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Marketing Services-II

Q1. ~Promotion of services is different from that of tangibles. Discuss.

Promotion oI services is diIIerent Irom that oI tangibles due to the Iollowing reasons:

1here are obvious differences between goods and services that are analyzed based on
characteristics of each
O good is a tangible object used either once or repeatedly service is intangible The
tangibility diIIerentiator indicates the ability to touch, smell, taste and see which is
absent in services This can be a deterrent to the service receiver to gauge the quality and
dependant on the service company reputation In the case oI goods the ownership oI the
product is transIerable Irom sellers to buyers, whereas in services there is no ownership

O n the quality Iront, with goods it is homogeneous, once produced the quality is uniIorm
across all line oI products They can be separated Irom the seller/ provider and not
dependant on the source Ior its delivery to the purchaser With regard to service it is
inseparable Irom the service provider and heterogeneous, where each time the service is
oIIered it may vary in quality, output, and delivery It cannot be controlled and is
dependant on the human eIIort in achieving that quality hence is variable Irom producer,
customer and daily basis

O nother key distinction is perishability oI services and the non perishability oI goods
Goods will have a long storage liIe and are mostly non perishable Whereas services are
delivered at that moment and do not have a long liIe or cannot be stored Ior repeat use
They do not bear the advantage oI shelI liIe as in the case oI goods like empty seats in
airlines With the production and consumption taking place simultaneously in services, it
diIIers Irom goods on simultaneity and the provisions Ior quality control in the process

O oth goods and services need not be driven by economic motives Several times goods
and services are linked closely and cannot be detached For example on purchase oI a
car, the good is the car but the processing, the provision oI accessories, aIter sales
activities are all services It is essential to note that the diIIerence between pure goods
and pure services are in contrast but most goods and services exist in between with a mix
oI both For instance, in a restaurant, Iood reIers to goods while the service is the waiters
oIIering, the ambience, the setting oI tables amongst others

Q2. What are the guidelines for improving the promotion of services?
The guidelines Ior improving the promotion oI services are as Iollows:
Show yourself as a professional:
iI your service is related with some product like hair transplant, dental, drycleaning you can
include photos that show several views oI your
service You may want to include a shot oI both the Iront and
back views ecause services are intangible but when you relate them with some physical thing
customers can see it and can easily make decision to buy
Let the consumer know the
benefits of the service:
In the competitive market every company is oIIering services but how one can diIIerentiate
himselI Irom others is by letting the customers know about the beneIits oI the services you are
providing , by knowing the beneIits customers will easily diIIerentiate one Irom others and can
easily make decision to render your services
Word oI Mooth Is suId Lo be one oI LIe besL Iorms oI udverLIsIng, und IL`s Lrue. A suLIsIIed
cusLomer wIII oILen LeII oLIers oI LIeIr experIence, wIIcI cun resuIL In IuLure suIes. MedIu udverLIsIng
In newspupers, on rudIo und TV wIII IeIp geL new cusLomers wIo wIII LIen Increuse busIness by LIeIr
spreudIng LIe word Lo LIeIr IrIends
onsistency. A busIness LIuL sLops udverLIsIng muy gIve LIe ImpressIon LIuL LIe busIness Is ouL oI
busIness. WIen peopIe see u busIness udverLIse Ior u Iong perIod oI LIme und LIen sLop, LIey muy geL
LIe IuIse ImpressIon LIuL LIe busIness Is no Ionger LIere, even LIougI IL Is sLIII open. ConsIsLenL
udverLIsIng yIeIds LIe besL resuILs
Lse cleur und smooth messuges: AdverLlsemenLs should be clear and conclse As much as you
wanL Lo be creaLlve wlLh adverLlsemenLs you also need Lo make sure LhaL you are honesL and slncere ln
offerlng your servlce
Say for example lf you are a parL of a law flrm conslder uslng brlef and clear messages ln your
adverLlsemenLs 1haL way you do noL confuse LargeL cllenLs buL effecLlvely geL your message across
Advert|se to emp|oyees Ad campalgns LargeL consumers wlLh lnformaLlon abouL Lhe company
lLs producLs and someLlmes lLs employees Ads also reach Lhe organlzaLlon's employees and
may conLaln lnformaLlon useful Lo employees ln meeLlng cusLomer needsWhen employees
belleve ads are effecLlve and value congruenL Lhelr cusLomer focus lncreases
ersona| se|||ng
Plan and follow through: You need to set aside speciIic days oI the week to concentrate on
selling and then plan your day Don't waste selling time by planning your day that morning Do it
at least by the day beIore
Prioritize your goals Ior the day and develop a schedule e sure to leave time Ior unexpected
events Then Iollow through on your plans and be consistent about devoting time Ior selling
Listen to and understand the customer: It is easy to end up doing all the talking when you are
trying to make a sale ut it is critical that you take time and listen to the customer You can't
help them iI you don't understand their problems
When you are talking, pay attention to how the customer reacts and pause to let them respond iI
needed They should see that you are trying to help instead oI just selling
ommun|cate va|ue AlLhough your ulLlmaLe goal ls Lo make a sale donL puL your energy lnLo
convlnclng Lhe cusLomer Lhey should buy lL ls noL abouL persuaslon as much as lL ls abouL solvlng Lhe
cusLomers problem
You must be able to communicate the real value oI your product or service Learning to see
things Irom the customer's point oI view and then communicating to them how you can help is
the way to make the sale
%alk about previous successes: n excellent way to communicate the value oI what you are
selling is to give the customer an example oI how your product or service solved another
customer's problem
Customers are hesitant to buy because they aren't sure they will get the results they want
Showing them proven results Ior a previous customer can reduce their Iear
e sure you have the permission oI the previous customer to use them as an example Even
better, get their permission to use a positive quote about your business or ask them to write a
Follow up: Follow up with prospective customers aIter your initial contact This can be a simple
thank you note showing that you appreciate their time It will also serve to remind them oI your
business and what you have to oIIer It may also be appropriate to Iollow up in other ways during
the selling process
Stay in contact with customers who have made a purchase This lets them know you are
concerned about being sure their problem was solved and that you are still there to help in the
Publicity: Ior eIIective publicity one should consider Iollowing :
WHO lS THE CUSTOMER? What sort oI peopIe wIII read the pubIIcIty and buy the servIceZ A cIear descrIptIon oI your
target audIence wIII heIp you gauge what sort oI IeeI your desIgn shouId have. The Iook oI your desIgn shouId aIways
reIIect the preIerences oI the customer, not your own preIerences or the preIerences oI your cIIents.
2. WHAT ARE YOU COMMUNlCATlNC? What emotIons shouId you conveyZ What specIIIc thIngs shouId you draw the
reader`s attentIon toZ Read your cIIent's copy careIuIIy. Use the message oI the copy, especIaIIy the headIInes, to InspIre
the 'message` oI your desIgn.
3. HOW CAN YOU RElNFORCE THE MESSACE OF THE COPY? s your desIgn consIstent wIth the messages In the copyZ
Can you Increase the Impact oI the copy message In your desIgn approachZ For exampIe, II you're desIgnIng a brochure
Ior some computer soItware, and the domInant marketIng message seems to be that the soItware Is 'easy to use', your
desIgn shouId reIIect cIarIty and Ireedom, maybe wIth Iots oI whIte space and cIear copy sectIons. n short, don't reIy on
your cIIent to brIeI you properIy on what the desIgn shouId achIeve. Take the InItIatIve to work It out yourseII.
4. CAN YOU SHOW SERVlCE ENEFlTS? Can you demonstrate how good the servIce Is through your choIce oI vIsuaIZ
Can you show how the servIce makes a reaI dIIIerence to peopIe`s IIvesZ Read through the copy and make a note oI aII
exampIes oI what the product does Ior the user. Then thInk about how you can demonstrate peopIe beneIItIng Irom the
servIce In your graphIcs and choIces oI photos.
5. HOW CAN YOU PRESENT THE service? Can you show the servIceZ Even better, can you show peopIe beneIIted Irom
the servIceZ PubIIcIty that shows peopIe Is proven to be the most successIuI at drIvIng saIes. Cood pubIIcIty shouId
encourage readers to ImagIne themseIves usIng the product-so show peopIe oI the same demographIc usIng the
product! Cet as many pIctures oI the product as possIbIe, and work these pIctures Into your desIgn.

