Summary for Chapter 2- Forces and Motion Motion graphs: s- t graph v- t graph a- t graph Acceleration/ deceleration Speed Distance

Safety features in vehicles Ft = mv- mu F = (mv- mu)/t

+ and – effects v= u + at v2 = u2 -2as s= ut + ½ at2 Velocity Displacement Forces and Motion Newton’s First Law of Motion Inertia


Impulsive Force

Principle of conservation of momentum Momentum

Linear motion

Force Newton’s 2 Law F = ma Equilibrium Effects of forces


Work W= F x s

Elasticit y Hooke’s Law

Weight F = mg

Power, P = W/ t Energy

Elastic potential energy

Kinetic Energy

Potential energy

Principle of conservation of energy

Ek = ½ mv2

Ep = mgh

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