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Iu||an Assange Ŷ Wa|k|ey Award Acceptance Speech

1hank you for Lhls award for Lhe ouLsLandlng conLrlbuLlon Lo [ournallsmŦ
1hey say LhaL Lelllng Lhe LruLh ls no way Lo wln frlendsŦ 1hey say LhaL Lhe AusLrallan people don'L care for
Lhe LruLhŦ Wellţ Lhey're wrongŦ 1he AusLrallan people wanL Lo know Lhe LruLh abouL warŦ 1hey wanL Lo
know who Lhey can LrusLŦ 1hey wanL Lo know how Lhe world ls shaped abouL LhemŦ 1hey wanL Lo flnd a
way Lhrough complexlLy and llesŦ
?esţ our work has glven us a loL of powerful enemlesŦ 8uL lL has also glven us good frlendsŦ lL has broughL
ouL Lhe besL ln peopleť courageţ loyalLyţ compasslonţ and sLrengLhŦ And LonlghL l wanL Lo Lhank you and
Lhe Walkley loundaLlon for showlng Lhese valuesţ as [ournallsLs and as AusLrallansţ ln sLandlng by
WlklLeaks ln our hour of needŤ noL ln flve years' Llmeţ buL Loday when lL counLsŦ And l wanL Lo Lhank all
of Lhose who have conLlnued Lo sLand by usŸour sourcesţ our donorsţ our defendersŸpeople wlLhouL
whom we could do noLhlngŦ
We [ournallsLs are aL our besL when we share wlLh acLlvlsLs and lawyers Lhe goal of exposlng lllegallLy
and wrongŴdolngŸwhen we help Lo hold oLhers Lo accounLŦ 1hls award ls a slgn of encouragemenL Lo
our people and oLher people who labor under dlfflculL condlLlons ln Lhls LaskŦ Cur llves have been
LhreaLenedţ aLLempLs have been made Lo censor usţ banks have aLLempLed Lo shuL off our flnanclal
llfellneŦ An unprecedenLed banklng blockade has shown us LhaL vlsaţ MasLerCardţ ÞayÞalţ Lhe 8ank of
Amerlcaţ and WesLern unlon are mere lnsLrumenLs of WashlngLon forelgn pollcyŦ Censorshlp has ln Lhls
manner been prlvaLlzedŦ Þowerful enemles are LesLlng Lhe waLer Lo see how much Lhey can geL away
wlLhţ seelng how Lhey can abuse Lhe sysLem LhaL Lhey're lnLegraLed wlLh Lo prevenL scruLlnyŦ Wellţ Lhe
answer lsť Lhey can geL away wlLh Loo muchŦ l expecLed Lhe haLeŴspeech on lox newsţ buL noL Lhe calls
by uŦSŦ SenaLors for Lhe exLraŴ[udlclal assasslnaLlon of myself and my sLaffŦ nelLher dld l expecL LhaL Lhe
unlLed SLaLes would aggresslvely undermlne lLs own ConsLlLuLlon Lo persecuLe me and my organlzaLlonŦ
8uL l can undersLand Lhe WashlngLon LllLes' reacLlonŦ WashlngLon ls waglng a war agalnsL Lhe LruLhŦ lL
wasţ afLer allţ Lhe LruLh abouL WashlngLon and Lhelr frlends LhaL we revealedŦ
WhaL l cannoL undersLand ls Lhe craven behavlor of Lhe AusLrallan Þrlme MlnlsLer !ulla ClllardŦ lL ls
embarrasslngŦ uoes she really Lhlnk she can become Cbama's depuLy and Lhen run off wlLh hls frlends
and hls [obţ ln Lhe manner LhaL she dld wlLh kevln 8udd and so many before hlm? lL won'L work Lhls
LlmeŦ 1he uŦSŦ consLlLuLlon won'L permlL lLŦ lL ls Llme !ulla Clllard sLops sucklng up Lo power and sLarLed
uslng Lhe power she has Lo Lhe beneflL of Lhe AusLrallan peopleŦ 1hls Llme lasL yearţ !ulla Clllard
commlssloned an absurdţ f¾ whole of CovernmenL Lask force agalnsL usţ comprlslng of ASlCţ ASlSţ
Lhe ueparLmenL of uefenseţ Lhe ALLorney Ceneral's Cfflceţ and Lhe AusLrallan lederal ÞollceŦ 1he Þrlme
MlnlsLer falsely sLaLed LhaL WlklLeaks had acLed lllegallyŦ 1he AlÞ had Lo Lake Lhe embarrasslng role of
correcLlng herŦ 1he ALLorney Ceneral sLaLed LhaL he was looklng ln Lo cancelllng my passporLţ whlle l was
under dlre clrcumsLancesŦ AfLer pressure from Lhe AusLrallan people and Lhe AusLrallan medlaţ
McClellan declded noL Lo saylngţ noL LhaL lL was wrongţ buL LhaL lL was helpful for Lraclng my
movemenLsŦ When l was awarded Lhe Sydney Þeace Þrlze for our workţ Lhe AusLrallan Plgh Commlsslon
refused Lo hosL lLŦ 1hese and oLher acLs wlll be an lnfamous memory ln AusLrallan [ournallsmŦ
We are smeared and aLLacked by powerful groups from Lhe unlLed SLaLesţ lncludlng Lhe uŦSŦ SLaLe
ueparLmenL and Lhe 8ank of AmerlcaŦ A grand [ury ln WashlngLon has spenL Lhe besL parL of a year
Lrylng Lo lndlcL me and our people for esplonageŦ Cne of our alleged sourcesţ Lhe young lnLelllgence
analysL 8radley Mannlngţ has been held ln sollLary conflnemenL and under lnhumane and degradlng
condlLlonsŦ 1he un Speclal 8apporLeur for 1orLure and AmnesLy lnLernaLlonal have equally been
prevenLed from seelng hlmŦ l personally have spenL over 330 days under house arresLŦ l have noL been
charged wlLh any crlme ln any counLryţ buL my name ls consLanLly smearedŦ Cur supporLers ln Lhe
unlLed SLaLesţ ln CreaL 8rlLalnţ and ln Lurope have been arresLed en masse wlLh over 78 ralds on varlous
1he reacLlon Lo WlklLeaks has demonsLraLed LhaLţ ln Lhe WesLţ such aLLacks are no less vlclous Lhan ln
oLher parLs of Lhe worldŦ 1hey are slmply more sophlsLlcaLedŦ WashlngLon has become an emplreţ noL
only of forceţ buL of llesŦ 1he AusLrallan CovernmenL has refused Lo say wheLher lL would block my
exLradlLlon Lo Lhe unlLed SLaLes from AusLrallaţ buL lL has acknowledged LhaL lL has Lhe pollLlcal
dlscreLlon Lo do soŦ 1he Clllard CovernmenL has shown lLs Lrue colors ln relaLlon Lo how lL's handled uŦSŦ
pressure on WlklLeaksŦ
1he AusLrallan [ournallsLs are courageousţ Lhe AusLrallan people are supporLlveţ buL !ulla Clllard ls a
cowardly AusLrallan Þrlme MlnlsLerŦ As AusLrallans we shall noL despalrŤ as long as we can speak ouLţ as
long as we can publlshţ and as long as Lhe lnLerneL remalns freeţ we wlll conLlnue Lo flghL backţ armed
wlLh Lhe LruLhŦ