The Acme Company is. rapidlybeco1!il1ing a'11. energy conglomerate. Begun as a. partnership between. PaJ\:1l and Harold Arsderson (brothers) the Clompany ineorporated ln 1985. Ahhough 'the Andersens retain on~y 25 percenr of the romp;u:ruy·s 81lO<:kJ Olml,panypoliey and procedure remain under their tight control, C OriginaUy an oil-exploration ,company, Acme bas pumped resources ~m,oshale cil and coal de'J~loprnent. setting up separate corporate divisions for each. A maj'O<.fhrust. now i"5 if) strip mining of bow coal and shale. Acme' t projected plans to strip-mine 6,,"(;hundred miles. in Colorado and three hundred mimes if] .Al~hama have environmentalists angered, and they haee filed

la'wSllirn in both states,
"Six ty a TV news p'togmm~ ran a speciaJ but Sunday Oil! n it caned Acme's "exce ssive proflts" and "rape of the environment," Yesterday. an explosion at a test site near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, claim ed fony-two lives. Coal miners in Alabama's, underground min' acremrear.ening to go on strike next month.

~ Boril'dl 0'1 Direc!t'oft! A.cmi'i'~ ~ Paull Harold Anderstlf'! rEDIG. 'IoIiP FinafU:8 I~d ~oo ()OO1 Oil .~.

a.m.m. You ha:vejust arrived a the office (8.'VII~EPRESIDrNT'S.l.beU.weel. . liN-BASKET' SllliAllON 'SHUT Af.Thls ls most m. channeledthrouglaLorrame Jones.mndirlion at Memoria]. You cannot count the campaign is prbnarily the' responsibiUlj' 'of the' marketing division.]icaJtiom. you "rill haee about two hours in the offiee. Milia-u. ¥ou are scheduled to fly to New York at 10!30 this morning.:Uely as Acting Vice President for Public Affairs. You are to continue 'Out liaison re.cyMitc.lpmctan~because of recent negative news coverage andthe impending rrike. Ry pushing it. Nehlaer Mr.sponsihilit}' with the press and! ]dr. Hospital fQI~ Jawing a massive coronary. Anderson wants fOU to be mnvolived because ofyouT seQsitivilty to the publicrelatiens .imp. this morning (May 1'9)" Paul Ande~on phoned whhthe IIliews that Richnd Ray is in critlcaJ . You (Tracy) are to take over inunedi. i\ndersun reminded you. Ray nor you has a personal secretary. Mr'. Note: All typing and other ecretarial work is.sfgnmen. leavin:g New YOrrkbe-fnri:: noon on Frid2!!\~ms:ilflg ea:rnpaign. to discuss plans for a new corporate .' You are Tra. At '1 a. f'DU are to sit in on m~ :meetin:gs in New\'or>k City this.

3 5 6 9 10 11 12 1a 15 16 17 HI 20 22 26 ME~IAL[lk"t' 29 "'~' 31 .

TO~ Richard Ray -~ FROM: Mason Mqrer.. 'We need to S1landarize formats for our lmemalreporting.VICE IPRlSIDENIliJ"sIN .. You']] be glad lIDkIJ10W that 'I'm not as.h:e a. Paul Anderson fir wm Rkk.0 draft SClLl'D. til· yare 'Written in engineer'IDg rerminology.BA:5KET -.IA.which I'll ask Mason Meyer (0 distribute under my signature to all m{:lrnagers M..kingyou to do [he re~'fiting.SKET hiEM SINER 2 OIIiee' Mrmwmulum YO: Richard Ray DATE... They wm do l. WJm VICE PRESIIENT'S.easHy. IN.HOr\\fC.IiRM S:HEEI '11 - Ollire MemDlJllJdu".d Une supem6ors. . I do want you '1. "'f. Pau1t1:gges~ed that I ask for your 'uggestions."Jiting.cLtllaJi 1'e'. I feel that"s best done at the j ub site..e guidelines for simplifying material.'. Currently.:'Ma 6" 19_ FROM. I'm calling om your communication expertise again! O:SlL\lhas ordered iliat we rewrite rn~nrnngprocedures so that mloers be able 150 understand the safety Instructions more . "" SUBJECT: Internal Reporting Format the expansion of eur energy divisions.

'" WouldYOll gi.e . we cannot hlre you at this time..eny harsh.. finmng employment. The (attached) letter that we send to applicants we don't intend to hire sounds pr..PR is your "bag. Unferw:na!~ely. ". fROM: Derick Wallhinglon SUBJECT: Rsjec&ioo -y :J nATE! May lli2r 19_ Lenw J need your help. kno.le 'the letter a once".l. poo~'tion here aLAone. Derick 'Vrlashington VicePresident Human Resource Developmelu .w bow tough thejob market is these days and we' do wish ).VlmCI: PRESID'ENr's IIIN"'IBASlln ITEM SHllT' 3 TID: Richard Ra~' '..1B:AS In I1EM SHUT 4 Dear Applicanu We have recetved your applieaaon 'for~.:nrer? Thanks" VIlt~1'RESIDENT'S IIN.O'll1lbe best of luck in.

