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Level 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th 10th 11th 12th 13th 14th 15th 16th 17th 18th 19th 20th BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat PF PF PF PF PF PF PF PF BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat BR Feat PF PF PF PF PF PF PF PF CF, FBF CF, FBF CF, FBF CF, FBF CF, FBF CF, FBF CF, FBF CF, FBF PF Leadership PF PF Leadership PF PF Leadership PF PF Leadership PF PF Leadership PF PF Leadership PF PF Leadership PF PF Leadership PF Anuirean CF, FBF PF Brecht CF, FBF PF Khinasi CF, FBF PF Rjurik CF, FBF PF Vos CF, FBF PF Goblin CF, FBF PF Elf CF, FBF PF Dwarf CF, FBF PF

Shortages and their meaning CF=Cultural Feat, proper by race. Like Seafarer for Brecht, City Dweller for Anuirean, Discipline for Khinasi, Northerner for Vos & Forest Dweller for Rjurik. Trackless step for elves or alcoholic for dwarf. Halflings integrate into human cultures, see there.

● ● ●

FBF= Fighter Bonus Feat. Reflecting some minimum of military service, the elite university of villainy or protecting the farm or store from bandits. PF= Profession Feats. I intended example packages for spy and guard, merchant and servant. These feats individualize the figure by job experience. BR Feat. Birthright feats of those which are unique to Birthright and suiting the figure. Application on NPC-Classes

Commoner, Expert, Aristocrat, Warrior, Adept and Spellcaster NPCs had no feats at all. Now select feats for them by this table and they are capable denizens or burghers instead of the dumb pseudo-cattle the officials made them to be. Maybe we all should imagine to be a NPC level 1 in a realm full of blooded scions, high-level heroes and epic awnsheghlien? Empathy made easy.

Profession feat packages - 1st attempts

Packages list a number of feats which can be picked from whenever a profession feat is gained. Such feats are gained at levels 2, 5, 7, 13 & 18 on the table above.
● ●

Aristocrats should get feats like a Birthright noble from the start? Easiest solution, especially as the Birthright noble is quite well-made in the sanctioned chapter. SPY. Profession feats possible: Alertness, Deceitful, Dilligent, Investigator, Negotiator, Quick-Draw, Self-Sufficient, Skill focus on Spot, Listen, Search or Sense Motive & Stealthy. Skills like administrate, spot, listen_eavesdrop, lip-reading, search, sense motive and innuendo should be added as class skills. GUARD. Alertness, Athletic, any proper Fighter Bonus Feat, Endurance, Inverstigator, Iron Will, Run, Self-Sufficient. Administration, Warcraft, Spot, Listen, Search ann Intimidate should be added as class skills. SERVANT. Acrobatic (dust cleansing), Athletic (errand boy or girl), Alertness, Discipline, Helpful (BR defined), Improved Initiative, Iron Will, Run, Open Minded, proper Skill Foci. Individual selection of class skills should be added, if commoner template is used. Expert choses proper ones from the start. MERCHANT. All feats which boost Appraise, Negotiating and Haggling make sense. In addition alertness, sense motive and rogue-countermeasures. Merchant has too much variety for identical feats between travelling merchant, pawnbroker, shopkeeper up to merchant guild leader. Expert or Aristocrat as base class for them? Depends individually.

COOK. A crucial character profession for the yummy. Feats like discipline, helpful (assistant cooks), kitchen-lore (like bardic lore but for cooking, tools and recipes), knowledge_poisons, or knowledge_chef des cuisine, Poison Use, skill focus_cooking, weapon focus_knives. Individual selection of class skills & weapon proficiency_knives should be added, if commoner template is used. Expert choses proper ones from the start.

Imagine these to be examples of how NPC's can be flavoured for balanced scales. Or imagine to be a regent who was just with such underlings, when the enemy strikes? The feat-less warrior template is not the kind of person which I would like as guards when the blood-thieves come for me... just another thought why player-egos spoiled more than they enriched.

The horrid moment 2008

For doubt of my sincerity I took the dice and rolled by a definition we didn't use ourselves. Rolling four dice per stat and ignoring the worst die. It became a problem:

18, 17, 14, 14, 12,12 an additional 16 if Bld or Perception is needed. So there sat the most successfree author of Germany and couldn't be happy. As a player that would be quite a lucky roll. But to contemplate game balance for stuff I write? And what of those with bad luck?

That roll was so much more than an „elite template“ as predefined officially, that I remembered our old official regulation. The one were the dice are rolled but the job stat (like dex to rogue, str to fighter, wis to cleric and int to magician) could after rolling be set to 16. It's idea was, that this way all figures are playable although not always charming and smart.

Like the „disciple of the sun“ feat. It already sounds like the 1 choice of regular Khinasi clerics, doesn't it? The feat allows you to waste two instead of one turn undead attempt to destroy them outright on success, instead of just making them flee or stop attacking. As Avani is a greater goddess, that really read as suiting to me. The official way works and I like to use it. Problem is: There is so much more than one way and each time it works a new edition, another webenhancement and one more supplement gives variety. Or my truth be written: Spoils fun and sprerads more chaos and confusion.

How to handle a group of six people (ergo five players for one is game master or mistress) overwhelmed by two-thousand possible class mixes, several dozens of feats hidden in whatever add-on and same on spells?

See: Shillelagh, Magic weapon and Bless weapon are in game-mechanics one spell. Different names to clarify that one is druidic, one arcane and one clergy results in everything based on such to be spreading into more and more administration and less gaming.

I shared cost-free with the officials: The option of redefining feat gain. For in example a wizard or fighter will not all too often waste the few precious free feats on Birthright feats. Simply for there are more beneficial ones. Or sometimes even simply more needed ones. One of the reasons my characters, NPC's & monsters all gain some of those cultural feats in addition. Birthright is no generic D&D so why surrendering to generic solutions? At the website www.birthright.net people have a habit of talking as if magic works like in online games. By the rules I know even the richest „arcane fizzle“ runs out of spell components within one day. Further strength defines carrying capacity and money defines how often they can cast their spells, even if more are memorized. In truth after six magic missiles the backpack is simply out of ingredients for more, at optimum. That's one aspect of why a wagon full is needed for battle-field magic?

Blue Rose OGL table hints 1

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Added to Copyright Notice on demand of this license: In early February 2008 I, Andrè Michael Pietroschek, wrote & gamecrafted with intent of publishing, the included description of NPC class revision with feats under the use of the gray-white table on page one from the sanctioned chapters of www.birthright.net as playable & bearable classes for D&D (Dungeons & Dragons pen & paper Roleplaying Game) based on "The Revised (v3.5) System Reference Documents" by D20 Systems (as far as the download was named), BLUE ROSE OGL tables about mental stat meanings & Birthright PDF 3rd revision by Richard Baker. I hereby further mention in quite obvious text and colour that neither Wizards of the Coast nor D20 are in any form responsible for my publishings and I clearly verify, that I am not a member of their team or staff. Andrè M. Pietroschek, Germany, February 2008 END OF LICENSE

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