World war 2

Introduction: World War 2 is a huge subject and five pages isn’t enough to get even started with all the facts about ww2. So I am just going to write about the wars inpact on Europe and especially Finland and not on the war in the pacific. Ww2 had a great meaning in human history and one of my questions is what we (Humanity) has learned from ww2, and what would have happened from Finlands perspective if the war had ended in another way. So I am going to try to give a conclusion of ww2. I hope you enjoy your reading! Basic facts: World War II, or the Secound World War shook our world with the conflict between the Allied Powers and the Axis Powers. Over seventy nations engaged in the war, stretching trough out the whole world. World War 2 resulted in over sixty million human deaths, and became the deadliest conflict in history. The war lasted from 1939 to 1945 and ended with an Allied victory. Causes: On the first of September 1939 invaded Germany Poland, Germany was led by Adolf Hitler and the Nazi Party. The Soviet union joined the invasion on the 17th of September. The United Kingdom and France responded by declaring war on Germany. The Winter War: In a secret Soviet and German agreement, Finland was meant to be a so called “buffer zone”, a “buffer zone” is an area between countries that keep a distance between them to prevent violence. Sovjet was afraid that Finland should join forces with Germany, and Karelen was so near Leningrad that you could shoot with cannons from there and destroy the whole city. So now Sovjet found it necessary to take Karelen from Finland to prevent a devastating attack on Leningrad. Sovjet attacked on the 30th of November1939, which started the Winter War. My grandfather joined this war when he was 19 and he is still alive today. He has told me some stories from the war but he would rather not talk about it. He told me once that the Russians where starving and they reached a point when they threw their guns and came over the line and begged for food. The winters

where very cold then, not like this winter. Many injuries came from the cold, men froze their toes and hands when they had to be on the watch. I have asked my grandfather if he killed anyone and if he was scared, “bullets flew everywhere, I don`t really know if I hit any one. I just did what I had to do, I thought, if I am hit it is meant to be” he answered. Sovjet or “The red army” had an advantage of 4 to 1 in men (four times more men) than Finland but still they struggled with the finns. Finally Sovjet won Karelen from Finland. Operation Barbossa: On 22nd of June 1941, Operation Barbarossa began, the largest military invasion in history. A German force of over four million men, advanced into the Soviet Union, destroying almost the entire western Red Army in huge battles. By late November, the Germans had reached the gates of Leningrad, Moscow, and Rostov. When the winter came the Germans experienced a set down, the men where not equipped with winter clothing and the quick attack slowed down. Hitler thought that the war be over before the winter but he was wrong. The Continuation War:

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