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Bernard Catholic Church

St. Bernard Parish 3601 North 65th Street Omaha, Nebraska 68104

Mass of Dedication February 1, 2009

Letter From the Pastor

February 1, 2009 Dear People of St. Bernard and Guests: A church building reflects, sustains and inspires a parish community in a variety of ways, all at the same time. It is a place for the Church to gather, to worship and to give thanks. Our newly renovated and restored church building is an artistic achievement accomplished through the skills of many craftsmen and women. But even more than that, is an accomplishment of the Holy Spirit working in the hearts of people belonging to this Eucharistic People, willing to share their time, ideas and monetary gifts as wonderful stewards of Gods gifts to them. It is because of all your generosity that people of the next several generations will have a place to gather, to worship, to give thanks and to become the People of God. I thank all of you for being here. I thank our pastor and Archbishop, Most Reverend Elden Francis Curtiss, for his presence and his sharing of his pastoral powers of consecration with us in this holy place. May all your generosity with our God return to you a hundredfold. Sincerely,

Fr. Jerome Spenner, Pastor

Immediately following the Dedication Mass, everyone is invited to continue our celebration at a reception being held in the St. Bernard School Cafeteria. Church photographs will be on display.
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History of our Parish

St. Bernard Church began as a white frame church in 1905 at 61st and Miami Streets on land donated by Bernard Post. (Bernie Posts grandson and his wife are still parishioners today!) The parish consisted of town-folk from Benson and its surrounding farmers. Fr. Harrington, pastor of St. Cecilias was the first to receive and expend funds on behalf of St. Bernard Church. In 1906, Fr. Fr. Harrington D.W. Moriarty became our first pastor. In 1912, the white frame church was hoisted up on rollers and moved to its present location. Also in 1912, a four-room, red-brick schoolhouse was built for the sum of $6,837. Sr. Mary Stephen, the first Baptismal Font The font of living water, as found in the Baptismal Font, is the heart of the community that is born in the sacrament of Baptism. Our Baptismal Font is a unique hand-blown clear glass bowl on a movable base, so that the water used in the Sacrament of Baptism is fully visible to the community. Crucifix The large Crucifix was designed by Dave Fitzpatrick, built by Wood Specialties, and hand carved by John Keyser. The corpus (the Body of Christ) was sculpted in Italy, as was the smaller corpus on the processional cross. They are both designed to match the Spanish style renovated church. The Crucified Christ was given to the parish through the efforts of Fr. Paul Hoesing. Processional Cross and Candle Stands The Processional Cross and Candle Stands are constructed of forged iron which is both lighter and richer looking than the previously used black wrought iron. The Processional Cross leads the community into their gathering place and is placed in a prominent place. It also serves as the cross of the altar. The Processional candles are also used as the candles at the altar which are a sign of reverence and festiveness. The Easter Candle stand, which holds the Light of Christ, is also made of forged iron. Presiders Chair and Deacons Bench The presiders chair is the most ancient liturgical furnishing originally termed cathedra or bishops chair. It is a symbol of the priest role as representative of the archbishop and as the celebrant who presides over the assembly, directing our prayer. The deacon, who assists the priest, sits at his side in a special chair designed for him. Fr. Spenner had the idea of developing the book case built between the two chairs. Pews The church pews were made of solid oak and stained dark to bring out the Spanish Renaissance Revival style of the church. The Fleur de lis, which adorns the end of each pew, is representative of St. Bernard of Clairvaux as well as matching the Fleur de lis decorations seen throughout the church. Other new furnishings found throughout the church The credence table, flower tables on either side of the tabernacle, and gifts table at the rear of the nave were made of the same forged iron and marble used in other pieces. The stand which holds our Parish Book of Prayer is placed in the chapel area of the Sanctuary.

Fr. D.W. Moriarty

principal, and two others from the Sisters of Mercy Order, came to staff the school. As a result of recruiting efforts, 75 children were enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th Grade that first year, each Sister taking three grades. In July of 1914, our second resident pastor, Fr. Jeremiah Buckley, later to become Msgr. Buckley, came to St. Bernard Church. Due to the growth in the parish, the cornerstone of a new church was laid on the Feast of St. Bernard, August 20, 1939. Ten years later, the parish launched another building program. The property across the street from the old red-brick schoolhouse was purchased. On August 2, 1950, a new school was dedicated in Omaha.

Fr. Jeremiah Buckley

In June of 1953, Fr. Anthony S. Kluthe, later to become Msgr. Kluthe, became pastor. He soon found that the school, only 3 years old, was not large enough for the growing number of children seeking admission. Therefore, he contracted for the construction of an eight-room addition, which was dedicated in 1955. Following this construction, a new rectory was completed in 1957.

