Tracking the Crack in the Universe (Loosh 101) We don't have to be part of the human sacrifice system! We really can reprogram ourselves to be what we were intended to BE! http://brontebaxter.wordpress.com/loosh-101-tracking-the-crack-in-the-universe/ Blowing the Whistle, Chpt. 5: Tracking the Crack in the Universe (Loosh 101) This is the fifth chapter in an evolving book, “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic,” by Bronte Baxter Did you ever wonder why a good God would build a world where the only way to survive is by taking life? How long would you stay alive if you refused to eat? You may love animals and grow plants inside your home and flowers in your garden, but every time you eat, you destroy the life of something. A something with a consciousness, that feels and desires to live, as we do. The other day I grabbed an onion from a basket to chop up, and I saw it had sprouted a beautiful, tender, light-green shoot. It had a life inside it, a consciousness that wanted to take root, breathe air and thrive. Any tears in chopping that onion did not come from the fumes. I’m not a sentimentalist. I’m a person questioning, increasingly aware of an insidious thread woven through biological life. We are born, we feed, and we die. Life is a process of consuming other living things in order to stay alive as long as possible until death in turn consumes us. We tell ourselves life is a whole lot more, but it’s reduced to that as long as we must feed to survive. If we can’t stay alive more than a few months without food, how can eating not be fundamental to how we define our existence? Eating is a requirement for biological life as we know it. It’s the thread that holds together material existence. More than a thread, it’s a chain, binding us to the law that we must consume each other. Rebelling is punishable by death. What kind of God or gods would create a world predicated on killing? We don’t like to ask that, and we find every excuse to avoid looking at this question. But every time a dear one dies,


or you find a nibbled bird in the yard destroyed by an idle cat, or you read about an animal that has suffered mercilessly, or another molested child, or a nation ravaged by a quake that’s buried thousands of living people, your mind goes back to that nagging question. Who would make a world like this? Was it truly a God of love? According to much evidence, it wasn’t. The world was created by something else. Or if it was created by the loving God our hearts insist exists, then creation has been tampered with by someone else so merciless that it barely resembles the original divine vision. The biological universe is controlled by the law that to live we must take life or die. That is sinister. Something there is that makes us have to eat, that makes us age and disintegrate. This is the “something wrong with the world,” the crack in the universe. Knowledge of it works “like a splinter in the mind, driving you mad,” quoting “The Matrix.” Yet awakening to the truth of our predicament is the first step toward radical change. Only radical change can possibly right the fundamental flaw woven into physical creation. And how well-woven it is. Not only does violence wind through the lives of all Earth life like the fibres of a time-bomb attached to a victim. It reaches out into space, where supernovas implode, collapsing millions of stars along with all living beings on all their attendant planets. Death and devouring are so pervasive most people can’t conceive of a world without them, or if they can conceive it, they label the concept preposterous. Yet quantum physics shows that matter is nothing but atoms: emptiness vibrating. Emptiness does not die and neither does the energy it oscillates. So why must bodies die that are made of up of these things? Robert Monroe, in his book “Far Journeys,” writes of contact he had with a light being in an out-of-body experience. (Monroe is arguably the world’s foremost researcher on OBEs; he started an institute with trainee/researchers to scientifically investigate the phenomenon.) Reportedly the light being told Monroe that when humans die, their energy is released and harvested by trans-dimensional beings, who use it to extend their own life spans. The claim is that the universe is a garden created by these beings as their food source. According to Monroe’s story, animals are intentionally positioned on this planet to feed on plants and on each other, thereby releasing the life force of their victims so it can be harvested. In a predator-prey struggle, exceptional energy is produced in the combatants. The spilling of blood in a fight-to-the-death conflict releases this intense energy, which the light beings call “loosh.” Loosh is also harvested from the loneliness of animals and humans, as well as from the emotions engendered when a parent is forced to defend the life of its young. Another source of


loosh is humans’ worship. According to Monroe’s informant, our creators, the cosmic “energy farmers,” intentionally equipped animals with devices like fangs, claws and super-speed in order to prolong predatorprey combat and thereby produce more loosh. In other words, the greater the suffering, the more life force is spewed from our bodies, and the tastier the energy meal for our creators. This story told to Monroe (which threw him into a two-week depression) corresponds to reports in some of the world’s oldest scriptures, the Vedas, Upanishads, and Puranas of India. There we read that “the universe is upheld by sacrifice” (Atharva Veda) and that “all who are living (in this world) are the sacrificers. There is none living who does not perform yagya (sacrifice). This body is (created) for sacrifice, and arises out of sacrifice and changes according to sacrifice.” (Garbha Upanishad) Again: “(Death as the Creator) resolved to devour all that he had created; for he eats all. . . He is the eater of the whole universe; this whole universe is his food.” (Mahabharata) In the writings of Carlos Castaneda, who chronicles the life and teachings of a Yaquii sorcerer called Don Juan, we find another story of the Divine devouring humans, in this case human consciousness. Reports Castaneda: “The Eagle is devouring the awareness of all the creatures that, alive on earth a moment before and now dead, have floated to the Eagle’s beak, like a ceaseless swarm of fireflies, to meet their owner, their reason for having had life. The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames, lays them flat, as a tanner stretches out a hide, and then consumes them; for awareness is the Eagle’s food. The Eagle, that power that governs the destinies of all living things, reflects equally and at once all those living things.” (“The Eagle’s Gift,” by Carlos Castaneda) The idea that man must sacrifice (must kill something or be killed in order to appease the gods) is apparently intrinsic to all the world’s root religions. We find blood ritual, including human sacrifice, in the Druidic tradition, Tibetan Buddhism, among the Indians of the Americas, in Greece and Rome, Africa, China, Arabia, Germany, Phoenicia and Egypt. Even the Old Testament (Judges 11:31-40) has a little-advertised story of human sacrifice, with the Israelite judge Jephthah ritually slaughtering his own daughter to fulfill a vow he made to Jehovah.

When the oldest scriptures of the world tell us we were created as food for the gods. I abandon ship. indicate. and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war. much as Christians try to justify Jehovah’s sociopathic behavior with excuses. But when you add blood sacrifice into the equation. I have to ask myself if I want to live in a universe where that might be true. the situation is similar. and ox and sheep and donkey with the edge of the sword.” (Matthew: 17:5) Where was Jesus when his father was slaughtering the Canaanites? Jesus himself becomes a blood sacrifice. So if I won’t live with it. “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased. I might even buy the story that they need us to support them with our homage and we need them to keep the universe running. In one day alone. and seize them. Could it be the same entity? It isn’t contradictory that he would support two separate peoples. there’d be some reason to be more forgiving.000 Canaanites “and utterly destroyed everything in the city. the religion of brotherly love.” Christians are no strangers to sacrifice. they murdered 12. a fact that Catholics reenact in the mass and that Protestants bathe themselves in to be “saved. If suffering and death were part of creation that no one. Not if his agenda is to stimulate and harvest plenty of loosh. is implicated in blood sacrifice by being rooted in the Jewish tradition. The fact is. beleaguer them. young and old. I have to come up with something better.”(Joshua: 6:21) In Islam. Allah. It’s one thing if the gods can’t prevent earthly suffering and death – quite another if they seek it out and thrive from it – or worse yet. could help. The Bible declares Jesus is the son of God (Jehovah). Christianity. both man and woman. it more than promoted it if we count the genocide Jehovah demanded of the Hebrews. and the scriptures around it. including the gods. I can no longer give my approval to that kind of reality. In many ways. And that’s what blood sacrifice.4 While we may not think of Judaism as typically promoting human sacrifice. then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them. I don’t. I have to find something more fundamental than the physical universe to 4 . orders his servants in the Koran to practice jihad against all unbelievers. the god of Islam reasons and rants like the god of the Israelites. then lead them to fight each other. “When the forbidden months are past. and Jehovah announces at Jesus’ baptism. while paying lip service to the immorality of human sacrifice. created it.” (Koran: 9:5) Peace-loving Moslems interpret such passages as “symbolic” in their desire to justify their faith.

as this universe had a reputation as amnesia-producing. live in lack and sadness. for the experience. I certainly prefer it to death. suffer and die. that we might learn to live on the power of infinite consciousness. So another immortal entered physical mass. and undergo all the human drama as it has been defined for us. and the story goes. and he also never came back. tells a story he learned from his people about a race of beings who knew no limitations. the unquestioned assumptions that we must kill and eat. Lord Krishna warns: “He who does not follow the wheel thus set 5 . That’s what I seek to know. starting to remember who we are. which we can access within ourselves. In time many members of these unlimited beings incarnated in human form. I sense. and my power in. Centuries passed. abundance. that there’s something beyond the universe as it has been presented to us. and draw from. One day one of them declared his intention to visit Earth and take on a body just for the adventure of it. One of his comrades decided to enter the physical world to go look for his friend. We’re wearing body suits that in 70-some years of use are programmed to self-destruct. and immortality. I prefer it to the world I see around me. connect with. and to sickness and poverty. could themselves not have to die. Is it insane to think that humans can beat the system? That we could make a choice to stop the activities that supply our up-line with fuel? That we could minimize – even stop – our own refueling from the life force of creatures lower than us on the food chain? Is it madness to think that our bodies. But the entity laughed that off and promised to come back after one lifetime. The greatest experiment mankind can engage in is mastery of the principles of freedom. What could be more important than changing that programming? In the Bhagavad Gita. being part of it? While some may call that madness. made of undying energy. and the entity never came home. Maybe it’s time to break out of the hypnosis we’ve lived under for eons.5 locate my identity in. He promised not to get lost in matter and to return with the other individual. Maybe we are those people. none of them yet has gone home. a place of no return. Robert Morning Sky. as many do these days. creation. His friends cautioned him. who existed far outside this physical universe. a truth seeker of the Hopi and Apache traditions. I prefer it to loss of my dear ones. More centuries passed. and neither being returned. something outside this box. outside this system.

If “living in vain” means breaking out of that. I’m all for that kind of failure. Bronte Baxter 6 . But surely life was meant to be more than dinner for the next rung up on the food chain. karma and retribution. human sacrifice and divine blessing.” The wheel is the cycle of birth and death.6 revolving lives in vain. To rebel against this system is to fail in our life purpose as defined by those who say they are our creators and gods.

dispensing dharshan and picking up new recruits. He taught us advanced techniques with the Sanskrit word “namah” at their core: “I bow down. despising him for how they were treated while they continue to invest money in the enterprise he sold them on. Byron Katie and Andrew Cohen were popular.7 Blowing the Whistle. This latter group had changed in the way that people change hats. Chpt. and people grow vitriolic over whether Maharishi has slept with young women or not. “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. and Neo-Advaitin gurus had rallied many behind their minimalist philosophy. But the emperor has no clothes. Why doesn’t the skepticism extend beyond the procurer. Later we learned those meaningless words. I found the true-blue meditators.” by Bronte Baxter. whose minds questioned everything they learned from their guru days. When you scrape away all the fancy and misleading explanations – like “meaningless sounds” and “impulses of creative intelligence. I find this disturbing. Across town. Of course we can explain this away using TM explanations. but the entities are 7 . They go by different names.” what you get very simply is people with their eyes closed bowing down in their minds to an assigned Hindu deity. that we’re so willing to explain away as “impulses of our own consciousness”? The same gods have appeared in other religions and cultures. our mantras. to that which he procured for? And what did Maharishi procure for? The Vedic gods. “Namah” means “bow down. There is a smattering of hedonists and atheists. Who are these gods. small groups meet in “satsangs” to discuss their growing enlightenment or to chant songs to the gods.” Mantra meditation is a form of paying worship to those who call themselves gods. were names of deities. That worldview is a lens through which they perceive and measure all gurus and reality itself. 1: The Hidden Agenda of Mantra Meditation This is the first chapter in an online book. Mantras worship the gods. I encountered people who had left the TM movement but hadn’t substantially changed their belief system.” It’s right there on the surface for anyone to see if we toss out the excuses we were handed and look at the situation with even a shred of unbiased observation. even in societies that had no contact with each other. leaving unaltered the structure underneath. but not the kind of dissenters I anticipated. He sold us a meaningless word that was supposed to guide our minds to transcend superficial consciousness. It’s rather like people who’ve been swindled by a con man. much like the townsfolk explained away the emperor’s nakedness using the reasoning they were fed by the tricksters who paraded him through the town. Heated debate is common between adherents of competing gurus. or redecorate their homes. Instead. What I expected to see when I came back to the Fairfield scene after 20 years away from Transcendental Meditation was a group of mainstay meditators true-blue to Maharishi and a group of robust dissenters. but ex-TMers in the Fairfield circuit mostly show up with an intact Vedic worldview. “Saints” like Ammachi visit Fairfield regularly. The dissenters had splintered into a myriad of Eastern or Eastern-related philosophies: Eckhart Tolle.

In Greek mythology. Or Shiva. with their imprints on every society. he would no longer be subject to deva control. and we will punish you. Or Vishnu. According to the Vedas and the mythology of other cultures. because you need us. Oneto-one correspondence like this is common. whom Arjuna perceived in His cosmic form with pieces of devoured victims’ flesh sticking between his teeth. details the countless references in ancient writings and artifacts to beings who visited this world in fiery flying ships. While Hinduism has a history of human sacrifice. it has been reduced today to worship of Kali. the greater the fear and suffering of the sacrificial beast. decapitated human heads. It’s the same reasoning human warlords use against the people they dominate: pay your tax. dismisses the concept. the gods exacted worship and sacrifice – blood sacrifice commonly. you have Indra. and set up a government of divine-right kingship. The devas wish us to believe. god of thunder. and have told us throughout scripture. Gods feed on the energy of suffering. The Shrimad-Bhagavatum. you have Zeus. Babylon. is why we should worship. which is equivalent to paying an energy-tithe. For this reason we should worship them. afraid mankind might grow as powerful as they. send them our soma (subtle energy generated in meditation). Who would make the rains come or the sun shine if the gods are rightful stewards of those things and we humans didn’t support them? All creation would crumble without the blessing of the gods. But actually. who taught mankind. we will protect you. They fulfilled that threat in the Great Flood (a story which appears in disparate cultures) and in other visitations of divine vengeance recorded in countless tales throughout cultural history. Visiting beings who called themselves gods. And they wish us to believe that their control is in our best interest. married to Hera. the greater is the pleasure of the gods.8 the same. Isn’t it ethnocentric of us to suggest that civilizations capable of constructing the pyramids or accurately charting the course of the stars for centuries into the future. and in so doing. in his voluminous tomes. The reasoning given is that the gods cherish “live blood” as the blood with the greatest energy. who are these characters? And do they really exist? The modern mind relegates “gods” to the overactive imaginations of pre-civilized peoples. Don’t pay the tax. scriptures tell us. married to Indrani. including the murder of humans. The gods are a global phenomenon. who dances on graves. queen of the gods. The gods want humans to remain ignorant and “inferior” because if man realized his intrinsic nature as consciousness. The gods threaten to punish. 8 . interbred with humans. including Sumeria. the goddess with her bloody tongue hanging out. chant to them. god of thunder. In one South American sacrificial ritual. queen of the gods. ruler of the gods. that their divine hands manipulate and guide the laws of nature – creation itself. as slowly as possible. even destroy mankind if he doesn’t bend before their yoke and serve them. That. whose body is adorned with a necklace of bleeding. among other scriptures. so the animal must be kept alive while the blood drips from its body. the fearful energy of the victim. In Hinduism. the gods feel threatened by the human race. explains the antipathy of the gods for human enlightenment. a bull has his throat slit. ruler of the gods. Greece and Egypt. adorned with serpents. should be dismissed as childlike and ignorant when they write of their experiences with other-worldly beings? Archeologist Zechariah Sitchen. But really. In other words. deities appear in highly civilized early societies. Historically. known for her jealousy. known for her jealousy. Because our energy feeds the gods and is needed by them to stay strong and in control of this material dimension.

In the Mahabharata. the gods appear doing the same things. Kali and Shiva. Planetary farming. and threaten in the scriptures to destroy us if we don’t. that moves through life as a surrendered instrument of some greater will. revered as “God” by his followers. Feed yourself on human astral energy. managing the laws of nature? Beings with such awesome power that our lives are in their hands? Entities we must never challenge at the risk of losing all we hold dear? I suggest. a meat-robot. he had to compete with the other local gods for the Hebrews’allegiance. Ramana Maharshi: “Repetition aloud of His name is better than praise. Arjuna’s mother was said to conceive her numerous sons by intercourse with several different deities. Who. whatever the quality. and drink their negative energy. that the rains won’t come and the sun will go dark if they don’t please you. too. demanding the same things. Even Christianity springs from a pantheistic tradition: Jehovah was one god among many for the Hebrews. Consider this quote by the currently popular guru. Jehovah garners the worship not just of Jews but Protestants and Catholics as well. All that is left is a mind-body shell. the positive energy of worship. the pharaohs were literally “sons of the gods. 9 . But the best is repetition within the mind — and that is meditation. they tell mankind to bow down and pay tithe. The mind itself has become self-negation at the feet of the deity. Today. What kind of power is it. whose walls are still plastered with pictures of Lakshmi. who spent years feeding soma to devas through chants and mantras. The first chapter of Genesis speaks of the Nefelim. drawing on the Infinite within them for every need. are the gods. that can’t exist without feeding? It sounds more like psychic enslavement to me. in culture after culture. and what do they want from us? Do “deities” sit at the controls of the universe. Better than such broken thought is its steady and continuous flow like the flow of oil or of a perennial stream.” connected to the deities by bloodline. Convince the people whose world you contrive to control that they are powerless without you. and you and your race can control human life as long as the system remains intact. Drink their soma. I suggest the greater will is not that of the Infinite. if the gods are innately as powerful as they purport to be. In Egypt. If anyone starts to wake up a little. they would not need human worship to survive. dismiss with a toss of their head the idea that gods might exist as real persons. in truth. Time and again.9 Kings were considered “sons of the gods. A self-righteous fellow fond of war and genocide. They would be self-sufficient. divert their efforts at spiritual independence by luring them into mantra meditation. How foolish and arrogant is it to laugh off the existence of a race of beings who appear in the annals of every civilization? I was amazed to see ex-TMers. when you can incite it and siphon it off. the “liberated” person’s ego is dissolved: the very thing that made him or her human. having beat out the competition. Empty of original thought and dynamic desire. Instead.” < !--[if !supportLineBreakNewLine]--><!--[endif]--> Ramana Maharshi’s statement represents mantra meditation’s goal: a state where the mind is timelessly identified with surrender to the name of one’s god – identical with the god himself. It is the will of the god who has taken the place of one’s mind. hence their right to rule.” We find stories of gods interbreeding with humans to create a kingly line in Zulu shamanism and in South American Indian lore. Better still is its faint murmur. a giant race that interbred with early humans.

Acting from this place of empowerment is natural: we can ordain reality from that quantum level. Gods with a global case of amnesia. as entities from the stars. and no more entitled or intended to run the universe than any other gang of warlords might be.10 Does this sound like possession? It surely appears to be. No one has been designated by the Infinite to control creation and administer the laws of nature. It serves their agenda of control. TMers. though. Why do we not take them at their word? I would like to suggest that mantra meditation turns humans into zombies who serve the agenda of the gods. or some other god. Most of the time they dwell on astral planes. that we as individuals have little direct control over what happens to us. The rain and wind don’t need a god to direct them. a light beyond this world? Whose is that power they touch you with. they have visited the earth in ages past in physical forms of their own. including fundamentalist Christians. people rarely do that. That agenda is procurement of more humans and more human energy. That as individuals we are something less than pure. as a hungry stomach fills the mind with an overwhelming need to procure dinner. According to ancient records. the light of pure consciousness? Or is it the power of Kali or one of her friends? Gurus often say they are the embodiment of Shiva. which is why human senses normally don’t perceive them. very much gods. moving within the consciousness of That which created. All things are children of the Infinite. The sun shines by itself as an entity with its own consciousness. embrace you with? Is it the shakti of Brahman. An energy so real no one who experiences it can deny it. in the sense the gods would have us think of them. The gods are the purveyors of this global hypnosis. expressing in physical form and also in astral dimensions. Unfortunately. Everyone can do it. There are no gods. It means rising above the illusion that as egos we are cut off from the powerhouse of creation. eternal. spirits or egos in their own unique right. Kali. What is that light in their eye. The gods are spirits/egos like everybody else. Knowing this is not difficult. It only requires putting attention on that which is beneath the content of thought. They are no more divine than a ghost. But that is no reason to think the Infinite wants it that way. This explains the common phenomenon of proselytizing by the religious. they move where they will in harmony with their fellow elements. powerful spirits – in our own right. Somehow they’ve gained control of this planet. and disciples of other varieties. Servants of “God” or the gods feel a driving need to bring in more recruits. and have held that control at least since the beginning of recorded human history. Everyone is equally powerful moving and creating in the depths of their own consciousness. True empowerment is not the Indian concept of enlightenment. sustains and pervades all life. It is knowing what we are and living from there. no more cosmic than you or I. Think of all the gurus you’ve met with their palpable shakti. or that life needs to continue that way. as the mass hypnosis that governs human life convinces us that karma. True liberation does not mean rising above the illusion of ourselves as egos. fate or the will of God runs the world. We are spirit: individual and eternal. 10 . The god that moves through them fills them with this zeal.

or human sorrow so great only suicide can quell it. Their lackeys in the political arena (many – George Bush. But all is not lost for such people. Our world will know a freedom. will fade into thin air. and victim/tyrant relationships. No one can keep the human soul enslaved against its will. The words. If the gods were really beneficent and powerful. When people cease to surrender their energy and spirit to those who call themselves gods. When their mouthpieces and procurers tell us this world is just as it should be – that shows you the true nature of the gods. The suffering on this planet. The surrender of the individual to the collective. though surely. media. This kind of world is not perfect. passion. humans functioning on autopilot. Their bliss is the euphoric stupor which their appeased deities grant them as reward. animals being ripped apart alive. I hear “fraud. They will shrink back to “normal size. originality or joy? Such a world is the goal of the gods. to the cosmic band of thugs who want to own it. harmony and joy it has never demonstrated in its history. One can recall surrendered pieces of one’s being as a magnet can recall iron filings. calling back the parts of our lost personhood. The rise of the great Fourth Reich. will dwindle and disappear. because interdimensional manipulation will cease. Centralized control. they would not operate a world that runs like this. there must be virtuous entities there as well. and control of those rulers by the cosmic band of thugs themselves. Living will become what surely the Infinite intended in Its original vision for the universe: a symphony of minds. and anyone who sees it as such has something seriously wrong with them. must surely destroy enslavement by any possessing entity. the deceivers will lose their power over this dimension. When I hear “the enlightened” excuse all the atrocities of this world by saying that in their exalted perception. because it’s more controllable. creativity. taxes and spirituality to those who would lead us farther away from personal freedom and self-actualization.11 The “enlightened” have surrendered their personhood to the deities who control their meditations. Native American traditions speak of our ability to do just this. These beings are not our friends. doesn’t it. Control of the collective by divine-right rulers. workplaces. schools. the desires of the enlightened are not their own any longer. which ran the planet for eons.” The God I perceive in the depths of my being is not a God who is content with fathers raping infants. if there are scoundrels in astral dimensions. Each wonderful created being – animal.” entities responsible for themselves like everybody else. An act of personal empowerment. not a competition. not a painful struggle. god-inspired and god-feeding. the thoughts. desire and originality – sounds a lot like enlightenment. Sickness. human or astral – will thrive on the power of the Infinite source within itself. of willfully recalling one’s ego. The death of free will. Perhaps the ones who don’t seek lordship over this planet are watching to see if humans take back control of our world or continue to surrender it. closer to a world without responsibility. for instance – are genetically linked to European royal families and the god-engendered lines of divine-right kings) call this future society the New World Order. not a hierarchy. a tapestry of spirits. aging and death will have no substructure. 11 . everything is “perfect” just as it is. Will we continue surrendering our governments. The word “zombie” is appropriate because of its meaning as the walking dead. piece by piece. a garden of consciousness. The need to kill to eat will no longer exist. but those of their controlling god.

as the conscious beings we are. As Alice in Wonderland said. is one major way gurus get people to give up 12 . I don’t believe in the Eastern dogma that there is no individual self. While consciousness is universal. sublime individuals we are. Creation imploding on itself. Our controllers too will topple.” or soul. “Pooh! You’re nothing but a pack of old cards. It’s time to fire the gurus. April 14. chanting and bowing down to dirty feet.” for instance) also slogans of the Third Reich? Total control and spiritual domination. The destruction of everything that makes life worth living. it is also unique for all of us. That actually is a symbol found in mystery schools. which were controlled by the gods. It’s time to give up the cosmic illusion and de-hypnotize. turning and facing the Red Queen’s army that was hot on her heels. perform action. and thanks for your thoughtful comment. turning into a heap of playing cards the moment the girl broke through her bad dream. April 14. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS BLOG’S HOME PAGE (TO VIEW ALL BLOGS BY BRONTE BAXTER). Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site 54 Comments jay said. and dragons will turn into geckos.12 Who were the mystical entities Hitler conversed with and took guidance from? Why was group meditation a part of Nazi protocol? Why were many TM/ New Age slogans (“established in Being. It’s time to reclaim our birthright.” That army toppled. 2008 at 1:36 am Do you think meditation is helpful as long as it’s not focused on any deity or dogma? Do you believe in enlightenment or experiencing that there is no self as such but only pure experience? Reply brontebaxter said.” it is distinct from what you refer to when you say “I. like a snake swallowing its tail. It’s time to question the dogmas we swallowed whole from Vedic tradition and take a closer look at what is happening when we meditate. 2008 at 2:49 am Bronte here. our divinity and this Earth. Only we can do it. When I say “I. It’s time to give up beads and mantras.” Telling us there is no unique “I. stand up and be the powerful.

April 17. Barbara Reply Jim Porter said. your blogs are shedding more light on the subject that I have ben trying to understand.” That’s true in a sense. the people of Jericho for instance. empathetic kindness and spiritual exploration. I have a couple of small books by a local theologian who looks at bible stories and explains them. There’s always more to experience and know. as long as no deity or mantra is involved and no teacher is telling you that “you” don’t really exist. “The world is nothing but illusion. just as in the material world. I was at a talk where the ancient geography was being explained. not for us. 2008 at 7:04 am I am interested in the the resolution of the palestine Israeli conflict and very sad to see media bias the whole thing being perpetuated. 2008 at 10:19 pm 13 . I don’t think there’s a point of arrival for those who empirically explore the inner or invisible dimensions. Bronte Baxter Reply Barbara said. Do I believe in enlightenment? Not the way it’s defined these days. That kind of thinking allows those who want to control this world to do so unchallenged. Meditation that simply focuses the attention on the consciousness within can be very useful. The important part they leave out is that all beings cocreate this illusory 3-D reality and that we can change and manipulate it through thought and intention. Our religions would be about druids and Stonhenge maybe. The gurus don’t tell you that. This shows how people are killed in the name of God. Their teaching is a manipulation of the truth that all things are made of consciousness and held in place/changed by consciousness. I believe in self-empowerment. God seems to be a very nasty character. but only as a portion of the truth. That truth is empowering. in my experience. It came to me suddenly that these religions of Abraham were for the countries that they came from. Rather. I believe the Eastern definition of enlightenment is a very dangerous thing to aim for. that other world. There also seem to be two Gods the one in the old testament and the one in the new testament seem quite different. Why care what happens in this world if it is just an illusion anyway and I myself as a person am even just an illusion? Better to renounce everything earthly and focus on what’s real. That’s what makes life an endless adventure. and that’s the part they don’t want you to know. A friend who was brought up a Catholic was talking about God and forgivness and how you are supposed to talk to God and to the rest of us God seemed to be a petty minded character indeed. April 14.13 all the things about themselves that would be useful in defeating the New World Order. They twist that ever so slightly and say.

landmarks. The Spirit I felt was of love. I was a traveller in southern India. had lost family. April 19. Thank you so much Bronte Baxter for shining the light of truth amidst so much confusion. had lost entire kinship networks.uk Reply patty said.co. Here’s to real enlightenment to all! Best Wishes to you all. People were kind and friendly and it was a simple neighborhood event. the sea calm. Patty Reply AK said. content. at ease. May I point you in the direction of someone whose views are not a million miles from yours: http://www.matthewdelooze. thousands of people had lived here and they. I had a dream. An altar with garlands and Maharshi’s picture was the focus of the celebration. A local celebration/puja was taking place in honor of Ramana Maharshi.000 discrepancies between Satanist’s version and original Mt. Thailand and Indonesia. People were happy. In the dream. Bronte. and assumed it had always been this way. so peaceful. and all their houses had been instantly obliterated in the tsunami. I’m really glad I blew off all of these religions as well as the moonies which turned out to be another fraud! i felt the Spirit of Righteousness in a dream when I was able to make the choice to lose everything wordly for justice & the highest good-not an easy choice but the only right one. Sinai Bible. friends. clear as a mirror. And others would do well to check out Bible Myths (15. 2008 at 1:03 am right on Bronte Baxter–I think all religions are full of shit including the mantra to what sounds like demonic energies feeding off of blood ritual sacrifice and energies of suffering. who had lived nearby. I looked around this small and peaceful village. 14 . I was walking along a pristine beach. compassion and total Bliss and not the Nasty God in the Bible which by the way was revised by a Satanist-Sir John Dee-now called the King James Version (satanic revision). I reached a small village of a few score houses. The people who surrounded me. I was invited to join the crowd. April 18. I learned that just a couple of months before. Does this make sense to you? It makes sense to me. 2008 at 4:29 am A few months after the tsunami that killed hundreds of thousands people in Sri Lanka. God is LOVE. To my amazement.” Fascinating. so content.14 “The important part they leave out is that all beings co-create this illusory 3-D reality and that we can change and manipulate it through thought and intention.

It is so clear that the “gods” and spiritual dimension powers thrive on the sacrifice of life — preferring blood. yet really have found a spiritual perspective that enables them to mourn and yet not be overwhelmed in their grief?’ 2)’Or is there something about this kind of spirituality that so trivializes emotions. There was no sign of mourning. Salt and iron are other commodities featured or conversely banned on the altars and in the rituals of many religions — including wicca and pagan rites. loss is trivialized and humanity is lost?’ It was in the middle of this question that I woke up from the dream. I remember two years ago I independently did some collection of factoids on blood sacrifice rituals in various religion. of loss of grief. 2008 at 12:02 am Am so happy to land on this blog! I cannot tell you how lonely its been to have come to so many of these same realizations on my own. Reply Gus said. I wondered. Once in awhile you see the same rituals performed with salt water — or holy water. The salt-water seems to be a thinly veiled substitute for blood in these instances. whether of joy or loss. The powers over that region have always demanded continual wars and bloodshed on the land. both nourish the body! :) Reply PenName said. That seems to summarize the Middle East situation. 2008 at 11:43 am always smile and laugh. Pondering all this. blood is the currency of the religious.15 Yet I saw no evidence whatsoever of sadness. gorging on death. April 22. 1)’Are the people here genuinely at ease because they miss their loved ones. that human emotion flattens out. that all those deaths had made no impact whatsover. From the time of birth when Jewish males are circumcised. April 19. 15 . All of these substances may have something to do with conducting energy better. or when Muslim babies’ foreheads are smeared with the blood of goats.

” It has occurred to me that we live in a dimension of “devouring” — we devour our resources. interbred with humans. It is what makes us so desirable and delicious to the other worlds which perhaps are not endowed independently with such divine energy. 2008 at 6:07 am Hi Bronte. but must constantly feed on ours. We are each endowed with it. animals. Even when I was young and a devout Christian at that time. “Archeologist Zechariah Sitchen. details the countless references in ancient writings and artifacts to beings who visited this world in fiery flying ships. if the gods are innately as powerful as they purport to be. who taught mankind. they would not need human worship to survive. and set up a government of divine-right kingship. The way out I am still working on…… it does have something to do with that kernel of divine energy and consciousness within each of us. I did spend some time reading the writings of the “white brotherhood” and summarily moved on— but one phrase does stand out from a master who noted “we arrogantly think we are at the top of the food chain. In turn our energy is devoured by powers we know little of and are tricked into serving. I read this with interest. the question kept nagging me that if God was omnipotent why did he need the sacrifice of Jesus in order to forgive us? Was Jesus like the higher version of a chicken sacrificed on some South American tribal alter? And that hymn — “there’s power.” I have heard theories (Edgar Cayce & some others) that rather than aliens. and we are mistaken.” has haunted me all my life. Reply Anna said. power. and flesh-eating as the center of the celebration — how many millions of turkeys killed at Thanksgiving. or our own misguided self-destructive actions. who are said to have had remarkable technologies (including some kind of aircraft) before their continent of Atlantis sank into the sea.16 Your observation: “I suggest. Visiting beings who called themselves gods. be they vampiristic gurus. religions or higher dimensional parasites. April 28. etc…. wonder-working power in the blood of the lamb…” There is not a single holiday in America that is not accompanied by the massive slaughter of animals for the rite. millions of pigs at Easter for hams. the ‘beings’ who visited certain worlds in ‘fiery flying ships’ may have been Atlanteans. 16 . goods and experiences in the constant gnawing hunger for happiness and satisfaction. in his voluminous tomes.

” by William Bramley. “Rather. I believe in self-empowerment.17 The continent sank. I’m glad I joined the ex-amma group because I’ve learned a lot in a short time. April 28. Check out a book called “The Gods of Eden. I think it goes much deeper than that. What do you think about this theory? Reply Anna said. 17 . just as in the material world. 2008 at 3:11 pm Anna. Bronte Reply Anna said. April 28. you have given me a plenty of great food for thought and reading material. 2008 at 6:13 am I like this comment of yours. it helpful and a good insight from your obviously many years of spiritual research. That’s what makes life an endless adventure. There’s always more to experience and know. I really appreciate your help & feedback over these last few days :) (graceannrose) Reply Pilgrim said. It’s well-researched and scholarly yet very readable and fascinating. empathetic kindness and spiritual exploration.” Reply brontebaxter said. 2008 at 9:59 pm Thanks Bronte. April 28. Bronte. That certainly might explain why they would look for worship from the technologically inferior peoples who they ended up living amongst. due to the arrogance of these people who abused their advanced technologies outrageously and came to believe that they were higher than God. I don’t think there’s a point of arrival for those who empirically explore the inner or invisible dimensions. according to Cayce. in answer to your question.

Bronte Baxter Reply Pilgrim said. 2008 at 11:03 am Hi Bronte.18 June 6.” strengthening the loosh harvesters (they might need that extra boost of empowerment when mankind is so close to waking up.? To knock us back to the stone-age and start the cycle over & over. wouldn’t it be in the extraterrestrials interest to make sure global catastrophes occurred at this peak time. I think another possible explanation to your question is that global catastrophes create extra “loosh. 2008 at 4:51 am Pilgrim. These theories interest me. With the planetary alignment creating a ‘quickening’ of that awareness and the 26000 year cycles or Yugas. thanks Bronte. Thanks.” Please elaborate on your idea. June 6. I was wondering. in order to maintain the deception).agoracosmopolitan. do you have any thoughts regarding ‘Eugenics’ and population control in connection with society becoming more enlightened.html According to Robert Morning Sky. 18 . in order to create a “groundhog day” effect. Nibiru is not a planet but a planet-sized spaceship that houses the Annunaki (extraterrestrials who genetically engineered the human race). June 7. 2008 at 1:56 am A wonderful thought provoking site. in which he wakes up each morning reliving the same day over & over again. My second “loosh” article mentions Morning Sky and the comment underneath it gives more information about him and his research. Groundhog day was a film starring Bill Murray. See Sumerian scholar Zechariah Sitchin’s book “The Twelfth Planet” and this online article: http://www. Are you familiar with the theory that global warming and global catastrophes are being brought on by “the return of Planet X”? This would be the rogue planet Nibiru described in ancient Sumerian texts. You’ve given me an idea for a future blog topic. I don’t get what you mean by “creating a groundhog day effect.com/home/Frontpage/2008/04/17/02340. meeting the same people doing exactly the same things. Reply brontebaxter said.

Hence the reference to “groundhog day”. We are all spiritual souls eternal in an eternal relationship with a loving non-vengeful. It all starts over again until the next cycle!! I hope this makes more sense to you. You book so far is enthralling and enlightening. taught by one teacher Shankar Acharya. fear and give our very own divinity to someone else’s ideas. non angry God who has no chosen or unchosen peoples.19 What I was trying to say in the last post I wrote was. but the problem is there is so many conflicting versions about it. 19 . Reply S. Neither does the vast body of Eastern teachings. therefore any knowledge that was gained.The oneness and illusion of individual existence is one school of Indian thought Advaita Vedanta. God has infinite manifestations. would be lost. The yoga sutras. I have read about planet ‘X’. Yes. God is one. if not just say and I try again. The David Wilcock spiritual convergence one. Thanks. for instance. The survivors would be too traumatized trying to exist. June 8. It is unfortunate that most westerners have not studied with more main stream philosophy teachers. 2008 at 3:23 am Bronte this was outstanding. it’s amazing that we do this so willingly. it’s hard to know which one to even start with. spiritual or otherwise. June 18. i.e. The Indian concept of Deity is simple and is the one the Greeks and Romans and ancient Europeans followed. It is negation of our birthrights and freedoms. Singh said. Almost any Indian would tell you that the loss of personal existence taught in advaita vedanta is not popular amongst the Indian masses. are these ‘gods’ waiting for us to reach the cusp of spiritual awakening as a species. a controllable population and loss of technical achievements. We will reclaim our divine birthrights when we refuse to be mentally terrorized and dominated. 2008 at 11:14 pm ”I don’t believe in the Eastern dogma that there is no individual self”. can’t wait for the next chapter. lol. or Dan Burisch with timeline 2 has been averted and so on & on… I just gave up on it to be honest. This would have a double whammy effect insofar as. are dualistic based on sankhya philosophy. it is the very chain by which we are bound. (forgotten). As it stands right now we are afraid to think and live with our own thoughts. We would much rather be told what to think and how to feel… But we are slowly returning to Love…it is the substance of our being. thus creating a powerful desire. Reply Rabble said. Tom. So too the Puranas. Similar to Atlantis. only to create catastrophies on Earth to wipe out billions of people. Fear is a powerful inducer. We’ve been conditioned to believe that we must worship. Transcending material conditioned ego and understanding one’s consciousness in relationship to God or super consciousness is quite different.

how do you then view Buddhism? No gods to worship there. partners etc . poverty. workmates. And yet Buddhism. same as in possessions? And what about how other human beings attempt to take over the lives of those who have given up their will in this manner. July 4. except for in the vajrayana Buddhism of Tibet which treats their gods as provisional mind constructs to eventually be moved beyond. parents. disease and disasters because our response to them has been lacking. 2008 at 8:14 pm In Soviet Russia the gods worship you. Reply AK said. I learned a lot from it. Who then are the Buddhists entrusting their consciousness to as they dissolve their egos? Do the ‘gods’ or spirits take over even uninvited.20 Reply Rabble said. similar to Advaita Vedanta (which some say evolved as a Hindu response to the then growing popularity of Buddhism). June 25. Reply Ron said. 2008 at 3:34 am Pilgrim RE: Groundhog Day… The lesson in that movie is that Bill Murray’s character LEARNED to treat each day differently despite them all looking the same…I believe that we as a people are learning albeit slowly that the same tactics and habits won’t work anymore…That we need to try different solutions and actions on the same “problems” that constantly reappear. June 18. focuses on ‘no self’. Reply brontebaxter said. 2008 at 3:47 am In the light of your post. And I mean normal people. The reason these same problems keep reappearing to us is because we haven’t gotten the act or answer “right” yet as a people. It’s not just ‘gods’ and those in authority who can be predatory. 2008 at 11:20 pm 20 . July 4. We constantly face war. Groundhog Day was a great metaphor movie on our slumbering existence.

It is not my job. that’s fine. Sometimes I don’t respond to questions because I am thinking about them. Second. There can be any number of reasons why I don’t comment on a particular post.21 Ron. If you have read the series and don’t think they were answered. I didn’t even know what you were referring to. I really object to the tone of your post. I didn’t respond because I believed the subsequent articles in the “Blowing the Whistle” series. I had to go into the old article to figure it out. tell me. abstain from personal attacks toward me or others on this forum. when I first read your angry post. if you have a personal gripe against me. to respond to every poster’s post and answer every question. Reply brontebaxter said. 2008 at 5:59 am Why so rude? I asked a polite question of you Bronte. that pertained to the subject under discussion in this article. and I’ll address this subject in a future article. with very good questions. July 15. I am not Miss Answer Woman. would you care to elaborate on that? Bronte Reply AK said. and I join in when I have something I feel is useful to say. and sometimes because I want other people to have a chance to think about them. had adequately addressed the questions you brought up. just as you may have any number of reasons for not choosing to comment on everything YOU read in the comment section. If you can’t think of an answer to it. Bronte Reply Andrew said. The comment section is a public forum. and this is not a question and answer section. which I presumed you hadn’t read yet. address it to me personally at my email address. but it’s simply good manners to acknowledge the comment rather than obviously snub them. That spoils the friendly tone of the forum and is not acceptable here. not on a public forum. 21 . THAT was rudeness. But please. Perhaps they didn’t. still forming an opinion. Regarding your first post: I found it thought-provoking. 2008 at 10:14 am AK. First of all. July 15. AK. In this case.

I was curious as to what your impression is of the ohm incantation. Blowing the whistle ha ha what kind of crack you smoking. I have never come across any information hinting towards a hidden purpose/agenda with it but it is clearly used in tibetan and buddhist Mantra meditations. This was to introduce myself a bit. August 17. September 25. 2008 at 4:36 am I didn’t understand a word of this article. there is no secret agenda to mantra’s. I’m going to read all your articles and comments and add some thoughts to it. I’ve had a similar experience. “The gods of the pagans are demons. 2008 at 9:27 am I like how you related one civilization’s deities as corresponding by different names to those of another. August 30.22 August 14. 2008 at 12:17 am Hi Bronte. FYI most of the new agers who study meditation don’t have a clue. thanks for your writing. Andrew Reply R Wenner said. Glad to see fellow light workers waking up to our prison planet. but with another group. and I very much know what you’re writing about. 2008 at 7:37 pm Hello Bronte. stop drinking the kool aide. It has become a commonplace tattoo as well. what the frack is the guy trying to say ? For one thing mantra’s are as natural as a sun rise. Reply Mat said.” Reply alias said. Best regards. As St Paul said. The problem is when you have retards who know nothing about them write about it. as you said to feel free to comment. Love and Light. there’s nothing evil or deceptive about them. Mantra’s are just a way of expressing something intentionally. Mat 22 .

we’ve got three options: 1. chapter 3. fire. supported the master-slave relationships (Srimad Bhagavatam. They would be self-sufficient. As long as you have no knowledge about the commercial relationships with gods. most people do not read such stories and strive hard to achieve such a position to be able to enjoy life in any possible way. verses 10 to 17. this option is pointless. Two different points of view which are well known in the philosophy.23 Reply Mat said. this is a very popular model of relationships between institutions and individuals. So. On one hand. most humans who are animal-like do not take advantage of it. putting aside this scriptural conclusion. water. Sadly. This is called master-slave relationship and it has been practiced for centuries in a many different forms in all civilizations. which some say was/is the most advanced culture on earth. We can simply forget about gods and immerse in sensual pleasures as much as possible. exploiting all available resources. drawing on the Infinite within them for every need. wind. Long way to go. Even the Vedic Culture. somebody else may start wondering that maybe there are some beings that steer the wheels of these energies’ vehicles. they would not need human worship to survive. we are fully dependent on the environment. and threaten in the scriptures to destroy us if we don’t. Unfortunately. at least in our own. There are gods and powerful people who do not want such human animals to advance and get this knowledge. when ordinary people are not conscious that they enter into the contract as soon as they state their name after having being asked by an officer for it. the problem of gods disappear. What kind of power is it. we may find stories of people who having all possible resources at hand had tried any sensual fancies available and still they were not satisfied. chapter 7). Instead. one may say: it is full power in one sense and fool power in another. But in the same time. I’m very sorry that you entered in such a contract by trick. the Moon. there are other universal forces (like true spiritual masters) who try and preach the true knowledge. September 25. If we take the former stand (advaita). The second option is to enter into the contract with the gods and play one’s part in the give and take relationship. humans. 2. Somebody may see only impersonal energies in this case. that can’t exist without feeding?” Mat: I like your suggestion. 2008 at 8:31 pm BB: “I suggest. To answer your question. It awakens the reasoning mind. on gods (taking the dvaita position). including the Sun. etc. earth. canto 9. they tell mankind to bow down and pay tithe. the story starts to be interesting and full of adventures. Unfortunately. But taking the latter stand. are fully dependent in our earthly life on the external energies. if the gods are innately as powerful as they purport to be. Verse 16 says. limited point of view. According to Bhagavad Gita. Fear is 23 . However. we. you are like an animal and you are treated accordingly. without full consciousness and agreement.

