The BFG - written by Roald Dahl

Read Chapter 1 and answer the questions in complete sentences.
Chapter 1 - The Witching Hour.
Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________
Where does the story take place?______________________________________________
Using a bubble map list the descriptive words used to describe the setting.

How did Chapter 1 make you feel? _____________________________________________
What words did the author use to make you feel this way? ___________________________
Predict what may happen in the book. ___________________________________________

Read Chapter 2 and answer the questions in complete sentences
Chapter 2 - Who?
Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________
Describe the BFG in your own words. ____________________________________________
Draw what you think the BFG would look like, using the description in the book.

Imagine you are Sophie. Tell me what you are thinking after you see the BFG.
What do you think the long, thin trumpet is for? ___________________________________

Read Chapter 3 and answer the questions in complete sentences.
Chapter 3 – The Snatch
Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________
What does Sophie fear will happen to her? _______________________________________
Do you think she is correct? Explain. ____________________________________________
Draw Sophie and write 8 words to describe her and her feelings when snatched by the BFG.

In the next chapter you will read words that are very long and hard to pronounce. ___________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What simile did Sophie use to describe how she thought the giant might cook her? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ At the end of the chapter the giant shouted. We will practice this skill during chapter 5 when the BFG starts to talk a little more about Giant Country. Chapter 4 – The Cave Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ List two things from this chapter that show a change in setting (time and place). “What has us got here?” What do you think will happen next? _____________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ EOG Skill: Word Meaning from context. Using the clues from these sentences you must figure out the meaning of the unfamiliar word!!! Remember it does not matter if you can pronounce it or not…make up a word.Read Chapter 4 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Read the sentence that contains the word along with the sentence before and after. The important part is that you can figure out its meaning. Usually these words are in bold print or italics when you see them in a selection. A good way to do this is circle the word. Words you have never seen before! These words are just like words you may come across on your EOG. . With all unfamiliar words you have to use your context clues to help you figure out the meaning.

Chapter 5 and 6 – The BFG and The Giants Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What did Sophie think the BFG’s ears were as big as? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What was the BFG.Read Chapter 5 and 6 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Using context clues what do you think the following words mean? Write your answers in complete sentences. _______________________________________________________________________ . You think I is a man-gobbling cannybull? _______________________________________________________________________ The Turks are more scrumdiddlyumptious! _______________________________________________________________________ Some are uckyslush. _______________________________________________________________________ Your head is emptier than a bundongle.s favorite human bean? (human being) Why? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What do the letters BFG mean? ______________________________________________ The Giant uses funny words when he talks.

On the lines below your picture. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ . list phrases from the book describing the giants.They would put me in the zoo with all those squiggling hippodumplings and crocadowndillies. _______________________________________________________________________ Draw a picture below of what Sophie saw when she looked out of the cave.

Write description of the BFG. Underneath your picture predict if this meal is nutritious or not. Don’t just list things about him…show in words what Sophia found out about him!!! _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Personification: __________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Page 45 example: ________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ The giant is HUNGRY at the end of this chapter. Draw a picture of what you think his meal may look like! Use the next page to show the giants meal.Read Chapter 7 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Explain your prediction! . Chapter 7 – The Marvellous Ears Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Imagine you are Sophie.

Fill the giant’s plate! What will he eat?? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ .

compare the BFG and yourself! BFG Me .Read Chapter 8 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Chapter 8 – Snoozzcumbers Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Draw and write a description of a snoozzcumber! Description: ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ ________________________________ Were your meal predictions correct from chapter 7? _______________________________ Why do giants not have mothers? ______________________________________________ Using the double bubble map below.

Does the BFG enjoy eating snoozcumbers? _______________________________________ Why is it funny that the BFG does not want to steal cauliflowers and carrots? _____________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ .

Chapter 9 – Bloodbottler Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What/Who is the Bloodbottler? _______________________________________________ How did he get his name? ___________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ How was the Bloodbottler different to the BFG? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Where did Sophie hide? What happened to her? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What do you think will happen in the chapter “Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers”? ____________ _______________________________________________________________________ .Read Chapter 9 and answer the questions in complete sentences.

