Insignia of rank on Sleeve. Sword and undress Mountings for 19. 13. Evening full dress and evening dress. Plate 1. . Arrangement of insignia on epaulets. 4. Fage. 14. Shoulder marks for warrant officers and mates. 15a. outfits of 70 73 for of Force INDEX TO PLATES. Shoulder marks for commissioned officers. is officers' 20 24 28 4. Special full dress. lieutenant. and cap devices. Chapter 10. of of 47 50 67 69 6. junior grade. 2. — General regulations uniform United States Naval Beserve Chapter 1. belt complete. 7 2.iral and gunner. Undress. of of gf officers of 5. Dress. —General uniform regulations governing both. Epaulets. Shoulder marks for chief warrant and warrant officers. 6. 11. Service dress with aiguillettes. 7. 9. 8. lieutenant. lists 8. lieutenant. Overcoat and cloak. junior grade. Special full dress.CONTENTS. the Navy and Marine Corps Chapter —Occasions on which each uniform to be worn Chapter —Garments and equipments composing uniforms Chapter —Description garments and articles equipment Chapter —Description the several uniforms enlisted men the Navy. on service coat. White service dress. 17. full-dress belt. Chapter —Description garments and articles equipment enlisted the Navy —^Marking clothing and clothing Chapter Chapter —Men's clothing Chapter 9. Mess dress.^}eneral regulations governing the uniforms the Naval Militia. 11a. 5. rear adn. Cocked 12. 3. 10. Collar devices 18. lieutenant. lieutenant. continued. hats. caps. -Admiral of the Navy. 15. Collar devices on service coat. Full dress. 3. of of of of 7. 16.

and distinguishing marks. Blue undress. Overcoat. ENLISTED MEN. seaman and petty officer.INDEX TO PLATES. 29. White dress. Blue dress. . seaman and chief petty officer. 22. Rating badges. 21. 25. Rain clothes. 23. blue. Specialty 30. White undress. Dungarees. seaman. 20a. Plate 20. White dress. 24. 27. seaman. seaman. Naval reserve force cap device and button. chief petty officer and boatswain's mate. chief petty officer. 26. 28.

January W. Washington. JosEPHus Daniels. 1917. but is a reprint of the 1913 issue.Navy Department. All changes made since the issue of the 1913 regulations. 11 of January 20. 1917. as far as they apply. D. up to and including Change in Uniform Kegulations No. . This revised edition is not a new issue of the Uniform Kegulations. C. United States Navy. have been incorporated in this edition. and. of the United States Marine Corps also. The officers regulations contained herein shall govern the uniform of the and enlisted men of the United States Navy.

6a. and acting assistant dental surgeons are required to provide themselves only with the articles of uniform prescribed for service dress and white service dress. 1. 5. Officers serving in torpedo vessels and submarines shall not be required to wear other than service dress. 7 . nor any other decoration or badge not specifically prescribed exposed by any officer or authorized by these regulations. shall be or enlisted man. 6b. and white service dress. marines shall wear the same uniforms as prescri^jed for other vessels. No decoration received from a foreign Government.CHAPTER 1. except when they attend social or especially ceremonious occasions in their official capacity or Crews of torpedo vessels and subvisit foreign or civil officials. Enlisted men must be men neat and trim in their persons and dress on all occasions. Officers and enlisted men on duty shall at all times wear the uniform of their respective grades. except as otherwise provided herein. except as provided in article 51. as prescribed herein or by the senior officer present. Officers in authority shall assure themselves that all officers and serving under them conform strictly to these uniform regulations. worn 4. Officers serving under acting commissions in time of war or for other special purposes. Every person belonging to the Navy or Marine Corps is strictly forbidden to wear any dress or decoration other than that to which his grade or the law entitles him. GENERAL UNIFORM REGULATIONS GOVERNING BOTH NAVY AND MARINE CORPS. Particular attention is directed to the questions concerning uniform required to be answered in making out reports on the fitness of officers. Officers shall set an example of neatness and strict conformity to regGlations in uniforms and equipment. enlisted 2. service dress. Naval Medical Eeserve officers ordered to active duty shall be required to provide themselves only with the articles of uniform prescribed for undress. acting assistant surgeons appointed for three years' service in the Navy. 3.

14. 13. when he shall resume the uniform and title of his actual An officer promoted may be authorized or ordered by a com- mander in chief or other officer in chief command afloat or at a shore station. but they may wear unif orni in conformity with these regulations. and recruiting offices. or having permission to leave the ship or station. they are not required to wear or have uniform. may wear civilian's clothing. but discretion must be observed in granting (a) Officers this privilege in foreign ports may be authorized to wear civilian's clothing when on duty at the Navy Department. or the fied that the commanding officer of a vessel acting singly. whether serving afloat or ashore. 9. 11. (c) Enlisted men may when on leave of absence or liberty in a be permitted to wear civilian's clothihg home part. enlisted men of the Navy or Marine Corps. rank. but they shall not be allowed to have civilian's clothing in their possession on board ship and must leave and return to the shin in uniform. When on duty. or when ashore in a foreign port. Officers on the retired list on active duty shall conform to these regulations the same in all respects as officers on the active list. 15. Civilian's clothing may be permitted to be worn by officers and enlisted men as provided in the following paragraphs. Parts of one uniform shall not be worn with parts of another. to assume the rank and unigrade to which he has been promoted. 8. shall not wear any dress but their prescribed uniforms. form of the 10. An officer holding an acting appointment shall wear the uniform of the grade to which he is appointed until such appointment be revoked. Naval Observatory. at the discretion of the senior officer present. 12. Officers suspended from duty by sentence of a court-martial. (&) Officers on leave of absence from their places of duty. or when employed on shore duty without troops other than at navy yards. if not on duty. Nonregulation outer or under clothing shall not be worn nor kept in the possession of enlisted men on board ship or within the limits of a shore station. except that in pattern their uniforms and equipments may be either as prescribed herein or as at the time of their retirement. or Marine Corps headquarters. shore stations. During divine service a chaplain may wear the vestments of the church to which he belongs. or on furlough or waiting orders for punishment. Chiefs of bureaus of the Navy Department. if satis- promotion has been made. except as specified in these regulations. UNIFOBM EEGXJLATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. shall wear uniforms bearing the equipments and rank insignia denoting the rank of rear admiral and the distinctive devices of the corps to which they respectively belong.: 8 7. upon occasions when uniform is worn. . are prohibited from wearing uniform during the period of punishment.

officer officer. at " all . but never by naval or marine officers in special full dress 22. cloak. by all persons above deck hands " when going in or out of port and generally by all officers and men above decks and in common living spaces. Officers on duty with enlisted men under arms on shore shall ordinarily wear service dress (undress or field dress for officers of the Marine Corps). Enlisted men of the Navy shall not wear any part of the uniform with civilian's clothing except the overcoat. 21. as far as may be practicable. with due regard to the duty to be performed and the state of the weather and. but commanding officers may prescribe or permit working dress for other persons. and shoes. with leggings. Officers of the Marine Corps shall not wear any part of the uniform with civilian's clothing except the raincoat or c£^pe. As a matter of routine. and on social occasions official capacity. officers of the Navy shall not wear any part of the uniform except the overcoat. undercfothing. as may be most suitable to the exercise or duty of the ship at boats'. in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 2 of these regulations. 19. All members of any one mess shall appear in the same dress. and by running and power boats' crews. may . On all occasions of ceremony or duty. or mackintosh. fleet. Mess dress or evening dress may be worn at dinner in the messes of commissioned officers. and others on watch above decks. Leggings shall always be worn by officers and enlisted men of the Navy when on duty in the field or with a naval brigade or landing party. by all petty signalmen. jersey. 17. The uniform for officers and men for the day or for any particular occasion shall be fixed by the senior officer present. 9 16. enlisted men of the Marine Corps. and officers of the Marine Corps shall wear such uniform as dress or full dress is be prescribed for them. the senior officer present shall be guided in assigning the uniform by the general principles laid down in that chapter. officers attend in an prescribed for other officers present.UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. With civilian's clothing. In the present shall be officers. officers of the Navy on duty with enlisted men shall wear undress. After dinner officers not on duty may appear on deck in the dress worn at mess. none except tfbderclothing and shoes. In any special case not definitely covered by Chapter 2. the uniform of the day prescribed by the senior worn by officers of the watch. steamers'. the uniform at posts and barracks of the Marine Corps shall be prescribed by the com> manding 18. uniform shall be worn. when special full when 20. On occasions of special ceremony. the officers and men shall wear corresponding uniforms. As far as practicable. the time.

or as mail orderly. except on occasions when the drill instructiojis prescribe arms. with the overcoat without other side arms. Leggings shall always be worn by enlisted men of the Navy with any. 24. (7) At ordinary daily quarters on board ship. (1) Swords shall be worn as prescribed in these regulations. including the overcoat. or full dress. or garrison • (2) on military duty. or when leaving the ship. it shall be to the right of the buckle. unless specified. The prescribed sword belt and the proper sword knot (for all commissioned officers except chaplains) shall always be worn with the sword. When mounted. at parades. Marines shall not wear leggings at ordinary drills under arms.10 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. field by order of the senior (3) The sword shall be worn habitually hooked up. When worn (6) When the revolver is carried. or when on duty ashore as patrol or dbeachmaster's guard. but the sword itself shall be worn outside of the overcoat. the sword shall be worn unhooked. the revolver being worn slightly in front of the right hip. the sword belt shall be worn over the special full-dress and frock coats of officers of the officers Navy and over the full-dress coat and field coats of of the Marine Corps. (8) Officers or men wearing side arms shall not remove their caps or other head covering exqept indoors. and on other special occasions at the discretion of the senior officer present at Saturday inspection. if the rest wear them. (4) When the sword is worn without other side arms. The cartridge attachments worn with the sword belt shall be worn in front and to the right and left of the belt buckle. . and under the service coats of officers of the (5) Navy and undress coats of officers of the Marine Corps. at infantry or artillery . at military formations 'on shore. 23. drills.form of dress. with the hilt inclining to the rear and the sling straps outside the scabbard. with the long sling of the belt passing through the rear slit in the coat and the short sling through the side slit. With leggings. the belt shall be worn outside of every coat. no arms shall be worn by officers unless their men are ^nder arms. but when marines form part of a mixed landing force. or infantry or artillery drill. peggings for marines shall be expressly specified. The wearing of swords may be dispensed with in the officer present. or a landing party. or on guard detail. station. If only one cartridge attachment be worn. when under arms for parade or ceremony. the belt shall be worn under the overcoat. by naval officers and enlisted men. high black shoes shall be worn. and other general inspections of the crew by the commanding officer.

