liberalism conducted and humane community. by an to intelligent 45 . low. France at when properly understood. of their Internally the standard of social service and the mutual obligation low . holds together not merely because every rentier wishes the Government to pay interest punctually. When. therefore has added to it binding So there still hangs together a For the constituents are society but not a civilization. however. dramatic melodramatic collapse in Italy and Germany. the Dictator made his slip. an internal balance of power. is not sufficient. France. worth considering the collapse of Liberalism in this length. We are used with generally little solution.

but she is fighting a series of rearguard actions for Liberty. has adapted and withdrawn . In the End We Must Act have seen. This undoubtedly they will resourceful and caring for Liberty. would permit the preservation of some freedom of thought and speech. our theory. in the universe. because it. individually and socially. we have thought we have had to act our general theory . some liberty of action. in life. 46 . why should other nations imagine they can ? fighting for the other possessions . in its turn. scientific view of reality : " the organic. The same is true of our private as of our public lives. cannot clear-sighted. we have reached an impasse. The inter- national anarchy is the result of the doctrine that might " a smile or is right. of others. but clearer minded. We have seen also that this impasse is an As inevitable consequence of our thought. the behaviour natural and reasonable in such circumstances. which. and that doctrine is accepted with a sigh by all men of action and men of thought. which hold her state and rente her foes drive her to that together empire and if France. some respect for the rights France cannot stabilize her position. attempting to find learn more from studying how we theory and and accepted supposed some social practice. as to democracy. In the end she must abandon Liberty. extremity. She will not do so until. and the mental worlds . that in our private and in our public lives. hold on to it. then.THE THIRD MORALITY We may slowly attached as a people. rests on what people believe to be the full materialism in the inorganic. Cosmology the theory of what the whole means results inevitably in ethics. while facing the facts of Natural Science. We results in individual and social behaviour. and in man's spirit. As We Think.

and will have. as a true cause could be found. a panic and nearly all crush each other to death. as their Governments not want war are public anarchs. but we can see no other satisfaction in We life. Nor is that not only has that destruction of the basis and sanction of ethics left them also in the air . and rationalism has to confess there is none. are left standing without cause. Those who accept account of materialism as unbiased reality will become private anarchs. and the result of everyone have to satisfy ourselves seeking to do that is the same as everyone suddenly soon there is trying to escape from fire or shipwreck a jam. protests So we privately do not want a way. their . so long this. Examination of our last eighty years of history. without because scientific materialism destroyed the on which they originally rested.ARE ETHICS ENOUGH? of the individual as of the scientific community. however. a resultant (for that is what ethics are and can only be) as a sufficient cause. held up as sufficient sanction of No one ever thought of themselves. advocating a consequence. shows. life of mean and violent actions compelled by uncontrollable passions. that ethics sanction. we may believe The Governments do their but they do want. : Ethics by themselves. sanction all . a full. the arguments from materialist religion science morphic have destroyed destroyed ethics. which anthropo- 47 . are quite helpless.

such general truths as can be discovered from an unbiased observation of Indeed we have seen that the materialist reality. 48 . must be the logical system of action built up from. but only that one which the new cosmology dictated. if they are to be honest or indeed real. Ethics. or. cosmology of some sort A As we was the mechanomorphic determinist seen. is about a just because it is ethics. which the rationalist used to imagine high-minded to be self-evidently right we all now see neither works ethic nor could be expected to work. cosmology which succeeded. It is contrary to knowledge of the laws of the universe. rationalist's whole idea about pure morality which is right and workable reasonable. must be a consistent action induced from objective observation of in the place of that destroyed. and of his his own consciousness. The destruction had to be put have it did not leave ethics of the anthropomorphic cosmology free. to put it more exactly. completely mistaken. of life. and this had to encroach on the anthropomorphic ethic until man realized he was not free to choose any ethic which seemed pleasant. ethics must be based upon.CHAPTER IS II THERE EVIDENCE OF ANY SANCTION have ? WE now seen that ethics by themselves are not enough. Ethics must be sanctioned. That altruistic.

rationalist's we see it is. he can have no free will and so talk of morality is nonsense. life. We both in public and private life. seeing that one's own physical morality that can only be a contradiction in terms. Psychological morality behaving so that remain sane and detached in a universe which is only a machine. not merely by force of reason that the rationalist must adopt an immoral ethic . and human character.75 reality. in the first chapter. the decline of secularist action. to have to disown the authenticity of reason and drives him. hardly be blamed for inconsistency when his argument leads him. recoghave had nized the untenability of their position. to surrender his belief in his power of consistent to He Nevertheless we cannot avoid facing the fact that ethicists have increasingly. Both and individuals are showing by their actions that however altruistic efforts are not going to be practised much men may wish it in a world where everyone is sure that such ethics not only have no sanction but are Liberalism states in flat contradiction to the proved facts of nature. may working. So. a man of free thought and pure will. then ethics cannot be I is must mean purposeless and in a life which is irrational no more than being healthy at anyone else's cost . expressing a amoral law. No materialist-rationalist ethicist this has ever been can enough accept position. if unconsciously. to trace. biological morality can only survives at mean . he is not free to choose any other. a rationalist. according to the materialist own argument. in the end. THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? If reality blindly moral. He is merely an automaton. for if the universe stock any cost is completely without any freedom and man is wholly formed and contained by such a universe. 49 .

Why. as a teacher of he was sure that ethics must have proof and rest on fact. made possible. 50 . this facing the facts. and that comforting belief about the suggestion. they could not implant such a faith. was (however biologically immoral and contrary to nature) still a sublime defiance. Kant. faced with the Newtonian cosmology of his " it was that harmony of duty with happiness which impossible to effect " is indispensable to rational moral life without postulating the continued existence of the soul. independent even of the universe and of life. Faced with this problem. if obeyed. a demand for an ethical belief in order to construct an argument which shall establish ethics. this triumph of For a generation after rationalism has taken time. and required and. That suggestion. a man can take his he can accept morality at second hand. felt ethics." believed this clung to two things : the suggestions who of childhood and the conviction that the within." " moral light their conscience. Professor Henry Sidgwick day. A postulate ad hoc.THE THIRD MORALITY Freud. but not at third : mother's word but not his grandmother's. when mothers who no longer believed brought up * their children. a good life). the person he has loved best and who has loved him best taught him an ethic his which as she passionately believed and taught was deduced from certain fundamental beliefs about the universe (a loving God who answered prayer. the Collapse Postponed This collapse. till Darwin it was is still the universe possible to say blind and life aimless : " A man can believe and yet behave as nobly and Moralists as cheerfully as any saint. implanted that he would be able to believe with Kant* that it was an independent authority within the soul. however. then he could so act when he no longer believed his teacher's basic He would find a will so to act so powerfully faith. have now both of them been undermined. As a popular rationalist has said. in his most impressionable years. is a good example of wish-fulfilment thinking. the supreme importance of psychical research. If. for. But. taught that.

to what was a life of unhealthy thwarting of natural instincts in a world that and ethics could only be based on personal convenience. already knew there could be no spiritual f really wanted conscience. the inexplicable moral obligation explained away. Freud had maintained (and scientific opinion had increasingly accepted his explanation because it was the logical application to psychology of Newtonian physics and Darwinian biology) that the ethicoreligious " inexplicable obligation. had to gain assent. which. It was the last anomaly in a world which.IS THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? for these few children who still had had believing Freud made the Kantian defence and sanction mothers. the categorical imperative. Freud's answer to conscience. intuition and illumination was simple. moral insight. explicable as a machine and nothing but As we have seen. impossible. a suggestion imposed on the child's helpless and highly But why those particular suggesimpressionable mind. the sense of It was first and foremost simply perfectly explicable. tions of right and wrong why impose suggestions at all ? Whence this need ? In Totem and Tabu (1919) Freud explained. would be wholly a machine. with this one exception reduced to material terms. if a little . At the back of their minds because they had accepted a mechanistic physics and biology nearly all men of thought and action realities Once again came the answer. Morality was imposed on the young for the convenience of their elders. to keep them from those sexual pleasures which the elder wished to enjoy without youthful and even rivalry. and again his explanation was accepted. But why did the good not merely obey the restrictions but devote themselves with a high sense of worth and even with moments of what seemed an illuminated insight." was impulse.

live in a universe where outer nature is and where the real law of life is that advance mechanical. finally.THJS : THIRD MORALHT " Granted that a few did have an crude experience of worth and reality in obeying an inner monition and in leading a devoted life. in characters strong enough to stand the strain. at least. not merely on the motions of the heavens and of the earth but on the motions and motives of life and. of consciousness. been brought into line with that of physics and biology. The mechanic consistently imposed picture of the universe that universe's contents. indifferent). The physical thrill denied its natural outlet. is immoral and therefore must be coerced essentially (for his is seen. can only be through ruthless competition. dammed back long enough. Indeed it might be called the most protracted of all pieces of For the thinker's feeling that he must special pleading. of the morality which would maintain that noble and restrained conduct is yet natural to man. wished far otherwise) and before man The belief that Galileo (who was. resulted in a sense of illusory delight and worth a assauge the strained nature compensating delusion to for loss of its normal satisfaction. It is an immense achievement of co-ordinated argument and carefully selected illustration not of proof. good) by violence and cunning that as we have the essence of Machiavelli's teaching and the 52 . by unlimited The evidence of psychology has force and cunning. as far as he thought of politics." that argument certainly destroys the last vestige of pure ethics. these people were only suffering from repressed sex. establish the necessity of realistic immoral political action appears long before Newton (who. Now though he A is process begun in the XVIIth century on all is completed in our generation.

a considerable period 53 . his Machiavelli. next. there was still lacking that deadly reconciliation and consistency of pure thought and practical action which could destroy mankind. they could apprehend nothing but a mechanic universe (they were content to accept this half picture as a full truth). Worse than acting badly in hot in cold or driven by practical necessity. conditioned rapidly first. and finally sequence completed they could even consider their own consciousness to have no springs or inspirations but blind appetite. then men. an end-process of anthropomorphism) had acted for sufficient time on universe.IS core of THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? its success. until theology (the anthropomorphic cosmology) could be replaced by another. Practical politicians . by being so treated. they could only see the life process the deadly as equally blind and futile. not only has it taken time some 250 years for that consistent and embracing picture to be it has also taken all that time before man worked out could wholly unshackle himself from the morality which : blood was based on the anthropomorphism that was destroyed with the rise of science in the XVIIth century. What was needed was the proof that it not merely pays for the moment to treat men with treacherous violence. blinding individualism. blood they came to be able to see that there was no good. It has often been noted that when animals are set free and democracies newly enfranchised. became so " " in their individualism that. read in The Prince why ruthless policy paid though could theories wider than politics such as theology not approve. but that such behaviour is the human reasonable reaction to and practical interpretation of the nature of the after the practical politician (himself. in However. Hence. As has been said.

the sprat swim into the pike's premises but the pike leave them unmolested. the window can be raised. their snouts are bruised by these collisions against the pane. however. they could not for a moment realize the fact. who abandoned the anthropomorphic cosmology and accepted the mechanistic cosmology built. To build on a lag is even more dangerous than to build on sand. what they hoped would be pure ethics. with longer of sustaining morality. On this. conduct on theory. To depend on a hang-over is to depend on something as transitory and as sistency moralists 54 . we have seen. Pike put to swim where they are cut off from sprat by a glass partition spend much time and energy lunging at their prey as it passes the window. morality on cosmology. " " For 250 years a " sanction " sanction. Hence the incon- between belief and behaviour. Many conditioned the generations of futile revolt had under-classes to feel that they were betters so that. a hang-over between finding out that you were mistaken and should act otherwise and actually doing so. however.THE THIRD MORALHT elapses before they realize their power and that they are no longer caged. with their helpless against their betters in their power. for religion had violence to compel belief. chise in After each of the extensions of the fran- England it was always a generation before the enfranchised classes began to return members of newly their class. religion had therefore still an opporto rebuild the basis which had proved incapable any tunity It clung. which had shown that it was no longer a had to resort increasingly to Action does depend on thought. a rule of life. independent of what was accepted as being an unbiased view of life. but there is a lag. blind conservatism to its anthropomorphic cosmology. When.

with What. Hence he must submit to restraints. is the abandonment of social purpose. so sexual morality together. The particular restraints were often far from being the best way of obtaining the an integrated community. restraints which would canalize. we now see. When man desired end was yet pre-individualized his world outlook was a vague Animism. but to find more effective ones. : cannot say) condensed into Anthropomorphism himself at as man became individualized. recovering To-day then we see the mechanistic cosmology completed. The mortifying ascetic is an intense The cure for that was not. and had to happen. a unreal as the repentance of a dypsomaniac : consequence of the acceptance of social morality. self-training became efforts to self. The particular rules were often fantastic and repressive. The psychological factor in them was that the community came first. To-day also we see pure ethics unsupported. because the individual could only live completely and fully as a community member. making it and the consequent setting up as all of the physical individual the only possible ultimate. with Freud's dissipation of the inner light. the abandonment of the anthropomorphic cosmology force. brought home to roost in the soul. not thwart. however. however confused. unsanctioned morality also caving in. not to trans- cend. not a social breaker. But that is not all sexual morality was. has happened. Theory and practice are now advancing As Freudianism is accepted.75 THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? when he is from a bout of intoxication. to do away with restraints. however. must disappear and is disappearing. the recognition by the individual that E 55 . Hence all exercises preserve. the individualist. an intuition that the universe was somehow This (whether it could have been avoided we alive. this great a social current.

sexual freedom at that the individual should have whatever cost to other members of community. tempt her or she him must be conceded. when men do not repress themselves is natural.THE THIRD MORALITY life has and can have for him no purpose physical or meaning other soul than his personal satisfaction. And beyond sex lie the enjoy other passions Rage is it safe or right for me to : repress anger ? May not it damage me ? Avarice why my neighbour's property if I have a strong desire for it and can get it ? What has he against the right I have to satisfy myself ? rights What do I owe him beside what I owe myself ? Greed. Liberalism can only set free people to indulge their It asks feebly that all should be allowed to passions. unworthy feelings . must seize. His and the community were equally incapable of being aims the one was a limiting illusion. society then on what grounds interfere with the seduction of young girls and pederasty ? Anthropology has shown that peoples who are not under any puritan repressions both these practices. malice. they are the true inner light which lights should I not have every man to his only true satisfaction and destiny. or he has failed. absolute his necessity. 56 . the other So the right. He must be allowed to take his neighbour's wife that we ?) think asks is : inevitable. fear these are no longer vices. because she to is no chattel (still honour Had he the right that. that sexual right is only part of a larger right. the only a means to his fulfilment. every other part of which the individual (because he alone is the only possible end for himself) must assert. is and leave his But to draw the line at sex-satisfaction with adults If what is always happening in human arbitrary. too.

is honestly open ? Granted anarchy locked in a not that the only rule of life. " means that I have to have more room than my sorry neighbours will give me. blindly run. I am finer. and " The stars. Liberalism. I deserve more." which can be added the rider The power and will to : persecute the weaker is the manifestation at the moral 57 . and it is seen to have evolved by an equal blindness. and whole. is answered. Pure Science has been interrogated.' she " Life has been viewed steadily whispers. If a ' ' : To society says a pogrom is moral." based on material science. says the scientific < what other prospect must end in a smash death grapple with tyranny is it materialist. who has been already quoted.75 THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? one realist. then it is moral. which. " My cries " : My full satisfaction requires that I prove my by taking from the weak what they cannot properly use or hold. the law of life." Still another full satisfaction. has said " There is no objective ethic and there cannot be. when it becomes conscious. virility silenced. says I ought to have more." replies enjoy themselves to the utmost as individuals and none encroach on each one's full physical satisfaction. Biology. Granted it is a blue look-out. and it is no use shirking truth. Consciousness has been analysed and all man's ideals and his last sublime defiances are reduced to no more than appetites twisted from their natural purpose and satisfaction and made into illusions as fatal to the individual who indulges them as to whatever As a society should believe him and act on them. dismissed. inevitably expresses itself as the triumph of unlimited violence and cunning. and who bases sociologist his social teaching on materialist science. The law of life also says I must so act. the only natural law we have been able to find ? So things actually are.

but what a different thou shalt live doing is dictated ! The pale shadow of altruism fades and in its place forms the nightmare cloud of that unrestrained competition and exercise of cunning and violence.. but what serious the mechanistic even more cosmology which was put in the place of the anthropomorphic cosmology (which precipitated the old morality) is now Hence.THE THIRD MORALITY level of the struggle to survive. For instead of the ethical shadow cast ever more faintly by the old inefficient faded anthropomorphic cosmology.e. is still wholly to understate the gravity of the problem and crisis which confronts us now. Here then one issue has become clear. which he must " morbid " and so that his stock may survive satisfy or be " the only immortality. and violence before were due to the inefficiency anarchy of the old cosmology. we are to-day confronted with a new " morality. fine conduct based on itself theoretic- and is now proved to be so. required in order that the individual may assuage his physical appetites. Not only is pure is ethics i. of the dominance right- fully practised by the stronger. the clearer it was defined the more it tended to create individualism rather than to check individualism's natural ally impossible action)." a new rule of conduct which is being pre" This do and cipitated by the mechanistic cosmology. " it is the same rule. to its trying to preserve social order and civilization through ineffective and often mistaken ways and methods (to an outlook which. whereas precipitating its appropriate morality." 58 . however. which alone are real. It is clear therefore that not only are ethics not enough by themselves they are shadows. That. anarchy and violence to-day are due to a logical deduction from the new cosmology.

they are seeing already it brought to in a halt. as a species. in the treatment of delinquency. They hoped it would not interfere with ethics hoped. that ethics would be freer to develop. dilemma seems deadly. . we begin to realize. They attempted to prove it must. the mechanistic cosmology must be found to be partial and so untrue as a basis from which to deduce action . They see the individual or paralysed if he is tender. They have accepted the mechanistic cosmology. for civilizations are. field of social relationships the They are charity and recreative faith in human nature. We cannot then escape the conclusion either we must find evidence of other sanction for morality. civilization may never recover. be checked there. hysterical. tough 59 becoming soft. in class contacts. resisting every Nor would the spreading necrosis effort to revive them. even. They have seen Liberalism beaten in the large field of intermost ethicists this To national politics . not only the hope of man. but founder : the whole hope of life. Once shattered they may die. in many societies defeated the next in social reform. The present biological evidence seems increasingly to indicate that man. far more like living organisms than they are machines. in belief in the freedom of thought. or what we have called ethics will disappear and what we have called civilization will disappear with them society From such a collapse.75 THERE EVIDENCE OF ANY SANCTION? or disappear : Now Ethics must find Sanction in Nature. and field. They strove that this should be so. the present will go down in chaos. with civilization. anthropological evidence seems to suggest. the exercise of tolerance. it and fading in individual personal relationseeing failing ships. if he is strong tough . may never recover if the civilization which is now the So may brain of humanity cannot prevent its suicide.

THE THIRD MORALITY since he realizes that it is his natural is duty to get all he can for himself because he the only thing wholly real to himself . This fault of all specialists is. Why Ethicists Despair like all Unfortunately. there is nothing ahead for him when he is no longer able physically to enjoy himself and there is nothing above him in the whole universe he is the only creature which understands and he underfinal reality. ethicists. from beliefs as to the nature of reality. but an accidental relationship with religion and thing that religion was only imagination. the stands the whole means nothing. of the character logical of the objective world. of all degrading had never had anyThey thought superstition. they also failed to realize that religion Being pre-psychohowever mistaken. however temporarily misrepresented. Being pre-anthrodid not realize that religion and ethics pological they are in a cause and effect relationship. 60 In .e. particularly natural for them. however permitted to harden into a false. however. of sheer wish- of a a wholly alien and long universe. cannot keep up to date. over-precise interpretation of the living universe in terms of individualized man is a picture of reality as far as man at each of the stages of his consciousness can respond to that reality. with ethics it. are a deduction from rules of conduct and behaviour religion. a series of silly and irre- sponsible misapprehensions of fulfilment myths in the face indifferent reality. They are not informed of changes in the premises from which they argue. It is not a free play of fancy. They thought they had got rid of an anthropological cosmology and. dupe and exploit the ignorant. other specialists. that ethics i. still less deliberate device to its deceive.

cruel restrictions. cruellest threats. he felt they were dangerous. Religion such a cosmology as yields a conduct. crueller intolerances. more purposive than they. were of no moral value. or baseless. at worst full of tabus and fears. Those who think that they have attained a full understanding of reality. Cosmology. that they at last and alone have seen things as they really are. cannot believe in any further advance. To them the finding of any design or direction outside man must be to bring back the anthropomorphic cosmology and so to restore its ethic. One must sympathize with such feelings. Unaware of these extensions of our knowledge of the nature of man. the maintenance of a balanced social rhythm and the co-ordination of man's entire nature in creative activity not only with his fellows but with the nature around him. a way of life. a return to superstition. with a very preliminary examination 61 ./6 THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? it is periods of decadence it is real. which makes possible the building up of an enduring social pattern. at best a dependence on an external Master Interferer. an ethic. the pure. Any discovery that things are more complex. ethicist was in consequence unwilling to keep watch for any changes in cosmology. was to ethicist s highly suspect. apart from the meaning man could impose on them. Any change must be reaction. Were any such reported ? Was Mechanism in physics found to be less securely based than had been imagined ? Were force and cunning found to be less able to account for evolution f Was psychology found to be faced with the data of psychical research ? The ethicist thought such enquiries not only did not concern him. can be these things. In its growth such a construction of experience. the detection of any pattern and meaning in things.

Truth is an essential virtue and the supporters ! of the First for Cosmology undoubtedly sinned of social the sake security. Truth. any of which have modified so strikingly the mechanistic cosmology. have assumed. but man could not He had to put some equally comprehensive stop there. Cosmology. They are sure that the old anthropomorphic cosmology the dethroned God or Gods is going to be restored. discouraging the late discoveries and even suppressing. ecclesiasticism. grows and changes. according to the ethicist. This is their groundof-public-policy for refusing to watch. Truth. how persistently have the holders of the for instance : anthropomorphic cosmology persecuted those who would have criticised that cosmology in the name of truth That is true. and was therefore adopted as the basis and principle from which conduct must be deduced. picture place. Because of against truth. threw over to the new scientists tixe world of astronomy and physics on condition that the world of life and consciousness. of their individualistically posed they opspirit such as Galileo and Bruno who were introducing the Second Cosmology. is not necessary for fine Conduct. Anthropomorphism once appeared not socially convenient but true. however. for indeed be- and with littling. awakes their suspicion. of reality-as-a-whole in Anthropomorphism's As we have seen (page 26). biology and 62 . terrified of morality being overthrown and yet finding itself unable to suppress the proofs which had been produced against its anthropomorphic cosmology.THE THIRD MORALITY a strong wish to find no pattern. and human nature distorted idea and persecuted those whether ecclesiastical or secular tires of change. rather it has always been used to persecute fine conduct. Anthropomorphism was disproved.

No one asked whether some natures might be essentially wholes and so only to be understood by taking them in and studying them as wholes. could ooly assume that man's nature contained nothing which analysis of 63 .75 THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? was made psychology should not be investigated. of what all the threadings were meant to convey and were put together to All that the theologian moralists had done illustrate. his nature and the nature of life could bring no new factors into the new cosmology now constructed solely from the observation of the movements " dead bodies "the stars and (later) the atoms. No of one on either side imagined that. because they did not foresee the surprising outcome of modern physics' analysis. but less and less notion of its picture. The scientists. the study of man could throw light on stars and atoms. whereas the study of the motion of stars and atoms could throw light on man. both agreed in the mistaken assumption (which the former dreaded and the latter welcomed) that. forbidden to study man. So the worst of both worlds by both parties to this imFor the theologian and the scientist were possible pact. Everyone assumed and agreed that analysis gave final knowledge of nature and that as analysis could be carried furthest with dead matter what remained (or. and that a complete cosmology would and must contain as objective a study of the behaviour of life and consciousness as of stars and atoms. was to sell the foundations from under the feet of morality while forbidding new grounds to be explored. what could only remain) would be the final nature of everything made of matter star and man alike. because anyone looking at a tapestry must have realized that to study it with stronger and stronger magnifying glasses would give you a deeper insight into the thread. if man was investigated. It is strange.

asked may be.THE THIRD MORALITY who save matter would not disclose. more reality. . as being. This is the belief that the universe. as strange as. truthful method of expressing what the nature of the universe human thought. though understood by man. * Non-rational. would bode ill for the theologian. all reality. They themselves expected no more than that superstition would wake up to find a flea in its ear. He uses mathematical symbols preferably. too crude and childish a picture or rendering of The physicist has now a new. not as being in its nature a magnified but a magnified non-rational* non-natural man. and as this conclusion. but rather as the expression of a mental pattern. not that we should all be roused by civilization tumbling about ours. it has itself no meaning." machine a concept really important practical behaviour. in its turn. goal or raison d'etre. exacter. however. in terms of what the essential nature of this post-mechanistic he owns that it appears as something cosmology may conceivable neither as human nor mechanic. those foresaw realized. When. once more he advances with as little regard as Galileo for social convenience or for the disturbing use which those who want to upset the present settlement and understanding. as a process of be. even less superseded. may make of his advances. So Mechanomorphism was constructed. Mechanomorphism is to follow Anthropomorphism. they were not inclined to martyr themselves further to him from the consequences of his cruel cowardice. for. can best be under" stood. thought. particulars. such as and in some it man's actual concept accurate than the And To-day the physicist wishes to enlarge cosmology.

Then we might be saved the sad. martyrdom or suppression reason is not called it for. atavistic spectacle of men who honestly believe themselves to love truth wholly. but is a because it practical thing.THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? The New Advance Not a Return to Anthropomorphism IS Truth. resorting to the obscurantist. are not facts about which ethicists can really bring themselves to believe Even for such truths as the principle is involved. Facts with which nothing can be done. So much for the motives of policy which prompt the ethicist when he discourages any value being given to cannot avoid such prejudices they are human but he would be wise to recognize that he is no exception to the race and envisage them frankly. multiplication table an ethicist does not feel he should because it is much Those who challenge 2 by 2 making 4 lay down his life. the most highly prized of the pure and values. all men an abstract. The real why the ethicist finds hard to attend to the changes in physics. but all too the facts in physics. But it is necessary to realize that it is almost as hard for the secularist ethicist to face up to the supersession of Mechanomorphism as it was for the ecclesiastical moralist to admit the deposition of ethicist's virtues Anthropomorphism. either are insane or mean something which the common In either case sense of the proposition does not involve. is because he fears the disappearance of that meaningless cosmology will mean the return of meaning and that that meaning will be the old narrow meaning deduced from Anthropomorphism. compels him to attend to the new evidence. however true. care for truth not so For. then. to realize that the mechanomorphic cosmology is being dismantled. the fact remains. because they believe it. and it alone allows man to live nobly. new He 65 .

with betraying truth for the sake of superstition. by physicists of international reputation When attributing to such men unworthy motives.THE THIRD MORALHT human. of progress through a pure love of truth begins to Here is the very spirit which made the conduct all of the Christian Councils a sorrow to humanitarians. the hope pale. Perceiving how much they must fear this advance and gauging the intensity of such a fear we have two imfinal portant indications. yes. and " " explanation now among their feelings rationalists. insufficient to himself that The first is that pure ethics are man accept truth and restrain from attributing base motives. when faced with the criticisms of the current cosmology made by made We those perfectly qualified to make them by the men on whose thought the construction and extension of cosmology depends. the onlooker can at least help understanding by estimating how deeply must be involved for them so to behave. we realize that ethicists and rationalists have charged physicists. methods with which has ecclesiastical controversy historians painfully familiar. should be spared the sight of ethicists and rationalists. and even for the sake of a knighthood. pioneer was never met . The second is make a we ourselves are pointed forward to see 66 whether the . the easier. a jest to all who wished rather to disparage than underTime and again the argument of the religious stand. unacceptable with signs of the return of such a spirit. the charge of immoral desires as the discover facts Faced forward of the pioneers' desire to to the established view. who tried to explain their thought and its implications. baser course of misrepresenting what he said was resorted to and even the most unworthy argument of all indeed an attack not deserving the name argument was employed the attribution of unworthy motives.

is proving too much by if reason for . Is It Nobler To Wish Good Action to Mean Nothing ? the ethicist There is. one more reason why has been unwilling to accept facts tending to a new cosmology. finest pitch. humanity with absolute disregard of myself and with the assurance I For work that race I so is love truth that I face the conclusion that my as doomed and irrelevant as myself. he will take no stimulant . also enough had and a sad private reason as well as a public reason for resistance. however. with a clear conviction that he gets no grace to help him. they have it tainted with the unworthy bait of reward. not even the reward that the humanity he serves will survive. say Buddhism of their sects taught a and Christianity. if He is Even in noble ethic. reason so used undermines itself. no. certain his pure. however. taught The ethicist will fulfil the loftiest ethic without reward. He will This. true 67 . The ethicist. then. All this was natural enough.IS THERE EVIDENCE OF ANY SANCTION? now so strenuously resisted reality that sanction without which the love of new facts about may not provide truth and the generous understanding of those who discover facts which upset presuppositions can neither be attained. no reward to draw him. however. He feared they would re-establish superhe feared so much that he himself fell below stition his own fine standard of love of truth. so capable of misuse that their discoverers must be discredited. some some religions. He " sinned for " these facts were so dangerous. have or nourishment even to make him work at the highest and do all that the loftiest saint has ever done and do it with complete intellectual integrity. unbased ethic has been nobler. the sake of the people . He will take no " opium " no.

I truth ? Am indeed its is not working for reward . himself for the low. never recognized by reality. it is not reasonable to ask an individual to live the loftiest. to ask an individual to sacrifice himself for cosmic futility . but am I facing working for any rational result ? The issue not one of reward but of result. no meaning and must end with extinction on this globe. not because the lower are his equal now. for need not. satisfaction. and will be most true and noble in behaving. it is not reasonable to " that word work without result (not " without reward confuses the issue). supremely well. We We The pure rationalistic ethicist has not been able to live 68 . if the only goal is to make a number of generations become healthy animals before the cosmic frost kills them all off. but because it is their destiny (and it is his to help that destiny) that they grow to be his equal. for result can only be an aim. is going to behave. more animal existence that is sacrificing the finer to the baser . an achievement worthy of the means employed. of ultimate I If life has am meaning. not because the higher should perish for the lower. for he is maintaining that he. most tions self-forgetful life in order that succeeding generamay live a lower.THE THIRD MORALITY enough. then it is not reasonable It is not reasonable or purposive to work for such a goal. depend on rational argument to disprove this strange misuse of reason. the realist. On rational deduction and argument it is clear that the baseless ethicist when he prides himself that his actions will never be rewarded. The saint not that other men may become comfortHe sacrifices able but that they too may become saints. complete abandonment of any personal the sake of no ultimate result. is really being irrational. however. with a lives as a saint. have only to point to what actually happens and has happened.

from an unknown depth a staunchless spring of living water. but was impregnable. defy the cosmos. This wild notion of defying the cosmic process. in the widest sense of the word his quixotic irrational people of faith. They prevented their reason from dissolving it by maintaining the Kantian explanation and defence of it that it was an irreducible fact not to be decategorized. It could never be made true. this resolve to refuse to submit to the laws of nature. The universe was blind and dead nature was blind and cruel . capitulate.75 THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? up to that since ethics programme. was absolute. made the fortress He showed the stream rose from It which the drains of the castle seeped. This implanted suggestion that first generation reverenced and acted on. conscience. however. only a stream impregnated with the gases of decomposition. The best of that first generation lived on the suggestion which it had received from parents who were still ethicists-with-a-sanction. sources into Freud. for within it there was always springing up surrender. believers. man knew he should and could . We have seen became baseless. it is off. was no water of life. there have been two generations. since Liberalism lost its philosophy and Natural Theology went the way of Revealed Theology. and to depend on it meant that the addict would become morbid and unhinged. They have neither received in their formative years a suggestion given with the absolute conviction of the believer. Newton and Darwin therefore were fended The citadel of the inner soul was beleaguered. was proof that this drink made men mad. explained away in terms of something lower. we have that seen. Drinking of this. And so in the second generation of pure ethicists we have seen a change. nor can they persuade 69 . Whoso drank of it was not noble only intoxicated.

like all men of sense who and mercy. and patience the rationalist could hardly be expected to equal. actuated by a lively social conscience. They knew they were human a little time to work with inferior instruments. and the many who have received a much more hesitant such a suggestion. and the psychologically trained abstain from. On the contrary. They did not expect to see a world wholly transformed.THE THIRD MORALITT themselves in the few cases who may so have received. is will. they know it is only baulked sex and that they must be unhealthy if they find themselves considering such promptings as irresistible. They had. because they say they have other other recreations which those relaxations recreations chronisms as and only had would and they tolerated war and unrestrained competition. devotion The utter self-forgetfulness of the acknowledged saint. is worked a for reform." righteous And the second generation's achievement has had to nullify : 70 . they must. Therefore they gave themselves relaxations which the saint. not inspired visionaries. the mystic. if narrow. figures which could compare with the heroic. Many ethicists of the first generation were men of a fine goodsuggestion that conscience. of the mystic. such a voice of an inexplicable and final fact. his unlimited charity. They did not attempt the impossible either with society or with themselves. They were rational reformers. for justice however. " Be not set by the advice of the Book of Wisdom overmuch. They know this life all. The first generation produced few. courage. and so the highest flights of the human spirit " " or die in the find out heaven (whether those flights Their limit was interstellar cold) were denied them. if any. They took such pleasures as they might and put up with such anabalanced regime.

the pure ethicist. who ideals are real and objective. reasonable . the rationalist. have a power of auto-suggestion makes them impervious to defeat as no rationalist can be. psychology " " which recognizes. such types. who take their opium (that life means something and that behind it are powers which will feed the strength of those who seek power in order to be made wholly means for the Kingdom). our knowledge of psychology makes clear that it is is it whether such types are sane or no. We a lag is see then that the is ethicist moral achievement of the pure not due to pure ethics but to a hang-over. or even healthy to attempt. That lag over and pure ethics no longer has behind it any Far from the pure ethicist sufficient motive power. that when it is reached humanity will be for ever happy and that mysterious strength is given them to persevere against all outward discouragement and apparent failure. a period where ethics had a sanction. from now actually living a nobler life. it is the superstitious types whose achievement the rationalist finds it And this again increasingly difficult to emulate. whether wise for their own comfort and health for them so to behave. progress of the rationalist moralist. There has had to be proportionate lowering of the moral standard to meet the proportionate lowering of moral conviction and the proportionate reduction of reasonable belief that extreme standards are necessary. possible.IS THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? be proportionately more modest. as is reasonable. lives a life of continually increased material satisfactions and continually lowered achievements. has been from the assured cheerfulness of the F 71 The . whether their dreams are morbid hallucinapeople tions. It is the saint and mystic. that there can so suggest to themselves that their is an absolute goal to be reached.

nature to see that now life that will it description has been extended from dead is a complete and. but what the Victorians called the law of the jungle. through the short Huxleian phase of defiance. man's third. a perfect order would gradually emerge . by argument and not be heroic example. If the mechanomorphic cosmology of reality. and violence in action alone achieve less and more and achieving success. any natural law save the elder who see the young taking more despair among : and less and countering these elder rationalists' protests with the rational arguments with which elder rationalism met the churchmen of their day the end of tabus.THE THIRD MORALITY mid-nineteenth-century Liberalism . If the mechanomorphic cosmology is true then the humanitarian and the moralist must retire and the realist must 72 what . when men were convinced that by reason and with no great self-sacrifice or inordinate devotion. to the doubt and despair of to-day doubt among the young as to whether there is Take what you want and can . if they are continue. teaching that reason and argument are a muff's methods and that dogmatism in theory. the fanaticisms of black and red draw off the strong and make them tough. in our day. Meanwhile. we have have. We seen First. discovered two things. cosmology. cannot continue baseless but must be brought into correspondence with a cosmology. to Secondly we have seen why ethics. we and must be such a cosmology's rational deduction and practical consequence is not Victorian humanitarianism and respectability. the Promethean attitude to the universe . to consciousness. the ethicist has not attended to the new facts why which are disintegrating the mechanomorphic cosmology and which will give rise to another. then. outside the dying Liberalism. etc.

Fifty years ago it was. superstitious (in the literal sense of the word) to say that people must have as a diet to keep vegetables and dairy produce. act on can be lived without any sanction or that any change in cosmology must be disregarded and discredited because it must lead to facts of human ism as a Anthropomorphism. So when we find human beings down 73 . protein and some salts. opportunities to follow his superstitious cravings and calory diet. : Liberalism's Collapse owing to lack of" Social Vitamins " But it is not true. obvious that this will take some that the proof will be of make men good sense. chemists were certain. The what has happened to Liberalbehaviour. have reached such an impasse reason proves it. It is Still. had been found fats.75 THERE EVIDENCE OF ANT SANCTION? We throw off all pretence of humanitarianism and morality. They cannot feel now with their former certainty either that the nobler life alone of good will. public international creed and what has happened a return of to the Liberal's private life these facts cannot be burked. the Fortunately. save in prisons and some other the ordinary man was on the whole given many places. at least theoretically. : them in health fresh The essential nourishing elements in foodstuffs." bear. is that of those who break life's blessed are the wombs which never deadly entail the breasts that never gave suck. the European anarchy demonstrates it that the only happy and right"action. established in time to we may hope it. the practical dietician also could not be convinced that the experimental animals which would die with such unwearying regularity on a vitaminless diet were laying their lives out of prejudice against science and in order to discredit it. carbohydrates. let Surely the pure ethicists must be getting a little uneasy. proving.

unable to be nobler than the saints indeed often falling tional diet


fed on a tradi-




the scientific attitude


not to deny the

fact, still

to crow over such failure, but to set about enquiring whether the diet these human beings believed to be all

that was necessary, and on which they strove so hard to act heroically, was adequate, was at all possible to sustain

noble living. When it has been frankly allowed that the traditional saint's diet was far from a balanced one, far from the
best conceivable, then important to enquire
it is that it becomes all the more whether the rationalist must not have been suffering from grave under-nourishment. Granted that the traditional religion's diet was full of much that was " roughage and bulk," yes, and even of harmful substances, granted that it was degenerating and ever fewer numbers tried to assimilate it, ever larger numbers of conformists only pretended to partake, still is must have contained some vitamins while it is

obvious that the synthetic diet of the rationalist, because he was so anxious to sterilize the traditional food and " pick out all unnecessary superstitious stuff has emptied out the baby with the bath." " disease," failure of Unfortunately deprivative and liability to break down, owing to diet strength


leaves out vital foods, becomes much more quickly obvious in the individual physique than in the social
in the body than in the character. As we have seen, the degenerative process has been going on it since Newton only became acute eighty years ago with Darwin, and it has not become critical till to-day.



But to-day we are faced by collapse. Our reserves are used up. The ethicist can no longer refuse to recognize rationalist based on the that civilization society



mechanomorphic cosmology as the unbiased and final truth about reality is desperately sick ; and the individual who accepts in his own life that outlook as true in despair if he faces the facts, only happy is helpless if he refuses to think and for a moment gains (an ever


some emotional excitement,

some private


The time

say refuse to examine

has gone past when men of goodwill could " These new facts are too good to be true. I


on without."


dope myself. I can carry one can carry on any more, if indeed
lest I

the signals of outer nature are as redly against him as the We have to elder cosmologists made them out to be.
face facts even
if they turn out to be the saving of us. " " Too the very phrase, as Proust good to be true detected, shows a curious modern masochistic wish. We never say a fact is too bad to be true. Our minds are one-way valves open to the evidence of despair but


" " Realism instantaneously to hope. to-day is the discovery that the apparently good are base, always never that the apparently evil can become good. Ever
since the rise of the

modern world with



cosmology we have been

able to believe in pure evil,

but not in pure good. Shakespeare can invent an lago, but not a supreme and selfless saint. We can believe in the collapse of the best but never in the conversion, " There may be the salvation, of the worst. Browning's " " " heaven, there must be hell has had the may negated " " and the must underlined. Realizing that, we see we have often turned from facts

and refused to consider them, because we feared



kidding ourselves." being thought a credulous fool, The wise, we imagined, are the disillusioned. The knowing are those who know there is nothing to be found

and that the universe
to the really informed grows at each discovery plainer, balder, duller, more senseless. Now this is clean contrary to the facts it is simply that common sense which is the stale science of yesterday,

that knowingness which believes everyone

who knows

more than itself must be



true that the Newtonian Cosmology with its Mechanomorphism did, as poets such as Blake and

Wordsworth knew, make the cosmos an empty thing. Wordsworth, not realizing how necessary it was that the inadequate Anthropomorphic cosmology (which gave rise to a morality in which much was base however " would rather alive) should be cleared away, declares he
pagan suckled in a creed outworn." It is true that the Darwinian Biology, with its blind Natural Selection to explain all the richness of life, and its Survival of the Fittest to interpret all its devotions and heroisms, " did, as thinkers such as Butler maintained, empty mind out of the world," out of life. It is true that Freudianism has made every ideal and aspiration feel itself ridiculous and morbid, a purposeless extravagance made out of what should be a mere bodily routine. But now we see the time has come not a moment

too soon


completed merely to have given such a sorry picture that, acting on it, civilization staggers over the edge but, also, to have left out so many facts that a new cosmology now is called for, the old picture must be scrapped, not merely on the grounds that as a chart it runs civilization on the rocks, but because it has constantly and deliberately left out and suppressed important facts all along the course. We have seen that this Second Cosmology was, as a matter of fact, never completed, but remains an

the mechanomorphic cosmology, having interpretation of reality, is shown not



partial development which to-day must be For the Second into the Third Cosmology. enlarged Cosmology was never constructed as a complete cos-

mology can only be constructed from actual findings, from all the data, all the sensa (colours and sounds and sensations, just as much as mass and movement) presented

human consciousness. On the contrary, through the interference of Authority concerned only to preserve

the Anthropomorphic Cosmology, scientists were first confined to, next found themselves contented to observe, and finally were zealous to extend and impose, only a
partial abstraction from the whole of actual experience. Hence such a picture of the universe, being so gravely

incomplete, could not give rise to an adequate ethic or indeed any ethic. When the power to persecute
slipped from the hands of the anthropomorphic Churches, the mischief had been done.