Chapter 10 – Frobscottle and Whizzpoppers Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What did you like best about this chapter? _______________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What did you learn about the BFG? _____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ How did the relationship between Sophie and the BFG change in this chapter? _____________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Design your own bottle of Frobscottle. but does not tell us what is used to make this Giant Country drink! Be creative with your ingredients! Enjoy a glass of refreshing Frobscottle while you work!  . The book describes the flavor.Read Chapter 10 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Draw a picture and decorate the label (including a list of ingredients).

80) _____________________________________________________________ Barrier (pg. 75) ____________________________________________________________ Desperately (pg. use a flow map to sequence the main events in this chapter! If you finish early you should add illustration to your boxes! . You can use your dictionary to find words.Read Chapter 11 and answer the questions in complete sentences. for meanings. to check spellings. 80) ___________________________________________________________ On the back of this sheet. 71) _________________________________________________________ Intercept (pg. and to understand explanations. 73) _________________________________________________________ Hurled (pg. for pronunciation. 79) ___________________________________________________________ Vast (pg. Write the definition in a complete sentence. Vocabulary Protest (pg. Chapter 11 – Journey to Dream Country Skill: Using a reference guide to further understand vocabulary from text. 79) ________________________________________________________ Blurred (pg. Use your dictionary to locate the following words. 70) ___________________________________________________________ Wasteland (pg. 72) _________________________________________________________ Clustering (pg. 78) ________________________________________________________ Phenomenal (pg.

Chapter 13 – A Trogglehumper for the Fleshlumpeater Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What does the BFG believe defines one age? _____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What does the BFG do with the nightmare he caught in Dream Country? _________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What effect does this have on Fleshlumpeater? ___________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Who is “Jack” and why do the giants fear him? ____________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Why does Sophie laugh at the BFG being scared of Jack and his beanstalk? ______________ _______________________________________________________________________ At the end of the chapter.” What caused him to smile like this? _________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Why do Sophie and The BFG feel that the nightmare went to good use? __________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Describe Good and Bad Dreams in the chart below: Good Dreams Bad Dreams . “The BFG smiled a big wide smile of absolute pleasure.Chapter 12 Assignment: Dream Jar Read Chapter 13 and answer the questions in complete sentences.

Use a double bubble map to compare and contrast the good and bad dreams.) Read Chapter 15 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Chapter 15 – The Great Plan Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Why is Sophie so upset at the beginning of this chapter? ____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What was the BFG’s response to how why she was upset? ____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What character trait has the BFG lost? _________________________________________ Who does the Fleshlumpeater long to gobble? _____________________________________ Why will he never try to eat this person? ________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What is Sophie’s solution to their problem? ______________________________________ Does the BFG think this is a good idea? Why or why not? ____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ How will they make the Queen believe in the giants and giant country? ___________________ _______________________________________________________________________ How can the BFG “make” the queen’s dream? ______________________________________ What did Sophie want in the dream? ____________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What did Sophie finally convince the BFG to do at the end of the chapter? _______________ _______________________________________________________________________ What do you think will happen when Sophie and the BFG arrive in London? ________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ .Chapter 14: Dreams (Draw a phizzwizard and a trogglehumper.

Dream Recipe Ingredients: Directions: Serving Size – 1 awesome dream! Dream Recipe Ingredients: Directions: Serving Size – 1 awesome dream! Dream Recipe Ingredients: Directions: Serving Size – 1 awesome dream! .

Did this stop her “mission” or did this cause her to try even harder? _________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What was the “curious orange-colored glow” that appeared in this chapter? _____________ _______________________________________________________________________ What caused the BFG to become confused? ______________________________________ How did Sophie explain? _____________________________________________________ What did the BFG have to do before they finally made it to the Queen’s backyard at the end of the chapter? _____________________________________________________________ . Sophie became very ill. Chapter 16: Dream Recipe Chapter 17 – Journey to London Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Describe what Sophie saw when she woke up (after she realized the setting has changed!) _______________________________________________________________________ How long did it take the other giants to leave London? ______________________________ After seeing the giants with their full bellies.Read Chapter 17 and answer the questions in complete sentences.