fobs. (o) Medals or badges awarded for service performed while in the Army.: : . but this provision shall not apply to the coxswain of a boat. s) is optional any of them are worn. (/) . with the holders but if these or the following badges (q.) Philippine campaign badge. . none of the shall be medals or badges awarded by the Government same time with them (r) worn at the Authorized badges of military societies in the order o. or other jewelry shall be worn exposed upon the uniform by any officer or enlisted man of the Navy or Marine Corps. if not included among those specified above. shall be worn in the following order. except the medal of honor. (4) distinguished marksman's badge. (m) Nicaraguan campaign badge. which shall be worn pendent from the neck (ffi) ( Medal of honor ribbon. (g) Medals or badges for excellence in small-arms firing. . unless the boat's crew is armed. r. 11 petty officer on boat duty.E date of the wars which they commemorate. shall wear the service revolver belt. (2) The wearing of . or on (9) other special duty. from the center of the body toward the left shoulder. except sleeve buttons and shirt studs as prescribed. ^ It authorized by Congress. ' . . A 26. pins. (3) expert pistol shot's bar. medal Medal commemorating the battle of Manila Bay. TJNIFOKM KEGTJLAHONS UNITED STATES NAVY. (p) Medals or badges for excellence in gunnery. or other branch of the Government. (i) Spanish campaign badge (. (6) sharpshooter's badge (not worn if 5 is held) (7) marksman's badge (not worn if 5 or 6 is held) (8) Marine Corps competition individual medal. in charge of a guard boat. No watch chains. (1) Cuban pacification badge. in the following order: (1) Sharpshooter's medal. (d) Medal commemorating the naval engagements in the West Indies. (9) Marine Corps division competition medal. (s) Badge of the Army and Navy Union of the United States (*) Badge of the Enlisted Men's Abstinence League. or their ribbons. (fc) China relief-expedition badge. Gold life-saving medal iff) Silver life-saving medal. (5) experts rifleman's badge. (e) Special meritorious medal for service during the Spanish War other thaa b ) Distinguislied-servlce (c) in battle. 25. (2) expert rifleman's bar. worn in the order in which won. . (ft) Civil War badge. Marine Corps. (10) medals given by the National Rifle Association for excellence in shooting at matches held under the cognizance of that association. (n) Good-conduct medal. (1) Medals and badges.

except that an officer . By enlisted men of the Marine Corps with dress uniform when medals and badges are not prescribed. men of the Navy with dress uniform on occasions of ceremony other than parades under arms on shore. and Marine Corps who are members of said organizations in their own right. men of the Marine Corps with dress uniform on occasions of ceremony. except as limited by subparagraph (e) below. imdress. of the Navy. the War of the Eebellion. and the China Eelief Expedition of 1900. and with other uniforms on occasions of ceremony when prescribed. except as limited by subparagraph (d) (e) below.— 12 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. the War of 1812. and with field uniform (except when the coat is not worn). the evening dress coat. or full dress. (e) ^Vhen officers and enlisted men of the Marine Corps are serving on board a ship of the Navy they shall wear. The law permits them to be worn upon all occasions of ceremony by officers and men of the Army. the Spanish-American War and the incident insurrection in the Philippines. as prescribed for officers and enlisted men. (6) Medals and badges having no ribbons shall be worn only when or enlisted other medals and badges are worn. the ribbons of medals and badges only under the same conditions. and with other uniforms on occasions of ceremony (d) By enlisted when prescribed. the Mexican War. (6) By enlisted occasions (c) men of the Navy when medals are in dress uniform. always with undress. (4) Medals and badges shall be worn — (a) (&) By By officers of the enlisted Navy with special full-dress uniform. (3) The badges referred to in subparagraph (q) of the preceding paragraph are the distinctive medals and badges adopted by societies of men who have served in the Army or Navy of the United States in the War of the Revolution. respectively. (c) By officers of the Marine Corps with special full dress or full-dress uniforms. Ribbons of medals and badges shall be worn By officers of the Navy on the frock coat. in 4 (b). except on those prescribed. By officers of the Marine Corps. and with those uniforms only. and the white service coat when worn on occasions of ceremony in (5) (a) place of undress. above. the mess jacket when worn with dinner dress. field (except when the coat is not worn) and messuniforms. Navy. and with those uniforms only. Persons who by right of inheritance and election are members of any of the above-named societies are members thereof in their own right. dress. white .

suspended from a single holding bar. and where there are several such ex^ posed bars on a single medal or badge the uppermost bar shall be so mounted. has been .UNIFORM EEGULAnONS UNITED STATES NAVY. When a medal or badge has an exposed bar at the top of the ribbon such bar shall be mounted on the front of the holding bar or shall form a part of such bar. each medal or badge partially covering the one on its left. without intervals. one-fourth of an inch below the center of the row of ribbons. (9) Ribbons of medals and badges shall be worn in a horizontal row. provided no portion of the bar and pin be visible. the top of the coat. which shall not be longer than from front center line of the coat to the armhole seam. clear of the lapel and. placed one under the other with an interval of one-quarter inch between the bottom of one man who . for officers of the Navy and Marine Corps and for enlisted men of the Marine Corps. or a marksman's badge shall wear it as prescribed in paragraph (1) of this article when the ribbons of medals and badges are worn. they shall overlap sufficiently to permit them all to be mounted on the bar. Other medals and badges shall be worn on the left breast. When the number of medals and badges to be worn is so great that they can not all be suspended from a holding bar of the prescribed length and at the same time be fully seen. badges. The holding bar. and for enlisted men of the Navy on a line 1 inch below the point of the shoulder (by the point of the shoulder is meant a point in front halfway between the top and the bottom of the shoulder joint). a sharpshooter's badge. 13. an expert rifleman's badge. shall be so placed upon the uniform that its center shall be at a point midway between the front center line of the coat and the left armhole. (8) The medal of honor shall be worn pendent from the neck. midway between the first and second buttons from. at the same height and in the same order and manner as prescribed above for the bar of medals and badges. so far as practicable. but shall be arranged in two or more parallel rows. If there is not sufficient room to wear the ribbons in one row they shall not be made to overlap. or ribbons shall not be worn on the overcoat. They shall be in length equal to the full width of the ribbon attached to the medal or badge and three-eighths of an inch wide and sewed on the cloth of the coat. in one horizontal line. as in the case of medals. and the righthand one showing in full. or worn on a bar and pinned to the coat. with sufficient stiffening to keep them from wrinkling. The holding bar for the suspension of medals and badges shall be of metal or other material of sufficient stiffness and shall be wholly covered by the ribbons or exposed bars.awarded a gunnery medal or badge. the upper edge of which shall be. the overlapping being equal for all of the medals and badges worn. (7) Medals.

or Marine Corps shall be allowed to wear any medal or badge awarded him by the Government during previous service in any other branch of the Government. and all ribbons for the same campaigns shall be the same for both services. shall be the same' as now pre- scribed. blue. The cloak or mackintosh may be worn in inclement weather. The badge 3 inches of mourning shall consist of a black crape band wide and about 20 inches long knotted upon the sword . 27. 28. and for the certificate of merit central white stripe. for optional wear with civilian clothes. the following changes to be the existing ribbons: made in (h) The Navy ribbon same as the for the Philippine campaign shall be the ribbon for the Philippine Insurrection narow blue edges). (e) The Navy ribbon for the China Relief Expedition shall be the same as the Army ribbon ^yellow. except by Marine officers in summer field dress. blue. (10) (a) row being placed as above Medals and badges. official 30. Navy. the top row and the top of the described. with Army — for which it is recommended to seek legislation applying equally to officers and enlisted men of the Army. 29. then three stripes.14 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. yellow. respectively. (d) Both Army and Navy ribbons for the War with Spain badge shall be blue. (A) Rosettes or buttons are authorized for all service medals and badges. crimson. hibited. with narrow yellow edges. and their ribbons. shall be worn by the two services (Army and Navy) in the same order of arrangement. the ribbons blue silk. (g) An officer or enlisted man of the Army. or when specially pro- badge—narrow . (/) (crimson. The senior officer present may prescribe gloves at any time. with narrow blue edges. to consist of the ribbons of the respective medals made up in rosette form. next. red. exercises. Navy and Marine Corps. medals or badges for future campaigns shall be the same for both services. and blue on either side. and ceremonies. Gloves shall always be worn with the sword on occasions of ceremony. The officer of the deck shall wear gloves and carry a binocular or spyglass in port and at sea he shall carry a binocular and have a deck trumpet or megaphone directly at hand. For the medal of honor and the distinguished service medal. (c) The Army and Navy Civil War ribbon shall be two stripes of watered silk. blue and gray. white. except at drills. for the Army medal of honor —light with white stars.

34. by men for whom prescribed. 15 and a black crape band 3 inches wide worn on the left arm above the elbow. beard. and Avhite aprons. beard. When leaving the ship. man of the seaman branch shall' carry a jackknife. consisting of an arm band of white cotton 2 inches wide. When a man's name is removed from the sick list. In warm weather chief petty officers may take off the coat and waistcoat when on duty below the main deck. jumpers. or mustache shall be allowed. to he worn on the right arm above the elbow. the 38. shall be issued by the medical officer to each enlisted man on the sick list. trousers. 39. with white or blue trousers. the' cross 3 inches in height and width. scribed as an outer garment for drills. except that a mustache. Messmen while performing their duties as such shall wear white undress. wear white undress without not on duty there. but at quarters and off duty they shall wear the uniform of the day. first class. Mess attendants on board ship shall at all times wear the white jacket. 33. and the arms of the cross 1 inch wide. exercises. The use of sheath knives on board ship by the crew is forbidden.. A sick-list badge. The badge shall be distinctly marked in black block figures with a number. and underclothes shall be fitted <vith eyelets for stops. painted or stitched on the band. 36. The band shall be 4 inches wide. they shall wear the same uniform as other enlisted men. m. either around the neck or waist. they shall wear the uniform of the day. he shall return his badge neatly washed to the dispensary. without neckerchiefs (marines. No eccentricities in the manner of wearing the hair. to be fastened around the upper part of the right arm over the outer garment. 32 a. except that the rating badge shall bear the chevrons of a petty officer. instead of a chief petty officer. The jersey may be worn. as an outer garment from sunset until 8 a. and they may wear this uniform any time below decks. to be entered upon the sick list furnished for the use of the officer of the deck. or beard and mustache. but may be worn in working dress or at work requiring a knife. Cooks at work in the galleys shall When corresponding uniform). or working parties . 31. Overshirts. hilt. and mustache shall be worn neatly trimmed. but every 32 b. as most convenient. The The hair. Commissary stewards shall wear the same uniform as chief commissary stewards. 37. either in place of the overDuring the day the jersey may be preshirt or jumper or over it. face shall be kept clean shaved. 35.UNIFORM REGULAIIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. Knife lanyards do not form part of the uniform. The Geneva cross brassard shall consist of a band of white cotton bearing a red Geneva cross. according to the prescribed uniform of the day. neckerchiefs. may be worn at discretion.

