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CPA1L8 1


10 ln18CuuC1lCn
1hese chapLers conslsL abouL Lhe background of sLudy lncludlng deslgn brlef Lhe Lask
sLaLemenL of problem alm and ob[ecLlve slgnlflcanL of Lhe sLudy dellmlLaLlon of sLudy and
llmlLaLlon of sLudy

12 uLSlCn 88lLl
Lveryday soluLlon
uue Lo Lhe changlng sLrucLure of Lhe famlly and lLs lncreaslngly dlverse formaLs LhaL have
appeared ln recenL decade and wlLh Lhe gradual shrlnklng of llvlng space has led Lo greaLer
appreclaLlon on everyday soluLlon Lrend 1hls Lrend ls furLher appreclaLed as emphaslzed by
economlsL llke flaLLer and wlllmoL explaln 'downLurns are sLressful and Lyplcally lncrease
people's deslre for slmpllclLy" and accordlng Lo sLudy undersLandlng Lhe osL8ecesslon
Consumer publlshed ln Lhe Parvard 8uslness 8evlew slmpllclLy ls a Lrend LhaL acceleraLes ln
Llmes of economlc crlsls and wlll grow furLher ln Lhe long Lerm due Lo change ln consumer
A recenL phenomenon mlghL be framed wlLhln Lhls Lrend producLs LhaL were orlglnally
deslgned for users ln emerglng economles such as lndla Chlna or 1alwan are beglnnlng Lo see a
consumer demand ln more maLure economles 1hey are more lnLulLlve Lo use because Lhey
were lnlLlally deslgned for lnexperlence users Lhey are more robusL more energy efflclenL and
are backed by good deslgn
Accordlng Lo Lhe hablLanL Lrend reporL 2010/2011 everyday soluLlon Lrends ls ln llne wlLh Lhe
general feellng LhaL consumpLlon needs reLhlnklng Lhrough a pracLlcal lance 1hls Lrend ls based
on Lhe new soluLlons users flnd Lhemselves ln lL proposes dynamlc lngenlous and pracLlcal
producL LhaL faclllLaLe dally acLlvlLy Pere everyLhlng LhaL ln mulLlfuncLlonal Lransformable
collapslble modular and polyvalenL ls reLrleved and reLhoughL
Moreover socleLles wlLh more experlenced shoppers have become lnLeresLed ln Lhese
producLs as Lhey are cheap slmple Lo use and lnLulLlve Lhelr good deslgn ls appreclaLed by
more experlenced consumers and Lhey are more susLalnable Lhen Lhe premlum verslons Lhey
are used Lo ( source Lrend waLchlng) more lmporLanL LhaL Lhese producLs are able Lo
communlcaLlon havlng Lhe necessary lnformaLlon and focuslng on whaL ls really lmporLanL
rlme values are Lransparency and clarlLy of lnformaLlon boLh ln Lhe way Lhe message ls
expressed and producL seLLlng
1he flrms and deslgners LhaL are produclng Lhls Lrend ln markeL such as Campeggl Segls or
deslgners such as no problem MaLall crasseL and La Cran[a

13 1he 1ask
naLlonal 8lood CenLre (un) locaLed aL !alan 1un 8azak kuala Lumpur ls an organlzaLlon LhaL ls
responslble for plannlng and developlng servlces ln Lhe blood Lransfuslon naLlonal and reglonal
un had come ouL wlLh some problem wlLh Lhelr moblle unlL workplace and how Lo geL Lhe
lnLeresL of people Lo donaLe blood Accordlng sLaLemenL of Lhe pusaL darah negara Lhey have
some dlfflculLy on moblle unlL dependlng on many aspecL LhaL should research 1he need of
un on Lhe producL Lhey lnsplred had record
lrom Lhe sLaLemenL l are requlred Lo choose whaL l need Lo deslgn or redeslgn based on Lhe
research daLa analysls and needs of usaL uarah negara as soluLlon as a whole secLor ropose
deslgn soluLlons Lo Lhe chosen producL

14 S1A1LMLn1 Cl 8C8LLM
1he usaL uarah negara (un) had comes ouL many problem on moblle unlL slLuaLlon Moblle
unlL have make Lransfer Lhelr all equlpmenLs LhaL Lhey used for blood Lransfuslon aL moblle unlL
area 1he Lransfer all equlpmenL whlch ls used LransporLaLlon 1herefore Lhe un come ouL
wlLh problem llke Lhls
1 All Lhe equlpmenLs are can sLorage ln one producL LhaL convenlence slmple and modern
2 A good organlzlng sysLem
3 Workplace more sysLemaLlc and clean