That mischief began when the second generation of scientists Newton's generation had, by becoming contented with the limitations which Authority imposed on research, accepted a " dislocation " of thought and This dislocation had to arise from their having action. constructed a cosmology which stopped short at Mechanism, having been forbidden to include life and mind. Hence their ethic (such, for example, as Newton's and other theistic scientists of the XVIIIth century), as it

had to depend on a complete cosmology, had still to be dependent on the anthropomorphic, though Anthropo" the outer morphism had been already disproved in " universe and (because Authority forbade investigation) was increasingly suspect in the world of life and mind. The next step was inevitable. So rooted a suspicion compelled scientists, as soon as they were free to advance " " of life and mind, to into the reserved subjects

strive to

show (and honestly to believe) that there was and could be nothing in these beyond elaborations of the data which physics had studied and explained mechanically. Hence Darwinian biology and Freudian " " their data, because decategorized psychology both
convinced that that data, though composed precisely

which Galileo had reserved from and put aside for the future studies of the biolphysics ogist and the psychologist, must be forced into and under physics, which its founder considered as an physics abstraction from the wealth of reality. This attempt, to make facts fit into a theory which was specifically devised to leave those facts for a more embracing theory, was bound to fail. By the nature of the case it was compelled increasingly to disregard significant facts. Equally serious was the practical
of those characteristics



that so long as this attempt to maintain

that physics gave a complete cosmology was persisted in, so long the world of action would have to choose

between an ethic which, depending on an anthropomorphic cosmology, was untrue, or a conduct which, deduced from mechanic physics, was unethical and must lead to anarchy. For the sake of action as well

thought, for practical morality





bring these compelled under observation. The chart of knowledge must have these neglected observations brought on to it. When they are all in place we shall see humanity can steer quite a different course than that which it imagined, on the word of the mechanists, was the only one open to it though it led
significant facts




straight to the rocks. may also see perhaps the first outline of the next vast extension of man's frontiers


the third cosmology.







are living




in the dismantling of the second, the








then in biology and finally With these in place, it will be possible in psychology. to judge whether Mechanomorphism is any longer tenable, and whether a new world outlook, a new basis


facts in physics,

for a

new morality,

has begun to emerge.


puscular. The XVIIIth century. tests possible for showed that 80 . down. and so fundamentally corNewton gave a theory which maintained this. behaved in an unsuspected way and that this behaviour could only mean that it was some strange form of wavemotion. as Professor Shrodinger pointed out (Science and Human Temperament). if followed up. in the middle of the XVIIth century. would have shown the Newtonian corpusGrimaldi's simple cular theory of light to be too crude.CHAPTER III THE EVIDENCE TO DATE I. Indeed. years full The shown classical Newtonian physics had for many signs of being increasingly inadequate as a rendering and a complete picture of inorganic its nature and has laws. Grimaldi had made experiments with light which. even in the generation before Newton. material. anyone to make for themselves light. even before Newton attempted and produced machine (a picture which won century heart because it his vast generalization that picture of the universe as a fabulous its way to the XVIIIth- banished the Anthropomorphism that age had outgrown and produced something which looked so simply reasonable). however. POST-MECHANIST PHYSICS Light points to Post-Material Physics MOST well-read people are aware that mechanomorphic This was no sudden breakphysics is being eliminated. when experimented with. wanted the world to be clear.

after all a primal fact of the outer universe. The Newtonian principles were too simple to fit the facts. intangible substance. To describe it. ether. Waves in water were the original. about the ether." This unsatisfactory state of knowledge about what was Later. Mechanism. turn his attention to it. In consequence the attention of became concentrated on light." a name and a description which of course had no more reference to the shape or behaviour of any vast generalization sense-size object than has a hippogriff or a chimera to any animal in the zoo. Clerk-Maxwell. The results of this search are well known. where there was neither water nor air to carry waves. and physicists magnetism. other than this ad hoc characteristic ? As Lord Salisbury said in the depths of the XlXth " century. or part of one. it had to be given a new hybrid name a " wavicle. After he had made his famous equations. it was clear that light would really not fit into the Newtonian Mechanomorphism. If light was a wave. Study of sound had shown that sound was wave-motion in air. Light was discovered both to behave as a wave and as a corpuscle. must be carried by an What was known invisible. however. to see whether they could be brought under which would also include all the other material movements already accounted for under the law of gravitation. electricity. simply the nominative of the verb to undulate. Further it was discovered that some 81 . it must be a wave in something. it was. corpuscle. however. light itself. and it stubbornly remained. had to be preserved. the eponymous waves. passing through space. Light.POST-MECHANIST PHTSICS it became evident that the nature was more easily described as a wave than a of light Newton's corpuscular theory was put aside. made perhaps the most original physicist of the XlXth century.

which had seemed safely contained and conquered. a picture of the universe which shows that universe as a machine which has made itself. the advance of physics had led to even more unsettling discoveries about the Not only had light established its nature of matter. They 82 . the photons. all-sustaining electric charges would. and every part of which is merely force and not structure or substance. But these ultimate charges. force essentially invisible . of course. insensible. remained a little Exactitude. The next step made the retention of that picture still more The ultimate make-up of matter was only difficult. but strictly materialism. of course. behaved as though they were matter. of energy. however. the proton and its electrons (forming the atom). hov/ever. not only not that of any machine that has ever been made or can ever be. official Mechanism was of reality still retained the picture by most scientists. it was presumed. but the ultimate. compels one to note that longer. Nevertheless. under any magnification (even if light did not give out) remain invisible. autonomy and successfully resisted the attempt to bring Matter itself. however. it into the mechanomorphic picture. Analysis of the atom had led to the discovery of the electron and the proton. This was the end of Mechanism. unimaginable. began to revolt and break bounds.THE THIRD MORALITY light did not go in a stream. we could see its effects. but in droplets or packages Before this stage. such a picture is. though they were not matter. Analysis of these had shown them to be not matter but charges of electricity. This that surely is a grave disadvantage us when what we were supposed to have given ism just accounting for by Mechanpicture as was thing : a clear material all reality.

it sat like a ghost robed and crowned on the grave of the iron (but now from which it had arisen. because of the poverty of their powers of observation. Mechanism must be true. This is religious faith. as read know. but in that short time of less than ten generations it had become independent of the facts. nevertheless the sacred principle and pattern of Media nomorphism was being carried on. the " solar system model. Like Hobbes's Holy Roman Empire. " model of the atom. In 1927 came Heisenberg's 83 Principle of . on believing that. at least. the mind could not prove Nor untrue. as did Hence the Rutherford-Bohr all rapidly moving matter.POST-MECHANIST PHTSICS would arrange themselves and (as they were and had to be in incessant movement) would move themselves. has now been abandoned. Mechanism had only lately been established by deduction from facts. Not only all who is the energy itself immaterial material but its behaviour or is indescribable in any imagery by any mechanical simile. The nucleus of the atom was to act as sun and the electrons were to act as orbit-describing satellites. Mechanomorphism Remains as a Habit of Thought so fixed were their Still men clung to the conviction minds in the assumption and habit that Mechanomorphism was the final and only possible cosmology that. That model. The and pattern of the primal. though completely corroded) structure of fact The orthodox faithful went invisible to them. possible as an act of faith. all-sustaining energy path cannot be described in any picture or model. it even defied them. not scientific did scientific procedure in its rapid progress allow even that sentimental devotion to remain behaviour. in spite of the facts. as something which comforted the heart and which.

is apt. It had to maintain that its principles could still be held. A may faith that in the no longer has proof. for. could not prove . It can only be known when so sends out a wave of radiation Moveit is still. at least the other side were no better off they. the electron must remain unimaginable. nervous. but is holding out that the series of reverses which it has suffered hope suddenly be themselves reversed. To try and get hold of both and both are needed if we are to have a that material picture or rendering of reality or any assurance " " is matter mechanomorphic is as vain as ^Esop's to snatch the reflected bone in the river dog trying without dropping the real bone in his mouth. Hence when some competent gave it as their opinion that Heisenberg's involved a great deal and might indeed necesPrinciple sitate an examination as to whether causality itself might not be an unnecessary assumption. No one knows what an electron it is when moves and is. This Principle of Indeterminacy caused naturally The mechanistic faith was highly increasing distress. without knowing both these. in the strict observers sense of the word a superstition 84 then the faithful .THE THIRD MORALITY Indeterminacy. on their side. It was then established that you could never know an electron's speed and also its mass though both factors are essential characteristics of the electron's nature and. the earlier and analogous history of theology amply illustrates. as essential a part of its nature as is Yet Heisenberg has shown that. to be irritable and unjust. ment mass. the other must of necessity escape us. if one is known. though the facts which had given rise to those principles could no longer be demonstrated. free will. For it had now to retreat to that very dangerous ground onto which all failing faiths are driven. therefore.

then the mechanomorphic cosmology. Necessitarianism. their warm emotions were more involved in this matter than their Those who suggested that causality might clear minds. course. if the conservatives were right. were attacked as themselves lovers of superstition and reactionaries desiring to wrest the truth to re-establish Anthropomorphism. because. 85 . Of failed established." say the always be impossible. like all conservative faithful. as far as its foundation in physics was conThis was worth debating closely. . with complete necessitarianism ? We cannot honestly say we have so found and indeed there can be no doubt that Heisenberg seems to have shown that to establish " this will Nevertheless. That search has in our generation been completed. if not hotly. to be if strict causality.POST-MECHANIST: PHYSICS showed that. The search made by physics throughout the modern age was to find the basic nature and behaviour of matter. from the mechanomorphic cosmology. which had been drawn. So much for its ultimate nature : its ultimate nature is an its immaterial element ultimate behaviour we ? call force. then free will was pretty certainly a delusion and man's belief that he had values. with strict causality. and by striving could attain them. if the universe was a machine. be an otiose hypothesis and might be abandoned for a more advanced and practical conception. had much exacting deduction. was baseless. And what about Do we find this force behaves. Matter has been divided until it has disappeared. In such a situation qui accuse s* accuse. inevitable. The most machine all life and consciousness itself had arisen. as matter was supposed to behave. working through a few simple. was that. and from the working of this hung in the balance. and properly drawn. unexceptional laws. was equally illusory. cerned.

by degrees of likelihood. moment moment The hope Science always Worked by Probability But if physicists were not working with strict causality. laws of expansion are laws established by average. No one could ever watch even : the separate molecules of a gas bombarding the walls of a container and so calculate the pressure of that gas. always been demonstrated Causality before and. that was always only an ideal and to-day it has become an unattainable one. The fact of strict and absolute causality has always been an unattained ideal an ideal which has earlier generations of physicists rightly believed " Middle Age cos- would. and would only. not by absolute The demonstrable certainties. with what law were they working ? The answer is clear. be the ultimate particles of matter could be watched in their action and interrealizable when action. clinging to their elder mology. if you declare it is not proved to be the fundamental explanation of matter and movement and so cannot be depended on as a final law of the behaviour " of all reality. by probabilities. this Principle 86 of Indeterminacy has . in fact. of actually witnessing demonstrable fundamental causality at work. a dream. then. has always been used. To-day. each particle's movement completely determined by the movement of itself (or its neighbourhood) a and determining the next movement a of making such observation. after. what are you going to put in its place ? The answer is simple.THE THIRD MORALITY conservatives. What is going to be put in the place is the practical method which. before. with statistical law. if we are not disinclined to face it ever since Boyle's classic discoveries and principles in the XVIIth century. physics has actually worked with the law of averages.

physics is We dealing with what 5' . concern itself with things which might be but are not. sees he has always been using in physics the law of Further. as science is empiric and cannot probability. because it has cleared one field it more shadow out It of the illuminated shadow was cast found that the human prejudice. Then unconsciously the wish begetting the thought upon the sly he declared he had established a complete explanation of the world through the principle of causality and determinism. ciples. that cannot have any standing as a principle. by an unrecognized by studies. must be discarded as otiose As has been said. becoming increasingly empirical actually there and declining with ever more certainty to be drawn into suppositions as to what might be there or will be. Man imposed causality on nature as a fundamental objective law of nature's being. has assumption that man knew how the outer universe ran and what was its form. principle of physics to-day is the rejection of unobservWhat cannot be observed.POST-MECHANISE PHTSICS taken away nothing from science's efficiency in explaining the present and forecasting the future. and what cannot be established by observation. It was so sure of its prin" its that it was certain that with them it laws. He learned how nature worked and accounted for her motions through using quite another principle that of probability of averages. that physics cannot ables. " The fundamental a superstition. it is more so. and the Now he facts of nature had confirmed that principle." attend to. then. Indeed. Science is just as powerful as it has ever been. which the scientist has never used and which nature refuses to establish. The danger of the older physics which was the basis of the mechanomorphic cosmology was that it would prophesy and build largely on prophecy. G 87 see. a principle.

therefore. is advancing so fast because it has resolved not to tell nature where she should next be found. remember that on the site of these vast classic halls. shown to be unreliable. possibilities It seems unwillingly. " is No one wholly irregular and the only answer is is : : nature knows or." however. are drawn out into cer- these larger. The stately building which they thought was about to enclose man completely. As has been said. further. This is the dangerous method of extrapolation. They view the changes as a breakdown. once stood the narrow. from their narrow to many of them that a great structure of the mind. Reconstruction. 88 . the Gothic tangle of the anthropomorphic cosmology. crowded vaults of that previous structure. They watch the broad and splendid architraves being dislocated and dismantled. of physics. and. they realize now will never be completed on that static plan. she doubles." Physics. Because a series of points has already line. To the " " What is there when no one is looking ? question The question physics now determines to give no answer. " As soon as out of sight. it is maintained that on that line will be found a series of conforming points going on Time and again this method has been indefinitely. cold but majestic. a line is been found to give a straight not only drawn through these points but far beyond. With horror they suspect that from these dislocated fragments of physics men will once again construct the crooked and mean temple which they thought they had made for ever impossible. It is natural for the elder to be timid. by any method real The tainties elder physicists. can know.THE THIRD MORALITY could not only describe fully but forecast accurately. the huge mechanomorphic is abandoned. They look back and being cosmology. to shut out all vague vistas and to stand fast for ever.

We can sympathize with the anthropomorph and the mechanomorph. It has been their home and work so long that they fear any change will only leave them worse off. The mechanomorphist. a new out- even for the mechanomorphic design to employ them as much beyond its fitly. but through each being more than The mechanomorphist with equal mistakenpersonal. an invariable law of strict causality. The inform and control life anthropomorphist. The anthropomorphist realized that mind was of the nature of the universe but thought there could be no consciousness except that individualized aspect of consciousness which was the only consciousness he could recognize in himself. for the equally the facts of life. valid understanding and comprehensibility. ness restricted himself to a partial aspect of Nature. applied the conclusion which he drew from that the inorganic which he had been section of nature permitted longest to study and the principles of reason of 89 . But the anthropomorphist did not understand the full compass of man's spirit and that its kinship with outer reality was not through man and that reality both being personal. they will build something " as it was beyond the anthropomorphic design span such vigour of imagination and constructive power belongs to youth. We must sympathize with the aged when their temple has to be unbuilt. and that as this existed in inorganic nature it must also and consciousness.POST-MECH4NIST PHYSICS so as to achieve a vaster plan and look which says " these superb pieces were too great elevation. not age. applied to his experience that interpretation which he felt covered all the significant facts. for the sake of making a clear sanction for moral action. The mechanomorphist thought that the regularity he found in inorganic nature was a complete determinism.

man included. it will not. on the contrary. 90 . collapse into ruin all this finely quarried knowledge. like a Samson. all nature. built Both the human But both must yield in faith that spirit knows that it is now cabined and confined in the houses they made for it. nor cowardly and clumsily heap together out of the fragments some meaner den . it will achieve with its new elements a dwelling place which will incorporate all that was real in the earlier constructions and frame these elements with the new so as to make a building not only to express its grown nature but to lead to still further growth. when As it stretches itself.THE THIRD MORALHT which he sincerely thought for must apply to spirit.

perhaps human thought and thinking man abandoned Anthropomorphism. all the sciences it sustained should have also been revolutionized. POST-MECHANIST BIOLOGY finished PHYSICS has with the classic mechanics. Physics used to be the tortoise on which all the other As it crawled forward they also could sciences stood. They were not autonomous. chemistry by physics. It clear from this alone that we are entering a new age. The effect of the revolution in physics should then have been instantaneous and profound. crisis when advance. Why they were not was because this feudal allegiance like most feudal allegiances was more an ideal than a . Science was a feudal system wherein each of the special sciences had to own allegiance to an overlord and it again to a greater lord until the lord-paramount was reached. Psychology was carried on physiology. They must be carried. They could not themselves put foot on the ground of reality and go ahead on their own. As its fundamental postulates were overturned. We less are at a crisis in experience not even more profound than the remarkable. Mechanism no longer is nature of reality. That is a description of the ultimate is a very great revolution.CHAPTER IV THE EVIDENCE TO DATE II. physiology by chemistry.

and meanwhile each of the upper. than it had imagined. though the growth realize in the complexity of their subjects made them they would not be able to apply the results of demonstrated mechanism for an indefinite period. The biologists and physiologists. biologists. in every living cell. In consequence when the news began to percolate up that physics had first to announce an indefinite postponement of the demonstration of materialism and then of mechanism. yet 92 .THE THIRD MORALHT reality. did not wholly : ! surprise either chemists. physiologists. Now carry the great unifying principle through. or Indeed the chemist who was in closest psychologists." That victory had never taken place. Then we shall be able to trace the same action in every conscious move. Every brick of the great tower from foundation to pinnacle : . fully known. The separate sciences had gone on working at their own stages and stories. such news. which would have been profoundly shocking twenty years before. and described. Nineteenth-century scientists have gone on " Quite soon the mechanistic explanation will saying the causal and be demonstrated in detail in physics determined action of every ultimate unit of matter will be demonstrated." The news delayed. waiting the moment when the news would come " The rock is reached From up from the vaults rock to first floor mechanism is demonstrated. Then we shall be able to trace the same causal and determined action in every protein molecule. more surface Each found its own sciences were not very impatient. however. touch with the physicist understood the situation and was not unprepared for even more extraordinary bulletins. It would tale more complicated be long before it would itself be ready to link up with the unifying principle which was to spread up from below. will have been accounted for.

the practical working scientists who produced results. well. Their reason and their hope were based on many spectacular advances during the XlXth century. difference how it make ? These physicists were anywith quantities which were insignificant. what logists were inclined to discredit it. As see a mechanism. and he it was establish the finality of matter. which they gave the spectacular not merely because of the practical powers victors. the physiologists and the biologists who dealt with life. matter of theory remained a little difficult to could really clinch the mechanist argument.POST-MECHANIST BIOLOGT continued to have such a hope before them as their aim. how you realm of the physicist. and life-size things and issues. who had failed to Why the Life Sciences still thought Mechanism Demonstrable Nevertheless biologists and physiologists had good reason to suppose they could push Mechanism in their own provinces until they could show that everything that took place on a life-size and sensible scale was ruled The body was exactly by mechanistic-materialistic law. They would establish themselves. for to do so you had to reduce all structure to unthat brought it back into the differentiated matter . so superstitious. it for all practical purposes. and if would physicists had become as so fanciful. must and would take up the challenge. so metaphysical to be uncertain what matter was and how objective reality could be defined. dealing For all practical purposes mechanism still stood. but because of the repulse 93 . When the news from physics became not merely disappointing but revolutionary. only a machine which worked with chemicals instead of steam. biologists and physioAfter all.

with Maxwell and his equations. in physiology and biolog. of the yet earlier Anthropomorphism were still battle and still suffering spectacular defeats. evidently. in the amounts the body showed it required. < fashioned vitalists were fighting series of rear actions every time they joined issue. and leave them to ferment. of quite simple chemicals. it was now established. Wohler. of that amazing brew or pudding were The now ingredients all written out and known to be recipes. Newtonianism way an ancient potentate still honoured but in sc already disregarded. simpler But often in life. The body was made up. wins the great victory for chemistry when he manufactures urea. a unique product of the body. It looked as though making living tissue was now in sight. was to take these simples. than the biochemist produced the stuff artificially. Whereas in the XlXth century. the insufficiency of Mechanism in physics -''ready able to be perceived. The harder half seemed solved the finding out what the These stuffs had turned out to be stuffs actually were. sustaining heavy reverses. The very name biochemist. as commonplace as any cook's you had to do. Any student could break up a cell into its 94 . a simple-seeming step turns out to be a complete obstacle.THE THIRD MORALITY they inflicted on the theories of opponents. and thenceforward one after another of the body's secretions had no sooner to be called a peculiar achievement of life. how to make them combine. which the vitalists had said only the living body could make. early in the century. the opening of such a branch of science. after apparent difficulties have proved All simple. was a victory for Mechanism in the realm of life itself. mix them. The second half must be much surprisingly simple.

of the doctrine of Natural Selection and the Survival of the Fittest. thought he could make a theory which would save special regretfully against creationism and rebut evolution. Gosse. germination arising directly from decomposing matter. these constituents is No professor could recombine cell. who was a biologist. the clergy biologists who dared study the evidence as much as the who prepared it. 95 . watch-maker proves he knows the mechanism of a watch not merely by dismantling its action but by being that A able so to reassemble keeper.* * For an interesting example of this. The clergy who studied his work decided him and in favour of Darwin. see the correspondence between the elder Gosse and such progressive clergy as Charles Kingsley. continued to while physiology and biochemistry make uninterrupted advances and to discover everything about life except how to make it. biology proper made immense mechanistic advances. was the triumph of Darwinianism. forces). was convinced this was true. rise to life. . of course. Only life gave The perfectly sterile remained lifeless. Success of Darwinianism also. and how. etc. Meanwhile. what nearly two hundred years of physical Mechanism (of a belief that the universe was automatic and purposeless) had failed to do was done in a few years by biological Mechanism (the belief that all evolution had been due to the chance working of unconscious Natural Theology had its root cut. was a materialistic illusion. This. and have the recreated Yet the only sure proof that you have really understood its nature and fully accounted for its constitution. We have seen how spectacular was that victory.POST-MECHANIST BIOLOGT apparent constituents. Making The a living cell presented a problem which no one could solve or has yet shown how to solve. it Pasteur had also that he has again a going timeshown that spontaneous generation. Everyone.

the constant arranging. whatever told against such a conclusion. supposed to be demon- and why most strated in physics. must underlie and control all natural phenomena. These facts provided evidence of Anthropomorphic control special creations by a personal detached deity or they established that all life force. his fellow workers and informed opinion. So everyone now assumed that the mechanic principles. The in wild life. As at the beginning of science. Kropotkin and other naturalists could show how large " mutual aid a part ". we have already considered. fissure again yawned between conservatives and revoluEither all nature showed a persistent design tionaries. could not mean. and mind were resultants of a blind mechanic Faced with this alternative Darwin. " of an imposing creator or nature red in tooth and claw with ravin shrieked creed. could not be proofs of a personal deity's constant intervention. they might mean. co-operation and goodwill played Their mediation was rejected. intelligent contemporaries agreed with him. contriving and interfering of that Personality which men had made in their own image." Once again the conservative anthropomorphic theologians were as much to blame as the mechanists. Natural science had (by the blunder of the Anthropomorphic Church) been confined during its formative years to physics and denied the study of life and mind. it was they who again gave research only two against all " " 96 . In consequence the minds of Darwin's contemporaries and his own could only assume that the facts of life which they studied were only to be interpreted in one of two possible ways. naturally chose the latter interpretation and as naturally neglected the facts which For these facts.THE THIRD MORALITT The reason why Darwin himself was convinced that his selection of facts pointed to a blind Natural Selection.

genera. Dr. was a greater palaeontologist than he (and this question must be decided by palaeontology. : 97 . How far this other principle. we have to recognize increasingly a principle which acknowledges evolution but makes it far harder to prove.. That Darwin was ignorant of it is a factor seriously to be reckoned with and that.R. Caiman's (F. May. he could not have built his theory of evolution these two facts are recognized and have been stressed : by modern authorities in evolution. W. our system " The whole of and went much further saying is riddled through with Polyphyly (of evolutionary description) (many origins) and Convergence ". Caiman also Geological Society. as our knowledge grows evolution had taken place. these clerical conservatives met their defeat and deserved to be defeated was in their resistance to Some sort of though. during time. Bather. This principle of Convergence.) presidential address to the Linnean " Darwin wrote Community of Descent. Causal morphology has proved the cause of close similarity in organic beings. Bather's presidential address to the Dr. Where evolution. etc. had he known its present. utterly different origin it is clear. is the opposite to that particular and popular view of evolution which Darwin urged that all the variety of forms have arisen from one simple form.S. in fossils)." possibility of convergent evolution on a scale unsuspected ' quotes the late Dr. 193$. recognized extent. of many forms converging into likeness. the one known Society. For it not only shows evolution to have been far more elaborate * See Dr. has acted in the long history of life no one (from the nature of the case) can be sure. and as the facts denied superstition the scientists chose anarchy.' in Darwin's time. That is " Conver" and Polyphyly the fact that unlike forms of gence have. the study of past Dr. Caiman owns. species. superstition or anarchy . T.POST-MECHANISE BIOLOGY conclusions to arrive at. come so closely to resemble each other as to look as though they had a common ancestor.* " " also has another and positive Convergence contribution to make to the new Biology.

then. though our stock is certainly a much earlier stem than any of the evolutionists associated with Darwin would have allowed. each finding power to become that type though starting different. Nearly all of them were trying to defend a Babylonian speculation as to the earth's origin. unduly show and. all number of species can converge to become a higher type. on the ground that this creation mythos. Yet a main sequence still seems to a more Haeckel. dominate and underrun. that there is a teleological symptom If a in life. is used in the earlier ." That. however. but with a gigantic and confusing orchestrated composition wherein themes appear and disappear. F. As Wells has " Find a fossil human skull in the Coal said Measures common : (fossilized when down some 180 the Carboniferous deposits were laid million years ago). the problem of the directive force or forces revealed in life must not be explained away as nothing but blind competition and immediate advantage in in itself the struggle. crest and crown has resulted. has not been done and. It also suggests.THE THIRD MORALITT than Darwin imagined it to be. It grows. In life's story we are not presented with a single air. blend. there is evidence in evolution of an aim. increasingly certain that still Darwin and Huxley. Osborn and other authorities have pointed out. but to be made of thousands of intertwisted branches. a plural word. which shows a number of gods (Elohim. simplified the line. seems to have no clear bole. The conservatives were therefore on far weaker ground. as H. The tree of life separate out. there is as yet no vestige of a sign of its presence even in the latest of the great Chalk deposits some sixty million years back. though the roots may come in from all sides. and evolution then becomes not even a good hypothesis.

they could not reform. after losing the wholly indefensible ground on which they would give battle.POST-MECH4NIST BIOLOGY document for the creative beings) creating separately but in one week groups of animals and then man. temerarious as evidence as they were morally dangerous. Evolution is an outlook which is essentially moral. thinkers in trammelled logical speculation. that once defeated there. goodness as well as truth advocated the longer view. The Darwinians having won on " the issue " : Has evolution taken place ? poured through the gap and the conservatives put up no further resistance to these other particular Darwinian assumptions which were as The doctrine of evolution had. in its picture. and here is man at the top. for. Though the story is evidently far more elaborate than we thought. Even Augustine commits himself to some such It is a view of life which is rational and evidential. sudden stops. so rigid was their position. with far more blind alleys. as were by an unfortunate Europe. resumptions. there is life at the bottom beginning as a feeble movement in the slime. Indeed it is hard to see how any informed and intelli- gent were he not. been held by Buffon and Linnaeus. of course. Further. yet an elaborate ascent has taken place. many constructive thinkers Goethe. The conservatives were defeated on the evidence of evolution and. trunks) than like our singleboled trees. Life has given rise to understanding 99 . twists and turns is more like themselves and become evidently far a though the tree of life banyan (whose branches root . arbitrary adhesion which Christianity had contracted between its particular teaching and Babylonian cosmocould fail man to arrive at it. was a divinely inspired account and must therefore be true in every particular. view.

ideals were. where or how man originated. Dewar correctly sums up the position when he " states that Science can truthfully say that it knows not when. here. with what leaps. is a natural theology demonstrated. real gaps. also the product of chance and had no objective reality. Darwin maintained all advance had been through the working of blind forces the same random forces which had evolved the inorganic Man was a product of chance and so all his universe. How this force and devotion. because for so long man had no possible part in it.THE THIRD MORALHT Here. worked species whether by small changes or revolutionary extensions we still cannot and genera may yet say. of course. at what pace. Nature says " Mr. is progress . be filled in The gaps between or they of may be objective. Dewar's : fossil finds statement in his paper before the Philosophic Society Great Britain on March 25th. man to survive as an animal. they were simply ridiculous. Such mistaken and extravagant development beyond and against its real and original purpose often took place in life and is best illustrated by those absurd overgrowths hypertrophies which often appear on animals 100 . The real resisted and only moral issue lay there. but in the method and way whereby it had worked and come about. with what drastic discards and sudden irruptions no one can yet say. As powers they helped used to understand the universe and to co-operate with it by realizing its purpose. by Of Mr. was. not in the fact of evolution. Where Darwin should have been withstood and was by such independents as Samuel Butler. on the vastest scale. They could have no greater " Their " meaning was that validity than their source." All that science can say to-day is that there has been a progressive advance . 1935. then.

universe. all save applied thought. Such It a mind from the put all picture. etc. was no longer a call On the contrary. Hence nearly all practical men (and by that is here meant all men of action and in fact. is a food-getting when they instrument. who 101 could review the actual . feathers. It was Survival was through unlimited struggle. u This do and thou to keep the moral law. and the one is as little able to understand the But more universe and discover reality as the other. rulers and moralists) shalt live . : the actual forces which. working by chance. On being to fight on quite another preliminary issue. " morality on its head. like the snout of a pig. and so were dismissed as dishonest. the biological specialists.POST-MECHANIST BIOLOGY are decadent. and cunning which alone counted and gave strength the prize. armour. The theologians who should have challenged it on the ground where it made his particular advance against morality. to quote again Butler. They clung to their Anthropomorphic tradition. had permitted themselves. were what man must call immoral forces. had thrown up man. and which lead to their extincsuch as extravagant horns. to realize that he " " when he used all his was most biologically moral means and betrayed every other's interest in order that he was biologically immoral when he he might survive his enemy and sacrificed himself. they resume on wholly moral grounds their resistance. banished Indeed it went much further. would neither own their mistake nor defeated. through a blind and equally immoral devotion to their own tradition. it was to command man to reverse ethics. spared Darwinianism therefore destroyed Natural Theology through a feint and not through a fought-out victory. The mind of man. to call good evil and evil good. tion.

with all other thoughts. there was a pause before the cave-in took place. and that theory maintains all living action (including. it would only mean that * This was very important and yet almost wholly overlooked. then to say that creatures such faculties) can give a valid opinion on the mean- judgment taining to is That something which you must have in order to obtain a valid an independent mind and it is exactly that which you are mainbe an impossibility. Darwin had. As we have seen. natural unwillingness to be the first to act There was a on this rather crude new outlook. to be accounted for simply by creatures producing to survive. true (as Freud was to challenge). of course. When they still their foundations are undercut. Darwinianism is one such theory. of course. as a matter of logic cut off the branch on which he sat. there is put forward a theory of the method whereby evolution has come about. which could only be thought to be present by a misconception and yet which (unless it comes from outside) can only arise from the material evidence. though more that proposition is considered the more difficult it seems to establish convincingly. and so hoped that what applied But even if that were to life might not apply to mind. When. however. possible to establish (leaving aside all theories as to method) that sheer chance evolvement had given rise to a mind which could validly might be understand that the process which gave the rise to it was blind and senseless. all mind are invalid. seems to involve the arguer in a vicious circle. for a moment stand upon the order of their going before yielding to the inevitable settlement. When.THE THIRD MORALITY who evidence Darwin adduced. someone did take the first step all the others would have to follow A few people clung to a belief in the Kantian suit. of course. then. and philosophic specialists* could test the validity of his dialectic were con- vinced that morality was undermined. then the Darwinian theory. Darwinianism It is invalid. and able therefore to give an objective valid picture of the universe. categorical imperative. however. sui generis. man's mind is only a food-getting instrument like the " an illustration quoted above because often used by Darwinians snout of a pig and so can tell the theories of that him nothing valid about the universe. " If fell to the ground. 102 . If reason was not in its own right. inertia of all There intervened that time-lag which the physical and mental structures causes. man's) is those faculties which make them able (confined as they must be by ing of this process. You are attempting to extract from the material evidence something which you postulated was not present.

It is simply the survival of what was most . to give The force of evolution. that certain forms to live. Post-Darwin Biology To-day. not have a future. Mutationism name coined by De Vries is something itself. The survival of the fittest is no longer the survival of the strongest and most cunning. have the poorest chances of growing up But no one can be certain that this model may so far. no one can yet Two-headed babies.POST-MECH4NIST BIOLOGY a few would have private ideals which. the time has come to examine Darwinianism closely. though frequently born. they knew as much as any realist. however. presumably started with undoubtedly has ended with intelligence and devotion certainly a queer career of chance. We have seen that it colloidal mud and . to the fact that most species have died out. What then is the force behind evolution ? Is it blind ? Is ? it simply the aimless pressure of outer it conditions Here Mendelianism upset Darwinianism. the which works with How has it worked ? We must answer that question if we are to discover the character of this autonomous It is a force in the germ-cell sudden decision. fit to survive or even. is whatever Natural Selection itself a negative force. more exactly. exists. but outer conditions at present only permit what that certainty of form is rule. and that unmistakable evidence H 103 energy. Physics has removed its support how now does this biological theory stand ? Natural Selection has been much damaged and so restated as to be little more than a tautology. is. did not and could not work in the actual world. if less informingly. The Darwinians pointed to the enormous elimination that has attended the process.

here also. Nevertheless. Dr. with crumpled impressions yes.THE THIRD MORALITY discouraged those who still clung to the fact that a If I find a series of long progress has taken place. Someone beside the poet has been here. a fiend. (for the elucidation of this transition Dr. truth compels me to recognize. stupid indeed some of the scraps have on them stuff which reads as though a lunatic had sometimes got at the type and presses and. has there been a poet indeed. when the amphibians gave rise to the reptiles secondly. As has been already noted the work of such evolutionists as Henry Fairfield Osborn has gone far to establish a discoverable trend in every part of the evolutionary record not blind growth but inherently right. printers with random lettering. disprove Whoever else has been here. Robert Broom's important essay. Nor can the case be left there. is also of value here. all this does not the existence of the epic itself. and. and with whole strips simply smeared with printers 5 But later research bringing there must have been a poet. . someone blind. when the reptiles gave rise to the mammals." with ill-struck proofs. thirdly. here and there. Broom was elected to the Royal Society . when sea gave rise to amphibians . he therefore speaks with : authority) . He shows that there have been three great crises in evolulife tion first. This picture shows us that the ascent of life was no sudden fluke but an agelong persistence 104 attaining at each stage to a fuller consciousness. " " and piecing them together discover galley-proofs that they yield a complete epic the Iliad or Paradise Lost I maintain that somehow in the printer's shop covered with pie. clumsy. directive growth. " " to light reams upon reams of other only galleys ' " ink that is daunting. therefore called by him Orthogenesis. The Coming of Man. even worse.

An Enquiry into the Biological Significance 105 . Finally the to mutate. Nor does it seem that the new science of evolution The germ-cell. Accident or Design. we get bird. The meek have inherited the For the details of this momentous truth and its earth. the post-mechanist biology.POST-MECHANIST BIOLOGT work of such biologists as Grafton Elliot and Le Gros Clark has established that the Smith human stock is derived from a creature not characterized by fierceness and cunning.) the Ascent of (Cambridge Uni- f The Fitness of the Environment. but by sensitiveness. awareness. This is the reason in the same environment. of the Properties of Matter. C. sympathy and affection.} In this influential book the author has gone outside the unsuspected capacities of the cell and brought forward a mass of evidence to show an even less suspected suitability and delicate inter-relatedness and and balance Man. is the source of evolution. C. apparently. out of which will be built. and insect three different answers given by three different natures to one question and challenge. 1935. Here it is enough to say that already there is gathered together though no master hand has yet assembled it the mass of proof which will give rise to. reacting to the same why surroundings. "The Fitness of the Environment. and its mysterious power will stop there. beast. radiation.* ! uttered to the earth from the Perhaps the most original contribution to this issue. bearing on human history and its present political problems I must refer to my Source of Civilization. Hurst's Heredity versity Press. is that made by Henderson in his remarkable book. But what makes the germ mutate and calls it out to give rise to a new being ? The only force which can do that is. between * See Dr. Cosmic radiation may have started up evolution a " sudden " Fiat Vita depths of space. 1927.

As he remarks (p. yields results resembling those which (p." And (pp. and the biologists may now rightly regard the universe in its very essence as biocentric. as we Down study the upper atmosphere. These." This study shows that. peculiar and unsuspected somehow. and on that account for the present more unanswerable. both cosmic and organic. . we recognize as purposeful. orderly development that characteristics of the organism : . pouring through outer space. whatever life may be and aim at being. it not only sends out light but also super-radiations. 278-9) new form of the : old riddle appears two-fold. a waif and an anomaly in the alien universe." And human action " The whole 312) in : evolutionary process. Further. as was assumed. the ionized uppermost layers of the atmosphere (which otherwise. turn 106 except on very rare occasions. like a torpedo-net. relationships exist between the properties of matter and the phenomena of life that the process of cosmic evolution is indissolubly linked with the fundamental : : that logically in some obscure manner. is one. There is but one ima proof that mediate compensation for this complexity beneath adaptations. 280) Biological science has not been able to escape the recognition of a formative tendency and now it appears necessary to postulate a like tendency in the evolution of inorganic " Our nature. here. would derange them a super Super Nova. . example of an exploding star. its world is as ready for it as a guest-chamber for a guest. may be powerful enough to pierce the vault of the sky. it is not. it seems. cosmic and biological evolution are one and constitute a single. we find that the highest layers are so arranged as to screen life from radiations which. discharges its energy. When a .THE THIRD MORALHT the environment and the life which has resulted and " : is being involved.

may not have the vitality to respond to but may. Broom has suggested. chemistry. still supposed to sustain the mechanistic interpretation and theory. we We shows a purpose and not unworthy of the acceptance and devotion of free and noble men. nevertheless. as Dr. 107 . Rapidly they were analysed and many made synthetically. however. The actual working of the living body is. other advances. But the check to chemical knowledge was.POST-MECHANIST BIOLOGY full-force cosmic radiation). be sterilized by this very same If that should prove to be so and nowhere charge. began to show that laboratory. Is leave biology. by opening a branch of bio-chemistry. radiation-burst coming through may be that impulse back all which will give rise to a new species. on the contrary. This other. perhaps most. 94) how through the XlXth century. while physics added nothing to mechanism but some fundamental doubts. drove the traditional vitalism from pillar to post until there seemed there was not a secretion in the body which the chemist could not make in the Finer analysis. else does it seem possible to find the charge of sufficient then we may yet say force to work this creative act " The Heavens themselves blaze forth the death not : of Princes. however. the body did contain minute secretions essential to life which had till then escaped examination." but the birth of heralding star. These were the secretions of the ductless glands. only temporary. and a new race may have its Before. species. however. a species the chance chance which many. or rather give of giving rise to such a succession. we must glance at have seen the history of life now a method of attaining that purpose Man more than his Glands ? We saw (p.

excitement and has too little sense of purpose to aim at anything but amusement repeated which desires and irrelevant sensations until and experiences out of will excite its glands they get take hand. but not fundamental character. his intake ? Mood and temper. as has been menwill breakdown place. and Then. however. perhaps. anxiety causes acid secretions which. causes high bloodcontinually pressure and hardened arteries. These drugs were extracted and administered and gradually the majority " Man have been made synthetically and found to work. own self-manufactured drugs the secretions of body's the endocrine system.THE THIRD MORALITY but the victory of That was wonderful enough mechanism appeared far greater than that. came the study of the intelligence. for real use. cause duodenal ulcer. adrenalin released by excitement. however. Gross modifications of structure were found to be correlated with as striking changes of personality. " A man " is what he eats was a hoary dietician's maxim. making . mechanism. too crude to be of " " Is means more than feeling well or happy " " is character. there is now ample proof to show that a character hand. Was a man's or bright or dull. It is clear that." The glands that make our personality " such were statements made by many researchers in endocrinology. For tioned. a formed char- On the other acter can hold the glandular balance. will. It was. Is character made by his food. " is his glands. Then physical example. These are two very 108 . Yet this was an over-statement and now we are seeing the reaction. and both of these were shown to be due to changes in the ductless glands and the essences they passed directly into the blood. coming into the stomach. though a deranged gland may make the character go with a bias. and.

heart disease can be caused by derangement of the suprarenal glands most easily and instantaneously glands to the emotions. receives its orders from some profound. Advance in endocrinology is continually bringing to light more between disease and temper. It appears. At first all seemed Injury of specific centres led plain sailing. 109 . the brain is matter. for nearly the whole of the mechanistic period. this suprarenal responsive and other glandular derangements have derangement the increasingly been traced to the pituitary the ductless gland which (the pineal lies deeper but its use remains unrecognized) is the gland closest the brain. But does that not leave us still tied within the circle of the are body ? Granted that in the end all bodily changes due to brain changes. And no work has so stubbornly refused to give the results required. has been the hope of physiologists. then. unconscious centre and urge of the brain. Further. however.POST-MECHANIST BIOLOGY frequent causes of bodily breakdown through wrong mental and emotional habit and addiction. Such. Perhaps no greater effort has been made in the whole of anatomical study than this sustained that the brain was a machine and to indicate parts exploration so as to demonstrate its varied and show how they worked. with the psyche and not with the physique. an increasing number of fundamental diagnoses have shown that a massive physical breakdown diabetes. in its turn. Before it is too late associations you can cure the glands by changing conduct. Indeed. and we shall surely track down to each element in it the power and function which controls each organ and activity of the body. gastric ulcer which may become malignant. that as the pituitary is in some sense the master gland. In profound all these cases the initiative lay. it.

and action. Nor has electric study ceased there. almost as resistant against no . The notion that the brain. it is one which functions as a whole and as though it were the focus of a field of energy. Finally. the made up with physics the final the new physics in which finest electricity is fundamental element. The living single cell had been. as we have seen. If it is a machine. may be the pole of some field of force analogy. " is seen to be a remark which thought as the liver bile is so false an analogy as to reveal a complete misapprehension of the phenomena under study. has shown that the and that that field perturbates with thought over the brain can be wave of current passing to fluctuate by asking the " in his head. it was found the brain could. rather than as a series of vessels through which secretions run. by X-ray and chemical analysis. when injured. as Sir Charles Sherrington. our greatest authority on such a subject. That " the brain secretes feeling and thought result. the thing we can sense before the gossamer roots of things refine away into that immateriality where all latent power resides and to which neither our senses nor our instruments can reach. Then. in the last few years the attempt to divide up the brain has been abandoned. has been as fertile as the other was Study of the brain. adapt another centre and make that perform the function." experimentee to make a calculation So it would seem that physiology is once again linking ." functioning as a that single unit. for example.THE THIRD MORALITY to loss of particular bodily and mental controls and powers. however. not with scalpel and unhelpful. however. has pointed out. microscope. but by the new superfine method of electrical detection which the thermionic valve has now it brain has a field about given us. " the largest mass of undifferentiated tissue in the body.

(For considering further information. Ill . to change physical feeling ? Elliotson's operations left it no doubt was possible to perform regularly major operations under nothing but hypnosis. see work on the sea urchin's egg rounded by and parthenogenesis produced artificially on it. is on its life-size scale (as a and also in each of its constructive units (its cells) whole) as dependent on immaterial forces as is the atom. the patient not only felt no pain but the post-operative death-rate was far lower than after other operations. the mood or lead to ulceration. then. We could take to pieces and account for all its chemicals.* A century ago he showed hypnosis was otherwise possible). can upset function and that in turn lead to modification of organ a state of mind can derange digestion. . is not mechanism still true at Have we found any evidence that least in physiology ? mind can affect body ? Mood. its aliveness. however. we have seen. heightened his own resistance to infection as well as totally inhibited his But can mind change tissue ? This is feeling of pain. * See Dictionary of National Biography. materialism has failed in physiology. cell is Now electrical methods It is have sur- shown the the centre of a " field. the size and a positive field within.) living body. and indigestion But which came first." a negative field without very powerful. could not account for the fact that they kept together we could not account for the cell's essential . The Mind Can Affect Body Though. and. but we and grew nature. what is more. by co-operation with the doctor (no of that. It seemed that the patient. Has mind any demonstrable power the bodily upset ? as it has failed in physics.POST-MECHANIST BIOLOGY it mechanistic analysis as had the brain.

feel scorched but. a blister rises on is the spot.* Why. can leave no doubt the mind has power over the body. 112 . but these effects.THE THIRD MORALITY is a cold penny one of the simplest hypnotic experiments on a subject's hand and not only does he. * See Baudouin's obstetric work at Lausanne. which have been repeatedly established. On strict materialistic physiology this (far quite impossible. final division of our scientific study to : post-mechanistic psychology. appropriately. being placed : told it is red-hot. does not the mind use this power ? The " " Because it believes it cannot answer brings us to the third. efforts These experiments have been but preliminary more extensive changes can be brought about by protracted training). then.