24 the main restraining factor. activities do not exist for them. rain. to put obstacles on your path. find that neutral place within the Indians call “Bliss. self-illuminated and fully satisfied within the Self only. this option is a very troublesome one. And still. which is a field of all possibility and exists as the power source in each of us. Best regards. Addressing this quote specifically. You’ve reached the 24 . Verse 17. As soon as we assume we are “totally dependent” on anything outside the Infinite itself. Each person. September 26. Earth. I would argue your first point that we are “fully dependent” on the sun. 2008 at 2:00 am Hi Mat. to cheat you and make a fool of you before you make a fool of them.” Lord Krishna. Thought is the creative force. one advances beyond the gods’ jurisdiction – they know it and they do not like it. weather. Mat Reply brontebaxter said. says “But one who remains ecstatic within the Self. India’s most respected holy book. The reason Native Americans could call for the rain and bring it is just this. who gives this teaching. as “animal-like” – something for materialists – and. So. the process of awakening is called “self-realiztion”. Do you think that they will willingly and freely let anybody to come this point of inner spiritual freedom? I think they are the first to trick you. we get what? That true happiness only exists if you turn up your nose at action in the world as beneath you. This is one is a very dangerous proposition as by realizing it. we’d better share that verse with readers if you are going to reference it. 3. The third option is proposed by the verse 17 of chapter 3 of Bhagavad Gita. Therefore. chapter 3 of the Bhagavad Gita. and all of us possess it. the first point means that gods’ power is a full one.) through thought. Second. we give up our power. influences the material universe (including influencing sun. also speaks outrightly in the same Bhagavad Gita about the rightness of the caste system and expresses other blatantly questionable atrocities. etc. even if feasible. withdrawing from involvement in the world. However. for any uninitiated readers.” To hell with what the world is doing or the suffering around you. each consciousness. And ‘self’ is a key word. yet he is held up as an incarnation of the supreme god and this scripture of his is the core of Hindu teachings. The second point brings some balance between both parties. etc. That’s for context. because you are insulated now from all that. the third point pushes the scale into a position which shows the gods’ power as that of a fool.


pinnacle zombie state of “don’t care.” You are untouched, unaffected, being superior to the masses, and free. Hundreds of thousands of wonderful people of my generation, who could have made the difference in waking up the world and turning it away from its march into the arms of the New World Order, were seduced by just this teaching which formed the core of the philosophy of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (see my other articles in this series). We were told all was well with the world really, the only problem was in ourselves, in our attitude. We bought this line, and abandoned our instincts that told us something was seriously wrong with “the Cystem.” Now we are paying the price for that seduction by Indianism. I believe there are no “true spiritual masters,” as you call them, from the Indian tradition trying to help people get free because the very core of the Indian tradition is this teaching of Lord Krishna. That teaching is that outer life is an illusion fraught with suffering and the door to freedom is to simply turn your back on the outer world, to not take it seriously. “Detachment” is their prized solution. What does this do, in fact, but give free reign to the gods and their emissaries on Earth to do whatever they like, with no opposition? The very purpose of this teaching by Lord Krishna is to neutralize human resistance to the takeover of humanity by the cabal of those who call themselves “the gods.” I don’t think the gods care if people achieve this kind of “freedom” you talk about. I think it’s precisely what they hope will happen to those who are waking up enough to see they are in a master-slave relationship. Instead of getting them to challenge the System that allows the master-slave scenario to subjugate humanity, the awakening crowd is enticed with this detachment teaching to just walk away from the show. They’re lured to do this partly by the suggestion that they are superior to the “animal” masses and that the “animals” deserve what they get on account of their materialistic ignorance. People aren’t “animals” and “materialists,” Matt. They’re exhausted slaves, who barely have energy to keep their eyes open and find a little solace at the end of a long day or week in things like TV, sex and beer. The problem is the Cystem they’re enslaved to and work to support, not some essential hedonism in their character. But back to the design of the gods. Those seduced by this tricky detachment teaching that says being wise and blissful means walking away from the show – those humans become the spiritual elite, new buddies with the gods whom they allow to do whatever they (the gods) like, unopposed. This is precisely as the gods want it. They only pretend to oppose “enlightenment,” much as a con man, selling you a piece of junk, will say something like, “Now I wouldn’t do this for everyone, and I really hate to part with this little beauty. I’m taking a loss here, but I like you, so I’m going to make you a really good deal. I’ll sell it to you for half of what it cost me.” The con man WANTS the fool to buy the thing he’s selling. He only pretends to be losing by the sale, to make the fool feel special and like he’s getting the better of the


seller. In the same way, the gods pretend to be opposed to enlightenment, but actually benefit from it. Here’s how they really think about that state: “If a human gets too smart and realizes he’s a sheep to be shorn, let him jump the pen and leave our confines. Then praise him for what a smart sheep he is, so much better than the rest, and make a pet out of him. That way he’ll never return to rile up the other sheep. “Never let a smart sheep continue identifying with and being moved by the plight of his fellow sheep, because if he does, he’ll not only jump the pen but take the whole flock with him. So encourage his detachment from the suffering of the crowd, explain that sheering is their karma and that it will help them to learn and grow spiritually. Make that fence-skipping sheep identify with you and your world rather than that of his fellows, and he’ll never give you any trouble. You can go on running the shearing operation, business as usual.” Bronte Baxter Reply David said, December 16, 2010 at 3:17 pm Hi Bronte It seems one positive aspect of detaching from “some” of the things around us is much of it is contrived and staged by the Looshers. Unfortunately I feel about 90% of my life should be throw in the round file as a staged looshing. except what I can / have learned about their methods so I can avoid being looshed and how I can avoid being manipulated into causing others to spill their loosh to the looshers. They don’t want to kill us right off. that would be like a farmer killing his good milk cows. I’ve heard all kinds of opinions, that we are rebels put here to be punished or learn something or to grow. that seems far fetched. The looshers are very hungry right now. This is a strange place. It is too easy to slip back into thinking all is OK. The snapping back to the realization this is a managed illusion like a cattle farm. It is a little traumatic each time, snapping back to the Un reality Nice Site Thanks, David Reply



Kevin said, October 15, 2008 at 5:31 pm Dear Bronte Baxter, This is a great piece of work. I commend you for your courage to stand up to the “Cystem”. I spent many years as a student of the occult, practicing ritual and ceremonial magic. Within the practices is a particularly important part referred to as “vibrating”. The tradition demands the use of “vibrating” divine names of the gods during rituals and meditations. The idea is that by intoning or “vibrating” (like a mantra, although, repetition was not necessary) the divine names, one invokes the energy of that god. The notion is that these gods have a particular frequency that one taps into, and that, in reality, these gods are merely aspects of oneself. Most writers, of course, state that this is all part of the process, it must be done, and that the ultimate goal is to achieve godhead (i.e. self-empowerment). I mention this because it seems to be a similar teaching in that no one starts off by telling us that we are the divine, we already have “godhead”, and that we are the creators (or, at least, co-creators) in this holy experience we call life. That we are already powerful, limitless beings. Maybe if they started off that way, then we could go on about the business of discovering just how powerful and limitless we are. Instead we are fed this dogma of how life and reality are illusions, thus, we are, too. The individual does not matter, and that reverence to some god is the only way to salvation. I agree with you wholeheartedly that the true divine source of the universe is in no way involved with any of the religions of today. The Eastern religions have quite a history, but I think western religions bypassed their body count long ago. That is speculation, on my part, of course. Your reference to the snake eating itself is brilliant, by the way. It is known as the ouroboros. It is said to represent the process of life and death and the cycles of time, or infinity. Looking at it from a different perspective, however, reveals the true meaning of the symbol: the snake is eating itself, or it’s SELF. By consuming one’s SELF the powers that be can control and manipulate. And that is the point I think you are getting at: that religion is a mechanism for control by convincing us to surrender ourselves and, thus, our energy and power. I, personally, prefer the Jungian construct of the psyche or self, in that it consists of a persona, ego, shadow, and the anima/animus. Why? Because it demands the acknowledgment of all aspects of the self, including the ego, as real and necessary. Through individuation we become whole (or holy). As for the practice of meditation, I am in favor of it, simply because I know it works. The problem, as you laid out, is this business of mantras and the bombardment of outdated and false teachings. I always understood meditation as having many purposes. For starters, it is an act of self-control. No one can deny that the mind is like a chaotic sea. By observing this through meditation, one becomes aware of this, and knowledge is power. Self-control will follow with practice. (Self-control is not a bad thing, in my opinion. Most people have none, and live their lives being controlled by their parents, peers, co-workers, bosses, governments, and religions. That is the control hierarchy from the bottom up, basically. “Gods” create religion. Religion controls the masses through the dogma. Dogma dictates how individuals act and think, thus, controls the people in government, our bosses, co-workers, peers, and finally our parents. The only

I am overwhelmed and have to go away for a while to calm down. This is useful for astral travel. and the rest will follow. Behold. And they had brick for stone. 5 And the Lord came down to see the city and the tower. Mainly. It has worked for me. 2 And it came to pass. One other thing. Sounds like cannibalism to me. not the gods. and they dwelt there. 6 And the Lord said. not just of oneself but of the outside world around us. Kevin Reply K. let us build us a city and a tower. 2008 at 7:00 pm YES! Every time I read one of your articles. I feel meditation helps calm things down and heightens awareness. the gods feel threatened by the human race. after achieving some degree of control of the chaos in the mind. So don’t forget the story of the Tower of Babel which also demonstrates this – And the whole earth was of one language. the people is one. afraid mankind might grow as powerful as they…”.) There are visualization techniques. that they found a plain in the land of Shinar.I’ve learn some information and get new idea to work with. Have you ever noticed the Eucharist ritual of the Christian church? The consumption of the bread and wine as symbols of the flesh and blood of Christ. and burn them thoroughly. Go to. and other techniques like this. which the children built. and let us make us a name. One just has to get rid of that garbage from the gurus and gods. For example. and of one speech. let us make brick. that are very useful. said. 3 And they said one to another. then see themselves walking through this key hole into another realm. Some highlights 1** “According to the Vedas and the mythology of other cultures. Go to. 4 And they said.28 thing not controlling the individual is the individual. and this they 28 . November 19. I noticed your particular distaste for eastern religions with all of the death and blood sacrifice. one can visualize a keyhole in their mind. as well. 2008 at 5:21 pm Thanks for your post. and slime had they for mortar. as they journeyed from the east. Jesse said. Tap into yourself.Charanyanond. because I know exactly where you are coming from. and they have all one language. lest we be scattered abroad upon the face of the whole earth. November 4. however. whose top may reach unto heaven.

must surely destroy enslavement by any possessing entity. Native American traditions speak of our ability to do just this. lays aside earthly desires.” Bronte.29 begin to do. to abhor the things of the world. however. of willfully recalling one’s ego. in The Lucifer Principle. It rejects materialism. No one can keep the human soul enslaved against its will. scattered apart this unity. to set aside earthly desires. I became disconnected. so the process was not complete.Why does this religion tell its adherents to go with the flow. and had a distinct feeling that pieces of myself were shattered. could very well mean that at one point in history. 2**”True empowerment is not the Indian concept of enlightenment. Yet I also feel that they are not. One can recall surrendered pieces of one’s being as a magnet can recall iron filings. disassociated. and there confound their language. the Hindu religion is not what it seems…. and to strive for Nirvana in a selfless world. I fought against complete surrender. Some small part of my personhood still remained although it was very weak and almost dead. calling back the parts of our lost personhood. humanity was in a state of unity. is it not? These Eastern concepts are pervasive throughout spiritual writings. tells its adherents to go with the flow. I became one of the living dead. which they have imagined to do”. let us go down. The Lord (it’s funny how this supposedly single God refers to himself as ‘us’) went down and confounded humanity. to build up a positive karma. It instructed them never to overthrow their…masters’ 3*** “The word “zombie” is appropriate because of its meaning as the walking dead……But all is not lost for such people. and now nothing will be restrained from them. 7 Go to. 8 So the Lord scattered them abroad from thence upon the face of all the earth: and they left off to build the city. in order that we would not grow equal in power to these deities. 29 . according to the point you’ve made. that they may not understand one another’s speech. prestige and goods from a rival [group]‘ ‘Hinduism has seemed to its admirers in the West as a profoundly spiritual view of the world. growing powerful and unlimited – “now nothing will be restrained from them. which they have imagined to do. An act of personal empowerment. I’ve outlined some of my personal experience of how this almost happened to me. to accept the world as it is. It told those in the lower castes to be content with their humiliation and shun the appalling actions that might spring from desire and discontent. Howard Bloom. to hope only for an improvement of their lot after this life is over? Because Hinduism was designed to keep the conquered [peoples] in their place.” The Vedic concept of enlightenment is also the foundation of Buddhism. because the Lord did there confound the language of all the earth: and from thence did the Lord scatter them abroad upon the face of all the earth So the interpretation of these passages. as it felt forced upon me. illustrates this religion as ‘the device with which one conquering group managed to validate its theft of power. all speaking one language. being promoted as the ultimate noble truth. What could possibly be more benign? Under the surface. 9 Therefore is the name of it called Babel.

I have managed to mostly come back and piece myself together by recalling my lost personhood! What you have said here exactly reflects my own experience. This is a very strange Universe and although I agree with much you’ve written. Reply gwen said. I’m glad you’re aware that energy vampires are real and use energy generated from rituals. moving within the consciousness of That which created. April 26. as in my initial scrolling (i was on a PDA). Over the years. Acting from this place of empowerment is natural: we can ordain reality from that quantum level. the one hope your personal philosophy/musings (as i’ve experienced them thus far—i don’t have time to read it all!) engenders: “True empowerment is not the Indian concept of enlightenment. 2009 at 4:12 am on a websearch of amma’s scheduled dates for seattle visitation (i just watched the movie ‘darshan’ and was intrigued). It is knowing what we are and living from there. Sitchin & David Icke. We are spirit: individual and eternal. This is the first time I have read this article you posted. i was ready to give up on you. I don’t have any doubt that UFOs are real — just too much evidence from credible sources.” 30 .30 Remember how I told you I felt like I had no face? I actually had a dream in which I saw my face shatter into pieces. while interesting. the negativity of the article surrounding the ‘hugging saint’ almost made me give up. But if I wanted to teach. Knowing this is not difficult. It could spend I lot of time (I don’t have) trying to respond to so many of the things you’ve written. 2009 at 6:19 am Bronte. and found this. Everyone can do it. this is a great site! I have some familiarity with Bramley. that is. I don’t agree with everything in their books. I’d start a book. sustains and pervades all life. Neville Goddard is my favorite LOA teacher. Reply January 24. It only requires putting attention on that which is beneath the content of thought. but they have all caught the thread of something real. i just about had you pegged for a Christian fundamentalist…(sorry!) who in my experience often love conspiracy and spend most of their time picking apart and building cases that ‘reveal’ the evil in other world views and traditions rather than practicing (the more difficult path) of finding some truth or value (on any level) in them and putting it to work on a personal and/or global scale. etc. Topics that are just too complicated to get into. there are many statements I disagree with. Everyone is equally powerful moving and creating in the depths of their own consciousness. and each piece was connected by a thin silvery thread to the center of my head. i was fascinated to come across your article and subsequent links. until i linked here. but I don’t agree with everything he believed in either.

your statement ‘true empowerment is not the indian concept of enlightenment’ (i’m not sure ‘empowerment’ is the focus of the scope of all indian philosophy in any event. even when i practice moving away from my ‘ego’ and instead practice operating from my ‘heart center’ or what i would call my spiritual ‘instinct’—a very real and eternal place for me. It only requires putting attention on that which is beneath the content of thought. as many cultures and human beings do). i’m very hopeful for advice and perspective. nor do i chant hindu names…and i must say i have never felt at risk of loosing mySelf to another entity. and yoga has been for me a simple tool to aid. the difference between what the bhagavad gita and patanjali’s yoga sutra’s might have to offer a practitioner? i ask as a novice. and have found a great opening of mind and spirit doing so. it isn’t very practical advice. uplifting. i have a responsibility to also present at least one alternative solution. i have shared this because i’m hoping you can present a working solution to what you’ve identified as pretty much the greatest conspiracy ever: gods (personages) exist. actually. iyengar and purna traditions (hatha). i like to smile. i have absolutely no experience with ‘TD’ meditation nor any other sort. i am a person who practices meditation. to quiet my ‘monkey mind’ or constant desires and fears that often keep me from being present or calm in any moment and put me off course from my recognized and celebrated goals and resolutions that are at the core of my being and stem from my experiences here on earth. to be satisfying. questions: in your criticism of indian philosophy. i am a professional person who believes that when presenting a problem or issue to my vp.31 while this gave me pause and a reason to read on. and fun. i do sing occasionally and find chanting (as many spiritual practices to. do you separate the vedic tradition from the yogic–for example.) however. let me be more specific: i practice yoga. this seems a central challenge of being human. (i mean to say nothing more than that i practice to help in my struggle to navigate what i experience as the internal and natural contradictions between healthy choices/practices and non healthy ones on a daily and lifetime basis. i’m getting to my question. they like to aid in brainwashing folks who want to be liberated from suffering in order to steal their spiritual power. 000 foot level. moving within the consciousness of That which created. too general? sounds like a match dot com bio line doesn’t it. and then sitting still and examining the results (sometimes) from a place beyond what i consider. perhaps your role is not to offer advice? i’ll ask for it to see. i sit with my back straight. Knowing this is not difficult.” 31 . as i get your point). you suggest instead that “It is knowing what we are and living from there. my meditation involves simply moving my body with focus and mindfulness. and exist in my body and cells. but i’ll run with your statement regardless. bear with me. i find this practice helpful in all aspects of my life as well. and no one is safe unless they can empower their own ego. a superficial version of my conscious Self. or a beginning to a solution. it’s kind of at the 5. sustains and pervades all life. We are spirit: individual and eternal. and have experienced to be. i subscribe to no dogma. i worship no god in my practice.

noninvolved way. One’s own ego seems to dissolve in the grandness of the Oneness. I can’t sum it all up here. 2009 at 10:22 am Gwen. something else is. how do you practice? i ask because i find thinking about what is beneath thought confusing and difficult—and thought provoking. and so if reflection through meditation is unsafe as you’ve suggested (perhaps even on a quantum level). equally important is developing habits of thinking and choice that strengthen our personal freedom. I should say. namaste? gwen :) Reply brontebaxter said. This increases with practice until a state of “enlightenment” is reached where “I act but I do not act” – where one witnesses one’s thoughts and actions in a detached. you ask? You say you don’t have time to read all I have written. but if you read the chapters written so far in “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. I’m not in the business of giving advice. you’re right. But back to your points … what solution do I offer. that develop our will. if it is not difficult. but in essence. Chanting.” you will get the gist of what I see as the solution. I believe that while meditation that reminds us of our deeper nature is useful. with the personal will being replaced with the will and self-hood of the god. as all the chanting practices I’m aware of invoke mantras and similar god-related words. or sensing our unity with all our life.32 this last statement of yours is exactly how i see patanjali’s advice (in the yoga sutras) on liberation. This is the ultimate breakdown of one’s personal will. though those things are important. your description sounded like what I do until you mentioned chanting – that to me is a dangerous arena. This opens the door to possession – a blissful experience but possession nonetheless. 32 . but what I believe is actually happening is a dissolution of personal self-hood. The kind of meditation you practice sounded much like my own – a removal of attention from exterior objects and a focus inward. as if “Something Else” is acting through them. hypnotic. how do you advise (on a practical level) that one goes about ‘putting attention’ to what is ‘beneath thought’? in other words. endorphine-rich state that is designed to resonate with the energy signature of the god whose name or mantra is being chanted. which results in a sense of peace and expansion – experience of our innermost levels of being. April 26. Indeed. one’s doership – that which makes us human. help. and anyone can do it. It isn’t just about developing universal love. in my experience. But I’ll comment on a few of the things you brought up. creates a passive.

Those places are the seams in the fabric of reality which. Reply Dr Jacinto Pereira said. In fact. Simply focusing on “the good” in essentially deceptive explanations keeps us locked in the system and ignorant. rather than finding fault in them. Of course. I don’t agree at all. a master of this dimension. the Creator. God. the answer is too seek a true relationship directly with our Father. allow us to break through the facade into a higher level of knowledge. because you’re acknowledging the dirt? Is it negative to say “no” to someone who tries to manipulate you. 2009 at 6:41 am I am glad I found this blog as I too was a seeker who got snared into the spider web of a Jamaica based guru who no longer walks this earth.33 Becoming a master of life. that bury self-contradictions behind easy answers. Do not bow to any person as the only worthy of such praise is the only one. It keep the sheep in the pen. This world seems so conflictive and karma is not the answer to our queries. We need to look past the established explanations. when examined. Let me share a little of what I have found so far in my journey. my knees and my spirit. because “no” is a negative word? Bronte Reply swissguy said. because that deters people from questioning. Is it negative to wash mud off your hands. there is nothing negative about insisting on truth or the questioning that requires. the system tells us that such questioning is “negative” (a term you also used). requires being able to shape our own experience consciously. October 31. and really examine those places where the answers we’ve been given don’t jive. To rise to a higher level of understanding. This is an area I’m fascinated by and am focusing on now in my research and in my personal life. He has healed my heart. when discovered. and this only happens through development of the will. My article on “Creating Reality” in the “Blowing the Whistle” series goes into this quite deeply. but there’s much more to be written. June 17. lead out of the illusion. we need to think critically. Regarding your recommendation of looking for the good in the traditional solutions we’ve been given. a social stigma that deters people for challenging the established order. They are the hidden holodeck door that. Calling critical thinking “negative” places a judgment on it. the spiritual realm where love reigns supreme. All the others are impostors sucking your vital energy while killing your soul. 2009 at 11:50 pm 33 . I expect to write more about it when my perceptions and insights have gelled. We yearn to go back to our true home. Gos is good.

Please see my blog article on this subject (one of the chapters in my online book – see left column on this blog site to find it). February 20.” which is my favorite book on the law of attraction. If anything. 2010 at 8:59 pm Good morning.34 If you are in spiritual une with your self go on to meditate. Also. Once this happens. or focus on a deity. Bronte Reply Bob Ellal said. 2010 at 10:33 pm 34 . co-creation. Bob. I find the notion of surrendering the will in some Eastern traditions to be extremely dangerous. It helped me beat my four bouts of bone cancer in the early nineties. 2010 at 3:13 am Thanks for your interesting comment. February 20. perhaps because we arise out of martial arts traditions. I have practiced Taoist internal energy arts–mainly standing post meditation–for 15 years. but concentrates on the breathing. Great site. The only thing I would disagree with is your disparaging of the law of attraction. you may want to check out a book by Neville called “The Law and The Promise. One doesn’t chant. and manifestation of abundance. February 19. but mantras are very overpriced and this is the reason mouvement is in regression Reply Bob Ellal said.” “co-creation” and “manifestation” of abundance. It’s used both to promote health and internal power for martial arts. Bob Reply brontebaxter said. it’s done more to strengthen my individual will and ego. or perhaps moving energy in various ways. I’ve found this to be true among my fellow practitioners. Best regards. critical thinking evaporates and one can be led down the garden path by the Deepak Chopra’s of the world: the bullshit that is the “law of attraction. and you’ll understand why. It’s a meditative technique employed by people of all religious beliefs–or those with none at all.

and as such.35 Don’t want to go round and round about the “Law of Attraction. it just “is. They teach one to harness one’s own internal power. We are all creative impulses of the infinite quantum field. He ended his life penniless. off to find one that combines serious study of Eastern energy arts with critical thinking. Real freedom. I believe we’ve both just been conducting different kinds of experiments. the greatest mage of the last hundred years. “My life is in my hands.” At any rate. experimenting with personal power. Which of course is no power at all.” have done so many times on Chopra’s intent. positive action.com site.” obviously directed at me. He thought he was powerful as “a mage. because you’d find it provides ample models to support this theory. like a sorcere–think of Aleister Crowley. Which dovetails with Oliver Cromwell’s to one of his generals. come of learning the subtle dimensions of mind and how to manipulate it. people have added a metaphysical element to positive thinking. February 21. can access it through intention. and my theories are founded on what I’ve found yields real results. sponging off people who were fascinated by his former celebrity. 2010 at 3:42 am Alister Crowley was a victim of his own demons. In a nutshell. About the only thing I’ve ever been taught that I still “believe in” is the power of the mind and will to create and bend outer reality. That’s where the old stories come from about “the price of selling your soul to the devil. direct experience.” If one thinks it’s possible to bend it to one’s will. That’s not due to a lack of discernment but to my personal. asking whether his army should pray before battle: “Certainly.” It’s a whole other story when you learn to access – through will – your own power within you. We are so much more than bodies that disintegrate. Practitioners of magic are in debt to the beings they summon. and in time they must pay. which – to my way of thinking – is infinite. way too much of a skeptic. Have you ever studied quantum physics? I think not. But if they address only the visible dimensions of reality.” but his power came from the beings he worshipped. Martial art traditions that teach accessing will are certainly on the right track. they stop short. I’m done with this site. I caught your dig about “critical thinking. I’m actually usually accused of being way too critical. hopelessly addicted to morphine. Bronte Reply 35 . positive interactions with people–which leads to positive outcomes. Reply brontebaxter said. The universe is neither benevolent or malevolent. I’ve been working in my own life for years. real power.” Taoist maxim. But keep the powder dry. pray to God. not in heaven’s.

Those were the beings that came in human body and help me get out of the hypnotism. I was almost gone to the darkness by the sweet talk of yogis and gurus. “I think I was hypnotized. its my will and to do what i felt right has gotten back my life. as at first I thought I had just not found a “real” guru or the “right” religion. 2010 at 1:06 am Thanks a lot for your articles. With that being said. it took me 4 years to come out of the programing the evil ones did all my life for 28 years. Carole Reply Kushta said. 99% of Indian population is claimed by the dark forces…i believe that is the case all over the world. August 29.36 Sunil said. I believe there are forces that are helping humans beings to come out of hypnotism. period. I’ve tried discussing with friends that the whole idea of enlightenment as presented by eastern religions is a scam and a myth. but most people get disturbed when I bring up this notion. Thank you again. It’s good to find some like-minded people. Its not easy. Good grief. As a former “seeker” I have spent many years trying to dehypnotize myself. I am sorry to say that I had to have this experience several times. When I was finally able to detach myself from certain “spiritual” groups I found myself saying. All gods and goddess in India are here for one reason. I’m from India and i can 100% agree with your views. Reply Carole said. The battle for your souls. I look forward to reading more of your writings. In India it seems more extreme. i have met with some individuals who are more powerful than all the gods and demons combined. May 1. 2010 at 1:06 am Bronte. how many times must one get hit over the head? It’s taken me a long time to be able to say I don’t believe in any organized religion. 2010 at 8:07 am Bronte I certainly agree with most of what you have to say. It is so hard to deprogram. To say that your writings against the doctrine of Monistic Oneness that sprung up from the Advaita school of Vedanta are refreshing would be an understatement! I am thrilled to finally see somebody exposing the fallacy of this doctrine that has now began to cling 36 .” I also started to look at the “teachers” and “gurus” as psychic vampires. September 19. Thanks.

I have written a rebuttal on this current phenomenon called ‘The Fallacy of Gnostic Monism’ that is very much in sync with your arguments and conclusions. in my opinion. November 4. yet arranged them with a perspective that I’d not yet taken. As a Gnostic it is clear to me that the adherents of such paths do not understand the philosophical ramifications that proceed from the negation of the self into a monistic oneness with ‘God’ that you have so eloquently pointed out here and in other articles. They also don’t consider that the experience of love requires a giver and receiver. Christian or otherwise. is not worth pursuit. Any form of spirituality that negates the possibility of experiencing love in transcendence – the true religion of the soul. thank you for your Gnosis. to give me protection against the mysterious entities which have unexpectedly had me in their sights the last few years.Kushta Ecclesia Gnostica Parakletos Reply m said. and to give me courage to carry on as my lone self without the protection of an intercessionary ‘junior’ god. I have been increasingly disturbed by many well meaning adherents in both the Gnostic tradition and Jewish Kabbalah attempt to parallel their spirituality on par with Eastern traditions like Mahayana Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta creating oxymoronic terms like ‘Buddhist Christianity’ or ‘Yoga of the West’. Blessings to you in the name of the Great Life… . before tonight. it is both revolutionary and a necessity in a world drowning in agnosis and suffering. Several times I’ve had to stop reading and look to the side and think for a few minutes before continuing. They also don’t consider that the experience of merging into a oneness with God is done within the context of having both form and persona – being an individual. Several of your paragraphs hit me with such force because they described my own thoughts and experiences exactly.37 to the Western Religious Mystical Tradition with the atrophying of effect of rust clinging to iron. You have a gift for communicating in writing. because I honestly just can’t bring myself to “believe” in (so thoroughly that I could follow 37 . Dear sister. 2010 at 5:48 pm Bronte. duality. You express yourself eloquently. no matter what the reading material is. Yesterday I prayed to “God” (my conception of which seems to be what you call the “Infinite”) to give me understanding of how things really work. and I don’t do that ordinarily. I’m surprised I’d never come across your site. Your point of view is fascinating.

December 14. 38 . originally looking up something entirely different. and that I will think that you are a bit la-la/woowoo on the other 20%. meditation according to dr. Reply paul rio said. singer can flatten out your emotions. and to surrender to such an intermediary. AK. It’s appreciated. I hope you don’t mind. Your comments were so good that I had to post them and link your website. which is more than I agree with most people. When I was in these Eastern religions I noticed the same about people. to land here at 3 am. interesting. but if I am anon here. yes. Margaret Singer. with a PhD in Physics. at times. You awakened.blogspot. July 7. This could explain the mental conditioning that is so prevalent in the TM movement. 2010 at 5:42 pm Interesting analysis of mantra meditation. even though I’ve got ample respect for and vague fear of many such mythical-or-real beings. . because they have given me a perspective I’d never considered before. It was an odd path I traipsed across the internet tonight.-) That’s not an insult! Many of the folks who comment on your posts also have thoughtful. then here it is again so you will know: http://downthecrookedpath-meditationgurus. Has anyone noticed that John Hagelin. the lack of empathy for those harmed. i have been contemplating a connection from TM to some astral plane for some time. I have a feeling I will agree with 80% of what you say. I even read a book by Dr. even in my imagination) any of them. insightful things to say. which is posted on my blog which link I already gave here.38 it/him/her. I’ll bookmark your site and try to get through the rest of your posts/essays/chapters in the coming weeks. and I think that the few essays I’ve read of yours tonight are a partial answer to that prayer request. Thank you (Bronte and everyone else) for sharing and being genuine. Especially after reading “Autobiography of a Yogi”. 2011 at 9:55 pm AK and Bronte.html So this is to validate you feelings. sounds like a TM zombie? Is he under the influence of some astral dimension? Reply josey said.com/2011/07/dangers-of-meditation.

etc. I believe these so called “gods’ are serpent like. the genetic hybrid engineered by ETs. I always felt drained after my Yoga sessions and had this feeling that energy was being sucked from the neck area. Currently. There just has to be a carrier of karma. It’s an interesting one. July 29. I would recommend “The Gods of Eden” even though I don’t agree with all of Bramley’s ideas — it’s still worth reading. I just don’t believe they need to ‘channel’ through certain individuals. I don’t agree with many of Bronte Baxter’s ideas. even though they deny the soul. I was once into all this ‘New Age’ stuff myself.’ ” There is no teacher who can teach you anything new. he can just help us to remember the things we always new. I lean towards the gnostic view that this material world is ruled by Satan (which may be different than the traditional biblical view of Satan). Reply 39 . The Universe is large enough for maybe (?) infinite viewpoints. And the whole letting go of all your thoughts. Very well put together and I feel what you’ve said here is of absolute importance. and make money. I do believe there are good beings out there too. Wars intentionally started to create chaos. Our individuality is a gift. Thanks again for your writing. I agree with Sitchin’s basic idea that humans are part starseed. have swanky internet sites. It took me some time to break out of it and found people such as yourself who put things into perspective for me. I have given up eastern religions. what I coped was your comment on the soul.” We are our best gurus! Reply Scanlon Sayer said. I believe the Elites who rule this planet do not have good plans for the average man/woman. I’ve just ordered a book that may give me some answers I’ve been looking for.39 Bronte. Funny. 2011 at 9:14 am You’ve hit the nail on the head here. feelings and emotions that a lot of meditation talks about I believe is totally wrong. but I don’t find it necessary to argue. Reply justdoit8 said. These ‘gods’ are full of deception and can take many forms and give us all sorts of lovely sounding messages. July 21. I used to meditate and do some forms of Yoga. because without that there is not rebirth that the Buddhists talk about. especially in this day and age of money making ‘gurus. 2011 at 4:07 am It’s been a while since I’ve visited this site. There has to be a soul. So beautiful. Money and spirituality don’t mix. In any case. write books. I also believe they are the so called ‘pleiadians’ and lovely spirit guides that so many ‘psychics’ are channeling these days. Reptilian in form maybe. I rather like the idea of experiencing the presence of God in everything.


Blowing the Whistle, Chpt. 2: Where Have All the Flower Children Gone? – Part One This is the second chapter in an online book, “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic,” by Bronte Baxter. The climate of the 60s: America’s youth uprising. Questioning everything, challenging “the system” and the established worldview. Refusing to serve in a war, bringing about the end of it. Experimenting with sex and drugs, toying with every new or forbidden philosophy. A better world was around the corner – we were sure of it. Soon we’d be, as Arlo sang, “walking hand in hand with every man, sleeping in the sun with everyone.” The times, they were a’changin’.



Fifty years later, the world is no utopia. We’ve had two more wars. The only sleeping in the sun we do is on vacations. There’s less freedom, more surveillance. Independent journalism has virtually disappeared, original voices in the press replaced by dumbed-down TV nightly news. Our schoolteachers teach to standardized tests instead of teaching to kids. What happened? Where have all the flowers gone, and all the flower children? How did something as radical, colorful and vital as the hippy movement simply vanish one day when no one was looking? Perhaps the answer lies with the Maharishi. Maharishi MaheshYogi, 1970s version. Founder of Transcendental Meditation and the Students International Meditation Society. SIMS was an organization that descended on US campuses, grabbed pothead kids by the scruff of their raggedy necks, cleaned them up and turned them into upstanding members of society. Just by giving them a mantra and teaching them to meditate. It soon became the rage – hippies converting to TM, trading in swear words for mantras, tie-dyed shirts for three-piece suits. Most kids were recruited to become teachers, pulling in still more people. In 1975, Merv Griffin featured Maharishi on his prime-time TV show then started TM himself. First promoted by the Beatles, the giggling guru’s meditation program grew mainstream, with courses taught in corporations and schools so executives could relax and students could focus. A virtual army of TM teachers covered the globe, with centers in every major city, talks in every suburb. Maharishi said that world peace would happen – better yet, an ideal world – when enough people globally found inner peace by practicing TM. I was among that army, personally instructing 350 people in the course of six years. I fell in love with a starry-eyed boy, and we were going to create utopia together. We preached the message of transcendence: taking the mind inward to bask in its Source, the state of pure awareness, from which all good things spring. We drank of those waters daily. Refreshed from contact with the supreme, we’d return to the world energized for more lectures and teaching. It was a glorious time. Hope was everywhere. Gone was the contentiousness of our generation. We were avant-garde leaders now, shouting a new message, a new answer, to the world. Challenging authority became a thing of the past. (Maharishi taught that people should respect it.) Working within the system, we were told we would bring about change, and change would happen by raising people’s consciousness. Get them all to meditate, and problems would vanish from this earth. We truly believed it. The idea was radical, new, and to our young minds it made sense. TM opened a brand-new vista on the future, where troubles, all born of man’s separation from his pure infinite nature, would spontaneously disappear. The ex-hippie army was passionate: our full love and energy went into achieving Maharishi’s dream for the world. Hippie recruits who didn’t feel called to become teachers found their way in businesses and vocations, becoming productive members of society. Those from wealthy families supported the movement with gargantuan donations, and received places of influence directly under



Maharishi. It was only a matter of time until the world would be transformed and mankind would enter a New Age. Maharishi called it The Age of Enlightenment. But something happened on the way to paradise. Slowly and subtly, the tone of the guru’s teachings changed. What used to be 20 minutes twice a day became hour-long, then 90minute, meditations. The mantras were reshaped into “advanced techniques,” and chanting and Vedic readings (hymns to the gods) began. In a bold move, Maharishi began teaching courses in TM-Siddhis, a slew of paranormal abilities which he said humans could develop. Turning invisible was one of the siddhis; levitation was another. People took the siddhi training, told that it would elevate their consciousness. But instead of flying, people were bouncing around cross-legged on foam rubber mats on their posteriors. Flying is coming, Maharishi promised – keep practicing: frog-hopping is only the beginning stage. No one turned invisible, and no one demonstrated the other special abilities the several-thousand-dollar siddhi course was supposed to teach. At the time of this writing, 30 years after the inception of the TM-siddhis, no one in Maharishi’s organization has yet demonstrated any levitation beyond frog-hopping. Meanwhile the movement snapped photos of smiling butt-bouncers caught in mid-air and plastered the pictures on posters and fliers as advertisements: “Come learn yogic flying.” TM teachers who completed siddhi training were called “Governors of the Age of Enlightenment,” because Maharishi said our elevated consciousness would regulate negative tendencies in the world. Governors were told not to reveal to TM teachers or mediators that butt-bouncing was all that was being achieved on the siddhi courses to date. That would spoil the innocence of the new initiates, interfering with their ability to learn. For the first time, more than a few disciples started questioning. Why was TM deceitful in its advertising, pretending that people were flying? Why were we asked to pay thousands of dollars for something that didn’t work? And how had a simple meditation technique, that was supposed to be all we needed for cosmic consciousness, gotten so complicated? Originally, we signed on for a nonreligious “relaxation technique” practiced a few minutes twice daily as an adjunct to dynamic activity. TM had its roots in Hinduism, but we had ignored that. As teachers or “initiators,” we had to perform a “puja,” a ritual of offerings performed on an altar before a picture of Guru Dev, Maharishi’s master. We were ordered to do this in the presence of every new initiate before dispensing their mantra. We were to kneel down and bow before the picture, making a hand gesture to indicate that the student was expected to kneel down, too. At the time we teachers convinced ourselves that we weren’t being deceptive. Maharishi said the initiates would understand in time, after their consciousness was raised through meditation. He repeatedly told us that TM was not a religion. As if saying it enough would make it so! But when the TM-Siddhis started, things got even more religious. We were instructed to read prayers to the gods after every meditation and to listen to audiotapes of chants to Hindu deities as we fell asleep at night. Maharishi reassured us: the gods are not actual personal entities but “impulses of creative intelligence” that exist within ourselves. The fact that Hinduism anthropomorphizes deities just signals immature consciousness, he said, and that, of course, was something the movement was far too sophisticated to be guilty of.

India’s ancient “world medicine” which then was being revived by Maharishi. “I bow down. a friend of mine who was exceptionally devoted to Maharishi and who worked with TM psychologists as their research assistant. which consisted of adding the Sanskrit word “namah” to my original mantra.” In 1978. psychological disorders). it must be a god. what “namah” meant in English. but most of us held strong. intensely in love with her husband. and of influencing test results with the prejudice of the tester. I wondered? Well. September 10. I felt privileged and superior to be let in on the secret.” many of whom had a hard time fitting into normal jobs and living situations in the world. She forewent Western treatment to pursue an alternative healing system: Ayurveda. people started leaving the movement. I didn’t quite understand.43 The changes in the movement were so gradual that I hardly blinked an eye the day I got my own advanced technique. was divorced by him when the monastic programs started. Within months she developed cancer. physical and mental tension and other adverse effects” from meditating. Maharishi began mens’ and women’s monastic groups (the Purusha and Mother Divine programs) and encouraged people to join them as “the most rapid lifestyle for unfolding enlightenment. Her physician was Deepak Chopra. teachers and TM “governors. new studies by independent researchers failed to corroborate such claims. depression. 43 .” Who was I bowing down to. and she must be my escort on the path to higher consciousness. at the time TM’s poster boy and its leading Ayurvedic physician. My best friend. (San Francisco Examiner. Another hidden teaching. It means. Iowa within and on the borders of MaharishiInternationalUniversity. obvious only to an advanced spiritual aspirant. Around this time in the movement. an article appeared in Psychology Today reporting that “a substantial number” of individuals develop “anxiety. from the puja. hence her need for a “guard. but Ayurveda grew in popularity. The town became home to a thousand meditators. 1989) The scientific criticism was just starting.” She was being shipped out the following day. While over a hundred studies had been done by TM scientists showing outstanding benefits from TM for mind and body. That was the new strategy to create world peace as well as success in our lives. A meditating community had sprung up in Fairfield. (See the following site for more about independent studies done on meditators: http://minet. while my friend tried to live as a nun with her broken heart. many people started to complain of physical problems. became shaken and left the movement when she found the scientists she worked with doctoring test results to make them better conform to Maharishi’s desired outcomes. dying a couple years later. Once I was assigned to spend the night guarding one meditator who was being sent home from a siddhi course because she was “unstable.” People gave up dreams of love and a family to follow their guru’s advice. My friend Sharon withered away and died. I didn’t know any translation for my mantra “Eima. the onset of mental difficulties. and course leaders were concerned that she might harm herself or create an embarrassing scene in the meantime.org/TM-EX/Winter-94) Around this time. We were told to meditate and “fly” together daily. as I was told the mantras were meaningless sounds that have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. as well as irritability and/or depression. One insider. “Eima” must be a name for her. TM was accused of failing to conduct double-blind experiments.” but I did know. believing they were serving their enlightenment and the highest social good. He became a celibate. Some new studies even suggested adverse mental and physical effects resulting from meditation (depersonalization.

” which meant never criticize and always wear a happy face. In enlightenment. that unknown people within the organization had been assigned as spies for the rest of us. that was like telling a cancer patient the drug he needs to live is being withdrawn. nothing touches you. a Hollywood comedian and TM governor who after years of movement involvement was found to be mysteriously wanting. weren’t really in there “reading him his mail. it was vital to keep up with the program. Any person suspected of entertaining doubts about Maharishi and the movement or visiting other spiritual teachers would find themselves refused admittance to new courses or group meditations in the central “flying” hall. Maharishi had created a “world government” he called “The Global Country of World Peace. “But what did I do?” The significance of being tossed out by the TM movement was devastating to those it happened to.” Since Maharishi’s death last February. is expected to come forward with 44 . Our goal was liberation. success and loss don’t affect you. “You know. There was a sense that we were being watched. The outcasts were never told what they had done to merit excommunication. a Swedish man named Conny Larson. enlightenment: an egoless state where blissful “pure consciousness” suffuses the awareness at all times. It felt traumatic. but I knew I could no longer be part of it.” was the cryptic reply. I had lived 17 years within the movement’s perimeters. no reason given. In 1987.” Movement leaders instructed the rank and file to “never entertain negativity. My friends had changed from buoyant folks delighting in free expression to paranoid people with phony smiles and legislated attitudes. or “Reapply in a few months” whenever the rejects asked. The depth of their turmoil can only be fathomed by understanding that Maharishi was teaching then that two twenty-minute meditations a day no longer would cut it. Unless you wanted condemned to many future lifetimes of ignorance and suffering. published an autobiography in which he says he left the TM movement when he realized the girls who came into Maharishi’s room in the wee hours. like a failed marriage. There is a scene where a smiling TM-Siddhi administrator informs him he is not welcome on Maharishi’s campus anymore. trivializing everything that used to seem important.” people became artificial and prone to quoting movement slogans in front of each other. It took me two years to break free of the thinking that kept me in Maharishi’s orbit. I didn’t know what was happening. Disciples able and willing to kick in a million dollars (apiece) were offered (in the last years of the guru’s life) proximity to him. The movie Man on the Moon depicts what happened to Andy Kaufman. a golden crown to wear. Everyone wanted to appear kosher so they could stay on the campus and evolve. Regular expensive advanced courses and meditating with the group in the flying hall had become pre-requisites not just for world peace but also for personal salvation. For an earnest meditator. and the title of “raja” or “king”.44 What troubled me most about the movement in the 80s was a growing sense of subterfuge and surveillance amidst an atmosphere of increasingly artificial “positivity. Maharishi raised the price for learning to meditate into the thousands.” and his rajas are the rulers.” One of Maharishi’s closest disciples from the 70s. I’ve come to personally know two women who confide they were sexually propositioned by the “lifelong monk. Because liberation in this lifetime required staying on the good side of the TM “gestapo. In the 20 years since I left the Transcendental Meditation movement. one of his former girlfriends. when I left TM and Fairfield. Linda Pearce. I’d seen the world go from flower power to mantra power. leaving disheveled.

45 . the hippie generation.” Maharishi got unsuspecting Westerners to worship his gods under the guise of teaching them a “simple relaxation technique. Ballantine Books.” This is why the flower children disappeared. Wikipedia. He is nearing his goal: universal awareness. It connects a person to trans-physical dimensions. the truth about the mantras has also come out. 124 and 138. seducer of minds. Grateful thralls to boot. but you can find the same information appearing dozens of places in a simple Google search. Hrim.” by Thomas Ashley Farrand. and Shreem. The mantras (which Maharishi gave to the teachers to give in turn to the lower initiates) turn out not to be “meaningless sounds with life-supporting qualities” as he said.) This intentional deception by Maharishi. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: diverter of seekers. how it connects with psychic realms and why it was important to Maharishi to pass this lie off to the world. this implosion is a good thing. names of Hindu gods. the death of ego. is the Hindu goddess Saraswati. The ambition of 60s/70s youth to make a better world was undermined first by drugs and then by mantras that freed from drugs but turned the saved into thralls of invisible forces. Maharishi transformed a generation of dissenters. rather. He turned their spiritual yearnings into spiritual servitude. the meditator continues his practice. or should we call it rape? I’ve written elsewhere about the hidden agenda of mantra meditation.45 her full story (first covered in a newspaper article in 1981. Oneness consciousness is taking the place of his formerly “limited” self. into pimps for the gods. As individual identity disintegrates. 2003. The mainstreaming of meditation in Western culture is this man’s questionable legacy. in its section on mantras. eventually crippling and destroying the personality. (Wikipedia quotes these facts from “The Shakti Mantras. perpetrated on his teachers and through them on the public. Eim. Through this lie. Any of those would be an appropriate epitaph.” This is even more reprehensible than sex seduction of young disciples. lists three of the mantras Maharishi gave me and other teachers to dispense: Eim. where vital energy is siphoned off. pages 43. because. The power of recitation of the name of a god in meditation is very real power indeed. In the years since I left the movement. They are. who would always remember that they were rescued and how much they owed to their guru. telling us that the mantras were “meaningless sounds. he’s told. He seduced the minds of 6 million people. a fact made public with the advent of the Internet. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 CLICK TO GO TO PART TWO OF THIS ARTICLE (the next and third chapter of this book). says Wikipedia. is to me the worst thing this “man of God” did to society. Hrim is the goddess Durga. and Shreem is the goddess Kali. annihilation of “the illusion of I. stealer of souls. some years after John Lennon announced in a Rolling Stone interview that the Beatles believed Maharishi had tried to rape Mia Farrow).

but should have to wait 40 years to be given “the inside story” by Ms Baxter? Once we all decide to stop meditating because Ms Baxter scared us about these soulhijacking “gods”. Questions raised? No. Knapp. in aid of…what?…fundamentalist protestant christianity?… atheism?…what is her ulterior motive in attempting to rubbish meditation by frightening her more gullible readers.com TM-Free Blog Reply Thom Knoles said. Surely. 71 Comments John M. Knapp. that we should never have heard about it from Farrow. 2008 at 12:01 pm Congratulations. LMSW KnappFamilyCounseling. Eyebrows raised?…well… Ms Baxter’s fanciful conspiracy-of-the-’gods’ theory hardly serves her article’s avowed insistence upon using rigorous science when researching the effects of meditation. why does she attempt to carry out character assassination upon Maharishi Mahesh Yogi? Is it really credible that if the then Mrs. Bronte. the truth is that Ms Baxter hides an agenda that would have us desert meditation. Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site. 2008 at 4:54 pm Ms Baxter’s bizarre reflections upon the ostensibly ghastly effects of TM fly in the face of the many benefits of its long-term daily practice as cited by millions of people today. on a great new blog. I know your valuable insights will be useful to your readers here! John M. April 17. LMSW said. April 17. what would she have us do instead? I fear that our correspondent’s honest answer to that question is that her readers embrace religious ideas considerably more far-fetched than Maharishi Mahesh Yogi’s own simple teaching: “Be. en masse. Frank Sinatra (Mia Farrow) was the victim of “attempted rape”.” Reply 46 .46 CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS BLOG’S HOME PAGE (TO VIEW ALL BLOGS AND ARTICLES BY BRONTE BAXTER). Her assertion that people who meditate somehow are being hijacked spiritually by malevolent “gods” does not raise any serious question about the independentlydocumented and acclaimed benefits of meditation.

but only that THIS FORM of it is detrimental because of its intent. “Independently documented and acclaimed studies”? This is just another one of TM’s careful lies. Anyone familiar with TM. is the path of the enlightened. I don’t think the original poster is saying that at all. TM simply went to far . April 17. 2008 at 5:46 pm Oh good. knows that almost all of the studies done on TM are far from independent. Dillbeck. As to detrimental effects of meditation. April 17. 47 . Moderation. and would tend to agree with it. I also believe the Infinite has a considerably more sublime vision of what life on Earth could be like than the life we’re collectively living today. at least as far as I am concerned. 2008 at 7:50 pm It sounds to me that. And as we all know. I personally have found occasional meditation to be quite stimulating and helpful. April 17. and went from an enlightened simple practice to a servant of something darker. in all things. I do not think Bronte means to say that all meditation is bad. Meditation needs no rules or masters or mantras nor any association with any religious scenario. like anything else taken to extremes. and David and Rhoda Orme-Johnson were TMteachers/researchers also on staff at the movement-run facility. Michael and Susan Dillbeck were faculty members. or Orme-Johnson listed as the researchers. I guess you’d say I’m an independent: I believe in human empowerment. 2008 at 7:51 pm I didn’t get the impression that Bronte is poo-pooing meditation in general. As far as your statement about “the independently-documented and acclaimed benefits of meditation. some stimulating discussion. As to my “ulterior motive. Most have the names Wallace. Reply ptor said. In the 1980s. which you clearly are. Bronte Baxter Reply PJ Lockabey said.47 brontebaxter said. but rather that this extreme version of it is harmful. but I can see where doing so while ignoring the world is detrimental. intent is everything.” I’m neither a Christian nor an atheist. as the Wikipedia article on TM demonstrates. I honestly can see the original posters point.” I suggest that your own words betray an agenda. Robert Keith Wallace was the president of Maharishi International University.