13 AlM Anu C8!LC1lvL
1he alm of sLudy ls Lo deslgn a new producL for Lhe usaL uarah negara LhaL conslder from
deLalllng problem ldenLlflcaLlon of Lhe research 1he deslgn could saLlsfled Lo Lhe un 1he
ob[ecLlve of Lhe pro[ecL are
1 LsLabllsh and use Lhe research and deslgn meLhodology for come ouL wlLh new producL
LhaL fulflll Lhe conslderaLlon of problem ldenLlflcaLlon
2 1o seek Lhe human behavloral vlsuallzaLlon on Lhe producL
3 Lo deslgn a new producL LhaL fulflll Lhe conslderaLlon of Lhe problem on Lhe moblle unlL

16 SlCnlllCAn1 Cl 1PL S1uu?
1hls sLudy alms Lo prepare sLudenLs for developlng Lhelr undersLandlng ln roducL research and
uevelopmenL SLudy how Lo conLrlbuLe Lhe research meLhodology Lo come ouL wlLh Lough
ldeaLlon for Lhe producL proposal wlLh several ways
1 applylng Lhe knowledge ln research meLhodology Lo undersLand Lhe needs of user ln
Lerms of producL performance usablllLy manufacLure and aesLheLlc
2 lnformaLlon LhaL gaLhered from Lhe research have Lo analyzed and develop a producL
LhaL have feaLures Lo solve Lhe problems of currenL producLs ln Lhe markeL
3 use Lhe human behavlors Lo aLLach Lhe deslgn crlLerla ( Lo aLLracL people Lo donaLe

17 uLLlMl1A1lCn Cl S1uu?
Slnce lack on Lhe medlc Lechnology llLeraLure Lherefore Lhe case of sLudy more aLLenLlon Lhe
aesLheLlc lnnovaLlon and funcLlonal lnnovaLlon 1he ergonomlcs and anLhropomeLrlcs
measuremenL are deLermlne SafeLy and prlvaLe are also deLermlne on Lhe blood Lransfuslon

18 LlMl1A1lCn Cl S1uu?
1here are some consLralnL when make Lhe pro[ecL Lack of Lhe observaLlon on Lhe moblle unlL
(un) on Lhe Llme llne of Lhe body movemenL of user or donaLor when blood Lransfuslon body
posLure deLalllng when use Lhe equlpmenLs ulscusslon and llLeraLure searchlng process make
all ln Lhe conLrol and can achleve Lhe alm and Lhe ob[ecLlve of Lhe pro[ecL deslgn

CPA1L8 2
Ll1L8A1u8L 8LvlLW
20 ln18CuuC1lCn
1hls chapLer presenL abouL Lhe llLeraLure revlew of Lhe usaL uarah negara lLs conslsL
llLeraLure revlew abouL Lhe usaL uarah negara and research deslgn flow charL
21 uSA1 uA8AP nLCA8A
naLlonal 8lood CenLre (un) locaLed aL !alan 1un 8azak kuala Lumpur ls an organlzaLlon LhaL ls
responslble for plannlng and developlng servlces ln Lhe blood Lrasfusl naLlonal and reglonal
un provldes experL servlces ln Lhe areas of rocuremenL and 8lood uonaLlon 1ransfuslon
Medlclne laLeleL Serology 1ranfuslon Mlkrobologl PemaLology lmmunohemaLologl
roducLlon and fracLlonaLlon PemosLasls lnvenLory and lmmunogeneLlk PlsLokompaLlblllLl
Paemophllla CuallLy / 8lochemlsLry 8lood sLrap and PealLh LducaLlon CenLer
1o lmprove servlces and ensure LhaL members of Lhe un for Lralnlng and conLlnuous learnlng
un has organlzed and provlded Lralnlng lnLernally naLlonally and lnLernaLlonally Lhrough
courses semlnars workshops and conference
un also has been recognlzed accredlLaLlon from naLa (naLlonal AssoclaLlon of 1esLlng
AuLhorlLles) AusLralla for Lhe sLandard lSC / lLC 17023 Popefully wlLh Lhls recognlLlon wlll be
more confldenL cusLomers wlLh servlces and blood producLs supplled ln Lerms of quallLy and
Message from Lhe ulrecLor

