HEALER'S MEDITATION (Pavan Guru Rasayana )

Si!ing cross leg#d on $ floor, wi% a &raight 'ine, no sl(ching.Hands are in $ lap in venus lock. Eyes are open and focused on $ tip of $ nose . *e brea% %r(gh $ nose will follow %, rhy%m :

Inhale in 4 equal pa-s , repeating :
"SA - TA - NA - MA"

Exhale in 1 pa- , repeating:
"WAHE GURU" (3-5 minutes)... (all done %r(gh $ nose only) .

For energy(increse praanic energy) and to break depression.


roll $ eyes up

Still si!ing in same position,now close $ eyelids and and focus at $ brow point (aagya

(A&hang Sahaj Pranayam )

chakra), $ 'ace between $ eyebrows.

Follow $ brea% in and (t of $ body, and #ntly a!ach $ following .abads

"sa ,ta ,na ,ma "as $ brea% enters $ body.

and "wa ,he ,gu ,ru "as $ brea% leaves $ body.

Let $ brea% be effo-less and flow smoo%ly in and (t naturally, $ chest doesn't move, only lower abdomen

moves (t on $ inhale and back in towards $ 'ine on $ exhale .( #ntle abdominal brea%ing) (3-5 minutes )

For returning to y(r inner center, where calm, peace and bl,s abide .

****Sat Naam Wahe Guru**** ਸ"#ਨ ਮ#ਡਲ ਇਕ" ਜ+ਗੀ ਬ/ਸ0 ॥ ਨਾਿਰ ਨ ਪ"ਰਖ" ਕਹਹ" ਕ+ਊ ਕ/ਸ0 ॥ Sunn mandal ik Yo#e ba,0 Naar na purakh kahahu k( ka,e (sggs 685).

" *ere , One Yogi , who sits in $ deepest

Samaadhi. He , nei%er male nor female; how can anyone desc2be Him? "

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