How Nurconon "Sclentology" Becume

Purt Okluhomu.
All SclenLology docLrlnes and pracLlces wheLher dlssemlnaLed dlrecLly by Lhe Church of SclenLology or
coverLly Lhrough lLs fronL groups llke narconon are conLalned ln Lhe 330ţ000 pages of LŦ 8on Pubbard's
nonŴsclence flcLlon wrlLlngs whlch Lhe Church of SclenLology has declared Lo be SclenLology's ºsacred
scrlpLures" and whlch Lhe l8S has recognlzed as suchŦ
1he narconon program conslsLs solely of Lhese rellglous docLrlnes and pracLlces decepLlvely markeLed as
secular ºapplled rellglous phllosophy"Ŧ 1he narconon programs conslsLs of Lwo SclenLology rellglous
pracLlcesŦ 1he deLoxlflcaLlon componenLţ whlch ls Lhe SclenLology rellglous pracLlce of Lhe ÞurlflcaLlon
8undown conslsLlng of flve hours a day ln superŴheaLed saunas for Lhree or more weeks accompanled by
leLhal amounLs of vlLamlns and mlneralsŦ Cver Lhe lasL Lwo years Lwo people have dled aL narconon
Arrowhead ln ÞlLLsburg CounLy due Lo negllgenceţ one of Lhose deaLhs happened CcLŦ 26Lhţ 2011Ŧ 1he
second rellglous pracLlce ls Lhe rehablllLaLlon program conslsLlng excluslvely of elghL modules of
sLudylng SclenLology docLrlne whlch ls ldenLlcal Lo Lhe baslc Lralnlng all SclenLologlsLs recelveŦ
1he lssue here ls Lhe legallLy of publlc schools expendlng Lax payer dollars on promoLlng Lhe rellglous
pracLlces of SclenLologyŦ Slmply puLţ lL ls lllegal under llrsL AmendmenL docLrlnes of separaLlon of church
and sLaLe whlch prohlblL such fundlngŦ 1hls ls why boLh narconon and Lhe Church of SclenLology are
vehemenL ln Lhelr denlals LhaL Lhey have anyLhlng Lo do wlLh each oLherţ and malnLaln Lhe flcLlon LhaL
narconon's pracLlces are dlsLlncL from Lhose of SclenLologyŦ narconon ls SclenLology's mosL lucraLlve
fronL group wlLh a score of rehab faclllLles and programs LhaL generaLe aL mlnlmum $30MM a year ln
revenuesŦ All of Lhls would be [eopardlzed by publlc exposure of Church of SclenLology conLrolŦ lL ls for
Lhls reason LhaL SclenLology's execuLlve managemenL ls Lerrlfled of a lawsulL ever golng Lo Lrlal by [uryŦ
numerous lawsulLs have been flled by narconon paLlenLs and Lhelr famllles who have funded Lhelr
rehablllLaLlon programs wlLh causes of acLlon from lssues of whlch by now you are well awareť
fraudulenL promoLlon of 70Ʒ and hlgher success raLesŤ medlcal malpracLlceŤ wrongful deaLhsŤ and
proselyLlzlng Ŧ All such sulLs so far have been seLLled ouL of courL lesL Lhe decepLlons be exposedŦ
AnoLher lmporLanL lssue regardlng publlc fundlng of narconon ls SclenLology's War on ÞsychlaLryŦ lL ls
core SclenLology docLrlne LhaL Lhe greaLesL danger faclng human clvlllzaLlon ls Lhe menLal healLh
professlons Ŵ expllclLly Lhe medlcal speclalLy of psychlaLryŤ psychology ln all lLs forms lncludlng cllnlcalţ
educaLlonalţ and counsellng psychologyŤ and all Lhe soclal servlce professlons whlch depend on LhemŦ
SclenLology decelLfully says LhaL lL ls only a ºpsychlaLrlc reform groupŦ" 1hls conLenLlon ls glven Lhe lle by
SclenLology leader uavld Mlscavlge hlmselfŦ Pe has seL as ob[ecLlves for Lhe mlllennlum for all