Loeb showed it might apply to (that is. to be thoroughly dissolved out of the system. but the simple rules which almost exactly obey nothing (though not quite) accounted for most of the large movements of the material universe was temerarious. and did so much to support the mechanistic hypothesis. a " tropism. is. and " in a acting . an analogy which refused to yield this proof of forecast.CHAPTER V THE EVIDENCE TO DATE III. To apply Mechanomorphism to the heavens was to give a generalization of the observations (of the data which seemed presented) tallying extraordinarily closely with almost every one of those The proof of that was the accuracy of observations. account for) the movements of certain insects in certain conditions an insect blinded in one eye : might approach quite probably a light one-sidedly. Ecclesiastical Authority gave research no alternative to "Anthro- The attempt to make life ". in pomorphism or Mechanism astronomy or physics. Life was obviously very complex and no one has ever approached." a creature This seems. POST-MECHANIST PSYCHOLOGY IT was very natural that physiology should go through The elder Anthropomorphism had a mechanistic phase. To apply Mechanomorphism to living creatures was to use an analogy. in the animal kingdom. forecast. that certainty of forecast of movement which was soon attained.

for with them he hoped to be able to say experiments. act in a when baffled. : than to neglect consciousness altogether and fit everything into a hypothetical reflex framework. as iron filings But. the fact that.THE THIRD MORALHT field of stimulation. as La Place had " I have no said of deity in regard to the universe need of such an hypothesis. of consciousness in regard to the body.. it was found " conthat. as Miss Cheesman act and many other field entomologists have pointed out. when a dog has been trained by long association to expect its dinner with the ringing of a bell. although when animals of instinct (such as insects) are 114 . November. 1934. all human action). may actually show way which it is impossible to Reflex for example. which appears to result from conscious purpose and behaviour.e. light. the ringing Pavlov's Conditioned of the bell without the dinner will be enough to make the dog slobber was also advanced to show that all animal action (and so. says It be preferable in our present state of knowledge to may interpret Pavlov's findings in psychological terms rather it. Summing up Pavlov's work and the conclusions his School drew from self-conscious or distracted " the review in Nature. uninsects. forecast. the associations often broke down. if a stranger entered the room where the " ditioned were being made to show their conditiondogs That showed ing." in the in the field of a magnet. mutilated invention." Nevertheless. may only be an unreflecting actionsequence into which consciousness let alone free will The Behaviourist welcomed these enters not at all. that the animals were not such automata that a stranger could not draw away their attention. if man was an animal." In short. i. No machine works with less precision because it has been made : by an onlooker.

But this is a double-edged " Was not this doctrine as welneed to ask " Emotionalism come to some as unwelcome to others ? is right We : . those who. who were determined to let theory rule fact. Mechanomorphism machine would attempt to show that consciousness au fond material. may fall below consciousness. even the insect can under stimulant on rare occasions act with real enterprise. had decided that at any cost any other theory must be rejected. the animal considered as a can be a helpful analogy. that is to attempt to attain a wholly It could only be forced on by those false consistency. When. This is part. a fortiori^ there are far more occasions when the mammal so acts and is so illuminated. in the formative years. He who His " " rationalizing dares challenge the theory condemns hostility is the symptom that he is his repressed conviction that Freud- ianism tool. too. as if becoming conscious. of this attempt's propaganda. and he wrong. may work almost entirely with a and when animals of enterprise (such as the higher mammals) are hypnotized into an almost instinctual routine of habit they. the theologian's intelligence. an able and effective part. not homology. much of the emotional hostility with which conservatism has met this attempt to enclose the whole front of We knowledge within the mechanomorphic model. we come to the mind and would apply Mechanomorphism to Still. is Anthropomorphism. and. himself. if we remember it is analogy. however. because the only other theory was their deadly enemy's. The Tendentiousness of Freudianism The success of the Freudian hypothesis is not the have heard success of a proof but of a prejudice.POST-MECHANIST PSYCHOLOGY left untroubled they lack of consciousness.

The will and the character. believe. and victory will crown the campaign of ment 300 years. But there are other conservatives in this quickly moving is age. the values And worth of being lie below the rational and conscious will and are not accessible to it and all 116 . evidence. The religious were right and the rationalists wrong. not physical. only such a desperate hope. a restorer of threatened order. with cold. they reactionary. He would prove and establish the insignificance of mind through Freud's daring : save mental. usually could have who full made it possible of acceptance by men demand of new theories that they submit of proof the facts on which they claim to be built. indeed. but of a particular change which would scout what they have held sacred and elevate what they have degraded. Conservatives. we Indeed.THE THIRD MORALITY is one by this theory. but as a kindly Freud comes not He is. complete apprehension of the truth on the other. cannot be all on side. Just enveloping movement of mechanism seemed brought to a halt and. as now To much these mechanomorphists (whose position in danger as is the anthropomorphists') as a revolutionary. clear. from Vienna has arrived attack in the rear. a force which will take counter- Mechanomorphism's encircling moveof the superstitious will be able to be resumed and completed. as the great their Life-sent saviour. surviving anthropomorphists. and not their prejudice is not merely the hatred of all change. as soon as we study Freudianism see that only such a wish. undoubtedly resent the Freudian dogma. that he attempted to is shown in this Mechanism by abandoning Materialism. a retreat began to appear inevitable. It is true (he allowed) that deeps exist in the mind. indeed.

the power of suggestion wielded by a strong convinced character on a weak one must account for many cures temporary or otherwise and so deduct from the number the specifically to be attributed to Freudian doctrine and technique. if the superstitious spiritual were to be crushed. The Three Practical Proofs of Freudianism is never true that is a safe rule. Freudianism has done more.POST-MECHANIST PSYCHOLOGY or even to consciousness. it alone cure ? Does it is What character can a time. that in certain cases any dominant. Nothing but But if the mechanomorphic front was to be saved. found a description of man's history which supports natural selection and the survival of the fittest through the victory of strength and claims that it has." Pascal appears But what is the heart ? The conscience ? is the sexual energy of man that and nothing else. It certainly has. cunning. self-assured make a person of weak will feel better for Every religion has been able to do this and Freudianism must have nearly every quack remedy. 117 . something better than that to advance. of course. " The heart has reasons of which the approved. ventured. Let us examine cure clear all is first its patients and can the practical claim. the heart mind knows nothing. No. cautiously A bold cast must be sticking to fact was not the line. Freudianism rests on two things to establish its theory that man is only an animal and all his ideals and aspirations are only perversions of sexual energy in the first place it claims that it and it alone can cure and in the second place neuroses it works empirically : " " . But here a second subtraction must be made. Though. it of by dredging the mind. by a sort psychic embryology.

Having . a technique revived. use made of dream-analysis by the -^Esculapian doctors at Epidaurus from the Vth century this. Indeed. B. much doing is harm can be extracted from the mind. is not specifically Freudian. way to the recovery of mental balance. and in dreams. There it it festers and the patient can it is neither void nor discover what that is poisoning him. by Freud. mind however can hint at its trouble by symbols.THE THIRD MORALITY A vital part of in perfect relaxation the technique " is permitting the patient to cleanse the stuffed bosom of that perilous stuff that weighs auricular confession has shown. again. upon the mind. and can often recover. These are heavy deductions which have to be made from the Freudian claim that its particular theory of the mind is true because its application cures the otherwise as incurable. the patient immensely relieved. nor was It is part of empiric knowledge discovered by Freud. It is. Freudianism cannot use 118 proof methods which are common to quite other theories.) And. It has one more contribution to make to actual therapy before it ceases to be an empirical technique and becomes an imposed dogma. conscious it The Yet all this. All psychologists allow that much material tends to be retained in the subconscious.g. of the mind used by all therapeutists who had studied dreams. only neglected when mechanist doctors concluded dreams could only be nonsense.C. involved in Nor the defending of Mechanomorphism. Catholics have claimed that they have no neuroses due to repressions among the faithful who obey the orders to resort to this mental hygiene. based on that is on this method of analysis. by odd associations." is often a direct This. (E. not originated. does the Freudian achievement end with this method. therefore.

knowing that every and can only be sex or distorted sex. conscience-stricken forbid them. it puts the fear of God " into them it can make the individual so anxious to . but society has forbidden it. however. through the stoppage drives his desires know . he lives wholly and serenely and dies finally and contentedly. every dream. yes. the picture of the procedure. so terrified of owning what he really wants. taking his sexual life as the main current of his life. every imagination and fantasy. its expression and its meaning. holding this. every mistake. and sees what his disease is and his delusions meant. " theory why except under inadequately satisfying conditions. mind would however. He becomes a free psyche and. desire is The Has this Theory actually healed ? That How is. every image. knows how to construe every disability. come through distorted by a fantastic symbolism. in outline. For he has the master clue to them all. he is cured mentally and physically. misapprehension and hesitation in waking life. of course. has it i 119 . we can now This is contributions. repression takes place. Society is so powerful that it not " merely punishes lawbreakers. in actual practice has it worked f First.POST-MECHANIST PSTCHOLOGT made Freudian " those deductions. come the to the specific and how therefore it is best and indeed only finally to be cured. That theory is. They consciously but have to seep out. or otherwise the conscious. gain its approval. that sex is the main desire of all individuals. And. He below and beyond where he can them. This is repression. When the patient accepts this truth. psycho-analyst. he can interpret to the patient his fantasies and his disabilities. that he will deny his needs even to himself.

as the driving power . repression where life is secured for the comfortable neurotic and everything. As long ago as the War English psychologists. sex might be the major category. and the sub-conscious desire. was the passion for safety. not sex. Hence warneuroses exhibited animal fear. save a good conscience about his love affairs. Later work has established a further grave fact about Jung made the provisional distinction psycho-analysis. In war sex is free but safety is correspondingly scarce. What the world has analysis must be very lengthy It is also clear that an increasing now learned is that an and may go on indefinitely. Jung and Adler started as Freudians and broke away. not animal lust. which could paralyse a man's body or dement his mind. but it was more embarrassing than open revolt his theories were so extremely psychological and even metaphysical. who had been profoundly impressed by Freud's earlier advances. Groddeck continued up to his death to give an allegiance." soon to be called " the war neurotics ") did not fit into the Freudian As Rivers pointed out. The accumulating records Freudian analyses (when the patient's whole being has come to accept the Freudian interpretation as fact) increasingly seems to show that extrovert Tough and successful 120 . a of human types in the extrovert and the introvert more the of precise definition of William James's division of the Tender. in a peacetime pleasure city such as Vienna.THE THIRD MORALHY cured all its patients or a vast majority ? It does not seem so. began to perceive that the material supplied from " war's breakage (the shell-shocked. is supplied him. War reversed that. number of the successful analysts are varying their procedure and building up more complicated and less mechanistic theories than Freud's.

. They have now. animectomy. Their only end is To see life as a thing made for the tough. The Prooffrom History Hence Freudianism has not succeeded in proving to an impatient public. either from the evidence of cures or from the unanimous clinical opinion of psychotherapeutists. They have been profoundly bothered by a bad conscience. will the world be able to judge the cost of the experiment. despair. Sheldon (himself for some years a successful Freudian " analyst*). an blind business. the excision Henceforward they will be untroubled by any mental growing pains. that the therapeutic record is not what it might be and * See his Psychology and the Promethean Will (Harpers). undergone of the soul-complex. may be brought to accept the Freudian theory as fact but they cannot adapt to it. They. for beings who must live for a larger purpose than is themselves. " Everyday and in all respects " they will get tougher and tougher whether a world so manned will get " better and better " is another And what about the introverts ? question. themselves.POST-MECHANISE PSTCHOLOGT patients may be stabilized.e. to quote Dr. and/or that all be reducible to a 121 . among their after-cases and their elderly. that its theory is true. too. to see that (whether it be true or false) such an outlook is. They collapse and often kill impossible. having no place for those who must utterly ask a greater meaning than individual animal satisfaction. comparing that rate with the normal figures and those of neurotics under other treatment." i. a very valuable examination of the whole of this issue. not until the Freudians among their patients of long publish the suicide-rate standing and completed analysis. psychological factors are and can Freud himself has recognized mechanistic explanation. As has been said.

The picture which he wished to construct was. they could trace man's physical evolution. the This fact is cure worked to-day by his method and his alone. The great apes can be exceedingly fierce. He went. Freud maintained that origin dominantly sexual. chief value of psycho-analysis may prove to be as a diagnostic. but no observer has yet reported apes themselves in order king of the pack. indeed. fierce fighting among the to establish who shall be father- this is the romantic description which Freud has 122 made . could have been repressed by such an artificial thing reason as civilization. The other Totem and Tabu Freud essayed this nature must be shown to be in explanation. had to be composed was in order to explain how it was that such a tremendous power. indeed the only elemental force in man. frightened. even for a theorist who was unaware of contemporary evolutionary evidence. further. of course.THE THIRD MORALITY cannot by itself win from unbiased opinion a verdict He himself has said that the in favour of the theory. why an Anthropology. the Darwinian picture anatomists. Yet . by anthropological deduction. and not one reason why as a therapeutic. for in his earlier writings no man was more scornful of theorists and of the mythologists. agent. a pre-civilized history of man. will not establish the theory) he turned to an attempt to establish it by evidence from the past. (since clinical evidence. by what has been called his psycho-embryology he could in As we have seen Human trace the psychological evolution of man just as by physiological embryology. maintained that man in his pre-human condition was if a peculiarly fierce ape. This picture is taken not from study of the primates but from the Eovidce^ and to introduce it into the general pattern of primate evolution was therefore hardly legitimate.

pre-human man creatures held back by fear of a pack of lust-inflamed sire one dominating who keeps to himself. committing incest. like ourselves and their strangely different behaviour was wholly accountable by the fact that they were so stupid that they could not realize that their absurd methods would never provide them with what they had always required demolition. all the women kill to go so far study of apes Totem and Tabu. derives its information not directly from Darwin but from the great attempt to apply Darwinianism to anthropology The Golden Bough. until. common mind of these reports came from different cultures. because it has beyond what Darwin deduced from his and the physical descent of man and is really concerned with speculation about primitive human society. the one factor of which was that they were all immensely removed from animal-man's frame of had evolved certainly through scores thousands of years since that time you do not go for each to housebreakers for an account of frescoes. eat him. Fraser. so they conspire. him. pieced together to 123 . a picture of primitive man which could not but be a Quite apart from the fact that misrepresentation. of course. who had never lived among any but industrialized peoples. and take his wives. as well as murder. The scraps these demolishers sent to Fraser were inevitably picked to show him how much such architecture had In Fraser's hands they were show how " savages. for these wives are their mothers. were people.POST-MECHANIST PSTCHOLOGT of primitive. composed from accounts of XlXth: NOTE Much of century natives sent him mainly by missionaries." and therefore primitive men. when he ages.

by wearing black and never speaking of what you He did not. evolutionary evidence for this. and instead Even Darwin's man sprung from some we see our stock small. Such who despised what they transmitted and arranged to show reason for such contempt. to appear chaste without being so. from some Man is not a degenerate gorilla every evolutionist now recognizes that. F. That any student of the Vedanta would know to be untrue. The in the section in biology. from tree-shrew. Nor has he himself hesitated to call attention to a fact which damages his thesis more seriously than any * See Early Forerunners of Man. co-operaarising the line of ascent running affectionate creature tive. by evidence from the past nor by cures This in the present can Freud establish his theory. is not to say that his recognition of the primal energy of the libido was not a contribution to frank speaking in an age almost suffocated by that respectability which is the wish. expressed or repressed into fantasy.* Neither. fierce ape has gone. inquisitive. has broken down. tarsoid. however. as to be useless. gibbonoid types to ourselves. do. then. : XlXth-centuiy industrialized pathetic arrogant provincialism naturally gave a picture of man which was so inaccurate Yet it was on this accumulation. we have seen much more cautious picture of large. as is non-existent.S. by Professor Le Gros Clark. sensitive. 124 . establish and discover the importance of sex. that Freud attempted to build a history of man's gathered by those essential nature. His attempt to confirm Mechanomorphism in the mind itself.THE THIRD MORALITY been trying to achieve civilization. to show all its motivation and activity is merely reproductive striving.R.

Freud allows Telepathy Where the weight of evidence is completely convincing to any unbiased mind which will trouble to consult it is in the question of telepathy the evidence of one mind transmitting definite thoughts to another over distance which precludes any possibility of sensory communication. however. in old age. Now. which he thinks may be telepathic. though they may not have cheated consciously. Is there evidence that the mind can function apart from the physical senses ? This has long been maintained by many qualified researchers. That it is courageous for the last great champion of Mechanism to make such a concession is shown by the attacks already made on him Even his prestige and for allowing the possibility. is " The old man c is ratting V " Fear of death making him superstitious. Freud has declared that in psycho-analysis evidence has come to his notice. 125 . have not saved him from the charge of illauthority faith. They were charged with the offence that.POST-MECHANIST PSTCHOLOGT counter theory. Perhaps even more ironic is the fact that the man who taught his disciples to look on social order as a survival of a state in which the old man of the herd dominated the pack till his power failed and he was children should himself. Some of the very prelates who advanced the Inquisition fell into its dungeons." Such attacks by disciples show how history repeats itself. however. they must have been unconsciously lax in admitting as fact what could not be true. but as soon as they gave their verdict on that side their bona fides was impugned. find his spiritual children preparing to dethrone him and destroyed by his rising in revolt. That he knows fully what he has done may.

come to ism. considerable and deserving careful attention* but because to allow it meant the end of Mechanism. for the material. an activity of the mind not functioning through the space-time continuum. has of clairvoyance it been resisted not because the * William Archer. the actual behaviour as a mind Both we are trying to study. is inaccessible telepathy." 126 . for he. of course. said : "I cannot understand mind which can reject such mountains of evidence. Mechanism is still quite safe . or to effect light so as to give a picture.THE THIRD MORALITT be doubted. when tested and sifted. render that sound or image in electric frequencies. immensely intensified by a valve and then this it is current made to disturb a diaphragm to yield sound. and indeed : down own. then. always a staunch Rationalist. For radio has first to take a sound. Psychical research is a subject which requires a volume to itself. not illustrate. machine. which wave has to be caught by an aerial. asks his audience not to be alarmed. amplify those vibrations until a Hertzian wave can be sent out and round the world. radio. telepathy's Only " is a common remark which shows the comtelepathy mon man has understood it as little as Freud. to say that telepathy does not obey the law of the square of the distance and is no radiation. Here the it method It is enough question cannot be pursued exhaustively. breaks the evidence for the mind functioning on its all and was not prevision. We have. Radio is no analogy. or an image (television). That analogy makes tion of quite clear that he has no concep" of functioning. making the announcement. That evidence. The is made analogy of radio to telepathy less helpful than was to brain research the analogy of the misrepresent. remember the telephone and. the final point where Freudianmechanistic psychology. On the contrary.

investigations must modify the radically with which till now (whatever might world-picture happen to society) the researcher was content. Rhine. in the vast majority. when a young psychologist. I.* at mind acting independently That is provided in Dr. something which had can be called laboratory " field little when before we " beyond naturalist observation Suffice it to say sporadic phenomena. however. There.) Extra-Sensory Perception.POST-MECHANIST PSTCHOLOGT to the public. should he be known to be investigating. and by refusing to investigate they have reduced themselves to the level of Galileo's inquistorial judges who refused to look down his telescope for fear they should see the mountains on the moon. scientists. the most authoritative records being those of a private society. how these down to to-day. can be said gravely to prejudice his chances of future preferment. who said he would not even investigate. only review We the evidence which shows of the receptor senses. shows the fact of telepathy and also of spontaneous that this evidence of prevision : the mind acting outside the The very fact that physical space-time continuum. need for the present purpose. scientists have so often refused to investigate shows they are right in maintaining how much is at stake. 127 . The world waits until that structure of the mind. Here careful book. Huxley. H. the evidence remains and grows. which has been largely confirmed evidence. the Society for Psychical Research. (Fabcr & Fabcr. B. From T. by researchers in Bonn and Groningen Universities and in London. Rhine's length is evidence. however. and with it the failure of Mechanomorphism is complete. have shown that they are more loyal to theory than fact (the very charge they brought against the anthropomorphists). once * Dr.

THE THIRD MORALITY broad and serene. as superior in span and compass was Mechanomorphism to Anthropomorphism. overarching 128 . reared. but knowledge. is now too crabbed for growing condemned by the building authority and as a new structure. be its site.

only more complex renderings of the dead mechanic forces postulated as the whole power in the outer universe. Thomson has said : transcended In physics we We know the electron moves. THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK briefly the evidence for WE must now sum up : Mechanism see the universe is to-day realized to be All that matters takes place immaterial. As Sir J. with his conception of the director of growth. * The work of Driesch on the organistic power of the living cell. Surgery bursts the lock but when we have a complete chemistry picks it we will have the key which will turn psychophysiology Yet our little surface . base energies. in both cases. but it we know nothing of the wave impulse which makes move. . in insects are also important details of evidence in completing the case of idealism versus materialism. the Entelechy. J.* In biology we see that the forces in evolution have not been blind and brute forces. fundamentally outside matter. In physiology we see the body is an affair of mind but a mind far vaster than our little surface minds.CHAPTER VI THE EVIDENCE TO DATE IV. so that the two parts of a divided cell make not each half a body but each two complete bodies and the work of McBride on the inheritance of acquired faculties . 129 . minds are linked up and can work through these other layers of mind. the lock. McBride' s experiments The factual evidence remains other researchers have not yet repeated. Driesch has involved himself in vitalistic theory.

why should it not be found to be underlying all however. logic and argument (until he finds. Here primarily affection then are the facts of telepathy. For physics shows us that the universe is a vast series of force-waves. Our instruments really now indicate to us over a hundred octaves of radiation. curiosity and gentleness. that he has used and has had to use them all his life) says he must have facts. be defined in terms of any lower or simpler activity. In psychology we see the mind is in its own right and cannot. indefinitely further octaves. expressed in awareness. and sensitiveness. however. clairvoyance (or scrying) and even prevision. brings this summary to final point. We have to presume that beyond our instruments' detection there extend. the very powers which to-day have developed in us and which we cannot deny we value most highly intelligence and devotion it is these. and sympathy. The man. like M. physiology and psychology have together arrived at a conclusion which shows that our every apprehension of the outer world is a psychological act of construction. who despises reason. which have been the directive currents in our evolution. The Mind's part If. Here is the mind working on its own. up and down the scale. This was always evident to the thinker. Jourdan with prose. making with such instantaneous act a solid. Physiology shows us we take up one octave of these waves with our dominant 130 . that it is almost an act of creation. in making is the World seen proved on some occasions to be the causa causans.THE THIRD MORALITY On the contrary. sounding. without leaving out its essential character. so radical. coloured world out of invisibility and intangibility. mind phenomena its ? That question Physics.

We did touch directly on reality at that one spot. Psychophysiology (the study of the senses and how they apprehend) has demonstrated that we are further off from objective reality than we thought When we found we were blind to an indefinite possible.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK we sense-making sense of sight. octaves. without ignorance or superstition. in that one octave. don't see and we deny." for. now. We see and we believe . we had an anchorage. horizon of reality. Yet even that overstates the case of common sense. as we know. but we them in and so deny them the name reality. other two. television without The waves are even more directly real. our bodies only varying is shadows. Yet up and down. in our blinkers cannot take There would be no broadcasting and the Hertzian waves. Real. pour out their strength. That turn. its naive conviction that it knows all there is and sees things steadily and whole as they are. just as efficient. We are then surrounded by an infinite universe of potentiality. It is study of the true that this octave the produces it is also equally clear that those effects are not the force-waves themselves effects on our senses but . however. and out of this immense gamut of objective reality our senseapparatus picks out one octave and we have assumed that and that alone is reality seeing is believing. an unlimited range of powers. in senses compels us to abandon. minutely small " conviction. Radium and X-rays and Hertzian waves have proved that. not only can X-rays demonstrate to our eyes that matter tenuous and transparent. but these radiations can kill and cure. they undeniably are. each side. only seeing one small span that octave of radiation which our sight responds to we still thought that there at least. without leaving out anything or adding anything.

THE THIRD MORAL1TT but our very romantic and very free translation of what " those wild waves are saying. now proves that we do more. individual consciousnesses like his own individual consciousness. stars all that is construction. All notions that there are solids and liquids and gases earth. soundless. planets. slip back into the is mistaking what which we take no more objective " Light " and " " than are any of the other octaves of utterly Reality imperceptible radiations. not actuality. we must keep on reminding ourselves it is When we is sightless. In reality there is all around you nothing Science says but electric energy. Actuality. water. That one octave. than pick up what is thrown at us or (if you prefer) stand passively pelted by outer reality. basic reality as physics has now sounded of radiation it and when we see the one octave our sense of sight translates as sight. The ignorant and dogmatic conviction of the mechanomorphist that he at last and alone saw the universe as it actually is. There is only force. We do it unconStudy of our senses sciously but none the less effectively. with what more. : air : bodies. reality. than common sense in the mechanistic age fancied possible. in a particular way so as to give us a practical " " working 132 . Otherwise crude childishness of really in us as we shall common sense. is as groundless as the anthroconviction that all the world was alive with morphist's daemons and fairies. much more. It is just and only that one which our present forms and range of senses construe in. what and what alone can be proved by physics to be there shapeless force." We interfere much " " far more thoroughly. is something outside us. This conclusion the common-sense man depending on science must accept. we tamper the outer reality sends us. look at the chart of the waves translation.

With a different sense " pick-up. of undoubted objective actualness. another being could use. is transmitted by an electrical current to the seeing-centre at the other end of the brain. could focus on. But that is the one possible world of is common sense." What that means can be in vividly illustrated by an example from the two major " and hearing." it is clear. The eye is chemically disturbed it tube by the can respond. that is. at its back. the same wave-length. the study of our physical senses and how they transmit the outer reality to us. the other octaves could give equally valid impressions of reality to beings using senses of a wider range or different not all. a not the ear which hears but and in the same But here. too. exact to say that the eye is is Indeed it is as blind as a telescope empty. that " octave " which gives us the impression of reality and it would see a complete other world a world which to it would be just as obviously selectivity. its disturbance. perfectly sound speculation. senses of sight through an elaborate transmission system. what we know of the ultimate and pure nature of the outer world. That This speculation becomes fact when we turn to psychophysiology. For it is now recognized that each sense organ transmits and can only transmit terms of its function. hearing centre which . This. The way it is ear also picks up the air vibrations finally translates them as sound. The sight organ is much more than the eye itself. when we are still only studying physics. It takes in the vibration to which it can respond and which it will build up as sight.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK It is obvious that all impression we agree to call reality. Then there is fiat lux an outer world of particular electrical wave-lengths to : which apparent reality is apprehended.

but not is There peculiar. not received light and sound. as he sits listening. the ear's terminus. : a marvellous auroral splendour. a mimic voice out of electric impulses. of lightness. rendered. by a taste nerve as a tang. Yet nerve by " " the time there was only an given a sensory or feeling electric vibration. he hears the very speech of the broadcaster. only something would be heard a tremendous sound. wave-length of the universal energy and to To think of light as something there as we see it. then no light in the universe except for those creatures who choose to pick up a particular. we should see nothing. But now should the ears the aural receiving set be linked up with the visual centre at the brain's back and should the eye's cables be transferred from that visual centre their the other. 134 . all as a prick. probably like a stupendous Northern Lights. is to be as ignorant as the simpleimagines that the radio wave carries actual who that. as a sound of . perhaps like a Bach chorale In the presence of an orchestra playing Beethoven nothing would be heard. composed. Out been made. make ton it into light. Such a transference is display yet to be done.THE THIRD MORALHT turns an electrical current into hearing. . only something would be seen . normal terminus to the hearing centre. As we voices round the world and know that the ear-phones or the loudspeaker make a synthetic. in itself. soundless force has Fiat vox. so we must also realize that our eye and all our senses make what we call the real world also out of electric impulses. but already we know it cannot be otherwise all senses must and can only transmit in terms of their function. then what would happen ? Facing a sunset. An electric shock can be apprehended the visual nerve as a flash of light the same shock by by is the aural nerve apprehended.

" kC of colour and sound were secondary characteristics It has human mind . researchers stopped exploring the senses. and had no doubt about our senses making up much of what we experienced. mass and extension it was solid and it spread. vast space. But it is no one comof mon sense not based on observation. So far the early scientists up to Galileo went. We have seen why neither conservative anthropomorphists nor advancing mechanists wanted So it was agreed analysis to go further. spinning earth. . To say the universe is there when we are not apprehending it and that it reality. physical science is finding is more and more real. teeming creatures) this is all exist if was looking on common sense. But J surely the solid world. if we depend on our senses to tell us what is there. Now we know that. 135 that peculiarly. in the very natural wish to make a world which would not melt away into pure subjectivity but to keep a foundation of common objective reality. surging tides. we have no right to say what is there when our senses are not attending. the only ground the contrary.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK been a slow and stubborn struggle to free the so that it may realize this. And then. " First came the discovery that colour was not real. : reality things we imposed " characteristics what the on The " would (blazing stars. its creative power. such common sense is based on extrapolation the belief that because I only a guess-work find this here I shall find it going on there physical science. : primary world had in its own right." it was a construction on our part (under the moon lovely what colour was there in the garden f) and next that sound also was not there always and in its own right there was no sound in a vacuum. On method which misleading. solid rocks. whether we were there or no were size and weight.

is. we say such force is only calculated fancy. Remember. 136 . certainly pouring around us and through us. at present. hard. that loosely woven web of worsted. touch it and find it. ultimate probe. And. that superfine point. our common-sense prejudice revolts. our Again conservative adhesion to our assumptions resists. further." Radiation has now been recorded 800 metres deep in water. simply because it is so tremendously hard. goes right through our bodies. And that solid matter tallies with and sustains sight and sound I see a rock. The cosmic radiation already recorded as peneand of trating more than thirty-two feet of lead* the wave-energy which course piercing that thickness of steel much more easily we see. striking the rock and saying in rock (yes. as wind goes through a wide without disturbing it. as it looked. It is not true. We Against the needle jet of this force. have seen that we select only a minute part of is. Johnson believed when he rebounded himself from the wayside stone. science's conception of objective reality.THE THIRD MORALITT real as Dr. we choose only certain wave-lengths to be the solid world as well as the light by which we see that world. then. This unshakably : brings us to the final unravelling of the confused grapple in which we and it are involved. as though they were not there. and more in * Every further investigation seems to show that radiations coming from " outer space penetrate ever more deeply through matter. and we choose that that shall be Light is only an octave of the many hundreds reality. much harder than any matter we know. if flesh and blood seem soft and we fall back into the Johnsonian arrogant ignorance. X-rays and radium and what they can do to flesh and blood. But. matter is like a Yet that force. lattice . I shout and from the cliff face my voice re-echoes.

translate. : particular organism. then this illustration comes to help our stunted imagina- and accept its new knowledge as fact. the sounding. The whole thing is a construction made out of wave energy by a peculiar creature. electrical energy. a psychophysical being. Even that small piece which he accepts he proceeds to twist. Tempering steel. no light nor Yet the steel in a moment is changed. which this creat- out the vast majority of all the raw stuff there is. no heat.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK metal. making it gain in hardness. He does not cease playing fast and loose with reality when he has discarded almost all of it. with our knowledge that all matter is only change. is But more he is not content with leaving very narrow. Yet to-day. formerly needed tremendous heat followed by violent chilling and often heavy hammering only with such effort and energy could the hardest of all stuffs be made to tion to rise to " be " stepped-up to even greater hardness. above all in iron and steel) there is hard and stubborn fact on which your fancy can break its point. the smelling world. the selection. the living body. we use instead electric energy. model. We Select and Translate to make the Solid World The solid world is thus no more real than the coloured. Here again it is actual experiment which shows this if us how elaborate and how artificial is construction all reality which man has assumed to be 137 reality not . sound. tempered to greater hardness as though it had been into a furnace and then flashed into a quenching tank. and colour until it gives him the picture he has wanted. That ure makes from all the available energy around him. pass a piece of steel quickly through a magnetic field a field We which yields us no sensation.

I would as believe our eyes. The For example sight after aeons of effort. and. Every study of our senses confirms with what we an objecpull together into a continuous construction common-sense world those data which our various tive.. even at all well. irrelevant sense confusing. Those who recover in adulthood sight lost in infancy discover how arbitrary is the current use and take for granted. sound strain and touch. We therefore decide against our eyes.THE THIRD MORALITY at least an authentic cross-section. camera show us For our eyes as does the lens of a " the world upside down. as. distances. this when Then they and trust to viz. shut out the co- ordination they have perfected. and widely separate vibrahow the vibrations of light can be made link up tions only approximately with those of sound or with those other vibrations which come through the sense of touch and which lead us to make the assumption of solidity. and make it appear 138 though it were seen the . for example. sejnses pick up from different Seeing is believing that " the paramount sense. Light is soon think of disbelieving my own eyes. what is more. do is common sense." Our sense of touch and balance decides which of the two impressions (what we see or what we feel) is right way up." we say as the final surety. as a matter of fact. and these newly sighted people for sometime actually find that construction to be a dangerous confuser when they have construction we all to judge spatial relationships and crossing a road. co-ordinate infant learns slowly and with difficulty to make this collation of two very different messages from very different sources. But research shows we never. such is our creative faith that we are able instan- taneously to transpose and translate all that our eyes as show us. and sound do not.

to extricate ourselves. Each consciousness Solipsism. But does not this end in complete disillusionment left f with Berkeleyan perhaps there is only one makes the whole phantasmagoria which he mistakes for reality. mixed up. It is at this Starting point that psychology can help us to reality. and embedded mucilage. more painfully and slowly than a gradually fly off a fly paper.THE POST-MECH4NIST OUTLOOK way we intend to have it it. uninvolved onlookers. After that is who can talk about seeing the world as actually ?* So psychophysiology confirms and enlarges the proof which physics has given us that what we took to be a solid world around us. We have and carefully. is really a mixture of ourselves and some unimaginable energy. show us how to get free of that involvement. are All reality has vanished. the supreme It is here that psychology comes in We have seen how we have involved and science. till like antennae in we can clearly distinguish that vital frontier. tangled. push ourselves back from the jam. in which we were open-eyed. get ourselves able to focus clearly on what we have been stuck and draw back our senses. " " the outer universe is Physics has shown what has shown how much we read not. We where psychophysiology ends. We and it are unbelievably involved and enmeshed. We cannot tell where the outer thing begins and the inner self ends. where we actually end and the outer reality begins. confused ourselves in what we mistakenly took to be objective will Only a clearer study of ourselves reality. psychology begins with * The latest work done on this subject shows that it is not till the child has " " translate or actually handled objects and crawled about that it can so " " invert its vision and see things not as they appear to its eyes but as its touch sense shows that it is convenient to see them. 139 . Psychophysiology into that outer universe to make it look like what we assume reality must be.

thing. what actual appear- ance. Aveling has shown. before we know it we mean its to mean. Feelings' part in Limiting the The Mind We selves must next enquire whether we can discover what are these inherited concepts which allow and limit our percepts . two main patterns and plans for which we have been driven unconsciously to collect facts and gain confirmatory perceptions as proof. Further. but which we cannot use in our pattern of meaning. As Dr. such things as we may happen to notice. There are. although of focus has yet to be attained by the eyes. into a pattern of meaning and a plan for action. we are compelled to arrange and even alter what we observe. cannot see the use of. it seems. as we are tion of mood. our sensations. an infant in its early weeks will recognize whether the face that is cheerful or depressing by reacting looking at that time the full co-ordination accordingly. and attend to those facts. ruled by this necessity to make sense and to fit our experience." these odd facts we either suppress or mislay either fail " to notice or completely forget. the study and analysis of our normal or average appreWe discover that concepts come before In other words we know the meaning of a percepts. or to be exact what we intend to do with it. those experiences which 140 . for so may be revealed how we can release our- from these limitations and see the world with greater objectivity. before we know anything more about it than the use it serves.THE THIRD MORAL1TT hension. and graver. and the it is down on object perceived the human *ice changes but little in shape and even less in colour when it expresses alteraNext psychology notices how. The first is the pattern of animal need and the second First we had to notice is the pattern of social need.

the peoples who have not accepted our mechanistic causality deny that congress with a male is the only and whole cause of childto bearing and they point to the fact that. as a violent glare in the foreground makes it difficult to study a less crudely lit distance. by appetite. but till now unapplied We see races which do not belong fact strikingly clear. for example. That animal prejudice. long-range vision are restricted. but by social heredity. because such sight leads to little if any physical advantage. Hence the limited perceptions of animals where smell predominates (smell to lead them to food and to each other) and where. is. by tradition. The categories of worth. and even. For example. that bias toward noticing and attending only to and stimuli. and they are more limiting to-day than any contraction caused by instinct. that confined apprehension of can attend to things viewed only for bodily use. co-ordinated binocular. colour-vision.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK allowed us to live and to reproduce.e. largely We modified It distracts us occasionally. in many mammals.. of what is sense and makes sense these categories are imposed not by physical heredity. we proves in the end much more restricting to our in apprehension than the restriction imposed by animal meanings. however. no biological or economic importance. of simple what should be attended to. although before 141 . growth Psychology employed by anthropologists has already made this important. have. still a very restricted range of sensations remains. We facts of It find. it. The reduction of the olfactory centre and our predominant dependence on sight have already freed us very largely from that limited and limiting animal meaning. then. our civilization incapable of realizing facts which seem to us axiomatic. i. interesting. the pattern of social meaning which.

for reasons we have fact seen. suddenly presented with a mechanomorphic way of life and outlook. our powers are beyond our controls. in building up the system which was to take the place of the anthropomorphic cosmology. the (of the inorganic). tend to become extinct. it seems highly probable. young when marriage has been performed.THE THIRD MORALHT their young women copulate freely with and healthy males. When the new underlying researches in physics abolished Anthropomorphism. The discovery. does far more than help explain a mysterious tragedy affecting a few of civilization's less valuable wards. however. They did not realize that. and danger of disintegration. to those facts which seem to make meaning was a discovery made by psychologists when they were confronted with a fact as strange but more obvious that backward anthropomorphic peoples. because we failed. ourselves have advanced too quickly. The scientific pioneers of the modern world. cosmology is always sustaining ethics. no offspring appear while. the and new learning should have realized that this state of 142 . to lay out a complete foundation. hysterias. the knowledge of biotics (of the organic) and the knowledge of consciousness (psychology). children do appear. They have marriage . much is true as This discovery that we can only attend to those which suit our system. therefore as we right to say their theory have to maintain ours. failed to lay that complete foundation of on which right action can alone be built a foundation of fact based on the three areas of knowledge. because as knowledge of physics a man thinks in the end he must act. This fact appears to be true for such races. lies a clue to the solution of our civilization's own disfacts : We contents. and the spiritual blessing has therefore been given. Here. neuroses.

What must be considered here is the light which our discovery. The animal is restricted by senses which are built up from. alive and the universe at base is mental. psychics). Man makes attempts to release himself from this restriction. that the world is somehow deeper. in attempting definition) became even more restricted. Instead it was irresponsiblycontent either to mask the fact behind Natural Theology or to enjoy the embarrassment of the anthropomorphic things theology. can respond. and this will result in the new complete ethic these practical conclusions we must follow up in Part II which follows immediately upon this chapter. too limited. and only respond to. however. biotics. he cannot hold to. the new complete These practical cosmology made of the whole of reality (physics. that our modern cosmology has been strangely. appetite and preservation. Failing. Our society when view it broke out of Anthropomorphism (a become too restricted. arbitrarily limited. effects the fact that Mechanonever really made a cosmology to take the morphism place of the anthropomorphic one which it destroyed. for.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK could not last. . throws on the nature of that limitation. clearly to understand what is wrong with him. and the urge world which had itself compelling men to that restriction was the will for power and their subconscious wish to be free of meaning. but falsely condenses this faint apprehension into the dogma of an individual Deity a Deity who ends by personal existing only to satisfy man's individual desires This Anthropomorphism pleasure. his efforts end by sinking him His intuition. personal preservation. the stimuli to which greed and fear. and that to-day we have to make such. : therefore leads inevitably to 143 Mechanomorphism.

and shape. tone. or applied Civilized : man been able to give. to his life. but. if they choose Man's senses is It to attend. and have not. it seems that most of the great apes have an eye which is equipped to notice all that we notice of tint. Hence man in his society is more cut off 144 We . Hence. little. however. he believes. On the contrary. Hence we see our existence in a supra-animal society. and apprehensions may have enlarged a possible that other past cultures and even a few to-day (see Rivers's work on colour-sense among natives) had not. and our discovery of how to make our surroundings yield power. we have only gained in power without adding anything to meaning. no more sense of the meaning of it all than an animal. having no more vision. has not extricated us from those limitations by which the animal is bound in its rudimentary attempt to understand the universe. as psychophysical tests and sense. man imperils his society.THE THIRD MORALITY in this later system. in real insight. his individual life and the hope of his species. man transposes for a God be persuaded to satisfy his personal needs a who may machine which can be made to do so. given. in meaning. quite our acuity of colour As far. anatomical dissection can guide us. can then say that man's powers powers based on seeing the world as nothing but a machine to be shunned or used as a reply to greed and fear have completely outrun any advance he has made in vision. to-day considers himself as that is the only meaning being no more than an animal science his power has. having enormously increased powers and also a sense of conscious discontent (a sense that meaning must be found and answers be provided even if that answer is only that there is no meaning).

It is equally true that the passion which here seems first to have stirred his enquiry is that purest of the passions. of perishing Is. caught his attention. This first stirring of pure interest may be compared with that first stirring of the sense of wonder. on the contrary. curiosity. Astronomy. He attended simply because oddness arrested his notice. pure Hence man. with astrology. from off the earth's face.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK from the universe than therefore. that dawn of religion. and look ? with telescope and microscope looks out into inhuman supra-animal areas and down into equally inhuman That is true. an animal and more in danger. 145 . defence and offence took channels. not only spreads a mythology across new space but makes every movement only a pointer reading his success. stains the night sky with his passions and. of the " " was a of the familiar numinous which recognition strangeness but the kin-ness of the universe. but it was a dawn rapidly overclouded. did the revival of learning set him free . then. over the defenceless. the thing appearing beyond the curiosity. and taught it what to notice. it confined him more close in these animal Nor For astrology could be dismissed as fanciful projection. pure The odd. Such natural enquiry did not lead to an enlargement of man's awareness. most bonds. It was undoubtedly the dawn of detachment. infra-animal confinitudes. Rather it canalized his attention down certain narrowing Fear and greed. almost at once. of a destiny confined by greed and fear his doom. limit and fence. the greatly extended vision given to man by is physical science not a real addition to the animal outHe sees the stars which they never notice. confirmed his belief that his animal nature and its crudest. self-forgetful wonder. on the other hand.

to stress). The beams of a more intractable universe thrust into man's cobweb nest. the word shows. satiety and security. offence and defence. we must repeat. an extension of simple awareness. and doomed to the more we rise of the physical sciences. the rise rise of a pure speculation. the more it becoiggj clear that the picture they arrive at and yield is a picture prompted. is simply the wish to know how things move and to leave aside why they move and whither.THE THIRD MORALITY outcome mechanical passions were the natural and only possible of a universal nature. which. considering man's smallness (a smallness which it is morally convenient." the breach made in his defences against the invasion and disruption of the animal self. Further. Man's response was not to open to his eyes to this enlarging splendour but ichor o'er the place. Physics. " Faced with the fact that his traditional system had broken down. to what end and purpose. therefore a power which I may use for my own purposes. an abstract curiosity. however unconsciously. he refused to see that that breakdown did 146 . As an increasing number of historians of the growth of ideas (Mumford's Civilization and Technics have pointed out. greed and fear. extinction. It is the driving need for Hocart's Progress of Man) . pointless. was blind. The dream-wish of astrology the science of Anthropomorphism has failed. considered with perfect objectivity. of modern science is not the more power. for one Physics is to be amoral. an unconscious wish for power prompted by who wished without purpose. power to fulfil more completely the demands of appetite and misgiving. by a wish for irre- study the power the wish to find that man is free to what power he can in a universe blind enough never get to mind. simple enough to be circumvented and even sponsible to be controlled to a considerable degree.

THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK not that the universe and life had really no but that it had a larger meaning. " the strongest something much more tragic than Because in his search for power he has animal. greed and fear. viz. more fully. As Eliot self-conscious being would call a conclusion. A science based on physical mechanism assumes that it can devote itself wholly to means because it is sure that the ends of mankind are known. not to enlarge the mind. For the animal is held on the rails of instinct. generally switches off before that quarrel has been brought to what an individualized. in his Nature of a Bird's World^ a bird when nesting will fact of bird Howard. the authority who discovered the important 147 . obvious and needing no investigation. It hates and fights but only within limits which instinct imposes. Very few fights are to a finish. and that the meaning breakdown itself was caused by the growth of his own mean nature ttled its which to realize He required that larger meaning. the old ends dictated by the animal passions. the machine. 9 " landed property sense. to increase justify means for carrying out more completely. that all that modern science with mechanistic cosmology (based on a study of natural phenomena which omitted life and mind) could do was to add more power and greater means to animal The mechanistic cosmology was erected to passion." discovered what he wished to discover. that there is no power in the universe which will interfere with him if he knows how to get out of its way (fear) and how to satisfy his real nature (greed). and instinct. he has in some respects sunk below animal level. physical appetites and physical Modern mechanistic man is then to-day shrinkings. which makes a creature start a quarrel with great energy." has described.

mechanomorphic man himself with his mechanic power to satisfy that partial abstraction. he must never persecute or even. as soon as the territory is cleared. When the peremptory preliminary the Gods go. man therefore thinks their rules can be dispensed with. that he may only act in so far as he adjust the general balance of life he may protest. beyond the most modest claim. but which lacks those checks and balances of actual instinct which just Mechanism inevitably overlooked. neither sets believes to be animal nature. counter-balance of Nemesis. prosecute is present as a tradition of inherent justice in all traditional morals right up to the close of Anthropomorphism. flush of protest. but not only does the trespasser put up little more than a conscience-coward rear action but the defender also. because these rules are obviously unreal.THIRD drive out an intruder from MORALHT its territory with great elan. which. By then and by that tabu the placable it is. Here in nature is not pushing things to extremes actually working here is that counter-balance of Nature in the large and . This intuition in the individual. Gods or the however. turned into an arbitrary God will not endure the imis man forgiveness of obtaining blessing. what he 148 . leads to hubris the self-centred sense of oneself as above all and not general coming into play against particular excess and local " " of any kin or kindness calls matically in that arrogance which autothe inescapable. what he takes to be his real nature. unsanctioned. unless so checked. feeling that he knows the urges and aims of his own personal nature and that all the rest of nature has meaning nor aim. does not press his " aidos " the sense o advantage. Feeling himself to be only an individual uncoerced by any superIndividual.

Modern man remains Physics has destroyed Anthropomorphism but it has not put in its stead any complete system of the universe 149 . were only considered in that light. objective reality. Hence Mechanomorphism not being a cosmology. This curiosity was limited to an investigation confined to those parts of the universe which would yield a mechanistic picture and process. self-forgetful interest) acted completely otherwise. a against his animal greed and fear. an enlargement which would have balanced. That is what has actually happened. # # * # is # To sum up then. They were forced into the mechanistic picture. unbalanced. and all observations which stood outside or told against such " " a were either neglected or even decategorization suppressed. assumed to illustrate the machine and the pointless-power-process. a complete picture and rendering of all experienced phenomena cannot give rise to an ethic. all Mechanomorphism it is not a cosmology a and cannot be one because consideration of not composed from of all phenomena. insight into powerprocedure and not into aim or meaning. the way matter physics moves when it is in large enough units to be seen. has been able to destroy itself. When that was secured the rest of phenomena. but only of that section of it which can be described by the behaviour of the inorganic.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK the reason why mechanomorphic man to-day to destroy himself as no other animal. balanced threatens by instinct. Biology and psychology and even advanced physics cannot be brought under the simple categories of Mechanism. life and consciousness. His curiosity about phenomena (a curiosity which should have led This is to an enlargement of his outlook.

Unless constructing we can attend to the process and apparatus whereby consciousness achieves this. all our picture of the outer objective world It brings thought to a stalemate also. of octaves of force-radiation is made according force-radiation to our of apprehending it into a world of human action. For. however. For mechanism stultifies pure thought just as much as it makes applied thought destructive. As a practical philosophy it leads to anarchy to those amoral struggles infinitely 150 . Hence mechanism cannot go further. but one based on inadequate interpretation of all the facts. Knowledge will remain limited by the restrictive meaning-making demands of fear and greed. the suggestion of physics that reality respects nothing but force. than ruin society through making men either to depend on a cosmology which is out of date for their ethics or to have no ethic at all. man can react with a complete pattern of Modern man has therefore had (i) either to go back to authority. (2) or on to anarchy. we cannot advance knowledge further. to conduct based on conduct. to no system of conduct . nothing but violence. " with such " extrapolative extension of the impulses of power of that and and greed prompted by the fear as desire to find the universe to be a to fulfil by a curiosity mainly power processes to find machine which can be turned power is given our purposes (never vice versa) because it is powerful and utterly purposeless. as we have made seen. to a complete system of conducts. not constructive. That traced it is the present dilemma and this analysis has to the failure of a partial study of phenomena to give rise to a complete system of conduct. ethics on ethics or to conduct " which is based on the " proof of biology working under .THE THIRD MORALITY to which behaviour. This failure does more.

Mechanism theoretically. as directly. what about Are there. As a pure philosophy it leads. it is " we inadequate. have seen that the mechanistic outlook resulting in the amoral power States which lead to civilization's and humanity's destruction is due to greed and fear K 151 . it is not enough for us simply to say. but to construct the new ? We have seen that the animal outlook is due to the selectivity of greed and fear which at present. and we can also now see has been but how tendentious a how put another construction that system in its place apprehending them ? Have we enough new data not to disprove the old. consistent picture of a complete cosmology which is the basis of a complete consistent pattern of conduct. Quite apart from the ? We provides only those experiences which serve their needs. a complete ethic. the world we see is the world our animal nature and our social tradition permits us to see. of annihilating violence.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK between men who feel themselves driven by it to use any means against each other and whose means are now. to collapse. there are enough odd facts and sporadic phenomena and experiences to show that the old system of Mechanism does not work. in this which reality shall has to yield before that further research produce a complete." will get rid of Mechanism because True. when all the while science has proved that any picture of the outer universe depends on the mind which not merely appre- hends decade. As. and actually comes to an end now. and the system we have built (mechanism) is simply the induction from such observations. the facts to do that ? ordering of them. practically. it but It constructs it. through mechanistic advance. however. The mind cannot advance when the main hypothesis of scientific philosophy is still assumed to be that reality is mechanical and mind epiphenomenal. such data.

we must remind ourselves. and. we must also discover how to find further facts. to react from day sight (full normal illumination) to night facts will and no easy sight (the We power which permits us to see in starlight). become apprehensible. then. beside that. to hand and which transcend mechanism. 152 too self- . can and ought to be taken. We must. is This will pure interest. The eye takes twenty minutes. will yield the new cosmology. the next step in our evolution. to find new experiences which. curiosity. a double have to order those facts which are already task. to apprehend more widely. were it not profoundly natural. too greedy or fearful apprehensions. combining with new system to is of facts. This but one of lengthy discipline and training. an immense task. is not to say it will be taken. then. that full complement of data out of which a complete see that. having ordered them into a system of facts. as our appreethic may be constructed. we have also to train ourselves not merely the It so to act but. hension is limited by greed and fear. Further. can only apprehend that to which we give protracted attention. we have to act up We We to them. free new task. It would certainly be impossible. our first practical We step must be to cut set off these inhibitors of understanding. have. however. again. not merely order our new facts and so begin to make the third cosmology from which we may deduce the new ethics . it but only that tions.THE THIRD MORALIST capturing and exploiting curiosity. It is one from which most may shrink work on this double front. in preparing the new ethic. Here is real natural selection working the whole species brought an impossible position an impossible position up against arising from too long contentment with too easy assump- To say that.

and so may come to that vision in which we ourselves see the entire purpose for which our lives are lived. sets out very tentatively not only the mental ordering of the new facts and the new conduct to which those facts The and psychomethods whereby it seems we may most quickly physical and adequately rid ourselves of greed and fear.THE POST-MECHANIST OUTLOOK centred an outlook. revive that pure interest-affection which leads to fresh apprehension. therefore. psychological 153 . is Now a new psycho-social mutation demanded of us. evolutionary energy. The some to gravity of our crisis will. compel achieve this tremendous creative effort. point. second part of this volume. our community is recreated and our nature in its being and action is fulfilled. but also 'such mental. undoubtedly. We can produce it best only if we draw on all our immanent.




CHAPTER VII THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION Practical Deductions ETHICS cannot stand by themselves. a complete to an appropriate and complete way way of of life. It will. never to return. has gone the which never succeeded in mechanomorphic attempt making a cosmology to succeed to Anthropomorphism's. without bias) of the universe on that you will and must in the end act. if we order to be proved and manifest. to the surface of consciousness. however. what we have to do is to act in accord with it as far as it at So it is that our apprepresent can be apprehended. The anthropomorphic cosmology has gone. however. It is already forming under the threshold It consciousness. as a consistent intellectual system embracing all the facts and pointing of action. rise The third cosmology is not yet found. So. release and emergence. The picture you have formed (as you believe. co-ordinative keep in touch with pattern and hasten its Already we can see that. already indicates sufficiently the if direction we should go we would that emerging. desire this new hension grows and we new facts which will make completely 157 perceive and bring to light the clear the unbroken . Cosmology must end in ethics.

an irreducible. the basis of the universe. the love of If. our consciousness. and the new the new facts. which created it behaves comprehensibly. is sui generis. mind is the source and sustenance of things. Only 158 so can it escape from those . if it is not to be more limiting than suggestive must be Man's pure cleared of all notion of human desire. which is ultimate reality. only approximates to our minds when they are at their highest. then. but which means nothing and is going nowhere. then though our consciousness is ultimate and irreducible it certainly is not so in is its present condition and aspect. But this notion. The first fact we have to face is that mind is the best notion we can have of the cosmos. and acts as an analogy (it may be even an homology) of that nature. nor yet a scheme which has no control. But if that quality of mind.THE THIRD MORALITY circle of the picture of new thought and reality. and yet whose own behaviour seems arbitrary and vague. instead of being an irrelevant byproduct of the body's action. when he reflects in an effort to understand for thought certainly it that conception and that alone helps us to a growing apprehension of the basic nature of the universe. but is simply a blind system. an aimless machine. regularly. provisional picture or plan with which we are left and on which we must act is. definitely enough. it must concentrate on its highest activity of pure interest if it is now no more ever to than rise and universal affection. neither a scheme " " a of things controlled by magnified non-natural man The who and will judge the achievements of his creatures. to any higher conception of the true nature of its mentality and the true mentality of nature. the new conduct. At its best it a very rudimentary form. then. Further.

But the higher mathematician's thought is. based on the same foundation as the child's thoughts and so the universemind's thought and ours are one at base. This argument. then I cannot say that it and all it contains. " " and " common sense. As his consciousness went on to another stage of its evolution he had to apprehend * more. each construction man way between Solipsism has made of the universe.e. thought. following laws. The truth seems to be half are not the invention of my solitary consciousness. We are free to say that every confirmation we find in observation is only our finding what we can't help finding the reflection of ourselves. 159 ." i. but laws of conscious. men and mathematics. however. how ciprocally what is arrived at by pure deductive thought is confirmed of the inner universe the : reached shows that our minds in the same manner. and therefore make a further and " truer " cosmology. not of matter) is confirmed by our exploration a new conception the depths of consciousness back of our own mind. This is the deduction which we now make from our Fundamentally and its nature is not to be thought of as comprehensively personal or mechanical but as mental. but not mechanical. This deduction from the outer universe (that we now have to think of experience of the outer universe. suns. though much above. The through unexpected way in which our mathematical calculations so that each retally with astronomic observations indicates the next step for the other.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION relapses into personal appetite and power which manifested and expressed themselves in magical religion and mechanical science. orderly. leads to Solipsism. though by the furthest range of sight and the universe-mind think . as a higher mathematician thinks beyond the thought of a child. each cosmology was true to his degree of consciousness. If the universe is only a reflection of myself. of reality. and thinks until his conclusions seem different even in quality from those of the child.. but not personal. It allowed him to interact with the outer reality to the level of his capacity.* It may think beyond our thoughts.

is Mind That discovery which is that the universe's nature in its however. We We away from crude. beyond and such profound mental concentration and abstraction. Exploration of the subsconscious has shown us that our personality is " indeed only a persona. sequence use the simile that the field of consciousness shades picture. through further research. when we say " from crude light to dim dusk. that we begin to have some real and practical experience of what this universal mind may be. a below this there lies a series of depths. as a The little first explorers thought of the in human mind lived. to those further ranges which we seldom experience. room which we That picture of a solid partition separating the conscious mind from the subconscious is now yielding. and therefore only dimly apprehend. looking out of its windows at the world outside. only knowing fundamentally a thought more rudimentary forms we can follow." all we mean is from the range of stimuli we are used to." a mask. and so take as full light. 160 . Behind. if we to a vague dusk. sharp-focused " " light spotlight This simile will not mislead. a crust. remember that physics has shown us that each looker may have his own sort of light and therefore. How the Individual Mind leaves Contacts Universal us. to even profounder depths. through . to a more accurate if less definite see now a surface-lit layer and then a of gradually more diffused. skin.THE THIRD MORALITY its upper reaches seem to us now completely incomprehensible. On the wall behind us we could hear vibrations and even blows sometimes fumes came the floor and stains seeped through the wall. It when we go deeper calculation into our own minds. less defined depths.

as we explore these profounder levels. In clairvoyance and prevision seem to be proceeding. telepathy. of that mind. for without them we shall never be able to prevent 161 . it also appears. Here then we have not merely confirmation that the deduction of advanced physics is true. the fringes That experience and access are necessary." and unconscious of this normal surface level of consciousness.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION exactly true is that. It is not merely that we cannot see our barriers in that dimness. not separate wholes but parts of a single state of being. it is that in that profundity we have access to knowledge denied us in our personal superficiality. and finally those which do not belong to his personal experience life. of his name. and that the fundamental nature of the universe is an impersonal comprehensive mind. Our personalities. can serve that common and personal consciousness so long as they keep contact with it through their depths and through the realization that they are not ends but means. Research in hypnosis has established that the deeper the hypnosis. and access to. consciousness. position and character. in these layers we seem to emerge into a comprehensive impersonal consciousness out of which In the deeper layers of all our individual personalities are thrust. those which and he never remembered receiving. " the more the subject is under. deeper. then. as islands out of an underlying land mass are thrust above sea-level. and the more is he possessed of memories : first those which he had forgotten. but also that it is possible for us to have direct experience of. other words. the less is he aware of himself as a personality. we find that the sharp limitations and frontiers of awareness which are ours here at this superis What ficial level there begin to expand and merge.

THE THIRD MORALITY ourselves falling back into Mechanomorphism (when pervasiveness) and think of its consciousness we think of its regularity and Anthropomorphism (when we and volition). in the understanding of his own nature and all human by that fact equally 162 . obtained by power analysis of physical phenomena on the assumption that in all phenomena were at base mechanical. however. Power over Surface World has meant Loss of Contact with the Deeper That. apprehension of meant that he all reality. As we gain in intensity of analytic and " power over the outer unipersonal consciousness. the cosmology from which we now have to draw our ethic. the causa causans. It is an extremely difficult task to proceed " on this " parallelogram of thought and it is not suggested that by hypnotizing themselves people should attempt What does. is the action-picture. in " " should really be written verse in (which phrase making our special and partial selection of stimuli yield us a more complete and unthwarted activity "). " of that contemplation. This is the real reason. by practised concentration on the infinite life and undivided being." that steady and deliberate development and extension of impersonal consciousness. " over the outer universe. seem indicated is the necessity it. we are : danger of losing contact with our deeper. apprehension of our common life. the plan. without which the assent of our intellect can never make our action accord with our opinion or even our conviction. who be meant a complete Therefore success in physics so succeeded (Western man) must informed in psychology. We assumed that of the present European anarchy. in simplest outline. but less clearly and concretely defined." power.

how the mind and senses transmitted and standing distorted the picture which they gave (and on which the physical mechanists fell with greedy impatience to exploit its satisfactions). approaches purity. For the outer world that picture presented by the unanalysed senses as common-sense reality could. Predominant attention to the outer world meant in reality neglect to explore the inner. instead of civilization of Hence we .THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION nature. Mechanical man had more The environment than anyone else in the Therefore he knew more about Therefore when he differed from the truth. in defined truth as that which gave man power America. It had in fact come close to doing the reverse. it became chaotic and so had to fall. So. Unconsciously. Pragmatists. led by William James. he must be right and they must be wrong. power over his present or in the past. assumed that it had only obtained power through seeing truth more clearly than any seekers after truth had ever beheld it before. provided that its selective and distorted character was first understood. only begin to be grasped with any degree of objectivity. for pure and true a psychology and an epistemology were essential physics. first Without the mechanic-power Western Europe being as wise as it was It powerful. see that. now that it underrealizing. we now see. over his environment. all that the mechanist could obtain were such impressions as his appetite-confused senses permitted permitted in order that their peremptory demands should be satisfied. psychologies of the past and those of contemporary. preliminary requirements is as indeed physics. but none the less fatally. non-mechanized traditions. Unfortunately for our peace and progress the reverse was far nearer the truth.

because it is is physically so competent. self-conscious man was the only being with any plan or purpose and perhaps even happy thought with any consciousness. and premature attempt to control the universe greedy f he satisfaction of a self not understood was bound to for it is Further reflection on far * From tne Cartesians to Pavlovians there has been a strong wish to prove animals to ^ e au tomata. our civilization. and. is proportionately ignorant as to ends . because it knows so much about means. before they had explored and understood that inner world through which all apprehension and conception of the outer world had to reach them. not insight and meaning. With a sublime passion to wind up the whole matter the ^enav i our i ts have sworn to include man as well. submit to that menial interpretation. and yield him powers and means. just because it is so powerful. To-day Psychology and Meaning can Balance Physics and Means this problem shows that. intemperate. have thereby certain In insights into the inner world which we are denied. at least for the moment. we now discover : it not unnatural to suppose. On the other hand those thinkers and cultures which have hesitated to exploit the outer world as a power machine. is psychologically inept. though from hopeless. This partial. it had found what it was looking for a power universe in which individualized. as that wish had been so strong. brief.* We are now realizing that Western man is ignorant of psychology just because of his immense practical success in obtaining power by assuming that the whole of reality is mechanical and by confining himself exclusively to those aspects which would.THE THIRD MORALITY it had indeed been prompted by a desire for power apart from meaning. is ignorant . grave. fi 164 . and.

must be to render as morality. We yet to become so aware of self-limitation that we immediately challenge every experience. It could not last. its evolution is spiral. 165 . Our Throughout our intensities lies life we have of " Heaven advancing " about us in our infancy to keep this balance It is true that together. throughout life. of his self-conscious. individualized self-consciousness was the end of all . for we are yet to become incesshave antly aware of our separating individualism. the basis of our the principle of all ethics. asking whether or not it can serve the preservation of our individuality and denying it the name of reality if it cannot pass that As we become defined. about himself him. clear our apprehension of this profound uniting common life as is our apprehension of our material. we gain in power and lose test. individualized second he saw that was not . Man began in a Next he had to attain selfgeneralized consciousness. it was a mechanic means and blind process of which he was the end . the anthropomorphic and the mechanomorphic. but then assumed that so. In the first phase man thought the world to be a projection In the person. This self-consciousness had two phases. history and all the works produced by man are shadows and symptoms of that evolution. individual task.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION happen. prevent power destroying the power-holder led to knowledge that he had made a misapprehension about and the reciprocal reality around reality. That phase is now rapidly passing. consciousness. . then. It was The very wish to get more power and self-destructive. we have at that preliminary stage easy and effortless access to a wide range of apprehension. all would end with him he was the crown and all the rest was material for his fulfilment. all Consciousness evolves. life.

" What use if all are Mortal this practical way of acting There are two immediate objections to rendering of our present knowledge. a deliberate method and practice for keeping open our access to the profound. distress. That is why it is easily interested in anything. The deliberately to recover this power of regarding things without thought of exploiting them. The child has width of apprehension in proportion as it is helpless and does not know the " " use and " meaning " of the things it experiences. intuitive sense of value. but in the end he must disappear with the disappearance of his persona. common nature and for preventing our lives from becoming so confused that they become incapable of apprehending or even of conceiving any reality save that which we have made a habit of noticing. though it not insight. intuition. unifying. Then it is that. as we have become fully conscious and narrowly focused. a way of living whereby the individual only proposes keeps open his access to a larger life but is also able to on our new maintain that in such access the individual's life can alone have meaning and worth. He may have this access during life and at such moments when bodily appetite. this The first is that. " knowing the use of everything and the value of nothing. They have to re-supple and re-expand their natures. grown person has which have become prematurely assured. not the materialist." They have to achieve that outlook which Roger Fry said was essential to all true insight " : alert passivity. and disease do not make the effort too difficult. we must learn a fully conscious. the individual who so lives is mortal. weariness. the complete Is individualist (though he may live a life whose indulgences 166 .THE THIRD MORALITY proportionately in insight.

in this space-time continuum. For. as we have which cannot be destroyed by it spun for its temporary manifestation. shrinks from a general sensitiveness. so that they are unaware of it. as the senses are persistently used to yield only one series of appre- hensions. until it is focused wholely sensations becomes as narrow in no more than momentary release.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION maybe. death will. But if make him a nuisance and. widely diffused. like an icy avalanche. detensioning. Ambition becomes envy. that as the consciousness which created the organism. It is L 167 . when the body collapses. the body. becomes mere hoarding miserliness. there may be even greater difficulty. What is clear is. a peril). a sense of blackness (not necessarily a loss of consciousness) until they are provided with other apparatus and have become used to seen. That would be true if death ended life. once for display and even for generosity. Hence in such a case. just as completely as it wipes out the muddied strayings of those who wandered blindly after every impulse. sui generis. who have lost all other apprehension and whose whole interests are now completely confined in appetites. as Freud has pointed out. rush down and sweep away that slender path." no less trivial than a yawn. these apprehensions become steadily narrower. death must be for them a temporary eclipse. While for those who have completely identified themselves throughout their life with their personality and body. consciousness is. is for most people separated from their individual consciousness. real though that may the larger life ? have been. ultimately just as wise as the being who would keep open a way to For in the end. Lust. the soul must be on the nates and the time " a as in area. however. then it the destruction of the organism apprehending different stimuli. Possession. possessions and ambitions.

suddenly put in a brilliantly lit but aseptically clean and empty room. It is clear that when we leave the body. We shall have to stare the apparent dark before we realize we are long at the light and it is the light's intensity which looking blinds us. a change of mental focus or aperture before we can apprehend that other Hardly anyone can hope to quality of consciousness. escape a temporary confusion. can prevent a reas they may be less defenceless without their body. and buried in the channels of the senses. But none. .THE THIRD MORALITY self -hypnotized its physical roots of a plant remain netted although the pot is The psyche is now having its possibility shattered. as the potbound only to be in complete dark. could only cower and tremble knowing itself utterly lost. of apprehension immensely widened but it seems to itself and remain tied in its own room (though bond is actually broken). and become fixed. as a mole which has atrophy and guided itself wholly by smell. similar to. utterly without a glimmer of indication let its eyes as to where it may be. It is possible that those who are Only the persistently self-isolated awakening apprehension and even then. then. can be extinguished. even for those who have never neglected exercise so as not to sink. our personalized consciousness. Some may experience prolonged and distressing distraction and bewilderment. 168. but not the same as. they may be more exposed to the sympathy of others who see their distress and must succour them. plugged. as far as we can see. the reorientation will be at difficult and confusing. There will be required on our part. What Death Our can do present knowledge of the nature of reality shows us there is a consciousness around us.

a passenger on board a vertigo liner can resist the illusion that the pier is coming towards him and realize that he is being carried towards the pier. there is so much that is not well in the universe. The around universe was neutral and man's good was to get its bars and avoid its pistons and so. interstices. practical objection to this modern provisional post-mechanism. Under that cosmology evil was whatsoever refused to yield to human convenience. which is the companion problem of the problem of survival. comfort and poorer sense.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION used to apprehending their larger consciousness by regular access to the common life may discard the body. even if I act well problem and see that I am acting with a power of understanding and good. in such This. however. as. by realizing that he and all immediate setting is rapidly moving towards a larger frame which does not move. is the This problem that. How the The Problem of Evil may be faced other of evil. is not illusion. to express himself. 169 . which makes everyone aim at a range which is outside the limit of his personal life. but natural and right. that I cannot know whether cosmology. and indeed actively evil. Life after death is then to be counted on and the trajectory of intentional living. for we are " act as though we are immortal. may glide from one focus to another without any sense of his and confusion. did not arise under Mechanomorphism. Sooner or later the was cold machine would catch and crush the its sorry insect that crept among Nor. if the physical satisfaction of irrelevant animal appetite was the only conscious purpose in the wheels." because being made to we are immortal. this good will ever win this.

It is possible that such questions are. and which culminate in Monotheism. in these forms. leave a contradiction it arrests all action. why why. What we reality as can say is being a state of that the concept of objective mind and of ourselves as minds state. to instantaneously informed and creative we cannot say. attaining knowledge of and union with that 170 . To say that the whole means nothing is only a bombastic and unreflective way " of saying I cannot make any meaning of it. of evil the ethical inadequacy is the two earlier cosmologies then another reason why third cosmology is required. : anthropomorphic deity until it is absolute is to increase Whatever is is his responsibility until he is amoral.THE THIRD MORALITY universe. although cannot. we know subject it every abstract problem. Why mind. so crude as to be unanswerable. (and Hence Anthropomorphism broke down quite because it as as much it was faced with an ethical dilemma a because of had reached The problem a cosmological contradiction. why incarnate. which are all classifiable as anthropomorphic." Under the early cosmologies. in this pro" interim visional outline of a plan of action (a pragmatic " until the new cosmology is clearly constructed) ethic give an explanation of evil its which will neither underrate nor paralyse our will to surobjective importance mount and dissipate it ? Our present evidence does not which solve it. For the problem of evil became increasingly acute. ignorance and accident should not be free. and Deity To increase the power of an finally must approve it. should be evolving. of as course. Can we. first fights against evil. independent. on the contrary. could man have been said to have discovered what the universe really meant. can only be) by his constant and conscious will. then countenances.

Our comprehensive but practical aim is to transcend our personalities and to unite our lives with this comprehensive life of which we all. The universe is (sub specie aeternitatis.^. or they could not communicate along the lines of special memories and peculiar expressions and characters. a owing to lack of a new new cosmology . new in and which which to order. out of the body. is also ethically most workable. personal) is evidence which points to such minds belonging. Further. all separate lives. are more or less isolated sparks. psychical there is evidence that not only mind. however. It is a thousand hypothesis. They are not as yet consciously one with the universal mind.. and that the evidence of communication with minds or aspects of minds which have possibly been incarnate (z. These minds are still if we take the evidence without straining it to fit our prejudices not united with the fullest expansion of mind. They are. a to refer. which is cosmologically least open to objection of all cosmologies. already uncelled and united in what had best be called layers of mind. and even a this in the light of our present most advanced physics) such how we are attached to mind through the research shows how Psychology shows all-embracing frame of subconscious. these observations.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION through acting in accord with that mind and its purpose this dual concept. which to 171 pities that category. united with all those who were and are on the same level of apprehension as transcended themselves. to a state of consciousness where personality is discarded as men may leave their cells to join in a common freedom and meeting. but we can become part of its superconsciousness that when our minds function personal in that sphere and frame they are not personal but have such a mind exists personality.

however. and not a phase in a life which embraces all. become centres of morbidity and decay. so believing. 172 When we . research telepathy. find the beast of prey. prey upon it. clairvoyance. If. but do Anthropomorphism any more than they can part of a consistent. in this scheme. comprehensive evolution. Evil. for. and the communications of not fit into be reconciled with Mechanomorphism that they point to a super-personal cosmology and will only fit in such a frame of mind then we are ready for the next great advance. is neither denied nor given absolute importance. Throughout life we absolute. the parasite. dying and in distress ourselves and spreading distress and death. transitional state. reliable prevision. the pathogenic germ. but that a third cosmology is forming around us from the assemblage of the new observations in all the sciences will recognize that the facts and. the cancer cell. interactive. It is part of the condition of a We are individuals for the time being. We easily come to regard our individuality as final and do that we betray life. if we brought to light by psychical . refer them back and distort them to into and confirm the anthropomorphic we will realize. Evil springs from the individual believing that he is an end in himself.THE THIRD MORALIST ample. he must act against that life. But evil extends outside man. We can act so as to make that advance possible and behave so that our individual lives are each lived as : mediums are facts. firstly. secondly. the mechanomorphists can only because they destroy Mechanomorphism and those who have been driven by experience to accept are so now deny them them can only make them fit cosmology. Yet here again our picture of a process. that neither is Anthropomorphism going to be revived nor can Mechanomorphism continue.

two adverse elements are evident. not destructive . In the main.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION rising sparks ascend towards unity with each other in the transcendent flame. harmless or beneficent. The pathogenic germs are a small minority beside those which are harmless and beneficent co-operative. mysterious aberration amid the million cells which interact and balance against each other in lifelong harmony. parasite and many thought to be parasites are found to be useful and even essential partners. all life seems subject to one vast purpose to at become more others' and its means is by growth. that. the insect which are not parasitic. we have the departure into piracy. living in those corporate relationships which have been evolved unconsciously. is 173 . not but often through direct mutual expense alive. sharing a common table to which each contributes rare beside the insects essential supplies (commensalism) or going even further and being actually physically integrated (symbiosis). Careful acceptance of the actual facts shows. Most apologists have felt they must either maintain that the universe is without a fleck of failure whereby the wholly fallen. the resolve to be individual and to live at others' expense. world. The beast and bird of prey is less common than the harmless beast on is whom it has become parasitic . Through and across that vast process and advance. it has hopelessly miscarried. The second seen. however. is still perfectly We must not overrate the evil in the self -consistent. benefit. those which tear down and or that it is destroy lives above them or beside them are rare. besides the innumerable forms of life which function without conflict and fulfil their nature harmoniously without the ruin of others. the vast majority of bacteria are either The cancer cell is an exceptional. The first.

It is the go on. suffer more. repentance. exclusiveness. as long as evolution exists. more open and more sensitive. evil is a mark of failure. may call. It word. reach and grasp. From this Such evil must exist standpoint. the nobler for the more craven (who so often believe that they are the brave because they have chosen to shelter themselves with the hide of " toughness "). self the end. like the Dinosaurs) that energy has got itself into a blind alley. and sympathy into defensiveness. death's real enemy. resolve to reject the whole. is But why active evil ? Why. in the end. by any stretch of the be simply the withdrawal of the primal vital energy because (for instance. The higher must suffer for the lower. and there was nothing to be done but to withdraw the hand from the glove which had become too rigid any longer to allow the fingers to feel. should not extinction come down at once ? suffer Why such powerful forms of revolt as we see against the general advance into the united life ? Because of evil's other aspect. be more aware. or shrink from : from understanding. and make the feeling. the because the lower may turn again. the failure of vitality in the creature It is this latter life element which seems (now that free of we can study more anthropomorphic assump- tions) to account for the greater part of the extinction This may not be an example of all the fossil forms of life. not so morbid. of what we could possibly real evil. condemnation. the lapse of those who find the pace of progress too hot. Life is a continual choice either feel more.THE THIRD MORALITY is failure to itself. but far more widespread. once the great refusal made. recovery and restoration. see the self increasingly as a means . for it is the continual wastagefailure streaming down from the advancing front. and 174 .

The higher must. evil must be in this transitional 9 " offences must needs come. We are all the more free. that they may go on until they can avail themselves of the gift of the high. or the creature born to blasting hereditary disease. facile talk of accident. not even the salvation of the highest until the utmost low have is been raised equally. and from their desperate helplessness of self-love and violence be released into the freedom of the surrender of the self. to fight it and overcome it. and its mother. There therefore no private salvation. that they may grow in creative power." the belief that whatever happens must be endured. the general happiness outbalancing the particular disaster. as will be seen later. 175 . evil. as for the sake of the low." far less confront with clear realization the fate which may at any moment close on those we Such a point of view. much for the sake of the higher. then. We can accept that this is the meaning of the transitional life and of this life's shadow. " of Providentialism. Without a fundamental philosophy to embrace these (and not dismiss them as must any materialistic humanism) our explanations of evil are only fair-weather fancies with which we cannot face anyone caught " in the fell clutch of circumstance. however. face the child dying of meningitis. no.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION deepest insight believes no seed of life can be lost. is not one of helpless resignation. understanding its nature and our true power. No view which looks less deeply into the problem of We dare not with evil dare face evil as it really is. no public safety at the cost of destroyed public enemies. love and on ourselves.' life. endure the the lower commit until the higher come to such damage power that they can buy up all the damage which the as lower can do and set fair the balance once again. Natural Selection. So.

now given we and all life are transition to the plan of action with which. To . like ourselves. a sane. The more theory 176 certainly attractive and probably solves difficulties than it raises. to realize its life as when it is positive. the life process and our career in it. far beyond Whether we have had other experiences before is this individual physical experience.. the cancer cell. not as Evil. embracing. only able something alien and hostile to life. when it is really present a negative force : simple failure of vitality and the wish to cease evil. some particular development of consciousness alone to be achieved in this life-incarnate) but itself. is that vitality become. all other lives. embracing life and can only think of ourselves as lonely.e. we cannot way of life. So the individualist in his materialism is spirits which appears -in exploratory knowledge of our same evil the only evil the the evil which our is the same evil (i. still morbid death-in-life) which is manifest at earlier stages of aberration in the beast of prey. strangulated. to the whole That us shows to be due to a fissure in our consciousness whereby we have become cut off from our awareness of ourselves as parts of a whole. a full And for it morality does not seem necessary to know. the pathogenic germ. then. The picture.THE THIRD MORALHT All life. final. co-operation with all other life. empirical and a purposive co-ordinating existence. the parasite. strangulated. somehow cut off. is attempting to achieve awareness and. then. extending far beyond this. immense process and it seems we must assume. absolute individuals who must and can only exist by taking all we can for the assuagement of these selves. we work the blueprint of life is that are involved in an life involving this (with. is say. whether reincarnation true. in its energy. this life. with that awareness.

craving. desires. like a specially cravings. as we have already desire. " It says merciful. begin to remake your life as you will have it. which appears to be gaining support among many biologists (as a satisfactory conception of the cause of evolution than aimless Natural Selection) indicates that all more organs (and so all senses and therefore all sensa or data) have been evolved by and out of the continual striving of the organism to express certain fundamental urges." The doctrine of Karma is also always associated with the two supplementary conceptions (a) that the world as we see it is Maya. you will be. Whether or no. This second notion. They can they will only Karma seems cruel . it is. " u television set. noticed in passing. because thus you It adds (which is all that matters to those that did. realize it. though we mistake it for reality () that this partial construction is made under the stress of. and as you do. At any moment you can then. Thus you are. and is wholly limited by. The living organism. : : : made from insufficient data and therefore unreal. an illusion a partial construction if what all life is for. what it means. They earned this particular life and indeed chose capitalize all their handicaps in this life. only picks up those vibrations tuned which will result in a picture of a world it can lust after. This investigation also suggested 177 that this selective and .THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION those discouraged by their disabilities and disendowments it may teach patience and persistence. is highly interesting from a purely For the Neo-Lamarckianism speculative point of view." " are alive and so look forward) This you can do. this theory of evolution is proved in the future estab- we have seen that modern psychology has lished not only how narrow but also how distortive are the senses which take in for us the outer world. . to those who will not resist it but accept it.

then. and pretentiousness. a world as fear and greed in these perceived and shaped into meaning is what In short. the method of which can be discovered when we realize that what is may best satisfy appetite. limiting Too frequently has it been personality and self-love. so freed from the poverty. because they are poorly equipped with virtues. From not all a practical Most people unhelpful. The world as we see it is. is a selection and construction.THE THIRD MORALHT constructive process. it is true to say that what the being ordinary point of man calls reality is illusion. These gifts can themselves be opportunities. as it must appear quite different to another without our cravings. but that lack of and even the sedative comfort of health can be his opportunity. uninspired work his it . adding thereto such limited insight as a curiosity years restricted by the wish for power would permit. we have only seen would see it. that an artist endowed with super-technique proved has produced nothing but facile. Those who have physical gifts may too easily be overweighted by them. natures. and health." 178 . and even disease because. through which alone we knew the outer world before we had instruments (and since we discarded intuition). might healthily outgrow its present. but almost wholly because they are denied position. but only to supreme The wise spirit may have chosen insignificance. possessions. a world created by modern desire and. possessiveness. very gifts made " : it too easy for . dangers of addictiveness. The Karmic hypothesis proposes that not merely is regret their lot hardly at lack of virtue the individual's fault view this hypothesis is also rank. wealth. of real creativeness him to avoid the agony and even of Lord Macaulay it was so great a remarked He had memory that he seldom troubled to think.

But here again the child pays with of blind craving several days of suffering for the ages and baffled striving of all the community. Or to take again what seems to many a harder case. its It was begotten for our utter ignorance of how to live. humane. my way The more we learn fulfil my failure and my promise." about general resistance. the clear conviction that life for them was to be part of a vast unfolding of purpose. dangerous only so far as that resistance is Further. My the suffering is in sum appeals more to our sympathy. absolute We earn for each other both evil and good. and I can give to others." Neither he beggar nor I have ever been. we are beginning to associate the 179 . how many were begotten in. greater. not for its own sake but to satisfy the parents' need. and that they were being brought wisely and intentionally into a nobly consistent pattern a of living united.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION Yet Karma individual difficulties is mainly concerned to explain to the has involved himself in his present for how he and so many seems to stress individuality myself too much. will disease is lowered. individuals. not because ? " among them it " Did this man our new psychology. but because the victim The child dying of meningitis appears to be so clear a case of a high being pointlessly destroyed by a lethal germ that this is taken as a denial of all purpose in life. the more we see that infective escape death child. In how many children was there implanted in their procreation. sin or his parents individualism : In the light of I cannot say to the deformed " So you earned and so you are. or will ever be. thought and feeling is not mine but came from others. purposive humanity ? When the act was not simply blind satisfaction of youthful or maternal lust I it was an act of defeat . is a phase. " : Here in some somehow redeem this. are now. and are earned for.

we wonder not that people are ill but that they still resist so well. As we study diet. every loan it contracted through farthing is Whether he who that to pay back is its entire process. can raise the lower . indiThe higher. however. The last may be first and the borrow. because in the end we shall all be equal. the richer pay the poorer's debt. Polynesians in such an environment would have refused to procreate and for themselves have willed on death.THE THIRD MORALITY of resistance with psychological factors which command the physiological defence. as of us first last. another matter. can only be true if That. Conversely. entity. in the end. which freedom from craving can alone cure. our children and ourselves pine and suddenly succumb. not so much. reality perhaps The final step into complete union may perhaps be " paid the uttermost possible only for the soul which has " of every debt. Vicarious suffering is often laughed at by Karmists as a violation of the law of cause and effect only urged by sentimentality. We may marvel that in our general ill-will there is so We have no more little physical suffering. This. 180 . attaining our common fulfilment simultaneously. perhaps attain absolute enlightenment until all may the rest have arrived. viduality is not. helped will not have. individuality is here and now absolute. reason (at least till we live better) to attribute each suffering child to a malign deity than to our mortal ignorance. there is ample psychological knowledge to show. we see. then. so long it As long as it is in any way a separate must repay whatever it has had to none we are all tied together. In the deepest absolute gifts are not made only loans. As we study frames of mind we are higher forms astonished that in an anarchic society such as ours the No wonder that will to live has not collapsed already.

by a common united effort and understanding. we must be flying. What that the area. At moment clear is is the border of the aerodrome : we must have done one or other of two things either by then we must be inof the earth. It is not. It is ahead we all have to look. then. We find ourselves and " " all our fellows Behind it across the area. of as the to be discharged in common." Psychological Development the Meaning of Life Our whole and comprehensive in life is activity and purpose thus a continuous psychological development. we can look upon as (crude but definite simile) an aerodrome. or whether past life involved all of us inextricably in the Ours is a common responsibility only past acts of all. before and simply have forgotten our past lives. 181 . Every stage must and can be a co-ordinated extension of awareness until the individual apprehends himself clearly as one with all the life around him and as a continuing stream of growth which expands until it loses the limits This process and this alone can give of individuality. is limited. in the light of our present knowledge.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION much practical importance whether same particular individuals. taxi-ing is dark. the clear space we have during which we can so run along open ground. To find comfort in allotting blame for past mistakes is neither wise nor just. a complete meaning to every stage of life and a harmonAll life izing unity to every interest and occupation. then. This life. We cannot go on taxi-ing. or we shall dependent have " crashed into the fence. We cannot see whether we have just emerged from hangars or whether we came in from another long flight and are only running along the earth now for a preparatory to taking to the air again. have existed we.

as a series of stages of release. a meaning adequate for a life's consistent endeavour. is a fretful child which must be played with till it falls to sleep. doped by immediate pleasures u Life from the pain and despair of ultimate defeat. reward. Everyone has not discovered a worth and goal commensurate with the whole unremitting effort of the dedicate and of who devoted life. Even the themselves is noblest. " " which the wages for upkeep must pay life itself not going to pay. is Without such an extension without the realization that our individuality is only a channel through which we pass to experience our truer. in a life to come. larger life. which we share with our fellow lives.THE THIRD MORALITY seen in the only aspect which can give sense to the whole. no longer an expression of vision. That drug need not be the hope compensation. Life is not mocked. or honour 182 of personal comfort. life has to be made worth while by the all constant repetition of irrelevant amusements and distractions. but they act without hope that either they or the cause they serve will ultimately prevail. with dreams Paradise. They may act supremely well. recreations. it will have to be distracted. Unless you can prove to it a purpose equal to its range." It is not the religious only who. are giving themselves opium. They have then if they are not to serve with stoical despair to keep themselves from dwelling on the ultimate futility and miscarriage of all purpose by deliberate use of relaxations. . must and will take some analgesic of the mind or body. without this assurance. and that the span of our bodily life is only a duct through which we go to become conscious of a life in which physique would be a limitawithout this enlargement tion. amusements.

assuage.THE OUTLOOK FOR ACTION Alas. who may serve humanity far less obtrusively. the craving that deny itself that need for : meaning of it all. far more the the human " a spirit cannot gently. since their less contrary to the facts (as there is survival). These poor defiants are taken at their face-value. pride. and the causes they would serve. " " of noble minds Mine honour will I not infirmity " share with another. They will tie their in : : their wife. less have done harm." or Job's despairing cry I will not let my integrity go from me. mistake was (envisaging their anthropomorphic heaven). and their example has need for been considered daunting and discouraging. This arrogance is probably more harmful to them. to those they would dominate. find their real fleeting name to some great cause and so the attention of mankind shall turn to them and recall them every time it shall recall the cause. their children. than even those dreams with which others. They have therefore done incalculable harm to the life of purpose and process. not without The sense of superiority with which they must sustain themselves does not show to onlookers (as it should) as pathetic. The official good have been disliked. however." or for distraction of oneself the comprehensive result or private reward. Better a 183 life lived in childish joy M . and not as their shrinking hearts show them to be." Their opium is ambition. A few noble workers have actually taken to physical a few have found a small harbour of comfort in drugs . it may often (among those who despise and feel themselves superior to the crudely religious) be a compensation more harmful to the individual and his fellows. while those who imagined that process and goal in too crude terms cause. their collections. know they are noble. the love of fame. possessions Most who comfort " the last contemplating their nobility.