I meditate myself. If we all just “be” we’ll be constantly taken advantage of like we have been. If they only knew! The meditators were missing out from actually flying in reality by remaining unaware of the advent of hang-gliding in the early 70′s and further on paragliding. The basic law of life is “as above so below” and being led/distracted into apathy of physical realities through insidious transcendental philosophies is extremely unbalanced. Reply brontebaxter said. Yeah. integrating the material world (not shutting it out) while also flying in the mind and spirit. Manifesting entails some meditation. non-motorized human flight like birds. This is an example of what can manifest when the sprit. misleading ceremonies and conniving sorcerers misdirecting spiritual energies and the awareness of malign entities vampiring earth. It’s time for Be+! doesn’t matter how much you close your eyes and chant. me dirt under your feet” has ulterior agendas. Oops did I say Fuck? Fuck yeah. “Amen” is another example of people fooled into repeating a bogus mantra. Mantra meditation. I’m putting up a page soon with cool books I like and recommend. I also intend to write an e-book. Thanks Bronte for your insights which are of great relevance to the mystery of “what happened to all the flower children”. 48 . if you still eat McDonalds. where you actually fly. evil bankers that enslave society and shut up and keep repeating your mantra. 2008 at 8:21 pm You get me. however. April 17. This is the point of the whole matter. April 18. I’m not dissing all meditation. Bronte Reply David said. guys. independent and interconnected individuals. Some of these have to do with meditating. on how to practice the Law of Attraction and the physics of why it works. you fuck over everybody. mind and physical world are intertwined harmoniously. 2008 at 1:41 am Where have they all gone???? Why they and their children have gone into the government. The prime example of this was Maharishi’s instructions to respect authority. aware. autonomy over our own minds and souls.48 The case with Maharishi is very important and exactly like that of all major religions (read: cults) where peoples good intentions and universally righteous principles are taken advantage of by half-truths. and any form that involves “you guru. What we all do next or “instead” is up to us as conscious. keep respecting the fat. whenever I get time. They and their kids are the ones running the government and denying us of today the rights they were so ardent to use in the 60s.

49 . April 18. April 18. 2008 at 2:06 am If TM really did off with the hippie movement. He went onto become a trainer but over the years became very disillusioned with the TM movement and the Maharishi himself . Reply Frank said. whilst initially TM had benefits ( he stopped smoking and drinking ) the whole thing lost its original message and he basically confirmed your story of obsession with strange practices like yogic flying . Bronte here. even though he stopped practicing . and the one that most limits humankind.49 Reply Jeebus said. Bronte Reply Frank said. April 18. A miracle is just a possibility of life we haven’t explored or understood yet. which to a young lad at the time was pretty cool . Some would suggest that Christianity . Reply Bronte Baxter said. 2008 at 4:30 am Hi Frank. Islam and the rest are just the same and I would not argue with that . rather than as a spiritual tool and claimed that the Maharishi was just a fraud and an old letch ! His story confirms your post .He said that . For the record. Having said all that it is not the first spiritual practice that claims miracles and has failed to deliver . He was also concerned that his students used the mediation as a drug to block out the world . and money . One of the saddest results of TM’s yogic flying and the world’s other spiritual promises that never delivered is that they reinforce our cynicism. 2008 at 4:07 am My dad was involved with the TM movement in the 1960′s & 70′s in the UK and personally knew the Maharishi and was actually in India when the Beatles went out there and claimed to have got into a fight with one of the Beach Boys over a girl . our belief that this 3-D reality is all that’s available to us. I’d have to say that’s a point in its favor. but he was never against Meditation as long as it was used in a responsible manner . I do believe in “miracles” — including paranormal abilities. THAT is the biggest illusion.The people who he reported to were only concerned how much money was made from the courses .

breaking down of many barriers between genders. 2008 at 6:54 am Bronte-I would agree with you completely . and my visions there were very unpopular. races. hopefully future Gurus will not have other agendas apart from teaching . deprivation and self hate are rooted in us like a weed . I studied zen beginning in 1989. damn it .Anything . Even though this is a time of turmoil . I find it is very difficult to create deliberately but works a treat for things that I do not have a great emotional connection with . Back to the Maharishi. The Maharishi always looked peculiar to me. I believe/hope that this weed is being pulled up at the moment . popularizing of health foods. Dae Soen Sunim. the voice received by Helen Schuckman(sp?) said that there was a celestial speed up because things had gotten so bad. The return to spiritualism. April 18. but its roots are very deep . and hated especially that I could speak to Dae Soen 50 . In Journey Without Distance. 2008 at 7:32 am I never wanted to be apart of TM. I wish to really happen . It was the group that made it impossible for me to stay. Also there is very strong resistance in us . I do not think that these thoughts are our true thoughts and so we see the world we expect to see . The problem is that the only way of bringing these feelings to the surface for release is to create events which allow us to feel the deeper emotions and this can be very painful . It saddens me that many here have made disparaging comments about the hippies and the 60s. Especially the abbot. Most people accept these beliefs without questioning them . a book describing the flow that brought together the people who put together A Course in Miracles. relaxation of many formalities. With regards to ” miracles ” . generations. and true hippies were-are profoundly courageous. cultures. have had many visions. I loved the zen master. which wants us to continue with our view of the world . which he liked very much. Frank Reply elizabeth walker said.Whilst spiritual teachers will always be needed . so am sensitive to hype connected to certain so called spiritual groups. I feel lucky to have been a natural mystic. in my opinion. That there were charlatans who took advantage of the innocence of many is only natural. but it shouldn’t obscure the fact that so much of what we are today in a good way came out of those years. I am actually quite hopeful . they were some of the most advanced times in history. I believe it was the Right which perverted much of what was valuable of the 60s to discourage future young people from seeking further truths and freedoms.50 April 18. I got a lot of flack for my independent attitude from them. unless one is aware of what is happening . but never let him lead me by the nose. he was furious that I was so intense and independent. My take on the human psyche is that our unconscious beliefs such as the belief in death . Such things must cause confusion among those unready to experience so much rich energy.I hope that the time for Gurus is over . never seems to materialize.

my spirit friends. By repeating the gods’ names besides the “bow down” word. The biggest danger to these controllers are humans who want to be free and live free and do not care much about obeying authorities. Though I loved meditating. your personal journey. The Maharishi was a good teacher. I went to one of them last week for the first time in 15 years. My practice was-is about reaching. April 18. Same with kneeling in front of the picture. no map. it was different. Doing it. sorry. another source of courage and love. ask him strong questions. it has to be done in a different way. You simply have to have faith. of looking to something else for comfort. My guide sometimes would ask me to sit and I would to find that I had forgotten to do something. connecting with the spirit. though we all in our way are doing just that. I had places in the woods I sat at. To invent a guru was the solution to change the direction of millions of hippies who were yearning for freedom. wealth. 2008 at 3:38 pm 51 . The spirit might need a kind of breaking up or down of the worldly values to lessen fear of want and need. Anyone who tells you they can give you enlightenment is well full of it. and that he complimented me for that. Sometimes the bad guy is a great galvanizer for good. he taught us what not to trust. and there’s no predictable path for that. but wonderful. who’ve governed and controlled humanity for thousands of years. The hippy movement was such. The way George Bush is showing us what we don’t like in a government. and something had to be done about it. And so it is still quite the rare thing for us to pursue. And it may not be so comfortable. What Bronte says is the same. A source within. April 18. You surrender to them. They. Good blog! Reply Fairy said. “success”. And it was done. stay with it. is the same. Reply patty said. You give it to yourself in a way. no formula. Elizabeth. it must be your own choice.51 Sunim with confidence. you give them respect and agree with their will. are harvesting our life force from another dimension or interdimensional place. Microchiping is part of the same agenda. ALL these “movements” (like the Feminist movement) are artificially created for the same purpose: THEM to advance their agenda and you to lose all your freedom. I stopped doing it every day and only did it when guided to. not so full of material breaks. say to me. 2008 at 10:46 am Matthew Deloozi wrote a book “Is It Me for a Moment” where he talks about HOW other dimensional entities. no time table. it might need to show lessons in not needing or wanting. stuff like that. Millions of people cannot be controlled by physical force.

.After all.that may lead to good outcomes in the world as is. above) to effect a dismissive rejoinder to my comment (2.meant a sort of friendly reminder.to be still alive to see what one sees proves that the critical faculty is a wonderful tool. or to cite selectively mere hearsay of the negative experiences of a few to be the definitive invalidation of the good experiences of 52 .I was a little surprised however when a saw a teacher visiting the town where I lived. In her rush to aggrandize her apparent status as her readers’ new spiritual leader.S..although I say that not having read any of his books. People need to always seek out the TRUTH above all else and when finding out a spiritual leader is a con.52 The only spiritual leader I trust is David Icke who puts truth above all else.I am sort of disgusted with the seventies..it wasnt easy.. transcendental meditators and Vedic gods. Ms Baxter is willing not only gleefully to monger a hackneyed rumour (which has been discredited repeatedly. 2008 at 8:04 pm I did it for awhile too.org. April 18. above) simply underscores several of my points.even though pot and L. April 18.to have an aha moment.DavidIcke isnt a teacher to me.. see below).as I mature.that period of my life was chaotic.baby-boomer blues.seems totally and residually unfair.I was essentially antagonistic also to being called a hippy. The Tv psychics are in it for the $ and celebrity and want people to worship them.More a compiler of accounts that require the potentially world wary. for all the avowed changes for good that were supposed to happen.as in eureka. I originally was attracted to Sylvia Browne’s spiritual messages but found out she defrauded her early followers out of $20. chronically lies. 2008 at 8:32 pm …and this was only Bronte Baxter’s Part One (!) on her favorite whipping-post… Watch out. There was really bad publicity about this TM yogi trying to rape Mia Farrow and having sex with his followers-if that is his level of spirituality who needs it?! patty Reply philiptravers said.I am uncritical of TM today.But.It seemed odd that if things were to become more easier to flow with.being blamed for world conditions today. she’s on the warpath… Ms Baxter’s self-distracted attempt (comment 3. rapist or deceiver need to make their findings public.I have an inkling that suggests whatever the failures of TM are or were.On limited income.000.I was anti-nuke before I did TM. Reply Thom Knoles said.plus an aha moment as in this road sign is more mysterious than the bloody town...a rail station gate closed and just too far to walk using public transport seemed the opposite of a transition to a more harmonious life.D use were experiments.The fact I went to school with a teacher in Melbourne. maybe some people have failed themselves badly as well.of how kids end up doing similar things. and deceives people-see Stopsylviabrowne.


millions. No, in her haste to dismiss her critic (me) merely as someone whose “own words betray an agenda ”, Ms Baxter dodges flagrantly mutely my pointed question: what is it she proposes to teach us? What are the details of Ms Baxter’s replacement program for us, her potential faithful and eager unquestioning believers and followers? Evidently, millions do love their daily experience of transcendental meditation and enjoy its benefits. After all, it has been practised in the West for fifty years now, and it will continue to be practiced, and learned by more thousands, unless we all are saved by Ms Bronte Baxter and her cheerleaders (such as Mr. John Knapp, comment 1, above). Ms Baxter and the ubiquitously self-promoting and commercialised anti-transcendental meditation poster-boy, John Knapp, would have the world believe that the millions who have learned transcendental meditation all have had equally dreadful experiences (…or eventually will have…). That we all conform to BB’s own bitter and resentful depiction of the miserable and abused transcendental meditator, as she claims she was for so many years…. Seemingly, we, the vast multitude of transcendental meditators, lack the superior intelligence of Ms Baxter, who had the good sense — on her own(!)– to cease that diabolical transcendental meditation before those mischievous soul-milking Vedic gods tricked her forever.* Are we really to believe Ms Baxter, that millions of transcendental meditators somehow simply are imagining their desirable experiences, even decades into their daily practise; that they should shake off this terrible hypnotized illusion of benefit before it’s too late? If we are to follow Ms Baxter’s advice (once we accept on her say-so that her negative judgment is more authoritative than our own personal experience), then, having discarded obediently what we imagined was our lovely meditation experience, what is it specifically Ms. Baxter (our apparent successor-teacher) wishes us to practice and believe in? Let us hope her response is not merely more of “hate with me again: transcendental meditation and Maharishi (and all gurus and mantras and gods). Ms Baxter will not save us from meditating with mantras by simply repeating again the ever-repeating known). Bronte Baxter’s solitary (Comment 3, above) to my simple question, posed in my original comment (read it yourselves) is: “I’m an independent: I believe in human empowerment. I also believe the Infinite has a considerably more sublime vision of what life on Earth could be like than the life we’re collectively living today.” I am afraid this is not a breakthrough replacement teaching sufficient to get millions to ditch their twice daily practice of transcendental meditation. No; unless we are frightened successfully into submission by Ms Baxter’s scary(?) idea of “gods” milking us when we practise any form of mantra meditation (other than her own), then, in order to assert her replacement authority over us, Ms Baxter will need something more of a clearly delineated and cohesive belief system, one that does not rely upon her preposterous ideas such as this one, asserted in her “the hidden agenda of


mantra meditation” (link in the in the thirty-fourth [34th!] paragraph of her polemical “i-hate-TM & Maharishi” diatribe): “I would like to suggest that mantra meditation turns humans into zombies who serve the agenda of the gods. That agenda is procurement of more humans and more human energy. This explains the common phenomenon of proselytizing by the religious, including fundamentalist Christians, TMers, and disciples of other varieties. Servants of “God” or the gods feel a driving need to bring in more recruits.” I return to this point below. Now I wish to address the discredited rumour touted so gleefully as “fact” by the poorly-informed Ms Bronte Baxter (she failed entirely to deal with, or perhaps even to notice, my casting of aspersions upon her eligibility as The Credible Historian in the “Maharishi’s Secret Attempted Rape of (the then) Mrs. Frank Sinatra (Mia Farrow)” rumour. I recommend Ms Baxter undertake more serious research before lashing out recklessly, since her future as our replacement guru may be a stake. Since Ms Baxter has such faith in the trustworthiness and authority of whatever she agrees with that also happens to be written in Wikipedia, then she and her readers should Google and otherwise research “Magic Alex”, a.k.a. Alex or Alexi Mardas, a.k.a. Yanni “John” Alexis Mardas , then wince as they read about who it was that concocted the “Maharishi’s Secret Attempted Rape of (the then) Mrs. Frank Sinatra (Mia Farrow)” rumour. It was The Beatles’ one-time flunky groupie, Alex Mardas, jealous that he was not invited into the ashram because he was using drugs. I copy here an extract: “Along with appearing (uncredited) in the Beatles’ TV movie Magical Mystery Tour, he (Alex Mardas) accompanied them to India to study with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi in the spring of 1968. When he suggested to Lennon and George Harrison that the Maharishi had been making sexual advances toward Mia Farrow and other women at the camp (a suggestion not supported in Farrow’s autobiography What Falls Away), they took the suggestion seriously enough to confront him. When the startled Maharishi’s answers didn’t satisfy them, they and their wives departed the camp. (McCartney and Starr had already left, for other reasons.) After returning to England, Lennon’s wife Cynthia accompanied Mardas and his flatmate Jenny Boyd on a vacation trip to his native Greece (the island deal had been abandoned), while Lennon remained at home. Coming back early, Cynthia discovered her husband sitting at breakfast with Japanese artist Yoko Ono, both clad in bathrobes, and all the signs the two had been cohabitating for several days. She left with Alex and Jenny, staying with them overnight; Cynthia was clearly upset with what had happened with John, and she proceeded to sleep with Alex. She said she woke up in his bed the next morning disgusted with herself.” There it is: Bronte Baxter’s “attempted rape of Mia Farrow by Maharishi” was a lie made up by a drug-dealing addict who schemed to confuse The Beatles so they would leave India and pay him to build an alternative recording studio in London. Not convinced? Read these references: John by Cynthia Lennon (Hodder & Stoughton)


The Sunday Times, 18 September, 2005 George Harrison: The Quiet One by Alan Clayson (Sanctuary Publishing) The Love You Make by Peter Brown and Steven Gaines Shout! by Philip Norman (Warner Books) All You Need is Ears by George Martin (St. Martin’s Press) “Hawkers by Appointment”, New Statesman, 3 August 1979 Here, There, and Everywhere: My Life Recording the Music of The Beatles by Geoff Emerick (Gotham Books) Still not convinced? Watch “The Beatles Anthology” in which George Harrison, Paul McCartney, and Ringo Starr discuss openly Alexis Mardas’ false rumour and its basis. It was a fabrication, and Ms Baxter fell for it, as did many. But then, Bronte had so much wanted it to be true…needed it to be true. …more later… *as she enjoins you to do, please do click on Master Baxter’s link (above, paragraph 34) “the hidden agenda of mantra meditation” to receive a hint of her own agenda to become our saviour by teaching us how to shrink the vedic gods back down to size by virtue of everyone eschewing all gurus (other than her) and mantras (other than hers), thereby ceasing immediately the god-feeding, and starving those psychic leeches. One cannot but marvel how John Knapp, the self-described anti-cultist (comment 1, above) sleeps at night after condemning transcendental meditation through one side of his mouth while singing simultaneously the praises of Master Bronte Baxter through the other side. It appears he is a master ventriloquist when it suits his commercial purposes. Reply Carole said, August 30, 2010 at 12:05 am Although Ms Farrow does not say the Maharishi attempted to rape her, she does say that after meditating alone with the guru in his cave,” I became aware of two surprisingly male, hairy arms going around me. I panicked, and shot up the stairs, apologizing all the way.” She was so freaked out she immediately packed and fled the ashram. I’m not familiar enough with the Maharishi to know if this was a common practice. Reply brontebaxter said, August 30, 2010 at 1:17 am A book has just come out by one of the women (at the time a young girl) who Maharishi had an affair with. Her name is Judith Burquist, I believe (last name may be off, as I’m writing this from memory). The title is

but this book that’s come out is the first written testimony. mo said. Roman Polanski’s wife Sharon Tate was Murdered by “the Manson Family”. and now the book is out. I’m sure that those two “male. It also appears that John Lennon knew the director Roman Polanski personally. I know the intimate details of how Maharishi attempted to seduce two different women. where vital energy is siphoned off. Its a pity you wasted so many years and more a pity you personally initiated 350 people in 6 years. Maharishi and other such gurus make the mistake of introducing people to mantra in a diluted fashion – that is the reason why even being a teacher you are not able to even understand the mantra Eim or Hreem. 2008 at 9:22 pm ”how it connects with psychic realms and why it was important to Maharishi to pass this lie off to the world.” Absolute rubbish! Mantra does not siphon off energy. April 18. eventually crippling and destroying the personality. 2010 at 1:04 pm The movie Rosemary’s baby was filmed in the Dakota Building were John Lennon was shot to death by Mark David Chapman (A Big Beatles Fan). Boyd said. In to your comment. Judith leaves in Europe.com. There have been many stories over the years of Maharishi’s indiscretions. but only after Maharishi died.56 “Robes of Silk. hairy arms” would have given Mia Farrow much more than a bear hug had she not packed up and left. Charles Manson’s “followers” wrote “Helter Skelter” in blood when they killed Sharon Tate. He passed away a couple of years ago. The guy was no saint. Feet of Clay.” and a friend is sending me a copy this week. Reply 56 . and she’s been saying for years that she would write a book about what happened between her and Maharishi. whom I know personally and were just young girls at the time. never mind achieve anything of use with it. I knew about Judith through a friend who is friends with her. The power of recitation of the name of a god in meditation is very real power indeed. mantra meditation and the process of achieving siddhi through mantra takes a lot of effort and conscious understanding of the various facets symbolized by the mantras. but I imagine in time it will be available much less expensively on amazon. when she was pregnant. It is not spiritual servitude and its effect will never manifest in people who think in those terms. It connects a person to trans-physical dimensions. and right now the book is only available by ordering it through her ($37 or something). Charles Manson has a connection to the Beatles via the song Helter Skelter. November 2. and had his own “special” interpretation of the song.

and stares strangely and basically says the same things Deepak and Dyer and all the others say but is putting the audience in trance and then dispensing with their EGO and killing off the person in a very diabolical way.’ Paul McCartney later quipped. The man disturbs me. IF this is part of the NEW WORLD.India. 57 . so I bought the book and it was the worst book I have ever tried to get through. I only watched about 5 minutes of the program and have seen other exerpts from it and it was equally as bad.” http://www. 1989). Reply ptor said. GO UNIVERSE…and I am concerned about Echart Tolle. 2008 at 12:26 am “This is a home tape recording by John Lennon recorded in 1968 after the Beatles’ trip to Rishikesh. and Mia Farrow all deny the alleged attempted rape story. It’s very much the same with a hypnotic twist.” “[T]he Maharishi burst into the Beatles’ lives. ‘I guess it was’ (Giuliano. et al. ‘It seemed too good to be true. 1987). Just linked to your article from Icke’s site.strippingthegurus.half-singing about his impressions of his trip to India and of Maharishi Mahesh Yogi”: “The Beatles’ disillusionment with the Maharishi during their stay with him in India in 1968 involved allegations that Maharishi had sex with a visiting American student (Anthony. 1979). it is true that Paul McCartney.. I feel it’s the most deceptive work in a long time. offering salvation with a price tag of only fifteen [sic] minutes of devotion a day. Unbelievable!!! He sleeps on stage. and found fascinating because I have just asked the question to the universe and has been happening the answers are coming almost instantly. Phil. George Harrison. I had ordered a dvd from netflex and could only watch 2 minutes of it. I was excited about the prospect of mass awakening to the infinite intelligence that is what I so love about my own awareness. It was recorded before the idea of Sexy Sadie came up…However in this ‘song’ John is half-talking. and people are falling for it in masses.com/stgsamplechapters/maharishi. Reply Karl said. April 19. YICKES!!! NOT the awakening I was hoping for. 2008 at 11:20 pm Hi.asp However.” “The Beatles … parted with Maharishi in 1969 with the public comment that he was ‘addicted to cash’ (Klein and Klein. Opra has unleashed on the world it seems another unbelievable scam as awful as Dr. April 18.57 Bonnie said.

2008 at 2:54 am You want to know what really happened to the flower children of the 60′s. Keep questioning everything and authority and be your own Guru! i. huge gas guzzling cars and anything to do with sex and drugs and violence. they started the ball rolling and became the greatest. as you tackle the “sacred cows” udder by by delusional udder. The broken and inverted cross that morphed into a peace sign. which is as simple as breathing..e. are the reason we have the failing and hopeless dumbed down braindead grandkids they now see before 58 . Bronte Baxter! Your original expose was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever read.58 April 19. First one must understand that the so called peace movement and it’s very symbol for peace are simply another twisted version of a pentagram. I can’t wait to delve into your new blog. biggest materialistic generation to date. knocking down the guru is a universal step in any spiritual process to self empowerment and transcending the limitations of ANY particular belief system.S Check. 2008 at 2:37 am Whether or not the rape thing is true or not. The dope and free sex used to help opened the door that we cannot close. it out. Reply bill sigler said. Besides. tent dwelling hippies moved on into the 70′s. Thom has not refuted or even engaged in the main point of her essay in his schoolyard diatribe that is actually pointing in the direction of Tavistock directives and Project MKULTRA. Buying up all the giant houses. When the “make the world a better place. 2008 at 2:50 am So glad to see you back and writing. Her suggestions are essential in questioning the esoteric aspects of meditation and avoiding degenerative and dogmatic aspects of something as universal and simple as meditation. It is rather obvious that she has no agenda and is not implying any mastership on her part. Same shit. it’s besides the point and has nothing to do with the power of mantras and the vampiring of spiritual energies of those people weak enough to be entranced by a guru and/or religion. different pile.N. April 19. I’ll tell you. I believe the point is we are all our own masters and must figure out what is best for ourselves in meditation. Just another indication that the internet has kicked it up a notch– offering an alternative to the discerning Reply CNN SUCKS said. make love not war”. Now the Pope is calling for obedience to the U. go figure it out yourself Thom! P. and very important to my spiritual development. April 19.

Be real with the pain felt. You could see it in their eyes and by the tone of their voices. peace and understanding for the all. they were completely washed. Sorry if it might be a bit off topic. Looking back at this i truly believe this was nothing more than mind control program. Be real about how you feel. not complicated PEACE…………………. compassion. 2008 at 12:10 pm I loved this article! Thank you. greedy . April 19. When i walked out of there my mind was really scrambled and fuzzy. Peace……………. go out into the street and hand a random person a flower. It worked but i was sure if i did this with anybody. He preached for 8 hours straight in punjabi and distorted english. First love yourself. blood loving lowlifes that rule the world today. the anger created. Reply Michelle said. by love then we understand that no “man” can lead you to spiritual freedom. we all have the 59 . Just a mind trick. kindness. Other lost souls during this session were breaking down and crying. 2008 at 4:48 am “Give a flower to a stranger day ” July 18th…very simple. But don’t hold on to it. 2008 at 5:24 am Nice article by the way. it would also work. One must tap into their own being and focus in on love. He made us meditate for an hour after the initial 8 while chanting the names of 5 gods repetitively. and it has. they know it is because of them not caring enough about the future generations that have now mutated into selfish . Buddy and I were first approached by a couple of stiffs in expensive looking suits who greeted us by saying ” are you here to see the master ? ” San takar Singh was sitting in the center on a stack of puffy white pillows on a huge pedestal looking down at all of us. violent . Turn around and walk away or converse with them. April 19. I think that if we allow ourselves to be lead by God. Love is powerful. let it go and seek that which nurtures. I’ll never forget the guys in the suits. and forgive yourself for whatever you feel you need forgiven. Reply cHAd latimer said. Reminds me when i was 17 attending a Sant takar Singh initiation at a Radisson Hotel. We were told not to look nowhere else but the center of his forward and that eventually we will begin to see him metamorph into different shapes and identities. April 19.59 them today. Prayer is powerful . Just thought i’d share this little story. Reply cHAd latimer said. get it out and move on. Seeing where the 60′s lead us to where we are now.

mistakes and all. for me at least the intervening years have been years of ripening. hippies were replaced by yuppies. I guess I am too. It is a gift we all share. In my little corner of the world. cause everyone goes at their own pace. 60 . Maharishi doesn’t sound honest.60 capacity to make this world a better place. In San Francisco (where I moved to). to respect. 2008 at 12:27 pm I’m Sorry but we will never do to a generation what LSD did to a generation and you will never change the minds of men Like LSD did. April 19. The Movement just seemed to disintegrate. That is definitely a requirement for leadership.. April 19. LSD by cocaine and it was all over. not me or the Maharishi.. We were different because we walked in a place of awareness without an ego to filter and mess with everything we precieved . You have all the answers. Stop looking on the outside 100% and go within. We must have patience as well. Thats my 2 cents worth Reply Rob said. BUT we must choose. The closest thing I have to a guru remains Neem Karoli Baba (best known as Ram Das’ guru). You can say what you want I haven’t triped in 20 years . so to speak. 30 years later I have settled down in Cambodia and in retrospect. Amongst the words of wisdom he gave me were these: “Why are you asking me all these questions? I’m just an old man. it was first fractured when everyone divided into “my guru is better than your guru” camps. whose guru was Werner Erhardt of EST fame. The powers of this world demonized the Mind expanding drugs but mankind took a giant leap forward and the CIA and gov sponsored herion and cocane brought us back down to a place where they could control the situation again. 2008 at 5:46 pm I’ve been wondering where all the flower children went since about 1978. to empower one another. But nothing ever moved me like triping. Well. Its the truth and I really don’t care if its politically correct or not you all know what I’m saying is true if you were there tripping on the edge of the grand cayon at sunrise . that’s where a lot of us went! Who’s to blame? Well. As Michelle says. Reply Bill Lanphar said. Battered VW vans were replaced by brand-new BMW’s. We have Dick Chenney now and a chip for a president just what we deserve for giving up on the greatest movement that ever touched this Nation. we must choose to love. On the upside.” I’m serious! Those words were like a cold shower on a hot day to me – shocking and refreshing at the same time. he didn’t seem honest. “you have all the answers” – that means you. when I finally left my commune in the Sierra’s to return to “straight” life (straight meant middle class back then). You too are powerful made in the mighty image of God! You’re powerful! Blessings.

61 I met almost all the “big name” gurus of the era (Satchitananda. self-centered gurus. Reply A Flower Child. not judging or caring what particles it comes to hold within for a time. It doesn’t judge. It just moves along. Wow! Come to think of it. in waves smashing against rocky coasts or in droplets from fresh clean leaves. 2008 at 7:22 pm 61 . It just flows. 2008 at 5:51 pm Water falls and flows. coli pointing its finger at the nitrates and hissing “Pollution! Contamination!” as they’re swirled along together in eddies and whirlpools down splashing gutters or roaring streams. Reply gregory said. Water flows differently in a river or in rivulets down skyscrapers. When it falls in a city it flows everywhere. dog piles and sewers. Satya Sai Baba and a bunch of others) and taught meditation and hatha yoga and spent a year in India etc. flowers. Swami Muktananda. I should be a guru by now! I could make a bundle! Seriously – I think we got what we deserved – our shallow. When it falls upon a pristine mountain top it flows clean and clear and fresh. It falls and flows and transforms everything it finds in its path. Yogi Bhajan. etc. When it falls. and takes with it what it finds in its flow. And transforms. Peace. nigh on 40 years hence said. it makes no distinction between trees. April 19. it flows freely. By its very nature it adapts to the shape and energies of where it for a time has come to flow. self-centered society got shallow. April 19. The downside of the “Law of Attraction. I think that water might laugh with love as it listens to the E.” Thanks to the David Icke Headlines page for referring me to this entertaining blog. sometimes clear and transparent and sometimes murky and dark with the elements dissolving away within it. Transforming all it touches.

‘What kind of anarchism do you follow?’ As he put it. A friend of mine who lived through those years and who was in France as well as the US said that it was different in Europe–the student protest movements were not only based on emotion but also ideology. By contrast. in the same era. 62 . i learned more about more stuff than in any other facet of my life. and without a solid intellectual foundation. having room-mates brought the costs down further. He said that in France he was asked what his philosophical stance was. He was asked. cities. and the room inside simply gets larger and larger and larger. if you have some pain around the tm thing. gregory Reply AK said. everything in life has come and gone. We are no seeing footage of people being killed in Iraq and not seeing coverage night after night of coffins being unloaded from planes or wounded veterans being carried down in stretchers. Today. 2) A big incentive to question and protest the Vietnam war because there was a draft in place. concentrated learning experience it was. there’s no need to fear a draft. and to have been able to think it through–their rebellion was not just based on emotion–emotions come and go and are not a solid foundation for a lasting social change movement. 4) Students did not graduate with the sheer. and is. but keep going. enjoy. food. relationships. let it out. French youngsters assumed one had to have a solid intellectual foundation. 5) News coverage of the Vietnam war was much more open–and frank.62 i rode the same train. houses. jobs. circumstances. but that door opened by meditation has never closed. would not have missed it for the world. and what a great. the news today is dumbed down.etc. It was brought right into people’s living rooms. My pal thought that was one of the reasons why things dissipated in the US — much of the protest and flower child movement was emotion driven. crippling loan burdens as today–less debt bondage. You could rent an apartment in San Francisco for very much less than today. fabulous. April 20. the flow just keeps on opening. That lit a fire under lots of people. 2008 at 9:57 pm What made the flower children possible was a set of social factors that clustered together that are not in the same cluster today: 1) A baby boom that generated a critical mass of young people right at the same time. and it wasnt enough for him to say he was an anarchist. 3) The dollar had greater purchasing power than today and life was much more affordable. and one didnt have to work ultra long hours to pay rent.

AK. April 21. that MMY didnt start out in the UK by ministering to the emigre Hindus…they would have known exactly how to fact check his lineage claims in relation to Guru Dev. Joyce Collin Smith who was a very early English convert to Maharishi. The guards got more nasty. whether in the part of guard or prisoner forgot they were free to leave. son’t you think? Reply AK said. ok. Social Psychologist Stanley Zimbardo did a Prison Experiment at Stanford University involving college students who were screened to exclude those with possible mental illness. But…over time. and that Rajneesh adroitly mastered the art of creating an entire. This climate of trust and gullibility made us very easy pickings for a multitude of charlatans. just the play of time.63 People wanted to ‘groove’ ‘trip out’ and not be bothered by thinking things through. To this day I have met people from Pune who cringed in misery when I noted I had first heard of their city in connection with Rajneesh (whose followers are still propagating his stuff. only they now call him Osho to hide the history of it all) So the flower child/protest movement IMO was brought about by a combination of social factors that we do not have today. everyone. The internet was not yet available. including gurus and followers? if there is no real cause. but what caused the social factors? and what causes anything. but they could have written letters to family and friends back in India and made inquiries about MMY. Baba Muktananda made lineage claims that also turned out to be questionable and was most successful among Westerners. the prisoners became more helpless and 63 . trippy scene that was highly attractive to Westerners–and that utterly mortified his Indian neighbors in Pune. But Westerners didnt know how to investigate lineage claims. how can anyone be blamed for anything? punished. 2008 at 7:35 pm yeash. The students were randomly assigned roles either as guards or as prisoners and were told that at any time they were free to leave. 2008 at 9:56 pm Social Psychology has a lot to say about what causes social factors that enhance risk that power will be abused. It is noteworthy that in addition to MMY. April 21. but no one is trying to do anything other than do what they can see to do. Reply gregory said. noted in her book Call No Man Master.

was horrified. L Ron Hubbart. It was one of Zimbardo’s senior granduate students who saved the situation from getting worse and said it had to stop. via different channels. I totally agree that chanting mantras that are really worshipful phrases to dieties would indeed siphon energy off into that other dimension. but my intuition said “NO” to his second and to everything since. MMY. affirming them. no special magic. refusing to see a world in shambles. No one was able to come in from the outside and say ‘Stop!’ And there were no entities. Bronte — I just have to say that I have been also “On alert” about the whole “Law of Attraction” thing. Reply PenName said. and told Professor Zimbardo things had gone too far. This “law of attraction” stuff comes around often under different guises. ‘This is cruelty. “draw what you want to you with positive thinking” philosophy is rife with a selfish spirituality where we all feel entitled to health. I think much of religion is such and does the same thing. Gurdjieff and sundry other cult leaders ran social experiments that ran amok. However all of them turned to dust in the end and were far inferior to what came when I just let go and stopped trying to control and enforce my own agenda on the spiritual world. just speaking truth to power and saying. I worked with laws of attraction — visualizing positive outcomes. Werner Erhard. 2008 at 11:19 pm Great article. It was an outside visitors perspective. thousands of people working with its principles. teachers and books and movements all the time. its adherents are whistling through the graveyard. no equvalent of the American Psychological Association (which has ethical guidelines for experiments) and no Academic Senate to which these people were answerable in any structured way. Sure it works. and made awesome things happen. With adherents growing by the day. Tried to find book referenced above by “Fairy” (she noted a book by Matthew Deloozi called “Is it me for a moment”…can anyone help me find it?) I loved Tolle’s first book. 64 . The “affirmation-based” “new agey’. She dropped by for a visit.64 submissive. and it has to stop!’ that broke the trance of power abuse and brought the Stanford Prison Experiment to a premature–and necessary end. our world keep getting sicker and sicker. Icke gives me a headache — but I do agree that the fundamental manipulation of this world is happening through the control of other-dimensional entities via political and religious and cultural channels. April 21. etc…. prosperity and happiness. Never got into TM (too expensive and something inside said “no”). By refusing to entertain anything negative. Zimbardo himself forgot it was just an experiment.

g. 2008 at 5:06 am Very thoughtful post. even destructive purposes. But the fact that in the last year so many people have been finding out about the Law of Attraction (primarily through Oprah’s show on “The Secret”). etc. human empowerment.” It surely is utilized sometimes for selfish purposes. you figure 65 . These regions are tied into the Euro with the United States of Europe. That. but it is also dangerous learning to ride a bike or to paraglide.” channelers. It undercuts the prevailing philosophy that so much isn’t possible. I find exciting and encouraging. and that’s a message it seems to me this world sorely needs. April 22. to a gods. All of these social systems are a scar by the hiarchy to manipulate the slaves of the world and take away their wealth. Sure. Canada is merged into the North American Union with the Amero to be the new money for all three countries by 2010. How do they do this? Conditioning. Psychology is a scam that has been used from Freud onwards to dope up the people into thinking they can change their behavior into a continuous improvement to achieve nirvana like utopia. e. That’s why we give our power away to gurus. If you hurl yourself off a building.65 Perhaps Law of Attraction may be just another form of sorcery which that other dimension will only happily oblige to put you in its debt and thrall. the US. creation and selfdetermination. Reply brontebaxter said. The world’s nations are now being regionalized. like the Law of Gravity. With time and experience. Reply Ed Largy said. The PsyOps think tank is privately funded by the elite wealthy hiarchy who desire to psychologically or psychodelically manage the entire population. helpless and therefore in need of more powerful entities who exist outside ourselves (primarily religious or spiritual entities) to manage things for us and to take the lead. April 22. and conditioning. The message of the Law of Attraction is personal empowerment.. PenName. We are now seeing the financial system being manipulated to increase the speed of this process as they are getting ready to globally govern via centralized government. Mex. 2008 at 4:19 am The entire scheme of the nwo people who desire to micro manage all the slaves in the world with the earth’s wealth is manufactured by the Tavistock Institute out of Suffox University. to “ascended masters. Sad but true. The Law of Attraction is a value-neutral law. there can be destructive consequences. conditioning. to discover that we can make things happen in the outer world by consciously focusing thought. of course. and I’d like to respond to what you say about practicing “the Law of Attraction. How much better to wake up to our own powers of knowledge. is the philosophy that makes us feel weak. the Law of Gravity will take you to your demise. England.

letting our imaginations run with it and creating a world without sickness. I think most of us have had such moments. THAT is what I think life is supposed to be like. then all creation is protected and benefited by such an affirmation. I may put. The Law of Attraction can be used as easily to create a better world as to create selfish realities. Those you would naturally regret. but in that case. April 22. You found emptiness in the “awesome things” you say you made happen. but I think through in advance what side effects or repercussions I could be creating. with the power and joy of life itself. for instance. There’s so much fantastic potential. poverty and sorrow were part of the original divine intention for this life. Maybe you created selfish or non-harmonious realities. It is the key that unlocks the door of experience that allows us to prove to ourselves that we can be captain of our own ship. We can. every night? Wouldn’t that start to shake reality as we know it? You write that it is “selfish spirituality” to “feel entitled to health. the original intention for this universe. Then I add in elements to my “wish” that keep anyone from getting hurt. For instance. just waiting to be discovered. My heart cannot believe that.” With this I completely disagree. 2008 at 5:54 am 66 . It was all fullness. That joy was the opposite of death. the tag on the end would cancel the wish itself out. where everyone is abundant. and will be like. Everything alive shined in such moments. I’ve had moments of pure. When each person wakes up to the divine power within them. So much universal fun to be had we haven’t even dreamed of yet. “with all good benefits for everyone whom my life touches. uncaused joy. and wakes up as well to the beauty in everyone else. What if everyone who knew about the conspiracy did that. as a tag on an affirmation. I’ve created “awesome things” too but most of them still exist and have made my life better. I LOVE working the Law of Attraction. where I knew all beings were precious and filled with God and loved. The Law of Attraction is a big part of actualizing that potential. was. where the conspiracy has a died a natural death and all beings live in joy and harmony. Bronte Reply PenName said. Those seconds were charged with life.” Since my life touches everything in creation ultimately (in the same way a ripple touches all the water in a pond). that weren’t good for you or others in the end. Ever since I was a little girl.66 out what’s good for you and what isn’t. Everything living from such a place is. I think. We are all entitled to those things. I can’t think what could be better. be envisioning the kind of world we’d like every night before we fall asleep. we’ll all be creating realities that bless and benefit both ourselves and this world. prosperity and happiness. why wouldn’t we be? To assert otherwise is to say that sickness. the opposite of lack altogether. Assuming it doesn’t contain the contradiction of being a wish for something bad. when we get over the illusion that control and truth are outside of us.

articles. but then they steered this into passivity and relinquishing of our power to them and their overlords on high. I don’t know enough about spiritual realities to refute what you are saying. filthy and value-cluttered minds to weild it.67 This way of thought has been around for at least 100 years. but arose quite spontaneously and seem to be quite unduplicable by any mental intention or cause and effect attraction. The western gurus of happy-think assure us the power is within us. I have learned that the real station is not “out there. Somehow I just feel there is a different way of truth other than affirmationism — and also different from Hindu/Buddhist non-action. desire or agenda of mine at that moment. Those moments of the joy of life you had since you were a little girl. bolstering myself with them in order to maintain the positive mind necessary to keep it up. Rather than accept profound guilt and self-reproach for the constant slipping back into negativity. I can’t be alone judging by the thousands of books. BTW: I used the power for selfless things — justice. Louise Hay. and “Change your thinking – change your world” books. It pops up every few years in another guise. The eastern gurus had it partly right in that we need to clean the mind through meditation. self-improvement seminars and happiness “the power is within you” gurus out there. I have to constantly be reading them. But it is not at the level of my thinking mind and its drivel — whether that drivel be my imagined blessing for the world or my darkest fears. Reply 67 . I do not wish to create my own station full of self-soothing BS. Other people must need such constant immersion and bolstering as well. I’ve read “happiness” books and power of positive thinking books. Unity. but they have us use our greedy. were they choreographed from a mental exercise or intention based in the law of attraction or did they spontaneously emerge from the fresh uncorrupted experience of you in the moment? I know the most profound spiritual experiences in my life were not the fruit of some exercise. so much as to tune into the real station that I know must be somewhere. or drifts that way with inertia. social reform. Christian Science-related authors……”The Secret” perhaps marketed it better. I’m exporing new avenues on why and how the mind — my mind– is influenced and why it is negative to begin with. It feel as though the mind is a dirty tool or at best a “radio” receiver that is bombarded by countless bad stations broadcasting out there. but rather deep within me. and will continue to. However I know enough to remain humble and not feel my own vision for what is right in the world or my life is truly the best outcome.” not out in the “spiritual” world and its denizens. for over 35 years and it just doesn’t stick with me….

I sometimes think that he’d roll over in his grave if he could see what we have done here in America with his teachings! Reply Ruebin said. Tibetan Buddhism. and their purpose changed to actually divert people away from true liberation. Sadly. April 22. For 18 of those years I studied Zen under a zen roshi. http://www. And when one becomes quiet by “sitting quietly”. and NOBODY needs a teacher to be taught any of this.68 Ruebin said.hr/5/baran. but the real movers and shakers in this “new age” eastern religion movement here in the U. April 22. including Buddhism.S. We’ve been too spoiled by “quick fixes”. who himself is a Zen Master. ending all suffering and the cycles of birth and death here in this life… the list goes on and on… I’ve found meditation to be real simple. and very rarely do ANY of these people do ANY homework about this before blindly joining one of these cults.mandala. 2008 at 9:14 am I’ve been meditating for 40 years… since 1968. I see SO MANY unsuspecting people going into Buddhism these days. are exactly like Bronte Baxter describes the Maharishi… nothing more than very slick snake oil salesmen. when you go into see the Roshi for a personal talk. As the author himself questions… what exactly IS this type of 68 . and that covers Zen and Vipassana as well. the rest will gradually come. Vipassana. For me it just boils down to learning to follow one’s breath… that’s ALL! And I don’t call it “meditation” anymore. This includes ALL religions here in the west. It took me a long time to figure out what was really going on… ALL of the “sanctioned” religions today here in the west have been infiltrated..html Here’s a little bit from this book. They are so blinded by the seductive talk of enlightnment. or some other form of it. Check out the “zen apron” that all of these supposed “advanced” zen masters wear to show the “students” just how “spiritual” they are… these are nothing more than Masonic apron… only a much more “stripped down” zen version! And yes… in most zen sects here in the U. there are some good people out there trying to teach this “stuff”. It took me many years to finally figure this all out. I just refer to it as “sitting quietly”. “Zen at War”. if anybody is really interested in what is behind so much of this zen “bluff and bluster” that we see so many of todays supposed “zen masters” acting out.S. entering the “Dharma”. and they also expose several well known American zen teachers as well. whether it’s Zen. fancy “dharma centers” that cost money to simply SIT in. by Brian Victoria. you are required to prostrate down to this person when you first enter the room. 2008 at 9:43 am One final comment… Here is an excellent book that exposes this whole western “zen myth” for what it really is. Yes. If there really were such a person as the Buddha.

