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General Questions

Which is the first super computer built in India?
plain boundary fill, flood fill and scan fill
What is the language used for Artificial Intelligence?
efine Avalanche diode multiplication
ow many flip flops are required for a modulo 19 counter?
A ring counter´s initial state is 01000. After how many clock cycles will it return to its
initial state?


plain Fork as applied to UNIX.In UNIX what does profile contain?
In UNIX what is echo used for? What is the requirement of MIM?
In UNIX what is the difference between select and poll?

$stem Programming

ow is relocatable code generated in an assembler?
ifferentiate between little ndian and Big ndian data format?
ow much information can be stored in 1-byte of an IBM pc compatible?
plain the superscalar architect of Pentium.What is runtime locatable code?
What is the difference between risc and cisc? Whose product is the Power PC?
What are the functions done during the first pass of an assembler?

ompiler onstruction

ow is Code optimization done using AG?
ow do parsers work?

%eor of omputation

What is Moore machine?What is a turing machine?What is a finite automata?

$oftware Engineering

Which are the different phases in a software life cycle?
ow much time is usually spent in each phase and why?
Why are analysis and testing phases very important?
What is testing? Which are the different types of testing?
What is unit testing, integration testing etc? escribe VRTX

omputer etworks

Why are networks layered? What is the advantage of that?
What is gateway used for?
What are network topologies? Which are the different types?
Give an eample of Bus type network?
What does CONNCT mean?
plain about thernet? Which is the protocol used in thernet?
plain the Shannon artley theorem.Give the features of CMA technology
ow many layers are there in OSI?
Why are partitions used? What are the different types of Partitions?
What bandwidth is suggested for ATM?What is meant by Subnet?
What is RSA? What is CP used for?
What is waterfall model, prototype model etc?
What is microwave propagation along the surface of the earth called?
ow does WINMAIN look like? What is the disadvantage of pcm?

atabase Management $stems
What is atomicity? What is indeing in databases?
What is the method used for disk searching?
plain Codd´s rule related to database
What is SQL? plain about NS
Briefly eplain Vision critical systems? Which is the database using VCS?
plain about RTOS and RMS

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