but in units. for instance. and persons that have occasion to enter officers' quarters shall not wear this uniform. As an additional undergarment. It shall not be worn by chief petty officers. except in foul or severe weather. even when not prescribed for the whole ship's company. all men in the crew being in uniform in this respect but in steam or power boats the coxswain and engineer force may wear shoes while the others are barefoot. and others whose duties keep them exposed to the weather without sufficient exercise or work to keep them warm. All cooks. and only when prescribed. night or day. being off boats' crews or signalmen. if so ordered or permitted by the senior officer present. or coaling ship. Tan shoes may be ordered for marines when in white trousers and shall be worn by . This uniform will be indicated by signal. The jersey shall not show below the overshirt or jumper and shall never be worn without an undershirt nor be tucked inside to be the trousers. or marines. members of the guard. At sea and in isolated anchorages for target practice or similar when hot weather or other conditions render it desirable. The watch cap may be worn at sea by men for whom prescribed. climates or in boats. officers leaving off the coat and wearing white with belts instead of suspenders for the trousers. Commanding officers may exempt such men from omitting the jumper or overshirt as they may think advisable. Shoes. Jumpers will Jae resumed at the supper hour. shall always be worn with dress and undress. such as must be dressed alike. signalmen. sentries. except that. A morning signal fixing the uniform the same as the day before will not apply to this variation a new signal will be required for each day.. . cleaning. 16 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. lest it be a hardship to some who. At training stations. and boatswain's mates. bandsmen. and particular care must then be taken that none but clean uniform undershirts are worn and that a neat appearance is preserved at mess. mess attendants. unless otherwise especially directed. have no work to perform. shoes to go ashore for when the decks are wet or in hot may be dispensed with unless the men are Shoes should be dispensed with whenever practicable in boats. on board ship. coxswains. the jersey shall be worn only as an outer garment. any purpose. them when in field dress. with the latter. and running steamers' crews will be exempted the jumper. or when leggings are prescribed. and liberty men. all watch. the jersey may be prescribed to be worn under the jumper or overshirt. officers' stewards and cooks. or refitting. worn in place of or over the overshirt or jumper. 41. may so wear it. chief petty shirts. neatly blacked. service. quartermasters. 42. but not during day watches in port. or on shore at a navy yard or naval station. the uniform of the day for enlisted men may be modified by omitting 40. in boats.

No underclothing is regulation drawn from official sources. 17 is. worn but when called to Under similar quarters. Eain clothes. shall be worn. (h) By gunner's mates. epaulets shall be dispensed be worn by officers and men. and men regularly detailed as helpers or strikers in turrets or in care of machinery below decks. while employed at work that would damage the white uniform. mechanics. Underclothing shall always be worn. turret captains. Dungarees may be worn on board cruising vessels (a) By the engineer and dynamo-room force while on duty. ships. officers unless specially ordered not to be worn. When the weather is too cold to go barefoot. 47. or special full dress or full dress for the Marine Corps. at sea or in port. White caps or white trousers or both may be prescribed with service dress and undress uniforms. with. unless medium. except when white trousers are prescribed with dress uniform for the Navy. Headgear shall be white by day when white is prescribed for any other portion of the uniform. When Overcoats is may overcoats are worn. Dungarees shall not be worn nor had in possession by other men. without reference to the senior officer present. at discretion. but rubber boots shall not be worn by the crews of steam or power boats. men may wear rubber boots during wet weather or while washing down the deck. Unless a particular weight of underclothing is prescribed. (c) By the engineer crews of steamers and power boats. article 93. and also by whole boats' crews. with or without rubber boots. except at sea or during general cleaning or coaling. officers) The overcoat prescribed for enlisted men (not chief petty may be worn by officers on duty on board their own ships or by officers at exercise in boats . White. unless overcoats are expressly ordered not . 84140—17 2 . nor by any officers at shall be worn quarters for inspection or other ceremony.: ' UinFOKM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. caps shall not be worn with the naval evening dress coat or the Marine Corps blue mess jacket. 45. but not of the watch while colors are hoisted. 44. or light. may be worn by and men in foul weather. appropriate. overcoats may be ordered for a whole boat's crew. Overcoats may be ordered for officers or men or both when . Stripes on the sleeves as on the regular uniform overcoat. on or off duty. white caps being always worn when white trousers are prescribed with. at sea or in port. 46. only the prescribed uniform conditions. including getting Tinder way and coming to anchor. 48. enlisted men may wear heavy. electricians.these uniforms. instead of white working dress. on board their own when the uniform of the day to be service dress.

shall not be sold. and 4. wearing of dungarees to the actual wear them for duty above decksfor which worn blue or white clothing would suffice. 52. 8. loaned. and no devices for blue or white caps. except by competent authority therefor. military outfits. Submarine vessels' officers when on duty on board vessels concerning the submarines. making clothing. Pay officers of ships will be supplied with a set of paper patterns of sizes 3 and 5 of the overshirt. arms. and then only when the dungaree 49. shall conform strictly in material. men for themselves. other than those issued by the Government. and 12 of the shall trousers. and no change shall be permitted without the sanction of the Secretary of the Navy." and the purchaser's name shall be placed upon it as soon as possible. nor given away. They shall not suits are clean. except by engineer and dynamo force about to go on watch and engineer crews of steamers.18 UNIFORM BEGULAnONS UNITED STATES NAVY. When clothing belonging to name of the deserter shall be obliterated with a stamp marked "D C. men in The clothes. cap ribbons. apprentice marks. and making-up to those issued by the Government. and crews. or required by such persons as a part of their prescribed uniforms or outfits. Fancy stitchings and embroidery are forbidden. service stripes. exchanged. pattern. or in the quartermaster's department of the Marine Corps. authority of the deserters is sold. 54. 51. or received rating badges. Dungarees shall be worn by officers and men as a complete suit. 50. The articles issued to ships conform in every respect to the standard samples. made by ship's by them from other than official sources. Enlisted men-of the Marine Corps shall wear only clothing and equipmcmt drawn from the quartermaster's department of the Marine Corps. or are to be used by enlisted officer before being worn. distinguishing marks. Standard samples of every article of enlisted men's uniforms shall be kept at the naval clothing factory.may wear dungaree suits Officers and crews of other torpedo vessels shall conform to the regulations for other types of wearing dungarees. 66. with the hat or cap prescribed for the day. bartered. They shallnot be worn at mess. the . 53. Clothes imade by the tailors for them. for the use of enlisted 55. men under any circumstances. and accouterments furnished by the United States to any enlisted person in the Navy or Marine Corps. pledged. All wearing apparel drawn from a pay officer or from the quartermaster's department of the Marine Corps shall be considered uniform. Officers shall limit their requirements of duty. All clothing not drawn from Government sources shall be inspected by the division braids. No transfer or exchange of clothing shall be made without the commanding officer.

that all clothing is neatly made. and that every article ance with these regulations. pat- and color. Upon the completion of the examination. and their bedding. caps.UNIPOEM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. overcoats. should the recruits qualify. and bedding of the men are properly marked in accord- in accordance with the prescribed uniform in respect to quality. All work done by the ship's tailor shall be submitted to the division officer for inspection and approval before it is ac- cepted or any payment made therefor. bathe. clothing. their clothing. commanding have the outfit of clothing issued to each and carefully marked. (1) Officers of divisions shall take especial care that all outer and under tern. and kept in order. All other citizens' clothing must be disposed of as the recruit may desire. Whenever recruits are received on board a receiving ship or at a training station. He shall prepare a dress board on which will be indicated the uniform of the crew. that the men are neat in person and clothing. . Clothing or small stores shall not be issued to recruits without the written order of the commanding officer. 58. 60. and provided with regulation knives and lanyards . hats. and place it in a conspicuous position on board. and shall be posted in places where they may be consulted at all times by enlisted men. 57. they shall be required at once to have their hair cut. is (2) They shall see that all materials drawn are used for the purpose required . officers shall 59. and that underclothing is worn at all times unless dispensed with by order of the captain. and report for physical examination. Commanding officers shall not allow recruits to keep on board any article of clothing not authorized by regulations except such underclothing in good condition as may be worn at the time of enlistment. marked. Copies of all parts of these regulations necessary for the purpose will be furnished by the Bureau of Navigation. 19 The executive oflScer of a ship shall see that officers lists command- ing divisions keep correct of their men's clothing and have necessary requisitions made out. and that none of it is sold. and that they are careful in the inspection of their divisions.

—Dress. a ship or station officially. at home or abroad. extraordinary and minister plenipotentiary.—Special fuU dress. 2. or white special fuU dress. an ex-President. —Full dress. or the Secretary of the Navy of the United States. Flag officer going aboard his flagship to Committee Envoy assume command. Navy. or Receiving or being received by the President. or an ambassador of the United States or of any white special full dress. in line with troops). 7. Chief Justice of the United States. quishes also when he relin- command. Governor general of islands or groups of islands occupied by the United States. («) of Congress. if in line with troops). At general inspection on the first Saturday in the month. when desirable to do special honor to the occasion. with foreign officials. State occasions. First visits to officers of flag rank. if —Special full than the Secretary of the Navy. 5. or entertainments. the Vice President. . or exchanging visits of ceremonj. or white dress. visiting t. Special full dress (with full dress trousers. or white full dress. OCCASIONS ON WHICH EACH UNIFORM IS TO BE WORN.'! dress (with fuU dress trousers. or entertainments where dress uniform is not sufficient. or abroad. In inclement weather. Member of the President's Cabinet other Navy. or the sovereign. chief executive. U). solemnities. Makinb Corps. if in line with troops). minister resident. Rece tibn of Assistant Secretary of the Navy. or ruler of any country.. — CHAPTER OFFICBES. At ceremonies. 6 Ceremonies. Navt. white —Special fuU dress (with full dress trousers. 2. within the waters or limits of his government. President of the Senate. at home 4. or other diplomatic representative of or above the rank of charg^ d'affaires. visiting a ship or station within the waters or limi of his government. Speaker of the House of Representatives. Governor of one of the States or Territories of the United States. or any member of a royal family. Marine Corps. within the waters of the nation to which he is accredited. Marine Corps. or full dress. country. 61. 1. or white undress. — 3. solemnities. service dress may be prescribed.

9.UNIFOEM KEGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. At Saturday morning first inspections. in either case with swords. In inclement or hot weather. 21 First visit in port to commanding officers. and ordinary occasions of duty and ceremony on shore. 8. service dress or white service dress may be prescribed. . except the in the month.

