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Extinction of Animals 1. An extinct animal : Is an animal which no longer exist. 2. Extinction occurs when all animals of that species dies. They are lost forever. Examples:

3. The dinosaur and hairy elephant become extinct because of the: - The change of elephant or weather 4. The dodo bird and Tasmania wolf become extinct because of the: - Human activities such as excessive hunting and destruction of their habitats

Endangered species 1. Endangered species : are species of animals and plants that are facing the threat of becoming extinct. Examples:

2. Human activities are the main reason why these species are becoming extinct.

a) Illegal and excessive logging Human cut down trees to get wood, clear land and farming. Cause many habitats to be destroyed. The loss of one plant species can lead to the extinction of many more species. Why? because many species depend on that species of plant for their food and shelter.

b) Illegal and excessive hunting Some animals are hunted for food or commercial gains. Examples:

All the endangered animals above are protected by law from hunting activities. Illegal hunters always hunt these animal: - To make profit - Just for fun Tigers are hunted and killed for their skins to make coats. Deer are killed for meat. Elephants are hunted for their ivory that can be crafted into beautiful objects. The rhinoceros is killed for their horns.

c) Excessive development People need more wood to build houses and need more land for farming and development.

Ways to Prevent the Extinction of Animals and Plants Organising campaigns against excessive logging. Educating the public about the importance of protecting and conserving animals and plants. Avoid consuming or buying products made from endangered species. Enforcing the law.

IMPACT OF HUMAN ACTIVITIES ON THE ENVIRONMENT Soil erosion and landslides a) Caused mainly by deforestation where all the trees are cut down. b) The surface of the Earth is exposed to erosion.

c) When there is heavy rain, the soil is easily washed out. d) This may result to serious landslides when a large amount of soil and sand falls from a slope.

Flash floods Soil erosion causes a large amount of soil and sand flow into rivers. Soil and sand settle down on the river bed and gradually the river becomes shallow During heavy rain, water flows into the river The shallow river overflows to cause a flash flood

Water pollution When soil and sand flow into the rivers, the river water becomes muddy. This will affect aquatic life because the muddy blocks out sunlight which is needed by the green plants

Air pollution a) Also caused by soil erosion. b) When strong winds blow off the exposed soil, the air becomes dusty.

Steps to Reduce Destruction of the Environmental 1. Illegal and excessive logging must be stop by enforcing the law strictly. 2. New trees should be planted after logging to prevent soil erosion. 3. We need to restore the natural state of the environment to ensure that the balance of nature exists.