THE THIRD MORALHT over a half-truth than a if life only sustained by that least of austerities. superiority that imagines it alone has the secret of all knowledge in the trite formula of premature disillusion- most pathetic. that adolescent attractive." 184 . ment " : Too good to be true.

which have proved inadequate to contain and express all the known facts. mechanomorphic cosmology. and we have seen that this new cosmology : will be neither in a return to the anthropomorphic nor morphic it will be a continuation of the mechano- a cosmology 185 terms of mind. at the moment when it seemed about to complete its proof. for it was not founded on a complete study of reality but only on a study (and that partial) of one third of reality to which one-third the other two-thirds and international Thirdly.CHAPTER VIII THE COURSE INDICATED A. . because they are the resultant of. WE foundationless superstructure left standing for a moment cosmology had been cut away from under We have also seen that the mechanomorphic cosmology must individual result in its appropriate ethic causing indulgence tyranny or anarchy. after the Deistic it. THE ATTITUDE : have now seen that ethics are not enough they must be based on. we perceive forming to take the place of the previous two. The rationalistic ethic was only the a cosmology. has failed and collapsed. is that another cosmology Fourthly. we have found that the or despair were assumed to conform.

It will from the morality of the Anthropomorphism. broadest and life we see the universe evolving to continually extended awareness. cannot the third though this cosmology. that " " conscience cowardice and intermittent mixture of " realism " which is the behaviour of most men to-day. Yet. for that contains and would impose much which is no more than a reflection of crude individual fears and prejudices (actions and inhibitions aimed to preserve the ego by pleasing a being supposed to resemble the character of the ego) and leaves out much which a more enlightened view of the nature of the universe would advise. the ours. great cosmology man has a yet be stated in terms of or set single embracing principles. with all life and the universe. how. to That co-ordinating outlook being conduct ourselves. are we to act. It will certainly be unlike the confused conduct. whether in their public or private lives.THE THIRD MORALHT Fifthly. evolving outline We see our individuality as a phase perhaps a hairpin " and we see that in the zig-zag spiral of ascent bend " our task in co-operating with the purpose of universe is so to act life and the and to think that we become increasingly aware of our extra-individuality that is. common life which unites us with our fellow creatures. we have will as seen that. it is no reaction. already deduce from such principles as are already provisionally established a provisional ethic and way of life. in the circumstances in which we find ourselves. the consistent acting according to the truth. it is not less important to make clear. definition of we can In life. behave ? This must be the true new morality. depart therefore less no traditional 186 . and that purposive way of living its resultant. which be made.

of fellow. but can only become so by themselves recognizing it. The general aim all life is is the individual's realization of his : unity with universe is part of and being his realization that the alive and that every creature. The two Reasons for the Rationed Life As all individuals are part of this general life. that life. and of the employment by communities It must aim at of violence to keep down their inmates. the spreading of arbitration and mutual concern in all social relationships. Later must be discussed whether the third ethic would adopt the Buddhist attitude or that of the Jains that all life must be immune and none. and forward the development. may be killed by man. practical aims of all cruelty. Such a realization must have.THE COURSE INDICATED The Aims of the Third Morality Let us begin with the aims of such a morality the world's third great ethic reserving for a further chapter discussion of the means whereby those aims may be attained. It must also cease to kill animals and such as it decides it may kill it must despatch without inflicting pain or fear. himself included. insect or germ. for justice is the balance between conflicting claims. applied action. To achieve this it aims at making possible not justice but generosity. In social relationships (in which it includes animals as well as men) it aims at an establishment of kinship. There does not seem reason to suppose that it would. Generosity is the natural of two beings who realize that each is only relationship fulfilled if it can understand the its full nature. those conflicting claims which irreducible individuals must always carry. for pleasure. the third 187 . as : the abolition of war.

then he can begin to discard his shackles also.THE THIRD MORALITY morality is both communistic and yet inequalitarian and non-compulsory. example whole meaning of their existence is in the larger consciousness and that so living they have no need of they are embarrassed by whatever protects and fosters the individuality. they adopt a rationed way of life because it is necessary for themselves any form of self-love in its three aspects of addiction (of their fellows their example. yet. Those then who adopt and spread the third morality live naturally rationed lives for this double. to advance into these blind-alley limitations. Their When he realizes that the in his guarantee. main purpose. if a man of swimming and has only seen who has never men drown if into deep water perceives that. Each individual must be won over by practical experience to seeing that the life of extraindividuality is his natural. in the first stages. while your arms 188 . who are yet at a this rationing because a life which more rudimentary stage. normal evolution and the only way he can escape death the death which is inescapable if he remains confined in his individuality. pioneers also is adopt not clearly drawing its purpose. a life which transcends the other On hand. To this he can only be won. meaning. reciprocating purpose : the freeing of themselves by their own efforts and the freeing of of by the encouragement the one hand. or pretensions (love of fame) can become insidiously an end of existence and so fatally embarrass the spirit in its appetite). and happiness from an all-engrossing purpose and aim of existence cannot hope to persuade its companions. by seeing this larger life successfully lived by others. You may be known they fell able to swim. that such a life actually exists. On : possessiveness (of property or person).

who are really living the larger life in it. your toe is all the time on the he cannot but believe you are deceiving him. like many. bottom. although surrounded and finding all their purpose by other apparent supports. rent the Church of England with his outspokenness. : then Bishop of Bangor (an XVIIIth-century bishop who. a token coinage. raised the extra piers. When I. Brunell. C." He maintained this was no longer true for comfortable clergy and thought the truth should be recognized. He did not seem to recognize. was frankly determined not to reside in his see). but stopped them within a few inches of the So may be the lives of men and women bridge's beams. They insisted on a series of additional piers being built. the engineer. that lives lived so that whether there is or is not another world this life is allowed to yield to these few the best it has to give (and everything which the poor think they need to make them happy). who live with such ample comforts that the onlooker " Even if all they believe is false their life can say has been good enough. compelled to conform.THE COURSE INDICATED wave about in the water." The queerly honest Hoadly. This is know is as a only a not to say that there may not be those who matter of fact that the world of common-sense temporary construction. and compelled George the Second to close Convocation for the remainder of the Age of Reason by preaching " If in this life only we have hope in Christ on the text. we are of all men the most miserable. but all who tell him that swimming is a reality. and not only you. built Saltash bridge. however. the railway directors were ignorantly certain he had made the spans dangerously wide. He. such lives in their obvious materialism eclipse any latent illumination. 189 They are probably . and overruled BrunelFs protests.

an athleticism. Against the constant tendency to settle down. The rationed life is lived." to accept as absolute the current assumptions and partial prejudices. The efficiency first aim is to keep the individual from losing his flexisensitiveness. then. " to be subdued by what it works in. transitional experience and also to help others to realize that the deeper experience of long-scale. a constant keeping in training. themselves not merely to see through it but to reach through it. purposive living. when we see that our civilization is in so great a degree nothing more than a construction of fear and greed.THIRD MORALHr the poorest advertisements the noble life can have and the cynic's best example. of being consciously part of the whole life. it is essential for those who would stand up against that mass suggestion and make others see through the deadly illusion. fear. adaptability. and despair. in the ordinary sense of mortifica- tion. In other times a less definite way may be advisable. Efficiency and Innocency rationed the two Characteristics life more exactly ? and innocency." Asceticism. futility. But to-day. as indeed it has been barred by most of those who have really understood 190 . power of growth. reaches out his arms and flings up eternal the window. and attain an ever-growing enlightenment and freedom. stiffen. is not only the one way to social justice but the only way in which the individual may escape frustration. is shunned by the third morality. bility. an " ascesis. be defined It aims at Can the two things : the human spirit has to practise a compensatory expan- sion. as a man wrapped in a slimy death fog. for the double purpose of preventing the self from becoming adherent to this temporary.

less and less less to get a quid pro quo. and fasting shall make the body a starved relieve Poverty shall abolish property. and broken Obedience shall completely extirpated as the problem of sex and property. confining husks. but a wider acceptance that aimed is not denial. and as a social constituent. The individual who on his extra-individual life encroaches to give. is It at. Reciaims at innocency. each one has a treble involvement from which to extricate The mortificator would cut the knot. the citizen of the problems of responsibility. harming none. of co-ordinating his power of service with the other social powers. exacting from none. As an animal. So the rationed life is partly pursued in order that the individual may attain the maximum of growth with the minimum of effort for few of us can grow as we practices and would unless it procally concentrates also we give ourselves every available help. not mortifying. so that the problems of social relationships should be as slave. becoming an anchorite. and able to give because he draws on an extra-individual generosity. is the process of a creature which is growing.THE COURSE INDICATED the human spirit and as its laws of growth. The extreme ascetic has often also gone further and broken all social connection. He is essentially innocent. as a propertied individual. Atrophy. He has more and How then How can the freedom himself ? are efficiency and innocency attained ? individual find his path to this double seen. needs less on and the lives of others. personality. Chastity himself. and which focuses all its energy on fuller life. not amputation. its old passions. atrophied. 191 . As we have in a involved nearly everyone finds threefold entanglement of body. if persisted in) as a slow suffocation. an expansion which casts off. and society. looking upon the lesser life (as indeed it must prove.

grows by developing each power until it transcends limits and what. is lacking to resist the reflex. clearly. because. The pleasure grows less but the compulsion is irrestible. leading to a larger. but must be untied. The vice is no longer interesting. This can be avoided if appetite is kept as a : means and so prevented from becoming a fixation. there can. a public virtue. but power of interest in any other compensatory activity is gone and the individual becomes a slave of an ever-narrowing function. Then. as the original creative energy. must always be " He that kisses a joy as it allowed to pass through flies lives in sunrise "). but must and can be made transitional. thus drawn away. the pointless repetition eternity's becomes a habit. must then examine in turn the three levels on We which individuality is present. correlating consciousness. which informed it. volatilizes out of it (for creative energy can never be held. There is no more any rapture in the convulsion than in a hiccup. The He its individual cannot foresake society or call life evil. three things are necessary mentally.THE THIRD MORALHT The knot cannot be cut. would have been a private vice becomes. Appetite may become an addiction. as individualism is a phase to be surmounted. The Three Involvements (a) to be solved by Growth : Physical Addiction The first level is the physical. threatens to make itself perma- nent. because the habit is so strongly confirmed by constant practice and the energy. contracted. : 192 . To do this successfully. expanded. no longer with any gusto or keen delight in it. be no private salvation. but a process dictated by what is becoming an autonomous reflex. in the third morality. an end in itself.

Honour physical The nearer a psychic activity is to the subconscious. Lust only real life. Hence life. Further. where consciousness was assumed to be more than the body.THE COURSE INDICATED a point of view tives . the chief troubles about for all and as and position. appetite the ultimate Mechanomorphists such Freud has recognized it. a breadth of alternapsychicly. and. provided the live just healthily and follow on (or rather let himself be carried forward by) the natural individual will Appetite then is not a severe problem Life takes away the dish in simpler communities. what are these but means to healthy animalism ? It is the ultimate reality. room and leisure. will and in the employment of that it is full power of control. 193 not merely to recover . the one specie in which all the other currencies must be able to be quoted. not merely because it is the repeat only real. before we try to break our teeth on the bones. exercise in strengthening the . and into which they must be able to be exchanged and converted. appetite could not be so dangerous. raw pleasure. So the individual must and keep it going. of is psychophysically. lust becomes the gauge that the to desire It is individual is still which awaits is all not declining into the ultimate futility and every creature and all life. one of the unsuspected tragedies of a falsely intellect ualized society (such as the mechanomorphic) that lust becomes the only aim and purpose in the whole universe. the it the passion for rejuvenation. In the state of civilization where a larger cosmology was recognized. when we no longer lust. One to-day reality. but also because its presence is the one sure guarantee of life of death being still far away. property and wealth. the more it tends to be able to look after itself. and all else shadow beside its reality. We cease flow of interest.

impulse would become eliminated is not true in a mechanomorphic society and may as man has no be untrue of any human society. engrams. We need always to use some conscious control of the may body's routines. The ecstasy union through psychological means. so we hairpin bend shall see that. We to put know it suited to any that our sex begins sex is by being diffused. for an indefinite time. only be obtained at the lower (at the pre-individual instead of at the post-individual) end. is otherwise unknown. the orgasm. which. The hope that by leaving the reins on the horse's neck. in a mechanomorphic age. with all life. through the fact that in its higher stages the individual consciousness blends with others. of that loss of self. there is also is cheating the sexual experience. well be that. to know one will go on being able to lust. this ecstasy can. throughout. especially sexual appetite. An intentional life must have a dietary addictions. Appetite. direction. in which. going to die. but to be sure one is not. in an age which denies any reality to the higher experiences of of consciousness. needs then. death a little longer. so in fully healthy living. or beginning part of a It otherwise at the general psychophysical pleasure. by getting rid of all tabus and yielding freely to impulse. when they are no longer physiologically needed. where the 194 .THE THIRD MORALHT pleasure. The fact that our emotions are very specific instincts flexible means that they easily become habit or lack of habit. as sex begins in a state of diffusion and may reaches a focus. if they are not to become habits. the creature of appetite has had the only experience of ecstasy. as we now realize our individuality " " is the in our zigzag spiral ascent. at least is when he young. There is also a deeper need appearing in an even more know one Beside the need to tragically degenerated form.

It has one aspect in which it is a normal animal appetite but here. " " detensioning expression is denied. far more on the rights carefully than hunger. be kept. there has been " Tabu of Tenderness. to whom the orgasm is it may precipitate a seizure. as is seizure is avoided. Ian naturally balanced by tenderness has become increasingly evident.* on the problem of So much for purely physical desire. it is more a refreshment by release. 195 . Instead of lust. (b) that epileptics. and the baulked emotion seeks that in lust which can only momentarily ease it and itself causes fresh irritation and tension. when a " " detensioned by some strong appeal to the becoming liable. effeminate. Sex must fresh possibilities and difficulties arise. the danger of the oncoming seizure highly dangerous. rather than nourishment. sex is highly selective : Here individuals seek a type satisfying to their idiosyncrasy. Such seems to happen in successful parenthood where general tenderness takes the place of intense passion and cherishing is substituted for The Third Cosmology would show this possessing. it has been found. Suttee pointed out in his book. from encroaching Possessiveness appears here of others. sex will expand again. Left to itself. third. if tears are released. re-diffused stage of sex not merely as an inevitable stage of completion but as an upper stage of growth. Further confirmation as to the place of tenderness in the proper balance of life. like exercise or elimination. can its intense emotional tone be left out of any description of it. The Origins of Love and Hatred. and the danger of exacerbating lust by excluding it. un-male. develop tenderness : that is the general ruling of the third morality sexual appetite. even.THE COURSE INDICATED individual realizes his evolution and his present phasal condition. * That tenderness is probably polar to lust and that lust can be most As Dr. after having passed through its specific focus. further. Yet sex can never be wholly equated with food. when. is given by the discoveries. can be tender emotions." Tenderness is in the modern mechanistic world a Hence a natural needed emotional considered soft. Nor. (a) that masturbation is largely due to tenderness-starvation in childhood and the cure is immensely helped by giving the person's baulked tenderness opportunity for expression.

fully to observe on their side such agreed and to allow that the other party should never fail to be given benefit of doubt. who up for the sake of Then he will take up may become and by the determination revenge by spiritual pride (conscious or unconscious) to deny to others rightly or 196 . Such requirements are exacting. this the life of mortification or denial. again it must be repeated. The small insurance-cost which an ordered and rationed after all. life entails a slight exaction beside the bankrupting is desire. if it finds such emotions Better no passion than arising. put themselves in positions where is. as grows up stage beyond. it will remove the cause. jealousy. the individual giving his part of the early stage whereby the psyche through individuality to an even more enjoyable gives really soured. and so in their emotional relationships with others are always able to act intentionally.THE THIRD MORALITY most acutely. If appetite is not looked on as a natural means and sequence in develop- ment. made by uncontrolled not to advocate ascetic fears that the person very dangerous person. free love is only possible among truly free people. but essential. and. or for escape into the ease which is untroubled by desire even the desire for others' happiness. people who have won in themselves complete control over irrational and peremptory impulse. itself On the other passion's disgraceful by-product. is a The conventional The ordinary man is a timid In turn the decliner exercising his may come to refuse just for the sake of negative power and feeling superior. hand. and those contracts as may be who feel will not. The rationed mind will never permit any jealousy or envy. who is always declining creature who wants to be thought superior. their weakness may prove disastrous. charges Yet. in themselves not strong enough to observe them common sense.

the individual realizes the phasic nature of his individuPossessiveness itself is the characteristic symptom ality. than an arrogant who. and aiming of the next human expression property and possessions. the more the recognition by the ascetic as nearly all do. however. wielding. and happens to be of a timid and cautious nature. however. Better an addict who hates his failure. prides If.THE COURSE INDICATED wrongly what he himself did not relinquish better. however. yes. has a necessary capacity for saving. easily cured. forms of possessiveness which are are loftier and therefore more subtle and dangerous. and so the passion for security and over-saving have naturally marked the culmination and mechanomorphic age. relationships. the aim of ordering appetite is not for ordering's sake not for a sense of power or display but as a means to a fuller life. for something He will : make himself the cause detested a tragic failure and his last state of the man will be worse than the first. in which individuality was taken to be the final and absolute term. once for the future. and with a humble. if he conceives of himself as nothing but an individual. already appears in sexual Man It extends. of individualism. of his inherent and really rather ridiculous weakness. however. we have seen. There are. and a humorous. become morbid and dominant. as nearly all do. Animal appetite will will be starved that provision may be made out of the present This state is. but this passion. himself on his achievement. courteous. : (/>) Social : Possessiveness Possessiveness. admission that the more the asceticism. much more widely. crisis of the 197 . then the rationed life of the body is attained and the man is free to turn his attention to the control.

But economics has no proof with which to refute more dangerous forms of possessiveness. of devotion from growing." 198 must use authority If. impatiently. to save if anyone is in them from my power. The individual has serve an instinct which. however. Often this imposition due to the individual's realization of his own im" I shall always be so imperfect. individual experience is part of a vast development and that there are ahead of him stages of power and influence above any help he can give to-day (yes. I my mistakes. He will still suffer from a possessive wish to influence those parBecause he cannot realize that this ticularly loved. He would coerce those his love gives him power. Economics alone may argue successfully. is He is He is preventing the object compelling it to take from him and depend on him. he may not of necessity be driven to snatch material possessions and blindly accumulate. I am and perfection. over It is the gentlest whom of violences and yet may do the authentic damage violence must always inflict. ungeared. for they. far too. and forbidden may yet be uncured of the root passion. and far above the present capacity of those he would help. it. I must give precepts to supplement a sorry practice. have this vast growth-time in front of them) he acts precipitately.THE THIRD MORALITY Even is if the individual a phase in a to realize that his individuality development in which he and his fellows fails will become united in a larger consciousness. the . I remain so wretchedly less than I would be (and must be. in these days. dangerous and which also fails to argued out of his love of money-avarice. if I am on my to influence indirectly) that I dare not depend example telling indeed I must correct the Hence hopelessly inadequate impression which I give. and indeed. against become socially and protect the individual who feels it.

199 The transmitter can N . He will realize that everyone must freely accept for himself.THE COURSE INDICATED individual realizes that he and his charge both have a vast time of development before them. is see in the deeper levels of the mind (we telepathy) that individuals have their either to arouse opposition efficacious. Meanwhile the deeper fluid and. and it will only be complete that the final and last is mask will fuse and his assimilation be complete. the new moralist may take For he who lives for the larger individual life heart. may seem an almost inhuman patience. if he cares only for the other's growth and not for the expansion of his own power. He thinks too often that he is making no progress and that his superficial. But. unconscious influence alone is safe and pure. understanding has already begun to transcend his individuality. he who cares. Indeed the unconscious influence is probably the only For to attempt to influence consciously direct influence. the more it is opposition all the more unconscious or to reduce the patient to a stage of psychological parasitism. still unresolved egotism spoils and betrays his every effort to serve and show forth the larger life. and not to please another. the This. when the process of the rigid layer is going on. the change. however. indeed. Until all individualism is transcended and fused. way of advance. Underneath. for personality is most intransigent and rigid on the surface. how temporary and. as it is levels are being made more through profound and decisive contact. the gradual softening and melting. He can comfort himself by realizing that the last thing which will be melted will be that defensive crust of personality. is all the while transmitting influence. he will no longer be tempted to take the short-cut. how superficial individuality is.

can feel no resistance. in short. Our cosmology dictates our ethic and causes our conduct. because he does not know that virtue is being transmitted through him. repressing. however noble we wish to be. it is clear that the better the end and motive. Only those who realize that individuality is a phase in the growth of consciousness can act so that others can grow.THE THIRD MORALHT feel no pride or of this influence possessiveness in the exercise and success which goes out of (or rather through) him. life stagnation) or Only those who have discovered the process of can do other than damage The man who rationed has therefore few possessions. They can never feel the resentment of the patronized. they. the imposed upon. shape. and must. From military " influence and coercion. is one more vivid example that as we think ultimate realities to be. which makes a desolation and calls it peace. and inhibit on every occasion where creative choice can arise. as they would. and so can receive without any loss or delay. the more the mistaken means does such damage as to prevent the end being attained. too. moulding life revolts whereupon life either and breaks the mould it. so we must behave. 200 . is dies (social (anarchy). the more we examine this problem of influence the more we discover the immense pervasive danger to which it is liable owing to possessiveness. Yet it is equally clear that as long as individualism is the only end which human consciousness can envisage for itself and others. Here. against conscious precept and against the dominance of another individuality. All others will always be taking the short cut of arresting. And those who receive the transmission." to that possessive maternalism which " " but would always weaned will not let its child be decide for. so long no other behaviour is really possible. Indeed.

until heart. guard against all possessiveness. the danger of property. his particular personality drops out. individuality is transcended. if the individual believes this individual life to be all. been taught that his body alone was real. Yet common sense shows most men how little they can really It is a passion for safety and security that makes hold. he often be vigorous and little " sufficiently sporting : to realize that possessions are satisfaction getting is quite another. this life his sole to keep alive appetite. no one would notice when This is. become. no scorn of life or coldness of but the vivid and continual awareness that. in a itself the danger of appetite. and 201 more . it was the only reality could be made to last he still far off. instead of being treated as means whereby the individual makes himself serve the general good. reality Even when " a man believes there will is no other save materiality. becoming integrated in the general design. at any moment hand to any other them better they are simply the tools Even in personal relationships he would . us hoard. and would so work that. because and also because so long as it was not at an end. ends. It is a danger often removes and which in most cases only causes grave trouble because the individual materialistic age. In short. and must become. (c) Psychical : Pretension Addiction is which nature has. of equipment. love and life have not in Until each can recognize in each their reality begun. affection and sympathy are still no more than rudiments. need it be said. he aims so to live that anyone can take his place. Here. then possessions.THE COURSE INDICATED and these he would who might use of his craft. death was Possessiveness is So he tried experience. common transcendent life. again.

for it can have no limit. Appetite can be slaked . Therefore it is deadly and all profound morality diagnoses 202 it as the supreme sin. The third great danger is so great because it inflames the judgment itself and has no natural limit or satiety. That danger is Pretension : pride. but ambition is always megalomania in the takes away the more innocently seed and. . has possessed himself of ample goods. deferred to. Hitler. and it Stalin live lives of almost ascetic concentration. success watering that seed. as the mythos says. animal lusts. praised. Most dictators are abstemious. Materialism approves as emphatically as the " extremist asceticism We brought nothing into this world and it is certain we can carry nothing out. the means madly believing it can be the end. It is all the more dangerous because comes last and cannot indeed really envelop the man and net him in his individuality unless first he has rid himself. respected." When passion is expressed. Ambition. pride. exciting. recognized. the mind may be cool. is the individual determined to become god. valued not for beauty or wealth but for character. or been rid. The man who is caught by ambition. The very foresight which makes accumulation possible also shows it to be ultimately vain. : When a man reflection comes upon him. goods may glut .THE THIRD MORALIST game than holding. He will not be able to dominate unless he is strong. Mussolini. and the will to power must nearly always surmount bodily addictions and ordinary possessiveness. like Am- bition. the claim to be honoured. The will for power is insatiable. of the two lower involvements. it sprouts and spreads like a jungle. morphia. and the man who is liable to be dominated by lust or love of goods is always liable to be beaten by the man who is superior to these lures.

first encyclopaedic historian. of arbitrary authority. are included. in which to advance. shall society advance ? In the way that it has always been trying : by taking power out of individuals' hands and vesting it in law. Courts of appeal have power." That is the verdict of an . always corrupts All great men are bad. and he who wields will soon wrest.THE COURSE INDICATED So against this the new ethics would guard more " Power carefully than against craving or covetousness. man may in be judge in The subsidiary conception that no his own case shows how in all issues finds himself involved which the modern moralist he will seek at once an impartial arbiter. must sit. absolute power absolutely corrupts. To prevent the cell of the soul from becoming morbid the new ethicist would take care to have no personal arbitrary no individual authority. to two persons representing two sides of a case. The just judge is one who simply points out as an umpire and arbitrator. does away with the conception of power. not one. so that he may himself have no power and so that the ruling of principle may come from an unbiased channel. It is true wisdom. not difficult The answer is then. as a preliminary step to advance when Patanjali rules " You must yield up power over anyone. confirmed by our : present psychological knowledge. found that several judges. Great wealth can be like a huge sledgehammer in one's hand you try to touch gently with it. it smashes at every touch. all individual rights conception of principle." How. Great charm can be like the face of Moses something which should be shrouded. for others will yield to its splendour. Lord Acton. 203 . in principle. dazzled. you cannot. how the general principle lies between them and how their That respective rights may best be reconciled with it.

Greed. will tighten round the soul till it is strangled. The fundamental principle whereby the growing spirit knows all those things which should be avoided is this What: soever will keep the individual arrested in his individuality and incapable of growing into the enlarged life that lies ahead. Right insight has been followed by right attitude and this in due time cannot but be followed by right action. supple and lithe. to feel it must behave. ambition.THE THIRD MORALITT So much for the negative rules such are the things which the third morality will avoid because the third . the natural and fatal it way in which any being at the individual stage. these ties. releases himself from having. the individual who has come to see what he is. if cannot see beyond. able to go at what speed he wishes in whatever direction he chooses. is tempted to behave. these are the self-regarding emotions. as stage is over. and assume there is no other way of be- Recognizing these as cramping limitations which. if not unloosed. first The 204 . fear. malice. that is deadly to life. by massage and exercise a convalescent eases adhesions and finally frees the muscles until they have full play and he can stand upright. cosmology indicates that the individual is a phase. and what he is to become. defensive-offensiveness. and resentment.

that beside behaviour of materialists and men of action is a mere romantic play of fancy and daydream. THE ACTION Now that the individual sees his path of life and growth. creative. His only outlook. once he has trained himself to become creative. self-forgetful and comwith that principle of living before him. generous. so initiative. the so intimate. It is not flight from the world. this realism. this activism. The Sermon on the Mount is the greatest of all Songs before Sunrise. but that will he apply it ? leaves him free to be active and positive. It is not mortificatory or. the idealism deduced by Jesus from paternal monotheism. not in retreat but about to advance. how passionate. Men who so 205 . He knows what to avoid. This is where the third morality branches away from and goes beyond the highest morality produced by the highest development of the anthropomorphic cosmology for example. but an approach so positive. based as it is on a cosmology which has made undefending. as the ordinary man would say. It is dynamic. its him life interpretation of experience which established for that life has meaning this interpretation accepts and the universe and therefore cannot be content It is with negations. understanding.CHAPTER IX THE COURSE INDICATED B. ascetic.

Until the sun shall be risen the children of light put away their blind activities and stand with their faces towards where the sun they are to serve will rise. though groom. but an internal. The outbreak comes with the sunrise. children of darkness. They cannot act until he has come. they grow They will undazzled. as seeds sleep through the winter A process is going soil is warmed by the sun. a rule of conduct for the twilight. until the sun was actually up to show them how to start work. " till the be rid of entanglements. they were to hold themselves clear of the groping and clutching which is the natural activity of creatures without sight. we know. they will look. they can do no more than prepare for action. it is on. with the growing light. The intrusion of another order. failed to happen and that is why the Sermon on the Mount was abandoned " by the Christian Church. This view the third morality cannot hold. They " slumber they are prepared to meet the bride- new till the order appears. intervene. the highest point anthropomorphism can reach. invisible process. at the full daylight. the intervention by a paternal deity to put the universe right so that the gentle and the good may act according to their nature in this universe and now henceforward its nature will answer theirs that cosmological picture. the new cosmology must consider " God " is not going to mistaken. like the wise virgins." That has. become accustomed as drop the old habits and their eyes will to the growing illumination. false. Finally. as scholars have pointed out. all But. of the transition. Meanwhile. the Sermon on the Mount is an Ethic of the Meanwhile. 206 God did not do as was . So.THE THIRD MORALITY sang were getting ready for a day 'in which what they sang about should be practised.

as only one side. Man then assumed that. The idea that the spirit works in man by its spiritual power. : by anthropomorphists. projection Our consciousness had become fissured into two insulated God from the universe was due to areas. the aim. 207 . The Third Cosmology sees Man as Vice-Creator The of a third cosmology shows us that this picture a separate " " of a splintered part of our consciousness. is initiated the new order and the new life which lies before us to-day. if the universe had a God.* That military sanctions. however. We are able not merely to recognize frankly that an external God does not intervene . is an idea almost inapprehensible counted on. in a psychophysical method whereby the spirit becomes capable of living up to the Sermon on the Mount. then Christianity need not have failed but could have * If. that picture is a mistake. we must again has recall always burked. not the means of a psycho-social discovery and it had its activating complement in Gnosis. This picture of a material universe (more careful study showed it to be a mechanical universe) shaped. Christianity. But with the new cosmology we can go further. He must we know is suggested in The Source of Civilization. as it.THE COURSE INDICATED is why Bishops to-day still support Their dilemma is this either God -must intervene or man must do evil to save the good. Hence that part aware a of which we had become excluto sively we assumed be the only sort of consciousness self-consciousness completely separate from the universe. from matter. what anthropomorphic monotheism this one God must now accept responsibility for all evil. from the body. Morally it is as inadequate as it is intellectually awkward. the outward side. For. controlled and interfered with by spiritual powers (more sensitive feeling united these in one supreme Father God). we can see why that could not happen. if he will let it.

It is this false division which our know- ledge of the subconscious mind has broken down. which has been of the gigantic width of radiation. is to be found.THE THIRD MORALITY as separate and as interfering as our self-conscious intelligence is in relation to our bodies and to the world be outside them. Anthropomorphism or but Mechanomorphism. first in the understanding of our bodies and now also in the understanding of our universe." with which the desire. be destroys itself. unworked-up state (its " condition of complete objectivity ") probably none of his senses would respond. unbalanced by the appropriate animal instinctive limitations to pugnacity and vindictiveness. however. can get satisfaction for a for this moment for that desire. 208 . made out we must repeat. Aeons of striving wish have succeeded in denaturing a grain of the pure nature u until from that fragment has been made a construct. how that universe of apparently hard. thought possible. It can. in its raw. These desires when carried on into the life of an utterly For the reason individualized. corrected (but only so) by man becoming aware of what has befallen him that by becoming self-conscious : he has been swung out too far from the balanced mean of life and. Such a passion-limited apprehension. We have seen (Chapter VI) how study of the body-mind has shown not only how much more involved are we in the universe than common sense or early science. in the desires which have acted as the selectors greed and fear. by the creature who imagines he is its victim and plaything. inescapable fact has been constructed. which so worked on it and worked it up. narrow selection. if he will have self-conscious knowledge of . self-conscious human being (an impossible state for an animal) must lead to disaster. out of a something radiant energy to which.

disaster. which seems to leave him no choice but to destroy his fellows or be destroyed. without mental construction. to change outer nature. in all who are still ruled by fear to suggest that it is brutal disastrous is to awake even and greed there is no real wish for any other sort of world. We can change the reverse to be the truth. but Detailed immensely valuable. is no more than a projection of his own unbalanced nature.THE COURSE INDICATED the outer world. Our world we but only in proportion as we have the and courage to let go of the present current For it is not possible. However much they complain. untrammelled by instinct. partly because they feel that it is a kind of insurance against 209 . There can never be for a living creature more than one full reality at one see. it is one of the most tragic facts about ourselves that we have always imagined that it was easy. made by greed and fear suits most people so well that and in the end will prove more fear and resentment. That world of brutal fact will modify itself. as he also modifies his nature. self-control time. Then he begins to realize that the picture of a nightmare world. It is not easy for man so to change himself. examination of the problem is now showing us the construction of fact (what we call the outer universe) and ourselves we see are tied together in an intense interlock. We must remember how much even the best of This world us cling to the present picture of things. his individualism. part passu. but of no great profit. and hard. They will endure agonies rather than leave it. his unconscious selection of the facts. to change one's own nature. As we have seen. They complain partly because they want more. for anyone to see with equal clearness two mutually exclusive worlds at once. he must have equal self-conscious knowledge of himself.

of these inhuman necessitarianism (of mechan- cosmologies have been a part He has only been picture of an aspect of his nature. in the form in But man can only remake the present crumbling picture of the universe into one which will not be a pure chaos but an answer to his higher emergent. and that this enlargement is due to the fact that the constrictive grip of fear and greed (far less. if he will behave continually in such a super210 The invisible replies and materializes which it is summoned and imagined. realizes that man is beginning to be able to become faintly aware of a larger universe than up to this time he conceived possible.THE THIRD MORALHT being too happy. clear your mind of cant. ism). the state The third cosmology. universe). the " state of the country never put a man off his victuals Dr. super-individual nature. arbitrary quality : (of polytheism). And. : of nearly all of us Sir. because only the reciprocity of ethics and cosmology. he has made its nightmare. its Each blind. Here is revolution man makes the a cosmological-ethical universe . able to see in outer nature what confirms and answers to his inner nature. . The third ethic can therefore have one aim and one of to set men free of fear and greed. the consequence of living up to this ethic can be : than the emergence into our sight of an world in which greed and fear are steadily objective nothing less diminishing elements. however. This is the fundamental discovery of the third cosmology and its fundamental difference from the only other two cosmologies which have preceded it. vision and action. Johnson's harsh remark " is true he would have added with equal truth. of the is ceasing to throttle down exclusively his power of apprehension. its inaccessible righteousness (of mono- theism).

his idealistic activity. Therefore man does not and cannot wait on an external God so that that God may remake the universe in order . into being that which he has so dared to desire. one fundamental objective fact is that the energyradiation tion fulfil. but the moment you understand your latent. is the creative power's vice-creator. a nobler world. 211 The Kingdom of God is not imminent but immanent " is not among you. The growth of the cosmology waits on the growth in the ethic enlarging insight depends on the expansion due to exercise vision on action." about suddenly to break like a . man may noble behaviour. for He gerent. your egotism which makes the world the obstacle it proves to-day to be to you." ready to be expressed thunderstorm. on acting up to the limit of what has been glimpsed. but a world as firm as the world of common sense. Man is more than God's vicehis saintly conduct. it " within you. . man the fact of creative faith). that.THE COURSE INDICATED individual way. Absolute freedom from the indiFor as vidual self approaches absolute creative power. brings His desire (equal to the creative desire of animal need which created out of energy-radiation another world of common sense and appetite) creates out of that same energy-radiation another world. get on with been safely accomplished. common nature and how you must and can transcend your individuality. because The constructed and cemented by a desire as strong. when this has his he may make any universe up to the standard of which he is prepared to live. his apprehension-construction grows and he sees not dares act (this is For he subjectively but objectively a new reality. will sustain desire creative and substantiate any construcit to support and calls upon .

a state universe. method . next. any initiative. for God is not going changes to help. This state is of complete awareness and sympathy. apparent alternative seemed to necessitate taking full responI may use sibility. however." only two ways were open. : that their individuality is transitional. has left no proof that he exists and certainly no evidence as to what aims or means he approves. we see. Either you must retreat or you must take arms yourself. paternal " an interim ethic " a " strike " morality. and the individual flees the world and would seek suicide. If I win without outside help. for I have no proof there is any outer law except arises. who is not going to intervene (it is impossible in the end to disguise). There is a discernable nature in the It aims at a universal consciousness. material satisfaction. when no intervention on the strikers' behalf came from " the Supreme Government of the Universe. ethics come back again. For a personal God. On the other hand. and next to the refusal to accept life at all. Now. They extricate themselves from their individuality by a double reci212 . Mechanomorphism then naturally This leads rapidly to two further degenerative all means are legitimate. and through their realizing my victorious will. all ends must be abandoned save human. the only if that were not too positive an action.THE THIRD MORALITY The morality derived from the highest anthropo- monotheism became. not merely for means but for ends. attained by individuals becoming aware of their kinship with each other and all life. if you will and then. and. and any gain which seems good to me is any advance has good. Retreat leads first to Providentialism and then to Eremitism first to the morphism refusal to accept any responsibility. I must make the law. with the third cosmology.

compassion and understanding in all human and living relationships. a revelation. the life which has discovered what its aim and destiny is. so dealt with. the less is its interference evident to the lower intelligences are. while . has a moral obligation of the highest Below are. Above sort presumably. Every event is a creative every contact an insight.THE COURSE INDICATED procal process share. planned (obviously nothing could be either easier or more it oversees. So individuals come to realize their kinship with their fellows. with you and you with him). effective to high intelligence which can foresee) so that he who would act with the higher power may find his path ready for him and discover that his obstacles are. common life which they already the exercises of recolactive. ergetical side it through the subconscious on the contemplation . as its to act as life's vice-gerent. obviously. this individual life has a right. and these in their turn realize that. generosity. by constant gentleness and truthfulness. In short the dedicated life. But these higher powers will no more crudely. 213 . not to say that arrangements cannot be so is. we may say that the higher. wards and charges. more intelligent a power. but dynamic and creative. So to say there is no interference or intrusion of course. the less conscious creatures. irruptedly intervene than a Indeed naturalist will intervene with his creatures. they too behave extra-individualistically. powers as ultimately controlling and overruling as are the powers of the human mind paramount over the animals. opportunity This ethical position is therefore one which. : mentally of their it works by such exercises as make them aware lection. pacific (for violence must always defeat the aim of this which is to get another to recognize he is one ethic. is not passive or negative. works by actions of goodwill.

soon ceases to be an ethicist When so ill when things go well. " trials. abstains. the more it is guarded from apprehension and terrifying reflection shall it not also have given increasing creative opportunity and power of creative response wherever it exposes higher intelligence to apprehension and reflection ? Yes." tests. we can. of a sudden anthropomorphic power. and also. because are such deputies." he accepts his responto mould it. of a superhuman hand to snatch a poor creature from under the machine's wheels.THE THIRD MORALITY in the accurate sense of the word. he congratulates himself . if we are to fulfil the creative pattern. then. ethicist. only use those means which the creative nature employs. The Third Morality neither Machiavellian nor Providentalist Once we thus understand the own we nature and their relationship general nature and our we make the double discovery that we are deputy creators.") 214 . of course. (The mechano- " morphic at all. Not only does he accept the universe. incapable of being a Machiavelli. Against such planning and foresight how clumsy and inadequate looks the notion of miracle. waiting for an sibility external deity to help him. The transitional individual of the Third Morality is. he " blind cruelty. exact adjustment of conditions so as to bring out of him the utmost creativeness both of character and intellect. we have little faith. The Providentialist. but at the same time he is as far from being a Providentialist. that he has to realize he is incapable of shaping rails at its the world to his wishes. little generous trust. animal's If creative intrusion of an power has so balanced the mind with the animal's powers the less it is capable of creative response.

the unlimited use of violence to impress one will on another which resists it. Man. announced they were ready also the first reaction against gas in to use it. un-customary. This should not inconsistent. though All peoples do it. Hence you * Bayard.* Of course this talk of cruel weapons is a childish escape from reality. was so horrified at the new weapon. until the authorities o 215 . moralist naturally It forbids does not stop at forbidding the early independent novelties. The Ebionites. England. no one could clearly say. alone is capable of this horror of perverted Providentialisrn consciousness. cf. the individual self.THE COURSE INDICATED The Providentialist naturally cannot abstain from everyHe therefore abstains from whatever is new and thing. God had made the universe. No weapon is or can be cruel. Their cosmological new weapons. be treated as ridiculous. Yet every time a self-conscious and new weapon more a to is make it more efficient cruel invented. why and how and for what. Only those who realize that the creative power is in themselves. Christian Jews. flower of chivalry. the model soldier. and how it makes them able to act creatively and restoratively. All others can only see part of the truth that new powers given to a divided nature can only make that nature of theirs more destructive. the arquebus. and he was in constant active control of it. when it becomes : ceases to be only part of a degenerated social ritual. dare accept full responsibility. But all consistent. soldiers are the first to call not necessarily such weapon inhuman and outrageous and to threaten all who use it with still more violence if they do not abstain. would not cut their beards because God had evidently meant them to grow. deduction was simple. that he forebade its use and threatened the penalty (and inflicted it) of putting out the eyes of anyone who was captured using it. 1915. Consider War War is.

The provithe highest morality of the anthropoWe see why the Third forbids war. The individual I attack is made more individualized. To cure this condition I therefore threaten him with greater violence than he can summon. also. of the universe the expansion of individualized consciousness into and also what means we may use to attain the end.THE THIRD MORALHT could deduce no clear principle of action and behaviour. and you were justified because God would manage realize Now is that we see what the process for you. : Here a is something circle deadly spiral of What is it that first makes him revolt and if the order I approve is not altered ? Fear arising from craving. What it does fear is a profound misapprehension of life's purpose and how to attain it. He has wants and he fears they will not be satisfied. because I shall hesitate to use the extremes of violence for the reason that I am because I am more less frightened than he . Morality agrees with that. inflamed. His reply is to increase his counter-threat. The way dentialist of action may now be made clearer at this point by giving some actual code morphic ethic examples. and what means are debarred because they would defeat the end. and is my it is individuality. So he can always outbid me. he will beat me. That end is the complete evolution of consciousness through unity. comfortable and have more to lose in destruction. by my having to attack him. more than a vicious descent. I by so much less willing to go to extremes. union we both at what we are aiming or of others suffering. But 216 am my . threaten violence. for if I threaten him with less. We can also see why the mind of the universe should expect such action from us and not directly The Third Morality is not afraid of suffering intervene. except not to intervene with anything.