__________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ On page 157 the maid. Predict what will happen in the chapter “The Queen” Read Chapter 19 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Copy down their reaction and explain what you can infer about the relationship each character has with the BFG based on their reaction. _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ . the Queen and Sophie all had very different reactions to seeing the BFG. draw a picture of how you imagine the Palace! Use a flow map to sequence this chapter. Chapter 19 – The Queen Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Why was the maid so upset with what the Queen had dreamed? ________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Describe what happened when the maid opened the curtains.Read Chapter 18 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Chapter 18 – The Palace Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ How did Sophie feel at the end of the chapter? ___________________________________ What caused her to feel this way? _____________________________________________ How would you have felt? Why? _______________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ On the back of this page: Using the description in the book.

Why were Sophie and the BFG excited at the end of the chapter? _____________________ _______________________________________________________________________ .

7. 1. 4. 3. How did the Queen’s servants accommodate the BFG for breakfast? ____________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What happened at breakfast that embarrassed Sophie and upset the BFG? _______________ _______________________________________________________________________ How many eggs did the BFG consume and why did he stop? ____________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Why did the Queen ask the BFG where the giants went two nights ago and three nights ago? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What do you think the Queen is planning to do based on what she requests at the end of this chapter? ________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ . 5. 6. 10. 8. 2. 9. Chapter 20 – The Royal Breakfast Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Write 10 words to describe the Setting at the Royal Breakfast.Read Chapter 20 and answer the questions in complete sentences.

Read Chapter 21 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Chapter 21 – The Plan Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Why is Sophie able to understand what the BFG is saying when the others are confused? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What plan did the BFG give to the Queen and Army? ________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Why was the Air Marshal not use to being told he was talking “slushbungle?” ______________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ Why was this funny coming from the BFG? _______________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ What special request did the BFG have at the end of this chapter? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ .

Describe where the Giants were taken? ________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 9. Do you think it is a good ending? How would you change it? _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ . _________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 6. Explain the ending of the Story. Do you think Sophie's plan was a good one? Why or why not? ________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 10. What was the 'amazing spectacle'? ___________________________________________ 8. What was the loud noise the Head of the Army heard? ____________________________ 5. Which giant woke up first? _________________________________________________ Explain what happened when he woke up.Where was Sophie hiding? __________________________________________________ 2.Read Chapter 22-24 and answer the questions in complete sentences. Where did they fly? ______________________________________________________ 3. What did each jeep contain? ________________________________________________ 4. What did Sophie do to help? ________________________________________________ 7. Chapter 22-24: Capture. Feeding Time and Author (page 182-208) Vocabulary: ______________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ How well did you read the Chapters? Answer these Questions in complete sentences: 1.


plot ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Chapter 14: The chapter titled "Dreams" is quite a long one. Examples: Chapter 1 – “The moonbeam was like a silver blade slicing through the room on to her face. and after reading the chapter we will do an activity about our own dreams. . Draw a good dream that they have had. so before beginning to read. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Here is a recipe for Frobscottle that smells and tastes like the description in the novel and the students have a grand time actually believing they will have to Whizzpop after drinking it! All you do is mix a little green food coloring with cream soda in a three liter bottle and make your own soda label with a Made in Giant Country and attach it to the bottle." After reading the reading this chapter ask your students to: o o o o o Draw a nightmare that they have had.” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------A good ongoing project throughout the book is to create a BFG dictionary where the children define the strange words the BFG uses. What makes them good/bad? Share the dreams with the class. "So. Record the class summary (major events from each chapter) by drawing a picture time line on chart paper (flow map). while we are reading this chapter.The BFG – Activities (use as time permits) After reading each chapter summarize what happened in the chapter. Skill: sequence. (Create a poster board tree map before lesson 1. prepare the kids by telling them that the chapter is about the good dreams and nightmares that the BFG collected. Explain the difference between good and bad dreams. think about the dreams that you have had. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As students read have them add similes and metaphors to a class tree map. Write down as many words as they can to describe these dreams.” “Everywhere was deathly still.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Homework Assignment: Create a dream jar. Write down your dreams and put them in your dream jar. . Share your dreams with your class. Decorate a jar.