Fr. Anthony Kluthe


Artifact Notes
Altar The Catholic Church teaches that the altar is the single most important artifact in the church. It is a primary symbol of Christ. At the altar the sacrifice of the cross is made present under sacramental signs. It is also the table of the Lord and the People of God are called together to share in it. Consequently, many hours were spent so that the design of our altar would be of great quality and beauty. Once a particular theme was decided on (to match the spiral pillars within the church), the Renovation Committee commissioned David Fitzpatrick, owner of Wood Specialties, a previous parishioner of St. Bernard, to create the altar furnishings. He carried this spiral design throughout the other furnishings in the church. White marble with gold striations tops the altar. Buried in the center of the marble is a relic of St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Tabernacle It is important to the people of Saint Bernard's for the Holy Eucharist to be reserved in such a way that the tabernacle is visible to the assembly. The brass tabernacle is quite old and ornate. Fr. Ryan Lewis (the Associate Pastor at that time) actually found it hidden in a closet in the rectory. It was discovered to have been the original Tabernacle used on the altar before the church was renovated in 1979. With great excitement, it was restored by Koleys, Inc. to its former glory. David Fitzpatrick created the wood structure to encompass the antique Tabernacle of old to match the new altar. Ambry The wood and forged iron cabinet hanging on the wall in the sanctuary (on the west side of the altar) holds the containers of sacred oils - Oil of the Sick, Oil of the Catechumens, and the Sacred Chrism - which are blessed each year by the Archbishop at the Cathedral. They are used in the Sacraments of Baptism, Confirmation and Anointing of the Sick. Ambo Every liturgy includes the celebration of the Word of God. The Ambo should be elevated, fixed and of suitable design and nobility to proclaim the Word of God to the assembly. Again, the Ambo was designed by David Fitzpatrick to match the altar style and color. John Keyser (a St. Bernard parishioner) carved the cross that is attached to the front of the Ambo.

In 1959, a modern convent was built on land purchased west of the school. (Later, in 1971, this convent was sold to the Poor Clare Order.) In 1965, the school received yet another eightroom addition. In November of 1967, Msgr. Edward McCaslin came to be the new pastor at St. Bernard Church. One of the many accomplishments of Msgr. McCaslin was to begin the Parish was

to begin the Parish Memorial Endowment Fund. In 1979, St. Bernard went through a major interior renovation. The church pews were replaced with cushioned chairs which allowed the altar to be moved to the center of the church. Msgr. McCaslin remained at St. Bernard until the time of his death in May of 1984. Fr. Tom Ward became pastor in 1984 until 1989. Fr. Roland Peschel was pastor of St. Bernard Church from 1989 until 1997. Fr. Jerome Spenner became pastor in June 1997. In 2000, following several attempts to stop water damage by partial repairs to the roof, Fr. Spenner and the Parish Council decided to undertake a major renovation that addressed both the exterior and interior. The Renovation Committee was formed, and Bahr Vermeer Haecker was chosen as the architect. BVH was to produce a
Fr. Tom Ward

Msgr. Edward McCaslin

Masterplan Study for the Church Building Renovation. The Masterplan was to include proposals for repair of the building envelope, repair of interior finish and a revised interior design which would revert to a more traditional approach more sympathetic with the historic interior design of the church, while providing for the needs of modern Catholic liturgy. In the spring of 2001, a Capital Campaign was begun to finance a multiphase renovation of our church. Lund Ross Constructors was selected as the general contractor in 2002. Phase I of the renovation was completed. Improvements included total roof renovation replacing all underlayment and all damaged roof tiles,

Fr. Roland Peschel


removal and replacement of mortar over approximately 80% of exterior walls, paint and reseal around all window frames, and removal of heating and air conditioning systems which were at or near the end of their useful life and replacement with two package HVAC units. In 2003, priorities for future renovation phases were set at joint meeting of the Parish Council, Renovation Committee, Parish Finance Committee and Development Committee. Dedication Planning Committee: Fr. Jerome Spenner, Pastor Athletic Club Christian Family Movement Deacons and wives Development Committee Funeral Committee Home and School Knights of Columbus Liturgy Committee Music Ministry Office of Religious Formation Outreach Committee Parish Pastoral Council Renovation Committee School Board Welcoming Committee Youth Ministry Construction/Design Personnel: Bahr, Vermeer and Haecker, Architects Paul Jeffrey, President Nicolette Amundson, AIA Gary Bowen, FAIA Lund Ross Constructors, Inc. Larry Lundquist, President Scott A. Thompson, Project Manager Wood Specialties, Inc. David Fitzpatrick, former parishioner Baldwin Flooring Don Baldwin, parishioner Midwest Sound and Lighting Tim Burkhart Rattigan-Schottler, Inc. Pat Rattigan Koleys, Inc. Restoration of Tabernacle