I stopped saying those words regularly. but how to eliminate the things that get in the way of it. because THIS is the real zen that we have imported over from Japan… http://query. etc… but with absolutely no compassion. picking up the frequencies and thoughts around it.au Before the excerpt. Excerpt from “Imaginate Your Way to a Better Life” by Bronte Baxter 69 . They can take a momentary dip in our emotional equilibrium and exacerbate it by plying us with negative. I haven’t fallen into depression again. I got depressed regularly. I felt lighter and freer the first day I tried it.” Amazingly. it’s hard to break out of it. and it’s been a couple of years. and I’m very much in agreement. I’m copying an excerpt below from a ten-lesson course I wrote in how to “imaginate” — how to take control of one’s thoughts and of one’s life. Before that. During a particularly difficult time. This excerpt doesn’t talk about how to imaginate.com/gst/fullpage. Read these two essays very carefully. empowering way of thinking. entities or programs that may be or are feeding upon me. I think the reason we have to “bolster” ourselves to keep on utilizing the Law of Attraction is all the negative programming we’re saddled with that gets in the way of the new. out of everything I tried. The human mind is much like a radio receiver. I think we can get into a pretty routine low from that sort of thing. out loud and with full attention. This is copyrighted material to which I don’t own the copyright. The negative habitual thinking spontaneously springs up and gets in the way.html? res=9905EED91F3EF932A25752C0A9659C8B63&sec=&spon= Reply brontebaxter said.nytimes. I sought help from a healer who suggested I make the following statement. Suzuki questioned if these “zen masters” could have satori. I’ve had some first-hand experience with this. Once I got un-depressed. like weeds getting in the way of young new plants in a garden. Unhappy trans-dimensional entities sometimes influence us psychically. but I still use them or something similar when I feel I may be picking up negative influences psychically. three times in a row several times a day: “I happily disconnect myself from all energies. and once we’re down. that’s what broke me out of the dark doldrums. transmitting discouraging thoughts that we think are our own. April 22.69 “enlightnment” that these Japanese masters have brought over here to the west? And even the spokesperson for zen buddhism. subtle thoughts. 2008 at 10:21 am Ruebin. a response to what you wrote. and I’ve always been susceptible to it. PenName.com.T. you express this very well. at info@healthandharmony. kenso. but anyone interested in purchasing the course can obtain it by writing to the college I wrote the course for: Health and Harmony Colleges in Australia. Depression runs in my family. the well known D.

more established thought. Underneath is our real opinion. that is recorded in the deepest part of you. the more automatic the 70 . Your Life and How You Built It How do you turn a thought in your head into an exterior fact? Through a sequence.70 The Deepest Part of You You have had some experience now in the practice of imaginating. Such opinions become as much a part of who you are as your breathing. they aren’t noticed unless you make an effort to pay attention to them. It’s clear that if we want to better our lives and create reality through pure intention. we need to deal with this thing called the subconscious. you are programming your subconscious mind. the opinion held by our subconscious mind. they turn into subconscious beliefs. if they pass idly and routinely through your head or if you think them on purpose. So what exactly are you doing when you do this process? You are programming your subconscious mind with an idea. and what the subconscious mind believes it naturally creates in the outer reality called your life. The more you think from the point of view of your attitude. an image you want made manifest in the outer world. Subconscious mind and conscious mind are not two separate things but rather two levels of one mind: yours. a point of view. But we know that neither affirmations nor earnest effort always bear fruit. But why is it necessary to engage subconscious mind when you want to create a reality? If your conscious mind is part of universal mind (which of course it is). It doesn’t matter if your thoughts are positive or negative. why do you have to get “sub-“ to get down to business? Why can’t a conscious intention be enough? If it were true that conscious mind can make intentions come true all by itself. of course. Which is more powerful in your own experience. Every goal a person attempts to accomplish through diligent action in the world would also result in success. And that is what has the power to create reality. You are building an attitude. When you think habitual thoughts or emotion-based thoughts. the more of a habit it becomes. or think a thought with great feeling or conviction. The more you reflect on that opinion. If you persist in that thought. Every time you think habitual or emotional thoughts. affirmations would always work every time anyone used them. until it is an attitude. First you have a perception. it becomes your opinion. Subconscious mind is not somebody else’s mind. And like breathing. you are creating. Every time you think a thought repeatedly. a conscious fleeting thought that passes momentarily through your mind or an attitude you have carried with you for years? Which is more likely to influence your outer reality? The deeper. or some incomprehensible part of you that is severed from your personality. Why is that? The reason is that conscious thoughts are only what we’re thinking on the surface.

it’s a conscious activity. part of the definition of who you are. So a perception has turned into an opinion has turned into an attitude has turned into part of your personality at the deepest level. from just a single experience. the more repetition is required. For us. the child’s subconscious mind will probably be programmed with a fear of large canines. so any thought takes root in subconscious mind if it we think it repeatedly. an activity supervised by the subconscious aspect of yourself.71 attitude becomes. we say becomes subconscious. for example. something performed by their subconscious mind. the less repetition is needed to turn a conscious thought into a subconscious one. they just do it. In time. a small child being suddenly frightened by a huge dog. That means subconscious mind has taken over the conscious behavior and continues to generate it automatically. for the most part. Trained dancers don’t have to think to walk erectly. Think about the beautiful posture exhibited by dancers. From that moment on. But after standing and walking erectly long enough. so it makes breathing automatic. The body knows this. The rest of us. the attitude is an integral part of you. The less emotion involved. That frees up your conscious mind to take care of the business of the moment. without our having to be aware of it. we fall back into our habitual posture again. the behavior became automatic. the subconscious level. Consider. When a conscious thought or activity gets habitual enough that it is automatic. The rate at which a subconscious impression is made is often directly proportional to the degree of emotion accompanying the perception. Think about your breathing again. All this illustrates how a perception or thought by the conscious mind turns into a subconscious impression or belief. In the same way that standing erectly can be taken over by the subconscious mind if the thought to stand that way becomes habitual enough. It began with a conscious thought – reminding themselves to hold their bodies in a certain manner. What if you had to consciously think about breathing in order to take each breath? You’d spend all the day doing nothing but breathing because there’d be no room in your conscious attention left over for anything else. Subconscious because even when you don’t put your conscious attention on it. Another way thoughts root in the subconscious is if emotion attaches to them. have to think about our posture if we want it to look that good. influencing everything you think and do. What blueprint does it create from? The 71 . No habitual thought is necessary to turn that sort of experience into a subconscious impression. The more the emotion involved. They walk about more erectly than most people because they have trained themselves that way. it is adopted as part of your personality. not a subconscious one. The moment we withdraw our conscious awareness from the way we are standing and start to think of something else. Subconscious mind is the part of us responsible for creating realities in our outer world.

” The more you try to attune yourself to your subliminal inner dialogue – “tapes” some people call them – the more aware you’ll become of this under-layer of thought. studies show it to be as successful as drug therapy in restructuring the brain chemistry of people who suffer from major depression.that run through your head all day long. It’s hard to know what all is buried there. a psychotherapy that is used to cure all types of self-destructive thinking. Imaginating is another part of the solution. you 72 . All those little whisperings. The good news is that you can eliminate subconscious impressions that create bad things in your life and replace them with impressions that generate good things and happiness instead. the self-destructive programming harbored in the deepest part of your personality will be eliminated. What do you do when you detect self-sabotaging chatter? You replace it with a clear and positive statement that negates the words on the old tape and substitutes what you really want your subconscious mind to think about the subject. from the time you think a thought to the time it manifests in your life: Perception → Opinion → Attitude → Subconscious Belief → Outer Fact This is both good news and bad news. Understanding the complexity of your subconscious mind by looking at what’s in your conscious mind at any given moment is like trying to understand the programs that run your computer by reading the document you’re typing on the screen in front of you. through habitual thought or emotional thought. But for imaginating to really take root. a little at a time. The bad news is that you’re walking around with a lot of subconscious impressions you didn’t intentionally mean to pick up. You’ll observe it more often. By developing the habit of doing this whenever you slip into negative thought. beliefs and desires it receives from the conscious mind. mumblings. So here’s how the cycle of creation goes. This principle of replacement happens to be at the heart of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. that’s life. impressions which have created the thing you call your life. How do you know what’s in your subconscious mind so you can eliminate what you don’t want and replace it with what you want? By listening to the thoughts. grumblings. Weeding the Mind Garden All of us have been programming our subconscious minds through our habitual and emotional thinking since the day we were born. just below your conscious awareness. more easily.72 impressions. You don’t get a very big picture. Often they sound something like “This will never work… I can’t do this… I’m stuck… it was a stupid dream anyway… well. Part of creating a better life for yourself and getting the things you want is eliminating the subconscious programs that are creating and maintaining bad things in your world. This therapy works by identifying negative thoughts as they arise and replacing them with more constructive self-talk. Remarkably.

Time Is on Your Side Imaginating works on the same principle as the self-programming you’ve been doing all your life. you’ll be creating wonderful new subconscious beliefs that will manifest as outer realities. He just keeps pushing my buttons. Unlike your former self-programming. They will for a while. and just say to yourself. We all do. If you don’t go that far. In that case. Persistence pays off! If you combine imaginating morning and evening (more often if you prefer) with self-monitoring your thought patterns during your waking hours. through repetition and emotion. Sometimes that won’t work and the negative thought will bounce right back into your head again. An example makes this clearer. but with focus) the replacement thought you want your subconscious mind to accept. In their place. “Oh. or get upset if the negative thoughts keep on recurring. But you’ll notice progressively fewer and fewer weeds.” The important thing here is to think (or say out loud) a clear and specific affirmative thought. That sows the new seed. you will in time eliminate all the self-sabotaging attitudes that hurt you and restrict your happiness. just as weeds keep popping up in a garden even after you begin weeding regularly. try to “block” destructive thoughts. there’s that negative thought again. Suppose you catch yourself repeatedly thinking. Don’t be discouraged if you have years of bad programming to root out. the bad seeds will die out eventually and the new seeds will take over. write down and mentally repeat the following replacement thought: “I am naturally growing more patient with my son. “I am never going to get over being impatient with my son.” just the act of becoming aware of the destructive thought will somewhat reduce the intensity of your subconscious belief. Sometimes just firmly stating the truth of the matter to yourself is all it takes. substitute what you were thinking with a clear statement that represents what you want to think. and with consistent attention to introducing substitute good thoughts when bad ones sprout up. close your eyes. It impresses the subconscious mind. however. new self-programming takes far less time to establish than the old 73 . Everyday I understand him better.” You might construct. with specific thoughts. Don’t fight with yourself. Do this by becoming aware of negative internal habitual chatter. not distressing and damaging ones. and when you become aware of it. withdraw yourself from activity for a few moments.73 need to clean the weeds out of the soil of your subconsciousness. and repeat several times (mentally or out loud. But that is not nearly as effective or swift a way of rooting out negative programming as is inserting a substitution thought in the old one’s place. Fortunately. this intentional programming will result in life-supporting realities in the outer world.

the something not quite right was implanted after the original transmission and is hard to wash out down the road.” The infiltration process is probably very easy for these guys by now. They can take a momentary dip in our emotional equilibrium and exacerbate it by plying us with 74 . I look forward to investigating them. and is executed in perfunctory fashion time and again. dependable income. transmitting discouraging thoughts that we think are our own.. and some focused imagination we call imaginating. or thought management. It’s all a matter of exercising a little self-regulation. Unhappy trans-dimensional entities sometimes influence us psychically. Construct asentence which implies the fulfillment of your aim. Inner talking is the beginning. April 23. you’ll start to see results. To determine the action. steady.” AMEN! I do believe that truth-tellers have come over the years. All these traditions have a little bit of truth and something not quite right…. such as “I have a large. Ruebin. you must consciously initiate and control your inner talking.74 programming did because we do it with focus and intentionality. etc…. Stop all of the old mechanical negative inner talking and start a new positive and constructive inner speech from premises of fulfilled desire. Thanks for the links on Zen. but bad things in your life will begin to disappear and the good things you want will start coming to you. you said: “The human mind is much like a radio receiver. Our inner speech represents in various ways the world we live in. consistent with integrity and mutual benefit.” “I am contributing to the good of the world. the sowing of the seeds of future action.” or “I am wanted. 2008 at 12:04 am Ruebin said: “ALL of the “sanctioned” religions today here in the west have been infiltrated. In a few months. but by the second generation of disciples the message is warped — infiltrated in each instance by the same layer of energy which will steer the prime truth of “The kingdom is within you” back to “Seek power outside yourself and follow all these rules and get involved with a hierarchical system. In weeks or even days. accept all this fear and guilt. Not only will you feel better psychologically. you’ll see even more. picking up the frequencies and thoughts around it. and their purpose changed to actually divert people away from true liberation. ~ Neville Goddard Reply PenName said. Bronte.” or “I am happily married.” and repeat such a sentence over and over until you are inwardly affected by it.

intelligent energy beings who will change the game continually — the bad programming is not always a static thing addressed with a static affirmation. there’s a wealth of information available if you access the best sources. We are handicapped going in if we play on their dimension. beneficial and positive thing in my spiritual life. Not reason enough to abandon positive-thought based visualization/feeling efforts. in my opinion. but reason enough to stay open. These interdimensional beings don’t come at us always with the obvious negative.75 negative. We all have bad programming to root out… but we are also affected by the signals from dynamic. Neville’s book.” and we operate very blind. Bring it back to our turf and get out of theirs. The Law of Attraction stuff is so often dismissed as “affirmations” and it’s often explained very superficially. it’s hard to break out of it. The other tricky item is that the other side knows the rules better than we do while we are in this dimension. April 23. 2008 at 6:46 am Pen Name. only to find out later it got me deeper into a worse trap. It is wholly unlike the superficial treatments of this subject I’m seeing lots of places around the Internet. Many times I thought I was thinking and doing the selfless. Reply brontebaxter said. our weaknesses. Perhaps we can win if we bring the effort down to a dimension they cannot access — the living human energy and spark of life within each one of us. you’re right on here on almost every point. observant and very humble to other possibilities. Use of affirmations alone is a dead-end trail. “The Law and the Promise” does one of the best job’s I’ve seen of explaining how to manifest. which is the dimension we access partially by thoughts and dreams. future. As far as your remark that “the bad programming is not always a static thing addressed with a static affirmation. our “karma. I think that these deceiving trans dimensional can fool us into thinking we are doing good. co-creator notions as well. Bronte 75 .” I agree 100% and that is the rub! I don’t feel that affirmations and vigilance toward positive thinking is enough — it is a good start and important. They have a higher ability to see past. happy. But if you delve into the subject of manifesting. in my experience. and once we’re down. depressive. I agree about the “positive” programming and the need to be vigilant. I think we can get into a pretty routine low from that sort of thing. My blog entry yesterday “Channeled Messages: Who’s Really Talking?” cites an example of just that sort of deception. or bypass it altogether to get to the correct broadcasting station of our true selves. fear-based thoughts — they dress themselves up as sparkly good. but somehow we need to clean the receiver.” I would respond that I think static affirmations are across the board pretty worthless. giving. when we are still following their hidden directives. subtle thoughts.

April 25. for starting a wonderful exchange. Bronte. I’d like to ask for comments on A Course in Miracles. http://www. Coming on the heels of my reading and contributing to this blog. I recently went back to it after a long lapse and am having the same uncomfortable reaction I had before: as much as I can’t argue with the text itself. “my attack thoughts are attacking my invulnerability” (lesson 26. for opening the subject. I’d just like to share my “flashback” story with anyone who’s interested Reply Rob said. April 25. 2008 at 1:06 pm So many of the comments on this blog have been so wonderfully refreshing. A lot of us who have contributed to this blog lived during that magical era. cults. Note: while my website is a “.com. I think). Strangely. While it’s true that when one is caught up in an angry. For instance. http://www. in a long time. Later maybe. Bronte. etc. reactive inner dialogue one loses their peace of mind.76 Reply Rob said. Thank you.postcards-from-cambodia. it’s timing couldn’t have been better. April 25. the day before yesterday I relived it again in a very weird way. I’ve published it on my website. this blog remains one of the most refreshing and “enlightening” blogs I’ve come across in a long time. 2008 at 12:13 pm Hello again.com if anyone’s interested in reading about it. the statement.postcards-from-cambodia.com” I’m not trying to sell anything. So thank you. Many of us woke up to what our gurus were trying to do to us when we heeded warning signals in our minds 76 . Thanks again – Rob Reply Rob said. if anyone has anything to offer. 2008 at 12:23 pm This remains one of the most refreshing and “enlightening” discussions I’ve read on the subject of gurus. I feel I’m being told what to think and how to feel.com and my blog. I had a very strange experience the other day that I’ve recounted in my website: http://www. Reuben’s entry said so elegantly everything I’ve felt about western-style Zen. it also seems true that sometimes anger is an entirely appropriate response to a situation. but not now. Reuben expresses the whole western-style Zen subject so elegantly.postcardsfromcambodia.blogspot.

“The Guru Papers: Masks of Authoritarian Power. It unabashedly states that the function of the lessons are first. The argument about which was the “right” way got almost heated. those signals came in the form of anger. As I recall there was a lot of talk at the beginning of the book about eliminating guilt and fear. Paramahansa Yogananda (my guru) taught a technique where the meditator silently chanted “hong” on the incoming breath and “sau” on the outgoing.’ These two steps – undermining a person’s framework for integration. I was enjoying it and using it as a meditation aid. I hope I’m not taking us off topic. I would read just one page and then go into meditation. On mantras: yes.” by Joel Kramer and Diana Alstad. A tone that seemed designed to make you feel guilty. However. but Muktananda taught it exactly the opposite – “sau” on the incoming. though both “swamis” managed to retain their benevolent . 2008 at 5:33 pm Hi Rob. ‘the acquisition of true perception. 77 . I could certainly relate to those ideas. “hong” on the outgoing. mantra or prayer.” Bronte Reply Carole said. Reply I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone « I Can See Clearly Now the Rain Has Gone said. We find absurd the idea that truth. April 25. true perception. Something just didn’t feel right. Here is an excerpt: “The ‘Course’ operates through giving a lesson each day consisting of a statement to be repeated like an affirmation. 2010 at 6:07 am I remember reading a Course in Miracle many years ago.77 – in my case at least. but this has been on my mind for awhile. I stopped reading the book at that point. half way through the book the narration suddenly took a very intimidating and authoritarian tone. and then programming in so-called truth – are basic to all mind-control. “spitritual” smiles throughout. ‘the undoing of the way you see now. or any kind of wisdom can be instilled first by inculcating self-mistrust and then programming the so-called truth through repetition. I agree about “watching your breath” and it reminds me of an amusing and enlightening (in the small “e” sense of the word) exchange I witnessed between “Swamis” Kriyananda and Muktananda back in about 1969. August 30.’ and next. I think you find interesting the eight pages on “A Course in Miracles” that appear in a wonderful book called. Reply Bronte Baxter said. Great comment.

a catholic priest .. Reply DancesWithBunnies said. ACIM is just western style advaita. I had heard Groeshel.] Reply DAS said. May 3. After being interviewed (interrogated) by a governer in order to enter the school. 2008 at 5:55 am Thank you all for discussing this subject.. thank you Rob. I never responded to such arrogance again.. she was about to tell me that everyone in real life was really me as well. Which is why many of the Eastern Religion SEEM to fit in with what i experienced in my dream.78 April 30. Yes…it is definitely a mind-control cult…right up there with the Vril Society and the Nazis. knew Helen Schucmann and wrote that she spent the last two years of her life in an almost psychotic depression. 78 ..and many of us have gone through material including ACIM (Gary Renard’s books and the new one “Take Me To the Truth. Recently I have read some of the writings of Bronte Baxter.. and somehow felt disgusted by the whole money/corporate image that it encouraged.. May 7. and was quickly ostracized by my “friends” who also meditated with TM.and find something is not quite right. and Bronte. Undoing the Ego” by Nouk. I need to get that book “the Guru papers.” Yes much of the new age appears to have some authentic material mixed with poison.] I never thought about the New Age movement.back in 1999 before i had ever delved into spirituality seriously i had a dream i which i asked a little girl if everyone in the dream was actually me…she said “yes and if you think that is scary…” i awoke in terror. I was a TMer for 11 years. I simply walked away. 2008 at 8:28 am This conversation is so very pertinent to a whole host of people out here on the internet who are coming or have come to the same conclusion about much of the new age material and the imported eastern style religions. I was even accepted to MUM in Fairfield for the PhD program in Ayurveda.) I know we are all connected on a fundamental level. who writes a lot about Hindu religions and they have brought to mind new ideas about some New Age [... 2008 at 11:37 pm [.

] They and their kids are the ones running the government and denying us of today the rights …http://brontebaxter. They want us to feel ignorant and toxic if we identify with and cherish our uniqueness. But I don’t see meditation being the answer to anything. 2008 at 8:20 am [. in the Indian tradition.nothing.File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat – View as [. That level of oneness is the reason harmony between all of us is a real possibility. You can’t change the world. It’s being destroyed as I type. only yourself. What can we do.] Reply Lisa Charity said. They want you to be what they say you have to be…Those in the “know” can relate to what I’m talking about. I do “pray” and I have come to the conclusion the world will be what it is. It definitely expanded my mind and influenced my art. Thank you guys so very much! Bunny Reply brontebaxter said. 2008 at 7:35 am wow.. 2008 at 9:04 am Regarding Bunny’s comment … Surely we are all one on a fundamental level.It’s like a freight train out of control. But the evil forces running this show are making it difficult to be yourself. interesting stuff written on here! I was a child hippy doing LSD by age 13. May 14.com/where-have-all-the-flower-childrengone/The Hierarchy of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. Wait and see.. Bronte Reply hiarchy of us government said.Even a revolution couldn’t stop it now.. because everything that is made out of consciousness. But spiritual empowerment actually involves embracing both aspects of our nature — functioning from the level of Basecamp (the Infinite) but inside the embraced perimeters of our personhood.. They want us to give up our personal autonomy so they can be in control.79 I also am looking for information on new age groups as well as the major religions feeding some forces that keep us imprisoned.. and the argument they use to do that.wordpress. and why love is a possibility.I 79 . The problem is the way this truth is twisted by the manipulators to serve their agenda. We will see this world fall apart at the seams. i deeply appreciate this blog. May 7. is that oneness is THE truth and individuality is an illusion. May 10..

Even if it means death. Reply Lisa Charity said. 2008 at 9:33 am Mmm.Just don’t accept it. 2008 at 10:29 am “…as the whole “saving” mindset is the problem.. just a truly enlightened one and it has nothing to do with organized religion. Lisa. It’s doing nothing that has led to this state of affairs.80 don’t think we have to wait much longer to see the results of this chaos spiraling out of control. Then you will see truth. Exactly. as the whole “saving” mindset is the problem.They polluted God. I’m not saying we should not be aware of the “errors” though. He will be called your Majesty when he returns to put an end to the evil bastards thinking they are in control of the universe…. Or about our ability to do nothing.” That much is clear. is what defines humans differently than animals.. it’s time we mature and realize we are the ones we have been waiting for. stop picking at where things went “wrong” and start looking at how to dig ourselves out of this hole. And the true messiah. That’s what we did for two thousand years…it doesn’t work! It just got infected! The definition of stupidity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. about the Jesus part. Bronte Reply C.he was called Jesus when he was here before.~peace~don’t hate the messenger…BTW i’m still a hippy. May 14. Claiming our own power of choice based on experience. There are multiple groups of beings vying for control of human consciousness. but they all have the same agenda: using mankind’s energy to make themselves more powerful. The true God does not want to be called “Majesty” and doesn’t require human worship. It’s time to stop the blame game. Some would even call that “divinity”. said. BTW they have our implant chips ready. I don’t agree with you there. No more waiting for metaphorical “Mom and Dad” to correct our mistakes and make it all better. May 14. Reply brontebaxter said. Only insecure “gods” who rely on others life force need that. 80 . We can turn this seeming world “destruction” into a world “transformation”.”. No one is going to save us. But we have to take action – “God” helps those who help themselves.

2008 at 1:08 pm My point is basically no one is collectively going to do anything.worse. truth. I suppose you all think the implant chip to survive in this world happened by chance.EVER Reply Lisa Charity said. May 15.. 2008 at 2:57 am Remarkable writing..not happening. The collective mind is god.Not what they claim to be. Reality sucks people. Guess you better get digging deeper and deeper. 2008 at 12:58 pm “and thats what we did for 2 thousand years” maybe you should count back a lil farther.. Thats about the most you can expect till the shit hits the fan. So live in your dream and be happy. Try explaining that to your neighbor or a stranger at the grocery store……It’s personal.. But those with the most power and money in this world call the shots. 2008 at 12:49 pm well see about that. People will never agree on anything. It’s definetly wrong. And sorry they control the world. Just try or explain to me how that can or will happen. May 15. Any information would be appreciated with my sincere gratitude.way before Jesus.81 May 15. They have thier own agenda. He was the last incarnate of God. It’s been around since man started worshipping God. is where can I find this book when it becomes published? Please someone notify me or email me. ~peace~ Williams said. I am a writer on the subject too. December 4. Maybe you’ll hit China. And no implant in this body. 81 . the words fill my heart with truth and empowerment..I’d really like to see someone stop the illuminati and yes they are real. Point blank Reply Lisa Charity said. I feel for every word being said as it explains perfectly what I have always felt inside.But it’s not happening with these people on the earth.a few here a few there..for now… so thats all I have to say about it. garunteed. Take it up with the worlds leaders who could care less about what you or I think.but not my mind. The only question I have.

It’s heartening to get this response from readers. 2010 at 8:42 pm Bronte. and subsequent decisions. November 20. Other readers are welcome to write to me at brontebaxter8@yahoo. I will write more later. “The energy flows where the focus goes” is now my motto. I will also announce the book’s availability on this blog site when “Whistle” is finished. And it makes sense people should have it. I stumbled onto your website last week.I never liked the vibe of “shreem”. the subconscious mind does need weeding and cultivating. but for today I want to share another perspective of the baby boomers that I read this morning and suggest that there is a link between these two threads. thirty years later.82 BRONTE’S RESPONSE: Thanks.html Kath a former TM enthusiast-turned WCG member-now happily free of both! Reply Ulla de Mora said. Your assertions are shockingly enlightening and worth pondering. Reply Kathy Terry said.com/947/Baby-Boomers-Rule. http://www. actively and consciously emerging from those ruins. many different individuals should be arriving at a perception of it independently of one another. because if something’s true. I’ve put your email address on a notification list for the book. April 7. TM was for me only a brief encounter with cultlike organized take-over of my mind. Bronte. But despite stopping TM at an early stage my life at that point went out of my control and I am now. even though it appears I am two years behind everyone here. Thank you. Williams. Yes. obviously the big shot controllers want to collect adherents to increase 82 . Knowing this.Thedailybell. and accepting full responsibility for whatever happens to me. I’m interested in hearing from such people.com and ask to be put on the list as well. 2010 at 6:59 pm I must be doing something right regarding the Law of Attraction to have found this conversation above. and all of our creativity can only bloom once we understand that our reality begins in our thought processes. for sorting through these complex issues and showing the way out of the confusion.

2010 at 3:27 am Ulla. 83 . You’ve done an incredible job. You are the power and your intention is all there is. I am confident they will be benefited from this website.. and the wisdom and strength to repair it. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I like everything you said here until the last part.) Seems to me there is enough “wonder” in the world (and in our minds) already. the negative powers-that-be are stealing from our (emotional and physical) wallets …. We needn’t ask God for more. and use a mantra.83 the power of their own minds. it will be this: Oh. But their lack of conscience ultimately will become their downfall. Maybe while we are busy looking within. Rather. February 6. Sounds too much like worship to me. There was something about it that made me feel uneasy so I decided not to continue. 2011 at 4:04 am Thank you Bronte. Much of what you have written resonates with me. November 21. let’s summon within ourselves the courage to face all that’s truly wrong with this world. The true God does not seek worship – only those who think they must feed on the energy of humans to survive seek that (the so-called “gods”). I have tried this form of meditation and it just did not feel right. (If you read further in the “Blowing the Whistle” article series. God increase Thou my wonderment at Thee! Reply brontebaxter said. “Wonderment” (to me) equates with whitewashing everything troubling as “God’s will. April 15. you’ll find the case for that argument. Man was not created to become someone else’s robot. 2011 at 12:18 am Hi there. If I want to meditate. Reply Ethyl Tomasek said. There may be no greater obstacle to the planned hijacking scenario of earth than individuals taking back their own minds and defining their own vision of utopia.” Bronte Reply Clare said. I think that any ritual involving worship of any kind is not a good thing.

But back to the Flower Children – maybe we were in reaction to our Judeo-Christian upbringings and cultural backgrounds. said thanks and moved on. what’s best for them. The reality they represent. I’ve only been involved with one guru. and now I’m free to come or go. got the help. i don’t lose my ego but only transform it.’ We wanted to right the many wrongs we saw around us and we were passionate about it. and they make mistakes which they later regret. and an option to take what is beautiful and true from religious traditions without having to subscribe to them in their organized forms.84 Reply Reply Karen Mattern said. you wrote: “Rather. Like many here on this site. but in my many years and travels in spiritual/religious/cult circles I’ve seen that people often don’t understand what’s going on. as an individual being have qualities.” When I think of the Flower Children (I was perceived to be one at the time). The Sufi teacher Hazrat Inayat Khan helped me to understand that while I may lose the sense of alienation that we think of as us the ego. but it’s still up to individuals to make their own choices and decisions. had studied Jungian approaches to spiritual growth and understand the nature and power of symbols. get involved as much as I want and nothing more. For example. Some of them may be crooked or misguided themselves. and that guru has never asked me to do anything I felt I couldn’t do. let’s summon within ourselves the courage to face all that’s truly wrong with this world. I had a closer relationship during that period. others got caught in drugs or other forms of escapism. The religionists are just doing what they do. Turning inward and tuning to the Infinite within myself has always been the main practice. no strings attached. When I needed help. I’d like to think that there is an opportunity today to reconnect with genuine spirituality without the lashings of religion. for me ‘sitting quietly’ has been the greatest practice. That person helped me during a difficult period. repeating ‘names of Gods’ only means repeating names of qualities. September 14. I reflect that most of them were formed by a Judeo-Christian worldview in which there is a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong. but that infinite has qualities. But I think it will be difficult to do that. For me there is only the Infinite. as they all trail such lengthy histories and ‘traditions’ behind them. But I already had a lot of ‘spiritual experience’ before meeting the guru. until as you and everyone else points out things changed. just as I . although I was earlier. and some ‘went spiritual. in the process of spiritual growth. 2011 at 3:05 pm Bronte. or whatever. Now I just do what I want to do. But nobody ‘made them do it’ – they did it themselves – gave all their money to the guru.’ I’m not a proponent of religion at this point in my life. or my experience of it. Boomers are often accused of being very self-righteous people but now it’s all dedicated to relative 84 . Some people seemed to get caught in political rhetoric (but without effective action). and where they have gone. Adding names of qualities and attention to the breath and to sound has only added to that practice and is optional. and the wisdom and strength to repair it. for me. some went back to school and/or got jobs and moved into a higher socio-economic bracket (and many went overboard in playing ‘rich kids’ to the detriment of society as a whole). but we were still acting out of that place of ‘righteous indignation’ and we may have lost that energy and belief in our own righteousness when we stepped out of that tradition.


trivialities, like sprouted bread versus non-sprouted, the best sound systems, and so forth. Lost the fire of a righteousness based in compassion and caring about ethics. Reply Blowing the Whistle, Chpt. 3: Where Have All the Flower Children Gone? – Part Two This is the third chapter in an online book, “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic,” by Bronte Baxter.

The hippies were an aware generation, on the edge of discovering and achieving remarkable things. Spiritual growth divorced from restrictive religion. A government accountable to the people. Wars that couldn’t happen because kids wouldn’t serve in them. The questioning of authority. Noncompliance with idiocy. Community empowerment through back-to-the-land living and support of local trades and local commerce, breaking the growing stranglehold of Big Business. The flower children challenged all the assumptions: spiritual, political, social, economic. They asked the big questions and were willing to go to jail for their principles. The hippies knew something was wrong with the world, and even tried to name it: the Establishment, the System. They were so close to the truth that they had to be stopped. Since they couldn’t be stopped, they had to be diverted. The hippie movement was poisoned from within. Drugs, thrills and depersonalized sex ate away at flower-power vision and resolve. Heads were clouded by pot and heavy metal. Icons announced that getting the latest kick was the way to personal freedom. Drugs weren’t bad – the Establishment only said that to stop our having fun. Drugs would set our mind free. Multi-partnered sex would set our soul free. The focus turned from activism to pleasure, thrills that never satisfied. We grew bloated with decadence, and longed for a way out. We wanted to be spiritual, but didn’t believe in Jesus. We lost our self-confidence, mourned our lost innocence. If only someone would show us the way back to feeling wonderful again. That’s where Maharishi found us in the 1960s and 70s when he made his trips to America. He tossed life vests into our turbulent sea. We followed his voice and made it to the shore. We’d be forever grateful. The hippies could not be allowed to grow into adults and assume responsible places in society. Not without being purged. Our enemies corrupted us, and then we begged for purging. One of their own, Maharishi obliged us. He taught TM to take our “stress” away. We gladly gave it to him. But “stress,” our cares, were attached to our souls. When TM took them away, it took part of us with it. Instead of working our problems through and becoming integrated, we gave them to a mantra, the hypnotic song that transported them, with pieces of our personality, into another dimension. Is it a stretch to allege that the death of the hippie movement was intentional? A form of cultural genocide? The Establishment lost its critics once the hippies were assimilated. Gone


were the voices crying “foul!” and “fraud!” The Establishment and the agenda that drives it wanted the hippie movement killed. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was their henchman. Transcendental Meditation diverted the hippies to “changing the system from within.” We were taught to respect authority, and teacher/initiators were ordered to wear the Establishment’s suit-and-tie uniform. Maharishi said we’d been wrong in our rebellion, and because he had saved us, we believed it. How could a man who lifted us from our lost lives of drugs and hedonism not be telling the truth? We never questioned the man for a minute. Was it coincidental, the sheepifying of the flower children? Look what the gods got out of it, those psychic off-world entities the mantras carried our worship to. The hippies were too conscious to fall for the Christian religion. It seemed juvenile to us, the idea that God needed blood sacrifice, the blood of his son no less, to be satisfied with “sinful” mankind. We didn’t see ourselves as sinners, and even if we were, why would a loving God’s solution to sin be stringing someone up on a cross? Nope, it didn’t compute. And so a whole generation was moving into adulthood refusing to pay toll to the divine. No prayer would come from the hippies. No aroma of worship would waft up to the heavens, full of human emotion and energy. No helpless cries for forgiveness from the flower kids. The psychic vampires were hungry, and they knew things were going to get worse. Someone had to convert our generation into dinner-producing devotees, energy batteries for the “divine plan.” The only way to pull that off was to give religion in the West a major facelift. So Maharishi took Eastern religion and brought it to the West disguised as a relaxation technique. He taught it to the hippies, saying the mantras (which are names of gods) were “meaningless life-supporting sounds.” (See Where Have All the Flower Children Gone? – Part One for a discussion of this deception.) His strategy worked. We fell for it. By the time we learned we were worshipping gods and had taught six-million people to do the same, we were so deeply mired in “the teachings” we barely batted a blink. It was easy to just go along: so much of our will had already been surrendered to our guru and what he stood for. I find it ironic that we who smirked at the silly idea of a decent God wanting blood sacrifice wound up sacrificing something every bit as precious as blood on the altar of gods no more decent than Jehovah. That something was our life force, contained in our consciousness. We gave ourselves away piece by piece, breath by breath, meditation by meditation, our minds lulled and soothed by a mantra, while Indra, king of the gods, drank and distributed our Soma to his clan. But I’ll get to that in a minute. The final goal of meditation is to become a vessel for the divine, a conduit of the Infinite. Your consciousness merges with the mantra, and you become one with the word. Your body, mind, will, desires all get surrendered to the That. You become a pure vessel of divine will. The detachment you experience is called “witnessing.” You no longer recognize yourself as “the doer.” You observe your thoughts and actions as separate – they happen independently, disconnected from your conscious will or control. Someone else, “God,” is doing them.



Does that sound terrifying? Not to TMers. They’re taught dogmas that make this scenario equate with achieving the ultimate purpose of life. It’s called liberation, enlightenment. Of course, from the gods’ perspective, that’s exactly what enlightenment is: complete possession of the human personality: purpose of life achieved. Why People Still Meditate If Transcendental Meditation is as debilitating as I’ve made it out to be (see Part One of this two-part article for a discussion of the effects of TM), why is anyone still doing it? I think there are two answers, as there are two types of meditators who could answer this question. The first group is people who only went as far as learning the initial technique, the 20-minutes-twice-a-day routine. Many of them still happily meditate several times a week, and still claim benefits. I have a friend like this who has practiced beginner TM for years. She changed her mantra to a word she made up when she learned that mantras are names of Hindu gods. She reports she continues to get the same good results, a calm centeredness when she meditates and a rejuvenated feeling as she goes about her day. On days she doesn’t meditate, she misses this. The second group that continues to meditate are people who went deeply into “the teachings,” learned advanced techniques and the TM-Siddhi Program, and typically became teachers. While it’s hard to tell how many have left this group, it’s clear that at least several thousand still belong, judging by the TM community in Fairfield, Iowa where dyed-in-thewool meditators came together to live, at Maharishi’s behest, in the 1980s and continue meditating together to this day. From my experience, observing many old friends and acquaintances, veteran advanced TMers (and those who have switched to other gurus but continue to meditate) are, as a group, troubled in a host of ways. Some developed health problems at an early age. Some exhibit bizarre emotional reactions and personality or psychological disorders. Others, who claim they’re now enlightened, see themselves as superior to their fellows. One woman reports it’s a drag for her to shop these days because her dharshan (aura) is so compelling that other people helplessly follow her about, seeking her advice and attention. This person compared the rank-and-file meditators of Fairfield to “beggars” whom she must limit contact with in order to protect her high-grade spiritual experiences. Why do the veterans hang on? Not counting those on an ego trip, the reason seems to be because “things in the beginning were so good.” People talk about how great it felt in the early days, before they learned advanced techniques or the TM-Siddhis. Many cite how TM got them off drugs. One man who lived on the outer edge of Maharishi’s inner circle for years recounts how his mother was cured of suicidal and schizophrenic tendencies when he (the son) asked Maharishi for help. How do we explain this, cures and reprieves from drugs, if TM is bad for you? The answer lies in some subtle understandings. First, Maharishi was a powerful man, as alleged in Part One of this article, a procurer for the gods. The powerful typically reward faithful servants, so it’s reasonable Maharishi would be rewarded by the gods with some special abilities. In the same vein, it’s no surprise that Maharishi would reward his own higher-ranking disciples. Does the fact that he healed the

the god of the mantra. Our life force becomes their food. I believe experiencing that stillness is very beneficial. difficulty working. One oftrepeated line is. The gods harvest human consciousness. This is why TM feels great in the beginning and produces a sense of peace plus tangible life improvements. Yet our routine provided plenty of time for sleep. irritability. that dipping in its waters refreshes. so we gave up drugs in its favor.” and the 40 minutes has grown to 3 hours. “Flow Soma. In the “flying hall” during group meditation when I was a meditator. Second. which the gods rightfully take from us during the hymn reading. over half the people would typically fall asleep. I also believe consciousness is the stuff of creation. Rest was built 88 . part physical/ part ethereal. We liked the high from TM better than drugs. Maharishi’s movement required that new initiates had to “be clean” for 14 days before they could be initiated. We were told that if we cheated and took drugs in the meantime. Meditators are told they’re “just unstressing. for Indra to drink. In the beginning.” Indra is king of the gods. arrogance. we were told that if we returned to drugs. Advanced techniques inhibit that because the mind is too busy putting out for its deity. all would be spoiled. That’s how Maharishi “saved” us from drugs. clarifies and energizes. he’s reciting the name of the god along with the words “I bow down.88 mother of one of his staff prove Maharishi’s work was intended to bless mankind? No more than a hunter giving a bone to his dog proves that the hunter is too kind to kill animals. Why? Because as the initiate progresses. This is undeniably the case. It settles down the mental chatter. I don’t deny that the beginner’s TM technique. that is produced in the body during meditation. heals. and we recited such lines to him many times a day. that in time the good feelings will be back again. Rig Veda’s Ninth Mandala is called “Soma Mandala” in India. the toll he must pay to the gods for the privilege of spiritual experience increases. Not really a very big miracle. He told us that the hymns we read generate Soma in the body. he’s reading hymns to the gods for 20 minutes daily and listening to chanted hymns on audiotape at night as he falls asleep. in return for which we’ll be blessed with enlightenment and good fortune. too busy “bowing down” to That. After advanced techniques and the siddhis. Besides that. a source and storehouse of energy. How do all these god-focused extras change the meditation experience? The mind is now deflected from experiencing pure consciousness in meditation. depression. and they receive it through the worship of advanced meditation. “Soma” he defined as a substance. It’s later that the problems begin.” It is the duty of mankind to provide the gods with Soma. difficulty focusing. things like chronic health issues. let’s look at the contention of many ex-hippies that TM got them off drugs. bringing the mind to stillness. Once we started the practice. with advanced techniques and the siddhi course. produces some positive results. Maharishi himself taught this. the chemicals in our system would keep the meditation from working.” ridding themselves of the impurities in their consciousness. It’s when you reach this stage of meditation that the good effects wane and the problems usually begin. he was reciting the name of a god for 40 minutes a day. as taught to new meditators. He said this is what the Greeks meant by “ambrosia” and “nectar of the gods. although he put a spin on it to make this seem like a good thing.

” “laws of nature” that exists within ourselves and that we’re merely activating. work to create the surrender to “the One” that Eastern religions taut as the great goal. The bottom line is. He is a vessel of that to which he has given himself. Like a tuning fork that hums the pitch of the ringing fork beside it. the monster that calls itself “deity” and devours within its maw all that will bow down. People become mouth-pieces of the masters they serve. meditators who’ve gotten in deep turn into another head of the cosmic beast. 89 . Rather. coupled with the stripping of the ego. as many disciples woke up and exited the movement. less in dollars than in the loss of personal autonomy. “divine will” flows into the world. “the enlightened” entrain to the will of the beings they serve. In case any meditators were squeamish about the god thing. the victims of Maharishi and other “masters” who teach that the ocean of pure consciousness cannot be accessed without a guru or mantra. and why it is so hard to break free. Rather than becoming an embodiment of the Infinite. the advanced meditator comes to embody the entity whose name he surrenders his mind to several hours a day. gurus get their flock to surrender to the deities their mantras name and serve. Fairfield is awash with thousands of people who extracted themselves from the clutches of Maharishi only to march into the embrace of gurus who are even more blatant and aggressive in extracting their personhood. Under the guise of getting disciples to surrender to higher consciousness. It makes us an extension of the gods and their will. The authoritarianism of the master/disciple relationship. in spite of all the problems we were having. His eyes become cosmic. Disciples pay a high price. Through them. An allegory helps explain how this happens. unimpeded by the thoughts. without their sacred teachings.89 into our schedules. (A copy of the allegory appears at the bottom of this article). In time TM declined in popularity. writing books and riding the cosmic circuit. They converted the disillusioned and reinitiated them back into the racket. TM changes as you do it. his charisma irresistible. they are “impulses of creative intelligence. Breaking the Charmed Sleep There are thousands still asleep on the cosmic beach. which have long since been sacrificed. In Maharishi’s wake. Our lives were so entwined with the TM movement by then that most people didn’t question this. Gone is self-trust and independence. I suggest that advanced meditators sleep so much because of all the life force being depleted through the Soma mandala and through the increasingly worshipful nature of the mantras. In time the initial good results turn into a curse. Maharishi reassured us that gods are not real entities in the sense we humans think of them. There was never talk of energy depletion. which they represented as (through them) reformed. Always it was represented that giving the gift of Soma to the gods was an honor and duty for humans and something of great benefit to us personally. We wanted so badly to believe Maharishi. will or desires of the meditator. Mantra meditation not only turns people into batteries for the gods. other procurers for the god realm arrived on the Western enlightenment scene. Like the nuns and monks on Maharishi’s “Thousand-Headed-Mother-Divine” and “Thousand-Headed-Purusha” programs.

The freedom-web is spinning not only on the Internet but in kitchens and coffee shops. Just as TM renovated religion so those who could see through Christianity would accept its more palatable teachings. The good news is. an anarchical Internet. this buzz we spin will catch every liar it touches. ready to go forward rather than ride forever on the godand-guru merry-go-round. experience by experience. across the world. He knows we are so close to the unveiling. an empowered human freedom. He seems like a real nice fellow. but in a new consciousness. that does not tolerate consigning one’s individuality to others or being told by self-serving tyrants what to think and do. expect him to thunder like never before. the new schools of Indianism make over the obvious inconsistencies and scandals of TM. The lid is off the truth again. forums and emails. One day you find one. website by website. The breed of gurus who flowed into the West as TM’s heyday waned serve up new promises. and teachings tweaked to “correct” the Indian dogmas that had started bothering people. After you use his road a few times. but attachment to the guru bestows eternal life. Not in blood and hatred. while operating from the same fundamental lies. and people are whispering. Until then. though. That you’re not pure until you surrender your personhood to the One. while many continue going around in circles. © Bronte Baxter 2008 The Untold Cost of the Cosmic Toll-Road (An Allegory by Bronte Baxter) Suppose you want to go visit the ocean. or things is a mark of ignorance. It’s what we sensed but didn’t have a word for back in the 60s and 70s. old hippies and younger men and women of independent thought and quickening awareness. spanning the globe. an unfortunate experience from which you can only recover by finding a true guru. losing more of ourselves over time. thought by thought. the game is up. true masters and false. The lie that you need a master to find yourself. it means you just had a false guru. Oz is not really the fierce head spouting thunder and smoke. you learn he’s been stealing a dollar from your pocket every time you pass by. on sidewalks and hiking trails. If you had a bad experience. Old hippies are dusting off their old ideals and ideas.90 The new gurus achieve this miracle by explaining that there are good gurus and bad ones. Those who feed off human consciousness and all who serve them surely will be brought down. desires. Once we pull back the curtain and reveal him. attractive new personalities. only you know of no road that goes there. in bars and lunchrooms. He’s desperate now and shaking in his boots. as it 90 . We’re talking about it. He’s the pudgy man hiding behind the screen. As it grows. You don’t mention this. increasingly more are kicking the habit. Through posts and blogs. “Conspiracy” is not a far-fetched concept to reviving hippies. That your guru is divine and you are ignorant. We’re evaluating the detour we took and learning from it. It’s owned by a man who tells you you’re free to use his road anytime you like. frantically working silly buttons and levers. we’re sharing truth as we find it: fact by fact. That obedience to the teacher is the door to Truth. People are spinning words into a freedom-web. That attachment to people.