_______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ .Roald Dahl uses some very strange words in his book. Make a List of 10 more 'strange words' in The BFG. Choose 5 of the 'strange words' on your List and give your meaning of the word.Name: ________________________________________ Date: _____________________ The Author . Why do you think Roald Dahl used these words. ________________________________ _______________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________ ________________________________ _______________________________ 2. Here are a few: • • butteryflies scrumdiddlyumptious • • frobscottle scrumplet 1. _______________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________ 3.

The BFG Tramping around the world blowing dreams into bedrooms. Big Friendly Giant is a . Listed below are a few examples. The BFG The Big Friendly Giant Has big ears. BFG lived in Giant Country with nine other giants. Giants only got to eat human beans and snozzcumbers. Giving the giants snozzcumbers.4. Frobscottle made him whizzpop. Filling his house with whizzpoppers. He lived in a cold cave. Do you think the use of these words makes the book more interesting?_____________ _______________________________________________________________________ As a culminating activity for this novel have students write acrostic poems. The BFG The BFG was 50 feet tall and had no knowledge. Everyone can see him from a mile away. Hiding Sophie in his ear. England is where Sophie was raised. Every morning he would go out and catch dreams. "BFG" Sophie called through the Queens window.

position BFG closest to NARRATOR 1. Sophie jumped back into bed and under the covers. BFG.Frizzle Giant. Narrator 2. speaking of Sophie) Now. and there you saw a giant! NARRATOR 2: That’s what happened to a little girl named Sophie. what has us got here? NARRATOR 1: The Giant put the trembling Sophie on the table. NARRATOR 2: …Sophie thought. (Dream Characters) NOTE: For best effect. and SOPHIE closest to NARRATOR 2. GENRE: Fantasy GRADE LEVEL: 4-7 ROLES: 4+ TIME: 10 min. NARRATOR 1: The Giant stared hard at Sophie. . NARRATOR 1: Then the giant saw Sophie. He had truly enormous ears. Sophie. There across the street was a giant. thin trumpet and a large suitcase. with a long. *** BFG: (to himself. SOPHIE: (to herself) Now he really is going to eat me. so you got out of bed and looked out the window. until they reached his enormous cave…in Giant Country. NARRATOR 1: Imagine late one night you couldn’t sleep. ROLES: Narrator 1. Each one was as big as the wheel of a truck. As a culminating lesson allow students to act out the reader’s theater version of The BFG. But the giant reached through the window and grabbed her! NARRATOR 2: Then he ran all night.

then bellows with laughter) Just because I is a giant. NARRATOR 2: …Sophie said. SOPHIE: P-please don’t eat me! BFG: (stares at her in surprise. What on earth was that all about? BFG: If you is really wanting to know what I am doing in your village. SOPHIE: Blowing a dream? What do you mean? BFG: I is a dream-blowing giant. Nice dreams. you think I is a man-gobbling cannybull! Me gobbling up human beans! This I never! All the other giants is gobbling them up every night. I cannot possibly allow anyone to be seeing me and staying at home! The first thing you would be doing.BFG: (grins widely) I is hungry! NARRATOR 1: He grinned. you would be scuddling around yodeling the news that you were actually seeing a giant. I is blowing a dream into the bedroom of those children. SOPHIE: Would you please tell me what you were doing in our village last night? Why were you poking that long trumpet thing into those kids’ bedroom and then blowing through it? And that suitcase you were carrying. and then people would be coming rushing and bushing after me and they would be catching me and putting me into the zoo with all those squiggling hippodumplings and crocadowndillies! NARRATOR 2: Sophie knew that what the Giant said was true. showing massive square teeth. then why did you snatch me from my bed and run away with me? BFG: Because you saw me. If any person reported actually having seen a giant. Dreams that is giving the dreamers a happy time! . the cave was silent. hardly daring to believe the good news she had just heard. I is scuddling away to blow dreams into the bedrooms of sleeping children. When all the other giants is galloping off to swollop human beans. there would most certainly be a terrific hullabaloo. SOPHIE: But if you are so nice and friendly. SOPHIE: May I ask you a question? BFG: Shoot away. For a few moments. but not me! I is the Big Friendly Giant! I is the BFG! What is your name? SOPHIE: My name is Sophie. Lovely golden dreams.