Sales Promotion
4 Increase in sales by providing extra incentive to purchase May Iocus on resellers
(push), consumers (pull) or both
4 bjectives must be consistent with promotional objectives and overall company
4 alance between short term sales increase and long term need Ior desired
reputation and brand image
4 ttract customer traIIic and maintain brand/company loyalty
4 #eminder Iunctions-calendars, T Shirts, match books etc
4 Impulse purchases increased by displays
4 Contests generate excitement esp with high payoIIs

Q3. How direct sales method of distribution for service is different from sale via
Direct sales methods:
Direct sales can be a profitable way of doing business for these reasons; profits are maximized. The customer
also benefits, because there is a one-on-one relationship with the seller. The Internet and the telephone are
common ways of using technology to direct sell. The Internet has revolutionized direct sales because it is
relatively inexpensive and easy to set up a website and you can get a 24-hour global audience for your product.
In-home product demonstrations, group meetings, and parties-used by companies like Longaberger (baskets)
and Mary Kay (cosmetics)-are other direct sales methods
O %elemarketing - This is one oI the chieI direct sales tactics prevalent today There are
diIIerent methods used to get your sales Ilowing and also make customers happy to take
your calls You should be very pleasant and stay on the point while making your sales
O Direct Mail - This is marketing conducted exclusively through mail Direct mail may
vary in Iormat, but usually conIorms to standard mailing requirements direct mail
package includes a letter, brochure or even both
O Direct Response - This is an advertising technique that urges consumers to respond in a
certain manner, usually to buy a product, and also provides them the means to do so
business reply card is a direct response tool

Q4. What is Quasi-retailing? What are the features found in every franchise
Q5. Define services personal. Explain high contact and low contact organizations.
Q6. Explain the six steps for maintaining and improving services personnel quality and
Q7. Define and explain Peripheral evidence and essential evidence.
Q8. Define services environment? What problems do services organizations have to
overcome in managing service environment?
Q9. Explain some traditional areas of operations management in managing management
Q10. Classify the services operating system according to their purposes.
Q11. Is marketing services internationally different from marketing goods? Discuss
Q12 What are the six ways in which a service organization can improve the productivity
of its operations?