) It is the mass killing of those are either only acting under orders or doing what they honestly believe to be right. The task of these guardians is not to defend their prestige but to and they know how quickly it is not opposed. Here the to the lower and certainly loses no higher gives ground This is the action of the new real dignity by retreat. in all social and international relationships. excitement dies down if Euthanasia Approved But the new morality does not have a superstitious about shedding blood. The only cure is to cure the disease in the victim. then. or even only living 217 . 231. only use such force as is used on a lunatic to restrain him without physical damage.THE COURSE INDICATED threat to take overwhelming action. who (But see p. down That this is the only way the unhinged. Our fear. I may. and not to use the strait-jacket. in short. There may be reason against this. makes us that condition which we are striving to provoke just prevent. The park ranger who has care of animals will get out of their way when they are nervous and suspicious instead of defying them. and so also will the anthropologist with his subjects of study. and so we push each other into the pit. It has been has been proved with true of those who are found with lunatics that it is better to hold the door than to lock it when they are in frenzy. for they can understand when there is human pity and not mere mechanic force in their restraint. but it is far from being as evident as is the case against that unlimited violence and cunning called tabu war. if he dare attack the status quo must inflame his fear. morality preserve their charges. and it is not less only in a state of temporary paranoia and hysteria or merely suffering from mob-excitement.

be compelled to to drag out to the last moment their physical existence. evil that the Third Morality Meanwhile there population traditional pressure. The incurably providentialists) diseased should not. dilate the focus of awareness and change the aperture of apprehension. (if to release any who cannot recover. is lawful for our common able to community he if the constituent member is not able to assent. Therefore euthanasia seems indicated. however. life. an exact. Disease is not part of the plan of life .THE THIRD MORALITY on the other side of a frontier it to make a precise good. At present. and trained persons in their irremediable decline. and. our experience of of of capacity to shift consciousness. active. denounced its use. is this insane attempt just settlement come by doing indiscriminate unequivocally condemns. peculiarly beautiful patterns behaviour. They have to involve the energy of other healthy. in We it is are all one common life. then on his behalf). as far as we can see at present it is a degenerative process which must be actively opposed. are the problems of disease and We must remember that the has morality anthropomorphic always forbid any interference with suffering. It is true that a high type may manage to develop. attempted and that when Simpson discovered chloroform the because they were conventional clergy (naturally. They have power other experiences of creative activity in this awaiting them. Their one has become almost completely restricted. out of the most restricted and distracting conditions body and nerve. out of moral prejudice. seems to show that this real and essential on physical health and is a form 218 exercise depends largely of psychological activity . if it is lawful and tied together wise for me to amputate assent a mortified finger.

" on attaining this further awareness his body shares in the mind's release and an energy and health never enjoyed before becomes may have been " his. Every final. our full degree of creative capacity. and is meant to draw out. though it lies between euthanasia and contraIn each ception. the Third Morality is. it may also be restrained. (Fide lives of the Catherines of Sienna and later life Genoa and of many other mystics whose great organizing activity). Providentialism says there are no The new morality must allow there may be. of these three cases the provisional principle we have to shape our action is that by which what matters and 219 . may be released. we must face the problem of abortion. Indeed there is some evidence to show that if anyone really learns to alter the aperture of awareness. In one is being extricated from what looks and may be. happening that presents a problem is an opportunity for a solution which will express.THE COURSE INDICATED and exacting that the ordinary person can no more attempt it at least in its early stages than he could attempt to concentrate on a problem of higher mathematics during a sharp attack of toothache or with a so high pavior's drill working at his elbow. We must remember that like. though the conditions of body and mind which drove them to this effort morbid. Control of Birth was one of Euthanasia (being the larger application of the same If life principle) of course also involves contraception. until the third cosmology is complete. it would add that they are all of them probably though case an individual not but. not to leave unsolved. Next. accidents. rather. empirical. an accident. problems set for us to solve to the best of our knowledge.

their power of breeding 220 . objective. As we grow in power over our minds we may learn how to prevent rather than Accident is to have to amputate in order to cure. The individual is to develop to a larger state of consciousness through his vivid regard for the common life which is Abortion is therefore advisable on the same grounds. up to present knowledge. mentary aspect of As to leaving this life the complethe same problem suicide should never be attempted but on the considered advice of other moralists and probably when physical breakdown has is never permissible except reaction made the adequate of the individual consciousness to its problem no longer To know objectively whether that point has possible. All life must be We intentional and we must only bring in those lives which we want quantitatively and. too. qualitatively. population problem. as far as our eugenic knowledge goes. been reached the opinion of others acquainted with the facts must be sought.THE THIRD MORAL1TT what is at issue is an individual. Suicide are free. and so. and foresight can be generally so much further developed that prevention Till act to forestall any necessity for cure. conscious development and that development must be and can only be in regard to and through relations with other individuals. as is contraception. in abortion and conception. due to lack of foresight. and with the same justifying in his fellow individuals. to act as seems best for the community in abortion and contraception. Most may be killed when they no Further. may come then we must The Slaughter of Animals Animals again raise a people are agreed that they longer can live well. as well as contraception. then.

then. of your charity. been not only more merciful than the steel trap but also itself Soldiers planning the next war with gas. as mystics think they have proof).THE COURSE INDICATED necessitates that we must somehow restrain their increase. 221 . we have in moments of crisis to answer animal suspicion and attack with counter-violence.W. or following a devious." as they respond to ours. may glow or dim. those putting forward the cyanogen had not this gas a painless gas. magnitude respond " to their field. quick killing seems our only way. as many evolutionists say. study It is also highly significant of the present of rabbit control by cyanide gas. Kiilver. we can this life going (whether it is dying away. them." living fossils. realize that this is a harsh. individuals as we are. method said they would not have done so.)* We must. to anaesthetize animals which breed too fast for our present In short. (Chicago University Press). 1935. Though. nor with our intensity and conbut a common life flows in tinuity of consciousness them and can respond to our sympathy. divergent line of ascent. Better. then. Gorer (Africa Dances) has shown how Totemism may give rise to an interrelation between man and beast for which mechanomorphic society has no parallel. has proved how unsuspectedly sensitive they are to our presence. The Times report. note. growth in sensibility that in these reports on extermination of vermin by gas. because no We life is cut off from any of its fellows. we do know that our own expanding consciousness may be is expanded or contracted.S. May 30. (See Gandhi. and all animals save man are already " atavistic. in his studies on the intelligence of animals control than to butcher them. the limit of our kinship with and power over animals is not at present known. we * See also report published by Ministry of Agriculture from N. Whithersoever Until sterilize . according as we behave either gently or brutally to these secondstars in the firmament of life. however. unAs far as we know they are not satisfactory method.

Schweitzer has ruled that the only basis for a philosophy of creative living is Reverence for all Life. 222 . so that they principle may be united in the common life.THE THIRD MORALITY have to are right in feeling such a reply a mistake. with criminals by the new penology. all throw light on the acute problem of war. We must now make it an ethic. This principle left also supplies the answer to the small problem over from * Discoveries of this kind. All we may aim at handling by the method of we cannot by any effort make this contact may be dealt with by destruction. act hurriedly to remedy mistakes." and he has said that he can feel a real regret for the deadly trypanosome germ when he kills it. Towards the animal we are already aware of other means and even snakes respond to music. individuals from their individuality. Only these forms of life with which who are free of anger and fear. We life can be have yet to find any approach save sterilization to the deadly germs. Animal Pleasure The whole of all the intentional and aim of this new morality is and that is directed to the liberation life. as also the approach of interest -affection used by anthropologists successfully with savages. Humphreys has . Our attitude must We " be : No violence to any life so long as that dealt with in any other way. fearless interest. This new technique cases of the Third Morality we are already using on all intractable with a completely new success. and birds and bridges mammals to those non-violent methods which are possessed to-day as an art by many naturalists but which with our new outlook may soon be reduced to a science. a general conduct towards all our fellows. Dr. with deficient and violent children by the new child psychology. by those life. then.* The large carnivores can be tamed. that initiative of goodwill which springs from selfless. often our own. by psychiatrists with the unhinged. shown.

however. and so by a quick smash and fall the spirit may recover more quickly than it may if must extricate itself from subtler ties and more it honoured evils. as found by the addict to have any end other than physical With the discovery that life has an end satisfaction. acquiring property. may become a distracting habit. in the lives of men who or are still only To exchange avarice ambition for Lust fails and disgraces immediately. section on addiction. organized curiosity. as we have seen. an obsession with the physical. when nature dictates it should grow less. generalized energy and vitality. indefinite life of transformation ahead of him will lose interest in that particular sex obsession. an end and not a means. and that to remain potent that death and the end are not yet here. grows up. A fountain can only throw rainbow patterns provided 223 . is exacerbated by the belief that this physical " " is to be assured life is all. as this lower form lust. now able to know he has a full. sex is an immensely powerful belt of interest. then there is the dangerous tendency for all the upper discharge-forms to become starved. Man. playing a game. and if. which. gives hope that sexual addiction will be mainly cured by reorientation of interest. the way commandeers quotas of energy which. But the fact that any end can draw off the sexual energy. specific sex is only the most violent and crudely cathartic discharge-form of basic. achieving fame sex can often become secondary individualists. is not necessarily of deliverance into the extra-individual life. as the body-mind should be transferred for these loftier uses. and purpose any end or purpose.THE COURSE INDICATED contraception sexual intercourse without intention of we have seen under the conception. as seems increasingly probable. because life as a whole has not been Sexual activity. Nevertheless.

other function. to a focus. and. It We general. and delight in. in evolution. Sex and Culture. It was " nothing " " " the physical reproductive urge. D. tabus is based on an the belief that with height of also diffused. that we see that all consciousness. diffusion to focus it again to diffusion. life.THE THIRD MORALITY the water is trajectory. in other The * most savage of our imperfectly informed rationalism c/. and life provides for several purposes (as we know from physiology) through one channel. meanings of that word. clusively) forgetfulness It is and devotion. as the individual's life grows. 224 . level and there recall discharged under pressure on to Let the supply-pipe be tapped at a a lofty lower must is only a swamping seepage. is point of view that crisis seemed the end. restraint correlated civilization. Dr. to have had an earlier. complete self- or second stage. Unwin (Oxford University Press). is mainly (though not even then exconcerned with reproduction. In its primary stage it is an emotional enlargement whereby the individual may realize his power of. too. however. life's specific manifestation. From the materialist contracts from a Now. physical diffusion. we find a lyric state concentrating in an intensity of highly selective passion. sex Unwin's work on sex J.* that our present knowledge of sex shows this energy growing. all a vast spiral from so. but Nothing but is never true. and every organ seems. In its primary and tertiary stages it is far less concerned with reproduction. and thence must be with physical Both mechanomorphists and anthropomorphists have fallen into the teleological mistake (inevitable with their narrow cosmologies) of imagining that they knew (and were agreed) as to what was the purpose and meaning of sex. Sex is for reproduction and its focus. sex. and need of. psychologically.

on deeper insight. would never imagine that at this stage he can be considered apart from his body or that he could develop. To tame an animal you must not shrink from it but caress it. is wicked. were it not. though his present it believe firmly that man is body. diffused stage of sex as heterosexuality. morphic and mechanomorphic ethics look upon homo" " and grotesquely despicable. save between reproductively related That has made our anthropoindividuals. the more I like dogs.THE COURSE INDICATED only exists highly for reproduction and all other sexual emotional and devoted behaviour. and assurance of." 225 . i.* This condition. seen to be tragic. unnatural sexuality as Homosexuality a is as natural in the primary.e. or all physical tenderness. without developing through Tenderness Essential his body. Physical tenderness is essential as a training in. and the shrinking of the stoic and the ascetic (again in the vulgar tongue's lavish use of that term) from physical tenderness often to on an animal that tenderness which will not be is a sign of a scarred and mutilated nature. spiritual tenderness. baffled As we have * It is seen. " " The more 18 I am among men. in anything but a deformed more than way. The third ethic. There is in all human beings profound and profoundly natural need to transcend their individuality. They wish for a mutual pledge and assurance of tenderness and compassion. from which most of us have suffered in greater or less degree. the more I return less of a man see of men. may and should be pitied and commiserated.. That people should pride themselves upon it as many do would be laughable. the mistake made about tenderness *' The more I worth noting that the modern vernacular rendering of the Stoic.

two factors in natural sex. " " if it is seen that its will provide its own governor love of fun is balanced by its sense of pathos. In that experience each touches something profounder than his lover. conthe arrived at. earlier (p. : sacrament is true. numb the conscious being unless he carries his is kissed awareness of * cf.THE THIRD MORALHT by mortificators and then by their degenerate successors. is precisely that which gives the control and balance to lust. seem incongruous in a supreme act of devotion. So control in the only sane and effective way." Karl Earth's theologically popular doctrine of God the 226 . it into his consciousness as direct sense of kindness. temporary. Wholly Other. Sex is the possibility of a real communion with life. rise blended feelings which give We are thus brought back in clusion but by feeding in the to a creative desire. Hence. however. but in our religious tradition the present. has led us to discard this emotion. There will probably be no trouble with lust if tenderness is allowed The need for animal happiness its natural full play. this question to the provisionally. The loved but the lover embraces and is embraced by the underlying life of both and all. 195) must run practised rule of the Third Morality about sex expression always and only with tenderness. though in the deepest sense of the word all sexual ex" " rebinding perience can be and should be religious the it cannot of the individual into the living body of life have that sense of awe which to-day has become always (again owing to individualism)* the dominating and almost exclusive religious attitude. the respectable. rigid association of sacrament and solemnity has made the call sexual intercourse a To idea of happiness and play. of his profound commonness with " his fellow. it now seems clear. the expression of which. This embrace may. not by is provided inhibition when a desire has arisen.

It converges to that When focus. then and then once more again dilated. culminates in physical ecstasy. at a certain and specialized stage. again resumes its wide commonalty. which the mystic has always realized was his direct intuition of his eternal unity with all being. but for reproduction. now its physical and its psychical generIntense tenderness can again be felt for many not exclusively for the one and physical feeling. a co-ordinated specific. so " with one person and that the experient is "in love that love-feeling once again recovers ality. which. is in aim and specifically. which had been confined for the short period of the focus (or the acute turn of spiral) to specific sex-feeling and a single object. the physical tenderness of child It is 227 . so we can see first sex must have its three stages diffused. Such a force. not necessary. therefore. cannot be confined to one end and we should not think of its having an end in an ever narrower. The vital focused. to explain away mystic ecstasy. energy. then it was clear that sex could only be conceived as a force which began by being diffused and afterwards narrowed until it vanished away. then. : and the keeping of soul and body together in development and advance. becomes again unspecialized. Sex. reproductive sexual in expression. the whole process of life was felt to be an inevitable descent. but it. What for a moment has been emotionally concentrated. then. less varied discharge. must follow the spiral of life. or material distinction can sunder.THE COURSE INDICATED a communism which no race. Now. if not exclusively. Here springs that staunchless compassion for all life. the delight of the artist. class. however. too. as we realize that life is a spiral ascent. exists for many purposes also for as definite and essential aims lyric love. more tenderness.

As the child has diffused psychophysical feeling and must be ready for this to concentrate into specific sexual feeling directed to one person. skims the water. which in one unchecked movement passes down through the air. Because it process understands that life is a continuous development of consciousness. regards and develops sex. of the sex act itself. sees continuous whole of development. life as a The third morality. will welcome. so. 228 . like the curve of the swallow's flight. seems the manner in which the new in the light of its new knowledge of life's and aim. and. must be prepared for. This. as authentic in its own right and reproductive act. the individual. an unbroken sweep of living. briefly. that the only real part is the orgasm and the preliminary joy of courtship and the epilogue of rest and comfort are mistaken. of its own age. distorted and ever fainter reflection of that blazing focus. therefore. superstitious and morbid feelings. The ecstasy of love which not yet or no longer discharges energy in orgasm is as true a part of life. It neither despises that phase nor seeks to contemn and dismiss the succeeding phase as merely a sad. its the emotional sphere. in turn. without adhesion. It therefore expects serene ecstasy and a growing unbounded tenderness to follow on and resolve the exclusive intensities of the of specific sex reproductive phase. as the decategorized. if enlightened. and passes up again. It is as false a use of reason so to argue as it is a false rationalization to say. or very few persons. after puberty has been experienced and has begun to lose its intensity.THE THIRD MORALITY and parent and of friends as nothing but baffled sex. the new morality goes through the period morality. Neither is to be explained away in terms of the other.

All Findings are Provisional Such. the recovery of general tenderness and psychophysical sympathy. as has been pointed out by Gorer. seem the aims. baffled and conflict-producing homosexuality (homosexuality made blind by being driven to attempt to be the second phase of the sex-cycle instead of the first) only appears in those societies where tenderness has been called effeminate. in all save woman. There is another reason why tenderness is to be fostered as essential to " certain. We have. then first.THE COURSE INDICATED the re-extension. arrested. psychophysical health. we can draw from each of these specific cosmological observations its appropriate. " the totalization of the ape and the race embryonic stage recapitulates is history. for. contemptible. will present no problem and lead to no danger. indicated action. enough to give us a definite procedure which will result 229 . provisional as and the deductions given above are put more The Third Cosmology examples of possible applications than as advices. however. provided the expression of tenderness is not suppressed. the adolescent homosexual phase of sex will play an increasingly important role in the life of the people of the future. in briefest outline. This. enough to go on. his child stage forecasts his future development. and she for that reason considered weak. rediffusion of the intensity. and also (as there seems to be proof) the more advanced the the society. again. the pattern of behaviour which the Third Cosmology The particulars of the pattern must be indicates. then. is not yet itself sufficiently defined for us to be able to say that. the later its people attain puberty. particular. as we know its principles in every detail. Man whereas his as seems If.

painfully inadequate for our present stature. which up to the present detachedly only the mystic and the artist have been able to achieve. Still. and fear. which we complain about when it pinches. to an aim large co-ordinatedly purposive. discovered. more widely and truthfully But so to wish means selective construction. ourselves that the world of hard fact. the master magnets of the holding greed " common sense " world-picture. with constant reiteration. This is sufficient to permit us to know that if we advance to this range of discovered knowledge. our own selective construction a construction which. increasingly We often. because it is so largely animal. at the best. and proved to be enormously . that intense interest. for more Knowledge We must realize that our knowledge is still provisional and incomplete not merely because we have yet to construct from the findings already to hand a complete we must also be prepared to find third cosmology more data. to remind attend. the fuller reality 230 we apprehend can . out of play and bringing the full play of that alert passivity. It is only with a certain stubbornness that we yield to the thought that our apprehensions must be greatly limited by our poor power of observation and that our power of observation expands and will expand as we give ourselves more time and a better will to We have. and accept with a smug sense of being realists when it pinches someone else. is after all found out.THE THIRD MORALITY day and action constantly. can make another nobler. on its crest we shall see the further in a life which can be in every directed country we Action is shall enter. in. is both instinctive (and therefore so hard to question) and also often. instead. if we will. enough to embrace our entire lives.

a more exact approxima- and observation are two aspects At present. charge of protein. With higher sympathy on our while part. if average. food for (see p. We may have to restore inhibitions which to-day it seems wise to raise. their naive conviction that they were final and had described the universe as it actually is and must ever be and that all who diff ered from them were a peril to right living and right thinking. For example. and so we shall guard against the tragic mistakes of the first and second cosmologies. We may learn that they are serving some purpose that only a need far more peremptory than that for flesh-food would excuse our interrupting. We cannot but expect our present deductions to be provisional. and raise others which it now seems wise to observe. restrictions from those two sides. sensual common-sense P is only possible if we modify the intensity with which our animal natures present to 231 . the killing of animals for greater knowledge of the life process 217) . wider construction. a mistake to interrupt these lives than to add to our diet a heavy. and for a we must shuffle along between our two long while. gradually on us. of Mechano- morphism as much as Anthropomorphism. and that a flesh diet makes concentration and contemplation. We may find that becoming aware of and attending to other octaves of radiations beside those out of which we compose the world of difficult. not impossible. on which our mental and physical advance may depend. far more . the power of intense detached thought and sensitive insight. new capacities and uses may spring in them on our side we may discover that Yogic thought may be psychophysically accurate. Practice of a single reciprocal process. may show that it is no other purpose and perhaps now unneeded. like a hobbled donkey.THE COURSE INDICATED only dawn a but only It cannot be utter reality. tion to truth.

reason it is Nothing must be done against reason. children who were vegetarian were reflective and thoughtful (introverts). But is the judge before whom evidence is brought . master-passions have neglected it may be we must first check their harsh emphasis. to conclude by reviewing the means whereby on a meat-diet were and impulse (extroverts. f We may also find that some psychophysical exercises or catharsis that sex. not the barrister who collects that evidence and lays it before the judge. with photographs illustrating the two types. The see and hear and take for reality. thought . The Necessity of Training We see. physics shows us is only a distorted scrap of all the untouched. which had sublimated.THE THIRD MORALITY world we narrow and partial picture of reality. in The Human Factor. See his paper. we have then. insight as well as deduction. as well as analytic. can only be attained by the mind which is free from prejudice and ready to learn (this means a mind which has been released from fear. ruled by two intense but limited emotions. Journal of the creatures of action * Dr. Katz. biology indicates. become may give such release of addictive importance. unnoticed " continuum " which pelts and surges about us. late of Rostock. greed and malice) and also can use any way of knowledge of the sex inhibitions we may may be find that some or many We : integral. may be 232 . and greater knowledge. discovered that children National Institute of Industrial Psychology. to use Jung's phrase).f can only know with greater knowledge . Who can recollect a delicate melody in the brazen tempest of a military march or even see through a window into a room so long as the glare of the common day beats on the glass ?* On the other hand. unnecessary or unwise. Our us their method (and limit) of selection has been. we know. fear and To attend to any forces which these animal greed. after discussing the ends to be attained.

how our minds work and what the subconscious side of Without its feels about our aims and methods. through the subconscious. But more. however Reason is a sensible. The statement made by reason that there is the path. 233 To use again the simile . right. we shall far as we see. it is evident. intentional. it is clear that we shall fail to get even as co-operation. not a motor. have the motor-force to proceed along the plan indicated and approved one has to appeal to the will. and that the path is open.THE COURSE INDICATED such ends may be do attained. them fail to realize the world we are in. we need to some such new indicated ends. we now know. But there is a second reason why we need to understand. can we hope to make our lives purposive. and alluring it may seem. The way is. and therefore only through those methods completely different from argument and making up one's conscious will and mind whereby the subconscious may be reached. far more fully than the ordinary ethicist thinks necessary. our insight. without means we shall never attain the present Psychology has shown us that. does not mean that we shall be able to make ourselves go along that path. Through psycho- logical exercises we can not only strengthen and make really effective the will : we can increase. and to be sure that one is going to map. and therefore he must aim indirectly. appears to be he will miss it. without employing it. And this. The employment of allow for the fact that the fish is not where it seems. quite clearly. that he must practise so as to different. rational. First. to arrive where we aim and not somewhere to the will disappointingly such method and exercises is no more superstitious than the learning by the fish-spearer that if he strikes through the water at the spot where the fish obviously. for a double purpose. at least to the same degree.


the fish-spearer, an intelligent man, when he has how to hit the mark, when he understands why up till then he had always missed his aim (the precise phrase a/ia/ortuw, which the Greek rightly used for

moral failure, for sin) is not merely possessed of a small item of practical knowledge (how to get fish when others He begins to realize the fail), he knows much more. nature of light, which, passing through one strange transparency air shows things to be in one place, and then, passing through another water shows them to be in a different place. He begins to be able to study optics, he begins to discover that water cannot merely " " He is on the things but magnify them. displace which will lead him if he wants to understand and path not rest content with a simple and limited power to the microscope and the telescope.

Empowers and Enlightens The exploration of the subconscious and the recombining of it with the conscious mind has then two

the Subconscious both

The immediate, but less important, is that purposes our intentions may be actualized, that what we resolve

we may,

as a

matter of

fact, do.


second, and


not only order the sublarger, purpose conscious mind to make good our promises but that it

we may

may show

us larger purposes, aims,


is not merely a our good intentions. It is a guide to lead us to possible where we can see even further and loftier ends and learn how to act so as to attain those ends. As has been already said, in the present stage of our knowledge, while the third cosmology is forming, we must have no finalities. Perhaps never again shall we have the old dogmatic

and meanings. The slave-genie to make practically



the two preliminary cosmologies, perhaps

there will never again be a as Radhakrishnan has said, a

common common

creed but instead,

world appear as a world We (the not closed but pointing beyond itself. must not, by including the transcendental physicists)
. . .

science," has said Hermann " of the new physics, makes the

Modern quest. Weyl, one of the pioneers



sphere (in our physical picture), attempt to establish "* new, a closed (though more comprehensive) world.


must follow


Each advance

in action

may, indeed


seems must, lead to an increase in vision. see more as we attend more, and function, practised

its limit, produces enlarged organ, which permits still further apprehension and function. Such an attitude toward life may be dismissed as

we are warned against our immense desire subjective to reject reality and to build up, as defence against it,

a self-deceiving

world of fantasy.


at the conclusion of this


need, therefore, to remind ourselves

once again that it is science itself to-day which has shown it is the world of common sense which is just such a construction made by our animal nature to satisfy its intense wish for sensational reply. Only by challenging and analysing that so-called objectivity can we hope to advance understanding. On the other hand, this outlook with which the third cosmology presents us is no daydream, nor a place for daydreamers. Unless each seer of this thing lives up to the very limit of his insight he
will never define,


enlarge, his vision.

It will

vague, impractical, unco-ordinated, Action, athletic action, is the essential complement of He who sees that his insight must always remain insight. restricted and fatally inadequate if confined by greed




fear, will still

remain so confined unless he
The Open World, H. Weyl.




knowledge. He must therefore continually behave with that interest-affection, that reciprocatory entering into others and being moved by them which is both the price and the reward of that understanding which is the sympathy of the mind and that sympathy which is

the understanding of the heart.




we have



us reason to suppose that only by some such theory of striving (of action aiding and being aided by sensation, of vague yearning, through rudimentary sense leading

to evolved sense organ, which in turn provides clear apprehension) can we hope to understand the urge

behind the evolution of all life. Certainly we need not fear a Lotus Land to lie ahead of us if we accept this creative outlook, nor that we shall all live in the sun and

by creative wishes

" If stubborn every fancy. we fancied as standing fact is not the objective thing outside our grasp, we have exchanged for that picture one which may be more hopeful, but only to those who

have more courage than their predecessors, those predecessors who said, often with a sense of relief that they u I need do no more about it accept the universe." For the stubborn fact does not stand aloof from us, too alien, smooth, and hard to be shaped, but it has us by the throat and round the loins and only he who, like Hercules with Antaeus, can embrace the whole coil of his passionate involvement and implication with things as they are, and can drag that intense, involved nature of his out of its clutch on circumstances, may hope to master circumstances. Otherwise, as the Hercules myth describes, the lower nature in intricate alliance with


mother the earth, will pull down the hero. To conquer it he must snatch it from its hold. Our knowledge at its best, at its most detached and

is still

too flawed with antinomies and contra-

dictions for us to be able to rest even for a


The action which such a partial of reality gives us must be unsatisfactory. If we picture do not go on to build a complete cosmology, we shall see the world fall back either into the confused cynicism,
is all

day content and confused


Mechanomorphism can

give rise to, or into

the blind, rigid and persecuting traditionalism which is all that an outworn Anthropomorphism can provide.

To-day we have to hold these antinomies because we know that the fact that they both appear equally true and also
irreconcilable, is evidence that our consciousness is in process of expansion, but has not yet attained complete




animal, partly as a




partly as an wish partly to create a


world of sense-satisfaction and partly a world of pure Only by our curiosity, wonder and contemplation.
persistent striving to live free of sense-addiction and distraction and with our whole purpose of life in the

meaning of the whole of life, can we come to that widened apprehension which will show to us those facts needed to unite the antinomies in one complete and consistent

Our completed







completed cosmology. partial cosmology, constructed up to the limit of our freed knowledge, will give, and, indeed, already gives us, an outlook which will lead
to that perfect world-picture.

But our








seen that

we can change


and our

circumstances immeasurably. We have also seen that as we strive, so we discover ; this is the path of evolution




we can find fresh strength to we have seen this is no daydreamer's





escape the other hand, it is equally clear, the idea of this way that of the rationalist


improvement and progress through applied science used upon nature, and through reasonable good sense toward oneself, the notion of man as the sole rationalist This method is then in a world utterly mindless.
neither religion as we have understood it nor rationalism as we have defined it, but the intentional, purposive

conduct appropriate to our present knowledge of the
universe's nature, of our own nature, and of our interIt is a behaviour to be achieved by two relationship.





deeds, but also

by appropriate

psychophysical training. thing of the actions natural
so informed.

have already seen someand reasonable for people Interest and sympathy this is the mental







know what
should do.


sufficiently to

who know what they


must, however, be recognized that, in

the world as

to-day (concentrated in an intensity

of anxious individualism), it is far become impossible to retain that
self-training exercises

from easy and may attitude. Without




are, in the present world, like The action we straight into battle.


know we ought


show we cannot



are therefore Better start supremely important. with considerable and prolonged exercise than get into bad, ineffective action, discouraged by failure and
in mistakes. only practised has to be unlearned, an ill-set


wrong golf-swing
bone rebroken and



here that

we must

face the fact that the





anthropological cosmology are the third cosmology does not return to As

Anthropomorphism but
exercise, prayer,

enlarges that idea, so does the third ethic not return to Anthropomorphism's natural

but develops it. The anthropomorphist can never wholly escape the notion that he is addressing a super-being external to himself, a being who may be kind but could be arbitrary he will save but may destroy. Hence anthropomorphic Deism in one of its latest forms becomes actually immoral. In Calvinism there is postulated a being so completely personalized and separated from man that not only could his actions not be forecast but his motives could not be understood. This God, who was supposed to have revealed himself to man, in the end was declared to have left even the morality of his intentions in doubt and " Man must not judge God " even complete obscurity. The answer to this, an answer which if God does evil. If God does what brought Calvinism to an end, was seems to me evil, how can I know that my good actions will please him ? Perhaps he is pleased by evil and


that is true. The East says The West can now add " Of our particular desire or my particular desire." : : It is that high probability which rules that unless a (as we have seen) rigid. : God who honest in its morality when faced with a mechanomorphic cosmology. is immanthat heart becomes rebellious ? When.* The Third Morality does not say that God the It mainultimate conceivable reality is unknowable. however. not because. we change the universe confronting us. but as soon as you wish (" to-day. the last effort of the religious mind to be their gifts "). as for doing evil we have seen. was attacked by morality religion. then what has been done must rule completely what shall be. when it seeks the good of others and attempts to apprehend with detachment. details. * It as is Anthropomorphism began is necessary to point out that Calvinism was an inevitable development. and not good. if we change ourselves. It is slow. Here again the Third Morality departs in its practice from the moral practice of the anthropomorphic Divinity. The Calvinistic predestined his creatures to bliss or woe. ent. powerful act of creative choice is made. and Mechanomorphism saw as the result of blind energy. tains that the human heart. our unlimited liability. the discovery of the law of Karma.THE THIRD MORALITT would be pleased with me Hence. creative power religion. 240 . changing our power of apprehension. in space-time. But it is sure they can all be stripped away and we be released. if you will hear the voice ") you can start undoing the Karmic coil of deeds and cancelling them. is to an indefinite degree our construction. to yield to Mechanomorphism. The iron outer world which Calvinism saw as the creation of arbitrary power. is following the pattern and purpose of the universe. because they are many habit has as many coats as good lacquer. God is incapable of our compassion but because ultimate reality only works through us. as psychological as well as physical that every experience and indeed every event is the fruit of a certain action "Of your and that in turn is the fruit of a certain desire. because we are creators. What could and alone could have saved Calvinism from becoming immoral (and so collapsing) would have been the discovery of the law of cause and effect in short. " the earlier Greek idea expressed in the phrase Even the Gods cannot recall Calvinism is. do. What matters and what puts this matter right is the realization that there is no God who can sentimentally intervene. however. Therefore. a law far vaster than the individual life (cf. as Calvin thought." Neither is the causality joint and confused desires. These are. No one will interfere. regardless of what they might the pathetic recognition by the religious intelligence of a law of cause and effect which cannot be reversed by any immediate action of the conscious will or by an exterior intelligence. then.

inevitable development from Anthropomorphism. then.TRAINING The Mistakenness of Petitionary Prayer In Calvinism it was little use addressing a diety which had predestined you to wrath or bliss. instead. go. is. and individualism. to pray. cry. let alone avarice or lust. being inflamed in a way which earthly ambition. Calvinism tended. Private salvation is the ruin of all morality. is For an individual to save his sole for a chrysalis to win the boon of being individuality unable to cut its way out of its cocoon. non-natural man in order that he may do something for the individual which the individual is certain he cannot do for himself. Petitionary prayer is one of the greatest stumbling blocks in the way of the praxis of the at its It If own or others' performance. goes. which should be transcended by religion. for in a true morality it is clear that private salvation is a contradiction in terms. could even if helpless. is a private bargaining going on behind the back of humanity. The individual. holding is a private communication with private self this super-individual. Such a procedure may lead to a fatal development. like the rest of the anthropomorphic moralities of which it was the last. When Anthropomorphism it must It is an address made to a magnified. man was he must Third Morality. Nevertheless. It is a natural. But even when the anthropomorphist in prayer intuitively realizes he must not ask for private salvation or for anything except deliverance into the general life 241 . when disappointed not do other. could never inflame it. for a chick to be granted strangulation in its egg-membrane. God was implacable. Here. may persuade himself that this super-individual and give him the super-individual willing to save his benefits if he will give special certain things which the super- individual requires.

even then such praying is dangerous. The individual, imagining that he is addressing a completely other individual, tends to ask that individual to change his nature for him and then waits for the change to take He does not realize that the creative power is place. immanent within him, and to speak to it as a person outside, who may or may not help him, is to misconceive his whole situation. When he fails to achieve the deliverance he requires, when he wants to overcome greed, resentment, and fear, he thinks he must renew his petitions and, when they still do not get a full answer, he often gives up, and, as with most people to-day,
taught to pray anthropomorphically and finding prayer " unanswered," not only is prayer abandoned but also

psychological or religious exercises.

is why petitionary, anthropomorphic prayer such an obstacle to the next advance in religious praxis, in moral reinforcement and the implementing of good resolve and the enlargement of perceived purpose. is


It is a misconception of the whole spiritual relationship and hence, even when it works, the nature of the process is so misapprehended that sooner or later bad breakdowns, " dryness," perfunctoriness, lack of any result, or complete abandonment of all religious exercise ensue. Prayer


not asking for things not even for the best things is going where they are. The word prayer, with its

inevitable sense
best abandoned.


stain of supplication,



meditation and contemplation, it is another aperture of the mind, using another opening focus, that is the real recreative process. Many still say "I cannot move unless I first believe

that someone puts out a hand to pull me higher. must know that there is a power not myself, which


making me into an instrument of righteousness.

I will

not ask for anything for myself but that myself may be the enlargement of the greater life." The plea is natural and has intense No one who has appeal. the spirit and tried to train the self explored but recognizes his own words in such a protest of
lost in

by using this method of projection we, with our anthropomorphic past, may well make rapid preliminary progress, denied to those who use the surer way for it is surer, that way which rejects
self -helplessness.


Anthropomorphism. The rapid progress of those who employ Anthropomorphism, so bringing themselves to a belief that the power that helps them is beyond them, depends on a hypothesis which is less true than the utmost we can know to-day. It appeals to a power which is creative but which we now know is manifesting itself and means so to manifest itself in ourselves. To pretend,

out of custom, for the sake of traditional ways of thinking, that this power is external is, in the end, to add to the spirit's labour in freeing itself and entering on that creative activity which the creative power intends it to

show and to


The power


to be outside us because of the denseof the threshold

and obduracy

surface, self-conscious universal deeps of the

mind and

which separates the individuality from the

To treat, then, power felt mind. to be outside as though it really were so is to treat the threshold as though it were a real division, a wall or
gulf between us and the outer world and outer being and not an arbitrary division of our present stage of

our individualism which we must overcome and which our whole exercise He who prays to an external is undertaken to overcome. God asserts his belief in his own individuality and the

growth, caused by the very thing

helplessness of the


of creative energy (faith) in





to raise a

huge obstacle

in the

path of

growth into enlightenment. That this objection is no theoretical one but proved by practice, we can see when we realise how prayer becomes inevitably petition for the self. The theme behind prayer which does not outgrow Anthropomorphism " becomes Grant that I may do good in order that I

may be saved, may endure." The good is something external, an arbitrary test set by an alien power whereby we have to qualify for what we really desire, i.e., not the good itself, but the survival of ourselves. The theme of it is Let the good be the true contemplative is my one desire, and if the change in me, needed to make it actual, lead to my elimination, it is well, indeed it is so much the better for what is base has been permitted
: ;

to purchase excellence.

The Reality of Immanence
danger of Anthropomorphism is, howcommitted to a doctrine of nothing but the soul of man in an alien and inauto-suggestion different universe remaking itself and only able to remake itself by self-hypnosis, because there is no power other than this self and no method other than this hypnosis. A real creative power is immanent in the soul and it is no self-illusion but contact with supreme reality when that power is felt and when it changes the quality and
stress this


ever, not to be


What this definition is intended not that the creative power is limited within ourselves but that it is not limited in a person outside ourselves. It is an attempt to render in our vernacular the theory of the Paraclete, of this present
force of consciousness. to






as present in

the central consciousness

man but

to be heard not as a thunder voice nor as

" " peremptory and detailed guidance but as a whisper which only the trained, even in silence and after much skilled practice, can hear with any clearness. It is a

polar radiation which, after much care in leaving the needle free and seeing that the compass has been removed from all metal that might deflect it, will show, if it is

kept steady, where lies the north. Even then it will not prevent a man falling into a ditch through his own folly, for it is not for his personal comfort and convenience, or to save

him the labour



thought and


deducing a way he

his reckonings," but to show him that there can go and a goal he can reach if he care for



" East has taught that One of the Yogis is " Bhakti that is, that one of the ways towards en;









entity and guide outside


through projecting

one's concentration into such an hypostasis and so drawing oneself up and out by this hypothetical fulcrum.

added, however, that whoso climb by this path of personal devotion to a God must learn, as soon as they approach enlightenment, that they have been worshipping

projection of the creative nature which is within " themselves. Every man worships his own Christ, his


Khrishna, his

own Amida."

anthropomorphic methods is then only to postpone an essential step in spiritual development. It must be taken sooner or later and the advantages of
postponement, the advantages of making this provisional and temporary hypothesis, are, we see, generation by
generation becoming


To-day those who

cling to

anthropomorphic projection find themselves confronted with far more difficulties than they are presented with the practical and pressing problem of solutions



unanswered prayer,"








particular reported divinity (in the Christian tradition the cursing of the the destruction of the Gadarene swine, the fig tree,



purging of the Temple and the cruel ending of


of the parables ; in the Indian tradition the libidinous behaviour of Khrishna, the cruelty of Siva and Kali).

These inherent
have driven and

difficulties of

anthropomorphic religion
all religion far find their hold on the


away from

greater numbers than those who













process which man's mind is now undergoing is an " " to which example of that psychological weaning students of the mind to-day rightly attach so much








essential construction,

At an


abandon was an

an essential frame of mind. Man could not but feel that he and the vast outer universe were sundered and he must therefore approach creative power as a child pleading with an all-powerful and
almost incomprehensible father. Now, however, that he realizes to what a degree he himself makes this outer
universe, that it is a construction of his mind, he can and must seek within himself for the source of his sundering from it and the place of his reconciliation with it. If we do not wean ourselves from these childlike fancies, then the helpful hypothesis becomes a dogma,

the simile


exact objective description, the turns from being a clear lens, a means to insight,

made an

and becomes an opaque

shutter, an

end in




too natural to worship the weaknesses of the mediator who has been made fully divine and the idiosyncratic

mistakes of the greatest masters have been the most serious stumbling-block to the advance of truth. The noble teacher who made a few mistakes of impulse, and

then was apotheoisized, has these mistakes
divine and so finally



becomes possible to divinize a Dictator-Saviour and find no moral difficulty in his deeds of violence. Better, then, a slow advance, which
can guard against reaction because it never denies or outruns concrete knowledge. Our task is a vast one First to discriminate where we end and the universe begins, to realize our vast implica:

tion in

what we took

to be (both at the






When we

have to unbind

objective discriminated, then we our involvement, changing ourselves

until, when we are changed, the change in our apprehension reveals an altered universe. Relating ourselves " altered universe," we then have power to with that

remake that world in which humanity thinks itself imprisoned by natural law, when it is indeed only im" the law of its own members," a law which prisoned by and self-training can and does repeal. self-knowledge The real nature of our task being found to be such, no one need be disappointed at slow progress. We are not faced with the inexplicable mystery of an onlooking, all-powerful person who tells us to behave, and says he will help us if we ask him, and we ask and find ourselves We have to learn to still without the promised gift.


alism jams

this other aperture. The contemporary individuit shut, as outer pressure of water on the cap of the manhole makes it enormously difficult for men

trapped in a submarine to raise the hatch and escape to the surface. To imagine any other state but this present individualism seems to

many to be encouraging hallucination.