DN |s the hope to recru|t more b|ood donors

provlde quallLy servlce Lhrough Leamwork prudenL professlonal lmbued wlLh respecL for
lnnovaLlve and cuLLlng edge knowledge and a neLwork of collaboraLlon beLween oLher
lnsLlLuLlons wheLher wlLhln or ouLslde Lhe SLaLe for conducLlng research and sharlng
knowledge for Lhe well belng of paLlenLs donors blood donors and lndlvlduals ln healLh care
and socleLy ln general

lor paLlenLs comforLable
uonors blood
CurrenL knowledge


nASL 1 C8SL8vA1lCn 1 uSA1 uA8AP nLCA8A (llx

nASL 2 C8SL8vA1lCn 2 unlkL (MC8lLL unl1 )

nASL 3 uA1A AnAL?SlS
O 8CuuC1 AnAL?SlS
O AC1lvl1? AnAL?SlS
nASL 4 8C8LLM luLn1lllCA1lCn
ul8LC1lCn lCCuS


MCCku ( uLSlCn 12343 )


CPA1L8 3

30 ln18CuuC1lCn
1hese chapLers are dlscusslon abouL Lhe meLhodology Lechnlque Lo make a research lLs
conslsLs research deslgn deslgn process meLhod chosen explorlng deslgn slLuaLlon and

31 8LSLA8CP uLSlCn
1he alms make Lhe research deslgn of Lhe equlpmenLs and acLlvlLles for each area Lo deflne
any problem LhaL conslder 1hls sLudy noL abouL Lo flnd Lhe problem on Lhe producL Lhey
used Lhe workplace also can relaLed on Lhe pro[ecL deslgn

llgure 1 Lhe deslgnlng process flow dlagram by speck deslgn

32 uLSlCn 8CCLSS

llgure 2 1he 1hree SLages of 1hlnklng rocess ln ueslgnlng

!ones (1970) descrlbed LhaL deslgnlng comprlses of Lhree essenLlal sLages of analysls
synLhesls and evaluaLlon lL can be descrlbed as breaklng Lhe problem lnLo pleces puLLlng Lhe
pleces LogeLher ln a new way and LesLlng Lo dlscover Lhe consequences of puLLlng new
arrangemenL lnLo pracLlce 1he Lhree sLages are named dlvergence LransformaLlon and

D|vergence ls Lhe acL of exLendlng Lhe boundary of a deslgn slLuaLlon so as Lo have a large
enough and frulLful enough search space ln whlch Lo seek a soluLlon MeLhods approprlaLe aL
Lhls sLage lnvolve boLh raLlonal and lnLulLlve acLlons and common errors of newcomers Lo
deslgn meLhodology ls Lo be far Loo speculaLlve aL Lhls sLage and fall Lo see Lhe polnL of facL
flndlng before Lhey Lake any crlLlcal declslons and before Lhey dlscover whaL ls lL Lhey are
looklng for 1here are meLhods of explorlng deslgn slLuaLlons lnvolved wlLh Lhe dlvergence
Lhlnklng and Lhe meLhods are
1 SLaLlng Cb[ecLlves
2 LlLeraLure Searchlng
3 Searchlng for vlsual lnconslsLencles
4 lnLervlewlng users
3 CuesLlonnalres
6 CbservaLlon
7 lnvesLlgaLlng user 8ehavlor
8 SysLemaLlc 1esLlng
9 SelecLlng Scales of MeasuremenL
10uaLa Logglng and uaLa 8educLlon

1ransformat|on ls Lhe sLage of paLLern maklng fun hlghlevel creaLlvlLy flashes of lnslghL
changes of seL lnsplred guesswork everyLhlng LhaL makes deslgnlng dellghL 1ransformaLlon
sLage ls when [udgmenLs of values as well as of LechnlcallLles are comblned ln declslons LhaL
should reflecL Lhe pollLlcal economlc and operaLlonal reallLles of Lhe des|gn s|tuat|on CuL of all
Lhls comes Lhe general characLer or paLLern of whaL ls belng deslgned a paLLern LhaL ls
percelved as approprlaLe buL cannoL be prove Lo be rlghL 1here are meLhods of search|ng for
|deas and methods of prob|em structure lnvolved wlLh Lhe LransformaLlon Lhlnklng and Lhe
meLhods are
1 8ralnsLormlng
2 8emovlng MenLal 8locks
3 Morphologlcal CharLs
4 1wo Axls CharL
3 lnLeracLlon MaLrlx
6 SysLem 1ransformaLlon
7 lnnovaLlon by 8oundary ShlfLlng
8 luncLlonal lnnovaLlon

