BTech IVth Semester Paper Code: BTC43 Paper Name: Discrete Mathematics


1. Set theory:Notations, representation of a set, different types of set, theorem on subsets and symmetric difference, Venn diagram, set operation –union, intersection ,disjoint, difference , complement ,symmetric difference, laws of sets: union , intersection , complement of sets ,symmetric difference, DeMorgan’s laws, ordered pair Cartesian product of sets 2. Relations:Domains ,range, inverse relation, inverse relation, binary relations, type of relations:-reflexive relation, symmetric relation, anti- symmetric relation, transitive relation, universal relation, identity relation ,equivalence relation, equivalence class, partition of a set, composition of relation , Functions, domain and range, transformation, type of functions, difference between relation and functions, mathematical induction 3. Propositional logic: Introduction, proposition, elements of propositional logic, truth table, connectives, negation, conjunction, disjunction, conditional, biconditional, converse and contra positive, converse, contra positive, types of proposition, tautology, contradiction, contingency, list of properties, proof of properties 4. Counting: The basics of counting, basic counting principles, sum and product rules, inclusion and exclusion principle 5. Permutations: Notations of permutations, restricted permutations, permutations of repeated things, circular permutations, combination 6. Logic circuit: Flow table, or operation, and operation, not operation, nor operation, nand operation, logic circuits algebraically, evaluating logic circuit outputs 7. Boolean algebra:Definition, laws of Boolean algebra, duality principle 8. Graph Theory:Graph, edges and vertices, adjacent vertices, incident, degree of a vertex in a graph, paths and cycles in a graph, graphical representation, basic graph theory concepts 9. Types of graph and trees:Type of graph, simple graph, regular graph, multigraph, complete graph, bipartite graphs, discrete graph, sub graph, spanning sub graph

BTech IVth Semester Paper Code: BTC43 Paper Name: Discrete Mathematics
Complete graph, connected graphs, disconnected graphs and components, planar graph, Euler graph, directed graph, labeled and weighted graphs, tree:binary tree, rooted tree, ordered rooted tree, Hamiltonian:- paths and circuit, graphs and circuit, isomorphism , connectivity 10. Algebraic system:Definition, abelian group, order of a group, semi-group, properties of groups, important theorems on groups, subgroups, theorem on subgroups, isomorphism, theorems on homomorphism, simple group, theorem of simple group, quotient group (factor group) References:1. K.H.Rosen,”Discrete Mathematics and its application”, McGraw Hill,1999 2. Mark Lipson,” Discrete Mathematics”,TMH 3. Trembly J.P.Manohar.R,” Discrete Mathematics with application to computer science”,TMH

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