On the individualists who. the management and negotiation of individual still relationships resounding and vibrating with the surface contacts of its personality with and against other such a dazed and deafened mind must be personalities in the silence for some time before the re-echoings of the world's hubbub die down such a surface. though it be blurred by the surface disturbances. first Everyone must Imports must balance learn by himself what he insight acquired in would practise in public. thinking of themselves as inevitably. it is deceiving ourselves. to a torture. cannot see the real relationship. The hurry of its of this age a characteristic symptom makes us grudge time. the eye going into the dark takes twenty minutes before it is fully adapted and has reached the complete capacity of " night-sight. solitude he must study Through to recognize the underlying pattern and coherencies so that when he comes out into the contemporary confusion he may still detect and discriminate the fundamental design and meaning. Psychological Practice Essential can settle Meditation exports.THE THIRD MORALHT Yet are we have seen there is no reason to think we the contrary. is then essential. This particular jam or cramp does yield if tackled but it yields only with time." full of its alternative way of seeing The mind involved in ways and means." says Lao Tzu. must be left to calm before to smoothness and translucency. irrevocably sundered. The change-over cannot be hurried. flurried it and cross-hatched. individualism As already mentioned. and even when we have made it. waiting amounts almost then. Only those who have first taught themselves by listening to 248 . " Muddied water let stand becomes clear.

which is positively creative. and collisions. not he who convinces them of their general eternal life and common union. he sees they are not that now. which they deny and he rather engrossed in their cares desires own than its practice tion to The first step. in throwing the mind open by meditapractice larger being. change. boring. as he. are They seem pointless. encroachments. On the contrary. inspiring. is possesses. Even if he tries to treat them as creatures with immense capacities within them. They. becomes more endurable when we realize two things. then.TRAINING new unambiguous enunciation to recognize a language to their ear. nonpersonal generosity. considering the results to could not be be produced. The rebel slowness of self-change. it is they who convince him of his individualism and separateness. 249 . less To of practised ears it sounds no more than a confusion incapable of indistinguishable meaning. The first is that. begin by feeling a creative. In fact it is nothing of the small preliminary thing. therefore. He cannot. can hope to pick up from the clipped and elided vernacular the meaning of casual speech. against which so of many and because this essential which even greater numbers abandon process. and unless he can take the initiative with a generous and assured conviction. clear. if it is to be effective. they are blind to what they might be. The individuals noises any specific whom any other individual still sees are less not in themselves immediately appealing. practice in throwing off the in the silence where individuality where there is space the pressing claims and strident assertions of others' individualism are not challenging him and rousing his own reaction to protect himself against such incursions. and careers. futile. To change oneself that seems a faster.

realization of the further range of Once that reality. once the new faculty has grown. yet something even more serious than social ostracism must be faced if we would through to the more basic world-view. unsee 250 . but it is also It is to alter one's outlook literally to do far more. That is even the most independent. What we have to face is nothing less than a shattering of what we have till now taken to be reality itself. to attend to what has been overlooked.THE THIRD MORALHT sort. unsuspectedly integrated with our society. the determination to alter the social will needs more energy than the determination to sacrifice the self to that will. even a strong man. The instrument has to be altered in order to take in the ease. : We and make us largely what we : are. is taken the follow with comparative father steps step evitable. Social ostracism may make a man. and if moral courage is difficult to summon. new knowledge from which must result. however. We cannot move without affecting all those around us they have made are. Self-change must that is why moral courage is always be social change rarer than physical courage . alter the whole of self and social nexus. To change not merely to alter one's relations to all fellow- men. Once that other world is seen. If it the new activity will and needs moral courage to change one's of view (because that point of view is so largely point our society's and to change one's own is to reflect on the present social outlook and to feel cut off). It is is oneself the most radical of alterations. It is. to realize. then a new way of action is natural and inSeeing. It is to see another world. that is the step that really counts. to much. unless the aperture of apprehension has been changed. To change oneself is to have to do that. not possible to see." to see through what has riveted attention.

of our physical nature. pressure another too changing from one atmosphere rapidly change themselves 251 precipitately. the supreme which must be accepted by the spirit that would free itself and make contact with the deepest reality it can know. too often we find we have. however. We We nerveless. his belief that the impressions of : common-sense are It is reality. It is to quote mystics and scientists to show equally easy that the world of bodily appetite is unreal. listless. false convention for the large. we come up passionate findings Even if we manage against an intense resistance. we would act against the sheer suggestive force of our society. That test is to see not merely that the exhaustingly painful. gross. maybe. as of the new. When. however. his appetites. inhuman reality the experience of mystic saint and power-seeking Faust (of supreme artist and profoundest this exhaustion of spirit overwhelms all who scientist) like men to in a caisson. standards and conventional values of your time may be It is not. feel men raised too rapidly into too thin an air." the sense of impulse giving out the invariable experience of all who abandon the small. test social standards are illusory it is to have to see through even more closely woven into the individual's something being. .TRAINING To see through all the social believably miserable. discarded the old convention but have not achieved a working grasp feel bewildered. lonely. a con- name should attend struction concealing reality. still more when we would temporarily to disregard these elder habits of thinking and acting and to behave in regard to our deeper knowledge. see past the immediate. as limbs numbed by cold. " Dryness. easy to quote cynics and stoics that no man worthy the to social judgments.

The actual conduct of any individual. has sharp spasms of despair when he feels that they are wholly right and not only is it patently clear that he himself has made no progress but that no progress is really to be made at all. and alone can change. acutely disappointing. he will spend more 252 . how sorry an advertisement. as our insight grows. we need not be impatient. and to those who need him to behave so as to help them most.) The task is an immense one.THE THIRD MORALHT is the second reason why self-change must be Let us again remind ourselves. we find ourselves suddenly exhausted what we see we cannot react to. recognizing how poorly grown he himself is. we remake. till a man is strong. though a less dangerous one. We should not be impatient because the change to and in ourselves is indeed so profound that if we do not make it gradually. This later deduction is. and can only remake. the world. relaxed. however. Better recognize one has fallen from the way than say there is no way from which fall. appropriate reactions activities to that new insight. and building up. by remaking the Yet self. (See also further on page 288. because the results of this change must change. He. to accept a very of far dangerous condition. for. not merely our society but also its surroundings and ours. to So. what we have seen through we feel still is the only world in which we can find action. They fail to respond and he is torn between the natural wish to attribute his failure to their invincible irresponsiveness and a deeper discouragement. however much he realizes his transitional nature and the need to complete that transition. This slow. every day the cramping individuality can be further unpicked. then. must be to himself. distended.

in this approach to a new powerful relation with reality. Actual Exercises Enough has now been said to emphasize the supreme importance of praxis. be outside himself but which is largely his conalways It is necessary to recall these facts with the struction. we are considering not detached spirits communicating with an even more detached spirit.TRAINING time in gaining strength than in spending it more time in being sure he has begun to live the extraindividual life before he attempts in the open competition of this individualist-obsessed world to show he can keep his balance when all his fellows are reeling in confusion It is and knocking one another down. but a mind-body learning how to relate and unite himself ever more consciously and intimately with a life and which he has mistakenly assumed must a universe. free " by the rationed may fill " swept and garnished himself to capacity with the individual-transcending life and build up by action the appropriate and confirming reflexes. though they draw upon. The preliminary facts we must keep in mind are that these exercises are empirical and do not depend on. We also realize that. habits and behaviour. who has chosen the devoted life and kept himself life. 253 . not selfish dalliance or cowardly diffidence that makes a doctor be sure he has learned an operative technique before he tries it on a patient . a swimmer to be sure he knows rescuing technique before he attempts life-saving . traditions. or a sanitary officer to wait the days for his own plagueinoculation to take before going into an infected area. Now we may examine in some detail these exercises themselves. of a regular intake and exercise in order that the man.

mind-body exercises were used to train their wills and understandings. We have to make access to our subconscious and we know that that is difficult for us individualized. it has now been established that is recovering from sleep one aperture and open fully the other. really acknowledged the fact of the mind-body inter-relationship. it again are gone. last often for an hour or two in the memory and then like hoar-frost it takes a full hour to close When the mind is approaching sleep. most people know. every able and responsible thinker of the Graeco-Roman world were among these initiates and valued above all things the experience so won). when the bodymind is passing from its rest on the sleep-facet to its It is no use attempting to rest on its waking-facet. those teams of disciplined and intelligent men in Greece (Plato and. We When the mind are therefore probably the best times. Certainly when such exercises are proposed to practical men they seem ludicrous. otherwise we will find that we may consider any physical aids as irrelevant or beneath our spiritual dignity. Dreams. regime. must then approach that threshold when the diurnal tide favours. that every change of mind is a change of body and only possible thereby. Among all the adepts of the Mystery Religions. himself also a religious man. and exercise could affect and help spirit.THE THIRD MORALITY utmost definiteness. across the threshold. passes Hypnotic and all sub254 . indeed. has expressed surprise that such intelligent and devout men could have thought that physical attitude. and vice versa. Evening and morning materialized Westerners. One of the ablest and most informed authorities on the subject. So little these unguarded reactions show have our minds. cross a bar when the tide is out. whatever we may say.

For an hour after sleep. perhaps a better. sleep to waking gives It is from wise to reserve a considerable portion of these periods is for the exercises. We. been chosen and sufficient of it reserved to make possible the slow opening of the aperture. Hypnosis looks like sleep. must also repeat and remind ourselves that de- We we liberate dilation takes time. can make it at any moment. has possession of material means. William Brown has shown. : 255 . process. or. but is in actual fact the opposite. as The natural tide of it life an hour. Then exchange can take place and the consciousness which has which. because insight can inform the normal consciousness it looks out exclusively on the world of physical action. there is in relaxation of muscle and diffusion of attention there is tension of muscle and complete hypnosis Time. In sleep. while dreams can still be recalled and an hour before. the enlightened.TRAINING conscious suggestion-therapy has shown that there is a belt of accessibility to the deeper mind. night pass and morning. a stage of compromise when the two apertures of apprehension (that of the conscious and that of the subconscious mind) partly overlap. more exact simile. intercommunication is possible. as Dr. The learner must select so that every circumstance and condition lie in his favour before he can hope to make a When time has successful extension of consciousness. when the mind is preparing for sleep. then. dominated with the prejudice that the only activity is physical activity. This naive mistake hypnotic research has shown to be the reverse of the truth. important in making the essential Those who have fully mastered the recreative contact. then also the meditant may help forward that extension by physical attitude. are convinced that staying still must be passivity and slackness.

it finds itself feeling. and how unnecessarily he allows himself to live a far more restricted life of control and purpose than even his present untrained equipment permits. can affect action this. so that. which is doing contemplatory exercises raises first its desired transformations before itself and thinks itself into such states. similar to those by which the stammerer learns to overcome his stammer.THE THIRD MORALITY In contemplation. by damp logically recalling to itself that thought-feeling affects down. that prejudice. by directing the blood-stream by thought to the hands and the feet. for example. it is next wise to clinch the matter by illustrating to the mind this fact. compared with that intensity. is only self-hallucination. pursued. itself At the first stage it finds unable to concentrate because of the reverberations of its normal active life. The mind. When it has had the patience to keep quiet till these immediate echoes have died it next finds itself disturbed by the deep underresonance of its age. in integral thought. the attention of the conscious will (kept attending by following constant concentration. broadened. These easy preliminary exercises. calmed. lying conceiving in the mind of a higher state of being. The material will therefore can be moulded by the spiritual and the When this line of thought has been can be creative. Steady slow breathing also gives the realization that the mood can be changed. show the practiser how extensive is the area of control and expansion already in his ordinary possession. therefore. concentrated through an effort of the whole will. 256 . Then. the mind should " still down " that resonance. the mind is change in the work on which it is bent) is a diffuse and intermittent activity. function and function affects organ. then. This belief that thinking.

We seek to find in economic confusion (which is a symptom 257 of our state of mind) . Where it fails is in common morality. not of intelligence. first and foremost the remedy of our own Much of our present social and economic activity is only in order to escape from the difficulty of this problem the remaking of the self. This would be platitude. our powers but make our mistakes more destructive. learning even in memory training. This general observation is all too plainly applicable to our particular pressing concern public policy. did we not wish to escape from a truth Where own. Faulty is the chief cause of ignorance and mistake. Either a new world must be revealed rapidly and unmistakably or we must abandon such patient preparations to forge new instruments and start at once to hack at the debris around us with such weapons as we find in our hands. defying all attempts to remedy them. Our international problem is in the first place one of present The world to-day has character. its it is fatally deficient is in power over Unless we repair our characters. an adequate mental equipment.TRAINING Some will smile at these rudimentary mnemonics. It has more than enough power over beginnings if nature. which requires wills. Perhaps they will be more inclined to tolerate fundamental they recollect that mistakes made in originating any mental technique often prove the most stubborn of difficulties later. unless and until the whole superimposed structure of habits has been dismantled and the faultily laid ground-course has been reconstructed. To begin to alter society with such preliminary mental exercises will seem to them sheer waste of precious time. a recommendation which can be dismissed as wholly impertinent to our present crisis.

by these preliminary himself how his age and its commonillustrations. our unmastered passions. He should realize by mental concentration the state of being which (in contra-distinction from the natural state of the individual activated by greed. present capacities and the amount of flexibility which even at this stage belongs to him he can begin to add to when he these powers and increase this range. blame the fact that the building had put We have continually to remind pressure on them. The next is under- ahead. own ourselves (for it we will shirk it) is : " a fact so unpleasant that if possible the world to-day is a picture. life first contemplation must be of the unifying to which the individual belongs and into which he may be delivered by pushing through and beyond his The individualistic arbitrary frontiers. our good intentions. resolving possible. of our personal characters. a " pro- jection ineffective of ourselves. taught sense actually make themselves out to be far more helpless than even without organized effort they yet has taught himself really to understand his are. nation or race. which phases neutralize those intense aspects of individuality and so by three phases its The first is creativeness.THE THIRD MORALITY or in the evils of cause of our some other class. when his bricks crumbled because they were badly baked. An Outline of Contemplation When then the trainee has. the distress and mistake. So might a builder. the realization standing this that individuality is a phase to be transcended cuts the root of fear which is grounded in knowledge life : the realization of the 258 . so that the power to make may cancel and cut off at its make source the need to accumulate. fear and resentment) is manifested of enlarged consciousness.

by Left as it is.TRAINING anxiety that the individual self. These positive aims. for : without them. those occasions of other individuals' treating such as as when to in this condition all failure. of creativeness. the only reality. The third phase of the enlarged consciousness is compassion. understanding. will be won if only it can find its path out of its selfdefeating entanglement an entanglement arising from ignorance of its real nature. a refusal to realize the radical expansion of which is its true line of vital advance. may not be preserved. in the other individuals who attack one's own individuality. development When lucidity. the blind struggle which went on in oneself because the individual striving to live and yet shrinking from birth the insight to see that such individuals and oneself can only be delivered when their claims are both met and is : the insight to see that in their explained to them the process of one's own salvation is not only struggle recapitulated but is actually being worked out . but which in reality are due to a blind hypertrophy. as enlightened beings. and compassion aim at healing individuality by growth into its next stage. a the contemplation has reached this preliminary next stage is to take up into the mind examples. Then. and fears may be taken from it. press limits with increasing misery and inflammation against which it imagines are imposed from without. failure. it can only expansion. not by extirpation. one's own extraindividuality cannot be completed. It should be clear that in this exercise the drive and trend is not to thwart and deny the individuality in oneself but to make it realize that the life which it so passionately desires. the insight to see. translating realize one can as one's own such egotisms and violences failure the process of the evolution of 259 .

to be extricated. So." never say Our task of enlightenment is to be able to analyse and translate all human conduct. " but for the grace of God. he can conceive how natural it is for individuals to such depths.THE THIRD MORALHT consciousness. Nor is Baxter's "There. in contemplating. who is caught in that particular trap and so degraded. until there is the sympathy betrayal no failure practician broadens his or cowardice. all the rest of say : the we was someone are enlightened the else's fault. no and no treason that he cannot understand. " I cannot understand such behaviour. When failure takes place." ethic. saint alone takes full responsibility less . We must. then. it is possible to see them as desperate efforts of a drowning man who. It of the anthropomorphic " There at this rather life : is only the noblest reaction ethic It sees The new moment go I." The : 260 . did he but know the art. do not punish. has no wish but to be on land and who would swim with all his might." more we "It " Man enlightened do not sentimentally say cannot behave otherwise do not blame. though sinking lower and even dragging down those who swim to his rescue. and it realizes that only the heart which dares to endure the pain of understanding and feeling for both sides is the heart which is already creating the new creature which can embrace and reconcile both. go I anything but a very : rudimentary attitude. to fall When The us. towards illumination to escape such double urge degradation but also to make it possible for his fellow. then he realizes how desperate He himself is driven with a is the case of individuality. says all (wronged and wronger) as a nature tragically divided against itself. then the new ethicist can accept responsibility for it and so redeem it.

and remedy. illustrated to ourselves its working by the examples of all around us and illuminated their and our actions in the light of this evolutionary principle (we are all individuals struggling to attain life and that life is only attainable when we understand it is extraindividual). and others due to lack and how it does joint Each indivievolve). as the child in the womb * cf." 26l . As we think of it. further. striving to express its wholeness through our temporary partiality." There must be payment for such mistakes. to make a scapegoat of the actual criminal. they alone rupt. by that act he becomes more than insignificant. cannot pay. When. The bankThose who have. The enlightened then buy up the stocks of those who have failed and so staunch social panic. but for what it will be and also because.* we begin to be part of that next larger life. we attain serenity toward failure. dual. until it is resolved to its full power. however. the completion in which alone we all can be fulfilled cannot be attained. how individuality of his which he thus so struggle to preserve. we see. They are the So contemplating one's own salt that stops the rot. For members to try and disown the actions of their partners. It is a joint debt run up by an unlimited liability company called mankind.TRAINING Rather they say realizes not merely : " Man how will behave otherwise when he transitional is this struggles and must contemptible but. some of that partiality falls from us. then we can turn and contemplate that transmuting delivering life. then. that is neither justice nor science. we have refreshed our understanding failures (as a general confusion of vision as to what our life is of the process. " Santayana's When a man realizes his own insignificance. is incomparably precious not for what it is. can discharge the debt.

may the Third Morality takes us. its life The body distract is is quiet and at rest ready to reflect and not spirit's apprehension. knowing that he has found what he must have intentional living and knowing that an effort. satisfying the nature and developing the being. He and goes to the limit of his knowing. when it can be offered meaning. add. for shows that not the goal but the threshold. Reveal what is the purpose of existence and how he may the steps he must take and man will go attain it forward again hardily. we are become aware of an infinite future of achievement and expansion.THE THIRD MORALITT in the larger begins to have the heart-beat which will sustain world into which birth will usher it. which the professional. when it can be shown purpose. to this rudi- who knows see growing. and will add. are possible. and leaves further he it hope of indefinite further advance. and go. Yet while we are on the threshold. which takes all his energy because it is worth his full and constant concentration. is the only life deserving the devotion. Here. personality relaxed and loosened its hard harness of characteris the The habit unbuckled and movements of consciousness. instead of being faced with an impasse. as it does these exercises. This is real evolutionary growth. nor pleasure. restricted. Steep is is the way but it is a way leading to ever fuller life. finds its touch and even its grasp is gradually extending. day by day. grow and. happily. will details practical authorities and advanced added. customary life does not permit. at us in this will know how much least. even then we have crept to a only level where society is seen as salvable and. Many pioneers have mentary outline and skeleton of praxis. Life does not need comfort. The spirit stretches and. potentialities of a self-conscious 262 .

surface. temporarily " excused. the principle exposes These short-cuts increase only men's itself as deadly. The Objective is without action is non-existent and. however brutal. dangerous principle. dangerously akin to the corrupting Mandevillian philo- even on the sophy that private vices make for public virtues. If we penetrate below the surface. On the . to the West. new masses may be example. more. in Italy because the young Fascist despises comfort and sweeps aside all opposition he is considered justified in brutalities. an unwelcome thought We Occidentals have believed that we are. were justified. even to be imitated as If. Success a sanctions all. as in Russia. the nation destiny except to eat and ease himself and die. we followed this up with the practical opinion that a bad means." as seems possible in Russia. Any attention a man gave to his character was in order that he might act more effectively. or. we agreed. material wealth and power. to the true nature and meaning of their life especially when. It is surely. there goes with the economic advance the specific teaching that man is nothing but an animal and has no in the Fascist States. being is its essence and doing merely its means and symptom. for practical. solely that we may do. and such an increase may blind them.TRAINING Being One thing remains to be said. more than would poverty. other side. Yet the West is deeply involved in this materialistic R 263 . as is with increasing frankness taught as the object of divine worship. This is undoubtedly a hard saying. base however action. as long as they seemed to have achieved a good end. supplied with greater physical plenty more means then the methods. are excused. Thought. and should make ourselves. As this process is a process of the evolution of consciousness. poor character.

but only individualism. The poverty and incompleteness of our nature ruins and must ruin 264 . increasing physical means. as the third cosmology indicates But Third Morality must actively believe. becoming a complete and united consciousness. man is a spirit. because being. accepted. then increase of physical means is only a means. " " and any other aim than violence impracticable delusion. Prior self-consciousness. or indeed any final purpose. such means. we see that a mere increase of means could be no more than an attempt to distract men from the discovery that no purpose could be found a veritable " opium for the people. to that we can only do what we would not. we can do. and the if. materialistic State Capitalism. The Third Morality must then distinguish itself from the materialistic humanitarianism into which Liberalism degenerated until this decadent Liberalism found its throne usurped by consistent. and goods. a method whereby man may help himself to be free to develop. Man's life consists not in the number of things that he has but in how he may use what he possesses so as to release his individuality in order that it may outgrow If foul methods are used to gain him such things. persecuting. is the purpose of our existence and the only purpose worthy of And when we are." The task before us is to learn to be. We have seen materialistic humanitarianism was used as a substitute-ethic during the period when the mechanomorphic cosmology was at last fully For then no spiritual goal could exist for man. With the discovery of purpose and the discovery that that purpose is not material.THE THIRD MORALITY and materialism can never end. It is obvious that such means can only be a partial help. itself. then the end is defeated by such things. It calls any other method than inflame. visionary.

ourselves to grow. convince himself of the fact of telepathy and that states of feeling. nevertheless there is this immense direct resistance to recognizing the is fact of this action.TRAINING the work we intend to be our justification. Being. after all. and who are The feeling the natural need to grow. hatred or resentment are much more easily transmitted than are mental ideas. that the only direct action. and the limits of its force cannot be set. spirit and character which is already advanced in constant creativeness. therefore. We can desire their good. that our motives are clean. with the shrewd sense that all creatures have. because the source on which it is drawing is itself meaning illimitable. but only when they are convinced. There is a more excellent way. in that direction. telepathetically. All of us are individual spirits If we have made created to evolve into a common union. the symptom and sign of being. and not our advancement and elevation as their essential benefactors. our influence and direct others as we we do seek their good. is all. so that we are advanced some stages beyond the average intensity of individualism. u Mere the dismissal of any such suggestions. and quietism " " are often those who so dismiss this yet imponderable 265 " . The Difficulty and Essentialness of Persistence In spite of the fact that any enquirer may. a way whereby we may exert statements true. knowing what life means and how to attain that such a spirit not only influences those among whom it is but its influence spreads radioactively. But this. as we have seen. as and doing merely body is the appearance of spirit. is only indirect influence. in wide compassion and unceasing illumination. we can directly influence those who wish to grow. of goodwill. despair.

is that atmosphere to live. seeing themselves making so advance. 266 . We have time." This progress cannot be revolutionary and spectacular. have to be undone. No other cosmology had that. There is no other way. but each moment counts. and even that outlook fluctuated between an Anthropomorphism which looked for outer-salvation and a Pantheism which felt no effort was needed or could be effective. We have time. as revolutions show. The short cuts of violence always have to be retraced. the mechanomorphic against a final. it may be asked. The Vedantic outlook alone conceived the vast adventure on which mankind is launched. Life is balancing on a . . oncoming. the one fundamental progress. because they had not the atmosphere in which we To what. : Many grow little disheartened. as they them- poor and ineffective. At any moment an individual may start expanding. always always having to be kept up. acting as an invisible leaven. never impossible never be easy worth while . They wonder whether. The so done. the view of the new cosmology can be long and patient. and to-day who. keep the whole lump leavened ? They create the field of general : suggestion which says of rationally defended horrors " These must not be and shall not be." and of immense " achievements They can be done and shall. cosmic night. . be attributed but to the numbers in earlier ages. last judgment. Moreover. at any moment he may evolving his individuality It will accelerate this. The anthropomorphic hastened against a selves as beings are so . more brutal age ages. they had not Deeds better take to doing. it leavens the whole in the leaven works slowly lump end. to get something done.THE THIRD MORAL1TT those who talk with most assurance of the spirit of the and that we must not judge earlier.

if it cannot emerge. That is why we must keep up with the march and tempo of the rapid development that is ours our opportunity and peril. and hardness that is ignorance sure it knows human nature and. has set us in bodies timed to carry us in any case swiftly past a series of choices where we take the opportunity or no. only knows its standing. shrunken self so well that it can recognize only such features in any other. our life is far too vast and varied. then we will do something to us. which in a week or two must assimilate its egg food or find itself strangled with egg-membranes unable to are far too We hatch out. sympathy. That is why the hatching chick. the . Sometimes life seems long but. The power of life has put us in a stream of event. the insect in its desperate struggle to escape from the cocoon which was its shelter and now. fossilize. 267 . are like fishes in a If we do not swim faster than it. life.TRAINING rolling ball . If is a gestation and we do nothing. the transformation we have to effect. dynamic a type. considering what we have to do. with seventy years. then life If we will not grow. it will rapid current. undershrink. that calls itself knowing. Every moment of life has its birth of consciousness. will immediately become its trap and its tomb indeed every transforming creature at the moment of its crisis is only a faint picture of the life and crisis of man. we will stiffen into prejudice. alas. the crisis and tempo of our evolution too rapid for us to stay still. shall encyst. may We force its way into our gills and we shall drown. If we will not increase in awareness. life is taking off in a plane from an aeroits drome . we steps leading up or down. peculiar choice and all these choices are co-ordinated If we will not expand.

and desirable. that no stage can be missed out in the growth of full He has found the true tempo of life and its being. Here is a social and personal raison d'etre and method. We cannot we are see more than how may be and is being (if we will) effected. The ultimate fate of it all ? We can leave that in 268 . there is not a The nine months in the womb were day and every moment of every day was tests If against every day's inevitable can be put an intentional striving to grow and lapse expand. Such a life knowledge. More we have no right to ask. It does not yet appear what transitional creatures that indicated by our present cosmological Further it does not at present take us. but every needed for growth. and He body with the expansion has thus found the Way. for civilization. without proportionate growth. we have to pass. and he who so lives neither clings to the past (or shrinks from memory of failure) nor winces from the future (or strains to what. of our full nature see that by contemplation and by goodwill to our fellows we serve them and ourselves and see them and ourselves as one co-ordinating purpose and unity. He desires neither to return to childhood nor to have it all over and be dead. knowing that these are most suitable and apposite to that stage of He realizes consciousness which he himself has reached. till we have achieved that much which is visible.THE THIRD MORALITY series of graded moment to spare. is our transition We we shall be. possible. He accepts with cheerful content the time and place where he actually is. a practical philosophy for mankind. then life is full. Truth and Life. would be premature delivery). its meaning. for human relations and for the individual. long. aim. He has co-ordinated the inevitable process and explication of his release of his spirit.

We and we know. be allowed. Meanwhile the moment is here. the gravest challenge. There if We all is serve them And. more recreative beings). fuller. and have patience. best as we will time. These are reasonable hopes. then. As we are all inextricably members of one life. their final elucidation. We we may. and as the higher we develop. even when most sundered by individuality) due to our failure (that we are not or were not better. 269 . of their disability. part of their failure (because we are parts. know we are growing if we will to a vast too vast for our present expression. that we can wait. This is the truth behind that principle of vicarious suffering which has often been misrepresented and abused. to take up more may hope. blinded. paralysed Here is " : again. the more we become clearly aware of our communism it is naturally the highest who are able to impart their strength to the lowest and help the most restricted into the deliverance and freedom they themselves enjoy. futile. In the face of our knowledge." be ourselves most en- lightened. as we become enlightened. vision of we who are given this new and must be. self-transcendence. what life is and what our lives may cannot do other than with gratitude accept. be enlightened here and or enraged ? the answer The now and is fate of those ? Who it is who fail to down into the go dark. so as natural. against the intensely hardened prison wall of their fatally completed individuality to pour the even more intense and fusing energy of the enlarged consciousness into which we have emerged. Such questions. self-forgetfulness. we are learning patience. Here is this moment's choice to be made and lived. trapped in themselves. We know destiny. without impatience and without misgivings.TRAINING hope. of the final goal must wait. it would seem we advance.

accepting we know we are accepted. the process will not fail. we commend and dedicate In acceptance we cannot fail. As long as that reciprocity is realized. and we will.THE THIRD MORALITY belong to the larger life. We 270 . By ourselves to it. This is the supreme reciprocation and the supreme hope. and it will give. Each day we must. we do. receive .

or is it the power. the binding and the urge whereby there may appear on earth a society be even more powerful than the mechanoand more purposive and more in communion morphic with the universe than was the anthropomorphic ? which will 271 . those methods which are the appropriate exercise and reaction to the third cosmology.CHAPTER XI ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS IN the last chapter there were discussed the methods of contemplation or realization. the mould. as it is first cosmology and A it brief outline of these frames of mind was given and was also stated that most of of only possible to retain a frame of mind at its vivid and recreative if it is associated with frame : These frames attitude. prayer was to the rational resolution to the second. regime and exercise. whereby the human race will volatilize. When that is done. The chapter and the book will conclude If this is the with an attempt to answer the question reaction to our present knowledge of the appropriate universe if this method combines in it the forces of the earlier and narrower cosmologies and goes beyond them then what is its effect to be ? Is this simply a : method of final eremitism. body must now be considered. body we must try to estimate the evidence for results produced by this method.

perceive and The first step. then we have accomplished the first stage : we have understood that nothing is separate but all is tied together and given shape and purpose by an informing current. only a preliminary step. we have to see our environment and ourselves with the intense but impartial interest of the artist and the scientist. as we and our fellows see it. however. of dismantling the current structure. how we shall admit any further apprehensions. unquestioned synthesis. which we call the world of common sense. to that interest in relationships. That realization is. that construction into its elements and to hold pieces them apart with a fully conscious discrimination. as a housebreaker provides himself with the bricks he No more than takes from the house he is demolishing. is a world comprehended through desire. 272 . to that insight into interconnectedness and causality. Nothing is is When we have won revolting. we have to undertake the new We have provided ourselves with raw material. we shall through its restriction of our attention. We have now to construct with them a larger. nothing uninteresting.THE THIRD MORALITY Tbt Physical Aids Why Necessary We have seen that we have to hold in our mind's focus an interpretation and rendering of reality different from that current to-day. By an intense effort of abstraction and analysis we have to make ourselves experientially aware that the present common-sense outlook is have to pick to only a construction. nobler building. it Appetite has arranged that orders. When we have made this analysis and taken to pieces the current." is the task of Keeping the mind in We a state of detached attention. synthesis. We see that the whole of the world. he can we rest content with a pile of bricks. That " alert passivity. to that realization as to origins.

are strong enough in spite of the present distress to make any real taking to pieces no light task. enlightened. Amazingly few metaphysicians or even ethicists have else in been outstanding philosophers in the ordinary and They have been singularly acute at analysis and not a few have designed systems which showed as much force of mental construction as necessary sense of the word. to be illusions. of human possession and property or of civil and military fame. no more than the artist could be an artist in living could these thinkers actually contrive to live up to and in their 273 . more success in this difficult matter on the part of the professional philosophers. The forces of appetite. of greed and fear. Yet that is the easier part of the double effort. turning into a serene design elements which to the ordinary man only spell appetite. the artist has shown visual construction. beliefs and prizes. Artist It is and Metaphysician Escape.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS is sufficiently hard. whether of animal sense. men who are supposed to be trained to make with the mind that analysis of sensation and experience which the artist makes with the eye. to be as a bodyless eye. However. Tens of thousands now see through the present construction. true that the artist does. Out of those tens of thousands who see through. They do not become but only cynical. make out such a recombination. not Remake more often than anyone our society. They know the world's opinions. only one will see on to an underlying pattern worthy of man's devotion. Hence few artist have been artists in living or indeed of any value apart from their work. They were content Nor has there been much to do rather than to be. Unfortunately he is content to stop short with vision. which hold the present world-picture together.

as well as leading to the making remake them themselves. It is possible. by but that we are all involved with each other in that construction. They were intellectual assent but were not actually experience. is too much In for the thinker and the visualist to live against it. but on one condition only that we exchange. of the present have to hear so clearly a deeper music that we can sing it against the prevailing discord until others can catch up the theme and the discord be drowned in the We new harmony. but unavoidable. brief. Hence the second step. something more is required. the step of combining the analysed elements into a new construction.. is both to shut out the tumult and yet be present in the crowd. In both cases it is apparent that the world's current construction. the rest and poise of a completely poise This. to be vital. not merely that in which men may present construction live as naturally as they live in the of appetite. have seen that the new insight We we have our world made for us our past and present intense selectivity of appetite. this of constructions. There is no private escape because we all one. The philosopher and the artist are men who live much apart from life and the moment they have to make contact with life they lose their vision and Even if detachment and behave like the rest of us. this step is extra- ordinarily difficult.THE THIRD MORALITT These frames of mind were logical. did escape of theirs. a construction shows. they failed systems. for the rest and of solitude. however ugly and illogical. in : 274 . both cases he has to escape if he is to build up anything apart from it. and are only by the analysis which shows us our underlying unity can we gain release. We have to do more than shut out the surging clamour world.

Hence we need not flee our native country and take refuge in the uttermost parts of the So long as we control the ports no one can ocean. It can only reach us indirectly through the transmitting encourage ourselves system of our senses. Greed. so much advance in self-control has been Indis- appointingly slow because of our intellectualist vanity which would not recognize that the dictates of the surface will produce only surface results and even when the whole system is made so to obey. though painstaking. always at some distance from the outer world. We may remind ourselves. can only be held when training has gone down to They animal level. but it can be done. enter uninvited. This. The authentic result of co-ordination between 275 mind . it is arrested and not coordinated. is not difficult. that we are. : Real Progress Must be Psychophysical It should be clear bodily training will fail. now why mental training without If we really desire the one we these are the volcanic fires cannot but undertake the other. in the self fear. deed. and unnecessary effort without it one or the other of the with the depths of the mind and essential linkages with the commonalty of mankind will be lost. in fact. Once the fact that we are dealing with a mind-body is and in other selves frankly realized.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS co-ordinated consciousness. Hence results so achieved are at great cost in nervous strain and are flawed with disastrous relapses and failures. and anger and they are animal things. of keeping poise and yet not losing touch is solved. The ports of the mind are the senses Learn to control these and the problem of the body. progress can be surprisingly fast. It is not It may sound an excessive easy. and by the reminder.

In some up way I seemed a spectator in the background. but that all it amount of vital energy this is asked to do is to release the still larger interest which and harmonizing the whole experience. The Ihree Physical Means As full serenity of mind is therefore impossible without serenity of body. instead of thwart. no tense triumph of the constricted will facing its antagonist and determined to win the right to be superior to him. These three approaches are diet. in its two aspects of through carriage and posture. not as is along (as the combined current of that usually absorbs and to pass detached and wondering interest) into it a general confused stimulator but as a channelled focus see. not interfere.THE THIRD MORALHT and body through the subconscious is illustrated when " the practician says afterwards I felt no fear and was surprised I was taking such an attitude for granted. as in a through which the consciousness can con- densing glass. This dynamic detachment is fully possible. ordered and composed. and thirdly through breathing. but back with my full assent what was going forward. 276 . : had only to keep quiet. through attitude." These I felt I remarks explain exactly the completed process. how may the body be brought to this essential co-operation ? There are three ways in which the conscious will can directly affect the body and train it so that it will form those habits which will aid. On the contrary. embracing the whole circumstance. the confusion of pressing events (otherwise so close up as to be forced out of focus) related. but only possible when and because the body acts not as a conductor but as an insulator. the psyche. stoical effort. there is the realization that the surface ego is not winning common is There no a victory.

A vegetarian diet often further obstacle to * See. They often said than an Fathers. controlled type is the high- There was is no doubt that until to-day our ignorance of considerable that a for so proved inadequate finding a diet for improving the quality of consciousness was presented by the fact that the vegetarian ascetic was. it is true. His reason for dieting was not to clear the mind but to tease the body and even to see how much less he could live on than his competing fellow-eremite in the next hermitage. and able to be brought into full consciousness. but that tradition has been right is : vegetarian . we have seen. in the vast majority of cases. protein eater. and only the false dichotomy of that rationalism which separated mind from body (the rationalism of the second cosmology) threw doubt on this ancient experience. has been proved to have a very evident effect on temperament and so on character. preached against such a body-obsessed attitude. work such as Dr. Katz's (see page 232) has this For millenia was taken as established.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS These three functions are functions generally subconscious. given detailed documentary evidence not merely that diet and temperament are closely correlated.* Buddha. a mortifier and even a record-breaker. liberated mind) in the means. diet the impulsive and impatient the reflective. 277 . Now. profoundly affecting consciousness. such a losing sight of the end (the serene. in The Desert Thebaid. an " He that obedient body. the histories of the eremites of the Egyptian ill and broken body was the soul's health. as we have seen. He is said to have remarked : health. reordered and all " relaid " as a better pattern of basic psychophysical behaviour. (a) Diet Diet.

should avoid as Diet. so negative as to be largely false. method The nearly always prevented his notion that mind is cleared simply because the stomach is empty is a belief which is The Tantric experts. If we are to educate it to cooperate with us in a unity. a high-protein intake. not as much a physiological fact as earlier objective " " trainees have supposed. Quantity not nearly necessary as we thought in pre-vitamin days. an opinion which beginning to favour. then. in experiments with the mind-body. A considerable intake of fluid seems just as desirable. We are learning the same thing about the body. however. question of stimulants in distinction from nourishments also can now have further The light The distinction is probably not as it." Modern education has taught us that breaking the will of the child is a grossly mistaken path to teaching. Many nourishments such thrown on 278 . a diet knowledge now permits us to choose mind and allays the body. rule that the stomach should never be empty of food but never heavily loaded -hence they recommend a light meal every four hours. favours a varied diet in which fresh vegetables take a large place. we must not aim at breaking it but at releasing it. We can admire the blind courage and devoted vision of the anchorite (as we admire that other blind courage and devoted vision of the mechanistic nationalist) while we Modern dietetic which clears the perceive that his attaining his end.THE THIRD MORALITY is will not mounted on an animal from which he cannot alight unduly vex the beast. water being the best of solvents and therefore the natural cleanser. and many modern dieticians are which seems to have much to be said for clearly it is which is on the analogy that a fire burns most continually and lightly fed with fuel. Vitamin research.

ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS as beef tea. trying to tell a story and it is deludedly certain (a funny and he is witty. common mental are In the nervously inhibited paralysis in our age in which the mostly dominated by anxiety and fear). but that it should be called rather a " " or It seems that its effect is releasant. turn purely into energy. duces a wholly unwarranted sense of appositeness. by destroying their caution can release pent energies. however. as does sugar. making and repairing no tissue but releasing energy." in perfect soberness : Tea. " Our growing us to dietetic " make an important " knowledge does. and they become excessive but never as assured and fluent as fluent and assured would they face and rid themselves of they might be. which may be alcohol. sensitive their anxiety " One to me and be able to say is shame and fame. if effort is not being undertaken. the power of of impressions. it is believed. when both facts are patently otherwise. permit distinction between the so-called It is stimulants themselves. as is known a all man. however too well to anyone who has had to listen to slightly drunk. is confined to judgment and the reception and weighing more vague." meat extracts. especially in the China form." pressant always to make precision and accuracy. Its action. where the theine content is greatly developed s 279 . on the other hand. " lants such as alcohol seem able at times to take the place of food and prevent the further loss of tissue. if effort is being made. increasingly doubtful whether alcohol has any right to be described as a " destimulant. and into reserves for energy Some " stimu(fat). and sugar itself may either be pure stimulants. if not to supply the material for its recreation. rousing the lower layers of the cortex of the brain and It therefore proinhibiting the action of the higher. or may.

a place in a fully rational diet aimed at the monious interaction of mind and body so that well have most harmind and its largest intentions may be the meaning. " * It is worth The remarking that the Chinese Buddhist system called " used tea to clear the mind and to assist concentration. 280 .* The Does is rule which will control all diet will be results. ? this diet give me the freedom so to live That will the question and the enquiry with which every regime be undertaken. whether of or body. to improve our instrument as to improve the image in our instrument. pursuit and the entire co-ordinating power of psychophysical a stimulant Such may organism. yet at least as much is still to be discovered. for theine the tri-methyl-zanthine which is the basic chemical act not underlying both theine and caffeine and which seems to on the lower cortices of the brain but on the seventh and highest. For. also. mind found are only averages. of Already we know that the rules we have respiration. by fatigue. reciprocal aim which runs through all the rules of the third ethic. remarkable as our progress in find dietetics has we we can been and though much of past experience now endorse and incorporate in a rational regime aiming at the greatest psychophysical suppleness and freedom. the double. School of Meditation " Zen " Buddhists Zen being the form in which this and it seems that the high type of meditation was developed introduced tea into Japan as they Dr. This is the rule.THE THIRD MORALHT at the cost of reducing the tannin. Rhine required it to assist their exercise in concentrative meditation. We diet in order to know about the mind-body just as much as to know about the universe. of diet. points out how the balance and concentration necessary to make the extra-sensory faculty or faculties function under the strain of control is assisted by caffeine and made much more difficult. of meditation. if not impossible. of attitude. is may be a true a singularly assimilible form of stimulant. ways for the average man. in his Extra-Sensory Perception.

St. next bodily co-ordination with spirit is physical Here again the ascetics with their hardlyattitude. It drinking is becoming equally clear that they can also do without essential to the average. not only release energy as we average distracted creatures cannot. when the mind has come to mind-body full mastery and agreement with the body.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS Already we can see the higher type will have (not no rules) but rules of a more complex sort. one must suppose. (V) Attitude The So much for the vast and growing subject of diet. can come " eating and long types. partly no doubt because it would not see any reason for being so little tempted to assimilation. They could. lived also to old age on a diet almost as deficient. who among other activities. " and keeping any hours and any company. For instance. the Cur d'Ars. obeying prinThe highest ciples which at present one cannot detect. seem miraculous and contrary to nature. The purpose for living. we have only occasional hints. veiled contempt and even hatred of physique have missed 281 . but also derive. and who lived to be seventy. nourishment from sustenance which our unco-ordinated psychophysique would reject. will find ways of surviving. it has been suspected. which to us who need constant fresh enticement and temptation to think life worth living. whose diet was a few handfuls of dried maize. The more famous saint of the last century. many saints seem to have lived on diets which were without vitamins and yet these people have shown great physical energy. There is the case of the Jesuit saint. Of what the can fare upon. by the same intense energy. Peter Claver. diets which are used to carry the exhausted slaves on his back up from the slave ships. if it is single and strong enough.

We have settled into our bodies and. The melancholic and answering dejected walk and sit collapsed. body is held. such a new suppleness should be natural reaction to the new free outlook is not to attain it. There is the extreme. changing our feeling too rapidly is only to find the self up against 282 . the sullen with a slouch. Further. the confident do. look up. the neck constricted and the blood supply to the brain checked. rigidity in every muscle. as they are the expression of what we long have felt. the chest thrown out. Every regime There is the bent also has made its appropriate stance. physically. his intake of alcohol must only be cut down gradually. is to be : for fear tremens will intervene. In attitude we are all addicts. and It is posture suggest and create mood. conduct. which they wasted their shame) where they should have We are gradually discovering how much mood carriage and expressed in carriage and posture. of that abject humility which extreme anthropospine morphic theism dictated. is possible at a considerable distance to detect the deranged mind of a madman or a psychotic by the peculiar way the its we find every frame of mind has frame of body. that from the change taken off his delirium though when an alcoholic " " drink he must be tapered . goose-step rigidity naturally produced by the mechanomorphic mechanized. The Third Morality will have as distinct a carriage and posture as the abject crouch and the bent head of the pleading sinner of Anthropomorphism and the swaggering display or is which ram-rod. exhibitionist standing-at-arms of the soldier.THE THIRD MORAL1TT much and spirits in set up conflicts (on an expense of achieved co-ordinations. To however. We can change our diet with fair rapidity and have little but the beneficial results we intended believe.

It is possible to disturb and to throw out long before it is possible to transform. Yet this is not the worst difficulty in this task of releasing the psyche we may encounter by re-education of the physique. As. It can. then. A sudden call for intense action or thought may have to be answered. organs and There is really no break in this enormous structures. as has Here there arises a great difficulty. with the self-conscious surface will. there is no break. habits. through customs. front from clearest. Outer circumstances suddenly demanded of the upper centres that they should make modifications of the whole body. most conceptual thought to bone at its hardest and most brittle. tensions and rhythms. upset but not necessarily resettle. was so great that breakdown was often bound to occur. The late Dr. Gamble. tissues. conditioned reflexes. engrams. less flexible and more powerful will-attitudes. passes down begins through ever less conscious. from reflexes on into functions. modifications which the lower centres could not implement hence collapse. the eminent zoologist. only be answered by a closing of the stomach and by the blood being rushed away from the digestive 283 tract." from the sheer length of the self-conscious fore-brain to the deepest secretory and metabolic processes of the body. at one end must affect the whole long sequence any change affect but not necessarily change. pointed out that even in normal living when no change was being attempted but only maintenance was desired the " lines of communication. into secretions. been mentioned. Why As it Change has far as to be slow we can now outline the mind-body process.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS a resistance over a new which defeats our good intention to turn leaf. either . however.