SOPHIE: Honestly? . That is why is not wishing to tell you. BFG: (offended) You is never going to understand about it. BFG: Is you seeing these? SOPHIE: (giggles) How could I miss them? BFG: These ears maybe is looking a bit propsposterous to you. but they is very extra-usual ears indeed. SOPHIE: You can’t collect a dream. NARRATOR 1: The BFG waved an arm at all the rows and rows of bottles on the shelves. SOPHIE: Can you hear it? NARRATOR 1: The BFG pointed up at his enormous truck-wheel ears. SOPHIE: Then how do you catch them? BFG: A dream. SOPHIE: You mean you can hear things I can’t hear? BFG: You is deaf as a dumpling compared with me! I is hearing the footsteps of a ladybug as she goes walking across a leaf. But this little buzzy-hum is so silvery soft. SOPHIE: Oh. BFG: I has billions of them. as it goes whiffling through the night air. They is floating around in the air like little wispy-misty bubbles. They is allowing me to hear absolutely every single twiddly little thing. please tell me! I will understand! Tell me how you collect dreams! NARRATOR 1: The BFG settled himself comfortably in his chair. And all the time they is searching for sleeping people. is making a tiny little buzzing-humming noise.SOPHIE: (skeptically) Now. Where do you get these dreams? BFG: I collect them. SOPHIE: Can you see them? BFG: Never to begin with. hang on a minute. it is impossible for a human bean to be hearing it. BFG: Dreams is very mysterious things. A dream isn’t something you can catch hold of.

if I is twisting the stem of the flower till it breaks. SOPHIE: What else can you hear? BFG: I can hear plants and trees. But they is making noises. really! Please go on! NARRATOR 1: The BFG regarded her gravely with his huge eyes. but they is not. SOPHIE: Do they talk? BFG: They is not exactly talking. SOPHIE: (skeptically again) Is that really true? BFG: (offended again) You think I is swizzfiggling you? SOPHIE: It is rather hard to believe! BFG: Then I is stopping right here! I is not wishing to be called a fibster! SOPHIE: Oh. if I come along and I is picking a lovely flower. NARRATOR 2: She had offended him. I do. I is hearing a terrible sound coming from inside the heart of the tree. SOPHIE: Please forgive me and go on. I can hear it screaming. It is like the sound an old man is making when he is dying slowly. very clear. For instance. . she could see that. They is nearly all of them notmuchers and squeakpips! SOPHIE: (very offended) I beg your pardon. BFG: I hope you will forgive me if I tell you that human beans is thinking they is very clever. If I is chopping an axe into the trunk of a big tree. then the plant is screaming. Tell me how you catch the dreams.NARRATOR 2: Sophie was beginning to be impressed. no! I’m not calling you anything! I believe you. NARRATOR 1: The BFG gave her a long hard stare. Then he said. SOPHIE: What sort of sound? BFG: A soft moaning sound. SOPHIE: How awful! BFG: It is the same with trees as with flowers. BFG: The matter with human beans is that they is absolutely refusing to believe in anything unless they is actually seeing it right in front of their own schnozzles.

"I is abel to jump out of any high window and flote down safely. Look in the jar carefully." "I is able to make the elektrik lites go on and off just by wishing it. BFG: Here is the dream-catcher. I is going out and snitching new dreams to put in my bottles. quite peaceful. It was about thirty feet long. and I think you will be seeing this dream. NARRATOR 2: Sophie peered into the jar. BFG: These are some of the good dreams. It is a phizzwizard! It’s a ringbeller! It’s whoppsy! This will be giving some little tottler a very happy night when I is blowing it in. a pale sea-green. as though it were breathing. and there. she saw the faint translucent outline of something about the size of a hen’s egg. SOPHIE: It’s moving! It’s alive! BFG: Of course it’s alive. . Then he picked Sophie off the table and stood her on the palm of one of his huge hands. BFG: Of course you like it. SOPHIE: Would you hold me closer so I can read them? NARRATOR 2: Sophie started to read the labels. sure enough. but pulsing gently. Every morning." "I is only an eight-year-old little boy but I is growing a splendid bushy beard and all the other boys is jalous. There it lay. SOPHIE: "I is inventing a car that runs on toothpaste. NARRATOR 1: He reached out and picked up a pole.BFG: The same way you is catching butteryflies. The "phizzwizards. and there was a net on the end. With a net. soft and shimmering and very beautiful. so I can find it in a hurry." I like that dream. SOPHIE: What will you feed it? BFG: It is not needing any food." "I has a pet bee that makes rock & roll musik when it flies." Every dream is having its special label on the bottle. He carried her towards the shelves. NARRATOR 1: The BFG put down the pole. There was just a touch of color in it.

