COMPARATIVE OF EQUALITY (Comparativo de igualdad) AS + ADJECTIVE + AS (affirmative) Pau Gasol is as tall as his brother. (TAN + ADJETIVO + COMO) SO /AS + ADJECTIVE + AS (negative) (NO TAN + ADJETIVO + COMO) THE SAME + NOUN + AS Penelope Cruz is as beautiful as Paz Vega. I am not so/as rich as Bill Gates. This chair isn’t so/as comfortable as this sofa. She lives in the same street as her sister.

(EL/LA/LO MISMO + SUSTANTIVO + QUE) My friend has the same mobile phone as me. COMPARATIVE OF INFERIORITY (Comparativo de inferioridad) LESS + ADJECTIVE + THAN A car is less fast than a plane.

(MENOS + ADJETIVO + QUE) A fly is less intelligent than a dolphin. COMPARATIVE OF SUPERIORITY (Comparativo de superioridad) SHORT ADJECTIVE-ER + A plane is faster than a car. ADJECTIVES THAN Angelina Jolie is prettier than Susan. (1 syllable or 2 (MÁS + ADJETIVO + syllables finishing QUE) in: -er, -ow, -y) LONG ADJECTIVES MORE + ADJECTIVE A dolphin is more intelligent than a fly. + THAN (2 syllables or more) (MÁS +ADJETIVO + QUE) SUPERLATIVE (Superlativo) SHORT THE + ADJECTIVEAlice is the tallest girl in her class. ADJECTIVES EST This is the happiest day of my life. (1 syllable or 2 (EL / LA / LO MÁS) syllables finishing in: -er, -ow, -y) LONG ADJECTIVES THE + MOST + This is the most interesting book I’ve ever ADJECTIVE read. (2 syllables or more) (EL / LA / LO MÁS) SPELLING CHANGES (cambios en la ortografía) - pretty →prettier than / the - Adjetivos cortos que terminan en –y y antes de la – y hay una consonante→se cambia la –y por –i y se prettiest añade –er o -est. - happy →happier tan / the happiest - fat → fatter than / the fattest - Adjetivos cortos (1 sílaba) que terminan en consonante-vocal-consonante y el acento recae en la

última sílaba→al añadir –er o –est se dobla la última - big →bigger than / the biggest consonante. - Si el adjetivo termina en -e →sólo se añade –r o – - nice→nicer than / the nicest st IRREGULAR COMPARISON (La comparación irregular) ADJETIVO ADJECTIVE COMPARATIVE SUPERLATIVE BUENO GOOD BETTER (THAN) THE BEST MALO BAD WORSE (THAN) THE WORST LEJANO/A FAR FARTHER / FURTHER (THAN) THE FARTHEST /THE FURTHEST VIEJO/A OLD OLDER /ELDER (THAN) THE OLDEST / THE ELDEST MUCHO MUCH / MORE (THAN) THE MOST MANY POCO LITTLE LESS (THAN) THE LEAST

Now practise comparatives and superlatives with these exercises:
EXERCISE 1: Choose the correct form for each word.
1. What is the comparative of "lively"? A. B. C. D. ? ? ? ? livelyer more livelyer livelier more livelier

2. What is the superlative of "small"? A. B. C. D. ? ? ? ? smallier smaller smalliest smallest

3. What is the superlative of "soft"? A. B. C. ? ? ? softest softiest softtest



most soft

4. What is the superlative of "ugly"? A. B. C. D. ? ? ? ? uglier uggliest uglyest ugliest

5. What is the superlative of "deep"? A. B. C. D. ? ? ? ? deeper deepper deepest deeppest

6. What is the comparative of "heat"? A. B. C. D. E. ? ? ? ? ? heater heatter heatier hetter none of these

7. What is the comparative of "hot"? A. B. C. D. ? ? ? ? hoter hotter hotest hottest

8. What is the comparative of "sad"? A. B. C. ? ? ? sader sadder sadier




9. What is the superlative of "unpleasant"? A. B. C. D. ? ? ? ? unpleasant most unpleasant more unpleasant unpleasantest

10. What is the comparative of "destructive"? A. B. C. D. ? ? ? ? destructiver more destructive destructivier more destructiver

EXERCISE 2: Completa con la forma comparativa o superlativa del adjetivo escrito entre paréntesis.
1. This computer is (new) 2. Lisa is (old) 3. George is (young) 4. Lucy is (young) 5. That car is (expensive) 6. That car is (expensive) 7. Your car is (fast) 8. Your car is (fast) 9. This house is (big) 10. This house is (big) than your computer. than George. than Lisa. in the class. than this car. in the market. than this car. in the race. than my house! in the neighbourhood.

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