^Mess dress. Navy. On occasions of ceremony. and in other circumstances where appropriate. mess dress may be prescribed. Special full — — dress or mess dress'. Ceremonies in the evening to which officers are invited in their official capacity. Marine CoBPS. 22 UNIPORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. ^Mess dress. 19. 24. dinners. —Dinner — Marine Corps. prescribed by the senior officer present. as a substitute for uniform-C. or with blue trousers. Navy. Marine Corps . 62. When authorized under No. When 19. or in other circumstances where appropriate. as in No. 21. 23. Evening fuU dress. AND HARINE CORPS ARE TOGETHER. On which ordinary social occasions in the evening to officers are invited in their official capacity. 20. In hot weather. 21 by the commanding officer. Designation of uniform. 22. Navy. . —Evening — dress. and where hot weather and other cir- Navy. at exercise in boats. —Mess dress.^-White unwith blue undress dress trousers.White with white mess jacket. NAVY. Marine Corps. trousers may be prescribed for both Navy and Marine Corps. UNIFORMS TO BE DESIGNATED WHEN OFFICERS OF THE AEMY. dinner dress may be prescribed. and evening receptions. to be worn only by officers on board their own ship. cumstances make it appropriate. with white mess jacket. —White service dress At the option of and under restrictions imposed by the commanding officer. are invited in their official capacity.. In hot weather. 25. or in hot weather and' other circumstances where appropriate. At informal evening occasions to which officers Navy. without swords. when the uniform of the day Is white' service dress. Marine Corps. such as public balls.

23 When officers of the Army and officers of the Navy and Marine attendance together elsewhere than at the White House. . or either.UNIFORM REGULATION'S UNITIJD STATES NAVY. in accordance with the general plan pre- Corps. 64. are in scribed in the preceding paragraph- ENLISTED MEN. Occasion.. one of the three abbve uniforms shall be designated by the senior officer present.

White gloves. (Plates 1 and 2. Cocked hat. and full dress White gloves. the belt and shall be laid aside. FULL DRESS. warrant officers. Sword. Should the sword be laid aside temcocked hat also 1 The uniform 24 of midshipmen is described in the Naval Academy regulations. chief warrant officers. WHITE SPECIAL FULL DRESS. Midshipmen ' Should the sword be laid aside temcocked hat shall be laid aside also. Garments. Sword and Scarf. Chaplains. All commissioned officers. 67. and paymasters' clerks. White service dress. except chaplains and chief warrant officers. Full dress trousers. as dress. Special full dress coat. composing uniform. ^ belt. porarily. 3. full dress belt. the retained. Same Same as undress. All commissioned officers. mates. mates. of medals and badges. with the addition of medals.) Frock coat.. Full dress trousers. Same Same as undress. Medals and badges. . Cocked hat. and paymasters' clerks. Black high shoes of patent leather. (Plate 3. GARMENTS AND EQUIPMENTS COMPOSING OFFICERS' UNIFORMS. but the sword belt shall be porarily.) Rank. Sword and full dress belt. Midshipmen as dress. Black high shoes leather. except chaplains and chief warrant officers. Epaulets.CHAPTER SPECIAL FULL DRESS. warrant officers. of patent or enamel Ribbons Chaplains. White gloves. etc. ' or enamel Medals and badges. Epaulets. chief warrant officers. All officers.



(Pl. 8.)






(Pis. 1





cormrdssioned oficers, except chaplains and chief war-



To be of dark navy-blue cloth, double-breasted, and lined with white silk serge; the waist of the coat to descend to the top of the hip bone the skirts to begin about one-fourth of the circumference from the middle of the front edge and descend four-fifths of the distance from the hip bone to the laiee; two large navy buttons on the waist behind two rows of large navy buttons on the breast, nine in each row, the rows being placed 4^ to 5J inches apart from eye to eye at the top, and 2^ inches apart at the bottom. Cuffs of the coat
; ;

to be closed,

without buttons.


collar, to

hook in front


the bottom, sloping thence

upward and backward

at an angle of 25

degrees on each side, rising no higher than will permit a free movement of the chin over it, and to be brought together in front in such

manner wear a

as to conceal the collar button

All seams plain.

and render it unnecessary Shoulder attachments for epaulets

to be of cloth



neatly laid on.

around the top and down the front with navy-gold wire or thread lace, of two vellums, laid on according to pattern, in width as follows Officers of flag rank (or rank of commodore), If inches. Officers of the rank of captain or commander, \\ inches. Officers of or below the rank of lieutenant commander, 1 inch. To. The sleeves shall bear stripes of gold lace, the lower edge of the lace being 2 inches from and parallel to the edge of the sleeve, the number and width of the stripes being as follows (pi. 11a) Admiral of the Navy, two stripes of 2-inch lace with one stripe of 1-inch lace between, the stripes being set \ inch apart. Admiral, one stripe of 2-inch lace with three stripes of |-inch lace above it, the stripes being set \ inch apart. Vice admiral, one stripe of 2-inch lace with two stripes of ^-inch lace above it, the stripes being set \ inch apart. Officers of the rank of rear admiral, one stripe of 2-inch lace with one stripe of ^-inch lace set \ inch above it.


collar shall be covered


Officers of the
Officers of the


rank of commodore, one stripe of 2-inch lace. rank of captain, four stripes of |-inch lace set i inch

Officers of the rank of commander, three stripes of ^-inch lace, set i inch apart. Officers of the rank of lieutenant commander, two stripes of 4 -inch lace with one stripe of ^-inch lace between, the stripes being set i inch apart.

Officers of the rank of lieutenant, two stripes of J-inch lace set i inch apart. Officers of the rank of lieutenant junior grade, one stripe of ^-inch lace with one stripe of J-inch lace set i inch above it. Officers of the rank of ensign, one stripe of J-inch lace.

wear a star of five rays embroidered in gold be inscribed in a circle of l| inch in diameter, on the outside of each sleeve, midway between the seams, wi'th one of the rays pointing directly downward and the point J inch from the upper edge of the upper stripe of lace.
officers shall


of a

size to

72. Staff officers shall

wear the same

stripes as those prescribed

for line officers with whom they rank, but not the stars. The corps' to which they respectively belong shall be indicated by bands of

colored cloth around the sleeves, filling the intervals between the
gold-lace stripes, the colors and materials to be as follows:

—dark maroon —white Professors of mathematics—olive green Naval constructors—dark violet Civil engineers—light blue —crimson Medical reserve —orange colored Dental












Where but one

stripe of lace is worn, the colored cloth shall


I inch above and below the stripe.


(Pis. 2, 3, 4, 5.)

cloth, faced with the same, and lined with black serge or silk; with plain seams and rolling collar double-breasted with two rows of large Navy buttons on the breast, five in each row, the four lower buttons being buttoned, the fifth to be wholly visible just below and clear of the lapel two
; ; ;

73. For all officers, except chaplains : The frock coat shall be made of dark navy-blue

button holes shall appear on the top of the lapel the width of the lapel at the fourth button from the bottom shall be not more than 3 inches nor less than li inches; and the width at bottom of the lapel at the waist line shall be not more than 2^ inches nor less than IJ The opening in front shall expose the shirt on each sid^ of inches.

spherical shell. embroidered in with its silver or in gold. one ray pointing directly away from the fiame and parallel to the neck edge of the collar.) Chief gunner a flaming. embroidered in silver or in gold. surcharged at the center with a gold five-pointed star. diamond. embroidered in fig. fig. The skirts to be full and Cuffs closed. respectively 17. silk buttons on the breast. respectively: (a) Chief boatswain ^two foul anchors crossed. black. For chaplains: coat shall be of dark navy-blue cloth. and mates shall wear on the collar on each side. 17. On the collar.) (c) Chief machinist a three-bladed propeller. with the long axis parallel to the neck edge of the collar. with two buttons at the waist behind. surcharged at the point of crossing with a gold five-pointed star. neatly laid on.17. %. respectively. The frock flat. (6) — — fig. and machinist insignia. with one ray pointing midway between the stocks of the anchors and directly toward the neck edge of the collar. attachments for epaulets. (PI. 6). of blue cloth and silk. Chief warrant officers^ warrant officers. 17. fig. (/) Chief sailmaker and —a sailmalcer — a (pi. (e) Chief carpenter and carpenter down. — (PL ver. 1 inch from the neck descend to the knee- opening. in the position shown in pi. with two large Navy buttons at large hook. to be the waist behind. 17. buttons. horizontal axis parallel to the front edge of the collar. A belt . six in number. embroidered in silver. covered with dark-blue cloth.) (d) Boatswain. be worn buttoned. 1.30 XTNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. 5). It shall have a plain standing collar. and inclined backward at an angle of 15° from the vertical. Cuffs closed.) silver or in gold. fig. without buttons. with one ray pointing along the axis of one blade of the propeller and directly toward the neck edge of the collar. gunner. point (P1. f inch in diameter. f inch in diameter. 4. respectively (pi. All seams to be plain. with one row of medium-size. plain. . (PI. embroidered in silver. embroidered in silver. Chief pharmacist and pharmacist (g) —a caduceus. embroidered in silsurcharged at the center of the shell with a gold five-pointed £tar. the skirts to be full and extend to the kneecap. IT. 2. 75. carpenter's square. placed in the skirt seam in front of the hip bone to hold up the sword the scarf tied four-in-hand. and lined with black silk serge. To 74. 3. fig. the following devices. f inch in diameter. a Latin cross. without cap. faced with the same. It shall be single-breasted and made to button to the neck. but the devices to be shall wear corresponding embroidered in gold and the surcharged stars in silver.

with of direction. a placed. and mates the stars prescribed for other line officers. SERVICE COAT. side seams of the back from the shoulder to the lower edge of the skirt.STATES NAVY. in silver after 20 years' service as mate. There shall be a slit over each hip. The collar. (PI.: UNIFORM KEGULATIONS UNITED. or similar material. marks on the frock coat shall be as follows Chaplain stripes of lustrous black braid of the same size. Sleeve (a) — — scribed above. chief sailmaker. {h) Chief 31 in gold (pi. descending to the top of the inseam of the trousers. 7). colls^r shall a small tongue of the same material as the coat. no sleeve marks. to be worn . except that the' gold' lace shall be woven with dark-blue silk thread for widths of i inch at intervals of 2 inches. embroidered in gold with less than (^) Mates 20 years' service as mate (pi. (c) Chief carpenter. For all officers: The service coat shall be 77. and chief machinists the sanie as for ensign (star and one stripe of ^-inch lace). — — — dress coat.). but no stripes. be fitted an overhand turn f of an inch in diameter at each change narrow black silk braid I of an inch wide shall be All seams to be plain. pharmacists. number. (d) Boatswains. and pay clerks. and disposition as for line officers of the same rank. one stripe of ^-inch lace with one of J-inch lace set I inch above it. placed 4 inches from the edgp of the sleeve. machinists. 6. but without the stars. and chief pharmacist the same as for chief boatswain. pay clerk and pay clerk Pay Corps device. gunners. the stem of the leaf pointing to the front of — the collar. chief gunners. embroidered fig. and edges of the hip slits to 5 inches from bottom of coat. with a fly front fitted with plain flat buttons of inches black gutta-percha. sailmakers. beside which at a distance of ^ of an inch. of dark navy-blue cloth or serge. . shaped to the figure. 17. Inside the front of the. (&) Chief boatswains. (e) Carpenters. edges of the coat. chief pay clerk. 17. parallel to the neck edge. if retired with the rank of lieutenant junior grade. the lace woven with dark-blue silk thread as pre76. 8). fig. The coat shall be single breasted. The same as prescribed for the special full(/) All other officers. extending on the right side 5 from the bottom of the coat aiid on the left side as high as the position of the lower edge of the sword belt. and a standing collar. a binocular glass. shall be trimmed with lustrous black mohair braid 1^ inches wide laid on flat. with top and bottom parallel to the neck edge of the — collar.