You are eternally indebted to the toll-road guy for that. and then you’re on your way. your life would be empty. Now that you’ve been there. All that matters is the sun and the sand feel so good. you’re missing some money. You go to the beach every weekend. A couple more people are playing in the surf. The fact that this starts happening every weekend doesn’t disturb you. So you keep going there and paying. hundreds of dollars a week. picking the pockets of the sleeping sunbathers. coming to the ocean energizes them now. the way it used to do back when the toll-road only cost a dollar or two. it’s not even the only free road that will take you here. You’re so tired. he’s sure you won’t mind paying the dollar. that’s impossible. You simply can’t accept that.91 seems a small price to pay for the use of the road. all the things you used to enjoy in the early days when you would come to the oceanside. You hear this. but you’re sure you left it at home and only thought you had it with you. You hear rumors among the crowd that someone is robbing people. You don’t think you could live without it. This free road has been there all along. One day you wake up from a beach nap to see a couple of people flying kites on the sand. No. the beach isn’t such fun anymore. the toll-guy lied to us. but you don’t believe it. and saying bad things about the toll-guy? If it weren’t for him and his generosity. Now it will cost you five dollars every time you pass. but the man and your friends who use the road tell you this route is the only one . coming in here telling you nonsense like that. You inquire again if there are other roads that will take you to the sea. goons who work for the toll-guy patrol the premises. They just take a little work to find. All that matters now is how good it feels to get to the beach and fall asleep. You say. telling you all the money you’ve spent on the toll-road all these years was a waste. True. After a while. You’ve been so spacey and foggy-headed lately – you can’t expect yourself to remember if you had your money when you got to the beach or not. and it’s great. and they are so soothing. what really matters is the great time you’re having at the beach. After all. back when it was practically free. There are plenty of them. and you call out and ask them. You’ve forgotten about boating and swimming. where do they get so much energy? They yell back that they’ve found a free road that takes them to the ocean and they don’t have to work to pay the toll-guy anymore. free ones maybe. You only go into the water on rare occasions. He took it without saying for your own good. This explanation seems a little off. Everyone knows this toll-road is the only route to the beach. and by the time you get to the sea you have no energy left for anything but a nap. In fact. in between all the snoring bodies. but you buy it. the man announces he’s raising the toll. say the others. Yours cares dissolve away. but the price for using the toll-road keeps getting higher. because if you knew you had to pay you might have backed out of your first excursion and never would have had that wonderful experience. and he tells you that’s his toll-road charge. It’s even older than the toll-road. Who are these guys. and you start to get mad. It would mean you’ve been a fool. letting you use the toll-road. You’ve taken a second job to support the toll-road. they must be 91 . picnicking and flying kites in the wind. You wonder why these kite-flyers and swimmers are lying. It’s very expensive now. It looks fun. But after a while. While you’re sleeping on the beach. You never would have found the beach. Or maybe you do mention it. No. and you won’t let anyone make you look like one. In fact.

In a nutshell that’s all the meaning of ‘Christ’ really is. 2008 at 8:46 pm Oooooooooh. Thank you for your thoughts. They’re just here to make trouble. ie:Pigs! got squashed. and fall back into the welcome numbness of sleep. Deferring our power is what ultimately perpetuates the death culture that has virtually defined human history. How sweet it is! Thanks for reminding me about Gleason. The “media” became the subordinate to power…just as they had been before. Just the opposite of ‘awake’. The combination of true awareness and ‘keeping’ the power of love that that awareness exemplifies as YOUR OWN is the hallmark of the awakening. But your article (part two) clearly points to the method of “dumbing down” the awakening young people in order to prevent them from really doing some radical changing to the terrible “system”. Personally I think we’re on the brink of a planetary transformation that will mark the end of the death process altogether. DS Reply 92 . 2008 at 10:19 pm I am 77 years young…this is the first time I have heard this type of commentary about the Maharishi…I find it very enlightening. tune out everything you just heard. 16 Reply Brian said. Yes. as a working man (often self-employed) I was not a physical part of the movement. © Bronte Baxter 2008 CLICK HERE TO GO TO THIS BLOG’S HOME PAGE (TO VIEW ALL BLOGS AND ARTICLES BY BRONTE BAXTER). It’s so obvious now that the ‘soma’ referred to=sleep. In an interview with him he said that ‘death’ is just a continuation of life. I see know what the Establishment has done:clear out the dissenters/ squash the truth-seekers (like the Berkeley Barb) and there will be a much more “compliant” citizenry! The only people daring to call the cops by their real name.92 lying. Or I should say ‘has’. You lay back down in the sand. May 2. How ironic is it that the simple essence of that whole TM thing is in being aware of the life force within and that when that awareness moves through the heart the consciousness of love becomes known. May 2. I loved the “flower Children” even though. The energy vampires saw an awakening coming and were ready for the ‘flower children’ well in advance. Duane S said. Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site. He was a guy who had a great exuberance for life.

reflecting that once you have had the experience of immersing yourself to the core in the innate divinity and love inherent in life. prior to that had many wonderful experiences and met many wonderful people while immersing myself in the incredible window of energy that had opened and found fruition in the mid-sixties to mid-seventies. I don’t know if such a window will open again. Also shocking is: Propaganda by Edward Bernays: 1928. July 26. I found the intention of wanting to do something with the energy that emerged in the early seventies especially poignant. The Hopi’s have a symbol that show a skunk in the middle of a sun symbol. Steven Gaskin took his caravan on the road in search of a place in the sun and many other movements set down roots to try and manifest as vital a signpost as they could The movements all went through the same basic pattern of grounding and dispersion in the late seventies. Reply Kathleen said. I was part of a back-to-theland experiment on the west coast based on meditation in the early seventies and. Those who manipulate this unseen mechanism of society constitute an invisible government which is the true ruling power of our country. 2008 at 1:47 am Life is a process and there are many lessons along the way. We are so easily controlled. Let me share the first paragraph:”The conscious and intelligent manipulation of the organized habit and opinions of the masses is an important element in democratic society.93 Gary said. but the memory of possibility is in my thoughts dailyJana said. By John Robison. This is truly wonderful. Illuminati and Reading Societies. written in 1798. that the scent will never leave you. that did not throw the baby out with the bathwater. What you are saying totally fits with my own experiences with a Yoga Group. June 1. May 3. how life could magically respond to a window of energy. 2008 at 6:26 am Do you think mediums are contacting this level of consciousness controlled by the inter-dimensional beings or are they genuinely contacting the departed? Reply brontebaxter said. with leaders falling back to earth and the idea of “losing oneself to find oneself” appearing to some as just so much brainwashing and gullibility.” Thank you for being here. and saw in the bigger scheme of things. I thought I should share a book with you that picks up fascinating parallels: Proofs of a Conspiracy Against All the Religions and Governments of Eurpose and Carried on in the Secret Meetings of Freemasons. 2008 at 2:20 am Just found your website today through a link on David Icke. 93 . But there are those that did not become jaded.

those in mind or spirit can be laced with surprises and challenges. 2010 at 11:22 am Like your friend changing her mantra I did the same but more because I was afraid I would forget my mantra shortly after I learned tm. Mat said. Recently I found out about a new meditation that a former TM-Sidhis teacher is selling on the internet for a small price and states that it’s like TM. 2008 at 4:06 pm I like your Allegory very much. is the price to be paid. But the person intent on truth is willing to face them. “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. October 19. Respect. Like explorations in the physical world. Chpt. I also sensed that those TM people were strange as well as all the religious ideology too. I think that the very first thing to do when you embark on the spiritual path is to shake off the mood of complacency. Reply Leave a Blowing the Whistle. from being carried and steered to being free to walk independently. even dangers. George said. 94 . 2008 at 6:30 am Kathleen. 4: When Deepest. “Is this what I want? Is this where I want to go?” and similar questions. trusting in something within to show them the way. Cherished Beliefs Come Tumbling Down This is the fourth chapter in an online book.” by Bronte Baxter. Spiritually. I ask the same question. October 27. teamwork and excellence. It’s called Natural Stress Relief and it is a mantra. more and more people are advancing now from a state of childhood to adulthood. I really don’t know why I did that but I’ve never really used the TM mantra for some reason.94 July 26. I found that constant vigilance and constant asking and answering. I did the meditation and it makes pretty dizzy and created undesired side effects. I’ve noticed that there on the horizon that there is a new Vedic Meditation movement gaining power now promising the same benefits of TM. A person determined to examine their programming and figure out the truth about the world is an adventurer.

It’s that subconscious acceptance of ourselves as lacking that keeps the door open to entities outside ourselves messing with us. When cherished beliefs are assaulted by new knowledge. from time to time. To really look at what we’re made of. How deep does the rabbit hole go? We still don’t know. whether to accept fear or whether to trust myself and the essential goodness in the universe. it opens the door for harm to enter our lives. it was complete and perfect. Those of us who research the secrets of the elitist global agenda have not yet reached the end of it. What’s the solution? I think. and that attitude is what our manipulators manipulate us through. and that’s why the manipulators of this dimension go to such lengths to secure ours. We’re told we’re selfish and greedy. the better the protection. That little 95 . we are programmed to accept ideas that take away our natural autonomy and empowerment. deep in subconscious mind.95 I want to write today about that something. not our inner reality. the more fear takes over our subconscious minds in the form of deep-seated attitudes that tell us we can’t trust ourselves. and that ego identification (cherishing our individuality) is the root of all suffering. I know I have a choice. charismatic politicians. selfishness. they couldn’t touch us. because that is where our deepest beliefs are structured. At bottom. and I want to talk about how I personally deal with that. Through religion. schooling. Because we have no faith in our ability to know what is real and right for ourselves. a unique spiritual identity empowered with perception and creativity. I don’t think a person can question and explore reality without feeling shaken. our subconscious is in a pretty saturated state of selfdoubt. Fear is a decision we make that we can’t take care of ourselves. Here is how I deal with that experience. and greed that we have been told we are? Those lame concepts are only attitudes we have picked up about ourselves. celebrities – we let what they say determine what is real and what is right. I am unique and at the same time totally one with the wholeness of consciousness. to really examine who we are. trying to block out what we heard and saw in the forest. Because the ability to deal with that determines whether we move forward in our quest or turn tail and beat it back to base camp. The more we accept these ideas. I still get shaken from things I sometimes find. and that we are little and powerless. which is why our conscious mind builds so many cathedrals to things outside ourselves that we trust to take care of us and explain the world to us. Spiritual teachers. the First Consciousness. Where is the lack? Where is the ignorance. news and entertainment. rules and restrictions can protect us: the bigger they are. No one can harm me without my tacit permission. Subconscious permission counts as permission. religious leaders. even shattered. If it weren’t there. By the time we are adults. or that we’re born into ignorance. We’re told we must forfeit freedoms so we can have safety and justice. Once we’ve decided that. the foundations of our world take the hit. We’re told the world is a dangerous place and only governments. Before consciousness doubted itself. in which all individual consciousness is structured and of which it is made. I find I’m a consciousness. That means the foundations of our psyche itself. We’re taught that we are born into sin. That’s unconscious fear. and I give that permission when I get into fear.

through thoughtful examination of who we really are. once you know you are God as much as anybody else could ever be. this is what I go back to that always sustains me. they’re something I own. is the authority you run things by. While the thought demons sit on the sidelines wondering. I take a deep breath and say. I have only to remember what I am. Your personhood. because you’re a child of the Source and part of the Source. You can relinquish your worship of middle-men who claim they will take you to God. “How the heck does she do that?” When I encounter new information that shakes my current paradigm and whispers I may need to let go of another belief. and nothing can deflect you from your consistent talent for self-referral. Nothing outside can program you again. Then I can handle anything. And I want to clear out any that don’t correctly match the nature of the universe. and a manager of creation? The belief that fear is founded is the ultimate illusion. because I don’t give them permission. followed by emotional acceptance of that wonderful reality. its creativity and joy. 2008 at 4:43 am 96 . and they are ousted. and that is our new home base. and it is unfounded.” My beliefs are not who I am. When I start to feel shaken by what’s going on the world. When that starts to feel scary. thereby opening the door to their return in the realm of my thoughts. 8 Comments 8 Comments Stuart Resnick said. when our very consciousness is the stuff of creation. This puzzle-piecing business requires lots of paradigm revision. “but what if maybe I’m not?” was the seed thought that started all the chaos and suffering in the universe. You have direct access to the Source. The place we go back to when life starts to overwhelm us again.96 thought. If I fall into temporary self-doubt and fear. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site. established in your Source. We have found a storehouse of power and goodness within ourselves. How can we be rightfully afraid when we are infinite. I focus again on who I am and reexperience that inner reality. “I can survive that. Then the power of the Source. Manipulating entities can’t mess with me. there’s nothing to be afraid of anymore. or that they are God. July 31. you can let go of now. It’s easy. Life cannot be scary when you know what you are made of. When we unseat that attitude from our subconscious. or what I’m finding in my research. Dogmas and beliefs you previously fell for. flow into me again. You’re equipped for the adventure of living. once I self-examine and remember. It’s nothing but a wisp of fear.

schooling. just now? What we’re doing right now. > We’re taught that we are born into sin. moment-to-moment. or that we’re born into ignorance. etc. we can’t reclaim it and exercise it. I also think that to free our minds from unconscious programming is essential to understanding and exercising that kind of free choice. I don’t believe we’re as far apart in our viewpoints as you seem to think. If we really want to take responsibility and control of our lives… is it fruitful to place blame on religion. > We’re told we’re selfish and greedy. July 31.97 > Through religion. Until we see where we’ve given our power away. and that ego identification (cherishing > our individuality) is the root of all suffering. that how we choose to act and think right now is everything. Reply brontebaxter said. It’s just a distraction to be so concerned with external things like religion. news and entertainment. schooling. Stuart. 2008 at 6:22 am I agree. entertainment etc that we received over our lives? Or would it be better to be focus on how we’re keeping our own minds. we are programmed > to accept ideas that take away our natural autonomy and empowerment. both how we act and the thoughts we choose to hold… that’s the most extraordinarily powerful thing. past schooling. Bronte 97 . & our own behavior.

We are born. you destroy the life of something. driving you mad. or a nation ravaged by a quake that’s buried thousands of living people. that feels and desires to live. or another molested child. Not only does violence wind through the lives of all Earth life like the fibers of a time-bomb attached to a victim. Knowledge of it works “like a splinter in the mind. More than a thread. It reaches out into space. “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. collapsing millions of stars along with all living beings on all their attendant planets. If we can’t stay alive more than a few months without food. Any tears in chopping that onion did not come from the fumes. The world was created by something else. as we do. breathe air and thrive. Or if it was created by the loving God our hearts insist exists. and we find every excuse to avoid looking at this question. The biological universe is controlled by the law that to live we must take life or die. binding us to the law that we must consume each other. The other day I grabbed an onion from a basket to chop up. Rebelling is punishable by death. This is the “something wrong with the world. but every time you eat. 5: Tracking the Crack in the Universe (Loosh 101) This is the fifth chapter in an online book. or you read about an animal that has suffered mercilessly. increasingly aware of an insidious thread woven through biological life. We tell ourselves life is a whole lot more. it’s a chain. where supernovas implode. But every time a dear one dies. tender. So why must bodies die that are made of up of these things? 98 . Something there is that makes us have to eat. That is sinister. Only radical change can possibly right the fundamental flaw woven into physical creation. that makes us age and disintegrate. but it’s reduced to that as long as we must feed to survive. and I saw it had sprouted a beautiful. A something with a consciousness. What kind of God or gods would create a world predicated on killing? We don’t like to ask that. Who would make a world like this? Was it truly a God of love? According to much evidence. Death and devouring are so pervasive most people can’t conceive of a world without them. then creation has been tampered with by someone else so merciless that it barely resembles the original divine vision. I’m not a sentimentalist. it wasn’t. Yet quantum physics shows that matter is nothing but atoms: emptiness vibrating. Life is a process of consuming other living things in order to stay alive as long as possible until death in turn consumes us.” quoting “The Matrix. Chpt.” the crack in the universe. It’s the thread that holds together material existence. I’m a person questioning. we feed.98 Blowing the Whistle.” Yet awakening to the truth of our predicament is the first step toward radical change. Emptiness does not die and neither does the energy it oscillates. how can eating not be fundamental to how we define our existence? Eating is a requirement for biological life as we know it. And how well-woven it is. Did you ever wonder why a good God would build a world where the only way to survive is by taking life? How long would you stay alive if you refused to eat? You may love animals and grow plants inside your home and flowers in your garden. or you find a nibbled bird in the yard destroyed by an idle cat. light-green shoot. they label the concept preposterous. your mind goes back to that nagging question. a consciousness that wanted to take root. or if they can conceive it. It had a life inside it.” by Bronte Baxter. and we die.

and Puranas of India. the cosmic “energy farmers.” writes of contact he had with a light being in an out-of-body experience. Arabia. This body is (created) for sacrifice. He is the eater of the whole universe.) Reportedly the light being told Monroe that when humans die. There we read that “the universe is upheld by sacrifice” (Atharva Veda) and that “all who are living (in this world) are the sacrificers.99 Robert Monroe. thereby releasing the life force of their victims so it can be harvested. exceptional energy is produced in the combatants. to meet their owner. our creators. and arises out of sacrifice and changes according to sacrifice.” by Carlos Castaneda) The idea that man must sacrifice (must kill something or be killed in order to appease the gods) is apparently intrinsic to all the world’s root religions. China. their energy is released and harvested by trans-dimensional beings. which the light beings call “loosh. in his book “Far Journeys. he started an institute with trainee/researchers to scientifically investigate the phenomenon. In other words. like a ceaseless swarm of fireflies. Germany. According to Monroe’s story. among the Indians of the Americas.” Loosh is also harvested from the loneliness of animals and humans. the Vedas. have floated to the Eagle’s beak. Phoenicia and Egypt. the more life force is spewed from our bodies. Africa. There is none living who does not perform yagya (sacrifice). in the Druidic tradition. as well as from the emotions engendered when a parent is forced to defend the life of its young. According to Monroe’s informant. who use it to extend their own life spans. who chronicles the life and teachings of a Yaquii sorcerer called Don Juan. . Even the Old Testament (Judges 11:31-40) has a little-advertised story of human sacrifice. The claim is that the universe is a garden created by these beings as their food source. reflects equally and at once all those living things.” (“The Eagle’s Gift. We find blood ritual. Upanishads. claws and super-speed in order to prolong predator-prey combat and thereby produce more loosh. we find another story of the Divine devouring humans.” (Mahabharata) In the writings of Carlos Castaneda. (Monroe is arguably the world’s foremost researcher on OBEs. as a tanner stretches out a hide. and the tastier the energy meal for our creators. Tibetan Buddhism. and then consumes them.” (Garbha Upanishad) Again: “(Death as the Creator) resolved to devour all that he had created. in Greece and Rome. lays them flat. This story told to Monroe (which threw him into a two-week depression) corresponds to reports in some of the world’s oldest scriptures. that power that governs the destinies of all living things. . animals are intentionally positioned on this planet to feed on plants and on each other. The Eagle. this whole universe is his food. the greater the suffering. The Eagle disentangles these tiny flames. in this case human consciousness. for he eats all. their reason for having had life. Another source of loosh is humans’ worship. for awareness is the Eagle’s food.” intentionally equipped animals with devices like fangs. alive on earth a moment before and now dead. including human sacrifice. The spilling of blood in a fight-to-the-death conflict releases this intense energy. Reports Castaneda: “The Eagle is devouring the awareness of all the creatures that. In a predator-prey struggle. 99 .

much as Christians try to justify Jehovah’s sociopathic behavior with excuses. I abandon ship. I have to come up with something better. is implicated in blood sacrifice by being rooted in the Jewish tradition. including the gods. connect with.000 Canaanites “and utterly destroyed everything in the city.” (Koran: 9:5) Peace-loving Moslems interpret such passages as “symbolic” in their desire to justify their faith. then fight and slay the Pagans wherever ye find them. But when you add blood sacrifice into the equation. I don’t. as this universe had a reputation as amnesia-producing. When the oldest scriptures of the world tell us we were created as food for the gods. there’d be some reason to be more forgiving. as many do these days. it more than promoted it if we count the genocide Jehovah demanded of the Hebrews. Christianity. the religion of brotherly love. both man and woman. I have to ask myself if I want to live in a universe where that might be true. and my power in. I can no longer give my approval to that kind of reality. One day one of them declared his intention to visit Earth and take on a body just for the adventure of it. I sense. “When the forbidden months are past. If suffering and death were part of creation that no one. That’s what I seek to know. who existed far outside this physical universe. In many ways. created it.” Christians are no strangers to sacrifice. and lie in wait for them in every stratagem of war. It’s one thing if the gods can’t prevent earthly suffering and death – quite another if they seek it out and thrive from it – or worse yet.100 with the Israelite judge Jephthah ritually slaughtering his own daughter to fulfill a vow he made to Jehovah. while paying lip service to the immorality of human sacrifice. Robert Morning Sky. then lead them to fight each other. a fact that Catholics reenact in the mass and that Protestants bathe themselves in to be “saved. I have to find something more fundamental than the physical universe to locate my identity in. and Jehovah announces at Jesus’ baptism. “This is My beloved Son in whom I am well-pleased. could help. Not if his agenda is to stimulate and harvest plenty of loosh. a truth seeker of the Hopi and Apache traditions. While we may not think of Judaism as typically promoting human sacrifice. beleaguer them. and the scriptures around it. orders his servants in the Koran to practice jihad against all unbelievers. indicate. 100 . young and old. The fact is. tells a story he learned from his people about a race of beings who knew no limitations. outside this system. I might even buy the story that they need us to support them with our homage and we need them to keep the universe running. and draw from. they murdered 12. a place of no return. for the experience. and seize them. And that’s what blood sacrifice. The Bible declares Jesus is the son of God (Jehovah). something outside this box. His friends cautioned him. the situation is similar. that there’s something beyond the universe as it has been presented to us.” (Matthew: 17:5) Where was Jesus when his father was slaughtering the Canaanites? Jesus himself becomes a blood sacrifice. So if I won’t live with it. In one day alone. But the entity laughed that off and promised to come back after one lifetime.”(Joshua: 6:21) In Islam. the god of Islam reasons and rants like the god of the Israelites. Could it be the same entity? It isn’t contradictory that he would support two separate peoples. Allah. and ox and sheep and donkey with the edge of the sword.

human sacrifice and divine blessing. creation. 23 Comments 14 Comments Pat said. September 20. suffer and die. and undergo all the human drama as it has been defined for us. live in lack and sadness. and the entity never came home. I’m all for that kind of failure. and to sickness and poverty. One of his comrades decided to enter the physical world to go look for his friend. and the story goes. that we might learn to live on the power of infinite consciousness. I certainly prefer it to death. made of undying energy. Lord Krishna warns: “He who does not follow the wheel thus set revolving lives in vain. starting to remember who we are. being part of it? While some may call that madness. Is it insane to think that humans can beat the system? That we could make a choice to stop the activities that supply our up-line with fuel? That we could minimize – even stop – our own refueling from the life force of creatures lower than us on the food chain? Is it madness to think that our bodies. and he also never came back. So another immortal entered physical mass. the unquestioned assumptions that we must kill and eat. We’re wearing body suits that in 70-some years of use are programmed to self-destruct. But surely life was meant to be more than dinner for the next rung up on the food chain. What could be more important than changing that programming? In the Bhagavad Gita. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site. and neither being returned. and immortality. He promised not to get lost in matter and to return with the other individual. More centuries passed. which we can access within ourselves. The greatest experiment mankind can engage in is mastery of the principles of freedom. abundance. karma and retribution. To rebel against this system is to fail in our life purpose as defined by those who say they are our creators and gods. Maybe it’s time to break out of the hypnosis we’ve lived under for eons.” The wheel is the cycle of birth and death. none of them yet has gone home.101 Centuries passed. I have agonised in the same way and thought there must be something wrong with me 101 . Maybe we are those people. If “living in vain” means breaking out of that. could themselves not have to die. I prefer it to the world I see around me. In time many members of these unlimited beings incarnated in human form. I prefer it to loss of my dear ones. 2008 at 4:52 am I am overcome with emotion in reading your thoughts about this life and universe.

They are in Error and the TRUTH Will be revealed to Them—. Why?. they think they are The Highest Authority. too am sure something better does exist. and must systematize and control CREATION. NO! I AM THE ALL THAT IS. Reply 102 . If this physical dog eat dog. 2009 at 2:07 am really interesting theory – thank you Reply Tim K said. How?. abandoned? The “Demiurge” was. that is UNAWARE OF MY WHOLE SELF.speaking through Me Now. WAS.they project their Error onto It. but the fact is we can and I’m truly grateful for that fact. the creators of the “Demiurge”—. 2009 at 8:11 am Yes. But “They” are not alone. it is “Them/It” . Everything Within ME IS ALL I NEED. 2009 at 6:08 am Do have a look at this? It’s about sungazing as a safe substitute for food. Love Sara Reply Peter Jennings said. and neither AM I. It knows not what It does. It is the part of me that Knows I AM utterly alone. I recognize no “authorative” hierarchy within MYSELF. September 8. May 8. I Am of THE I AM. they are in Error. “The All Seeing I” group(so-called prime Archetypes). AND EVER WILL BE—. it thinks It is the absolute ALL.and IT WILL BE UNDENIABLE. They think they control Creation. I. Bronte and all others seeking to solve this. universe. Now and always.102 that I felt so alienated from life itself. rejected?. Reply Sara said. then we could not even envision another alternative. I see an unawareness within MYSELF. I think you will like this. were the only possible expression. no other part of Myself is superior to any other! This predatory/parasitic paradigm and unaware Self-harming aspect of MYSELF Will Be Healed and forgiven. November 5.

does not need anything from anyone. Reply Mike said. Monroe had experience with. Further more. I should have. I have agonised in the same way and thought there must be something wrong with me that I felt so alienated from life itself. In the non physical there is so much that can’t be explained or described that I find it hard to fathom contact that is so informative and so explainable. it is a complete being. I got the feeling he was not supposed to say. I have experienced several non physical levels that I’m sure Mr. Following this line of thinking. Reply Joe Pilot said.103 David said. Does not need to be worshipped. I do not know this. I asked him about the “Loosh” issue and wondered why he did not go more deeply into it. Talking about questions. He is no longer with us to answer that question. and that he knew more. More so when they need to inflict pain and suffering on others so they can collect their loosh. Meaning that the politics “Up there” is as screwed up as down here. November 25. I. While there. maybe our best hope lies in the concept of CHI cultivation. In retrospect. 2010 at 1:25 pm I too am familiar with the writings of Robert Monroe and the concept of Loosh. What do we do now? 103 . June 7. Perhaps as you create others some of the essence is diluted. Very sad! I went to Monroe’s and attended his Gateway program. we used to have nightly chats. did that sometime before his death. 2010 at 1:47 pm He who created us in turn was created. too am sure something better does exist. Concerving and storing Chi as they do in Tai Chi and other various forms of martial arts may allow us to retain the power within us and create a freedom we have not experienced in many eons. Although I have no personal experience on the subject of Loosh. we can deduce that some of these protagonists are imperfect. May 3. so below”. so I did not go further into it. does not need to be wanted. If the concept of Loosh is as you have described. 2009 at 6:33 am I am overcome with emotion in reading your thoughts about this life and universe. I did not want to intrude. In my mind. such situation would reveal that “As above. a God is a perfect being and needs nothing. One time we talked about airplanes in a semi private setting.

The Manichaean’s in particular believed that only vegetabale matter contained particles of spiritual light that were dispersed by the malign creators of this world when they became entangled with the benevolent aeons of light in a primordial battle. that would negate the release of loosh? In both Gnostic Nazoreanism. The concept of loosh is new to me. you find one set of comments for it (that’s where this discussion I’m referring you to occurs. through science and technology. Thus allowing us to be in alignment with our eternal benevolent Parent(s) whose image our eternally benevolent souls are a mirror image of. in the form of eating life forms with lesser froms of consciousness as in vegetrainism. specifically. The concept of loosh offers a viable answer as to why the law of predation exists in the first place also giving further credence to the applicability of non-violence as a means to counter the malign forces attempt to harvest loosh. 2010 at 1:28 am Bronte. dietarily. That’s because of a defect in WordPress: if you read an article as a post.Kushta Reply brontebaxter said. The discussion occurs between the readership and me in one of the comments sections that is perhaps one. you will find quite some discussion of vegetarianism and how it relates to the idea of loosh. at the bottom of the post version of one of the “Blowing the Whistle” articles). September 19. 2010 at 3:22 am Hi Kushta What a great message. two. . and its later off shoot Manichaeanism. You may have to poke around a bit.104 Reply Kushta said. you get an entirely different set of comments underneath the article. If you continue reading deeper into the blog. September 19. where we no longer have to sustain ourselves through the cruel law of predation that rules this world. So be persistent in hunting this down. and you’ll find some interesting stuff. Is there a connection between the pursual of nonviolence. 104 . I believe humanity has evolved to the point. if you read the same article as a page (through the links on the left side of the blog). or three articles (chapters) forward from the one you’re commenting on here. as there are TWO places where people leave comments on each of the “Blowing the Whistle” articles. the adherents were restricted to a non-violent vegetrain diet. I would like to hear your thoughts on this.

or taking leaves of a plant for food. and the quality of its energy) is consumed by the animal’s destroyer. Or a witch killed an innocent young maiden. theft. Some of these ideas will be gone into more in that article. new garlic plants are born. or tigers.105 I’ll also comment here briefly with some information not contained in that earlier discussion: your question as to whether only vegetable matter contains spiritual light. as in slavery. roses grew out of the ground. if we give willingly and with joy. and from each piece of it that you bury. and that goodness or loosh gives them energy. a god killed a certain demon. Sometimes the energy is demanded or stolen. it’s because the energy we’re giving comes from a feeling of energetic abundance. where one entity gives something to the other voluntarily. sweeter. Sharing energy and moving it around into various combinations and shapes in the world can be fun. coyotes. It seems to be the gentler. But perhaps it explains why we have the craving to do it. we see the same thing: you destroy the living garlic by taking it apart. I’m actually working on a new article right now – working title “Strength and Support: Can They Be Opposites?” – which I hope to publish here on the blog in a few days. Brihaspati. rape. A Vedic creation myth talks about the world being created through sacrifice. or the donation a person gives a charity they believe in (they WANT to support it). killing an animal for food. vegetarian animals who have the sweetest meat. I think the key to freedom is learning to access and draw from our own inner infinite source of energy and relying less and less on taking in energy from things outside that don’t want to give it to us. as the love/energy a mother gives a child (she WANTS to nurture it). Sometimes the energy is given willingly. This relates to many other Hindu stories and even European fairytales that talk about one thing being destroyed and from it many new and smaller things being born – for instance. Bronte Reply 105 . Why does it taste good? Because the animal it comes from is good. I think it’s horrible. So perhaps an animal’s goodness (we could say the animal’s loosh. namely the sacrifice of one of the gods. and we therefore not depleted by the gift). Why is some animal flesh more appealing than others? Humans prefer animals like chickens. There seem to be two ways of getting energy: by tapping the infinite within or by taking it from something outside. I have no problem with a willing gift of energy from someone who wants to bless us with it. so long as no one is depleted from it (generally. This is not to justify eating animals. The story goes that he allowed the other gods to cut him up into pieces. an army sprang up. and from his blood falling on the earth. is that it is made up of parts of Brihaspati’s personal divine energy. of his own life. which is what they made the world from. cows. so the explanation goes. and rabbits to animals like cats. and where she was buried. as in a love relationship or an employee/employer relationship. Why is meat appealing? Because it tastes good. We eat the goodness. In nature. The reason the earth has life. emotional manipulation. dogs. deer.

Not just plants. and through personal experience I can tell you that I agree that veganism is not as healthy as an omnivorious diet. September 20. no. It’s REALLY well done. Reply brontebaxter said. 2010 at 4:18 am Hello Gary. It is through science and technology that I feel we have finally gotten to a point where we do not have to live under the law of predation anymore. It has depleted our topsoil and it displaces a lot of the wild animals and destroys their habitat. I also recognize that humanity is in a constant state of ‘war’ with nature as is clearly gleened through our dependence on science and technology. and. 2010 at 11:04 am Read “The Vegetarian Myth” by Lierre Kieth. the choice to eliminate animal flesh from my diet is my benevolent soul’s indignant response towards the malign nature of this world. I’ve read all the John Robbins books and just about every veg book and have tried it for many years and I’m just throwing in a contrary opinion based on my own experience. September 20.106 Gary said. animal bye-products that do not require the killing of the animal in order to sustain ourselves. She also did a lot of research into the big arguments in favor of vegetarianism and found a lot of interesting info. and. Yet. I don’t wish to get into any arguments here. in my opinion. In this way I see the path of non-violence as a path towards liberation from nature’s law of predation. Vegetarianism is awesome in theory but in actual practice it doesn’t pan out. If anything it just validates the fact that this is a messed-up planet. I urge everybody to read the book. more animals die from the harvsting of grains and veges than from eating meat. 106 . The biggest blight on the planet is farming. 2010 at 3:46 pm Please could you explain why you say. She tried every form of vegtarianism and veganism for over 20 years and it destroyed her health. fruitarianism is not the answer). The strength of the vegtarian argument will always be ethical. Humanity evolved on meat for thousands of years. The other main argument is the issue of killing. For me. September 21. “Not just plants: more animals die from the harvesting of grains and veges than from eating meat”? Bronte Reply Kushta said. As you have noted. that we can limit the suffering we impose upon other beings by eating life forms in a much denser form of consciousness like plants. eating involves the killing of something else (with the possible exception of fruit-and.

.the land has to be cleared of all life. and BILLIONS of them are killed by the harvesting equipment every year…don’t forget to add them to the death toll of your vegetarian meal. Reply justdoit8 said. BUT. To save the world. A form of rebirth. It requires wholesale extermination of the ecosystem. This is “Loosh 102.8% of the native prairie is now gone… About the only animal that escaped the biotic cleansing of the agriculturalists are small animals like mice and rabbits. Let’s talk more about loosh. If you haven’t read “Loosh 101: Tracking the Crack in the Universe. When the rains gave out and the prairies began the grasses ran root to root for 2000 miles…99.107 the actualization of my own inherent divinity. She researched the subject very thoroughly and it went against everything she believed (and what I believed. along with the animals that have dwindled past the point of genetic feasiblity…Growing annual grains is an activity that cannot be redeemed. Chpt. too).” 107 . 2011 at 8:46 pm I agree with what you’re saying here Bronte. artichoke. They count and they died for your dinner.” that’s the foundation for what we’ll talk about here. for example Perennial fruit trees. I urge all to read it – if you dare. Albeit the fruit they produce does. and resurrection. Blessings to you… In the name of the Great Life. Political vegetarians. and also vegetables. if you will. 6: The Forgotten Key to Freedom (Loosh 102) This is the sixth chapter in an online book. As far as the killing of animals. “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. She broke her book into 4 main categories: Moral vegetarians. I will quote her: North America used to be so thick with forest that a squirrel could travel from Maine to Texas without touching the ground. such as apples. 2010 at 10:46 am Lierre Keith was a very dedicated vegetarian for over 20 years.” by Bronte Baxter. Would you say they have more a giving nature? Where they actually produce fruit for us to enjoy? They don’t die afterwards. so check that out before you continue.Kushta Reply Gary said. strawberries. July 26. Nutritional vegetarians. but could it be that some things were meant for us to eat and enjoy and take pleasure in? Such as trees that bear fruit? Blowing the Whistle. September 23.

But when we have a strong desire accompanied by the negative emotions.” We feel power. because that is the person with the fewest internal obstructions to manifesting their desire. it’s being infused and at the same time being drained away. Negative emotions come from an attitude. also opens the door to being harvested. in my opinion. It’s something that sometimes laces loosh. The energy drain only happens when negative self-talk contaminates the process of strongly 108 . a decision that has been struck by a very deep part of us. but it is not the loosh. where no adrenaline is involved. a negative subconscious decision ordains that the dream remains a wish and never becomes reality.” “I’m sure to fail. What is loosh. “Victory belongs to the most committed. Self-doubt puts the outcome of any endeavor on the cosmic “freebie shelf. It also opens the door for trawling psychic entities.” “I can never have it. that fundamental ruling relinquishes the reins that control our destiny.. because we are told loosh is also generated in a situation like a lonely person pining. In both cases. Then our strong desire seems to churn inside us. this attitude jinxes us. sadness. that we will fail.” The individual with the least negative self-talk about a competitive outcome wins. Let me explain more concretely. material reality. our life energy is infused into us from somewhere. and its presence is necessary for access to the substance by interdimensional energy-eaters.” to lap up the influx of energy that our strong desire has instigated.” where anyone who wants can come and take it over. that’s another story. Negativity seems to be what makes the harvesting possible. Negative self-talk makes it possible to be defeated by an opponent with a more user-friendly subconscious. If we’re trying to create something nice. and when it is present. But it’s more than a chemical. If we have a fabulous dream. what do we experience? A surge of life. in spite of the positive thoughts we may be consciously thinking. a self-defeating attitude determines that we lose. Whenever we have a strong desire without tangential feelings of fear. In the first case. remorse. so what really is loosh? It seems to me loosh is a strong inrush of vital energy caused by a strong desire in the individual experiencing it. it creates a drain on the inrush of vital energy. That’s the reason behind the expression. It’s that adrenaline surge you feel in a fight-or-flight situation. there is a common element: a strong emotional desire. No such in-road exists when a strong desire is accompanied by a determined intention. the subconscious mind. In the last article I equated loosh with “life force. holds a major clue to human freedom. Negativity is not the essential emotion but an overlay emotion. a re-charge. Hence no re-charge. etc.108 The concept of loosh. causing anguish. sadness or hopelessness (in the example of a lonely person). like “the gods” or Monroe’s “light being.” Self-messages from the deep influence what happens to us in outer. When the subconscious has decided that we can’t get what we want. The subconscious decision behind a negative emotion like fear or sadness is something like “This won’t work. it is laced with some form of negativity: fear (in the example of a mother defending her young). In the second case. which results from self-doubt on the subconscious level. So how do we explain this? Life energy isn’t negative.” but when loosh arises in the harvestable form. We say “I’m pumped” or “I’m psyched. Negative self-talk. If we’re engaged in combat. as it was described to Robert Monroe? It is a kind of energy that animals and humans generate in situations that involve two things: an intense desire plus a negative emotion. fear again (in the example of prey/predator combat).

in a desire. What is that inrush of energy you feel when you have a powerful desire. Our experience suggests that we ourselves are linked to a source that is a font of energy. more filled with life. responds to our desire like a reservoir responds to an opening pipeline: it rushes in to fill it. It’s made up of atoms.” or we could call it “consciousness. The energy that rushes in from that place is strong enough to empower people to lift cars that have fallen on the body of a loved one. Did they steal it.” so somebody else decided. Quantum physics has revealed that matter is not solid. Because dreaming and desiring are – what? – they’re attached to something. the kind that’s uncorrupted with negative mind chatter? When you get that flush of inspiration. They’re like a pipeline. rather than from zip. Where does that come from? What is it that such great thoughts tap into? Whatever it is. how do you feel? You are flooded with energy and joy. while having a weak intent (a desire polluted by self-doubt) is tantamount to permission for someone else to step in. which are not particles and waves as we once believed. There’s power in a dream. that idea of something wonderful you could be or do or create or experience.” or “energy. at those times. something outside physical matter. something on which matter is predicated. We said “I can’t handle this. they didn’t. If it happens in the middle of the night. bringing in an unbounded rush of energy. Then the tears come. this powerhouse. Let’s look at this from another angle. the Infinite. That’s what happens when you put your life or desires on the freebie shelf of the universe. It’s strong enough to give the victory in battle to the physically weaker party. We gave them permission subconsciously. That’s why energy suffuses us in our inspired moments and in our crisis moments. it seems to be the font of the life force itself. that need reaches into the deepest part of ourselves. To put this in a nutshell: <!--[if !supportLists]-->·<!--[endif]-->Strong desire + authoritative intent = influx of life energy stored (spiritual empowerment) <!--[if !supportLists]-->·<!--[endif]-->Strong desire + self-defeating attitude = influx of life energy siphoned (spiritual harvesting) What’s emerging from this picture is that intent is everything. these loosh harvesters? Actually.109 desiring something. Holding a determined intention is the key to both success in a given situation and to personal empowerment from that situation. We are becoming more powerful. We are 109 . or the sadness. and that self-undermining mindset that shouts “I can’t do this!” shoots a hole in our manifestation. Matter is nothing but vibration: waves in some unseen medium. Unless we obstruct the natural process by throwing up self-doubt. because how can “nothing” manifest as matter and all the varied activity of this world? Surely it’s more reasonable to assume that the energy we see around us comes from a source of energy. you are up for hours. but waves only. This spills the life energy and places the key to a situation’s outcome into the hands of something outside ourselves. When we desire something.” I suggest that consciousness and energy are better names for the material emptiness at the core of physical life. We could call that unseen “nothingness. or dream of something that instills a desire. letting the wonderful energy drain away to benefit those who know how to cart it away and make use of it. Intent is the reverse side of permission. or the fear or the outrage. a realm that is a powerhouse of energy and consciousness.

spiritual empowerment. so. and ordain freedom for mankind. just as we can rewire ourselves to live off the power of the Infinite within us.” brings in spiritual power. not the thoughts the trawlers want us to think. while they make us their minions. We can claim our own divinity. But just as we don’t need meat to live. we must do it in love and compassion for the trawlers. because a made-new world is no place for negative things. They eat our energy because they know no other way to live. too. making manifest more creation. by shooting holes in our pipeline. then the power behind our wishes brings them to fruit. Freedom means taking back control of ourselves through will. rather than on the limited grid of DNA. We can also work together with other awakening creators. or what I’ve been calling “authoritative intent. Intent and permission are reverse sides of will. never full of confident intent. The gods are no worse than we are when we eat chicken or beef. So passion. In those moments we are fulfilling the intention of the life force to create and to manifest. Selfdoubt brings in the harvesters. or immortality. whatever our declaration might be. We can give it away through permission. But true spiritual empowerment will never be achieved by bending before the gods in self-abnegation. or when we set up pens on a farm. which is what our spirits were long before the gods got hold of us. it infuses us. It means exercising will to think the thoughts we desire. We can overcome the program by establishing ourselves in our nature as one with our spiritual Source. And if we choose to ordain that. We can ordain a parking place.110 garnering spiritual power. through intent. from our authority as sons and daughters of the Infinite. and oust the regime that controls this dimension. Long before the creation of this physical universe took place. where death. When we ordain. Working on behalf of all material creation. And freedom means much more. or we can ordain a healing. The harvesters are hungry. taking back control of our spirits. It is programmed with our decay and death. We are told that being spiritual means surrendering our ego (our desires and our self-hood). letting our energy be siphoned and our souls assimilated into oneness with the harvesters. making any incoming energy harvestable. can these gods. We can ordain personal freedom from harassment by purveyors of the global agenda. DNA was created by (or at least is currently controlled by) the gods. hooking up our bodies to run on the intelligence. not in revenge and hate. we can ordain freedom and happiness for all beings in the physical universe. like everybody else. and to become a unique embodiment of itself: an empowered creator. lack and suffering are never part of the picture again. That’s why those who feed off human life created religious teachings that tell us desire is bad. our harvesters. What better way to help them learn to tap 110 . because then our pipeline to the Infinite has holes in it. It means. Our life force sustains them. love and energy of the Infinite. If we believe it’s bad to want things. more expressions of life. Loosh is the power of the Source. They will be wimpy and ridden with self-doubt: just the thing the psychic trawlers like. our desires will never be powerful. and will is one of the faculties of personhood. the power of life. We can establish material life on a new level. Powerful. When we access it through desire. Or we can build our will and grow in personal empowerment. Spiritual empowerment means living the power of the Infinite as unique expressions of the Infinite. authoritative desire is the key to personal empowerment. unless we let it be drained off by doubting ourselves.

Because it’s the only alternative. passion. joy. loving. at this time in history. for both mankind and gods. Once we hook up our pipeline of desire and shore up the holes of self-doubt – in other words. the psychic vampires will have empty nets from their trawling and will have to look to the same Source we’re being forced to look to for ongoing life. This learning process. We elect to become the children of the Infinite that we forgot how to be. joyous divine intention. to assimilation. how can the New World Order do anything but fail? Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site. 2009 at 1:42 am ThanQ so much Bronte. February 24. You have enlightened many dark shadow soul sores that have long ravaged as suffering within me. When that starts happening to enough of us. With that will come inspiration and ideas. the door to a new life. and the dedication courage wisdom and compassion you have manifest within this website. authoritative intent. We can no longer afford to let paradise remain a metaphysical concept. or we take action now. rendering ourselves unavailable? When humankind takes back its power and its home in the universe. won’t be easy and may not always be pretty. our individual souls. originality. impassioned and confident desire. once we take back our power – Original Consciousness can pump its life into our flagging bodies and spirits once more. where all will surrender their egos and amalgamate into Oneness consciousness: the impersonal consciousness of “enlightenment” – stripped of desires. 111 . Our enemies wish not only to harvest our energy but to assimilate our consciousness. How will that happen? The Infinite will show the way. personal will. We take back our birthright as sons and daughters of the original. But it’s the door to everyone’s freedom. We have to make it reality. We either let them accomplish this by doing nothing. We pick up the forgotten key to freedom. I am so greatfull to you for contributing this overstanding. Connections will get made. That is their plan with a universal religion. call it whatever you will: choice. My best wishes. where all will be microchipped servants of global government. 10 Comments 20 Comments PeteO said.111 their internal spiritual resources than by removing their external food source. and the power to choose. That is their plan with their New World Order.