SOPHIE: Everything alive needs food. (gazes into a bottle) At all! . until it is released and allowed to do its job. Dreams is very mystical things. BFG: You is a lovely little girl. Human beans is not understanding them. Even trees and plants! BFG: (firmly) A dream is not needing anything. This extraordinary giant was disturbing her ideas. If it is a good one. but please remember that you is not exactly Miss Knoweverything. it is waiting peaceably forever. NARRATOR 2: Sophie was silent. He seemed to be leading her towards mysteries that were beyond her understanding.

and very thin. Clonkers punish the children at the orphanage? 14. 14. 5. According to the BFG. 3. 15. 10. She saw him. How did Mrs. Describe what Sophie saw coming up the street. What did the giant do when he looked into Sophie's room? 11. Big Friendly Giant 2. He snatched her out of bed. If a giant is hot. where would he go to get his supper? 15. 12. Why was Sophie having a hard time sleeping? 12. He can hear them with his enormous ears.Review Questions: After Each Set of Chapters (use for discussion or quiz grade) Chapters 1-7: The Witching Hour . They all tasted greasy. How does the BFG catch dreams? 9. What did Sophie want to do as she got out of bed to close the curtains? 13. Why did Sophie think the giant had taken her? 6. He was blowing in good dreams. 9. He stopped to look into the windows of each house. He would go north and eat an Eskimo. Where does Bonecrunching Giant like to get his "human beans" from? 7. Turkey 7. They died when she was a baby. 4. 6. why did he take Sophie from her bed? 10. There was a moonbeam shining right in her face. Why didn't the giants like to eat people from Greece? 3. 8. What did the giant do as he walked down the street? 5. very black. . 13. 11. Sophie is an orphan. She saw something very tall. She wanted to look out the window and see outside. She thought she was going to be the giant's breakfast. Why aren't Sophie's parents going to be looking for her? Answer Key: 1. What does BFG stand for? 2. What was the BFG doing when he put his trumpet into the children's window? 4. She locked them in a dark cellar all day and night without food.The Marvelous Ears (pages 9-46) 1. 8.

Snozzcumbers 3. Frobscottle 4.Dream-Catching (pages 48-86) 1. Why did the BFG stop dream catching early? 12. He was upset when he caught a trogglehumper. 9. 10. What did the other giants think the BFG was doing when he went off during the daytime? Answer Key 1. 7. How does the BFG catch dreams? 10. He hates them. . They tossed him around like a ball. Why didn't the BFG want to get vegetables from the fields by Sophie's village? 11. Where did Sophie hide when the Bloodbottler came into the BFG's cave? 6. He listens for them and then he uses a net to catch them. A very bad nightmare 8. What is a trogglehumper? 8. What do giants drink? 4. 5. Which giant is the biggest. What did the other giants do to the BFG as he was trying to leave to go catch dreams? 9. playing catch with him. How does the giant feel about snozzcumbers? 7. Why did the BFG try to convince the Bloodbottler to take a bite of the snozzcumber? 5. 11. most horrible of them all? 2. 12.Chapters 8-12: Snozzcumbers . 6. They thought he was catching humans to keep for pets. He thought the Bloodbottler would hate it so much that he would be mad and forget about Sophie. He didn't want to steal them. She hid inside the snozzcumber. What did the BFG eat? 3. Fleshlumpeating Giant 2.