SclenLologlsLsţ lncludlng of course Lhose runnlng narcononţ Lhe followlngť
Cb[ect|ve Cneť p|ace Sc|ento|ogy at the abso|ute center of soc|etyŦ Cb[ect|ve 1woť the tota|
erad|cat|on of psych|atry |n a|| |ts formsŦ
SclenLology's vehemence ls so lnLense LhaL urŦ nada SLoLland of Lhe Amerlcan ÞsychlaLrlc AssoclaLlon
has referred Lo SclenLology as ºan anLlŴpsychlaLry haLe groupŦ" narconon and all SclenLology fronL
groups (Crlmononţ Applled ScholasLlcs ƍno Chlld LefL 8ehlndƍ 1lLle lţ Sea Crgţ A8LL (AssoclaLlon for
8eLLer Llvlng and LducaLlon) lnLernaLlonalţ 1he Way Lo Papplnessţ AnLlŴurugţ 1he 1ruLh AbouL urugs
LducaLlon Campalgnţ CCP8 (ClLlzens Commlsslon Cn Puman 8lghLs) promoLe and dlssemlnaLe Lhe anLlŴ
psychlaLrlc campalgnŦ 1hey conslder menLal healLh professlonals Lo be crlmlnalsţ and noL only Lhem buL
psychlaLrlc paLlenLs because Lhey are Laklng psychlaLrlc medlcaLlons on whlch Lhelr emoLlonal heallng
and sLablllLy dependŦ
-Jţ C (1989Ŵ1993) A proposed drug LreaLmenL and rehablllLaLlon cenLer whlch could be ln
operaLlon on lndlan land aL Lhe former Chllocco lndlan School norLh of newklrk by !une 13Lh may be
parL of a noLorlous rellglous culLŦ narconon was approved for a 73Ŵbed faclllLy by Lhe SLaLe PealLh
Þlannlng Commlsslon ln !anuary of Lhls year as parL of 1he Chllocco uevelopmenL AuLhorlLyŦ 1he
pro[ecLed cosL ls $400ţ000 for renovaLlon and Lhe flve lndlan Lrlbes lnvolved are pro[ecLed Lo recelve
$16ţ000ţ000 ln lease paymenLs over 23 yearsŦ Accordlng Lo publlshed reporLsţ narconon ls Lhe drug
rehablllLaLlon program for Lhe Church of SclenLology founded by LŦ 8on PubbardŦ LasL lrlday Soclology
Þrofessor 8lchard Cfshe of Lhe unlverslLy of Callfornla aL 8erkley conflrmed LhaL narconon ls an
organlzaLlon of Lhe Church of SclenLologyŦ ƍl Lhlnk lLƌs common knowledge ouL hereƍţ he saldŦ ln a 1981
8eaderƌs ulgesL arLlcleţ Lhe Church of SclenLology was descrlbed as a ƍfrlghLenlng culLƍŦ 1rlbal members
conLacLed abouL Lhe Chllocco pro[ecL were noL aware of a posslble connecLlon Lo Lhe Church of
SclenLologyŦ All Lheyƌve been Lold ls LhaL lL ls a ƍprlvaLe corporaLlonŦƍ Þawnee offlce of Lhe 8ureau of
lndlan Affalrs sald Lhey were noL aware of Lhe connecLlonţ and were very ƍsurprlsedƍ because Lhe
ƍstateƍ and Lhe ƍgovernorƌs off|ceƍ were lnvolved ln geLLlng narconon Lo come Lo ChlloccoŦ narcononƌs
llLeraLure says noLhlng abouL any connecLlon wlLh Lhe Church of SclenLologyţ buL does say lL adheres Lo
Lhe meLhods of LŦ 8on PubbardŦ narconon maLerlal presenLed Lo newklrk Mayor Carry 8llger aL
ceremonles held aL Chllocco on SaLurdayţ Aprll 8ţ says only LhaL ƍLhe narconon program owes lLs success
Lo Lhe ƌunlque Lechnologyƌ of LŦ 8on PubbardŦ narconon uses Lhe Pubbardº MeLhod of drug
rehablllLaLlon Lo handle Lhe rooL causes of why Lhe person Look drugs ln Lhe flrsL placeŦƍ 1he only
connecLlon beLween SclenLology and narconon ln lLs own maLerlal seems Lo be a reference Lo ƍ81Cƍ
LhaL appears ln llLeraLure from narcononŦ ln flne prlnLţ lL says LhaL ƍPubbard ls a Lrademark and servlce