I could run a million miles but I am going to continue drumming for a while. at worse it’s a specific program designed to capture our strongest creative energy and use it to enslave Us. Thank you for keying and for being a fountain of truth. that are projected by “Them/It”)) that are possessing/controlling the couple involved. 112 . right? Think about so-called sex-magic… and then think about all the detached from love orgasms that are happening in this reality every day… then think about subliminal symbology. Especially for the last passage. I know how this sounds. So much in my life and what I have been through makes more and more sense now. It puts all my thoughts into a coherent whole and much much more. Love Sara Rawgod said. and etherically by what/whoever…. December 17. but “lust” and objectification/sexualization is hardly conducive to creating a world/reality of a “higher” spiritual nature. We don’t need an enemy! We’re all in this together. November 24. First love for myself and then compassion for the gods. this is amazing stuff. May 2. and what is emitted… basically sex without love may set up the condition where that energy is used by other enities (thoughtforms. I feel like I could cry! I will not worship you although I am very grateful. Masturbation… is another questionable activity. I am speaking of sexual activity… the orgasm. Thanks Bronte Reply Tim K said. 2009 at 12:48 am Thank you Bronte! Thank you so much! You point a finger at the core of my heart. 2009 at 6:05 pm I couldn’t stop reading your blog.subconsciously embedded associations projected by the media. 2009 at 11:34 pm There is another aspect of “loosh” they exploit… I’m thinking that our Creative potential in these bodies has been specifically “rewired” to be directed in a way that reinforces the physical limitations of creating.112 With Deep Gratitude Peter Sara said. At best all this is a misdirection of creative energy and a focus/identity on the body at the expense of the spiritual.

or is it our own energy rising in the body? I know people with severe kundalini who describe it as burning alive. which they think must be God. May 4. including me). a place of answers and inspiration. 2010 at 4:42 pm So my question now is. throwing the baby out with the bathwater. their self-identity being pulverized by an outside force. I have a friend who never studied any formal meditation who has naturally taught herself to do the same thing (without ever talking to anyone about it. I simply reign in my awareness and focus it on itself. Could the dream state be the perfect vehicle to create and induce the desired situations needed for those who use and harvest Loosh? Reply Jamil said. This makes me very suspicious. close our eyes. if we but take the time to sit down. that they themselves garner the energy and power the practice would normally give to the practitioner. 2010 at 1:45 pm Just by being aware of the process allows us the opportunity to succeed! Mike said.113 Mike said. but are we being consumed by something. The Dream state will allow us to experience many more consciously uncontrolled instances in a shorter period of (time) than we could experience in the waking state. May 3. it’s such a powerful process that the dark entities running the world must ensure that it’s somehow railroaded. There was a time when I quit meditating. in that they don’t mire us in the further energy harvest game? Are kundalini cultivating practices safe? FROM BRONTE: I haven’t decided yet what to make of kundalini practices – there is clearly a lot of energy involved. I don’t use a mantra or any specific technique. What kinds of meditation practices are fruitful. In fact. I meditate almost daily and find it a useful centering process. Now I realize I was only cutting myself off from my own power source. I believe “coming back to home base” is a natural ability all of us have. May 6. and do it. It’s important not to stop spiritual pursuits just because self113 . 2010 at 2:37 am Along with our daily experience with suffering and inspiration we must also become consciously aware of ourselves during the dream state. in disgust over the lies I had been taught.

It’s true that there are unseen forces. That’s a thoughtful question about HOW the loosh energy is consumed. But to assign these forces motives and blame them for our own maladaptive behaviors and failed coping mechanisms seems a little farfetched.114 serving entities try to step between ourselves and our mastery of life. not just fight or flight. serotonin. freedom or utopia. Quantum physics has established that. and why 114 . sleep and thought. She was ravenous for blood. Maybe that’s why Jesus repeatedly said to fast and pray. Such defection plays right into their plan. Perhaps we are delusional to think that we should be free from suffering and only experience endless pleasure. Maybe the gods think of us a stupid plants too. and one I also contemplate. Adrenaline. Bronte Question said. 2010 at 1:27 am I’m not sure what to make of loosh. To place oneself in the center of some cosmic battle seems a bit delusional and grandiose. You say they steal the loosh from us to be happy. Perhaps we are simply this gigantic wave you described not some individual entity drowning in it. So are you saying that these subtle beings are so subtle that they are microscopic. norepinephrine. dopamine. that they are in our synaptic clefts stealing our neurotransmitters? How are they utilizing those chemicals? Do they have recptors in their subtle bodies (the bodies which are somehow small enough to fit in our clefts?) Why don’t they just rob a pharmacy? They could get all the synthetic neurotransmitters they could ever wish for. 2010 at 5:16 am The goddess Kali ate only fruits then leaves then water? I guess you’re not counting the buckets of blood she loved to consume. Perhaps we don’t need to fight for peace. Maybe that’s why Kali ate only fruits. then switched to dry leaves and finally only water. Reply brontebaxter said. I believe it’s hard to determine because we’re dealing with entities more sophisticated than us on the food chain – the same way it would be hard for a sheep to figure out what happens to its fleece after it’s shorn. Maybe the only way to free oneself from the cycle of stealing loosh and being robbed of loosh is to stop being a hypocrite and perform penance. They influence mood. September 3. Are you saying it’s an electrochemical event? At one point you compared it to adrenaline. September 3. and that’s why she’s depicted in Indian art with a bloody tongue hanging out and garlanded with a necklace of blood-dripping skulls. It sounds like the same belief that these loosh-eaters promote. GABA etc are all neurotransmitters produced by the thalamus and adrenal cortex for a variety of functions. But we justify it by saying their level of consciousness is too primitive for it to matter. We turn around and steal the loosh from plants who have a desire to live and grow just like us.

I expect.115 its family members keep disappearing. Eating seems to be the essential weakness and the essential flaw in the universe. it should be possible for the expressions of that energy field to sustain themselves with the infinite energy that is their own essential nature. so everything takes the life of others in order to continue living. I don’t recall the details. The articles in this blog series give evidence from a variety of perspectives supporting the theory that we are being siphoned energetically. as in cases of physical healing following emotional prayer or emotional focused visualization. when the cells start getting this. hate. just as we do. We know our emotional energy can transmute into physical energy. Since we each are cells in the universe. It doesn’t see the axe. Why is that? If we all are made of eternal. which is what we do when we kill something and eat it. undying energetic source. or otherwise are emotionally connected to. Perhaps it’s not that different from what we do to one another when we encounter strong emotions in someone we love. Everything wears down. forget how to self-sustain. Somehow. the plants have a desire to live. infinite energy. the universe itself can conceivably change from a dying entity that literally eats itself to a being that can sustain itself on infinite 115 . as when we get a burst of adrenaline due to extreme fear. the stew pot. energy can shift from physical form to etheric form and back again. This problem is universal throughout known creation: even suns flame and die out. ethereal beings siphon off human emotional energy and retain it in their own emotional grid. for there to be life. Then the solution would be to reconnect with our essential nature and reconstruct the way we habitually live. why don’t we manifest eternity and infinity? Doesn’t make sense that we don’t. unable to sustain themselves forever. Robert Morning Sky wrote an interesting white paper about mitochondria and their possible role in all this. but mitochondria are different from other elements in the cell – “independents” or something – and play a major role in metabolism. a student of Gurdjieff. nothing can sustain itself on its own intrinsic energy forever. if all life springs from an infinite. I do agree with you that it’s hypocritical to be outraged at being siphoned when we ourselves siphon others. You’re right. We seem to absorb the person’s emotion. Just as ice can transmute into water and then into vapor. and the dinner table. Surely it need not be like this. unless we’ve gotten so absorbed in the process of creation and living with what we’ve created that we’ve forgotten ourselves. while the other person’s intensity seems to diminish. It also can reverse and go the other way. Surely. part of the energy transfer must take place on an astral or ethereal level. Could it be through these that the energy is transferred to the gods? But even though some physical substance that acts as a portal or gatekeeper is probably involved. since the energy will be consumed in an ethereal form. Try reading “Making a Soul” by Bennet. for another interesting take on this. I think the problem must be that we get so focused on outward things that we forget who we are.

“ Brendon said. November 9. then a god. i what i belive is right even if i have read it just a few minutes ago.116 energy forever. influence the way the universe thinks. our minds. ive read Loosh 101 and on my way to read loosh 102. Its continually seeking out drama and ‘falling in love’ relationships. being part of the universe. We forget we have manifested them and then we become the effect of them. And there you crouch. 2011 at 12:49 am You are confusing the physical universe with the universe of the spirit which is exterior to the physical. u speak things i think of. our own criterion of truth and beauty. as the tender shoots which we stifled because we lacked the faith to believe in our own powers. i embrace ur ideeas and theories and feel them as mine. Ron Hubbard Me said. is like ur words are mine.” L. “You are a spirit. Reply 116 . That is why we get a heart-ache when we read those lines written by the hand of a master and recognize them as our own. full capable of making space and energy and time and all things well. forgotten to yourself and hidden from the eyes of all pretending there to be a beast that walks and eats and dies. Bronte Reply Trish House said. It is our habit of making them manifest automatically that creates confusion. August 31. they are right and fair i cant describe it into words as they come from withtin me. I believe loosh is the same entity/thing that Eckhart Tolle refers to as the ‘pain body’. makes me think at a random post some1 made on my youtube page “Every day we slaughter our finest impulses. In other words. 2010 at 3:48 am Hi. As they become agreed upon by us at that level they become more real. 2011 at 11:37 am Hi. May 12. just want to tell u how i feel. I believe that it is in the non material universe of thought that all physical manifestations are created.

a destruction of personal integrity and personal identity. We need to understand what is hurting and heal the attitude or belief behind the hurt. To me.” All of these approaches to the self cause a person to think of him/herself in terms of compartments. disdainfully seeing it as the “drama” created by an irrational child living within us. Monroe distinctly states in his book that worship is a form of loosh. compartmentalize part of ourselves. 2011 at 7:39 pm Hmm.117 brontebaxter said. Tolle would have us live so: with part of us coldly observing and part of us acting. This judgmental attitude toward one’s own pain can only create more of it. congealed consciousness) within each individual that struggles to have a life of its own as a separate entity. be free of it. Religion calls it “enlightenment. negative entity in its own right that must be dissolved. vulnerable aspects of our psyche as a living. September 1. Neither of these would equate with Tolle’s “the pain body. Loosh is energy. who needs to be dissolved and destroyed. and arrogant by nature and must be destroyed or “transcended. Tolle is inventing something that doesn’t exist.” something that creates drama and negativity – that only makes us want to “cut off” this part of ourselves and destroy it. or worse. like “Bob” or something. He even suggests giving it a name.” which Tolle describes as a negative entity (or trapped. separate and unowned by the observing “superior” part of ourselves. seeing it as an “entity” and something that has a craving to “feed. this is a dissociative state not unlike that experienced by sociopaths. selfish. My other articles in the “Blowing the Whistle” series go more deeply into this.” I call it a breakdown of one’s personhood. suggesting we imagine the more tender. as if it were a person. one of the more prized forms. he says. and that dissolves the negative feelings. we move away from personal wholeness. instead of regarding and embracing oneself as a whole. It’s the same as religion telling us we have an “ego” that is negative. May 12. But Tolle would have us “observe” the negativity. So is the love of a mother for her children. either positive or negative. whereas the “loosh” concept includes both positive (loving) and negative (hating). When we do that. In my opinion. Bronte Reply mike said. an abdication of one’s selfhood by the soul. This way of looking at the hurting part of ourselves. but I don’t agree with your conclusion. When we act negative. it’s because our psyche is hurting over something. 2011 at 2:15 pm 117 . Tolle’s idea of a pain body is wholly negative. Sounds like you’re thinking.

Hopefully i will find what I am looking for. More advanced beings. There is power in belief. we know how to live. they can gain power…. Believing in this knowledge will only lead to a better future for me. Truth is all that matters to me. All I know is that it feels like something keeps pushing me to keep exploring.But the plan never works out and they eventually fail and/or are killed by the people who were formerly repressed. 2011 at 8:05 am I have also read the works of Robert Monroe. I’ve experienced sleep-paralysis where I was surrounded by shadows. It seems we have the opposite: there is infinite growth. Perhaps refined loosh production is indeed the same way? What would a person do with love they could not express? Store it in a jar for another time? Both the giving and receiving of hate.At least that is what I perceive to be true for (almost?) all humans. They would watch me and I called them ‘hordaks’ after the villain in the he-man cartoon. As I am somewhat cynical. I am unsure as what to think of all of this. One learns not to hate because of the consequences. “whether you believe you can or can’t. But then the question comes: If I did not receive a negative feeling from my own negative actions. I will keep searching and listening to my heart to try and decipher what feels to be right. How would I learn? I don’t really enjoy a fire being lit under my ass until I learn. and I feel like I’m getting closer to my goal.118 I’ve recently just started looking into this. October 25. This just reinforces all of that. I thought about all this quite a bit when I was in my early twenties. you’re probably right”. I have to rationalize. But you have to admit its very effective! I avoid pain and seek pleasure and do believe that every human on this earth is like this. is it really a problem? Whether we humans “produce” or “harvest” love…Both feel good. Henry Ford said. feels awful…. opportunity and an increase in the ability to use ones will to “succeed”. Yes. For some time now I’ve been obsessing over truth. These memories I have. 118 . and self-doubt certainly robs us of that power. I know other things exist. If the “refined form of loosh” can be called love. for once we know the truth. The one who gives love feels not a sense of being drained but there is an abundant “energy” there as well. With love. I’ve read articles where those who say the culprits behind the loosh stealing is Satan and all of his demons. I used to see dark entities as a child. and there are those that harvest it. It can take a while to learn from our own mistakes or negative actions. When I was a child my mothers mini-van was picked up by a bright light while we were driving. I have never seen a person filled with hate and anger that is fulfilled or successful in any meaningful way. Hearing someone quote something and then hearing the sort-of science behind the quote is what it takes for me to be a believer. Reply brontebaxter said. Reply some guy from somewere said. Truth.

the lifeform wanted nothing but to gain this “graduate” status. The being does not remember who it was before it came to earth and believes itself to be a male human warrior who had just died in battle(not aware that he had died). called “Far Journeys”. 119 . The human experience sticks to us like glue and keeps us in “low orbit”. Have you actually read all 3 books? In this particular encounter Monroe was given information from a being who was something like an inter-dimensional tour guide. Loosh is not love. It is a story of a naive energy form entering the earth system for the first time and finding out that it is Addiction + Amnesia. After the beings first incarnation and death. “I want to stay with this person forever”. And so we do. but finding it hard to leave because they are just not done yet? In the book. One can see this to be true with an example of common human thinking: So lets say you really love someone. or something like that. That “unfinished business” is what I personally interpret as karma. So perhaps spiritual seekers are those who have had enough of it all and are done with the amusement park. The love intensifies the suffering. They all think they will get one lifetime full of it. What if an emotional habit energy held you to that desire? You might feel an urgent need to return to this loved one at any cost. culture. The strongest desire for this human was to get back into the battle and kill more Romans. This was not a high level entity and certainly not an actual graduate of the Human Space/Time Illusion. October 26. and the intense suffering feeds the ehteric vampires. and then leave. myths…This is evidenced by the “first timer” into the earth system thinking it is going to be no big deal. again that’s missing the point: that vampiric entities instigate and generate suffering in humans and animals so as to feed off of the negative energy of suffering. Reply some guy from somewere said. This entity gave Monroe information about what its alien “culture” knew about earth. the naive energy form called “BB” goes through a similar scenario. As far as your comment goes that we need negative feelings to turn us around when we take a wrong direction. but love combined with angst and suffering. The example Monroe gives in his book is a mother bird fighting to her death in an effort to protect her young. I believe it was in the 2nd book. So Impressed by the energy and radiations of a “graduate” of this system. We get caught up in the human drama and die with unfinished business every time around. You might think to yourself. We are unable to as Monroe puts it “reach escape velocity”.119 October 25. Robert and this entity’s friend try to “snap him out of it”. 2011 at 12:10 pm I’m afraid you are missing the point here. We come back and back again for reasons real or imagined because we just can’t let go. 2011 at 11:05 am Your interpretation of Robert Monroe’s experience sounds a little funny to me. Of course the interpretation that the entity gave was distorted by its own experience.

whose will ran the collective. the mind of The Borg. original. joy. Yet there is another. The victim’s will became the will of The Borg. if the heart and ability to choose can be wholly offered to “the divine. As in the military.” those on the receiving end no longer have to siphon humans for their energy. Our personal energy signature – the soul or ego. which taught fear of God. Why would a self-fulfilled. “his” hand passed right through it in bewilderment. deliberate beings of action – that is taken from us. Like a hive. life. Or more precisely. Robert Monroe was told as much in his encounter with the light being (see my two last articles). It knows no destruction or death. The Borg in the sci-fi TV series were a civilization of beings half biological and half cyber. the parallel is not inappropriate.120 But of course when “he” tried to pick up the sword that lay on the ground. We give ourselves to “the divine. Assimilation was accomplished by mind-controlling a person and then inserting. reasoned. creativity and immortality. they can simply assimilate us. more insidious reason why the ancient religions. Cosmic consciousness (“enlightenment” or “Brahman”) is a fusing of one’s personal self with the force that has hijacked the universe. we give it away. align our personal frequency with those who have fed on humans since the dawn of history. The world’s religions have changed from their ancient demands for blood sacrifice to their modern insistence on a more personal commitment to the divine. Blood provided life-force renewal to the interdimensional predators who call themselves the gods. in place of the individual’s mind. to work for the collective’s purpose. The reason concerns free will.” and in so doing. the surrender of personal choice results in a strengthening of the collective. individual self– that which makes us creative. his actions entrained. If the “Star Trek” image of The Borg comes to mind. they were ruled by a central queen. like an ant’s. Assimilation strengthens the collective that is the gods. If that deeply human element can be won over. Cosmic consciousness is not what we are told: a state where the individual mind merges with its own interior pure consciousness. Soldiers fall out of step when they cross a bridge. have morphed into modern religions and spiritual practices that teach surrender or love of God. Chpt.’ by Bronte Baxter. 7: Enlightenment: From Siphoning to Assimilation This is Chapter 7 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. Reply Blowing the Whistle. like a tuning fork that hums the pitch of the humming forks around it or a soldier that marches in step with his army. But blood-ondemand is nothing in “loosh quality” compared to willing. with their collective consciousness. either for Itself or its children. We become one with their system. We become entrained with them. We can reason that the Infinite Source of all the egos in the universe must be an unlimited consciousness of love. They thrived by discovering new planets and assimilating their inhabitants. devoted worship. because the power of marching in unison is great enough that it could break the structure. joyous being want to make individuals that don’t share in and express Its own qualities? 120 .

They’ve convinced everyone that they by rights run the show and that they even created it. The consciousness of the Infinite surely never intended suffering or death for its children. I remember a chilling moment in a videotape of the popular spiritual teacher. it is the collective consciousness of the material universe. That is the act of a farmer. drawing the arm back in. I remember Tolle’s story of his “awakening. who see the manifest universe as their playground.” He blacked out and when he awoke. the world was fresh and new. that requires sacrifice. this is the consciousness they identify with. Brahman is that consciousness that feeds and depends on physical matter. the maintainer. then the first one again. without desires. which embraces good and evil. he has moved through physical reality without an ego. he tells us.121 Brahman is quite different than this original entity. He reaches out a long arm and makes a swooshing sound with his mouth. as equal in value. and the destroyer. A loving and unlimited creator of individual awareness would not create life forms only to destroy them. Happy people create good things around them. “Life” moves through him. We know this from our own life experience. That is what Tolle has aligned himself with. he says. Brahman is the consciousness that enfolds the physical universe. surrender of ego and ultimate physical death. We are told Brahman is the creator. He was a man without depression. That’s Consciousness. That can only be the agenda of limited spiritual beings. as humans breed then slaughter animals on a farm for food. creating then sucking back in life form after life form. They are the playground bullies. where he describes the movement of the ”Presence” in the world. without thoughts. however much he believes it must be. If we as humans naturally behave like that. at which point he felt an energy vortex sucking him in and heard the words “Resist nothing. By uniting with and surrendering to it as their Higher Self.” After suffering for years from severe depression. Creative people don’t make things in order to feed off their creations. not of an artist or innovator. when we by nature are feeling and caring? How could the children be greater in character than their own Creator? It’s not a very reasonable premise. and cherish and take care of those things. He was a clean machine. But Tolle’s wholeness is a small particle in the vastness of the Infinite. 121 . Then he makes a swipe in the air with his other arm. in the sense of a supreme consciousness. birth and death. the Presence that creates and destroys individual life. devoid of his former sense of personal self. From that day on. and he identities that “wholeness” as his Self. they become possessed by the entities who have taken charge of (and perhaps created) the physical universe. They make things to express what’s inside them: the joy or beauty or humor or wisdom. creating and devouring it at will. worship. When meditators have cosmic visions of themselves as all the universe. how could the Infinite Being from whose cloth we were cut think and behave like a savage? How could It be unfeeling or uncaring. Eckhart Tolle. They don’t decide to blow them up or devour them. he decided he would commit suicide. Brahman is not Infinite. It is not the Infinite. It cannot be God. spitting out supernovas and destroying them with all their attendant life forms.

horrendousness included. Will we choose to amalgamate or to shoulder the burden and joy of becoming conscious. possessed zombies. The grave is peaceful. He regards what happened to him the night of his transformation as an awakening to the highest truth. all that made him uniquely human. We either open our minds and recognize our programming. that desires them to live forever and in harmony and joy. And God’s very purpose for making them. as Itself. has accepted all that happens in this world. July 27. 2008 at 8:50 pm 122 . death and life. He became a vessel for the voice that told him. The intent is to fuse all egos into the will of the One. walking around the earth while something else moves through us. The gods have not stopped living off human sacrifice. as the wonderful will of the divine. There is peace when an individual surrenders their personal self. as a unique.” as the true reality. or we grin like foolish children and follow the Pied Piper right into the maw of the mountain. become nothing. This is the tyranny of One. The rules of the game have only changed a little. Surely there is something beyond what the gurus’ teach as the ultimate. Siphoning is evolving into assimilation. they must sacrifice the most precious thing they have ever been given: their personal divine spark. personal expression of Itself.” does bring euphoric peace to the experiencer. Gone is the need to think and the sting of emotional repercussions from former bad decisions. and reason our way out of this snare. the reason the New Age teaches that awakened consciousness means seeing “small self” as illusion and “Cosmic Self” or “the One. empowered individuals? The fate of the universe rests on our decision. I suggest what he awoke to was assimilation of his will. with glassy grins and empty hearts. Surely God’s plan was not for Its creatures to become mindless robots. like the enlightened guru-followers. who regard suffering and happiness.” Brahman. but I wouldn’t want to spend time in one. Blood-on-demand is not as delicious as the willing offering of a human soul. supports and cherishes each being It ever created. of coming up with creative solutions. telling its victims the moment before assimilation: “Resistance is futile. as all the same in value. The enlightened need to do nothing. Something that celebrates. the will of the Overmind. “Resist nothing” – words that eerily echo the voice of The Borg. 9 Comments Paul said. The enlightened willfully self-implode. too. Gone is the responsibility of making choices. of finding motivation. But to achieve that iced-over state of detachment. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site. his personhood. gets subverted. that cosmic disassociation. Surely we were meant to be more than automatons. The gods are masquerading as Cosmic Self.122 Tolle. say nothing. what Tolle calls “Presence.

There are quite a few who propound this poisonous doctrine. November 18. It’s easy to see through the incoherencies of what the mainstream spiritual psyop agents purport. after all that I have seen. 2008 at 6:32 pm This mirrors my opinion almost exactly after my own experience and years of study.Quick better get my arse back on the meditation cushion or else. This is the hypnotic garbage that is spewed out in most groups. You’ve gotten it right in a nutshell! This is exactly the conclusion I’ve reached. November 8. Jesse said. who believe that enlightenment means giving up your individual spark and being assimilated what I believe is the Luciferic hive mind. I think star trek 4 or 5 (not sure which movie) where Kirk finds a god and he demands a starship from them and he says “What would God need a Starship for?” I think that is the best line in a movie and sums up in one question what people should ask about their so called weak gods.123 Hello Bronte. I even remember some other so-called ‘enlightened master’ saying that he wanted to be “devoured by God”. I had to do my own thinking and my own awakening. 2008 at 6:34 am Bronte. We have parasites glomming on to our consciousness. Some work some dont but at least I am getting a hang on creating in joy for myself again. I too followed a mantra style group mediation requiring 2. much appreciated. Something is wrong in eden. It’s like an implosive spiritual black hole. They appear as angels of light.. Thank you so much for your writing Bronte . Sincerely Paul in Japan Doven said. I wanted to thank you sincerely Bronte for placing your articles up because I felt happy that someone else had gone through what I did and came to similar conclusions. hours a day and my motivation for doing so was based on fear…. Oh my ! I have just got off the roller coaster ride of following a guru (which I wont name as I would rather move on with life) I see you were more in depth with the following of a guru than i was but your situation rang true with me on so many levels. experienced and researched. At first it was rough but now I actually enjoy thinking for myself and coming up with my own creative solutions to life. however their intentions are actually to get well123 . Just begin thinking on your own and observe openly.Oh no if I don’t do it I will have top come back again and I won’t get full enlightenment….

that this is perfect. means to “QUENCH” or extinguish – to blow out a flame. Osho says in one of his articles: “Enlightenment is finding that there is nothing to find. and then basically relinquishes itself to the master devourer of consciousness or other entity. Enlightenment is to come to know that there is nowhere to go. This person then becomes another vessel. ” My theory on what’s actually happening when reaching ‘enlightenment’ through a depression. Also. August 12. which then takes over the body and mind. ‘Enlightenment’ in this way is actually a quenching or extinguishment of your individual spark! Eckhart Tolle is one of these offenders. supposedly channeled by Jesus Christ! It’s another one of those ‘anti-ego’. that this is it. Osho. it is an understanding that there is nothing to achieve. One would have to be stupid to think that Jesus Christ actually dictated the words in that book.Enlightenment is when all hope disappears. stops wanting to exist or to be. Janos 124 . stops desiring. J Krishnamurti appears to be another. or Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh. and reason our way out of this snare. Enlightenment is not an achievement. nowhere to go…. They are spreading memes throughout the world of spirituality and those who seek higher consciousness can become trapped by these memes and unwittingly help to spread them around. Enlightenment is the understanding that this is all.Hope arises no more. “nibbana” or nirvana as we Westerners call it. is that the individual spark stops hoping. When there is no desire there is no need for the future. Enlightenment is disappearance of hope…. desire is created no more. spouting off their doctrine. A good example of this type of doctrine is ‘A Course in Miracles’. or we grin like foolish children and follow the Pied Piper right into the maw of the mountain.” Keep it up – write your book! You are a brilliant and engaging writer. Even the Buddhist term for enlightenment.124 intentioned people to willingly surrender their souls by misleading them into thinking that this is the highest spiritual act. empowered individuals? The fate of the universe rests on our decision. We either open our minds and recognize our programming.. Reply Janos said. also reached enlightenment in the same way – through a deep period of depression. 2010 at 8:10 am These are perhaps the most important words on this web page: “The gods are masquerading as Cosmic Self. inviting others to be assimilated. Future disappears. yet thousands of people are misled by these poisonous teachings. Will we choose to amalgamate or to shoulder the burden and joy of becoming conscious. kill the ego teachings.

125 Reply Carole said. I suggest you read Schopenhauer’s Prize Essay on the Freedom of the Will. Also look into Nobel prize winner Benjamin Libet’s empirical experiments. It felt as if my will had been stolen. Reply Kushta said.’ accompany me in all situations throughout my life and reconcile me with the actions of others. September 1. even if they are rather painful to me. You are so much more than your name. 2010 at 6:54 am All I see here is a desperate attempt of the Ego to hold on to its illusionary powers. great insight! During my first encounter with an “enlightened teacher” I didn’t really mean to surrender anything. This awareness of the lack of free will keeps me from taking myself and my fellow men too seriously as acting and deciding individuals. i. Free will is a myth. you identify with this chain of cause and effect. content Self. at this point this “teacher” literally hypnotized me to the point of losing consciousness. and from losing my temper. you are bound by it.” We are part of an enormous chain of cause and effect – a kind of matrix. It took me four years to gather that will back and leave. 125 . which point to the conscious mind being a movie screen displaying unconscious decisions already made. as opposed to an actual decision making mechanism. I had had a profound “out of body” experience and was very dazed. the color of your eyes and your likes and dislikes – all created by the chain of cause and effect. By penetrating the ever-hungry illusionary Ego we arrive at the true. There is no freedom. Nothing in the universe is uncaused. Reply Frederich said. each and every decision we make is dictated by our genes and the sum total of our past experiences. Our thoughts and actions are caused too. I quit my job which I was passionate about. December 18. This is the message of all great spiritual teachers.e. 2010 at 1:50 am All I can say is Bravo! Great writing. When I came to it was as if I had been set on some auto-pilot. At any point in time we are the exact product of our genes and cumulative environmental influences. gave notice and moved in with this person. [The words] ‘Man can do what he wants. only the illusion of freedom. but he cannot will what he wills. if you wish. If you identify with the Ego. It stands in direct contrast to protecting and feeding the Ego. Here is what Albert Einstein said: “I do not believe in free will. originally brought in motion by appetite (desire).

One day you will appreciate the courageous souls who refuse to drink the ‘Kool-Ade’ that has robbed you of your divine faculties. ‘Self’ with the False-Ego born of the Self’s misidentification with matter. You said: ‘I suggest you read Schopenhauer’s Prize Essay on the Freedom of the Will. you identify with this chain of cause and effect.e.” How very fascist of you! .” Until you can differentiate between the False and Pure Ego on the inner dimension through direct experience your words will continue to remain without the substance of authenticity.” You are clearly mistaking the ‘Ego’ i.” And I suggest that you stop pleasuring the intellectuals you adore and create some original thought of your own. You are so much more than your name. it is evidence of the positive affirmation of our emotional fulfillment in transcendence. only the illusion of freedom. the color of your eyes and your likes and dislikes – all created by the chain of cause and effect. you are bound by it.-) You said: “By penetrating the ever-hungry illusionary Ego we arrive at the true. You said: “This is the message of all great spiritual teachers.Kushta 126 .” Or perhaps an even higher aspiration reflecting a Soul that has realized her identity in transcendence.-) You said: “If you identify with the Ego. The eastern notion of removing desire is contradictory because one must have the desire to remove desire thus desire is as eternally present as the immortal Soul it inhabits. i. originally brought in motion by appetite (desire). Imagine that! .e. In fact. 2010 at 8:03 am @ Frederich You said: “All I see here is a desperate attempt of the Ego to hold on to its illusionary powers.126 December 31. You said: “There is no freedom.” And here we see the basis of your motives. content Self. No amount of goosestepping or monistic propaganda parroting will stop this ball from rolling. It stands in direct contrast to protecting and feeding the Ego. .

Blowing the Whistle. It encourages people to be selfless and to help their fellows. Love is the balm that heals the heart. When a teacher or religion preaches love. and while the ignorance that plagues our human condition may leave me vulnerable to pain and disappointment it remains to be the highest aspiration of a creature such as me who pursues the paradox of Love in a darkened world. We need to let go of things that demand our worship and start seeing who the real ‘controllers’ of this reality are. The greatest joy I will ever know will come from the relationships I have with people. Heaven for all. They know such feelings are from the dark side. They put their desires on the backburner and focus instead on doing what they think will make others happy. and have loved to the fullest. at first glance that seems to be a good thing. 127 . But spiritual teachers with an agenda use “love” and “oneness” teachings to keep the lid down on their disciples’ spiritual development. and bite their tongue a lot. volunteer their time. and consequently. December 31. or philosophical notion that denies the sanctity and primacy of human relationships is.denying. They say “the right thing” and don’t do things that other people won’t like.127 Reply Kushta said.’ by Bronte Baxter. in fact. In this way we can finally change it. and that they must be vigilant against them. Whenever sentiments of discontent or rebellion arise. “Love one another. ‘spiritual’. In the end I will remain victorious for I will have lived. Selfdefeating. 2010 at 8:07 am Any religious. July 22. and oneness the reality that joins us. 2011 at 8:40 am Flippin awesome stuff! Finally someone has seen through the bullshit and put it down so well in writing (or typing!). they quash them with the stern heel of conscience. thus I have cast my lot with humanity and the God whose image I reflect! Reply justdoit8 said. Your words are what I’ve been feeling for a few years now. Chpt. Because of “love” teachings.” Such beautiful sentiments. evict the current tenants and bring back what was meant to be. Let’s look at these teachings one at a time and see how they are used to manipulate. 8: Catching More Flies with Honey: How ‘Love’ and ‘Oneness’ Teachings Are Used to Disempower This is Chapter 8 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. Thanks Bronte.” “We are all one. religious people give to the poor. Self. social.

128 . Gone is the cry of their spirit for expression.128 Years go by. People who succeed in going the final steps to such surrender do indeed experience peace. that makes the spirit discontent and rebellious. The soul has been snuffed out. needing to be risen above or controlled. the very “ego” that religions decry and that wouldn’t exist without religion. All that exists in the shell called the body is the presence of something else: a new. The soul will melt away into the wholeness that is their true cosmic nature. give more money to their church or their guru. They grow depressed or angry. will destroy the evil in their hearts. judgmentalness. Telling people to be unselfish creates a shadow personality inside them. If they do this. will be gone. It’s ego. their negative thoughts stronger. will dissolve their selfish cravings and negative mental chatter. Gone is the frustration of the heart that lived in a box all its life. like a dog chained for years to a stake. Repressed. burst forth from the Source Consciousness in a brilliant firework display at the beginning of time. because they are not listening to themselves. their suppressed rage greater. that abhors uniqueness and diversity. So people redouble their efforts to be kind and loving. so the cries of their soul go unheeded. “See.” people say when the animal snarls and nips. individual consciousness. children of the Infinite. All noise is silenced. The consciousness that takes over when we surrender our souls only claims to be divine or of the Source. It is a consciousness that hates life. Oneness. “holy” or “cosmic” consciousness. gossip. But their “wicked” spirit only becomes sulkier. for freedom to live and do things in the world. The frustration comes out in many negative ways: short-temperedness. That spark. of course. convinced by such nasty behavior that they were right in chaining that animal all along. The troublesome entity they have fought with for years. The rebellion in them grows. their souls turn miserable or spiteful. but they have been taught that personal desires are selfish. jealousy. We are those sparks. In its place will come a peace that surpasseth understanding. The sincere people who faithfully follow “love” teachings typically live in a box with the lid down. The Christian struggling with wicked thoughts is told to surrender his soul to Jesus. Spiritual aspirants must make an oblation of the will (the soul’s chief attribute and mode of expression) to something perceived as greater and purer than themselves. and bite their tongue so hard that it hurts. their inner self. but it is the peace of spiritual death. or into the love that is Jesus. The spiritual teacher has. and our play and display is the reason for the world. It amounts to the same thing. because their purpose of embodiment in human form has been thwarted. teachers preach. It wants to wipe out the creative spark whose expression was the purpose of creation. Their soul cries out for experiences. The disciple plagued by negativity is told to surrender her ego to Oneness Consciousness. able to express but little of themselves because instinctual wants are considered suspect or evil. the solution to all this. they are promised. God. vindictiveness. The vices their followers find in their private hearts are proof that the soul is a tainted thing. the presence of the Divine alive in their heart. and these well-meaning people become frustrated and repressed. for learning through experience. They volunteer more time. or Brahman Consciousness. it’s a bad dog.

unjudged and uncensored. our thinkers). antisocial. Not only is a mandate not needed for real love – a mandate is useless in bringing love about. or appreciation of beauty? Only an open soul can experience those things. Love is a tenderness of feeling. how Sundays my family would sit around asking one another how they’d like to spend the day. antispiritual entity that lives inside waiting to undermine. you need no mandates. When you have love. We were that intent on being good Christians. without judgment? What if we stopped calling those promptings “ego” and considered them messages from the divine within us. but no one does anything that makes anyone happy. Left to itself. I often think of this sad and ridiculous scenario that was acted out so many times when I was growing up. a perception of the beauty in another. never knowing if even one family member really wanted to go there. fulfilling its divine promptings. How can a spiritual rule make you feel tenderness or empathy. judging their deepest instincts as suspect. We thought that made us moral and pleasing to God. the soul desires good things for itself and for all creation. Any original impulses that don’t align with institutionalized spiritual programming. most of mankind lives under the yoke of spiritual repression. All those things come from an effort at love. repressing your desires. doing what someone else wants. So we live in miserable marriages. I remember as a girl. giving money to charity or doing prescribed service. The display has been forbidden. the nastiness that once accrued to our inner spirit strangely disappears. A soul shrouded in judgment of itself as egoistic and selfish cannot feel tenderness. Love is not biting your tongue. The soul fills with its own innate joy.129 The play has been thwarted for millenniums. So where is the selfishness? Spiritual teachers tell us to love. they are born of repressing this entity. selfish. and wishes no less for everybody else. and do things we don’t want to do to help the less fortunate. empathy or appreciation. but true love is never born of an edict. in religions of East or West. When we trust our desires and stop judging them as selfish. While a few people in society break free from these fetters (becoming our artists. It is way too hurt and 129 . that no one ever answered honestly about what they thought would be fun. What if instead we all listened to the promptings in our hearts. Religious people work so hard to make sure everyone else is happy. and wrong. trying to do what the others supposedly wanted. Gone is its envy toward others. “I don’t know. are judged egoistic or evil. and what a metaphor it is for all decisions that are based on repressing our inner spark for the supposed higher good. So we went to the park or museum. not from having love. The soul isn’t repressed anymore. our inventors. can never free the creative spark and do the things that truly bring happiness to themselves and to others. an empathy to what another is going through. It is free and expressing. would you like to go to the park?” would come the reply. “Would you like to go to the park?” one person would ask. on sacrificing our personal desires for the sake of everyone else. work at miserable jobs. go places we don’t want to go for the “happiness” of our families. messages there to guide us through life? Those who have succumbed to the teaching that the ego is a self-serving. its anger and resentment. Everyone was so busy being unselfish. Egoism and evil are not born of this entity. because happiness is a luxury they’re told they have no right to expect or experience.

the flower of God’s creation. to sprout forth in beautiful.” They are simple. because it means they may have been traveling in the wrong direction all their lives. They know that religion’s teachings of mandated love and dissolving ego thwart the Infinite’s purpose by destroying those souls. Any spiritual leader who makes love the core of their teaching or who talks of dissolving the “small self” or “ego” leads mankind further into the dark. They perceive that someone stands to gain from this. unique in their wonderful forms.) Bronte Baxter 130 . They speak out against it in all its forms. They advise self-trust. The truly awake inspire envy and anger in many. gods. They are also aware of the nature of religion and its destructive role in the world. independence. They cheer for things like questioning. Love is the sweetest expression of life. They know that the true God. Truly spiritual people recognize that religions use teachings of love and oneness to manipulate humanity into first judging and then surrendering their precious. The truly aware know that Source Consciousness wants only that its purpose in creation be fulfilled: the play and display of happiness. and nonconformity. They never codify “truth” and they never set themselves up as “teachers. Love and Oneness are their calling cards. judged personhood inside themselves. There are those who would twist mankind’s natural spiritual instincts to serve their sinister purposes. those who call themselves God. the Source Consciousness. the place we all join with God (to quote the poet. has no need for worship and never mandated such. No one turns to them as gurus or quotes them as spiritual authorities. less than divine – an imposter pretending to be those things.” They don’t allow others to put them on a pedestal. confident people going about their lives with the light on inside.130 closed for such delicate feelings. green shoots. People who know the truth encourage free expression. or gurus. A truly awake person knows that love cannot be achieved through effort and that egoism is the product of self-flagellation. in a myriad expression of souls. They know that anyone asking for adulation is less than Infinite. too. They bring light to the world by being who they are and living freely and differently. unique souls (in the form of their will). new. to consider whether it. They don’t appear on the rolls of “the holy” or “the Self-realized. dissent.” Love and Oneness – what could be better? But teachings that tell us to practice love and to surrender to Oneness are quite another thing. individuality. Matthew Arnold) like islands “linking (our) coral arms beneath the sea. see my other articles in the “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment” series. they suggest people be true to themselves. Their joy and originality inspire those around them to re-evaluate the shrunken. Expecting a judged soul to bloom forth in genuine love is like expecting a seedling you poured drain cleaner on. whose first reaction to the possibility of freedom is outrage. The truly awake don’t tell people to be loving. (For more about those sinister purposes. Oneness is our deepest nature. might be capable of such luminosity. those who stand at the top of religions.

Bronte Baxter does not affiliate with new forum.yahoo. Please restrict any comment to 12 lines of typed text. 2008 at 9:45 pm Damn it Bronte. waiting for the day when I would have the motivation to organize it all together or the courage to speak. Reply Jesse said. 131 . As if we’ve both. NOTE TO COMMENTERS: The comment section of this blog is now reserved for short remarks and for information readers wish to contribute that is relevant to the subject of the article. seeking and research. and I feel overwhelmed with appreciation that someone is expressing all the things I have been thinking over the years. There are many siphons in the form of spiritual practices that act as pied pipers for the soul purpose of redirecting your life force energy to a harvester outside yourself.131 © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site. Any reader may access the “Splinter” discussion group at: http://groups.it’s amazing. (12 lines of typed text show up as 15 lines in the published text. 2008 at 6:41 pm Yes the psyop here is one of giving your power away in a cleverly disguised form of separation. I’ve kept them to myself. and the comments there do not represent her opinions. November 8.com/group/splinterdiscussion/ 8 Comments 5 Comments Doven said. The only difference is that I’ve never organized these ideas coherently or said them out loud. independently. November 19. you’ve done it again. without knowing each other…. through experience. assembled the pieces of the puzzle in the same way. Every article I read in this series hits the bullseye right on the mark for me. as well as back-and-forth discussion between posters are now restricted to the Yahoo Groups forum created for that purpose. Reply Jim said.) Longer comments. off-topic comments.

or worse. all under the Name of Humility. August 25. The only rebellion left is true love and instinct. Really it is no wonder why eventually our education systems have become completely obsolete.132 March 31. And watch where it takes you and be surprised at how safe you can be in a crowd of scared insecure lunatics. 2010 at 12:51 pm Very very excellent read. can never free the creative spark and do the things that truly bring happiness to themselves and to others. get called “egoistic” and “cocky”. So be. or simply put down others! Now of course I’m not saying that we shouldn’t be humble at all. I have always felt extreme indignancy somehow everytime my ego gets manipulated. April 28. People try too hard and are not risky enough. Anyone who tries to tell the others that they can do alot better. Reply Teo said. Appreciated reading this as it clarified what my “instincts” were trying to tell me. 2009 at 5:50 am Yes bronte. Fuck yeah. The frustrating thing is – we all practice humility in the areas that just don’t matter. and why the world is increasingly filled more and more with the insecure – because so many of us have been chained to the prison that actually prevents us from expanding and growing. Good job. very well said. We now live in the world where anyone who tries to be the best they can be. antisocial. is called “judgmental”. anti-spiritual entity that lives inside waiting to undermine. Being good is just being. 2009 at 10:02 am Very well said. Reply Alena said. in turn manipulating me into not reaching for my own potential. I especially love the part about how we have been taught that Ego is something that is self-serving. detrimental to our spiritual growth! Reply 132 . Thank you. Humility has become a calling card for those who want to control others. The custodians create a controlled rebellion deep in the soul of people.

and “the hugging saint. Yet insiders have estimated Amma rakes in upwards of 3 million dollars in a 7-week tour. They tell the doll their problems. through donations and sales of items like her toothbrush. fragments of a garment she has sat on. I am one of the moderators of the Ex-Amma Forum. After spreading fear and despair through such prophecies. the Mother Saint – Hugging Away Your Personhood This is Chapter 9 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. and books by devotees extolling her divinity. being in her presence) than a mother would charge an infant for breast milk. She tells them she is their mother and that she hears their prayers..133 Blowing the Whistle. the deeper he sank into 133 .” That translates to “I bow down/ pay homage to the Supreme Mother of the Universe. and listen in their minds for its advice.’ by Bronte Baxter. who is depicted in Indian art wearing a necklace of bloody human skulls and a girdle of severed arms but who somehow translates to devotees as a loving maternal figure. and it is her divine love that will save us. I became involved with the forum when I watched a close friend of mine grow farther and farther away from the person he once was. hymn singing. gesticulating in unison with their arms in the shape of an arc. What do stuffed dolls have to do with enlightenment? Lots. and clucks syllables like baby talk into their ear in her trademark ritual of lining people up.”The arm gesture is body language for surrendering one’s soul to Kali in the form Amma. Amma wears a two-foot-high sparkling crown. she predicted nuclear war and that no child younger than 5 will live to adulthood after the year 2012. Amma teaches that love is all we need.e. and people seeking more information. The words of the chant are “Aum Parashaktyai Namah. Amma posters. Amma dolls. a place where people who’ve left the Amma cult come together to help each other heal from their ordeal. She says she’d no more charge them for her darshan (i. In Seattle a couple of months ago. she announced that only meditation and self-effacing acts of charity can possibly mitigate the sentence for humanity. seek its comfort. Amma events consist of childlike lectures on Hindu doctrines. watching them kneel before her. her living embodiment. 9: Amma. worship ceremonies. tells couples to break up or to stay together. Mata Amritanandamayi. and the hugs. devotees chant hymns to Amma that grow in volume and frenetic intensity. At some events. then embracing them. gives babies their first taste of solid food. and ordains some of the faithful to abandon their family and live as monks in her ashram. who sits on a dais in front of them. The group is open to exfollowers. questioning devotees. Amma calls the devotees her children. known also as Ammachi.” Amma’s devotees talk to dolls made in her image that are sold on Amma retreats. At public sessions. concerned family and friends of devotees. Amma blessing water which devotees then drink. Devotees believe Amma is a living incarnation of the being they consider the supreme God: Kali in Hindu religion. Chpt. from their midsection up and out towards Amma. “Meditation” means mantra/obeisance meditation to the divine mother. Amma marries people on stage. if you’re into the cult of Amma. Self-effacing charity means donations to her organization and service to her cause.