Bonecruncher. She told him he would never have to eat snozzcumbers again. Gizzardgulper. and Butcher Boy 5. The dream would also tell her about Sophie and the BFG. Bloodbottler. 8. 6. Maidmasher. 10. Childchewer. but there are too many soldiers around. What human are all giants scared of? 4. Meatdripper. He wants to eat the Queen of England. He says that she has spent four years of her life sleeping. She wanted the BFG to mix up a dream for the Queen that would tell her about the giants. What did the BFG put on the front of each dream jar? 3. Jack the Giant Killer 4. How did Sophie convince the BFG to go along with her plan? 8. Manhugger. Why did the giants get into a fight? 6. What human being does the Fleshlumpeater want to eat? What is stopping him? Answer Key 1. He put a label on it that told about the dream. Where were the giants going to get their supper? 2. . Sophie and the BFG would help the Queen find the giants. 9. England 2. The Fleshlumpeater hit two of them while he was having his nightmare. He blew it into the sleeping Fleshlumpeater. What are the names of the 9 giants? 5. What did the BFG do with the trogglehumper he caught? 7.Chapters 13-15: A Trogglehumper for the Fleshlumpeater . Fleshlumpeater. Why is Sophie really only four according to the BFG? 9. What was Sophie's plan? 10.The Great Plan (pages 87-124) 1. 3. 7.

Why did Mary drop the Queen's breakfast tray? 7. In the BFG's ear 2.The Queen (pages 125-161) 1. 9. 5. He needed to be able to hear to mix the dream. The Queen's dream was just like the story in that morning's newspaper. 6. 50. 10. About how many dreams did Sophie think the BFG had? 4. An eggbeater 3. Why did Sophie have second thoughts when she saw the Queen's dream? 9. He can tell if the breathing is coming from a woman or a man. He was in a park and didn't understand why they were surrounded by grass when they were supposed to be in the city of London. and she didn't want to give the Queen a horrible nightmare. Why didn't the Queen let Sophie go with the BFG before breakfast? 8. It was a horrible nightmare. Why did the BFG ask Sophie to be very quiet while he was working? Answer Key 1. Why were they going to have to eat in the ballroom? 5. 8. She wanted to find something for Sophie to wear. He listened for breathing. They ballroom had the highest ceilings. Why did the BFG get confused while they were in London? 10. Where did Sophie ride during their trip to London? 2. How did the BFG find the Queen's bedroom? 6.000 4. . What did the BFG use to mix his dream? 3.Chapters 16-19: Mixing the Dream . 7.

She rammed the pin into Fleshlumpeater's ankle. 14. 7. 5. How would the helicopters find giant country? 6. He used four grandfather clocks and put the top of a ping-pong table on them. 9. He told Fleshlumpeater that he was bitten by a snake. The BFG had the army tie Fleshlumpeater up while he told him he was getting the snake's teeth out. 13. The BFG 3. The BFG said the giants went to Sweden the night before. so she wanted to check and see if they had any missing children. Why did the butler need a ladder? 7. He told them to tie them up while they are sleeping and fly them back with their helicopters. . He was sleeping on one of his arms. What did Mr. 6. 8. Why did Fleshlumpeater wake up? 9. How did the BFG trick Fleshlumpeater? 4. 12.Chapters 20-24: The Royal Breakfast . What book did the BFG write? 3. 4. He heard the giants snoring and thought it was gunfire. What was the BFG's plan to capture the giants? 12. 10. He had to climb the ladder to serve the BFG. He wanted to bomb them and shoot them.The Author (pages 162 – 208) 1. 2. He multiplied everything a normal man would eat by four. Why did the Head of the Army want to turn back when they got out of their helicopters? 13. Tibbs figure out how much food to feed the BFG? 14. Tibbs use to make a table for the BFG? 10. Why did the Queen call the King of Sweden? 5. The soldiers were trying to get him to move so they could tie him up. What did the BFG bring for the giants to eat? 11. Snozzcumbers 11. How did the Queen reward the BFG and Sophie? Answer Key 1. What did Sophie do with the Queen's brooch she was wearing? 2. They would follow the BFG. How did the Air Force Marshal want to handle the giant problem? 8. How did Mr. She built them each a house and made the BFG the Royal Dream-Blower.