ÞsychologlsL ť ºs"
Luls AlberLo Salazarť ºl"

sť good mornlng
lť good mornlng
sť slL down please
lť Lhank you
sť l lnLroduce myselfţ my name ls Susana 8lvas and you should be Luls AlberLo SalazarŦ
lť yesţ l am
sť Lhls lnLervlewţ you wlll already knowţ lL has for ob[ecLlve selecLlng quallfled personnel ln sales
and lndusLry for our company 8ockwell AuLomaLlonŦ
Pow dld you know abouL Lhe employmenL?
lť l found lL ouL ln Lhe newspaper
sť Well Lhen sLarL you have some Lrack or acLlvlLles ln soclal relaLlonshlps?
lť of courseţ l acL durlng slx years ln poslLlons and ln lnLernaLlonal companles LhaL requlred of a loL
of sklll ln Lhe LreaLmenL wlLh peopleŦ
sť Lhe company ls looklng for an elecLrlc or clvll englneer wlLh one hundred percenL of avallablllLy Ŧ
uo you fulflll Lhls requlremenL?
lť yesţ absoluLelyŦ AL Lhls Llme l am noL worklngţ because l arrlve Lhree monLhs ago from Canadá ţ
where l acLed as manager of CLLl and now l plan Lo sLay ln Lhe clLy
sť Would you have any lmpedlmenL Lo Lravel when lL ls necessary?
lť noţ because l donƌL have affecLlve commlLmenLs nelLher chlldrenŦ
sť mmmţ how well! Who do you llve wlLh?
lť l am llvlng now wlLh a frlend ln a deparLmenL LhaL boLh we renL
sť uo you suffer of some chronlc lllness?
lť noţ buL l suffer of consLanL allergles ln sprlngţ whlch l conLrol wlLh medlcaLlons and Lhey donƌL
affecL my labor acLlngŦ
sť Pow do you prefer Lo work ln Leam or alone?
lť ln Leamţ because Lhls complemenLs my workŦ
sť uo you possess some Lools Lo carry ouL Lhls work?
lť mmm Cf whaL Lype of Lools we are speaklng? compuLersţ vehlclesţ documenLs of lnformaLlon?
sť ?esŦ
lť aa!! okeyŦ ?esţ l have Lwo compuLersţ a [eep Lo and also a deparLmenL ln new ?orkŦ
sť perfecLŦ Pere ln Lhelr currlculum l do see LhaL you have a wlde labor experlence ln very hlgh
poslLlons ln whlch of Lhese poslLlons uo you feel more comforLable?
lť l belleve LhaL when l work as lnLernaLlonal coordlnaLor of compuLer sclence and elecLrlc because
l could be relaLed wlLh people and so Lo exLend my knowledge ln Lhe LhemeŦ
sť llnally ţ why do you belleve LhaL you are Lhe besL candldaLe for Lhls poslLlon?
lť because l have experlence and l am slngle wlLhouL engagemenLŦ

AnoLIer TesL oI MurrIuge EquuIILy
Published: October 17, 2011

$enuLor PuLrIck ¡euIy, LIe cIuIrmun oI LIe $enuLe JudIcIury CommILLee, Look u sLep Lowurd Lrue
equuIILy Ior uII AmerIcuns IusL week by pIunnIng u voLe nexL monLI on wIeLIer Lo repeuI LIe Iuw LIuL
burs LIe IederuI governmenL Irom recognIzIng IuwIuIIy perIormed murrIuges beLween sume-sex
O TImes TopIc: $ume-$ex MurrIuge, CIvII UnIons, und DomesLIc PurLnersIIps
Mr. ¡euIy`s commILLee IeId u IeurIng on LIe DeIense oI MurrIuge AcL In JuIy, LIe IIrsL sInce
Congress pussed u bIII 1¸ yeurs ugo LIuL deIIned murrIuge us IImILed Lo u mun und u womun und
PresIdenL BIII CIInLon sIgned LIuL meun-spIrILed consLILuLIonuI uIIronL InLo Iuw.
TIe repeuI bIII Ius z8 co-sponsors, In uddILIon Lo Mr. ¡euIy und LIe bIII`s cIIeI sponsor, $enuLor
DIunne ¡eInsLeIn oI CuIIIornIu - uII oI LIem DemocruLs. ¡L sLunds u good cIunce oI pussIng LIe
commILLee, wIere DemocruLs ouLnumber RepubIIcuns 1o Lo 8.
Even II IL pussed, musLerIng LIe 6o voLes needed Lo overcome un expecLed RepubIIcun-Ied IIIIbusLer
wouId be Iurd, und LIe bIII`s ImmedIuLe prospecLs In LIe RepubIIcun-conLroIIed House seem even
more dIm.
BuL IL wus noL LIuL Iong ugo LIuL repeuI oI LIe dIscrImInuLory Iuw LIuL prevenLed guy und IesbIun
Lroops Irom servIng openIy In LIe mIIILury seemed u dIsLunL Iope.
MeunwIIIe, severuI promIsIng IeguI cIuIIenges Lo murrIuge Iuw ure percoIuLIng In LIe courLs. An
InLrIguIng new cuse IIIed by u dIsubIed Nuvy veLerun wILI u sume-sex spousewIII LesL ILs
consLILuLIonuIILy In LIe specIuI IederuI courL LIuL IundIes veLeruns beneIILs.
Congress sIouId noL need courL ruIIngs Lo recognIze LIe vIoIuLIon oI equuI proLecLIon InIerenL In LIe
unLImurrIuge ucL, und sIouId repeuI IL.

%e Miami HeraId > Opinion > Editorials
The Miami Herald | EDITORIAL
3 merica3 origi3aI

OUR OPÌNÌON: Steve Jobs, seminal figure of the digital age
OUR OPÌNÌON: Steve Jobs, seminal figure of the digital age
Think of the world before Steve Jobs. A cellphone was just a cellphone, individual mobile music
came in packages and the only way to read a book was the same way it had been done for
Thanks to Mr. Jobs, the co-founder of Apple, the world was transformed in meaningful ways. The
Apple ÌÌ, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, ÌPad ÷ the list goes on.
His impact on culture is immeasurable. He changed the way we communicate, the way we access
information, even the kind of movies we enjoy. After buying Pixar 25 years ago, he made it a digital
pioneer in the production of high-quality, digitally-animated films.
Mr. Jobs died Wednesday at 56, but his work and the products of his endlessly fertile mind will
outlive his time. He is a seminal figure of the digital age.
Ìt was Mr. Jobs' particular genius to figure out what American consumers wanted and how to give it
to them, even before they knew it themselves, well ahead of competitors. Like Thomas Edison and
the other great inventors, his success was the product of hard work, visionary intelligence, and
driving energy.
His success story was compelling. After dropping out of college, he started Apple in his parents'
garage at age 20 with partner Steve Wozniak. Ten years later, it was a $2 billion company with over
4,000 employees. Later, he was fired, but as Mr. Jobs said in a commencement address at Stanford
in 2005, it freed him to enter one of his most creative periods.
"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life,¨ Mr. Jobs told the Stanford
graduates "Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what
you truly want to become. Everything else is secondary.¨
An early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer forced him to be philosophical about death. "Ìt is life's
change agent. Ìt clears out the old to make way for the new.¨
Others will follow where he led. There will be new inventions, new devices to succeed the ones he
produced. But there will not soon be another Steve Jobs.

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