I’ve read of organ selling and beatings. So many dead bodies have appeared in the waters outside the ashram that The Indian Express. it goes on to state.” a portrait of sweetness and universal love. She is one of 25 core leaders in the United Nations Parliament of World Religions. 2005. protecting the environment. how her charity hospitals won’t take the very poor because the poor don’t have money enough for treatment.N.) The ashram is among 30 Indian NGO’s to receive formal U.N. “This will provide opportunities for joint collaboration” between the U. which is performed “on Amma’s birthstar”: “The puja is offered to a lamp representing the Goddess… The puja starts with a worship of the Guru… The central aspect of the puja is the symbolic offering of the five elements of creation to God. She presents as “the hugging saint. New Delhi’s daily newspaper. with the United Nations 134 . Amma’s website openly extols the U. Amma’s website sells pujas performed on behalf of the paying devotee for prices ranging from $30 to $250. curbing drug trafficking and combating terrorism. The desire of the devotee to offer his or her surrender is effected by these symbolic offerings. We read there an explanation of what happens in Kali puja. and her organization. the guru who gives penis massages to his favorite boy disciples. that the money she gathers for charity doesn’t go to the charities she claims. regulating migrant labor. for its advances toward global government: “The United Nations has been in the forefront of tackling problems as they take on an international dimension. I read a letter from a former Amma monk alleging he was told by an Indian holy man not to share what he knows about Amma if he values his safety. I saw a video of Amma performing a puja (worship ceremony) to a portrait of Sai Baba.N. or what is really happening in her hospitals and orphanages in India. On the forum.N.” (emphasis mine) Amma’s PR is impeccable. providing the legal framework for regulating the use of the oceans. This work continues today. Our body is composed from these five elements… The puja symbolizes the surrender of the devotee to God… Each element is represented by a material symbol. (Click here to view both documents. printed an account of local citizens demanding a police investigation into the matter. Her website contains over a dozen pages extolling the humanitarian work of the U. according to Amma’s website. I’ve read about“suicides” and unexplained deaths of ashram devotees.N. One page compares the U. There has never been an investigation into her movement. During the entire puja the temple resonates with the continuous chanting of the holy names of Kali. which are word-for-word identical. the side of her no one wants to talk about. In July. and the media promotes her unquestioningly as such. such as flowers. or fire… These are offered at the foot of the lighted lamp. where the money goes. the United Nations awarded Amma with “Special U.” according to her website. Consultative Status. affiliation. the dead bodies. to mention a few.’s “Millenium Goals” with Amma’s goals.134 Amma’s hypnotic embrace. I’ve read accounts by her former monks of the unexplained wealth of Amma’s family. I’ve seen an email from her former joint-secretary alleging she cooks the books.N. I’ve read hundreds of first-person accounts of what people experience with Amma.

her blessed water and food. The media uses it to promote her far and wide. and dictate the “news” that journalists are permitted to report. Behind those corporations. are ways of infusing her energy signature into the minds and bodies of those who visit her. as behind our governments. Amma supports and promotes these “Big Brother” goals. As one of the 25 core leaders in the U.” In other words. and “the saint” Amma work in tandem. Amma provides ample evidence. My earlier articles in the “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment” series explain the real meaning of the kind of surrender that Amma and other Indian gurus promote among their followers. who call themselves gods. Amma’s energy transfer helps devotees entrain with her vibration and meld their minds and souls with “the godhead. If it seems remarkable that no investigative reporting has been done. Guruphiliac. to bring about its agenda. That’s why the media and world leaders sing her praises.135 providing input into the trend towards a greater centrality of international law ingoverning interaction across a wide spectrum of issues.” where one no longer functions as an independent individual but as a receptacle of “the Supreme Consciousness. Powerful and successful. whom Amma calls “the Lord. I submit. or possessed by the same “cosmic” forces that possess and work through Amma.” Translation: as a tentacle of the astral entities who live off human worship and suffering. Gurus call such a change in consciousness “attaining enlightenment” or “liberation.” (emphasis mine) Pulling all this together. 135 . food and other life-essential resources. that no one from the mainstream media has questioned Amma’s PR. But Amma is one of the worst.’s aim is a global Orweillian state held in place by a world bank. it helps them become assimilated. the mystery evaporates when we recall who the mainstream media is run by these days.’s religion parliament.N. Not only her energy signature but. the mainstream media. lurk the privileged aristocracy. Amma’s movement claims that the “saint” has hugged over 26-million people – people who often return as devotees. and so unquestioned. and who feed on the psyches of mankind. For anyone wondering if the efforts by the global elite to create a New World Order have a spiritual component. be they devotees or unsuspecting guests. a centrally controlled media. working intimately with the U. her relics. voting her the “least bad” of the gurus. worshipping her godhood and donating to her coffers. technological surveillance. Our world leaders.” It’s a state of “ego death. Large corporations have bought and own our press and television. the energy signature of the astral entities who work through her. what are we seeing here? Amma is a globalist. The U. Why do I single out Amma among the dozens of gurus I could write about? Because she is so popular. What makes Amma both so successful and so sinister is the loving image she hides behind. It is surrender of the personal self to the gods.” Amma’s hugs. and control of the world’s water.N. she ropes in new recruits by the thousands on her yearly worldwide tours. a world “peacekeeping unit” (world army).N. who control both news and world events by means of puppets who do their bidding. Even that guru-busting website. seems to miss the shadiness of Amma. That agenda is world regulation and control – a wolf that hides in the sheep’s clothing of humanitarian ideals.

in fact. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may republish this article on another website as long as they include the copyright and a back link to this site at www.” her actions teach something different.wordpress. Reply Doven said. dolls. the game will be up. and the group euphoria of retreats. When enough people know the other side of Amma. . She makes babies of grown men and women.” Pass it on. Amma’s devotees shut the door more tightly on the divinity within themselves. powerful expressions of God. September 23. They’re conditioned to believe that their inner self is less than the glorious entity before them. but we can stop it: by spreading this information far and wide. Allowing people to pray to you. mantra obeisance. kneel to you.brontebaxter. and the illusion will be over. It’s a tragedy. something to be destroyed before they can be happy. and worship you as God Incarnate is not the behavior of someone who wants people to recognize themselves as magnificent. November 9. While speaking fine words about “the God within each of us. individual personhood is nothing but a self-serving “ego” – flawed.-) Reply 136 . Love is not what most humans think it is and anything that creates separation or hierarchy is NOT love but anti love with the design to harness it to co-create a reality that may not be in your best interests. Once the message ripples through the crowd. proud and devious. 2008 at 3:05 pm Loving movements can tap into emotional addictions. Just as the global government she promotes will crash down about itself when the public sees through the fairy tales. that their unique. Amma’s disciples get their power from hugs. They’re told. 2008 at 7:58 pm What’s upsetting about this is that it seems like such a nice loving movement.136 Amma’s brand of religion is a return to the infantile. giving them dolls to babble to and telling them she’s their mother. “The emperor has no clothes. not from the core of their own being. her crown and power will topple. Every time they bow down to Amma and “the gods” who work through her.com 12 Comments jeremy said.

to never come to India. May 1. Thanks again. Unless. You know how India is. 137 . No warmth. Now Bronte. they are taken over by higher evil beings that they call devas. just that I had hugged the woman who has hugged 30 million people. But what I really got was an awareness by observing both myself and the crowd. Reply Sunil said. No body dares question her method in India. It was the same with me when I was in Kerala at her Ashram. no love. gods and goddess.137 Stewart said. There are yogis. Please tell all your friends. Human slaves collecting cash and zapping credit cards. barely noticeable. ready to take the soul of anyone. Reply chiaradina said. February 2. its so subtle. 2010 at 4:53 am I have been to the hugging saint and got my hugs. Most of the people here are soulless and i could see through them. something else is born. people like you come forward and awaken us. who crosses there path. seems that once two people join forces and start something. devi. its start with beautiful tourism and exotic cultural experience…then through yoga and then they take your soul away. every one is a follower of some cult or religion…99% of people here have lost there soul to some 1000 gods and goddess we have here. 2010 at 12:17 pm I’m from India and from the same state of kerala that Amma belongs too…you have hit the nail again by the brilliant article Bronte. Our power is surely being alone and free. A control organization will eventually grow out of the ‘successful’ ones. I don’t think there is any hope for people in India. in every nook and corner of India. 2010 at 7:15 am I totally agree with Stewart. I can honestly say I felt nothing. only a trained person could see whats goes behind the facade of Amma. July 28. gurus and Ammas. This will always be manipulated to serve the lords and gods.

amazon. because her scam is (should be) well known by now. thought you might enjoy my irreverant essay on frauds: Bullshit! http://66witches. the following information on sourcing the ‘Guru Papers’ may prove useful.amazon.co. 2010 at 10:06 am Yes. 2010 at 2:39 am Interesting report on your experiences. I highly recommend it.uk/Guru-Papers-Masks-Authoritarian-Power/dp/1883319005 Reply Jefferson said. August 10. If you have not already read the book. that is an excellent book. the following information on sourcing the ‘Guru Papers’ may prove useful. > http://www.wordpress.com/2010/10/14/bullshit/ 138 .uk/Guru-Papers-Masks-Authoritarian-Power/dp/1883319005 Reply brontebaxter said. October 15. October 15. Anyway. > http://www. 2010 at 2:36 am Interesting resport on your experiences. But I do feel I can mention Amma by name. August 10. Bronte Reply Diana Trimble said. I am on the verge of exposing a couple more right now but have to be careful cuz I live in the UK which has terrible libel laws that protect the guilty. If you have not already read the book. I am completely in agreement with your rejection of the claims of this charlatan. 2010 at 5:41 am Thank you for publishing this piece.138 Reply Jefferson said.co.

I’d rather acknowledge when something is wrong in order that we can change it. you haven’t.139 Reply justdoit8 said. keep your head up your asses. I suggest they do some real research before feeling the need to ridicule David Icke and such people who’ve had the guts and bravery to expose how sick this world is. polarities. July 24. But these people with their new age ultra positivist outlook have decided it’s easier and much less work not to look and not to confront what is obvious. this is from the same generation that erected the pyramids (or had help). There’s no program on your blog. If you people would bother to do any real research. If anything they’re giving people real hope for our future. negativity. which cannot be reconstructed today! At very least Bronte Baxter has created a blog whereby others can and share their thoughts and feelings. Ha. 2011 at 7:07 pm There’s a blog been created to counteract what Bronte has exposed called “Cult Of The Huggling Saint Exposed: A Closer Look At The Critics Of Amma – Ammachi – Mata Amritanandamayi Maa. When you do finally decide to wake up and smell the snakes you better hope that you have the freedom to move from A to B. Funny. How do you explain away as absurd the endless themes of `Serpent` and `Dragon` Gods in the ancient texts from all corners of our planet? Or are you gonna say that these people were indeed primitive and knew no better? Well. Why? Because 139 . That’s our destiny. for having integrity to see what’s in plain sight. ‘fear-based’ people they say? Doesn’t do anything for ‘raising the vibration’ you say? Lol. And then feeling the need to ridicule David Icke. I don’t find people such as David Icke or Bronte Baxter ‘negative’ at all. All they’ve really done is seek to ridicule those who see that there is a dark force leading world leaders and that ‘reptilians’ or ‘gods’ do indeed exists. At least they don’t have their heads up their asses whilst the world goes to hell in a hand basket. If you’d bother to read and listen to what David Icke has to say you’ll find that he is nothing but positive and optimistic about our future. That we have the power to change the programming of this superholographic reality. So is Bronte. But you didn’t do any work in bothering to find out. from all around the world have seen these beings. which are usually dripping with contempt and resentment by you folks who have allowed yourself to be part of the great muppet show whenever you want to marginalize or downplay any valid information about what’s happening here.” This person or persons is rather p*ssed that Bronte has had the guts to tell it how it really is. how such people who blab on and on about seeking ‘enlightenment’ have to turn to ridicule to defend themselves. all you people are programmed to spew such silly catch phrases such as ‘fear-based’. Additionally. These people believe in hugging dolls yet can’t get their head around the fact that dark multidimensional beings may indeed be controlling the game here? Then they feel the need to ridicule Bronte for having a brain. But ohhhh why listen to these ‘negative’. then ask yourself whyyyy so many people. That we don’t need to bow down to anything. I’ve read their little defense of such gurus and it holds no water. But no worries.

Leave them laugh. it is ridiculed. Just like a person who is ridding their system of dangerous drugs. it comes from the thing inside you that doesn’t want it’s belief system challenged. I was shocked that after receiving a hug. food ect. The mystical experience wasn’t anything I had conjured up myself. to the surprise and apology of her worker. one of her workers ran after me and tried to give me a mantra initiation. well done. Do it! Reply Sir Franklin said. felt nothing from her hug. I was shocked and declined it. Second. I had mystical experiences from her and thought that she was the real deal. So don’t be scared. David did. you did a great job explaining what Amma is all about.) a few times and the following year I returned to see her one last time in Devi Bhava. but was feeling good from something else– hmmm. because I do not worship my own guru. Third. You’ll be able to see things in a new light. AMMA appeared to me in a vision (as you stated imprinting her vibrations while chanting in your ear.140 you don’t wanna hear it do ya? Your childish diatribe and ridicule against these people who speak out against the sickness of the world shows that you and your ability to think for yourself has in effect been NEUTRALIZED and all you have in your defense is mere personal attacks and this does nothing to credit yourselves or the hugging of dolls. You’ll feel much more powerful and much more confident in your ability to make real change. I did. It’s not easy. I was feeling great. I returned for Devi Bhava. chant and hug. She should’ve 140 . Well give yourself a damn challenge for once! Bronte did. I too was drawn to her a few years back and upon my first meeting. But the clarity that comes after is well worth it. Reply justdoit8 said. because I already had a guru.who is not in the physical form-and I wasn’t looking to worship or follow Amma. it is accepted as being self-evident. it is violently opposed. 2011 at 7:23 pm All truth passes through three stages. holy water. The fear doesn’t come from people like Bronte Baxter or David Icke. October 24. out of the advice of one of her devotees and did the works-holy water. July 24. food. but I would like to add my own realization. That something is very wrong. But. but the spirit of God within and without. you’ll have a few dark nights of the soul. First. 2011 at 2:37 am Bronte. They’re in for a hell of a shock. All those that seek to ridicule what’s being exposed here do so at a knee-jerk reaction because you don’t want to face what inside you know is true. You’ve had the guts to do the right thing and expose what unfortunately so many people will laugh at. but again didn’t feel anything from the hug. Bronte.

141 .S. She will break your illusion and oftentimes its not pretty. then one is in for a lesson that often times is not easy.. instead of invoking that same entity within. Though I was pulled. 10: Creating Reality from Thought This is Chapter 10 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. Although. but want a guru or person to do most of the work for them. They want the process of enlightenment to be all so motherly and sweet. I will agree with almost all your observations. I believe that God has a purpose for all. I do not think that she is your typical fake/charlatan that can be found in India and across the globe. it was revealed to me.’ by Bronte Baxter. she shows her true self. I do believe many people in her organization are also being spun in her web. She is a trickster entity that has its place in creation and evolution. And from what I hear it seems that once she gets you in. Although. So. which is reality. but they are being tricked by the entity as well. I agree with your observation. People liken her to Kali and if you know the real cosmic Kali. they are probably using her prestige. you will see the volatile entity. But over time. Yes. God is always in control and manifests a role if their is a need for it. If one is drawn and follows that entity. I would like to add a little something. but by their own deceit/greed.’ You’ll also see that same entity giving her devotees a tough time.I was being tested when drawn to her to see if I would follow the path/guru/guide that God has sent me or follow the path of illusion. what and who AMMA is. the lesson is over. They do not want to face their own life/self of hard work and self-realization. I since have not had a vision or prompting from Amma. clinging to idolatry worship.’ you won’t see a charlatan playing nice for the cameras. shattering their image of an all nice motherly figure. Most of her followers are those who want to worship and want their sins/karma to be resolved primarily through an entity being as such she represents. I personally can not classify her as good or bad. If you look at the documentary ‘Darshan: The Embrace. The lesson has made me stronger and wiser. but. I let it go. The attempt to recruit me when I didn’t sign up for a mantra was a little alarming. money and powers for their own gain. I broke free and passed the test. Most people who follow her are those who are trapped in the clouds and not grounded in reality. P.141 known that I had a guru and was making rapid progress with him. She will move on to others to see if they need to be broken. I can see how the Creator created the role for her to trick those who are delusional. so that people can find the true path back to within themselves. its to cause pain and discomfort on that path. but at least it is progress. They want the process of evolution and life to be all so motherly and sweet. then Amma would qualify as manifesting aspects of that entity. If entities like Amma manifest. but a necessary lesson for those who are drawn and follow her. Reply Leave a Blowing the Whistle/ Chpt. ‘Amma. Many people are still stuck in the dark ages.

too. One expression is solid and dense. too. they seem to grow translucent. When a fan moves slowly. Thought creates outer reality for one reason: because thought is consciousness vibrating. Physical reality is like a fan on low-speed. But because it’s vibrating. and that’s all physical matter is. The Law of Attraction operates at the heart of personal selfempowerment. Earlier perceived as solid. The Law of Attraction is a law of nature that says whatever you think. Matter is a gross manifestation of the same thing. The higher frequency makes this level of reality fluid and invisible to the senses. that emptiness must be energy. The difference between thought and matter is only the level of density. Thought is a manifestation at a subtle level. But when you turn the fan on high. it’s a powerful tool for defeating the New World Order and creating a magnificent world. They are unquestionably solid. To understand why consciously utilizing this law offers so much. Ice. You can see objects through and behind the fan. So the physical world is pure vibration. another is fluid and without boundaries. It’s also the key to unlocking new possibilities in the universe. If matter is vibration. which are not combinations of particles and wave vibrations as scientists once believed. Matter is just a slightly slower vibration of consciousness. water and vapor are the same substance expressing differently. things that before were hidden by the solidity. we must first understand the relationship of thoughts to matter.” Is this valid theory or New Age nonsense? The theory is a sound one. why do affirmations seldom work? Is there a more effective way to create reality through thought than the simple advice given in “The Secret” DVD? Let’s look at all these questions and start with a definition. but it is actually the same reality as matter. As such. They’re two layers of the same cake. almost invisible. Consciousness. appearing as solid the way fan blades appear solid when they slow down. suddenly the blades become blurry. emptiness. atoms are pure vibration. only vibrating faster. subtler and subtlest. while a third is gaseous and practically invisible. because the Law of Attraction is a “mind-over-matter” philosophy. you get: our thoughts determine what happens to us in the physical outer world called “reality. Another analogy is H2O. in spite of its appearance being so. They block out your view of anything positioned behind them. Quantum physics has discovered that matter is not solid. And because it vibrates in the shape of organized 142 . It turns out. What is this philosophy – something of genuine value or another New Age spiritual detour? Is it selfish and superficial or actually healing and useful? Can it help the state of the world? Doesn’t it contradict the Law of Karma? If the Law of Attraction is real. It operates on a slow vibration.142 Lots of questions surround any discussion about creating reality (or manifesting desires) by using what is popularly called The Law of Attraction. Thought is like a fan on high-speed. what is it that’s vibrating? Apparently. The analogy of a fan demonstrates the difference in frequency between thought and the physical world. Matter consists of atoms. So let’s get philosophical for a moment. has layers or levels: gross. you clearly see its distinct blades. which makes it appear defined and dense.

It happens in response to the needs and desires of the actors on the stage of life. Every minute of the day. thoughts can create reality “from scratch. the way thought moves the world is not always perceivable by the senses. then I walk to the sink. It isn’t magic when a scene changes in a dramatic production. of which everything is made. fill up a glass. and matter is a denser. Since thoughts and matter are two levels of one essence. and a subtle movement in consciousness is a thought. and my body – physical objects made up of atoms – all three shift and change a bit in response to the thought that I’m thirsty. thoughts shape physical reality. and matter the receptive aspect. The water. and focus on having that with confident expectation. on a gross level. the glass. The world is a collection of atoms in various combinations. responsive expression of the same thing. When you have a desire. all of them pulsing in an intelligent energy field. everything came together from a series of thoughts. whether we intend it or not. Besides moving reality around. the power that underlies all things that exist. because thought is dynamic and magnetic. that isn’t magical or accidental either. why do so many people have poor results when they try to consciously utilize the Law of Attraction? Why don’t more people get what they want from affirmations or from telling the universe their desires? 143 . We can either create reality on autopilot. Contemplate the people you know and how their outer lives reflect their attitudes (which are the sum of their thoughts). If I want a glass of water. Here is an example. a relationship … If you consider any object or situation in creation. who directly influence what the “stage crew” (the dynamic substructure of the universe) is doing.143 forms. If you desire a better job. nor is it accidental. This power of consciousness. So intelligent energy is the stuff of creation.” An example of this is inventing something that never has been thought or felt before: a symphony. and sip. and think back in reverse to its origins. Consciousness is one name for that intelligent energy. Your desire vibrates the ether. I first have the thought to get a drink. the energetic consciousness. like stage hands scurrying about behind the curtains of an ongoing play. Thought is the creative aspect. to desire and manifest thought into form. the wish becomes an experienced reality. When the scene we call reality changes. of how thought moves the material world. Thoughts are pulsing consciousness. a theory. That desire draws to you whatever is needed to materialize your thought. of consciousness. they’re linked. Thought results in changes in matter. You won’t see all the mechanics of how this transpires because so much takes place behind the scenes. is what makes us co-creators with the Infinite. that thought sends a pulse through the fabric of creation. Then presto. While it’s easy to see how thought moves matter in the case of a thirsty person reaching for a drink. or we can elect to be conscious of how we think and make thought work for us to fulfill our most cherished desires. a better job will manifest in your life. that emptiness must be intelligent. Manifestation of thoughts into reality happens automatically. by thinking random thoughts indiscriminately. But if thought moves and manifests physical reality.

Subconscious mind is that deep level of ourselves where our individual self begins to link up with everything else. Maybe we’re doing fine personally. time he puts in. deep mind accepts the desire without question because it is congruent with the program. at least in certain areas of life. and persuading it to accept our desire. and spontaneously manifests the inner thought into exterior reality. is essential to our wish becoming manifest as reality in the world. But in this person’s hands. Every old impression is written and retained there. The thinker’s conscious desire. what he’s capable of. His conscious desire is not aligned with his subconscious beliefs about who he is. The subconscious accepts this sort of desire without resistance. It therefore sabotages his good intentions and efforts with quiet negative self-talk that creates fear or doubt. We may be materially successful and affluent but always bat zero in personal relationships. or anything else. An example would be a successful business person starting a new product line about which he’s very excited. This kind of mental self-sabotage keeps us all. The ensuing failure of the project reinforces his original belief that he is hopeless. because mind is the base or ground state of creation. we need to understand the nature of subconscious mind.” One person’s subconscious mind is connected to all other minds in that subterranean place. brings his idea into form on the material level. Because he trusts ability to succeed (i.. We may be successful at manifesting certain desires. being in alignment with his subconscious belief. Perhaps we have loving family and abundance. “linking their coral arms beneath the sea. but feel we’re helpless to solve 144 . His talents may actually exceed those of the person in the first example. The next time he tries to accomplish something. but can’t get rid of our asthma or some nagging extra pounds. his chances of success are even slimmer than last time he made an attempt. he has a winning attitude engrained in his subconscious). the project will almost surely fail. the new product line will probably be a success. because that is what fulfills or fails to fulfill our wishes. and he might have an idea for the identical product line. Our past thoughts have programmed our subconscious. It is like the place beneath the ocean where all the islands touch the ocean floor – as Matthew Arnold poetically put it. by contrast. a person who has no confidence in himself . from having what we long for. When we have a desire that’s in harmony with our programming. So the circumstances and opportunities never come together for this person that are requisite for success. Why? Because his subconscious mind holds the belief that he is a loser. in spite of affirmations he repeats. and when mind is stirred at that level. around which we carry no subconscious baggage. and how the universe works.144 To understand the answer to that. We are constantly imprinting this powerful level of mind with every belief and attitude we pick up.e. That’s why connecting with subconscious mind. to some degree or other. it sends a ping through the universe. It influences creation. but most of us house programming that tells us we are limited. prayers he makes. Consider. When we have a strong or repetitive thought – especially a thought that’s emotionally charged – it is always recorded in the subconscious.

How does a person persuade subconscious mind to give up its long-held attitudes and biases that subvert that? We come to realize that if our subconscious harbors self-defeating attitudes. we may find it hard to believe our thoughts either created or allowed the whole scenario. But what conscious mind created. be able to change and direct it. Michael Newton’s “Journey of Souls. But if we’re willing to let go of the karma doctrine long enough to consider an alternative idea. experience. which is to start to rewrite the programming we no longer want in our subconscious mind.” a book of transcripts of conversations with hypnotically regressed subjects who revisit their pre-incarnation plans for their various lifetimes. How do we do that? There are several parts to this.” “It’s dangerous. “I can’t. The trick is to persuade the deeper levels of mind to accept the new consciously held opinion that I should have. in theory. One excellent strategy. negatively programmed subconscious mind? The first thing is to realize that what looks like lack of personal power is really tremendous power hiding behind the mask of self-doubt. it can uncreate.” or “I’ll look stupid” has colored the subconscious mind with matching beliefs. Using this technique. alpha state. your subconscious mind becomes more alert and receptive (because deeper mind is most lively and open in a drowsy or trancelike state). it is our own conscious thoughts that created the situation. How do we get around this problem of a self-sabotaging. The computer programmer can always overwrite the program he has written for himself. precisely what you desire to experience. the image of what is desired is recorded by the subconscious mind clearly and powerfully. “The Law and the Promise” and “The Power of Awareness. or be able to do the thing I wish. because the mental chatter is absent in a drowsy. outlined beautifully in Neville’s books. Once she can see how her beliefs about herself are what undercut her. Telling ourselves again and again for years. read psychologist Dr. and more than one right way to go about it. once she becomes conscious of the negative self-talk.” is to imagine. Looking back on our childhood.” “It’s impossible. in all its color and glory. 145 . We are each the author of our personal story. what if we planned our own incarnation? Freely made plans in the between-life place would then have determined the circumstances of our birth. We can only do this if we can perceive how our thoughts have created and/or allowed all of our experience. before falling asleep.) Once we consciously accept that we are indeed the authors of our reality and should. because the collective programming is so deeply entrenched against this. (For more on this fascinating concept. As your drowsy mind fantasizes. And almost everybody accepts that aging and death are necessary – few people even consider using thought to create eternal youth or physical immortality. and we can revise it at any time. she comes to an understanding that allows her to change the situation.145 the serious problems of the world. The person who can’t get what she consciously longs for is very powerful in creating what she subconsciously thinks she deserves: failure and unhappiness. or on incidents of victimization in our lives. we are ready for the next phase of empowerment. Resistance to the desire is less than in normal waking consciousness.

but we need to understand that it is we. We also need to understand that what we consciously desire may not always be good for us. If you find that visual images don’t spontaneously come to you. You can even imaginate without sense involvement. then it has the support of God behind it. since waking up and falling asleep are both twilight junctures when the mind is in alpha state just on the 146 . Imaginating is different in that sense from watching a movie. to bring the wished-for results. before deciding whether to imaginate on them. Rather than seeing an image of yourself thin. Instead. the level of Infinite Source Consciousness. They’re especially potent uttered a few times after getting into bed. there’s nothing dumb about an intelligence that can move the universe to bring us what we want. Circumstances come together. The point is to imaginate from the perspective of being in the movie. The subconscious mind deserves to be respected. smell – you don’t have to get visuals. If upon Self-referral a desire seems in alignment with Infinite Source.146 You know you’re making progress when you find yourself “getting into” the fantasy. and God will work with us to accomplish that. When you imaginate. You can imaginate through any of the senses: sound. When you find your emotions and/or your senses responding to your imaging. not from the perspective of a watcher. While subconscious mind may seem dumb in that it blindly accepts whatever we tell it. That will help overwrite any resistant attitudes to the desire that the subconscious may hold. a person will often find their desire realized in the outer world in a very short time. Imagine however your heart directs you. before starting the technique. The program is being rewritten! When you practice this technique (which I like to call “imaginating”). or working in the garden. as opposed to an outside observer. that gives the orders. We can directly solicit Infinite Source to overwrite our self-defeating attitudes. the bike will always stay in the store window. and imagine doing the things you would do or feel as a thin person. Deep mind is seeing your wish as a doable thing. It’s advisable to contemplate all desires at the deepest level of mind. let yourself experience the feeling of being thin. Affirmations. you can imaginate looking in a mirror. If you imaginate a bike in a store window. Having the feeling of the wish fulfilled is the culmination of properly practiced imaginating. taste. sometimes in remarkable ways. with your personal paraphernalia attached. They’re also potent when thought or uttered on waking. as conscious mind. experiencing it as you would a movie in which you’re emotionally involved. it means your subconscious mind is accepting your desire without blocking it. while pretty useless by themselves. Don’t imagine looking at the title of your home – imagine holding it in your hand. feel yourself riding the bike. touch. Don’t think of a piece of land in the country – imagine sitting on the grass in the front yard. You become an actor in the scene. For most of us. By practicing this technique right before sleep and sometimes falling asleep in the midst of the fantasy. it’s important to visualize the scene from the perspective of being in it. it doesn’t matter. though. If you want a visual image of yourself. starting out using some sense image helps generate the feeling we’re looking for. but always from the perspective of the wish fulfilled. are powerful when practiced in concert with imaginating. picture the scene as if the desire has already been accomplished. by imagining the feeling of an experience.

asking ourselves. You listen to the fears. in light of my desired ideal. asking for an explanation that reconciles the old view of reality with the new emerging view. Now we get to the number-one difficulty so many people experience in manifesting desires: negative self-talk. are rewarded with the blissful experience of deep intimacy. I do this little internal conversation using reason. when they’re apart. or why it doesn’t have to. emotion. It tells us we’re chasing a pipedream. because I now know more about life than I did when I taught those attitudes to my subconscious. After a perfectly blissful morning imaginating session. they have doubtful thoughts about themselves. or they are only empty words. Then I genuinely consider the possible truth of the negative thought. adjusts its thinking to reflect your reassuring understanding. the subconscious mind may (not necessarily) give you some backtalk before it fully accepts what you are selling it. poisoning our good mood and self-confidence. whatever my instinct tells me is necessary to heal the old attitude. get quiet. Lovers who give in to the doubts lose each other. 147 . But if your desire dramatically contrasts with the “old you” or your old worldview. But sometimes. (For this reason. because once the subconscious accepts the new image. Just the same argument the Sub gives to the lover for why what he is feeling isn’t real. be irritable and depressed. and then you address them. and look at the nagging thought my subconscious mind has presented. It says we’ve gone around the bend. When I notice negative self-talk. “What on earth was I thinking?” How to handle this? I’ve found head-on confrontation to be most effective. the old program is already being revised. Those who talk themselves through it. through an emotional response to the imaging. as conscious creators. and reassure their subconscious mind that these new feelings are safe and good. Then I’m able to see the fallacies in its point of view. It whispers on a barely conscious level. the beloved. And the child. One popular argument we hear from the Big Sub is that the world doesn’t work that way. subconscious mind. why life does not work quite that way. You reassure and explain. or in this case. in light of your greater knowledge. That’s the subconscious mind questioning the new direction. In the same way. Keep written affirmations under your pillow or on your nightstand. This back talk usually comes in quiet ways. by 11 o’clock. The boy and girl are having wonderful feelings for each other. love. Something powerful is happening. It’s like telling a little child. as little nagging feelings throughout the day. which is easy. waking-but-still-drowsy is another very effective time to imaginate). This can happen anytime your desire is not in alignment with your subconscious long-held attitudes and beliefs. we have to talk down the doubts our subconscious minds might kick up.147 borders of sleep. I close my eyes. Pronounce them with attention and feeling when you think or say them. An analogy to this is falling in love. why it’s all right and doable. where we joyfully knew our dream was in the process of coming true. I listen to the argument of my sadly programmed subconscious as I would to an opposing parent or spouse: with patience and attention. logic. Imaginating goes a long way toward overwriting ancient negative attitudes. in the way of negative self-talk. I try to take a break from whatever I’m doing and give a little feedback to the Sub. about why we can’t or shouldn’t have what we wish for. So I explain to the Sub where its thinking is wrong. and what they’re experiencing. afraid to jump in the water for the first time. we can.

That is more familiar. peeling the onion. something to be sneered at or bossed. When you’ve talked that through and have the feeling your subconscious mind is basically in league with you. The doubts and fears will go underground and become repressed. Sitting down and having a little chat with your subconscious is the most useful technique I’ve discovered for rewriting old self-defeating programs. If you start out your work on a manifesting a desire by telling self-talk to stop. But this is a new area for me that I am only starting to learn to move around in. Again. that may be the time to simply tell it: “Enough – we’re going to do this thing. Its doubts and fears are trying to protect you. but hesitant to commit. Then a still deeper layer of programming will expose itself in the form of another nagging fear or doubt. That’s because the overwrite is well underway. Your subconscious won’t tell you. you’ll answer and erase the first “Yes.148 This idea. Ordaining has resulted in instantaneous healings and some other remarkable results. your subconscious will raise another. of course. Never regard your subconscious mind as stupid or a nuisance. 148 . I call this level “ordaining” – simply willing. But don’t order your deeper mind around unless you’ve fully listened to it first. more comfortable. if they have no objection left other than being nervous at the newness of it all. At this stage. This works if you do it from a state of consciousness that is a unity of conscious mind. I find myself spontaneously moving to a new level of manifesting. let’s go for it. Then your desire won’t materialize. it’s time to nudge them encouragingly and say. So you sit down and address that issue. but. But sabotaging self-talk may still occur. because you told it to shut up. subconscious mind. but it hasn’t completely bought the package. self-sabotage has stopped completely. comes from Dr. negativity is mostly a matter of old habit. buddy. your deep mind will obey you.” That wonderful book illustrates several different ways of programming deeper mind to reflect what you consciously choose and desire for your life. I’ve manifested dramatic things. Now that my subconscious operates from a program more in alignment with my conscious values. until all the objections have been aired and answered. At this point. and you’ll be stymied as to why. The subconscious mind has understood the new explanations you’ve sold it. it serves as an excellent primer in how to consciously work the Law of Attraction. Joseph Murphy’s “The Power of Your Subconscious Mind. a little self-discussion about comfort zones may be in order. so I can’t write much about it at this point. about talking things through with your subconscious. different objection. You may have to do it a number of times. On most of the former “issues” in my life. “Come on. But after you’ve explained everything to the friend. and Infinite Source. based on what you taught it is safe from before. I feel in once piece. mostly using imaginating and conversations (when needed) with my doubting mind. But back to negative self-talk. in an optimistic. or giving the order.” I’ve found my negative self-talk to be dramatically affected by these strategies. the self-talk will be far less powerful.” Later that same day or the next. that something is so. You keep on doing this. one that underlies the doubt you just resolved. happy frame of mind most of the time. Combined with Neville’s books. too. It’s used to the old habitual way of seeing and doing.” This is a form of ordaining that works when subconscious mind is 99 percent with you and just needs a little nudge over the edge. In the first session. After this happens. you consciously and compassionately address it. Treat it like a concerned friend.

Cognitive psychology is clearly onto something. Cognitive psychology teaches people to reframe negative self-talk by becoming aware of it. without any conflict from the desires of the other applicants. the mind will oblige you in the form of its typical daily background mental chatter. The Law of Attraction is the key to creating in this world. rather than imaginating snagging that particular job. then replacing it with a conscious thought that better reflects the truth (this could be an affirmation).149 Remember to use the “conversations with the Sub” strategy alongside your imaginating. right along with you. If you desire something that conflicts with someone else. This complements the other techniques we’re talking about here. the position will then be yours. Then you can clean out old attitudes much more quickly. you’re actively stirring up the buried mud. doing the kind of work you love and having a great income — this. Studies have shown that this strategy changes brain chemistry in people suffering from chronic depression to the same degree that brain chemistry is altered through anti-depressive medications. when noticed. then considering in what way the negative thought isn’t true. My experience has completely convinced me that thought can create anything we want to experience! There are no limits. to envision a solution where both of you will be satisfied. If you just sit around waiting for the subconscious to kick up and reveal its buried attitudes. Whatever the world is 149 . and it doesn’t hurt to borrow the strategy. because consciousness is unlimited. But if you combine this with imaginating. I could add stories of my own. For instance. You can word an affirmation in a way that promotes all 15 people finding jobs they love. “The Law and the Promise” contains many first-hand accounts from Neville’s students about what happened when they practiced his method. which starts flying to the surface. which places you in conflict with the creating energies of 15 other people. or weaken the power of each other. without any imaginating to stimulate that. Basically. you can imaginate yourself being thrilled with your work. and also to protecting ourselves from other people’s creations that we don’t wish to be involved in. The universe can easily fulfill a desire like that. they will get the job while you find something better. the best solution is often to move to a higher level of desiring. because it’s the imaginating that stirs up and challenges the old programming blocking your manifestation. with an affirming statement that supports the new attitude or desire you’re working on. you overwrite negative self-talk. and indeed it’s always worthwhile to address that. if you apply for a job and 15 other people are competing. What about when you want something and someone else desires the opposite? Since both people have the power of creation. creative and happy as you go about your day. The two work together. If the job in question is perfect for someone else. a position better aligned with your desire. If your ideal job matches the job you’ve applied for. their desires can cancel each other out. as there is no resistance. Everyone winds up happy because you imaginated in a harmonious way that brought fulfillment to everyone. not just to yourself. The miraculous events that have already happened in my life have generated a confidence that drives me to work on still greater manifestations.

Or. That’s rather like Frodo. and talk ourselves into a finer state of existence. Each successful manifestation leads to more trust in the process.wordpress. When we arrive there. the key to everything wonderful in life. then materializing toys probably serves a good purpose. we can think fresh thoughts. we can carve our own path through the woods and go wherever we wish. determines what we get to experience in this world. Conscious choice. unconscious acceptance. Some people use the Law of Attraction to manifest selfish or superficial things. then consciousness is king. finding the ring of power and mistaking it for a piece of trinket jewelry. first consciously. We can use it to create good for others. That is The Secret. activities and alliances that have allowed others to dominate our lives. We can use the Law of Attraction to fundamentally change our experience. When conscious and subconscious agree. On the other hand. and take their direction from the harmonious Infinite within. Perhaps it’s foolish to use the genie that can grant any wish by asking for something trifling. Karma dissolves when we change our thinking. Karma only exists in the mind. In time. our power of permission – we move from passive victims to masters of living.brontebaxter. Karma is a lie that keeps us enslaved to the past. in the ancient attitudes that keep us enslaved to tired-out negative patterns. dream bold dreams. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may copy or republish this article on another site as long as they include the copyright and a back link to the “Splinter in the Mind” website at www. We can think and create unconsciously and get more of the same old thing. entities or programs that have previously controlled or manipulated us. if some people need to do that for a while to establish their confidence in the genie.150 doing around us. We have the choice of being conscious creators or victims. we’ll transform the world into paradise. then subconsciously. we are creating and/or allowing everything that appears in our path. This is the new consciousness humanity is moving into. life opens out into beauty and miracles. or alternatively.com 7 Comments 6 Comments Doven said. Once we know this – our power to choose. Our future is not determined by what we did but by what we presently choose to think and experience. We can use affirmation to disconnect from any negative influences. If consciousness creates the outer reality. We need to consciously withdraw ourselves from thoughts. 150 . We can use it to make a better world. including realities most people don’t even dream are possible. Thought is king. our confidence rises to the point where we can ordain reality like a master. Whether we live on purpose or on autopilot.

) Individual mind is part of infinite mind. If enough individual minds change their mind. and infinite mind has the freedom to change its mind. This whole chapter is magnificent! :0) Reply Kushta said. to desire and manifest thought into form. in any respect it wishes. As you say. Thanks! Also. infinite mind itself starts to change. This world is not equipped to satisfy the immortal longings of our soul. only people (souls) can. What do you consider “the fabric of nature” that is unchangeable? Seems to me nature was produced from infinite mind. and take their direction from the harmonious Infinite within. I love the imaginating idea in conjunction with affirmations. August 20. This is the new consciousness humanity is moving into. 2008 at 6:49 pm “When conscious and subconscious agree. by changing infinite mind through new the choices made within himself. affirmations alone are just words. September 20. we’ll transform the world into paradise. Reply brontebaxter said. And listening to the fears instead of repressing them. life opens out into beauty and miracles. 2009 at 10:31 am Wow! Bravo on a brilliant chapter! You clarified several things that I had been curious about. 2010 at 11:48 am While I am convinced that we can change human civilization through our ability to change ourselves. We are that magical! 151 . it wouldn’t be infinite. When we arrive there.” finally makes perfect sense to me. is what makes us co-creators with the Infinite. 2010 at 3:51 pm Not sure what you’re saying you think we can’t change.” Yes coherency is necessary for us to project our reality with expected results. (If it couldn’t. Reply Rhonda Olsen said. the Gnostic in me is equally convinced that we cannot change the very fabric of nature itself. The individual is powerful enough to change nature itself. and ultimately the Supreme Soul – Father-Mother God. The way you described co-creation “The power of consciousness.151 November 8. September 20.

I spoke to a Professor in Evergreen State College who said that all energy that has been channeled.then released when they were finished with it. Energies which were focused strongly enough for them to believe it was real. because after all. but only because that is where you will always be.for a short time. 2011 at 11:44 pm Great article. I began changing my negative thoughts to positive ones. Proponents say it doesn’t matter if the world goes to hell in a hand basket. July 7. neglecting the spiritual for the material. and I knew I was onto something.That is what I’d like to find out. But somehow the material aspect of The Secret seems wrong to me. but I never tried for expensive objects and don’t know why. February 21. 152 .It all just circles “out there” until it is tapped into. Reply Leave a Blowing the Whistle/ Chpt.152 Bronte Reply WhiskeyRiver said. I learned the power of positive thinking after 13 years of severe depression. 2011 at 2:10 pm Ahhh.’ by Bronte Baxter. much like using a silent mantra all day. supports the New World Order.but to make something real and solid appear in this world.Something that was created out of thought. so I continued. The gospel of Oneness.Not just look at a table and have it change it’s molecular structure from brown to blue. all by itself.created.…but can you manifest a solid form of matter.. The first day I tried it my depression lifted. Individuality in league with Oneness (not Oneness alone) will win the day and restore human freedom. And I used to use what some call creative visualization where I would visualize something I wanted and get it for free. Reply josey said. 11: Goal of ‘The Oneness Doctrine’: Kill Everything Oneness Cares About This is Chapter 11 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic.is never dissipated.and used. I hink that is why I never went overboard.an entity created from someone’s energies.

instead of raising a cry for freedom and life in this world. But if the Illuminati extend to realms between visual perception (and evidence indicates they do – see my article series. which they must help fight. to implant ideas in the minds of willing seekers. As long as mankind provides the loosh (life energy) to the nether worlds through worship or suffering. it is unreal – a smokescreen designed to hide where the real action happens. These people may have mystical experiences of their own that they trust in the way the religious trust their gurus. never questioning where they came from or why they were given to them. toward beliefs that favor humanity handing the universe into the Illuminati’s conniving hands. It’s easy for beings in the Unseen. The “gods” and “demons” of Indianism are on the same side. or that seeing through the illusion called reality and uniting with Infinite Oneness is the end-all and be-all of human existence. This would be particularly easy if the seekers have imbibed hallucinogenic substances. good or no bad — only the Oneness. The assumption seems to be that if it happened in my head and was accompanied by euphoria and fireworks. But that conspiracy-conscious people can fall into the same plight. it doesn’t matter what happens. the Illuminati could be the source of much of mankind’s mystical experience. Lucifer and Jehovah are on the same side: control of humanity. right or wrong. it must be true. But all they do in fact is supply the life force. I believe that well-intentioned. I realize now it’s because Truth Movement leaders themselves sometimes combine the Oneness Doctrine with their research and information on the conspiracy. all in the Fourth Dimension are happy. and proof of the nature of the universe. The teachers state it outright: “ego death” is the goal.153 this world is an illusion and only Oneness Consciousness is real. they argue. Like the eternal war between the Democrats and Republicans. The Light and Dark War of Principalities is nothing more than the Good Cop – Bad Cop Game taken to celestial levels. The message they receive is either that there is a war on among the Powers of Light and Darkness. Both messages hold enough truth that they appeal to those who receive them as genuine. came as a shock to me. but rather. needed for humanity’s hijackers to continue feeding off our hearts and souls. Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment). the loosh. adept at thought transference. The urgency this produces gives their lives a particular sense of meaning.” their ego (personal selfhood) made into the enemy that must be killed. They think in so doing they fight on the right side in the battle of good against evil. Krishna or Kali. It doesn’t matter if you call for help from Satan or Jesus. If we know that. This control is not a takeover. Their teachers’ purpose is to make them passive. Both are so flawed as to point the receiver in the wrong direction. generating chemical changes in their brains and bodies and making them feel like they’ve been kissed by God. life or death. “surrendered to the One. because there’s really no happiness or suffering. you’re aligning your soul with the gang of brigands who have hijacked our lives by controlling us at our most intimate level. whom they regard as divine. freely given. semi-depressed people are being implanted with messages that God has sent them to save the world. So who cares? I understand how people caught in the web of Eastern religion and New Age mumbo jumbo come to those conclusions. Worshipers of their own accord give their lives to management by these beings. 153 .

all creativity. and we naturally want to abandon it. whose cosmic workings are thought to be automatic and perfect once humans remove their will and personality from the equation. we set our souls on the freebie shelf of the universe. give their souls to management by the Fourth Dimension’s united company of tricksters. It’s of supreme importance. The Infinite is the font of all life. Whether or not the Doctrine of Oneness entails mantras and worship of gods. we turn over control of this universe to anyone who hasn’t abdicated their authority as a doer. it ceases to have value for us. as the possessed assume: those forces are the egos of the possessors. all joy. As such. This is the point so many in the Truth Movement miss. By making the choice to regard all except the Oneness as flawed. or essentially unreal. It is pure genius. even as the greatest Indian masters once taught it. If we regard our individual nature as a corruption of Oneness. it is destructive. This is exactly what the Illuminati desire from us. functioning in the field of spiritual teachings. will-exerting doers in this world – in favor of melting into the One. Those are the only players still left on the field. the Infinite Oneness that is the source from which we came. If the Illuminati. that everything except for It is a corruption of the Oneness – which is how the Doctrine of Oneness is perpetually preached – that is a perversion of the truth. This non-surrendered-ego group includes the Fourth Dimension band of brigands as well as those humans who accept neither the Oneness Doctrine nor the Doctrine of the War of Principalities – in other words. is corrupt. that makes a difference in the world. unreal or insignificant. too. I am not saying that Oneness. That Infinite. who cherish this surrender of human selfhood. That perception is correct. But the doctrine as it is taught today. Our acts no longer appear to be our own – they feel like the work of forces moving through us. designed to control us. holds all the hope for our breaking out of the slavery we have let be visited on us materially and spiritually. But those forces are not the winds of Infinity. Because the doctrine teaches that individual ego is a perversion of the Infinite. Because the doctrine is taught at the expense of the personality. decisive. When we turn our backs on our ego. and our conscious connection with It. all inspiration. We think that by making Oneness consciousness our supreme goal we are becoming pure. 154 . They. We think by embracing The Doctrine of Oneness we acquire supreme wisdom. more than anything else we can give. that doctrine erodes the integrity of humanity. When ego is taught as something essentially corrupt. It does so because it puts our world’s future up for grabs when it tells us to abdicate personal desire and intention as constructs of the ego. that place deep within us where we are all united. does not exist or is not important. the part of us that makes choices. It is that which inspires us.154 Those who surrender their flawed human egos to the Oneness are no different. The truth has been contaminated by the Fourth Dimension. We abdicate everything about us that makes us aware. something that must be dissolved back into the universal consciousness for us to become wholesome and free. we conclude we must negate our ego to know Truth. to be absorbed or manipulated by Fourth Dimension entities. But to say It is the only reality. on the individual will and personality that is the very spark of the Infinite within us. those who respect and retain their personhood and all its attendant faculties of will and desire.