The collar shall bear devices indicating : rank and corps. 16. 16. 16. and chief pharmacists same as for line (j) — (k) — they rank. distance between the bars being the width of a bar. one ray of each star pointing upward. the two end stars surcharged upon gold foul anchors If inchese long and 1 inch high the crowns of the anchors pointing toward each other. of be inscribed in a circle 1 inch in diameter. 78. fig. one ray pointing upward.) Commodore same as for rear admiral. Commissioned staff officers. figs.) Admiral same as for the Admiral of the Navy.) (c) — Vice admiral —same as for admiral. (&) (PI. but only three — stars. chief pay clerks. surcharged at the center (l) — — . 17. (e) Captain a silver spread eagle and a silver foul anchor in rear of the eagle. Admiral of the Navy — % 1. 4. 32 UNIFORM REGULATION'S UNITED STATES NAVY. and a silver foul anchor If inches long by 1 inch Jjigh in rear of the stars. except chief carpenters. 16. (A. 2. (g) Lieutenant commander a gold oak leaf and a silver foul anchor in rear of the leaf.) (m) Chief gunner a flaming spherical shell embroidered in silver. surcharged at point of crossing with a gold five-pointed star. chief sailmakers. across the opening between the front edges of the collar.) officers with whom Chief boatswain ^two foul anchors crossed. (PI.) Lieutenant two silver bars and a silver foul anchor in rear bars. with one ray pointing midway between the stocks and directly toward the neck edge of the collar. 16. Sleeve marks as prescribed for the frock coat. 1. but with only one st^r. flame horizontal and pointing to the rear. 16 and 17) (a) size to four silver stars of five rays each. fig. the rearmost one surcharged on a gold anchor. — — — Ensign a silver foul anchor. (PI. fig. 6 to 11.) a silver oak leaf and a silver foul anchor in rear (/) Commander — — — of the leaf.) (d) Rear admiral two silver stars. (PL 16.. . (PI. 5. but with the substitution of the proper corps device for the anchor. (PI. J inch of the all bars at right angles to upper edge of collar. and substituting a silver foul anchor without a star for the gold anchor surcharged with a star. fig. 1^ inches between centers. 79. fig. omitting the anchor near the front edge of the collar but retaining its star. set 1^ inches between centers. thus rendering the wearing of a tie unnecessary. (PI. as follows (Pis. embroidered in silver. a silver bar and a silver foul (^) Lieutenant (junior grade) anchor in rear of the bar. thus having four stars. 3.

but or linen duck. 17. shall be placed in high rear of the rank devices. (PL 17. 7.) (t) junior grade addition. (PI. respectively.) Chief pay clerk ^Pay Corps device embroidered — in gold. with its long axis. crown to the front. The front edge. respec- tively. 17. and machinist shall insignia.of the rank device shall be f inch from the front edge shall be f inch of the collar and the front edge of the corps device in rear of the rear edge of the rank device. figs. fig. with one ray pointing directly away from the flame. They shall be 1 inch in height.) For all officers: . (PI. — fig. with one ray on the axis of the vertical blade of the propeller. 6.) (n) Chief machinist— a three-bladed propeller standing 1 inch high.) 80. point down. one blade pointing directly toward the neck edge of tha '?. embroidered in silver. with a silver bar in — Midshipmen a gold anchor. 17. in all respects conforming to the patterns shown in plates 16 and 17. (PI. with slits over without braid for trimming and without fly front. The relief collar devices for the service coat shall be embroidered in upon dark navy-blue cloth. Paymaster's clerks. fig. fig. of white be similar in cut and fit to the blue service coat made similar material. 3. fig. par(PI. gunner. shank vertical. with other dimensions proportionate. embroidered in (r) Chief pharmacist and pharmacist (q) silver — and in gold. — silver (s) and in gold. white bleached cotton twill. 7. as above. The anchor shall be placed with the shank parCorps allel to the upper edge of the collar. (PI.) Chief saihnaker and sailmaker a diamond embroidered in respectively. (u) (v) Chief warrant officers retired with the rank of lieutenant the same. respectively.) allel to the neck edge of the collar. a caduceus. (PI. with the axes parallel to the upper edge of the collar. 17. 17. 2. WHITE SERVICE 81. if any. COAT. (PI. but To 84140—17 n . surcharged at the center with a gold fivtj pointed star.ollar. which shall be stitched to the braid of the collar. and mates. 4. 7 and — 8. (p) Chief carpenter and carpenter a carpenter's square. 1 inch long.) (o) Boatswain. 33 of the shell with a gold five-pointed star. devices representing a leaf or a sprig of leaves. fig. respectively. 17. 5. stem to the front and the acorn. but the devices to be embroidered in gold wear corresponding and the sur- charged stars in silver. on the upper side. embroidered in silver and in gold.UNIPOBM EEGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY.

single breasted. single-breasted. or similar material. . without collar. The evening dress coat shall always be worn open. the body of the jacket cut similar to the body of the evening-dress coat. but to descend only to the hips. For optional wear under the service coat: be of dark navy-blue cloth or serge or of white linen duci or similar material. rolling collar. 9. 84. dimensions about 4J by 6^ inches. to be worn with shoulder marks. EVENING DRESS COAT AND WAISTCOAT. the top of each to be abreast the second button. " 34 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. ( Optional. all to conform to with black collar . . (PL 8. To MESS JACKET. .) . .) For all com/inissioned officers except cViej warrant officers: Of white linen duck or similar material. . below the lapel. standing collar closed in front and fitted with a hook and eye at base and top. (PI. lower corners slightly rounded. with four small gilt navy buttons. lined double breasted. cut high in front. in order to admit of being worn without a linen collar. the upper one to be not more than 4 inches below the collar button in the neckband of the shirt. UNDRESS WAISTCOAT. about 3 inches apart and about ^ inch from the edge. 85. A body coat of dark navy-blue silk serge. of cloth and silk neatly laid on all seams to be plain. with rolling two at the waist behind closed cuff without buttons shoulder attachments for epaulets. and to button with a small-size gilt navy button to be worn with shoulder marks. slightly roached over the hips. faced except chief warrant officers: with the same. with a peak behind two buttonholes on each side. cloth. The jacket shall be worn with two medium-size navy gilt buttons connected by a ring and buttoned through the upper buttonholes to make the edges of the jacket meet. white bleached cotton twill. and two medium-size navy gilt buttons on each side below the lapel abreast the buttonholes and 2 inches from the edge. with a flap at top from 2i to 2^ inches deep. Sleeve marks the same as for the frock coat no marks on collar. with six small black rubber buttons. .) For all coTninissioned officers. pattern. the hips as in the bhie service coat the front to be fitted to button through with five large-size gilt navy buttons. from 1 to 2 inches in height and of several thicknesses. . three large navy buttons on each breast. The evening dress waistcoat shall be of white linen or cotton duck. 82. cut to the figure. 83. On each breast an outside patch pocket. shield shaped.

For all officers for whom the mess jacJeet is prescribed: Blue and white mess trousers shall be made as prescribed for fulldress trousers. UNDRESS TROUSERS. Dark navy-blue serge seams plain. 3. all seams MESS TROUSERS. made to button to the neck. the lower part of the opening level with the elbow. or similar material. 1. but without the gold lace stripe. of dark navy blue. all seams plain. For all coTnmissioned officers. without strap or side or hip pocket. 35 86. but a watch pocket may be fitted each side of the waistband. double-breasted. about 2 inches apart. For all officers Of white plain. with a rolling collar of the same material as the coat. OVERCOAT. and the left strap two corresponding buttonholes the same dis- . the right . the openings of which shall be up and down. (Pis.) . with a stripe of gold lace covering the outside seam of each leg. For all officers: Of dark navy-blue trousers. the bottom of the skirt reaching to 9 to 12 inches from the ground. . so broad that when turned up it will protect the ears. seven plain. the lace being of the same width and pattern as that on the collar of the special full-dress coat. IJ inches in diameter. 91. 89. the others equally spaced up to the throat an outside pocket in each breast. cotton twill.) For all officers To be an ulster. strap to have two small buttons of the overcoat pattern. except chaplains and chief warrant officers: Of dark navy-blue cloth. an up-and-down slit over the left hip long enough to allow the short sling of the sword belt to pass through it and the sword to be hooked up outside (about 4 inches) the slit to be strengthened on the inside by suitable material all seams plain. 87. Overcoats shall be made full in the back and fitted with two straps let into the side seams in the back above the hips. to be close fitting around the buttocks. but may be fitted with one watch pocket on each side of the waistband. flat. FULL-DRESS TROrSERS. 2. black buttons on each front. UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. The trousers shall be close fitting ai-ound the buttocks and without side or hip pockets or strap. 10.' the lower buttons placed at the height of the knee. smooth-faced cloth. may be worn with "a serge service coat or with the white service coat. lined with dark blue or black material. linen duck. cloth. 88. all WHITE TROUSERS. 90. (PI.: : .

COCKED HAT. CLOAK. In the fold at each end of the hat there shall be placed a tassel of 5 gold bullions underlaid by 5 blue bullions. conforming to pattern. A stripe of 2-inch gold lace shall be laid on flat around the outer rims of the fans. and shall have the right flap on the outside. width. The cloak shall be cut three-fourths of a circle. It shall be without sleeves. tance apart. of a length to reach to 2 inches below the top of kneecap when worn over epaulets. of the same number. a black silk cockade Sf inches in diameter. The mackintosh shall be fitted with a cape of a length to reach to the ends of fingers when the arms are hanging naturally at the side. with dimensions as follows: Five to 5^ inches high on the left fan. made to button around officer present. the neck under the collar and large enough to cover the head and cap. 94. 3 inches wide of the same material The bottom of the skirt shall reach to within 9 to 12 inches of the ground. officers except chief ir arrant officers. and between 16 to 18 inches long from peak to peak. Sleeve marks. and shall consist of stripes of lustrous black braid. shall be worn on the overcoat. and with the shoulders cut to admit of wearing epaulets or shoulder knots. (PI. and shall be made of the material and lining prescribed for overcoats. over which a loop shall be 1 Should Congress revive the grade.) For all commissioned officers ej^cept chief warrant officers."- This shall be a rigid cocked hat of black silk beaver.36 UISriFOfiM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. and shall have one frog laid on. The cloak shall be fastened at the neck by a hook and eye. 4 to 4^ inches high on the right fan. On the right fan. 10. with a rolling collar of black velvet. Shoulder marks shall be worn with the overcoat. or when prescribed by the senior 93. may be worn attached to the coat in extremely cold weather. For all commissioned The mackintosh shall be 95. of black material. .4J inches wide. with a rolling collar as the garment. The rear slit of the overcoa-t shall extend not more than 25 inches nor less than 20 inches from the bottom of the garment. (PI. 11. A hood of the same material as the coat. from 3^ inches to.) The Admiral of the Navy. to indicate rank only. 96. and disposition as the gold lace stripes on the sleeves of the service coat. MACKINTOSH. passing under the peaks. 92.