Further it can be dangerous. etc. apt to appear even more instead of occasional external excitements is and disturbances. We cannot then lightly alter any of these arrangements without repercussions from one end of the system to the other. there part of the a persistent attempt on the to change its relation to the body and that deeper consciousness which administers and reflects As Dr. The moment we see we must change the whole psychophysique. treaties. which thinks itself only an independent observer. malnutrition but by auto-intoxication. Carrel has pointed out (Man the the body. to subconscious hinder their free working. if. for us to pay any attention to any of the such as breathing. checks and balances between the intelligence. are content with a purely emotional change. digesting. we are in for trouble. mind Unknown). and the body. it is clear. With our present copious evidence of that fact it seems probable that much of the acute ill-health which has attended the achievement by mystics and other geniuses of their enlarged insight into reality 284 .THE THIRD MORALHT to the brain or muscles. is. to some extent. in a certain We are built is up to run way and the going concern the result of innumerable compromises. little trouble. This well-known cause of psychophysical damage in our world of haste and worry fruitful cause of duodenal ulcers. will be experienced. will such as digestion not be followed not merely by strikingly. regardless of whether the body can afford such an arrest in its income or whether such processes left incomplete. Immediately the deeper physical processes are brought to a standstill. processes heart-beat or even swallowing is. if much self -illusion. which seems only a chemical still. if the psyche is really to be changed. As long as we only play about with changing ourselves.

failed to arrive at any other. having abandoned the to completesmall conventional won settlement. whose history he knows quite as well as he knows the saints' saints'. the monuments of those who were " ? of these pioneers never but. for are where drowned ness. for the ordinary man remarks they are of tougher fibre than his weave and if he attempted so to twist himself he would only fray to pieces like the fatuous enthusiasts. a dangerous possibility of upsetting such balance and 285 . Hence the explanation why the so little social difference. Hence the saints are admired and not imitated. before it had had time to arrange a modus That so many of them (as we have seen) after a vivendi. though torn. both because we now know sufficient about dietetics and also because we have naturally a wide range of foodstuffs out of which we can With attitude we begin to approach get nourishment. for diet can be changed It is without such disturbances. preliminary derangement. the equally important fact that a number more than we can know. did get through." On " considerable the other hand. triumph makes necessary to stress this problem when considering modification of physical attitude. undertaking these profound modifications. Failures as well as hard-won successes do not advise us to abstain. but scientific show the need in procedure of a patient. may have been due period entered into a completed peace seems also to show that there was achieved. must be held in mind just as clearly as the triumph of those who. Up to the present only superwills have got through.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS to their dragging after them too the vast remainder of their entire psychophysical hastily organism. following the considerable violent. and so were deranged. this new re-education " of the whole system to the transvaluation of all values. cautious.

clear. and even the plastic arts are not merely recreations dancing of the music of the ear. that psychophysical re-education and co-ordination. because it is the reblending of the mind- body in a single unity. had to be re-educated so that the psychophysique might It is re-avail itself of its repaired mechanism. table until it was discovered that the trouble arose from the fact that. which nevertheless we may miss. because the reflexes which had been conditioned by the distorted muscles failed to recognize that their compen- The reflexes satory behaviour was no longer needed. music. Hence we have is actively engaged in the transaction. as we contemplate designs made by a master. It has been found co-ordination as we that. when has a common spinal fall complaint into a not of children been remedied by massage growing and other crippled treatment. though the spinal muscles had been reconditioned. lately begun to perceive the value of rhythmic pattern in advancing the unification. and painting and sculpture of body. Dancing. must be advanced simultaneously from the two ends of mind and body and this linking up can only be brought about harmoniously if the area where mind and body interact. the eye. it is not our eye and our intelligence which are pleased merely 286 . plastic The studies made in form affects the onlooker Empathy in the way seem to show that. One more example must suffice. the palliative reflexes which the nervous system had set up in the nerves of the back (so as to make the carriage of the distorted body at all possible) remained The specific mechanical cure was thwarted unresolved. in the hope of attaining a better.THE THIRD MORALITY have. the subconscious mind. then. the child condition and one may less which resists treatment more Indeed such a condition appeared intracstubbornly.

be precisely that self- conscious nervousness and hypertonic rigidity which is the base of much of our neuroses to-day." processional method. motion is the ritual rhythm. " is common to see Catholic their legs or at which it The second priests when reciting their breviary offices. and by releases we are profoundly and subconsciously moved by. This has been the common religious carriage in Western Europe. the contemplation of such works of art. quiet swing and beat. the superb salience of the composition before us. That method we to-day despise." : It a Dervish. It is however. is a very loose empirical carriage and would undoubtedly yield far better results in aiding concentration. that we shall have the courage to unlikely.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS tensions and but our whole nervo-musgular system responds. physical attitudes the safest and sanest and carriages. as part of its technique. The Dance may be way of enlargement. Yet dignity may childish. that " tion into which many people find they fall if they are " thinking on lecturing or dictating closely but freely. It is that " ambulasteady persistent. the manifest and active rhythm in which the performer swings himself out of the rut. undignified. is ridiculous. It has been mentioned that there seem to be among men three physical aids whereby the mind is released from the harness and cramp of habitual utilitarian behaviours and thrown into a larger frame the first motion is the Dance. did we 287 . This. It is a " Shamanistic. less spectacular but less safe. however. revive it as a psychotherapy until we have obtained considerable relief from our constricting self-consciousness. and respond to. a savage way. the " mudric. through the two other. Therefore the training of the release will body in its contribution to full psychophysical no doubt have.

Deliberately to alter the breathing is to involve the mind-body in a far graver adventure. with the experience recast by. but to the active mind-body it seems all of the westerner. too rapid a change of attitude and carriage may tire. and even lame . (c) Respiration This. can be and is supplied by rhythmic deep breathing. may disorganize the central nervous system. trails a train of midges and. of course. when he pauses. F. Some fly-whisk for flythoughts must be kept sweeping the air clear. The third motion is the specifically contemplative attitude. however. with spine and neck held straight. distress. though it secures the body. that sedence in which. which then swarms the thicker with random thoughts. arms folded and legs crossed under the body the whole frame is lodged in stillness. 284) there has been quoted Dr. as the head of a brisk walker through a fly-infested wood. too rapid a change in Too breathing Earlier (p. This. as 288 . Still. rapid a change of diet may upset digestion .THE THIRD MORAL1TT it the technique of. he has had of the remedying of faulty carriage and the discoveries he has made of the benefit to mental condition incorporate into that results from true ortho-grading. as is well known now. Carrel's remark that merely to attend to breathing or heart-beat (or indeed to swallowing or any other semi-conscious process) is to disturb the natural functioning of that centre. For the rhythmic motion of the limbs is substituted this internal tide. as long as he moves. the more to release the mind. is the most powerful and therefore the least safe of all the methods of changing focus. This attitude undoubtedly is most dignified. or permit it to be Matthias Alexander. is enclouded among them.

becoming reduced. the glands of excitement. the third and far the most instant and powerful of all the physical methods of affecting. We are only beginning to discover those changes must be. and as they want quick convincing results and indeed need them (so ambulative contemplation will probably not give them enlargement of focus becoming either merely perfunctory or negligent). altering. it seems possible to say that the same principle rules in breath control as in muscular control of bodily attitude and carriage. Probably the safest : rule in such exercises is. the secretions from the suprarenal glands. viz. and enlarging consciousness. the simplest breathing (longer inspiration and expiration) should be governed by perceiving how far this extension gives an increased awareness and power 289 of concentration. our knowledge extends at present on this interesting. to say something about this. The . and so the whole function-phase and feeling tone of the body-mind. little-known subject. reciprocatingly. will be brought into another gear. It is necessary. how extensive or elaborate We realize that heart-beat will be remarkably affected by breathing rhythm and that the reduced heart-beat will in turn be reflected in a shift in the endocrine balance. funda- the increase in the extension of mentally. we must be prepared to see the main advance made along the short but dangerous fail before they in their effort.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS people to-day would rather be endangered than be laughed at (so Dance cannot become part of the psychophysical release). path. So far as the rate of change should not exceed that at which the mind-body can simultaneously carry out all those other co-ordinative changes which the alteration of this specific and central rhythm will necessitate. therefore.

THE THIRD MORALITY not sensation. a is swallowing rhythm pause will choke. Hence. then probably progress will be aim is a satisfactory. and fearing " u from materialism) that they (because of a hang-over may be deceiving themselves unless they can show such obvious consequences. A slow advance is probably that which is most truly economical. There is a real and constant danger that experimenters. the instrument through which the greater perception was to have come. as has been the extreme distresses of the mystics (" dark suggested. of however high a sort. these concomitants. The interaction between mind and body. This but there are probably also other such which rapid one. becoming absorbed in producing spectacular effects." etc. yielding on the one hand a greater knowledge of and power over the self and on the other a greater insight into and compass of the outer condition. or without not to say that advance will be either fast check or reaction. If diet is advanced at the same time and carriage is also simultaneously mastered. if they press the method to the utmost they can endure. through the valve which separates them. may find their minds concentrated on these side issues. are larger and slower. The conscious mind and the subconscious mind have to communicate with each other. they will not only fail to gain the enlarged insight. night of the soul. finding they can is That produce quick and unmistakable results. they will damage the body-mind. by a sequence which tries swallowing. of however The aim is the widened focus of serenity. and in the end. between the conscious and the subconscious life of the organism is to-day both slow and intermittent.) may have been due to their Anyone who u to is analogous to drink without a " 290 . though. lofty consciousness.

realizes Even of the fact in learning a language everyone intermittent advance. its fullnesses and drynesses. There is This nearly always an initial period of surprising aptitude. when not only what had been temporarily lost is recovered but a further rapid extension results. it is vitally important that such complimentary and compensatory changes as may have to take place in the neuro-spinal tract and in the spinal cord itself should be given a free path and at no point be congested or embarrassed. for we know. Katz's work seems to some confirmatory experimental evidence) and. that diet. give further. when the main nerve-centres of the spine are being affected (such as the medulla oblongata which directly controls the nerves working the lungs). any advance must have tidal fluctuations. Of these facts we may soon have experimental evidence. The lowbreathing protein diet being less stimulating is less apt to disturb The interrelatedness intense reflective thought (as Dr. Perseverance ends the third period. when the disappointment leads in many to give up all together. the greater sensitivity of the whole organism responds to all stimulant with greater reaction. one of equally surprising forgetf ulness. the straitened spine is also thought by some experimenters and in some traditions to be necessary. and mastery of diet and carriage with exercises seems also to be important. carriage. is as invariably followed by a second period. So. and respiration are three outstanding nodes in the each one can only single function of the mind-body : 291 . because. as the keenness of apprehension which comes from intensified and heightened awareness is experienced. too. beyond doubt.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS unwisely forcing the pace. its its flows and shallows. Meanwhile on first principles it seems wise to act on such advice.

must be Taken must be repeated that this is a risk. comes to With such a triple co-ordinated effort so to swing the that it ever enlarging perception of vaster pattern. becomes The integrally aware of an integrative experience. The threshold of consciousness is widened and shifted until it through every channel and apprehension of the organism. whatever reply might have been appropriate when society was stabilized and when health of mind and 292 . Some are so impressed with these dangers. Because it no one can say what the casualty rate But it is a risk which we have no choice except may be. each can change only with the concerted change of the others. the enfranchisement of the whole three estates of being . and be. as they have been accused of a passion for other-worldliness. we may hope both pursues the mind-body larger pattern it perceives and. to sanity and to health. Only with this re-sensitized awareness of its total being can the human instrument through creature have. Such an objection can be answered all too easily to-day. by that pursuit. that they would still discourage all such pioneering. process is subjectively. mind. or interiorily. and informs the whole organism and. body. Why It is this Way. at the damage which the passionate and enthusiastic will can inflict on the whole system. The advice to make haste slowly comes from those who have great experimental experience and who. the which it may apprehend the totality of its environment. feeling. a real adventure to take.THE THIRD MORALITY act fully with the fullest co-operation of the others. cannot be charged with hesitance or tardiness in advancing into the country which lies beyond the world of unreflective action and immediate passion. though Dangerous.

Man the Unknown. life system puts strains on our mind-bodies under which they break down. When diseases with such obvious physical destruction as duodenal ulcer. these states are found to be attributable to a social way of an outlook on life which puts an intolerable strain living. Then the XVIIIth-century " ecclesiastical dread of enthusiasm" may have had not merely because that enthusiasm was justification. Our investigations are not a cause or a provocation of disturbance. through these enquiries. cannot be changed in a moment or indeed in less than a generation. Our grossly partial outlook on has built up a mechanic system of society because that partial outlook This mechanic so believed the whole universe to be. To-day it is clear that those who enquire into the mind's powers and the mind-body relationship are not. but a reply which has already grown so grave that not only is the number of unhinged steadily increasing (Carrel. The mechanic social system. Nor can it be changed unless and until people know quite clearly that 293 it gives a false . p. however. and even phthisis are in ever greater number of cases traced back to of morbid states of mind and when. giving rise to the derangement of the psycho-social balance. in turn. then what accident has already caused mind intention must strive to remedy.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS body was possible by unquestioning conformity with immemorial custom. 20). diabetes. but the number of diseases (which account for the death rate) which can to a derangement be referred to psychological causes increases even faster. skin diseases. on the individual. " " dangerous but because the established apollonian religion (enthusiasm's alternative) was still adequate to supply the psycho-social needs of the majority of those generations.

co-ordinated effort of attention and Only by training can those who see this condition turn themselves round. for. People cannot therefore change the system before they can conceive another underlying reality (than that which gave rise to the system) and they cannot clearly conceive of that other underlying reality until they are living in a system which does not are. No more then need be said to answer the charge that these investigations are dangerous and best left alone. They so seem. never get through. dangerous. involved in a vicious and no doubt most people they act. but die in the transition from chrysalis to free. What we are a new psycho-social mutation. Our society is breaking its down and breaking down decay. individuals. and reaction to.THE THIRD MORALITT picture. dangerous. living majority of all species have failed. flatly deny circle. Were X-rays not worth finding out. an intense. Of course this is new step in The majority evolution. though they killed or mutilated most of those pioneers who No real power is ever other than discovered them ? It would be no power. We are. were it less. They are dangerous. and so give rise to a way of life which can break through the vicious circle and take the place of the present called a on to bring forth of all is way of death. few (perhaps only one) chosen. build up a complete reaction with that reality. however." insect. in process of that they cannot resist its decomposition. the universe. The whole past path of evolution is one enormous discourse " on the text Many are called. : The 294 . of any species which has to go through metamorphosis. so its constituents. therefore. contact larger reality. it. it is a mistaken model of. though they as they think so also as they act think. given no choice.

It will and must give rise to a new athleticism. analysis so to neutralize his own passions. Jesus : looking for the apocalyptic transformation of this fallen world into the Kingdom. the capacity for self-forgetfuland the fully mastered.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS The New Athleticism The calls. a type made by training. and aimed bodymind which shines out in the highest types of the ethic. cosmology who has the critical analytic experimental interest which characterized the best of the second ethic and also type ness The has the intense devotion. deduced from the third cosmology. took in The to pieces the world around him and even attempted by However. wielded. misconception of his own nature. third ethic. So he contributed to the hypocrisy this of respectability. first The cosmology had its highest type in the ascetic saint. body and spirit. made him far less successful with self-control than with nature control. first This athletic type will resolve the conflict of matter and mind. for even those who rejected mortification were of the prophetic category. then. which neither of the earlier ethics succeeded in solving. though the best succeeded T 295 . who. produced as the expression of the third and its ethic must be the mind-body athlete. with type detachment and with no feeling but cool interest. second cosmology had its specific and finished the rational natural philosopher. His rationalism made him first despise and then make covert concession to the rebellious body. because it was a unity only to be understood and controlled as a whole (gestalt). for a distinctive practitioner. outside the social order and orientated to another state of being Gautama seeing behind the world the actionless calm of Nirvana.

whatever may happen ? The new psychophysical conundoubtedly an athletic state of the mind-body. a power which. prayer. through intuitive sublimation rather than through scientific understanding. Is this Dope ? But granted such a state can be attained and should be attained. The power of rational analysis and critical experiment which was the finest discipline of the second cosmology not only benefited those who practised it.THE THIRD MORALITY in eliminating." For it will experience that condition when a as the psychophysical organism will become realized unity. of this reconditioning. a discipline of the mind. change things outside itself. as we have seen. to control. no longer a conflict. body being a form of mind and mind as a form of body. but certainly not intended to 296 . can it. it gave them an enormous power over their environment. is it more than a scientific stoicism. And when we go behind first. make a real. only so disciplined. a new way of bearing but not changing old unalterable ills ? Does it. It will create that state of being in which " flesh helps soul no less than soul helps flesh. an objective difference. no more than an athletic opium through the use of which a man may become so fit that he cannot care. has been so great as to prove disproportionate for their natures. in final analysis. more. Through that condition man gains a new rapport with his circumstances that is the purpose dition is but it is . the second cosmology to the there again we find its appropriate method. or is it.

individual self. be and has been used as for. a by which man Further investigation has shown that prayer limited to As we have seen. as long as he considered his condition critically and rationally. he could not cure. the evidence for telepathy makes it easier for this particular prayer evidence not to be dismissed without investigation. he does not think it necessary Yet scientists to establish the proof of the first part of it.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS be that only on the contrary. to cures worked Men can cure others by prayer. If prayer be no more than dope. by the nature of Nature. any anthropologist cannot 297 . probably impossible. it can also act It is a strange sort of self- hallucination can empower himself to break an addiction which. Being so sure of the latter part of his statement. not on the is about this interesting problem has been difficult to get at. though no doubt it can a true stimulant. as a soporific. It could only be considered as such by the mechanomorphic age. there is evidence that men by prayer can get their way and obtain their wishes The truth in more material matters than healing. should be and always is answered if you pray rightly. can never be. auto-suggestion." Prayer. Nor can we dismiss prayer as only a dope. Further. The mechanomorphist maintained as an obvious fact that prayer is never answered and. Since then we have recognized the power of auto-suggestion. Both " are right in what they maintain and wrong in what they deny. " " universal negatives can never afford to forget that are notoriously difficult to establish. The anthropomorphist maintains that prayer can be. then it is a queer drug. because neither of the earlier cosmologies wished to recognize it. intended to yield control of environment and rapport with the essential force of the universe.

e. Such anthropomorphic petitionary prayer. then surely we might have developed. and the third from the records of an empiricist who studied and took part in the working of prayer methods used and made to work to-day " by a variety of practisers from Roman Catholics to Red Indian witch-doctors. Now with the third cosmology. praying to it). can deny. just as much truth in that assumption. we can realize what prayer can do.THE THIRD MORALITT answered not to be investigated." . to too often not answered not to be investigated be taken and left at the anthropomorphisms estimate and explanation. These are only three extensive and carefully documented examples. " " in irreverence there surely would have been no to find out the laws of this method of communicatrying tion. for you do not reflect on the majesty of the Government of the United States if you enquire into the capacities and limits of submarine cables). with greater speed and less heartburning (yes. man's spiritual capacity and his psychological knowledge. one from the life of a contemporary Roman Catholic saint.e. Mechanomaintained (wrongly) that there was no truth morphism in that assumption and therefore could not explain why * See reports on Don Bosco's and Muller's orphanages and Mary Austin's account of her experiments. assuming the universe to be personal and individual and treating it as such (i. and body burning). the other from the life of a contemporary undenominational Protestant philanthropist. the cosmology which conceives the universe as being a mind which in certain aspects resembles the human mind and so to be contacted by the human mind when it attains a certain detachment from the contraction its individualized urgencies impose upon it. The same impartial observer will add " It is also far " i.* is far too often : and does produce some result as there is result in fact. It is indeed unfortunate that those who prayed would not investigate and those who inHad this been done (and vestigated would not pray.

ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS prayer sometimes was answered. Anthropomorphism maintained (wrongly again) that that assumption was quite true and therefore could not explain why prayer was so frequently unanswered. the applied results of that world picture. It is an essential way of bringing the united consciousness into rapport with the mental element of the universe and so obtaining powers which are the appropriate powers. Up to this point this training of the mind-body has been considered purely as an individual 299 . as the first cosmology. The Third Ethic has the Third Technique But the third only logy. not and important problem in psychoits own technique and its effects discovery. And. Contemplation is not merely a subjective exercise. so this third cosmology. it ethic. and a balance and security which generally has only been his when his span of knowledge and power was crampingly elucidated by the restricted. combining these two and transcending their limitations will give us powers which will surpass any which man has so far had. and applied applied science and all its powers were the result of the second. as answers to prayer and " " were the appropriate powers and miracles healing results of the first cosmology. and as the second yielded great physical power and some considerable benefit. we must touch on one other factor and means towards making the new ethic actual. so acted on and contacted. settles a difficult also sees by making this discovery. gave considerable psychological power and benefit (which were lost in the second). Team Work Essential Before concluding this outline of method.

(after the mistake of the two other earlier cosmologies in this direction) There is no private salvation each : . This discovery therefore compels. of course. consciously by ourselves. or our advance will fail . The new be a this also mind-body must therefore is essential for its aim that be sought for together. it holds. latent in mankind. because this cosmology sees the universe as constructed (to a degree unsuspected by either of the earlier cosmologies and even now still unknown) unmeans. to make the the flight of the alone may have been absolute individual " to the Alone the " (the Absolute which third The transitional). The whole cosmology is one which points to the aim of the world process being not merely the transcendence of individuality but also to that transcendence through union with the common. It will be made. for a double reason. we cannot save ourselves 300 .THE THIRD MORALITY concern and achievement. and it must be called out. In the solitary intensity of the highest Anthropomorphism it possible and even expeditious for an individual to cut himself off from the world and. in every man. the means goal will be lacking. strives to be delivered by and through the deliverance athleticism of of all. no real progress towards the goal team achievement. as " " an anchorite. That. We must bring others with us or our advance would be vain they are us. The third cosmology's conception of the highest is Immanence. unless the effort is a joint effort. that our further advance be a collective advance. inapprehensible by neither so conceives its goal nor its cosmology is The highest state of being is. But. But no less we must have others . deeper life isolated in all other We cannot too often repeat to ourselves individuals. it cannot be. further. with us.

and yet the sudden mutation of all the human race is not to be and all life expected. it is right or wrong to wish so to act becomes an academic question. that he one and that he and all life create sorrow. individualism. As. In reality. Right or wrong is a matter of seeing things as they are or as we mistake them to be. He need it is obvious. aptly enough. not discuss whether he ought or ought not to fly. then. as the conduct of too many anchorites proved through their passionate wish for self-survival. he is in no more danger of flying from the rest than a high- jumper is in danger of flying off the earth. private salvation is impossible. For with the third cosmology and its ethic we arrive back at the point where what is morally right Truth is. the individual will not escape. Whether. " Holy Selfishness." For this greedy hope of spiritual advance by oneself. He is still 301 . because he who had are insight must in the end discover the two enlightening and emancipating truths. of morality what Jerome called. This is the goal of that sanity to which Buddhism looked forward when it taught that understanding was the fundamental morality. Otherwise. or immorality. and can only be. the Tightness or wrongness. it is clear that individuals who would so transmute themselves must do so in teams. of deserting mankind and only asking (a question all too common in Anthropo" Where shall I be most safe ? " is for morphism) : the third ethicist simply a hallucination of inflamed As a matter of fact it is impossible. then.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS Indeed we need hardly discuss the single-handed. what is scientifically right. disappointment and pain by building up a world of craving. and goodness come again together. a world composed by the selective and transmutative power of greed and fear. of stealing a march on all others.

likewise. by instinct. they are only an additional layer and weave of some in upon two other much more Those two other strands are tightly " A our animal inheritance and our social heredity. It must be three-fold cord is not lightly broken. under this untied knot. the individual. When. by himself. 302 . true enough. Loose the pull and it may be undone. He can then by himself loose the pressure of the knot he himself tied. For the main Adverse Force Social Suggestion In the world to-day. behaviour-pattern. as He far has now no and we know now that as higher primates soon as the the big brain appears and down pioneering and experimental action becomes possible instinct." unpicked. These are kept taut not by his pressure but by the pressure round him. forty years of habit put woven strands. complete has been cut off. he finds. but adhesions. It is therefore this midmost knot which tradition. as we have seen. him as of these. Only neutralizing graviheavy " he field as tation's pull can really set him is free. however. we are involved something much more intricate than our own personal We are held by them. still as firmly attracted by u the is in and he will only come down all the harder. in any exact sense of a fully-engrained. the other two. the more violently he springs. The place of has been taken by social heredity.THE THIRD MORALITY as he was. has loosed his own habits and psycho-physical conditioning. A knot with pressure on it cannot be untied. but he cannot by himself loose the pressures on the knots which he himself as an individual did not his tie. We animal have seen the care which he must take in loosing ties and yet we must remember his evolution has already largely loosed instincts.

To untie this knot in ourselves we have to loose the pressure on it. and those teams must be living a way of life u 303 . To neutralize the vast pull " " of this field we have to set up together gravitational a society living the life inspired by interest-affection in life contradistinction to the present society living the driven by greed and fear. and so denying us the power to see the world as it appears to the wider focus and nobler interest-affection. social suggestion is more powerful even than animal instinct with us. also is expressing these basic passions.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS takes most of the strain. to preserve the supremely precious self constructed by greed and fear and. the defiance of the urge to it is social conformity. who would use and develop the exercises mentioned in the first part of this chapter must do so in teams. and so will resist it. while his desertion due to the same urge. then. Hence unite all our efforts against social suggestion that we have to if we are to win freedom for ourselves and others. But his the ringing echo of his society's greed. tying us into our individuality. Those. and he who may find it easy to deliver himself from his personal habits and even his animal urges will find himself helpless against the suggestive power of his society. for we see how far commoner is physical courage safety the defiance of the urge to physical than moral courage. most stubbornly an . it it when he it goes into passionate revolt for solitary deliverance. in turn. individual's effort to unpick he is as highly suggestible as un-instinctive. only or deserts and passionate individualism. True. constructive power yielded by We need to repeat. Social suggestion is then the master knot. he may think Indeed we is may say man he has escaped against revolt is fear.

so neither could a team. in order to assimilate new become so extensive that it must either go back to far simpler and cruder conditions or make a complete and radical reconstruction. a complete grows up as the complete social expression of a completely relaid and reintegrated psychophysical being. by full awareness of his all- It may be said that this is impossible. life because it by interest-affection. has disintegration. As the individual cannot stand against the suggestive force of the pervasive social heredity which ties him fast in its knot of craving. it tries to get rid of the new sensibility and deliberately to achieve the toughness But it tries only natural and easy to the stupid. Hence the romanticizing of the past. is Social Heredity's Extremity the Pioneer's Opportunity True. the new immense. narrow balance. knows that it has reached a stage in its rapid evolution its when outlooks. at this moment. the past looks safer and easier to attain than a new social mutation. that bad news read twice can become good. equally desperately to hang on to the new intricate technological powers. embracing life. trying to go back. It is. But. our civilization is in acute distress and is showing many it But why ? Because signs of atavistic behaviour. naturally.THE THIRD MORALHT which new an economy and a policy. it will not really pay the full price needed to repurchase the old. though it wishes to go back. 304 . It would never be able to come together and function in the intensely adverse field of the present degenerating social But it is just here heredity of our lapsing civilization. sense. because. True. a being who is entirely energized is a psychiatry. and the worst may turn out to be a friend of the better. a completely new pattern of living.

Backwards are bewildered Leaders In fact the like the wretched monkeys who are caught by the trapper. the more certain it is that its power. society resorts to force. because a civilization in such bewilderment is a civilization with very low suggestive remind ourselves. because. Their whatever shifts may postpone a complete explanation. selfmanacled. To-day much (but. Their dependence on violence they have to justify by mis-statements about strangers. of it but must strike out. far from all of is Even among such. we must our discouragement. in As people say. doubts are back. Civilization to-day is therefore showing signs which are hopeful to the social pioneer.N. they are picked up. the master knot." more self contradictory. in a wooden cannon. They are in the hands of a fool and in the false limits of deadly is nationalism as present T. having put their hands into narrow-necked bottles containing food. they can neither remove the full hand nor will they relinquish the bait.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS and these need as intelligence to handle them. captives of their ^ own blind greed. growing Now all this is hopeful. " power of appearing obviously right is vanishing. able to sweep the wise individual off his feet. So. equally able to make the craven show 305 .T. it is becoming every day more The more a impossible. obviously more To that those it is who know the force of social suggestion. of its cannot stay still or drift. more powerful than private interest or animal craving. Its violence and degeneracy are symptoms of subconscious realization that it its bewilderment. it) striking as to whether any harbourage can lie behind. statements made by civilization's leaders to-day The are increasingly divorced from anything which even common " " are more and cases sense could maintain.

but for a rapidity. then the practitioners of the Third Morality will to-day come together in teams to live the life which the new cosmology sanctions. that the game is up. then. nothing but hope in the fact that the old. in the present chaos of confused counter-suggestions in our contemporary civilization. they will find that they can. the new ethic indicates. to have to invoke phantasms and revoke even that degree of actuality which men have come to see. as we have seen. then to try to carry on by threat of violence is even more Its days are numbered for. is to own itself found out. and the new psychophysical training makes actual. and obedience was clearly the only sensible action of rational men. there is. that social suggestion is no longer working. hidden social heredity has come to an end and that further advance its must take place. it is social suggestion that man fears far more than physical damage and to threaten him and of When torture him is only to confirm in his heart (even though is his flesh yield) that the social suggestion the social heredity in that line at an end. argue and be explicit. fatal to such government. and the loudspeaker and the secret torture-chamber For a social suggespoint. deep. They its cannot. almost unconscious suggestion. manufactured public opinion fails. steamer (though the passengers may feel sick) such winds may be more favourable than a steady gale from one 306 . If bankrupt. tion to have to labour is only possible through a further (not a reduced) facing reality. build up the new order with sureness and Cross winds can wreck a sailing ship. For this is the frank confession for which we have been waiting.THE THIRD MORALITY all the signs of a brute courage. has vanished and that in its stead is naked violence. to confess that the sure. the suave assumption that the Government and Reality were one.

life question remains to be answered. a cloistered life out of the world ? Is this new way only for the few. The . because it shows that social heredity is at an end. Already much experience has been won from experiments being carried on now. steamer drives through the cross seas to its port. though not eremitism. through present knowledge of its environment (the new cosmology). The Nucleating of the New Civilization One met. the quarter. though a way of life and sanity. Experiment show how in detail such nucleations should be composed.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS Well built and under its own power. the technique and the will. is our new knowledge of the psychophysical unit and the ways of training it. an esoteric path which. training and athleticism). through present knowledge of the induced conduct such a cosmology sanctions and demands (the new ethic). still only a monasticism. What we have mainly to add to the psycho-social knowledge of the past in this matter. leading to reality and the only way out of the present nightmare. Here has been learned in the past about such team it need only be said that the nucleating unit should not be larger than a score. and it is a company (as is any association of its nation or church which accepts the whole being will constituents) of unlimited liability. and through present knowledge of the access to the creative will (the new exercise. 307 is nevertheless an escape ? . an unparalleled opportunity to rebuild civilization. is this. one criticism Granted that individuals must achieve this new all co-ordinated outlook and action with a devotion to and through actual and entire co-operation with others. perhaps it ought to be only a dozen.present crisis of violence. gives to those who have the material. Much work.

possibly. however. though they leave. actual story of the present situation far more precarious and popular " more promising than that. at the same time. the level of the tide of all mankind a little higher than they religions and orders. They found it. both far This notion of a gradual amelioration that the " no longer countenances certain spirit of the age " we must not judge the men of the violences . though for some fifteen to twenty-five years it seemed as though it could lift all spends it itself the heavy waters and they drop back. or the asceticism of India ? That doubt and that discouragement strongest is natural. that such movements. The wave of enthusiasm spends itself and. in fact it That. that " by our higher standards . because they are unpractical people. it. the insight. a more balanced but not a more effective movement than the eremitism of Egypt. completely to misread history. and into a world of fact instead of the present phantasmagoria. still have to leave the vast majority. in sweep. It is among those who know history best. and the enthusiasm of all the great psychical pioneers the founders of point out. this new new ethic). that consistent past enthusiasts are not to be followed. They acknowledge the conviction. perhaps new Will not this " new insight " a more socially intelligent. and this new conduct only end as.THE THIRD MORALHT Does transfer it can undoubtedly save the few. . as its is The happens. is. cannot permanently carry forward humanity or civilization beyond such a very moderate advance. though them lost in their delirium tremens ? induced action (the (the cosmology). but may be useful as gradually shaming us into devising better compromises between what we will have and what we ought to do all that accepted notion about history 308 is false.

and not by " the inevitability of gradualness. then progress will be a fact and in our time. as seems the fact with all other when a concatenation of circumstances compels every form of life to leave its rut and to strike out. If we act on our new feeling. though progress is true. there is an evolution of consciousness. For. and It a is new way that the old ways must or extinction must be found and is creature whether a criterion of the inherent vitality of the it sees that sudden change in its condi- tions as a desperate crisis or an immense opportunity. evolution. but if this change is not clearly apprehended and acted on." Our social evolution. if we making fail to make it. it as an inevitable easement in " human relation- just feeling good letting things slide) and. through too long response. by leaps. it will realize that all depends on what its it itself own does and on the profound originality of If its vitality. like all other evolution. it is by steps. We hardly need " will turn into sentimentality (the enjoyment of and reminding that almost ness offers us of all order but the promise one and equally the threat that. All that circumstances can dictate (it is grimly much) cease faced. then even that which we have will be taken from us and we go down into chaos. is not a What new social the Reformist movements the evolution of conscious- mutation. make of our new apprehension a science. but only vaguely imagined ships.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS There is a development of sensitivity. 309 . there comes a time Further. apply that science and train ourselves to live up to those applications. is by a sudden to-day are terrorist. this sentimentality will be succeeded by a return to toughness among the grim and a turn to cynicism or despair among the tender. because of that. If its vitality is high.

and die. low. Without self-discipline and insight in the deepest centres of the psyche. so making it loyal and linking it up to the whole of being. on to our own nature. mistook what were the essentials in the powers they contacted. called and so quickly lost them by wrong names. Our forces. To-day that awareness. it is probably fortunate that 310 a complete unity . is up In the past history of religion and of all psycho-social departures.THE THIRD MORALITT familiarity with and affection for its surroundings. Psychological we can now see. History does not tiously effective. To-day that need not happen. it will play for safety. Swept as though by a pandemic in one decade. as a clearly understood technique. Considering how ill-equipped most natures are to carry such forces. They had victories. to produce. As suddenly the methods " went dead. in the " resistance " next mankind seemed to have generated a to the enthusiasm which flushed it a few years before. u fluked " their sporadic successes and they Suddenly certain methods became infec- repeat patient itself. men stumbled on new methods. employed wrong methods touch with the new sources of power." the words and formulae no longer worked. changes and power which till now were only practised intuitively and which therefore acted sporadically. expect something to turn to extricate it. and far more effective than. That is our hope. is turning like a searchTo-day we can begin light beam. risk and peril lie in the same fact. it was not wholly a disaster that in the past no one could command and discharge these forces except for a short time. are as natural as. through detached interest and experiment. which has given us such powers over our apparent environment. dynamite. method of not even religious history.

more transforming than any physical weapon. to wreak his unrestrained will on his fellows. is the answer to those who " new insights. but even greater than. Those who to-day succeed to the task of the founders of the religious orders. The enlightened also are turning to the world with as clear a realization that they must command and direct this force to save it for humanity and save humanity These say are only for the few. their immense empiric (with their historical knowledge that. too. then. Only a complete realization of the purpose of life (and so deliverance from any personal or class ambition) can make this power safe. the dictators. of passion. We are going to see a race " " for this power. is the essential force. the failure to concentrate wholly on his principal interest. that power will give out) that here in this direct action on the will. a race between the power types and the enlightened. it. The weapons war. and . that which confronts For millenia man has wanted. in moments us in physics.ACTUAL EXERCISES AND EFFECTS of the psyche has not maintained for long. The power are beginning to realize command over masses and types. methods. Such accurate insight can and must give them freedom not merely it giving out but to keep to keep that power from for themselves if they so choose. ways : through That. are able to see. can be his to-day. Now his weapons will do his will. how religious energy is released and how may be used. without technique. he longs for complete freedom from the restraints of caution. however. This power. and who shall save him ? So. is up to the present been able to be The danger to-day in psychology similar to. were not sufficiently He was saved effective to let him do what he wished. of from himself by his ignorance. the need for social esteem. with almost scientific it exactitude.

This new order can and must begin now. but. This civilization will live no dream but in a far clearer reality than we can have " matter " will It will be a world in which not to-day. if we wished." History is not going to repeat itself. reasons of character. by deducing the apt is in 312 . This new outlook is. for action. be banished but under complete control. unavoidably. if we will not realize the novelty of our age and be contemporaneous. no longer possible. which sinks back to its natural level. The only choice for all of us is whether it will be far higher or far lower than anything mankind has so far known. for here at last is a method dawning on us whereby evolution can escape frustration and resume advance. The eremitic escape out of it is. It will only leave us bitterly regretting that history cannot repeat. so wish. for a moment drawing it with them but invariably they pass on and out from ordinary life. that will not check the radical change. because all advanced methods are simple . The civilization which man could now build (and there is no reason save human reasons. There is nowhere to escape from manThere is no reason why we should kind. geographically and psychologically. and power not abandoned but exactly harnessed. why he should not) will be a simple civilization.THE THIRD MORALITY for they are only a repetition of the past psycho-social There we see waves of leaders suddenly history of man. all transitional methods are needlessly complex. that we can no longer stumble along between moderate miseries and moderate happiness. There is going to be a completely new world for all of us. because purpose at that stage not clearly apprehended. We have then to face a new world. Every individual can begin that transformation of the self by realization of present knowledge. sweeping the surface of humanity's ocean.

action indicated

by such knowledge and by


himself so as to be able to perform such action. So he makes the unit, the brick, the living cell, without which


structure cannot be built, but which immediately begins to assemble itself when such units are
individually ready.



civilization to-day


a very close

macrocosmic rendering of our microcosmic


Raymond Pearl has pointed out, we make societies and cities of certain patterns and certain confusions, because our social structures can only be a reflection of our
nature, as the termitary, the anthill, and the beehive are each of them specific precipitations of the termite nature, the ant's, and the bee's. Till we remake intentionally that nature, it will give As it is blindly changing to-day, it rise to chaos.

own distress, for it develops both power and but does not reconcile them. Hence that sensibility, conflict will continue to be transferred to the outer world and our societies and our circumstances will

acceleratedly more chaotic, the expression of irreconcilable forces, until social living will become no


longer possible.

But we can take hold of this opportunity, seize this and ride this breaker. Then, instead of being dashed to pieces on the reef, we shall be carried into a broad water. We can co-operate with, reconcile, and

explicate the profound changes at present working in the can go forward and reunite depths of our being.


the sundered parts of the psyche which are making convulsive efforts once again to be united and knit. We can bring once again into complete consciousness a complete being ; and that being is the essential factor This creative of a new state, civilization, humanity.
act for himself


for the



within the powers of


Further, we are driven to attempt it now. This the new Revolution and alone can achieve the new




other ways are inadequate, inapposite,

Whether we take it depends on That the old way here comes to an end that is ruled by an edict we cannot revoke. Our choice is to go on to a new state of being or to end.
unpractical. ourselves alone.


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Psychology, 139-40 ; Freudian, 51-2 ; postmechanistic, 113 et seq. ; physics need ' Western man's ignorance for, 162-3 of, 164 ; danger in, 311 Psychophysical training, 232 n., 238 et seq., 275 et seq. Psychophysiology, findings of, 131, 133, 139
Specialization, in research, 2-4 State, the, organic entity of, 16-17 Steel, tempering of, 137

RADIATIONS, cosmic, 105-7, 136 a series of, 130-4 Radium, 131, 136 Rationalism, 34-7, 238, 295



Stimulants, 278-80 and personSubconscious, the, 116-18 communication with 1 60-2 ality, universal mind through, 171, 199, 213; way to the will through, 233 results of access to, 234 ; method of approach co-ordination of mind and to, 254-5 body through, 275-6, 286, 292 social, 302-7 Suggestion, power of, 117
; ; ; I ;






poses the

new cosmology,


two generations, 69-72 of, 74

214 "


synthetic diet

61-7 ; irrachanges in "

Suicide, 121, 220 Suprarenal glands, 109 Suttee, Dr. Ian, The Origins of Love


Hatred o^ 195 n
Symbiosis, 173

aims Rationed life, reasons for, 187-90 and sex, 196 ; and possesof, 190-2 exercises of, 253 200- 1 sions, Reflexes, conditioned* 114 ; palliative, 286

TABUS, sexual, 37, 194, 224-5 ness, 195 n Tea, 279-80


of tender-

Reincarnation, 176-7, 181 Religion, 34-7, 54, 60-1, 145, 310-11 Research, specialization in, 2-4 tation of field of, 25-30
Respiration, 288-92



Rhine, Dr.
of, 127,


B., Extra-Sensory Perception

280 n

Roman Catholicism,

8, 26-30, 118 Rousseau, Jean-Jacques, 43 Russia, 263 Rutherford-Bohr's model of the atom, 83

Telepathy, 125-7, 130, 161, 172, 265, 296 Tenderness, need for, 105, 225-9 Third Morality, coming of, 157, 172, 185-6, 237 ; aims of, 187, 210, 222 reasons for, 187-90 ; ethical position of, 212-13 ; training for, 232-4, 238 et 234-5 ; dangers seq. ; no finalities in, in attainment of, 284-5, 288-90, 292-4 Thomist cosmology, 7-8 Thought, universe expressed in terms of,

SAINTS, 71, 219* 284, 295 Salvation, impossibility of private, 175, 192, 241, 244, 274. 300-1 Schweitzer, Albert, Indian Thought and
its Development of, 7 n Science, limitation of field of, 25-30, 62-3, 77, 96 ; works by probability, 86-7 ; feudal system of, 91 ; and psychical research, 127 ; and wish for power,

by mechanism, 64; stultified and action, 263 Totem and Tabu (Freud), 51, 122-3 Touch, sense of, 138, 139/1
Tradition, 141


Tropism, 113 Truth, 62, 65, 163 Tyranny, 41-2
establishment of mechanistic, 22-3, 30, 52, 64 ; mind the basis of, 64, 158-61, 170-1 ; immaterialness of, 129130"; of man's creation, 177-8, 208-11, 230, 232, 235> 240 H., 246-7, 272-3. 300

Self-change, 249-53 Self-consciousness, 165, 207-8 Self-control, 275 Senses, and reality, 131-41, 163

VEDA, 266
Vegetarianism, 231, 232 n., 277-8, 291 Vicarious suffering, 179-80, 269 Violence, modern resort to, 58, 305-7 uselessness of, 187, 213, 216-17, 266
Voltaire, 42

Sermon on the Mount, 205-6
Sex, Freudian views on, 36, 51-2, 117, 119 ; Third unrestrained, 55-6 ; 37-41, 223, Morality's outlook on, 194-6, 226-8, 232 ; purposes of, 224-7 Sheldon, Dr., 121 Sherrington, Sir Charles, no Sidgwick, Professor Henry, 50 n Sight, sense of, 131-3, 138, 139 n Social heredity, strength of, 141, 302-4 Social morality, abandonment of, 55-6 Society, 119 ; suggestive force of, 250-1 Solipsism, 139, 159 n Sound, 81, 134-5, 138



17, 187,


Wavicle," 81

Weyi, Hermann, The Open World of, 235
X-RAYS, 131, 136, 294