155 can get us to believe that we as individuals are illusory. The amorphous is where God started from. more free. Why would we make being “amorphous” our end-all and be-all. so the Infinite made us all unique expressions of aspects of its limitless self. bliss. When you abandon responsibility for your ego. Ego = personhood = individual soul. From the bath. we return to the world and make it better. and throw them onto the waste pile as impure. forgot the infinite power. it’s possible to move through this world and act here without ever leaving the consciousness that holds us in that embrace. increasing that entity’s personal power. because the spark that you are can never dissolve. and goodness that only can be located and tapped deep within ourselves in the place where we’re one with the Infinite. From that waste pile. delight overshadowed by the misery and cruelty that comes of forgetting the nature of our inner being. or. but because its unique expressions – you and me – forgot our deeper nature. it is to bathe our personhood in the purity of the Infinite. Just being blissful by itself gets old. We spontaneously grasp solutions to problems that eluded us before. It WANTS to see its oneness made into myriad shapes. they will be collected by the brigands who are able to use our abandoned will and desiring mechanism to achieve their own desires. This is soul-stealing. a mirror story of its own joy and greatness. it does not dissolve as you have been promised. Why can’t we all just dissolve into the Oneness? Because the Oneness didn’t make us individuals by accident. static Oneness. The flaws in creation are not because the Infinite individuated. After enough bathing in the Infinite. When you surrender your ego. which never can be destroyed since it is the stuff of consciousness. It created the universe to be a delight. to play in. Your ego is either absorbed by the “god” you worship. and God found it boring. The vulture-like. we will give up treasuring our will and desires as gifts of the divine. when it was the Infinite’s starting point. Rather. it is absorbed by any passing brigand who happens to notice that it has been abandoned. That’s why It created diversity. The world becomes God’s ocean where we splash and cavort. if you do not worship a god. the very place it was endeavoring to emerge from in hopes of creating something interesting? Oneness isn’t interesting. more inspired. 155 . Just as a serene artist takes the joy in her heart and turns it into a fountain of expressions. Instead creation has slid into a nightmare. to drink deeply of its waters. Because sitting being amorphous – simple Oneness – got dull. That is God’s dream for the world – not amorphous. it is other egos. each art piece revealing a unique aspect of her thoughts and nature. to melt our cares in its bliss and consciously become again what we are at core: pure molecules within that infinite ocean. more joyful. it is not the Oneness that takes over your personhood and absorbs it. The solution to our suffering is not to surrender our egos to the cosmic freebie shelf/ dump heap under the guise of awakening to Oneness. by permission. It needs to desire. as some big cosmic mistake. Bliss needs to express in myriad creations to be fun and dynamic. thieving egos who want to control all beings and bring them into alignment with their will. We were created on purpose. expressions of the Infinite. it’s blissful. that all we really are is the One. as expressions of the joy of the Infinite.

com/ 11 Comments h. the demons and parasites. and certainly not the destruction of creation through abdication of personhood. The point is to run the race. this universe of endings and death and scarcity and fear. choose. striving for dissolution of ego into Oneness as our highest goal. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2008 Anyone may copy or republish this article on another site as long as they include the copyright and a back link to the “Splinter in the Mind” website at http://brontebaxter. who make up the infinite garden of the world. The truly highest goal is Oneness expressing in joy in the forms of its myriad children. No more stopping playing and being amorphous/ withdrawn in some corner. When the brand of brigands has consumed every ego in the universe through clever spiritual lies. or getting back to the starting line is the whole point of the race. make. When we learn to connect with the Oneness without abdicating the beauty and importance of multiplicity (variety). will forgive and heal them. Then all God’s children will sport on the cosmic playground in laughter together – no more bullies and victims. dance the dance – and to do it in a way that retains contact with the consciousness that inspired the endeavor: the Infinite joy and oneness. Creation will implode if that is allowed to happen. To say getting back to the Oneness is the whole point of life is like saying getting back to the first scene of the play is the whole point of the play. We contribute to cosmic implosion when we accept the Doctrine of Oneness. then will the purpose of creation be accomplished. We will see that those who wish to control the rest are confused parts of our Greater Self. Then we will know how to dissolve the malignity that afflicts us. January 13. No more battles and taking sides. thoughts. Our love. play the play. not destruction of one team on the battlefield. as well as the unseen gods. We won’t wish to destroy them but to help them. all experiences. Life will be joy as we have not known it. for from the perspective of Infinity we will learn to dissolve everything that causes suffering here.wordpress. it will be the proverbial snake that has swallowed its own tail. formless states of being.156 intend. and act – all functions of ego. the end of creation is what we promote. But unless we awaken to the lies in the Doctrine of Oneness. the 156 . everything – what we see. forms. That is the divine vision. 2009 at 6:59 pm I can’t shake the feeling that ‘this’. our inmost nature. the heavens and hells. said.

Gurdjieff during the early part of the last century) which book is entitled “Making a Soul” and was published around 1954. and everything may well be transformed. or “sheep”. I know that when I first read it I was astonished at the idea of our being a kind of “astral farm product”. yet afraid of us: needlessly. Bennett (himself a student of G. Reply Curtis G. all aspects of existence.He goes on to address this topic at length in his book. we will be benevolent. because I think that when we graduate. shaking its rattle in a pen… and that the gods sit there on our level. February 19. maybe. the wars in heaven. and the whole idea of “Loosh” and the negative nature of this world of suffering is the only answer to the question of existence that makes sense to me. something as far beyond these silly things – the gods.I. Norman said. The idea of “Loosh” (that the energy produced from our experiences serves as a kind of “food” for higher beings of some sort) has been addressed in the past in a book by John G. bullying siblings a year or two older maybe. 2010 at 2:10 am 157 . incredible world beyond the walls. On page 11 of that book he makes the following statement: “Man exists on the earth in order to produce energy of a certain intensity and quality. and this energy is liberated through his eperiences of joy and suffering and through his his response to the forces of death and birth”. oblivious still to a vast. that we are in training – to be something far.157 world of humans – that this /everything/ is some sort of amazing kindergarten. far more than gods. Reply Shane said. 2009 at 11:24 am Hello Bronte. But. February 10. the death and the fear – as the world of international politics would be beyond a twoyear old. if you will. I think. on an unimaginably larger scale. I feel that you and your readers may find his book of some interest. something incomprehensible. the conflict. it did seem to fit. to prepare us for something else. and the gods are in training with us. I suspect. Here I am only paraphrasing what he takes an entire book to say. but that is the gist of it. the doctrines. when we do come fully into our own. I thought this might interest you in that the topic and the idea of humanity’s existence serving the purpose of providing “food” for other “beings” is older than Monroe and his books on Astral travel. to make a kind of morbid “sense” of you will. Bennett goes on in his book to describe the idea that it is possible to escape the fate of dying only to have lived for this purpose of producing such energy (as noted above) and that it is (according to Bennett and Gurdjieff’s teachings) possible to “awaken from the dream life that we live” and produce energy for the purpose of developing a kind of separate existence for ourselves as independent “souls” (hence the title) in the afterlife. that we’re here to learn something.

You tell us we should not log off from emotion as that makes us heartless. as far as I can tell. He then goes on to. He tells us to not give our minds away to the sun god jesus or to the.) He points out the fraud of mainstream religion in one chapter and then points out the fraud of much of the. and fact. He talks about Oneness and the nature of reality and the multiverse (he calls it the matrix.) You tell us we should not log off from thought as that makes us easy to manipulate. logging off. Unfortunately. and I love the rest of Icke’s work as he really laid the foundation for my awakening. “new age. I love David Icke’s work and that is a great book that helped me wake up to Oneness and laid the foundation for me to understand your book and Punk Science: Inside the Mind of God. His answer. the name of the chapter. I had read this chapter and most of the rest of your book already so far.158 I am very confused. In no uncertain terms David Icke describes this world as an illusion and a world of polarity. and leave it up for grabs for the new world order. you also recommend in your great books section Infinite Love is the Only Truth Everything Else is Illision by David Icke. on logic. (Something you warn about extensively in your book. He bases the entire book. “new age. David tells us to log off from emotion an that Oneness is above emotion and is love. or to any new age guru. He tells us that thought and emotion are polarities of the body computer and thus illusions. And you tell us how we should visit Oneness and bring its love back to save this world. in chapter ten. go back on everything the rest of the book (the other nine chapters before this one) talks about.” ashtar. Sounds to me like he’s telling me I shouldn’t think and should just do what Oneness says to. Chapter Ten of Infinite Love is titled. it seems to me at least. Which. (Sounds like what you warn about in Chapter 8 to me. 158 . tells us not to think and to not identify with this world. and all the rest of his work in other books and presentations I’ve read and seen in videos. He then describes fighting the new world order as wrong as it contributes to the polarity and empowers the new world order. thought. He also tells us we should log off from thought and emotion and that thought and emotion are part of the body computer.) You talk specifically in this chapter about how we should not be giving our minds away to Oneness as that is part of the new world order’s plan and that it will destroy this world and thwart Oneness’s purpose in creating this world and the multiverse. He then. David is telling us to log off. Whereas David Icke clearly tells us to head toward Oneness. However. I’m sorry if I’m stepping on toes. log off. “Logging Off. would collapse this world as we leave it to the new world order snake to eat itself.) You tell us of gurus who lead humanity in the wrong way by telling us to dissociate from this world. but isn’t Chapter 10 of Infinite Love everything you warn us to stay away from in Chapter 11? And. if so.” in another chapter.” In this chapter David admits that it is sometimes difficult to put high level spiritual teachings into words. (Chapters 1-8 and then 11. he then proceeds in the final chapter of the book to assert the same type of things that he calls out as fraud in the other chapters. why do you recommend this book? You tell us we should be active in this world. However. if done as he seems to describe here. sananda. Yet David tells us thought is polarity and we should log off from it and opt instead for some spiritual knowing concept which was archaic and hard for me to understand.

159 I hope I have misunderstood and am wrong about David Icke. have problems with some of Icke’s ideas.” section instead of the. Otherwise. (Myself included. Thank you. His chapter ten is written in very confusing language. Reply brontebaxter said. I think that’s a great sign. He seems genuine and the rest of his work really helps to wake people up. Best regards. We each must get there individually. I think you are getting to the stage where you are growing beyond David Icke. Only a claiming of our birthright and who we are as a powerful son or daughter of the Infinite. independent of people who want to lead the charge and show us the way. if I am right. I see him as very strong on exposing the conspiracy. February 10. unlike the rest of the book. Love your book so far and hope to have this cleared up because right now I am confused. Please. (which I hope I am) explain to me what I am misunderstanding about chapter 10. and to be guided by them. There can be no great leader in the kind of society I dream of. no intermediary. and perhaps I just misunderstood him. those are very perceptive observations. He claims to have had revelations. It is a quiet spiritual maturing that takes place in the heart. But I find his spiritual ideas increasingly problematic. But the more he gets into these spiritual subjects. That concerns me. Indeed. “great books. but that he’s getting off-track. Who is giving them to him? Is he playing into the wrong hands? But perhaps we have to go through disenchantment even with a great figure like David Icke to find our spiritual adulthood. between the soul and God. if I am wrong. I.” section. I feel his intentions are sincere. 2010 at 12:41 pm Shane. I still recommend his books because they’re some of the best things out there. There can be no teacher. too. “guru and god-scams. confusing though it may feel at the moment. the more he gets mixed up. just like you warn about here in this chapter. he is way too into the Oneness Doctrine for my comfort. shouldn’t David Icke be put in the.) But in chapter ten he sounds like the new world order gurus who are advising people to give their minds away to Oneness. and for the same reasons. Keep on thinking. on his investigations into what’s going on in this world. I believe. Bronte Baxter Reply 159 . where all of us are masters of life.

I have had the feeling of being awakened in an ungrounded way by reading his work. I love your book and am looking forward to more. 2. i try to be more careful in the future. I got stuck in a fear/panick reaction for a while because of my personality at that time. emotions and bodily sensations wich act as a feedback/intuition throughout the day in a way i feel my Ego growing instead of declining. I dont meditate anymore . 2010 at 9:03 pm 1. May 1. getting stuck I think that each individual has his/her personal path wich might cross others for a while in whatever way. February 11. 160 . but we forget sometimes and start to run an automatic old program.160 Shane said. :-) Reply Amar said. Now i got out of that . That makes a lot of sense. but try to be observant of my inner thoughts. 2010 at 1:49 pm Thank you very much. We have the choice. Maybe that is necessary for a closed up Mind. I will keep on thinking. That might be beneficial or detrimental to one’s own Self/Ego/independant viewpoint. At the end it directs me back to self-responsibility in whatever energy i take in and integrate it into my viewpoint/awareness of Life and thus changing my future interactions. I have had doubts about all guru’s i have encountered including David Icke. Very interesting discussion.

161 3. Some might have chosen to be independent from the parasitic tendencies and master-slave game. I find there’s a big confusional problem with individual definitions of words. 5. Spiritual peak-moments I agree that predators might give a ”mental or body high” to make you a complying victim. ( annual religious festivals. Holi. I dont know. He might ask to experience the Oneness ”state” and take that as a ego/self-enhancing tool to step out of fear-based programming and thus feeling more autonomic instead of automatic. but stop thinking from a conflict based ‘i am better” mentality. Some chose to become predatory for whatever reason.can be seen from different angles like the Facets of a diamond.i think there are different ways of thinking. The sabbath ? football games. Beneficial entities I have the feeling that there might be ”intelligent beings” out there wich might have had the same experiences as us. Oneness. I think that david is not asking to ‘log off” and disconnect in an escapist way. drinking at the Bar) 161 . Maybe they became ”gods” . etc. like Ramadan. demons. I think that the possibilities are greater than we might imagine. 4. examples : Thinking. Just like a toxin wich paralyzes. angels . i have my way. Easter etc. I think David Icke is not telling to stop thinking. I think that these highs need cyclical reconnection in order to keep up the feelings.

162 If the feeling from an experience stays with you without the need to recharge it all the time. But the way the ”reconnection ” with god is envisioned puzzles me. 162 . it might be a non-parasitic high. and feeding attention. the world wich is envisioned seems rather static and Dull. The Sufi way appealed to me for a long time. Begging / asking mercy / Sinner mentality I have been brought up in an islamic way. Uniformity The lesser gods demand uniformity. Only a lesser God . Most of these mythologies have a purpose of confining the possibilies in your thinking not expanding. Because these gods are Static. In every mythology story . a confused fearful. 7.tradition and a false ”copy and paste” creativity. 6. It is like going into oblivion. The adults always were asking for mercy and repenting to god all the time. It rather experiences itself through all individual viewpoints wich we all are. hateful creature needs the constant feeding.cheering. Because it puts all the power outside oneSelf. his wife always is after his ass. I think that individuality and true creativity ( wich comes from oneself) strenghten the ego and make the gods less intruding in your energy field. I think that Oneness doesnt need Constant begging in any way. Zeus is forever praying on (sexual) energy of humans. like a cyclycal energy loop. Surrendering is the central thought. Also in thought out of Fear of Damnation and Hell. It breaks their Hold over humanity. consumed by fire. arrested creative development. repeating. because it recognizes the divine spark in man. Control. insecure. like the greek for example.

This means that the the very purpose of our lives on this planet is to oppose evil in all of its overt and subtle mainfestations. Amar. and. It is our soul’s indignant response to evil that serves as the womb by which heroes are born! And as Children of God we can be nothing less than this. is this not our plight? Are we not outraged by the many masks that evil wears? Of course we are. September 20. July 31. Thank you for exposing the Lie. no victory… Bronte your efforts on this blog are no less than that of one such soul whose heart cannot bear the intermingling of darkness and light. imposter. No child of God could ever tolerate the suffering and injustice that plagues this world. I’m enjoying your comments on this blog. Reply OhZone said. because we are by nature benevolent beings.The person who has come to know themselves and thus know their eternally benevolent Parent(s) knows that the fingerprints are not those of God. no opponent. some bastard usurper. Reply Kushta said. and its villainous fingerprints have been left all over this malign creation. 2010 at 12:44 pm Any rational person can clearly see that evil exists. I was beginning to think that I was alone. but a 163 .Kushta Reply brontebaxter said. mirror images of God Most High. it has a face. Our spiritual empowerment and awakening is directly proportional to our participation in the primordial battle between the darkness and the light. 2010 at 3:27 am This is the best concurrance with my own thought I have ever seen. no hero.163 Thanks for your time reading my words. but as a lack of goodness (in the same way that darkness is not an entity in itself. 2010 at 4:03 pm Kushta. Thank You. It is within the context of knowing our eternally benevolent nature that we come to know God’s because we are God’s children. No villain. but I’m not sure we agree entirely about the nature of evil. because we literally ARE the battleground. I don’t see evil as an entity in itself. . but of some other. September 20. as we should be.

Yaldabaoth is a being brought about through chaos and imbalance reflected in his own imbalanced and chaotic nature.” 164 . and God in infinite good? The problem seems to come in when individual beings. Beings who are evil are not intrinsically so. How could we not be. 2010 at 2:21 am I think that we are on the same page regarding evil. Thus rather than being an androgynous being as posited by many Gnostic exegetes. lose their memory of their godness in the process of absorbing themselves in living. they will naturally rehabilitate. and malevolence are but signs of the deep rooted fear that permeates his psyche. Yet even he can find redemption in the wings of his mother Sophia if he so chooses. That’s my take on it. His ignorance. Bronte Reply Kushta said. Then they disconnect from their Source. Here is a small piece taken from my an article on my intrepretation of the aforementioned Gnostic Mythos that I think will better explain my position on evil: ” The Testimony of Truth asks the question. and not be evil anymore. I do not believe that evil is absolute as in the radical dualism of Manichaeanism where both are considered eternal principles. but because of a lack in their awareness. “What sort is he then. The connection between Yaldabaoth represented as a male being and his imbalanced and chaotic nature are thus unmistakable. since we are all made of God. not because evil is some tangible thing that must be destroyed. a psyche of limitation and death. September 22. expressing as God in the world. the nature of her fall the symbol for our own. and her redemption marks the blessed hope of our own eventual redemption. Yaldabaoth is created through Sophia’s psychic torment thus he was created in an imbalanced way marked by Sophia bringing him into being without the assistance of her consort Christ. My current understanding of evil is derived from within the Gnostic Mythos that posits inferior Archonic beings who have become estranged from God and fallen into fear and ignorance as a result of that estrangement. this God?” To the Gnostics it is apparent that this God is not the true benevolent primal Father & Mother of Life. Yaldabaoth stands as the symbol of Sophia’s and thus our own estrangement.164 lack of light). They perform evil. They are no longer aligned with their pure inner God. and bad attitudes (based on their sense of spiritual alienation) start to develop. He is a male being with no female counterpart that languishes in the agony of his deprivation. At heart we are all good. arrogance. but a bastard usurper who is responsible for the malevolent nature of the world rife with its abominating monstrosities. Sophia is the symbol for our soul. If we can help “evil” beings find their way back to experience of the Source.

our empathy. People were fond of saying how they didn’t have any willpower. just like me. the faculty we possess that’s capable of choosing and molding our future. Adults then spoke of “willpower. but because our social programming has conspired to make us forget it exists. March 18. The human will has been ignored as a serious subject for a very long time. giggling about it as they dove into their cigarette pack or their second helping of dessert.’ by Bronte Baxter. back in the 1950s. that ordinary flawed humanity could not be expected to find it in themselves. our sexuality. the will? When did you read anything about it? The last time I heard it discussed. the Forgotten Freedom Faculty This is Chapter 12 in an online book: ‘Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. Right now when we’re threatened with tyrants at every turn.165 Evil then.Kushta Reply Robert said. our emotional sensitivity. That fulfills the purpose of religion. The diamonds represent the will. 12: Human Will. I have this feeling that his spiritual ideas are a bit short of the mark. Modern spiritual teachings. not an eternal principle. Blowing the Whistle/ Chpt. which is to keep mankind enslaved through the powers of erroneous thought. But love without will is powerless. and to do so in a way that carries power – that part of our humanness is buried. I was a child. When is the last time you heard anyone talk about the importance of that forgotten human faculty. mostly it was a topic of humor. because such teachings lead mankind away from the path to freedom. is the result of a being that has become estranged from its divine source and fallen into a state of agnosis (ignorance) and fear. We talk about our other faculties constantly: our brains. 165 . our athletic prowess.” But even though will was talked about. only to discover as an old man that the land his home had always been on contained acres of undiscovered diamond mines. a temporary manifestation. . There’s an old story called Acres of Diamonds about a man who traveled the world as a pauper looking for riches. with the very loss of all that makes life worth living. That’s why love is touted as the singular solution. Not because it’s weak or incapable of doing. 2011 at 8:41 pm I have been wondering about Icke for some time. both Christian and New Age. even our intuition and psychic abilities. tell us love is the answer to all the problems humanity is facing. The assumption was that will was the gift of the superhuman. But the human will – the ability we have to decide and to choose. we need to connect with this forgotten part of our humanity and call on it for answers and solutions. But hey maybe he’s learning.

Ignorance of the power of will is what keeps us afraid and enslaved. In the same way. the other on empowerment. Indeed. without passion 166 . People are hopeless because they don’t believe they have any power over the threatening situation. I sometimes read the comments at the end of the articles and am troubled by the hopelessness so many posters feel about our future. Then determination implements the decision. The rest of us. Some call it the Law of Attraction. I am increasingly certain that reclaiming our will is the door to our freedom – the only door to our freedom. “will. the tyrants are brilliant. As a frequent visitor at the Alex Jones website. I’ll use the terms interchangeably. They’ve planned their chess moves well in advance. we embrace – and hug all the way to the FEMA camp. does have the ability to throw a wrench in their strategy. in spite of our good intentions to be loving and “evolved”? The reason is that will controls the playing field. The truth movement has awoken to the realities preying upon mankind. Only when we make that shift can we take back the control of our lives and our world that the tyrants are sucking from us. I’ve written elsewhere in this blog about the power of thought to create real things in the outer world. Our fear will constantly drive us to abdicate our lovingness. I found the same attitude in many emails and comments I received when I was very active writing this blog. the novice players. I cry. They think the tyrants hold all the cards. if we want to be free.” “choice.” and “determination” refer to the same thing. Thought is powerful and creative because it rides on will. But human intelligence. you cry. unaware of the power of will. Think of “determination” as will in action. and have posted guards at every exit. but has yet to take the step to become a genuine liberty movement. are just waking up to how to play the game. Truth movement. liberty movement – one focuses on knowledge. fall prey to the schemes of those who know how to use it. But there’s more to the story. buttressed by will. while we. No set of moves. is guaranteed to win every game. Have we not been born into a world of bullies and the bullied? Of hunters and the hunted? People aware of the global conspiracy have woken up to this. Will decides what we allow (the passive aspect of willing) and what we initiate (the active aspect). Some call it Creating Reality. love does little to help if it isn’t upheld by will. Why is the world an interplay of tyrants and victims? Why is that the biggest game in town? Why does genuine love get short billing. A thought without a strong intention. and the ones exerting the will are the tyrants. It only succeeds if the opponent is less clever than the other player.166 I believe this is the lesson we were born for. however brilliantly orchestrated. I value all the information available there. From this point on. any brilliant chess play can be defeated. Even if we manage to stay loving in the face of injustice and enslavement. We have to dig deeper. determination and cleverness can defeat the strategists planning the New World Order. For all practical purposes. just as a savvy chess opponent can defeat any strategy if he’s determined and clever enough. Adopting a loving attitude when we haven’t yet broken out of being victims will not save us personally nor will it save the world. With enough will and deep thought.

This master of reality had made up her mind that the bullying stopped at her front door. Not just a done deal in her mind. I’m working on building my will. it’s gradual and subtle. When I find something in my life I don’t like – a situation. Compare that to the times you didn’t accomplish. “I don’t accept this. I’ll never forget one day when one of them told me. It’s quite dramatic sometimes. We’re so much more powerful than we realize. Circumstances develop from that point onward that bring about the end of the thing I want rid of. Was not will the differentiating factor? When you succeeded. but the only difference between them and the rest of us is that they access a faculty that most of humanity doesn’t remember it possesses. a negative habit – I now say to myself. Other times. from the way she said it. is nothing but a pipe dream. or feelgood pretending: it’s scientific fact. There were several people at the helm.167 behind it. organizing the fight. that she had created the defeat of the agency. was it not because you refused to have it any other way? Some time ago I was an activist on a neighborhood project attempting to save our town from encroachment by a powerful government agency with destructive designs. Mothers with will in gear have lifted automobiles off their trapped children. A thought infused with will is a force to be reckoned with. Lynn is a spiritual woman with a high degree of personal will and empowerment. 167 .” I say it with confidence and a sense of being finished. think about the times you’ve accomplished something. It was simply a done deal. I may not know at the time how I’m going to get out of the thing that has bound me. Quantum physics talks about the intention of scientists in experiments determining the path taken by quantum particles. but a done deal in the real world. and it did. This isn’t just a theory. I knew in that moment. Always it works. All the motions we all went through from that point onward were merely the denouement. This was at a time in the campaign when everything looked like the agency would win. not only on the gross level but at the subtlest level of life. She fully got that if she made up her mind that the agency could not have her home. even miraculous. that the agency would without a doubt be defeated. We all know someone who with the confident innocence of determined desire succeeded in something the world considered impossible. or someone you know accomplished something. with all the passion and confidence she possessed. She had made up her mind that the plan would be defeated. In your own life. We think of them as exceptional. The outcome had already been decided. She had decided it so. and that was the end of it. then it could not take it. but the ropes begin to loosen the moment I make the decision that I’m done. This beautiful person understood the power of her own determination. She knew she had the right and power to decide whether to concede it to them. Determined thought or intention moves the machinery of the universe. the winding up of the story. with the utmost determination and confidence. Prisoners with will have broken out of impossible-toescape prison camps (see the movie Rescue Dawn for one such remarkable true story).

Whatever your fellows choose to do.com.168 I build my will in little things and in so doing develop my confidence in taking on matters of substance. or any other form of helpless acceptance. where officials come to drag the boy to a reservation school. I remember the moment in the first Star Wars where Obiwon waves his hand in front of an Empire cop. for its own ultimate freedom and wisdom. Perhaps we did that so we might experience the drama of bullies and bullied being played out in the extreme. Allowing can be as simple as believing there’s no way out.wordpress. I fully believe if the time comes when I face someone demanding I get vaccinated or microchipped. experience what it wants to. masters of living. We live on the Earth at this time because we chose to be here. And the moment in the book/movie. © Bronte Baxter 2009 4 Comments intj123 said. Bronte Baxter Anyone may copy or republish this article as long as they include a link back to this site at www. reality creators. But can your choice for personal freedom help save the world from the New World Order? I think it’s the only thing that can save it. No one ever does anything to us that we don’t on some level allow. fully empowered.brontebaxter. we willed it. It can be as simple as fear. you are safe and free if you determine to be. but the granddad sees them coming from the hilltop. December 29. The rest of the world can do what it likes. the passive aspect of our own will kicks in to allow it. But it was before I was even born. are creating being sent to FEMA camps or killed. Those who are afraid (and do not master their fear) that they will be sent to FEMA camps or killed. so we might become at last fully human. We can take the bull by the horns. By passively accepting the horrendous as inevitable. We are only victims if that’s how we perceive it. But no one can force anyone to be a slave who does not accept it. Perhaps we wanted the stakes to be this high in order to jog our will awake. We allowed it. and the dazed guy lets him pass. But I was rather 168 . or new world order was fully established in the 1970′s or 80′s I forgot exactly. 2010 at 3:01 am in childrens new textbooks the new age. The Education of Little Tree. I will spontaneously access the power to make them leave me in peace. take charge of any situation. as it is being played out today. What happens in our future is up to no one but us. he and the boy are safe in the woods every time the would-be enslavers come to their door (another great true story). Those who believe global tyranny is a done deal are creating experiencing global tyranny. stamping the plans of the tyrants with our own personal seal of permission. But that’s the subject for another article.

Whats weird is that exactly from that point in history also is when counter culture started. October 2. rebellion of the system has run amok since. peace to you all in these coming times. perhaps in response to their agendas of control.169 suprised because I thought they wern’t fully esablished yet. to this day. Long story short I now believe in the infinite and all this powerfully. Good for you for asking profound questions at such an early age. It takes most of us much longer to see through the programming. but I go to a catholic school with a fanatic religion teacher and everyone in my family( exept my uncle) is catholic and they think I am to. September 3. Please. 2011 at 9:51 am Most people don’t have any real understanding of how powerful our thoughts are. October 1. I’ve experimented with this over and over again and am here to tell you. I will not take the flu shot and I will not lose my job in 2011. Reply CC said. I need your advice Reply brontebaxter said. these things she said are true. I’m guessing you are the youngest person to ever post here. CC Reply Zev said. or perhaps it was a response they wanted to create to make the next generation of “adults” irresponsible. This year I may be faced with “take the flu shot or lose your job”. I’m not in the position to be an “advice column” and am not sure what kind of advice you’re even asking for here. This year will be the ultimate test. 2011 at 1:26 am Hi Ryan My goodness. Is it possible you could ask your parents to 169 . 2011 at 11:27 pm Bronte. We truly create our own reality by the thoughts we think and the visions we hold in our heads. I am 12 years old an happen to chance upon this in the search for answers to questions for people older than me.

It is the creative power behind thought. We need to really get this. Things. it had to be both: energetic thought. Many people have done it. defeat any predator. or it’s only an empty theory. and create whatever in life we wish to experience. It is hard growing up in a family where you believe differently than your parents. fish. What evidence is there that will exists and that it is the power that moves the universe? Well. that draws to itself whatever it dreams of. 13: The Power of Will (Continued) This is Chapter 13 in an online book. we can deflect any aggression. intuitively. something that pre-dated matter. Ryan. So let’s think deeply for a few moments. because thought is naturally energetic and energy is naturally intelligent. the endall and be-all. Scientists speak of a Big Bang. you may meet a counselor who you can confide in about your concerns and conflicts. By learning to use it. from which all matter appeared.170 get you some counseling? If so. without any beginning? It’s more reasonable to think that they came from something. and may give you some ideas for how to deal with your family on this matter. air. “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. Matter. The last chapter talked about that least-remembered talent we human beings possess: the power of will. 170 . Bronte Reply Blowing the Whistle/ Chpt. It needs to become a deep understanding that we live from. something we’ve mentally assigned to the realm of boring philosophers and 19th Century preachers? Yet will is the force that moves everything in the universe. Will stirs the pot of creation. What could that possibly be except energy or thought? In fact. reason things out. Only then can will empower us. then what exploded in the Big Bang was something immaterial. what does the universe consist of? Stuff. What did the Big Bang come from? What was it that was exploding? If nothing existed yet. I equated it with “choice” and “determination. Is it reasonable to think matter has always been there? That would mean matter is God. stars have existed forever. Where did it all come from? Unless it existed eternally.” but will deserves some closer examination. After all. but it’s not impossible.” by Bronte Baxter. how can we draw on its power if it’s only a shadowy concept. planets. and adds new colors to the mix. behind everything. matter had a beginning: there was a time before it appeared on the scene. This might feel helpful to you. It is the magnetic energy behind thought. something more basic than themselves. Does that make sense? That rocks. I wish you all the best. and consider our own experience.

depending on the direction of their energy. it moves toward the water. not randomly and meaninglessly. let 171 . Intending and expecting good things to happen has the opposite effect. Without will. A powerful thought (one with great energy) attracts other minds to it (examples: reading a book. We’ve seen for ourselves that energy is intelligent and that intelligence (thought) is energetic. There’s very little difference between a thought of something and that thought congealed in the form of a thing. Will is the force behind the thought (it’s the energy). Once we deeply grasp that. So thought and energy are essentially one and the same. then energy and intelligence are one and the same thing. That’s why we know energy is by nature intelligent. congealed intelligent energy. Is the reverse true: is intelligence energetic? If so. And that means finding our way out of the fix we and the rest of mankind are in. you miss your mom. Will is the energetic thought. Will is the intention directing the energy (it’s the intelligence). It is the oven from which the Big Bang exploded. This is the kind of deep thinking we need to do to understand what we are and what we’re made of and how the universe works. Think how energy moves in an intelligent direction. it is the only thing that ever makes anything happen. There would be no life. So where does will come in? Will is all of it. We also saw that energy/thought. So let’s get back to the drawing board … Is thought energetic? Obviously it is. buying a popular item. I’m using “intelligence” to mean “thought. Matter (the universe) is simply congealed thought. a desire. must have preceded the creation of the universe.171 Think about it. Perceiving our deeper nature. animals. it is also what the universe is made of. In fact. have very little influence on the direction of creation. People who live mostly on random thoughts. someone’s will has caused that event. This is the principle behind the Law of Attraction. because there was nothing else. the reason thoughts are magnetic. without energetic thought. on their own repetitive mind chatter. or to add something new to the soup. being immaterial. we start to operate from there. So energy is intelligent. Since energetic thought is the parent of the universe.” because thought is the active expression of intelligence. And matter (creation) moves in response to our energetic thought. we grow in power. strong enough (energetic enough) to move the soup of creation around in some way. objects). Energy moves with purpose directing it. In fact. Whenever something happens. it is what the universe had to be born of. where subatomic particles display attraction and move in response to the attention of the observer. Energy and thought are one and the same thing. It is the force that moves everything in the universe. We see this even on the finest levels of creation. that is the source of the universe. In its solid form as matter (people. Our thoughts are creative and destructive. Someone had an intention. attracts energy to the thought that encourages the bad thing to occur. Even the random mental chatter that flows through our minds when we’re idle has a level of energy (enough to keep us awake at night if too much of it is going on). joining a cause). This is what I mean by thinking long thoughts. Stay with me here. Thoughts are what drive us to do things (to expend energy). Thinking bad things will happen. energy moves in response to desires and intentions: a dog gets thirsty. everything would be static. you call her on the phone. the directed energy.

We mustn’t say “I’ll let them shoot me before I’ll go to a FEMA camp. because we. with intentions. We must decide NEVER to allow what they are orchestrating. that we draw the line right here. But the power is there within our own thoughts to take back control of our destiny. still vulnerable to bullying. and it is why they want to get rid of us. of “reality. Not wake up in the sense the Truthers have already awakened: to knowledge of the conspiracy. Our passiveness. Their scheme is to shove all the floaters into one little corner of the pool and keep us there. The bullies know that. of thinking with new purpose. It’s a matter of learning to swim.172 alone the direction of their own life. to discover its will. We earn and deserve their scorn for being floaters. They control what they allow in their minds. never grabbing life with our hands and shaping it to our purpose. Then we enter the next world as a victim. Everyone came from the same Big Bang. to our power of will. They despise us for our weakness and stupidity and would like to see most of us exterminated (although they’ll keep a few around to do their bidding). as we float every which way they think to push us. to assert its power. When will it stop? When will we have 172 . has let the willful assume control of the playing field.” because then we create being shot. our lack of will. The rest of us are floaters. We must wake up much more profoundly. Their minds are filled with plans. When the floaters wake up and start swimming. and think thoughts purposefully. It is only a matter of changing our minds. with will.” The reality that the rest of us mostly just react to and experience. The bullies want to eliminate most of mankind before we reach that point. the same intelligent energy. The trick is for us to wake up soon enough. while they splash and play and enjoy all the rest of the place by themselves. Because they think from a level of low energy. having the game down as they do. of determining not to self-destruct over the machinations of the bullies who are having a great laugh at our expense. And they’re pulling it off because we cry and moan about how mean they are. because focus gathers energy. The energy behind their focused thought is powerful. They think with intention. It doesn’t matter how advanced they are in implementing their plans. Such people are the architects of the world. right now are having fun pushing the floaters around the pond. The movers and shakers are swimmers. still the plaything of the strong and malicious. Those who did learn the secret conspired to keep the rest of us in forgetfulness. It’s called the Great Conspiracy. floating in the soup of our own random thoughts. personally and collectively. We have been weak and stupid. but this is partly our own fault. and how powerful they are. but not because the bullies are by nature stronger or smarter than we. A cornered animal is likely to get wild. Some of us just learned the power of will while others forget that faculty existed. that it will NOT happen. And the swimmers of the world. still pursued. The people we call the movers and shakers of the world live mostly on focused thoughts. To take back our lives. not from focused intention. they will create a force in the water that pushes back those trying to herd them. when in fact. the only difference between us and them is that they know how to think! They know how to think with purpose. allow others to determine our direction. always reacting to life. how clever they are. to destroy most of the world’s population before we get wise to the game. They think with bad intention.

and act. By remaining passive. yet independent as doers and experiencers. but so many of us aware of the conspiracy. that we. All there is in the world is one essential element: thoughtful energy. moan. First by addressing everything in our personal lives that we let hold us back. And it is that very hopeless attitude that will be our downfall.173 enough and DECIDE it ends here? How much must we get pushed around before we catch on that when it ends depends entirely on us? It’s our lack of will that allows their will to determine everything. to summon our passion.” We are each pieces of the Infinite. energetic thought. They are more committed. we are the way the Infinite expresses itself. with determination. Each of us is essentially a thought thinking itself. mentally and physically.com/ Blowing the Whistle/ Chpt. Our will. has allowed it. So many of us feel hopeless. we would defeat the purpose of life. for why we suffer. a thought made of energy. We are the reason for creation. plan. unless we take the bull by the horns and correct that. to understand the difference between us and them is only in the level of determination. we allow them to do to us whatever they will. the Doughnut that Eats Itself This is Chapter 14 in an online book. with passion. As individualized expressions of thought-energy-will. Then by addressing the Great Conspiracy itself. every lame excuse for why we haven’t succeeded. a result of that. Energy that is eternal and infinite. We are victims by choice.” goes the saying. There is only forgetfulness of our nature. It’s time to grab hold of our attitude and will ourselves to grow powerful. That is how we animate our bodies and how we move through the field of matter. There are no victims when all are infinitely powerful at their core. That’s all there is. Thought-energy-will in the form of “I” is an individual.” by Bronte Baxter. Everything material is a distillation of that. By thinking with focus. we access our unlimited energy to create or experience anything we want. failure to access will. 14: Brahman. Our individuality is precious to the Infinite. and hide under the bed. They scheme. through reasoning and experience. The last chapter examined human nature and argued. Not all of us. and if we ever dissolved that. 173 . are thought-energy-will.wordpress. We bitch. By default. All we have to do to reverse the situation is to summon that will. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2009 Anyone may copy or reprint this article as long as they include a link back to this website at http://brontebaxter. “Victory belongs to the most committed. operating in passive mode. the way it creates. a little spark that woke up within the infinity of intelligent potential that some physicists like to call “the unified field. It’s our lack of assertion. for why we cannot have what we desire. and a choice to let the bullies make all the decisions. “Blowing the Whistle on Enlightenment: Confessions of a New Age Heretic. totally connected with the Infinite. at core.

The will is the impulse within me to do and to choose and to create. their will unfettered. the world will become like a symphony. We become empty shells. with every note sounded full and sweet. Decades back. nor will they ever do or allow or create exactly as I choose to. through “namah-ing”our way through years of mantras or asking Jesus to save us. Or rather. religion outright asked for surrender of the will. Mind is the automobile. for True God is the Infinite which never wants to take over anything. someone new has taken up residence. every blossom vibrant in its distinct and separate uniqueness. The lights are on. Now. but no one’s at home. energy is the fuel. choose. someone else will climb behind the wheel and direct where I go. by telling us ego is arrogant and selfish. merely reacting to the world instead of initiating things in it. when I was a girl. We are left with body (energy) and mind (thoughts). God desires its children’s freedom. that which makes us uniquely human. It’s actually possession. When all the sparks know their nature as the Infinite and at the same time fully engage their individuality. Religion tells us to dissolve our ego – the author of our doing. What I do. religion has made the will seem like something that must be relinquished for perfection or goodness to be attained. That entity is not God. “I” no longer exists. creating. Religion works against this. All that remains is the shell of what was once a person. Each person is an individualized expression of thought-energy-will – like a car and driver. The entire garden would die. and choosing – into the cosmic ego of the whole. wilting in its self-hood instead of being the best flower it can be. One becomes a vessel for the will of that to whom one has given oneself. moving across the universe. But will and ego are the same thing. No other impulse of the Infinite (no other individual) will ever or can ever observe life from quite my perspective. so they may dance wherever and however they like. but the Infinite actually delights in our will and its expression. and create is unique in all the universe. By demonizing our desires. and will is the driver. religion has evolved and asks instead for surrender of our ego. sounding to the noise of that which blows through us and possesses us. the very reason for our existence is defeated.174 The part of my being that makes me individual is my unique thought and will. In fact. The car goes nowhere without a will to drive it. harmonizing with and adding to every other note. and in so doing. Telling me to surrender my will is a way of taking over my thought and my energy. It would be like every flower in a garden surrendering itself to the garden. the entity to whom one has surrendered one’s ego or will. Some call this enlightenment. Our choices and inspirations are based on our positions where we stand as an individualized sparks of infinity. This is completely counter to the purpose of the Infinite. delight their creator. yet each contributing to the perfume and beauty that is all the flower field together. This is especially true if I invite such an arrangement through self-deprecating prayer or by prostrating myself before the gods in mantra meditation. The will has been abdicated. when we surrender that spark. It will become a colorful flower field. That’s back when will was talked about still in common parlance. When we dissolve our will or ego. 174 . It tells us to surrender our will to something greater. If I step out of the driver’s seat of my life.

and that premise is the need to take life from others in order to live. we can start to live from that reality. We all would exist in our own selfempowerment. the Vedic/ East Indian name for the entity or consciousness that is or upholds the universe. including our bodies. infinite nature. But if we decide to reject that thought and supplant it with a better one. new bodies have been created. The basic premise on which this universe is founded would dissolve. so thoroughly and deeply that it becomes our essential reality. is made of nothing but energy. This torus is the physical shape of the universe. This is why I went into such detail in my last article examining what we are at our core. anus at the other end. When our true nature becomes as clear and real to us as the ground we walk on. The torus also appears to be the shape of Brahman. and defecating. That is the description of a torus. As they move through the center of the doughnut. as long as we are eaters. “Curving back on myself. unless it’s something we’ve reasoned to ourselves. This is the pattern or shape of the torus. Jewish mystical texts. Think of it like a piece of vacuum cleaner tubing. It resembles the interior shape of human and animal bodies: mouth at one end. that which was defecated gets consumed again in the form of a new dinner. And as animals defecate. and so we do. Individual bodies have been consumed. and that thought can reverse it. taped to itself to form a circle. Let’s look at this from another perspective. the eternal and infinite personhood that animates our body. we can order the body to thrive and to live forever. food processed. And so the cycle of creation and destruction continues. Food in. that live. that this impulse is our spirit. I create again and again. no one would need to feed on anyone else. We can infuse the body with the infinite energy of the unified field and never need to eat (take life from others) in order to survive. It is our essential shape as organic beings. We can survive on our essential.175 When we truly get that we are thought-energy-will in our essential nature. then back up to the top again. so the part that is the top moves toward the center. We can tell the body to do what we will. then the idea that we are thoughtenergy-will pulsing in an infinite field of potential is only a pretty concept. then by thinking our physical energy patterns different. dependent on taking life to survive. Because unless we intuitively get that. digestion and transmutation of food in the center. the principle of its essential unlimited potential. and the shape resembles that of someone eating. according to mystic sources. the universe is a black hole on one of the sides of the torus. describe the shape of the universe as a torus. If all matter. their feces fertilizing the earth and becoming new plants. The universe would start to operate on a different principle. digesting. where they are absorbed by the black hole there. as well as other esoteric manuscripts. a white hole at the other side. then down to the bottom. emerging from the white hole as new forms. they must change. A torus looks like a doughnut. It must become our most fundamental experience. all creature is destroyed then recycled. We can ordain things and they happen. a doughnut capable of turning in on itself. thrive. then it becomes possible to command the body and control it. then decline as they move around the outside to the reverse side of the torus.” says Krishna in the 175 . We’ve accepted that we must age and die. In this model. if all egos understood their essential power and immortality. The white hole is constantly spitting out new creations. Brahman functions in a self-destructive feedback loop. a doughnut shape. We understand that every physical limitation is a limitation of thought. food out. Imagine rotating the tubing. And if all beings learned to do this. with the authority that understanding grants us.

The definition of religion is from the root “religio. it would stop trying to eat itself. and the dog will stop chasing its tail. We are children of Brahman. Brahman. that became a belief. and are subject to death. The universe starts to change its mind with every one of us that changes our mind. is subject to death. It’s a thought we had that became a belief. then using our wills to ordain change from that infinite. All beings are afraid of death. If the leaves change their minds. If Brahman could but remember its nature as infinite. speaking for the consciousness of the universe. By remembering that. Brahman only needs to conceive of another possibility. Or so we think. The insanity will end. But in fact. The universe is like a dog endlessly chasing its tail. up the inner side and back to its position on the top. When enough people wake up to our limitless nature. and the torus that is the universe will morph into a new shape. Brahman eats its children because it thinks it has to. Brahman knows this. An endless cycle of creation and destruction. (Picture a dot on the torus. and it can change its pattern of existence. The need for anyone to devour anyone else will cease. the great torus. powerful place. If we. Because the great entity we are part of. consumption stops – not only for us. then curve 176 . It eats itself in an effort to consume energy. but also the body it is part of. If we stop needing to consume and stop agreeing to be consumed. and it is terrified. pursuing a course that is madness. knowing no other. Brahman will wake up. which is the shape of a snake swallowing its tail. the universe. forms dissolved. The universe will also someday die. like us. and we also ARE Brahman. as children of the universe. It makes a perfect circle. And what we think. The universe is self-destructive because it thinks that way. Forms created. where the sparks reach outward. when the insane thinking ends. we manifest. then Brahman must wake up to the same. It will self-implode. It all starts with remembering what we really are. energy out. as a cell is an individual. and the lion will lie down with the lamb. Brahman would no longer need to consume itself to stay alive. and dance an endless dance in the forms of its immortal children. from the endless recycling project. the plant changes its mind.” which means “to bind back. In fact. It’s a thought Brahman had. because a snake that devours itself will die.176 Bhagavad-Gita.” Think of the torus that is Brahman as a great firework explosion. as a leaf is an individual but is also the plant it is part of. The ancient mystery schools depicted the reality of the universe another way: through the symbol of a snake swallowing its tail. to survive. wake up to our essential nature as unlimited and undying. That’s why all its children are terrified. But healing is only a thought away. Brahman is an insane parent. The insanity can end. and the path it takes as it moves from the top inner side down the outer side. because it cannot go on eating itself endlessly. we little toruses must eat to continue our existence. and the energy it expresses from is infinite. across the bottom. we are no more in need of consuming others to continue existing than a dog needs to chase its tail in order to stay alive. Energy in. is an individualized expression of the unified field: pure and infinite intelligent energy.) The symbol is one of self-destruction. But its very nature is thought-energywill. In time its energy will wear out. but for that which we are a part of. It can simply shine in its own self-effulgence. Like Brahman. It can bask in its own infinity of energy.

by refusing to surrender our wills / egos to Brahman or to any other limited entity that religions may call God. we immortalize ourselves. where we must be destroyed and recycled.com/ 177 .177 back to their source. By seeing through the lies of religion. We save ourselves. In so doing. For being its unit members. Religion gives us the thinking that binds us back to the hole in the doughnut. we are the universe. We identify with something much greater than Brahman – the infinite intelligence from which Brahman and all universes sprang. we free ourselves from the need to cycle around from birth to ultimate death. and we also save the universe. Bronte Baxter © Bronte Baxter 2009 Anyone may copy or republish this article as long as they include a link back to this website at http://brontebaxter.wordpress. body and spirit.

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