) All officers: shall be of dark navy-blue cloth. A small-sized Navy button shall be placed on each side The cap A . the same height in front and at the back. front and back. The point of the loop shall touch the middle of the lower rim of the fan. bamboo. binding the rims of the fans and showing 1^ inches on each side and under the peaks. or back. by bows of narrow black tape placed one-third the vertical height of the hat from the top to the bottom. and bound with the same. The visor shall be of black patent leather. The seam around the top shall be made without a welt. or other nonmetallic material. for ventilation. 37 formed of two parts of l^-inch gold lace. except that the width of the lace of the loop shall be that prescribed for the collar The cocked hat of the special full-dress coat of the wearer. . similar to that used for the trimmings of the service coat. using a grommet of v^halebone. shall be worn. and it shall not be turned either up or down 97. shall be worn between the upper and lower welt. 11. The band shall be If inches wide with a welt ^ of an inch in diameter at the top and bottom. in the quarters. at the ends. The inside band shall be of leather and extend from the base of the cap to within Four black metal eyelets. BLUE 99. except chaplains and chief war- rant lace shall be the same as the above. of flag rank {or rank of commiodore) : same as the above. shall be placed above the band. The bottom of the cocked hat shall be straight.nor more than If inches slant-height. The upper rims of the fans shall be fastened together. CAP. the quarters to measure not less than 1|. shall be the Other commissioned officers: officers. The bottom welt shall be | inch band of lustrous black mohair braid. and the loop shall slope upward and forward at an angle of 35 degrees from the vertical. (PI. but in lieu of gold on the outer rims a stripe of black silk lace 2^ inches wide. the ends being carried over the rim of the fan. and neatly stitched on each side. 1 inch of the top sweat lining of morocco. molded to shape.UNIFORM EEGULATIOKS UNITED STATES NAVY. two on each side. green underneath. except that the stripe of gold' lace around the outer rims shall be 1^ inches wide. officers Other The cocked hat 98. from the base of the cap. a large-sized Navy button shall be fastened. The crowii and quarters to be stiffened so as to hold its shape. Above the V formed at the lower end of the loop by folding over the lace. front. rounded and sloping downward not less than 30 degrees nor more than 40 degrees from the horizontal. the diameter at the top being from 1| to 14 inches greater than that at the base. The cockade shall be the same as above.

the visor ornaments shall be sprays of oak leaves with acorns embroidered in gold on blue cloth. and com- modores. except chaplains. It shall be embroidered on stiffened fig. For captains and commanders. with same width. CAP. resting on the upper edge of the visor. the device shall be two gold foul anchors crossed. For warrant officers.) two gold lace slides of the 102. 10. cap. embroidered on blue on blue cloth along the front edge of the visor. (PL 11. dark-blue cloth in high relief. as shown in WHITE 103. Visor ornamerits For the Admiral of the Navy and all other flag officers. and paymaster's clerks. The device (pi. For chaplains the strap shall be' the same as the above. as shown in figure 6. the strap to be fastened over the buttons. 2. the whole covered with a removable. mounted as above. all other officers the visor shall be plain.) For warrant officers. but only J inch wide. but made of lustrous black mohair instead of leather and gold lace. and clerks the strap shall be the same as for commissioned officers. buttons. but with the quarters of the cap made of light. they shall be sprays of oak leaves and acorns embroidered in gold on blue cloth along the front edge of the visor. (Fig. with device. mohair band. except that the top shall be white above the black mohair band. bamboo. the eye of the beyond the ends of the the lower welt. For staff officers of the rank of captain or commander. 8. (Fig. When not used under the chin. faced Avith ^-inch gold lace. mates. . (Fig. The white cap shall present the same shape and appearance as the blue cap. as shown in figure figures 9 8. chin strap. they shall be a gold band i inch wide. except that the band shall be of lustrous black mohair. The chin strap for all commissioned officers except chaplains shall be a sliding strap of leather. with a chief strewn with stars. as shown in figure 5.) All officers. 100. button immediately abo\-e device for commissioned officers shall be a silver shield. the strap shall be drawn taut between the buttons. stiff with a grommet of whalebone.) For staff officers of the corresponding rank they shall be gold bands ^ inch wide. and visor ornaments the same as on the blue material. visor. It shall be a skeleton cap. the whole placed upon two The cap crossed foul anchors in gold. 4. surmounted by a silver spread-eagle. embroidered cloth. fig. or other nonmetallic material. mates. 11. 11. as shown in figure 7. 11) shall be attached to the front of the cap with the center over the upper welt. (PI. snug-fitting cover of white linen duck or similar material. 10.: 38 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY.) 101. For chaplains they shall be the same as for other staff officers of equal rank. visor. emblazoned paleways of 13 pieces. flK. For and 10.

The corps devices for officers above the grade of lieutenant shall be placed on the strap. bullions 3 inches long. the other two stars to be placed on the frog. of size to be inscribed in a 1-inch circle. except chaplains and chief warrant To conform to the patterns shown in plate 12. frog 4f inches. the arrangement of all to conform to that shown in the plates. the other three 110. except the naval constructors' corps device. one surcharged on an embroidered gold foul anchor and placed on the strap as above. one either side of the anchor one . 39 12 and 13. rank insignia shall be placed on the frog. EPAULET DEVICES ABOVE THE EAKK OF REAR ADMIRAL. . crescent \^ inch in the broadest part. which shall be placed with its long dimension at right angles to the axis of the epaulet. 106.) 1 Should Congress revive the grade. 108. strap shaJl be 2^ inches wide. Admiral of the Navy: Four embroidered silver stars.) Admiral: Four embroidered silver stars. (PI. (Fig. 13.) commissioned officers. 6 inches long. of the epaulet parallel to its axis. ray of each of the four stars to point inward and parallel to the shank of the anchors. and be so placed that the side which is uppermost on the service coat collar shall be to the front on the epaulet. or shank. stars to be placed on the frog on a curve parallel to the inner edge of the crescent. 105. 104. fig. 2. | inch 107. wings pointing fore and aft. and commodore : The strap is to be 2f inches wide and 6 inches long frog 4| inches wide crescent \^ inch in broadest part bullions 3^ inches long and . The Admiral ^ of the Navy and other ofpjcers of flag ranh.UNIFOBM EEGXJLATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY.. Officers of or helotu the The diameter. The eagle of captains to be placed with beak and arrowheads to the front. All officers: (Pis. Officers of the ranh of captain or com/mander: The same as above^ except that the bullions shall be 3 inches long and 4 inch in diameter. . one placed on the strap of the epaulet. one on the center of the frog. Unsymmetrical corps deAuces to be made in rights and lefts. two of the stars to be surcharged upon embroidered gold foul anchors If inches long. f inch in diameter. . 1. crowns of both anchors outward. EPAULETS. 109. rank of lieutenant commander. 1 inch clear of the edge of the epaulet button.

mounted as above. 6. Officers of the ranh of captain: across the wings. long dimension parallel to the strap. Officers of the ranh of lieutenant com/mander: The same as for the rank of commander. acorn to the front. 3.) 121. Professors of m. 1 inch extreme width mounted in middle of the frog. see paragraphs 126 A silver . with the stem out- ward. 1 inch A silver spread eagle. fig. 1 inch wide. Ofioers of the ranh of rear admiral: Two silver stars. stock \^ inch long. the line from the stem to the tip of the longest leaf to be parallel to the epaulet strap. dividing it inside the crescent into three equal parts.) mounted in the ranh of commander: oak leaf. as follows: 118.) 113.) A silver oak sprig of three leaves and three acorns. but a gold leaf instead of (PL 13. fig. fig.athematics: A silver oak leaf and an acorn. Admiral: silver 111. (PL 12. stem width 1 inch. on the middle line of the epaulet strap. If inches. placed on the long axis of the frog. figs. with stem outward. 1. (PL 13.) and EMBROIDERED RANK INSIGNIA ON EPAULETS. axis parallel to epaulet strap. 5. embroidered upon a gold spread oak leaf. EMBROIDERED CORPS DEVICES ON EPAULETS. of size to be inscribed in a 1-inch circle. arrow tips to laurel branch end. 1 inch clear between Medical officers: A silver acorn leaf to tip If inches.) . mounted as above. all. to 129. (Fig. mounted in the middle of the frog. of size to be inscribed in a rectangle If by 1 inch. fig. width from tip to tip mounted with the crown pointing out- ward. measuring 2^ inches 115. (PL 13. mounted as above. Officers of the foregoing five grades of ranh wear corps de- vices on the epaulets. middle of the frog. figs. stem outward. except the anchor to be of have no star surcharged upon it. 4. of same size as above. 120. 5 and 6. measuring 1| inches from stem to tip. the device and the epaulet button.40 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STAGES NAVY. Po. (PL 13. 4. For officers of or heloio the ranh of lieutenant.y officers: (PL 13. (PL 13. 119. Officers of the high. Oijicers of the ranh of commodore: One silver star.) 116. fig. 117. 112. 114. Line officers: A silver foul anchor. If inches long.) silver. If inches long over 1 inch. Vice The same to as for an admiral. 7 and 8.