Fr. Jerome Spenner

Phase II was completed in 2005. The now unused air conditioning duct was removed, water damaged plaster on and above the cornice was repaired. The cornice and ceiling vault were painted and new electrical service and lighting were installed. Phase III was completed in 2007-2008. The following items were completed: Sanctuary platform was extended into the nave of the church. Handicap access was provided to sanctuary. Transept platforms were removed Water damage to exterior walls below the cornice and ceilings over the ambulatories were repaired. Remainder of church walls and ceilings were repainted. Floor covered with ceramic tile and with carpet under the pews. New pews installed. New dark stained oak woodwork was installed. New sound system was installed. The new sanctuary furniture was delivered on December 19, 2008. This includes the altar, tabernacle, ambo, presiders chair, deacons bench, baptismal font, ambry, credence table, gift table, processional cross and candle holders, and Easter candle stand. It should be noted with great pride, that the Reconstruction Phase II and III was achieved without any bank loans and proceeded only when Phase I was completed and paid for. Today, there are approximately 865 families in the parish.

Special Thanks
Principal Celebrant: Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss Master of Ceremony: Fr. Patrick Harrison Concelebrants: Fr. Jerome Spenner, Pastor Fr. Matthew Gutowski, Resident Visiting priests of the Archdiocese Deacon of the Word: Rev. Mr. Charles Baughman Deacon of the Altar: Rev. Mr. Paul Dreismeier Altar Servers: Logan Kalkowski Megan Keyser Andy Sage Micah Waskowiak Josie Wren Ministers of the Word: First Reading: Connor Barnes Second Reading: Sue Keyser Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion: Visiting Priests of the Archdiocese Greeters and Ushers: Knights of Columbus Parish Welcoming Committee Presentation of Gifts: Members of the Renovation Committee Music provided by: St. Bernard Parish Combined Choir Directed by Ryan Weathers Archdiocesan and Parish Personnel: Archbishop Elden Francis Curtiss Fr. Jerome Spenner, Pastor Fr. Matthew Gutowski, Resident Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Charles Baughman Rev. Mr. & Mrs. David Christensen Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Paul Dreismeier Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Donald Kemp Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Timothy McNeil Rev. Mr. & Mrs. Edwin Osterhaus Mrs. Patricia Malcolm, Liturgy Coordinator Sr. Susan Ivis, Pastoral Minister Mrs. Eloise Seward, Principal Mrs. JoAnne Raleigh, Director of Religious Formation Mrs. Deb Waskowiak, Youth Minister Renovation Committee: Fr. Jerome Spenner, Pastor Mr. Andy Malcolm, Chairperson Mrs. Sharon Flohr Mr. Tom Gehringer, RIP Mr. Jim Lebeda Mr. Dick Mausbach Mrs. Jacquie O'Neill Mr. Eldon Waskowiak Mr. Dennis Young

Christmas 2008

Dedication of the St. Bernard Church Altar February 1, 2009 2:00 PM RITE OF DEDICATION Introductory Rites Procession Processional Hymn: Here at This Table (Whitaker, Music Issue #312) Greeting Blessing and Sprinkling of Water Sprinkling Rite: At this time the Archbishop will bless the altar, ambo, tabernacle, ambry, baptismal font, and Presiders chair. Song: Song over the Waters (Gather, #312) Gloria: Mass of Life Opening Prayer LITURGY OF THE WORD First Reading: Joshua 8:30-35 Response: Let Us Go Rejoicing to the House of the Lord Second Reading: 1 Corinthians 10:16-21 Alleluia: Give the Glory (Canedo, Music Issue #902) Gospel: Matthew 5:23-24 Homily Profession of Faith PRA YER OF DEDICATION AND ANOINTING Invitation to Prayer Litany of Saints Prayer of Dedication Anointing of the Altar Incensation of the Altar Lighting of the Altar LITURGY OF THE EUCHARIST Preparation of Gifts Song: The Harvest of Justice (Haas, Gather #300) Gift Bearers: Members of the Renovation Committee EUCHARISTIC PRA YER Holy, Holy, Holy Memorial Acclamation Doxology/Great Amen Communion Rite The Lords Prayer The Sign of Peace Lamb of God Mass of Glory Mass of Glory (Canedo, Music Issue #906) Mass of Glory Mass of Glory

Communion: Blest Are They (Haas, Music Issue #619) CONCLUDING RITES Recessional Song: Be Light for Our Eyes (Haas, Gather #244)