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tvlooy (author) February 21, 2011 commit 77bee456db5c51a86f2f tree d6907f826f9bcf2bd9d4 parent db668af741d85bce343a weather-station / history message openbsd/ February 21, 2011ioctl led example [tvlooy] LICENSE January 20, 2011 info about net4801 gpio [tvlooy] READMEFebruary 21, 2011add ioctl example [tvlooy] README name age
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Please read the file LICENSE for more information.050" header with 12 programmable general purpose input/output pins and com2 serial port access at TTL level. It's an old release.htm . User I/O. To keep it exciting. Station 1: ---------The first version of the station is be based on a Soekris Engineering net4801.soekris.http://www. I'm not going to disclose all my plans.http://wiki. in the end. please see the PC87366 datasheet for programming information and electrical specifications. Let's see what information dmesg has about GPIO: [root@casper ~] # dmesg | grep -i gpio gpio0 at gscpcib0: 64 pins nsclpcsio0 at isa0 port 0x2e/2: NSC PC87366 rev 9: GPIO VLM TMS gpio1 at nsclpcsio0: 29 pins 2 sur 5 27/06/2011 14:59 .pdf Basically it's an i386 device with an AMD Geode CPU (234 MHz) and 128 MB RAM. The weather station relies on sensors to measure temperature and other stuff.7.GitHub https://github. You can find details about the net4801 (which is end of life by the way) at: . Introduction: ------------I want to explore some technologies.tvlooy/weather-station . at the "JP5" Weather station: ================ Legal information: -----------------This project and all code and documentation attached to it are subject to the ISC license. The following is taken from the net4801 manual: JP5. I'm able to play with all the things I had in mind. What I'm interested in is the board's GPIO pins. But. The pinout that is in the 4801 manual seems this repository will contain code and information to make yourself a nice weather station. you need to refer to the pinout that is on the wiki of the "net5501 JP5 GPIO mappings" for working values: . It should be relatively easy to attach sensors to these pins.http://www. 20 pins 0. pin 1 is the top left pin.3V Power | 1 | 2 | +5V Power | -| | GPIO 16 | GPIO 3 | 3 | 4 | GPIO 4 | GPIO 17 | | GPIO 18 | GPIO 5 | 5 | 6 | GPIO 6 | GPIO 19 | | GPIO 20 | GPIO 7 | 7 | 8 | GPIO 8 | GPIO 21 | | GPIO 22 | GPIO 9 | 9 | 10 | GPIO 10 | GPIO 23 | | -| GND | 11 | 12 | GPIO 12 | GPIO 04 | | GPIO 05 | GPIO 13 | 13 | 14 | GND | -| | GPIO 11 | GPIO 15 | 15 | 16 | GPIO 16 | GPIO 16 | | -| GND | 17 | 18 | RXD | -| | -| TXD | 19 | 20 | GND | -| +-------------+-------------+-----+------+-----------+-------------+ OpenBSD: -------The device is running OpenBSD 4. They are connected directly to the PC87366 Multi-IO +-------------+-------------+------------+-----------+-------------+ | PC87366 Pin | Function | Pin Number | Function | PC87366 Pin | +-------------+-------------+-----+------+-----------+-------------+ | -| +3. When the board is viewed as on the illustration (ethernet ports facing you).com/manuals/net4801_manual. but that's not really relevant for what I'm doing with it at the moment.soekris.soekris. By developing a weather station.

org/cgi-bin/man. I attached an LED to the pin.securelevel: gpioctl gpio1 attach gpioow 21 0x01 When I reboot the # sysctl hw. you can use the sysctl(3) subroutine.cgi?query=gpio .cgi?query=gpioow http://www.securelevel: gpioctl gpio1 17 set out pp As you can see.http://www.openbsd.temp0=24. GPIO pins have to be enabled in securelevel lower than 1. An example to toggle a LED can be found in "openbsd/toggle/blink.openbsd. so you have to enable the pin in /etc/rc. 3 sur 5 27/06/2011 14:59 . the PC87366 chip is found at gpio1. Then. I attached the data pin of the thermometer to gpio pin 21 and attached a onewire(4) bus on a gpioow(4) device on pin 21. gpioctl gpio1 17 on Sensor: ------The DS18B20 is a digital thermometer with a 1-Wire interface. the gpioctl command will notice the pin: # gpioctl /dev/gpio1 /dev/gpio1: 1 pins To test if this worked. you can use the following command with parameter 'on'.owtemp0.GitHub https://github.sektion=3 Take a look at the file "openbsd/temperature/read. But that's awesome.openbsd. The default securelevel is 1.tvlooy/weather-station On OpenBSD. Information on how to use the routine is in the manpage: .pdf To read the temperature from a C" for an Here are some relevant manpages: .19 degC (sn 000001b3da23) Here is some reference material on the 1-Wire stuff: http://en.sensors. you can just read it with the sysctl(8) command.openbsd.cgi?query=owtemp The exact details on how to connect the sensor's pins can be found in the DS18B20 datasheet. 'off' or 'toggle'. We don't need device gpio0. To set the LED value. you have to use the GPIO Pin number (17) and not the JP5 pin number. After reboot.cgi?query=onewire http://www.datasheetcatalog.wikipedia. The device is listed under hw. The following was added in /etc/rc.http://www.c".cgi?query=sysctl&amp.owtemp0 hw. which can be downloaded at: .org/wiki/Onewire http://www. the device is found: gpioow0 at gpio1: DATA[21] open-drain pull-up onewire0 at gpioow0 And: owtemp0 at onewire0 "Temperature" sn 000001b3da23 Reading the temperature is very easy now.sensors.

com/tvlooy/weather-station Powered by the Dedicated Servers and Cloud Computing of Rackspace Hosting® Blog About Contact & Support Training Job Board Shop API Status © 2011 GitHub Inc.tvlooy/weather-station . Terms of Service Privacy Security Format Text Headers # This is an <h1> tag ## This is an <h2> tag ###### This is an <h6> tag Text styles *This text will be italic* _This will also be italic_ **This text will be bold** __This will also be bold__ *You **can** combine them* Lists Unordered * Item 1 * Item 2 * Item 2a * Item 2b Ordered 1.GitHub https://github. Item 3 * Item 3a * Item 3b Miscellaneous Images 4 sur 5 27/06/2011 14:59 . All rights reserved. Item 2 3. Item 1 2.

com .com/tvlooy/weather-station ![GitHub Logo](/images/logo.tvlooy/weather-station . indent your code 4 spaces Here is a Python code example without syntax highlighting: def foo: if not bar: return true Inline code for comments I think you should use an `<addr>` element here instead.png) Format: ![Alt Text](url) Links http://github.GitHub https://github.facebox({div:'#foo'}) } } ``` Or.automatic! [GitHub](http://github. Code Examples in Markdown Syntax highlighting with GFM ```javascript function fancyAlert(arg) { if(arg) { $.com) Blockquotes As Kanye West said: > We're living the future so > the present is our past. 5 sur 5 27/06/2011 14:59 .

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