To 1 Should Congress revive the grade. rank of ensign: only the corps device in the middle of the frog. 8. fig. (PI. length If inches.) The Admiral of the Navy^s secretary: The Old English letter " S" embroidered signia denoting the rank of lieutenant. (PL 16. and wear rank insignia as follows 127. For the Admiral^ of the Navy: be of blue cloth.) OFFICERS OF OR BELOW 126. 13. Two crossed Medical reserve officers: gold acorn leaf embroidered upon a silver spread oak leaf.) 124. mounted as above. 128. worked over one thickness of hair cloth or similar stiffening material. lined with black silk. strap. fig. 129. acorn and stem parallel to CivU engineers silver sprigs.: : : UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. 122. mounted as above. fig. 14. 13. with the long axis parallel to the strap.) FOR ALL OFFICERS FOR WEAR ON THE WHITE SERVICE COAT. (Pis. spreading to a width of If inches. with the in- rank of lieutenant (junior grade) One such bar either side of the corps device. Officers of the in silver. one pair mounted in the middle of the space on the frog either side device on the epaulets of the corps device. Officers of the No rank insignia . AND OVERCOAT.) front. 4J to 5^ inches long 130. 13. . 9. 9. 119. 123. 12. but otherwise parallel to the position in which it is worn in higher ranks. below the rank of lieutenant wear the corps mounted in the middle of the frog. Officers of the rank of lieutenant: Two pairs of silver bars. each of two live-oak leaves and an acorn. J inch apart. (PI. SHOULDER MARKS. Dental officers: A gold spread oak leaf with silver acorn on either side of the stem. 15. (PI. and 15a. 1 inch long by J inch wide. with the stem A outward and inclining toward the the strap. fig. 41 Naval constructors: gold sprig of two live-oak leaves and an acorn. the same in all other respects as the device for medical officers. MESS JACKET. axis parallel to epaulet mounted as above with the stem outward. Officers of or RANK OP LIEUTENANT. width 1 inch. height If inches. para- A graph 125.

15). gold lace. except chaplains: The same as above. as the service coat collar. including the embroidered gold star for line officers and the distinctive colored cloth for staff officers the outermost stripe to be one-fourth inch clear of the (see par. but with three. . 14). No part of the shoulder mark or its fastenings shall be of any kind of magnetic material. the same as on the special full-dress coat sleeve. and staff of- corresponding rank: as 134 {a) above. 132. and rank and corps indicated by stripes of. mohair braid instead of gold (a) For lieutenants {junior grade). the stripes lace. .triangular pfeak at the top extending 1 inch beyond the parallel sides. Top to be covered with 2-inch gold showing a margin of one-eighth inch blue cloth. {c) For wa7Tant officers. 15. omitting the outer anchor from under star.fourths inch clear space between the lace stripfes and the end of shoulder mark (pi. arranged with the corps device between the two stars and one-fourth inch from each. ensigns.) 134. embroidered on the shoulder worn on mark one-fourth inch clear inboard of the lace stripe. of the same pattern. but substituting a silver foul anchor in place of the gold anchor and surcharged star. (a) For officers 'between the grades of convmodore and lieulace. the outer star to be placed one-fourth inch clear of the end of the shoulder mark corps device to be mounted Avith the same orientation as on the epaulet (pi. side. 14). but with devices of the same pattern as on the service coat collar. 15a). mates. Devices to be worked over the lace. 14. but with the corps device. For Admiral: The same as above. with a^symmetrical . and arrangement as on the service-coat collar. tenant {junior grade).42 on the UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. . 133. but without the covering of gold lace. 2^ inches wide. to be of lustrous black 135. at the center of this peak a small Navy button. (&) For chaplains: The same as for staff officers of corresponding rank. For Vice Admiral: The same as above. For offi^cers of the rank of rear admiral or commodore: The same as for the Admiral ^ of the Navy. that part of the device whicli points down when on the collar pointing out on the shoulder mark lace as on undress sleeve (pi. size. 72) end of shoulder mark (pi. but without any lace stripe (pis. and clerks: The same as next above. 136. ficers of The same {b) For Chief warrant officers: The same as 135 {a) above. 131.

For Admiral'^ Of dark navy4)lue 137. 3. doubled both sides alike. 142. sling straps to be of silk webbing. but with no middle gold stripe in belt or sling straps. The sling straps shall be double. and the spaces betAveen the stripes shall each be f inch wide sling straps \ inch Avide. 2. both sides alike. both sides ^ Should Congress revive the grade. with seven gold stripes ^^ inch wide. FULL-DRESS BELT. with gold center stripe of the same 141.) 43 EXCEPT C RANT OrnCERS. backed by black grain w leather. the gold stripes ^ inch apart. the space between the gold stripes being /^ inch in each case.a j^-inch margin of leather on each side. of the Navy: shown 139. Mountings for the full-dress belt and sling straps shall be as cloth. backed by total width of webbing If inches. For Admiral:' Of dark navy-blue silk webbing. Oficers of the rank of rear admiral or com/modore : The same as for admiral. but the gold stripes on the edges of the belt shall each be \ inch wide. black grain leather. For Vice Admiral: The same as for admiral. 19. leaving. ^f inch wide. Ofioers of the Of dark navy-blue corrvmander: rank of captain silk webbing. 138. with woven gold stripes of the same dimensions and in the same position as those of the Admiral of the Navy. UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. doubled. . embroidered on each edge with a gold stripe | inch wide. (Pis. with a third gold stripe ^ inch wide midway between the first two. with stripes and mountings the same as for the Admiral of the Navy. woven according to pattern. width. If inches Avide. ''ICEES. Avith a buckle near the lower end of each. the spaces between the gold stripes being each ^\ inch wide. If inches Avide. with a third gold stripe \ inch in width hallway between the first two. 1. 140. in PI. Belt and sling straps to have a ji^-inch margin outside the gold stripes. embroidered on ea^h edge with a gold stripe 4 inch in width. The sling straps shall be of similar material. margins ^ inch. the spaces between stripes -f^ inch .. and one of the same width in the middle. 2 Officers of the rank of rear admiral or commodore who are already provided with the belt of cloth with embroidered stripes are not required to equip themselves with the new pattern of silk webbing with woven stripes. except that the middle stripe shall be ^ inch wide. the spaces between the stripes being each -^ inch wide. to have a gold stripe \ inch wide at each edge. the stripes being in the center of the belt.

with a half basket hilt leather. Foi' all officers except chaplains: (PI. inch wide. AIGUILLETTES. inclosing five blue bullions and having a basketwork head. aids to commandants. except that the sling straps shall have no buckles. all For commissioned officers A strip of i-inch gold lace. aiguillettes shall port and all when entering or lea^ing port. with mountings of yellow shall be as per pattern.) 147. 3. but with five woven gold stripes in the belt and no middle stripe in the sling straps. and attached to the belt as shown for the full-dress belt. (PI. 18. the ends of the strap inserted in a tassel of 12 gold bullions. and white grip. not less than ^ inch nor more than f inch wide. conforming to pattern.ss belt. not less than 26 nor faore than 32 inches long. and on all social occasions when they accompany their chiefs or when all officers are invited in their official capacity. They shall be be worn only in worn with uniforms. aiguillettes shall be worn by aids when on duty with or representing their chiefs. On the overcoat they shall be worn outside. If inches long. On shore. the aid to the Superintendent of the Naval Academy. On board cruising vessels. 143. (PI.) e ^ UNDRESS BELT.. 2 inches in diameter. 144. The mountings of the belt shall be the same as for the full-dre. 145. SWORD AND SCABBARD. Officers of or below the rank of lieutenant convmander The same as above. . one stripe in the center. For personal aids to the President and the Secretary of the Navy.) Of 2 inches wide. Both sword and scabbard SWORD KNOT.: 44 alike. scabbard of black gilt. (PI. 148. 146. doubled and bearing a gold slide. aids at the White House. members of the personal staff of a flag officer. (PI.) except chaplains: 24 inches long. 6. with sling straps of the plain black grain leather. and one tV inch from each edge. others. except " working dress " or other uniforms worn in lieu thereof. with buckle. and naval attaches. 18. | UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. not less than If inches nor more than same material. 18. worn on the right side by the aid to the President and aids at the White House on the left by .) For all officers except chaplains: A cut-and-thrust blade. with three gold stripes inch wide. The belt plate or buckle to be of yellow gilt in front.

and frock coat. so as to conceal it entirely from view when the aiguillette is in place on the shoulder. and of three sizes in exterior diameter largfe. ^V of an inch and small. j% of an inch. 151.) . in all other respects the same as .UNIFOEM BEGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. In special full dress. not less than inch nor more than IJ inches. Plain tern. lying flat side by side. the three parts of the aiguillette shall be bound together. and consist of two single plaits and two loops starting from each end of a plait of blue and gold cord -^ inch thick. Of gilt. sides. without pleats. . by a band of heavy.shall prescribed herein. NAVY BUTTONS. To be the same as supplied for enlisted men. RAIN CLOTHES. With the mess jacket. SHIRTS. 17. ribbed silk^ ribbon an inch and a half wide. To be of black material. 154. 150. with stiff white linen shirts. 155. at the termination of the plaits be a few inches of plain cord ending in gilt metal tags. 153. opening in front. to be worn always with except chaplains Of black silk 1^ to 2 inches the frock coat. Aiguilettes shall be made according to pattern. The aid to the President shall wear aiguillettes of gold cord without the blue. For all officers wide. of uniform width. For attaching aiguillettes to the shoulder. just inside the sleevehead seam on top of the shoulder. Of plain black silk or satin. sewed on ^Yhite coats through both the flap and the coat. LEGGINGS. of an inch medium. to fasten over a flat button. and not less than 32 inches nor more I than 36 inches in length. and edges of the ribbon. convex. tied four-in-hand style. and . 152. A covering strip of IJ-inch gold lace shall be stitched over the top. mounted with silver anchors. : TIE. evening dress. for securing the becket of the aiguillette. covered with black silk for blue coats and of white ivory or composition for white coats. having on the under side a buttonhole. the aiguillette shall be secured on the second button from the top on the side on which the aiguillette is worn. a similar button shall be placed under the lapel at the height of the collar bone. 156. about one-half inch in diameter. without stripes or figures of any patstarched bosoms. The f device shall conform to pattern. (PI. 45 149. SOARP. . black.

with or without overcoats. bosom studs worn with open coats to be not more than one-quarter inch in diameter. high and low. of the pattern prescribed by the Bureau of Navigation and furnished by the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. Plain white collars and plain white cuffs to be worn with all uniforms. dinner dress. except in such weather or under such circumstances as the senior officer present shall permit their dress. but need not have stiff bosoms. Plain black or plain white socks shall be worn. or full dress. With leggings. gloves of buckskin or dogskin or heavy white cotton or woolen may be worn in cold weather. and dinner dress. SLEEVE BUTTONS AND BOSOM STUDS. shall be of black calfskin. or of white kid with White kid gloves may be worn with evening full dress or dress. service gloves of iron gray buckskin. evening dress. At sea. or woolen shall be worn. 15T. and during night watches in port. dogskin. Black leather shoes shall be worn with special full dress. Shirts worn -with other uniforms shall be all white. White 158. but shall never be worn in dress uniform or with a landing force or with leggings. high black shoes to be worn. GLOVES. With service dress. Avhite stitching. To be . worn with all uniforms having the low-cut waistcoat and with the frock coat. 159. 161. Shoes. but patent or enamel leather shoes shall never be worn when on duty with enlisted men under arms. or enamel leather. or white canvas or buckskin. With -white shoes white socks shall be worn. rubber soles and spring heels shall be permitted. special full dress. 160. gauntlet gloves of the same color may be worn by officers on duty. full dress. plain standing collars to be abandonment with service worn with the special full dress and the service coats. With white shoes. shall be COLLARS AND CUFFS. SOCKS.46 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. SHOES. White shoes shall be worn only with white trousers. patent leather. White gloves to be of white lisle thread. fastened with two or three bosom studs. of plain gold. dress.