Lxplorlng deslgn
Searchlng for ldeas

Convergence 1he sLage afLer problem has been deflned Lhe varlables have been
ldenLlfled and Lhe ob[ecLlves have been agreed lL ls Lo reduce Lhe secondary
uncerLalnLles progresslvely unLll only one of many posslble alLernaLlve deslgns ls lefL as
Lhe flnal soluLlon Lo be launched lnLo Lhe world Convergence ls Lo reduce a range of
opLlons Lo a slngle chosen deslgn as qulckly and cheaply as can be managed and wlLhouL
Lhe need for unforeseen reLreaLs 1hls ls Lhe only aspecL of deslgnlng LhaL appears Lo
lend lLself Lo a wholly raLlonal explanaLlon and whlch can ln some cases aL leasL be
done enLlrely by a compuLer 1here are meLhods of evaluaLlon lnvolved ln Lhe
convergence Lhlnklng and Lhe meLhods are
1 CheckllsLs
2 SelecLlng CrlLerla
3 8anklng and WelghLlng
4 SpeclflcaLlon WrlLlng
3 Culrk's 8ellablllLy lndex

All Lhe Lechnlque of research meLhodology llke above Lhe meLhodology are chosen whlch ls
sulLable wlLh Lhe deslgn slLuaLlon of Lhe producL and undersLandlng by Lhe researcher

llgure 3 meLhod chosen of medlc producL deslgnlng process

8C!LC1 88lLl
(LvL8?uA? SCLu1lCn)
Ll1L8A1u8L SLA8CPlnC
(blood Lransfuslon behavlors)
(flx unlL moblle unlL)
1woaxls charL
SelecLlng crlLerla
xplotloq Jeslqo sltootloo (Jlvetqeoce)
5eotcbloq fot lJeos (Jlvetqeoce- ttoosfotmotloo)
volootloo to ottocb oo ptoJoct coocept
34 LxLC8lnC uLSlCn Sl1uA1lCn

1hls chapLer presenLs abouL how Lo make geL lnformaLlon abouL blood Lransfuslon slLuaLlon Lo
develop a new soluLlon All Lhe acLlvlLy ln explorlng deslgn slLuaLlon are caLegorles by phase
a) hase 1 C8SL8vA1lCn 1 ( llx unl1 )
b) hase 2 C8SL8vA1lCn 2 ( MC8lLL unl1)
c) hase 3 uA1A AnAL?SlS (8CuuC1 AnAL?SlS)
d) hase 4 llnulnC 8C8LLM luLn1lCA1lCn

341 PASL 1 ( observaLlon 1 )

henomenologlcal research
ln Lhe form of narraLlve and hlghly deLalled descrlpLlons CreaL emphasls ls glven Lo Lhe
meLhods of recordlng evenLs clrcumsLances and slLuaLlons wheLher Lhe phenomena belng
sLudled are real llfe or pro[ecLlons as ln llLeraLure or fllm



We all ln one group are observed
aL pusaL darah negara ( un ) We
observe a acLlvlLy on flxed unlL

l used camera and capLure lmages
of acLlvlLy on flxed All Lhe Lools
LhaL lnclude also capLure
CbservaLlon on fleld

llgure layouL of flx unlL pdn

LayouL of flx unlL aL pusaL darah negara sLaLe aL !alan 1un 8azakkuala Lumpur 8ased on layouL
flgure above all Lhe sLep are ln arrange successfully 1he un are provldes many space for
people Lo blood donaLlon 1he layouL roughly have four area Lo donaLlon blood whlch ls
reglsLraLlon area prlvaLe lnLervlew area donaLlon area and refreshmenL area
All Lhe area have Lhelr own funcLlon and Lhelr own equlpmenL All Lhe equlpmenL and sLep
every area had observed and recorded

SLep of acLlvlLy of blood donaLlon on un (flx unlL )

lorm fllllng
llll Lhe record flle personal ldenLlLy

8lood check group
Check Lhe blood group A8A8C deLecL flrsL weaLher have any sympLom llke PlvAluS and
many more LhaL conslder can lmpacL Lhe danger resulL