mark owned by ƍ81Cƍ and ls used wlLh lLs permlsslonŦ ln llLeraLure recelved by Lhe newklrk Llbrary from
Lhe Church of SclenLology adverLlslng books by LŦ 8on Pubbardţ a fooLnoLe announces LhaL ulaneLlcsţ
SclenLologlsLţ and SclenLology are Lrademarks and servlce marks owned by 8ellglous 1echnology CenLer
(Lhe same 81C?) and are used wlLh lLs permlsslonŦ narconon ls a drug LreaLmenL program founded by
Wllllam 8enlLez abouL 1963 whlle he was ln Lhe Arlzona SLaLe Þrlsonţ accordlng Lo ƍ1he 1ruLh AbouL
urugsƍ by Cene Chlll and !ohn uuffŦ 1he book proudly proclalms LhaL narconons programs are based on
Lhe Lechnology of LŦ 8on Pubbardţ buL makes no menLlon of SclenLologyŦ ƍ1he 1ruLh AbouL urugsƍţ a
narconon publlcaLlonţ says LhaL narconon ls a mulLlŴphase program LhaL lncludes drug free wlLhdrawal
afLer a full medlcal examŤ a ÞurlflcaLlon Þrogram LhaL cleanses Lhe body of remalnlng accumulaLlons of
drugsŤ Lralnlng and counsellng Lo brldge Lhe lndlvldual over Lo llfe as a drug freeţ conLrlbuLlng member of
13 uecember 1991 Ŵ 1he Cklahoma SLaLe 8oard of MenLal PealLh flnds LhaL -arcononƌs therapy |s ƍnot
effect|ve |n the treatment of chem|ca| dependencyƍ and ƍ|s not med|ca||y safeƍŦ lL refuses narconon
Chlloccoƌs (now ƍArrowheadƍ) requesL for cerLlflcaLlon for servlces Lo a 73ŴbedresldenLlal drug and
alcohol cenLer esLabllshed on lederal land owned by Lhe Chllocco uevelopmenL AuLhorlLyŦ
20 AugusL 1992 AfLer narconon galns cerLlflcaLlon from Lhe Commlsslon on AccredlLaLlon of
8ehablllLaLlve laclllLles (CA8l)ţ Lhe Cklahoma 8oard of MenLal PealLh and SubsLance Abuse Servlces
voLes unanlmously Lo exempL Lhe narconon Chllocco (now ƍArrowheadƍ) faclllLy from a requlremenL Lo
be cerLlfled by Lhe sLaLeŦ
27 CcLober 1992 narconon ls granLed a llcense from Lhe Cklahoma SLaLe ueparLmenL of PealLhţ
marklng Lhe flrsL Llme slnce lL opened for buslness more Lhan Lwo years ago LhaL lL offlclally can be
called legalŦ 1he llcense ls good for a year and can be renewedŦ SLaLe llcenslng makes lL easler for
narconon Chllocco (now ƍArrowheadƍ) or lLs paLlenLs Lo geL relmbursemenL for lLs servlces Lhrough
lnsurance companlesŦ
1oday Ŵ 1hey are everywhere! 1hree deaLhs aL narconon Arrowhead ln Lhe lasL 2 yearsţ Lhey have been
here sense 1989ţ you do Lhe maLhŦ
1here are undoubLedly sLudenLsţ faculLyţ and sLaff ln Lhe LawLon publlc school sysLem who are or have
been on reglmes of psychlaLrlc medlcaLlonsŦ And l applaud LÞSţ MacArLhur Plgh School and Þurcell !rŦ
Plgh for becomlng lnformed and placlng Lhe chlldren flrsL raLher Lhan worrylng abouL bad or good press
coverage durlng Lhelr declslonŦ
Church of Scientology also has a history of being convicted for fraud worldwide and public education is
not immune from their con. Our children deserve the best education they can get; sadly, the Oklahoma
schools have been targeted by Church of Scientology via Narconon Arrowhead. The kids deserve better
than this and Ì pray that our State Officials and Law enforcement look into Narconon of Oklahoma Ìnc..
Cod blessţ
Colln Penderson

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