29'.. ('_.u'1plwment you 0(1:"1ts PWd1llCtiOD.t)u~d you. k. send someone 'to speak at our' ROI:3:ry=iF'riendLuncheon on May 26m? Thank you for your attention to thismatter. The :re<lSon Imail 1 am writing is to.b~icAff:rir:s Acme c. (!lop)'of l!:he lasa annual report and w::mt to co.. Mllily 25.ompany 11312 Macon Sqll. ask. It s.c Short ES~an me thal we are irrterested in gening more irwe.l. I hope that 'YOU can send someone.k: Lreceseed 1:1. 3 personal favor of ym.stor.VICE PRII'IIENT'S INi. that r felt it WdS i a Ilnle too worker-eriented.6 High Fore-51!: Mu.e Cambr~dge" IL 24613 D.S. 8m thar'sjust .IASKET hiilM SHEET 5 48.l~ OH 332'21 May11. you know.atr.. ar Ric. Ray Executive' Vice Presiden L P'u. The onl')' thing that bothered me was. I recendy have been re-elected as president of the Rotary Club here in Mul(p4 and we are eelebradng National Ind. Yours truly. 0"""0.19_ Richard. You had pictures of miners. reaction.

.~ '..KU ..' . ~' ~< ". II --_ ~... May '29' ... -.1... .A7dA.. /:A '.) C[H. a few ideas below..... -'...•..: -r" .· . J~ fU'_ __ .. .J r..... . ~ <dJI f..~t J. '. 'W~JA tIJ....rh..Vl1n PRESIDINT"S I'N'''IBAS.. bur tee] free to add your own ... . ....•. U .. it to :nese~h? Time is snortl I've listed!.... . ? .. ~ .ddyoug~t.._. '. _ " . . ...(J..•.. ..:so I can send.•.. ~'(!H~ ./3i bJt -. - to. ~~ '~" .~ bare bones outline to me by noon on the 2bt.. _~'" .' . J" ..t.klM SHEET'6 I I'eaived... "JJ~. a!l'l inviUlltlJO:n ~odayto speak aethe Chi~ Press Club m'li.. ... (Somebody must have died.. .. '-.· · ·. r.'...-..tI. .l~ --' - . '. ~'_/lI1I'?. .

iiIlt58 percent of Acme's . but make i'[ comprehen- VICE PRIESIDENflij5IN"'IA~SKIT blM SilEO. . not understand the company's benefit package'..MemDl'llfflllm TO: Ricbaro Ray FROM.: M~ 4. 19_ ..A reeeat !:lll. Because you'tle ou r "in-house eemmuniearion expert.llrlley sl~owsru.1 . Whi1Ltan~: yourideas on how to cerrect this'? cc: SheiJaJohnsol!.employees do." please draw up a checklist that managers can me to giViefeedback to subordinates on ~'liting problems. A.VIce OIIIrt . Make the Iist shQrtJ~mple.]. TO: Rj'chard Ray FROM: Derick Washington _~J y~ DATE..ndersun PRESIDElrr'S IN-BASK1El' IBM SHEET 1 DAn: May 12. Paul. and leasy to use.s:l\!e enough to be worthwihile.9_ f/( I continue to be appalled arthe poorquality of\\lrlting at Acme.

. 'SHIIT 19' VI'CE.of ~. .t COLOz RADO-Yes. W.. .~... could not bereached for i:()l. p ~~~ Acco:rdlng to one mrner. . ~..terdlay abotliL 5... from ehemicels. .•... s : F gukh. .!. ~ ~' V ~~/ IJ /III.... SHUI 10 f~ • (f~ '. ptm.~ .. I~ ~ Plll ..'!e. an e~plosiO~ .. _ ~ P4 . . b. WlOC wish co be ldemtified.• e'-. r.o f.' '_'tK L . the com) ~. . From the Des~ of Paw And~O~. _. S. .1[)0p. ~ "f".. 11.. _ ...NT's IIN. glU"Vl~~fS blamed the Ia~ .. ~m.O!lt.Kn [lnM.~PRESIDEN. safeID/ ~ecaumHmsfo~ilie ~pl.'- ? r~ .r.. r'. ers HI n.c'~1 -r.. . .... Spokespeople fur Acme the eeaseuedon siilii. .oslon.t'S 111-BIt'S. fL" .f . by.1 cr. ~ · -h..y:: _I~~~ .?' a.Y stored flammahl~ chemicals iEiC"dID'by """"1.VICE "'~ .'... OloWer of we drming ClIP'" era(]on.' .~ ~f~~:~rt ...IBASIKO' IUM. ~~-~htiA (STEAMBOAT SPRrnGS. spark A the dnUing rig' ignited the Company. whn dQe's/.::.:::.dai~e~ ~h~}iVeS aI.~ ... .. e ' .

o' M.OM~P'aut Anderson fir SUBJEGf: A'nntulJ Repqrt FonnaJ Rick. mink.mal' wish «J consider using Ithis vear. .. thumb through.about formats we . several annual reports from other companies and give me some feedbael .RES'IDENT"S ITEM 'SHiED IN-BASKET 12 TO: Ric!h.ard Ray DATE:May 18~ ]9_ FR..u": P~uJ Anderson Via P.VICE' PRJSIDENT' s 111-115K1T IrEM SHEIT I') oJ From ~MD.Qu]dhavecopies of several reports. our research Library :$l).

9 miUion in 19.5 mimon in 19'_. How about giving me 't\vo alilienlative's? Data: Over the past five yeaTI!l. gro~s revenues.:l.--.SKET ._ to $2. gnLlM' revenues Jncreased from. --'J #'. $4. $5.~)nal[Jesrumony on me 27th (May)..D. $1." Dru'i.5 miUio:n in 19... IUM 5HEEi '113 F'ro..1mmion 1'9_..of Paul Anderson VICE ~'RESID:fNTj$I:M-BASKIET IrrEM SHIEf • 4.1n :thfjD~ . EIL._.. This ls [Go be used ~n Congressi. and $7 . m .3 million ill 19_.OUY sketchforan exhibit on u1!e fonQWing data on._.:J.· Paul Anderson Preparea prelhulI.v~~( PIR!SIIIENTS ~N BA. C'IVm ~l"'".