CuesLlonnalre Lo donaLor LhaL Lo ensure Lhe donaLor can pass Lo donaLlon process lLs
lmporLanL Lo avold Lhe reacLlon afLer blood Lransfuslon llke falnL Some advlce had glven ln Lhls
area Lo make safeLy of donaLor

key ln all daLa abouL personal ldenLlLy when all Lhe sLep above had passed

8lood Lransfuslon
8lood Lransfuslon process

8lood packlng
8lood had sLored ln speclal place Lo make Lhe blood always fresh Lo glven 1he sample of blood
are complle wlLh Lhe blood bag Lo ensure noL be changlng wlLh oLher blood bag
uonaLor musL eaL some food and drlnk Lo recharge blood sysLem ln Lhe body

LlsL of equlpmenL every area
1 8eglsLraLlon area

Mlcro Llps
Alcohol swap
ulsponslble flle
CounLer cablneL
SLeel conLalner
Mlcro plpeLLe
CoLLon ball
2 lnLervlew/counsellng area

WelghL scale

8lood pressure seL

3 1ransfuslon blood area

8lood sample Lube
SLeel conLalner
leezlng ball
Mlcropore holder
ConLalner blood
sample Lube
8lue screen
uonaLlon chalr

8lood bag

Moblle Lrolley
c-ring c|ipper c|ipper
kldney Lray
8|ccc pre::ure
342 PASL 2 ( observaLlon 2 )

henomenologlcal research
ln Lhe form of narraLlve and hlghly deLalled descrlpLlons CreaL emphasls ls glven Lo Lhe
meLhods of recordlng evenLs clrcumsLances and slLuaLlons wheLher Lhe phenomena belng
sLudled are real llfe or pro[ecLlons as ln llLeraLure or fllm



We all ln one group are observed
at un|kL (moblle unlL )

l used camera and capLure lmages
of acLlvlLy on moblle unlL All Lhe
Lools LhaL lnclude also capLure
CbservaLlon on fleld

llgure moblle unlL ( usaL uarah negara ) aL unlkL

31 SepLember 2011 Monday we all ln Lhe group are go ouL Lo unlkL for observe Lhe moblle unlL
acLlvlLy for donaLe blood All acLlvlLy producL each area are capLure Lo make some analysls Moblle
unlL LargeLed one hundred donaLor blood LhaL means Lhey only provldes one hundred equlpmenL LhaL
lnvolved Lo Lhe operaLlon All equlpmenL are Lake lL wlLh Lhelr LransporL 1herefore Lhey had Lry
compacL Lhelr equlpmenL ln one LransporLaLlon lor provldes Lhe layouL of moblle unlL llke above had
Lake lL 20 mlnuLe only
1he procedures donaLe blood on moblle unlL

lorm fllllng

8lood group check



8lood Lransfuslon

8lood packlng


All Lhe procedures have Lhelr own producL or same producL All Lhe sLep have record and how
Lo use Lhe equlpmenL had recorded Loo 8lood Lransfuslon area had use many producL and
some problem LhaL ldenLlfled All Lhe sLep are same wlLh Lhe flxed unlL excepL blood packlng
procedures 1hey have provldes place for blood bag sLorage Lo malnLaln Lhe LemperaLure of
blood ( 20 C 24 C )

ueLalllng observaLlon for each sLep
1 lorm fllllng

1he donaLor have fllllng Lhe form flrsL before
make Lhe blood Lransfuslon
1he form fllllng area have provldes pen form
fllllng Lable chalr for donaLor 1he arrangemenL
for area ls llke Lhls plcLure
2 8lood check group

1he arrangemenL for all equlpmenL LhaL use ls llke Lhls
plcLure Cnly one person LhaL make Lhe checklng blood
Alcohol swap
Mlcro plpeLLe
ulsposal flle
Pemoglobln LesL
3 lnLervlew/ counsellng

4 8eglsLraLlon

nurse have counsellng or lnLervlew Lo donaLor
Lo make all are pass for Lhe donaLor make Lhe
Lransfuslon nurse use 8 seL for check Lhe
blood pressure welghL scale for welghlng Lhe
body welghL
All Lhe quesLlon musL be answer by donaLor for
allowed any effecL afLer Lransfuslon or durlng
blood Lransfuslon
uonaLor had pass all Lhe checklng and lnLervlew Lhey
have Lo reglsLer Lhelr name lnLo Lhe llsL of donaLor Lo Lake
any advanLages from un and many more
1he donaLor's name had recorded
3 8lood Lransfuslon

1kANIUSICN process

vlsual for blood Lransfuslon area Moblle unlL use 9
donaLe chalr and 1 Lable for arrange Lhe equlpmenL
Lhey use

SLep for blood Lransfuslon area
LlsL equlpmenLs for blood Lransfuslon

6 8lood packlng

Pand sealer

vlsual for blood packlng area 2 worker are asslgned for blood
packlng process Lach worker have dlfferenL work Lhey had
make whlch ls blood packlng and record Lhe blood group bag
lLs use for cllp Lhe
blood Lube
8lood conLalner
lor sLorage Lhe blood
bag and malnLalns
Lhe LemperaLure
8lood sample Lube
lor Lake some
blood for LesL and
Lhelr had arrange
carefully Lo avold
changlng wlLh
7 8efreshmenL

lL's a lasL area for donaLor ln blood Lransfuslon process for recharge energy LhaL losL afLer
blood Lransfuslon When blood had been ouL more lLs can affecL Lhe body Lo weak and
un provldes some nuLrlLlous food Lo avold Lo very weak uonaLor LhaL advlsed Lo Lake
resL afLer blood Lransfuslon
343 PASL 3 uA1A AnAL?SlS

roducL name 8lood donaLlon chalr kldney Lray 8 seL vC plpe
Model/cosL unknown
MaLerlal used Alumlnum/perforaLed
vC nylon rubbersLeel vC
SpeclflcaLlon 1700 x 330 x 830 mm

200 x 100 x 100

unknown + 3 x dlameLer

Appearance More Lo funcLlonal
Mlnlmal Slmple and
funcLlonal deslgn
leaLures loldable modular kldney shape MomanomeLer
gauge lnflaLlon
bulb nylon zlpper
sLeel conLalner
Lasy Lo
luncLlons Chalr for donaLlon Carry medlc
rovldes pressure
Lo donor's arm

1o speed up blood
flow ln Lransfuslon

uLlllLy Lasy Lo carry buL
no parLlLlon ComforL Cheap and easy Lo

SafeLy/hazard 8ough movemenL no
lnsLrucLlon sharp
uoesn'L have
sulLable place Lo
lraglle Pave sharp edges

urawbacks 8ough movemenL no
lnsLrucLlon sharp
Small Lhe shape
Lhe equlpmenLs
LhaL ls placed
uoesn'L have
speclflc place Lo

noL aLLracLlve and

CllenL's need More comforLable
and relax
Pave saLlsfled Pave speclflc for
hook and handle Lo
More funny and
Creen quoLlenL no lmpacL Lo
lasLlc hazard unknown vC affecL

roducL name SLress ball

8lood bag

8lood sampllng
LCnCS1A8 !lchun
MaLerlal used 8ubber


Class or L1 medlcal and hlgh
SpeclflcaLlon 3 x" dlameLer x 7/8"

C13x73mm 1ml 2ml 3ml
Appearance Crganlc shape

Medlcal sLandard

Cyllnder look llke
1he hlgh
leaLures Colourful aLLracLlve
and comforLable

lnslde Lhe bag

Several colors Lo
luncLlons 1o speed up blood
flow ln Lransfuslon

1o sLore blood

1o Lake sample
lor ln[ecLlon
uLlllLy Lasy Lo carry and
comforLable for

SLorlng blood and
lL ls used as a
paddlng for
donors arm

anLlcoagulanLs easy
Lo carry
Lasy Lo carry
SafeLy/hazard 8ound shape allow
more comforL
lraglle Lo Lhe

low LoxlclLy of Lhe
sodlum clLraLe
Lasy Lo fall down
and damage
urawbacks Cverused space

1he blood bag ls
connecL Lo Lhe
paddlng blood

lraglle lraglle
CllenL's need unknown Pave speclflc
holder and hook
Pave speclflc for
CllenLs afrald
when see Lhe
Creen quoLlenL 8ubber affecL

roducL name 1L8uMC hand sealer

Model/cosL 1erumo

MaLerlal used MeLal plasLlc

SpeclflcaLlon unknown

Appearance Llke playar shape

leaLures Medlcal funcLlon

Lo sLrlp Lublng crlmp
alumlnum seallng cllps
and cuL Lublng

uLlllLy Lasy Lo carry and easy
Lo use

SafeLy/hazard Pave hand grlpplng
for comforL when use

urawbacks Lasy Lo damaged

CllenL's need unknown

Creen quoLlenL

344 llnulnC

lrom my research l had done l can come ouL 3 maln problem ln Lhe case ( moblle unlL ) are
prlvacy unorganlzed feellng fear promoLlonal and safeLy unorganlzed and safeLy as my
dlrecLlon focus ln my pro[ecL

ul8LC1lCn lCCuS
uescrlpLlon for flve problems had ldenLlfled
1 rlvacy

ueflnlLlon (prlvaLe) ls Lhe ablllLy of an lndlvldual or group Lo seclude Lhemselves or
lnformaLlon abouL Lhemselves and Lhereby reveal Lhemselves selecLlvely

SlLuaLlon Lhe counsellng or lnLervlew area ln Lhe blood donaLed was area LhaL can
ldenLlfled as prlvaLe area All Lhe lnformaLlon glven from donaLors had secreLed

8ased on Lhe plcLure Lhe medlc's worker had use Lhe blue screen Lo cover Lo prlvaLe Lhe area
roblem derlved Lhe moblle unlL use LransporLaLlon Lo move Lhe blood donaLe's locaLlon Lhey
musL use all Lhe space ln Lhelr LransporL (van) Lo flll all Lhe equlpmenLs and Lhey make efforL Lo
reduces cosL ln LransporLaLlon Many space use for brlng Lhe blue screen

2 unorganlzed

ueflnlLlon some slLuaLlon are noL arrange ln a good and can make dlfflculLy

llgure slLuaLlon LhaL noL unorganlzed successfully
roblem derlved Lhey noL have proper Lhlng (producL ) LhaL can hang or as hook Lhe Lhlngs Lo
look more organlzed Lhey use anyLhlng Lo make Lhe work more easler 1he slLuaLlon mosLly
made on Lransfuslon area

3 leellng fear
lrom Lhe research fear feellng beLween Lhe people a one cause LargeL blood donaLed
noL achleve
l donL llke needles / l am scared of needles / l am afrald Lo glve blood" some people
ask llke Lhls(hLLp//wwwbloodlndexorg)
ln Lhe same case Lhe process for Lransfuslon blood on moblle unlL are open cause oLher
people feel fear [usL look Lhe procedures

4 romoLlonal

Mlsslon of pusaL darah negara ls Lo aLLracL more people Lo donaLe blood 1hey need Lo make an
lnlLlaLlve Lo aLLracL more people Lo Lhe necessary blood supply ls noL reduced Lach area has lLs
own way and sLyle of lLs own Lo enLlce people Lo donaLe blood such as reglsLraLlon area blood
checklng area counsellng area blood Lransfuslon area and many more 1he promoLlonal
concepLs are dependlng on anyLhlng lncludlng Lhe producL Lhey use

3 SafeLy

SafeLy ls an lmporLanL elemenL ln any slLuaLlon and employmenL naLlonal blood cenLer ls also
concerned abouL Lhe elemenLs on producL safeLy workplace layouL and all equlpmenLs SafeLy
durlng blood donaLlon process ln Lhe moblle unlL ls closely relaLed Lo how organlzed all Lhe
equlpmenLs LhaL are Lhe rlghL and Lo refraln from any negllgence
8ased on Lhe flgure unexpecLed careless are happen can make any accldenL Lo operaLlon or Lo

ul8LC1lCn lCCuS

8ased on Lhe scorlng charL on Lhe organlzlng sysLem l can conclude Lhe blood Lransfuslon on
Lhe moblle unlL of pusaL darah negara had many problems on Lhe organlzlng sysLem
(unorganlzed) 8lood Lransfuslon ls a key area ln Lhe process of blood donaLlon and aL here ls an
area LhaL uses a loL of equlpmenLs
lrom Lhe problem LhaL ldenLlfled safeLy elemenL ls mosLly relaLed on organlzlng sysLem
unorganlzed equlpmenLs or workplace layouL can lnvlLe accldenL wlLh a small careless 1he
moblle unlL also gave very llmlLed space on Lhelr workplace and Lhe un's people Lake a
lnlLlaLlve Lo use Lhe place wlLh properly

CPA1L8 4
8C!LC1 uLSlCn

40 ln18CuuC1lCn
1hls chapLer presenL abouL Lhe pro[ecL deslgn proposal lLs lncludes Lwoaxls charL Csborn
LransformaLlon and vlsual lnconslsLency

41 uLSlCn 8CCSL
Lo deslgn a new producL LhaL conslder for puL all Lhe equlpmenLs for Lransfuslon process and
convenlence sulLable for moblle unlL Jeslqo coocept

42 8CuuC1 CvL8vlLW

llgure producL overvlew LhaL relaLed wlLh my pro[ecL Lo esLabllsh new concepL of moblle
Lrolley LhaL conslder from problem ldenLlfled had been done
1rolley had been used on flxed unlL for LransporLaLlon any equlpmenLs of blood donaLlon
especlally on blood Lransfuslon area 8ased on Lhe plcLure we can deLermlne all Lhe
equlpmenLs are noL organlzed well All abouL Lhe Lrolley had deLermlne on producL
kldney Lray used on especlally for moblle unlL Lo carry any equlpmenLs llke conLalner blood
sample Lube syrlnge sclssor and many more 1hey used kldney because easy Lo carry llghL
welghL and easy Lo operaLe
Cn my pro[ecL Lhe Lwo exlsLlng producL are relaLed each oLher on Lhelr funcLlon 1he same
funcLlon are wlLh a new aesLheLlcs faces Lo one producL ( 2 ln 1)

kCDUC1 ana|ys|s (moblle Lrolley medlc)


name moblle Lrolley
maLerlal plasLlc/ alumlnlum
speclflcaLlon 430 x 820 x 730 mm
appearance noL sLyle old fashlon
feaLures moblle porLable
uLlllLy no parLlLlon
safeLy/hazard 1he equlpmenL easy Lo fall
drawbacks lLem ln Lhe mlddle of Lhe Lray ls
hard Lo reach

1he producL use for medlc donaLe blood
because Lo carry anyLhlng equlpmenLs or
Lools anywhere ln Lhe workplace
for easy Lo conLrol Lhe Lrolley
lack of ergonomlcs and anLhropomeLrlcs
measuremenL of handle
for easy Lo move anywhere
WP? PAvL A81l1lCn?
Lo carry Lhe equlpmenLs and Lools
noL have dlvlder Lo avold
equlpmenLs fall
C8SL8vA1lCn oLher use for moblle Lrolley ls as worksLaLlon place llke recordlng wrlLlng flle
and many more no have speclflc place for each producLs (unorganlzed) no have wasLe bln
LlmlLed space and equlpmenLs easy Lo fall

1he producL uses for Lhe medlcal donaLe blood process Lhls producL lmporLanL on blood
Lransfuslon area

8lood Lransfuslon
8lood Lransfuslon area
Maln place for donaLe blood many procedures ln Lhls secLlon and many producL had used for
blood Lransfuslon process 1herefore movemenL on Lhe blood Lransfuslon area very llmlLed
because lLs full wlLh equlpmenLs and producLs had lmpacLed from unorganlzed of Lhe producLs

A118AC1lCn for moblle Lrolley
have holder for conLrol Lhe Lrolley
have wheels for movemenL
have parLlLlon
square shape

flgure vlsual lnconslsLency of Lrolley ( flx unlL)

43 SLA8CPlnC lC8 luLAS
431 CS8C8n 18AnSlC8MA1lCn

llgure searchlng for ldeas Csborn LransformaLlon (1963)
Cn my pro[ecL l use Csborn LransformaLlon meLhod Lo ldeas searchlng Lo converL Lhe flnal
producL pro[ecL lrom Lhesaurus deflne l geL 9 words LhaL relaLed wlLh my pro[ecL deslgn Lo
comes ouL wlLh new soluLlon As a gulde llne

432 1WCAxlS CPA81

llgure Lwoaxls charL or producL poslLlonlng Lo my producL pro[ecL deslgn
1argeL deslgn are hlgh aesLheLlc lnnovaLlon and low funcLlonal lnnovaLlon ueflnlLlon hlgh
aesLheLlc lnnovaLlon ls deslgn a new producL wlLh a new face shape body or exLerlor
ueflnlLlon for low funcLlonal lnnovaLlon ls Lhe funcLlon of producL had been exlsL on any
producL LhaL relaLed and Lake Lhe funcLlon whlch ls adapL comblne and many meLhod Lo apply
on new producL deslgn