as undress. buglers. officers' Chief petty officers. blue or white but other men shall not wear neckerchief with undress. as undress. officers). etc. men ' Wloite undress jumper. except when barefoot. and stewards and cooks. All men for whom authorized. except on occasion. All other enlisted Same as white dress. BLUE OR WHITE. for which Bandsmen. Blue cap. Black shoes (white shoes may be prescribed for chief petty officers. WHITE UNDRESS. Same but chief petty officers lay aside the coat. Dungaree trousers. Black shoes. Dungaree jumper. 1 Boatswain's mates. quartermasters. except Same when employed on work they are inappropriate).. blue or white. sentries. men on guard or patrol detail. bandsmen.. wearing the blue flannel shirt. shall not wear prescribed. 49 composing uniform. unless barefoot. with white hat or or working dress may be prescribed without neckerchief. sideboys. guard petty officers. Grade Garments. when Bodies of men under arms. 164. jumpers. UNIFORM EEGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. shall always wear the neckerchief with undress. and the others may wear the working dress prescribed for other enlisted men. stewards and officers' cooks. No DUNGAREES. as for white dress. but clothing that has been long in use may be worn. and other petty officers on watch. WORKING DRESS. white hat. neckerchiefs in undress. officers' except bandmasters. and coxswains of all boats. . messengers. except the guard. including their petty officers. if the uniform is blue. Same watch cap. 84140—17- . 'when doing work such as to require it. trousers. White undress White hat. or watch cap (blue or white caps for chief petty Black shoes. CMef petty and for officers. may All other enlisted men.

BLUB COAT AND WAISTCOAT. standing collar IJ inches high. 20. For chief petty officers. fitted with hook and eye at base and top. with a rolling collar. equally spaced. 21. in length to extend The white to the crotch. see article 243.Gers^ stewards and officers'' cooks: The same. the buttons shall officers. single- breasted. a flannel or collar. five buttons. Mess attendants: jacket shall be made of bleached cotton drill of 6^ to 7 ounces. For chief petty oficers : The blue coat shall be of dark navy-blue cloth.. and officers'' cooks: The white coat shall be made of bleached cotton drill. officers'' stewards. but without lining. 169. of pattern heretofore described for the blue coats of the several ratings. single-breasted. flaps. closed in front. held in place by rings in eyelets. 168. cut high in front. 167. (PI. buttons on each breast. 0-ffi. none to be placed under the For undress. with six small-size gilt navy buttons. four medium-sized gilt navy .) WHITE COAT. DESCRIPTION OF GARMENTS AND ARTICLES OF EQUIPMENT OF ENLISTED MEN OF THE NAVY. lined with darkblue flannel or black Italian cloth one pocket on the left breast and one on each front near the bottom. without a collar. 166.) For bandsmen's uniform. of 6^ to 7 ounces. and the pockets overlaid without be medium-sized gilt ones for chief petty and white for officers' stewards and officers' cooks. of a double-breasted sack pattern. front and back of the skirt to descend to the top of the inseam of the trousers.CHAPTER 6. fly front. The coat shall be worn buttoned. 50 . The waistcoat shall be of the same material as the coat . serge coat of similar make may be worn. the upper button being not more than 4 inches below the collar button in the neckband of the shirt. except that medium and small black navy buttons shall be substituted for those of gilt. (PI. 165.

with back and breast of double thickness. with a drawstring run through. shall be trimmed around. officers^ stewards. of all-worsted navy-blue tape. The cuffs shall be of double thickness. UNIFOBM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. eoocept chief petty officers.. For enlisted men of the seaman" second class. wide. loose in the body. joining the body of the shirt as nearly as possible at the point of the 171.) For all enlisted men. its center to be 1| inches from the inside (bottom and side) edges of the inner stripe. There shall be a plain five-pointed star. worked in white in each comer of the collar. secured in the back to prevent pulling out. shall be stitched at both ends to the overshirt. in six box or double plaits. f of an inch in diameter. with wrist slits extending 3 inches above the upper edge of cuffs. The sleeves shall be from 17 to 22|^ inches in circumference. but shall be finished with a turn-up hem. The collars shall be trimmed with three stripes of white linen tape ^^ of an inch wide and -^-^ of an inch apart. and shall be sewed to the cuffs. the outer stripe :| of an inch from the edge. pattern in stock or in the possession of men Overshirts of the former will be altered by the men themselves. as follows : second. llO. through which loop the neckerchief shall be tied. and officers'' coohs: The overshirt shall be made of dark navy-blue flannel. except for IJ to 2 inches of the circumference with the cuff buttoned. the middle stripe to be in the center line of the cuff. from two to four inches lower. . from 9 to 10 inches deep and from 14 to 18 inches wide. according to the size of the with square corners. 51 20. ship's (first class) . making a horizontal loop 2 inches below the center of the neck opening in front. \ of an inch apart. and a similar loop shall be stitched under the collar at the back of the neck for the neckerchief to be rove through. blouse- fashion. The neck opening shall extend downward 7 inches in front. The length of the shirt shall be such that with the bottom hem drawn snug around the body -at the top of the trousers. shoulder. (PI. The bottom of the shirt shall not be tucked inside the trousers. enlisted men For petty officers of of the seamen first -class. cooks (first and second . OVERSHIRT. and third classes. The collar shall be of double thickness. classes). the bight of the shirt will hang. they shall be' fastened with two small black" navy buttons. bandsmen. 3 inches deep. the stripes extending down in front to the bottom of the neck opening. over the lower edges of which the upper edges of the cuifs shall be sewed. such double part descending 4 inches below the line of the shoulder blades and cut in a deep shield shiipe. inch. A strip of blue flannel. hospital apprentices three stripes. and bakers (second class). with stripes of shirt. white linen tape fV of an the first. 2 inches long and ^-inch wide. hospital apprentices (second class) and bakers (first class) ship's cooks (third and fourth classes).

having a straight 2. one stripe. as shirt. A small pocket shall be let into the left breast. . tAYo stripes. placed over the middle line of the cuff.: 52 UNIFOEM EEGXJLATTONS UNITED STATES NAVY. 172. i of an inch apart. P'or enlisted men of the seaman third class and mess attendants. the middle line of the space between the stripes to come over the middle of the cuff. (See pi. The lining of the pocket shall be of same material The sizes of overshirts shall be as follows Size. The stripe ends of cuffs that are trimmed with two or three stripes shall be joined by tape.) opening. strengthened at each end by a crow's-foot Avorked in black silk.

fetty officers. the lower one serving also as the center button for the flap. including the band. two of the eyelets to be in each end of the waistband and a flat back silk lacing. according to the size of the trousers. with six to eight eyelet holes on each side. so arranged as to show 7 across the top and 4 on each side. fitting snugly over the hip and down the thigh to 2 inches above the knee.UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. There shall be a pocket in the waistband on each side. . f of an inch wide. The flap shall be 6J inches deep. There shall be one seam on the inside of each leg and a wide turn-up hem at the bottom. flannel or serge coatj. be used. (Pis. The waistband shall be 2 inches wide in front and 1^ inches wide at the back and be fastened in front by two buttons. officers^ stewards. 2 inches wide at the top (when open) and 4^ to 5^ inches deep. 178. 53 same size as that of blue overshirt bottom of sleeves to be cut off square just above the wrists.) 176. The trousers shall have a gusset at the center of the back. run through herringbone fashion. Small black Navy buttons shall . lar . 20 and 20-A. Chief . flannel or serge trousers of simila"r make may be worn with 177. from which point downward they shall be cut bell-shaped and full enough to be pulled over the thigh. All other enlisted men: Made of dark navy-blue cloth. The sizes of trousers shall be as follows: Size. with a crow's-foot worked in black silk at the lower corners upper corners square 13 buttonholes around the sides and upper edge. loop of white tape to be in front for holding the neckerchief similar to t)iat on the dress jumper. and officers^ cooks: as undress Made of dark navy-blue cloth. pocket to be overlaid on the left side. BLUE TROUSERS. cut in the same manner ti^ousers for officers. . For undress.

with The sleeves shall be from 17 to 22^ inches body of the jumper as nearly as possible sewed to the lower edge of the in circumference. 179. All other enlisted . fastened Avith one black metal button. (Pis. The lacing in the back shall be of |-inch cotton tape. with wrist slits extending 4 inches above the upper edge of the cuff. 182. seam. plain. sizes.^ men: Of bleached cotton drill for both dress and undress trousers. and make-up being the same as for blue cloth trosers. 48 to 51) : Dungaree jumpers a shall be neck opening of 7 inches. one on either side. shall be as follows . joining the at the point of the shoulder. . cuffs collar of double thickness. (PI. which is to be 1^ inches deep two eyelets to be worked in on each side of the jumper f inch from the bottom of the skirt and 1 inch on each side of the side sleeves . 23. 22. but with a fly front and top pockets. The size of the jumpers Size. DUNGAREES. 21. the shape. WHITE TROUSERS. Flannel trousers shall be cut and made the same as blue cloth trousers. 181. 2 inches deep. The cuffs shall be of double thickness. 24.) Made Chief petty officers. of bleached cotton officers' stewards.) For men authorized to wear them (see arts. bottoms of pockets on a line with the hem of the skirt. 180. cut and made up . The skirt shall descend from 3 to 5 inches below the hips. and officers'' cooks: drill. similar to blue cloth trousers.: 54 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. made of blue denim 6^ to 7 ounces. with two overlaid pockets. rolling 3^ to 4 inches deep at the back of the neck and tapering to the bottom of the neck opening. of 6^ to 7 ounces. of 6^ to 7 ounces.

184. .: XINIFOBM REGULATIONS TJNITED STATES NAVY. 55 The sizes of the trousers shall be as follows Size.

a long coat of black painted material extending at least 6 inches below the knees. in lieu of the coat and trousers above described. except that the yarns shall be sufficiently light to make the garment about one-half the weight of the heavy undershirt. with flap cover. and shall have long sleeves. 193. officers'' cooks. officers'' stewards. 190. All enlisted men: There shall be three weights of undershirts. blue undershirts of heavy navy flannel or similar material.56 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY." . It shall have an elastic collarette on the neck opening. The medium undershirt shall be of same material and description as the heaA'y undershirt. 188. and bandsmen: Of dark navy-blue each cuff. All other enlisted men except l)andsnien: officers. The heavy undershirt shall be knitted of wool and cotton in such proportions as to prevent shrinkage and shall be bleached white. three small-size black navy buttons on front and one on WHITE SHIRT. AND CUFFS. 192. officers'' stewards. with a small turndown collar of same material. and officers'' cooks: These shall be plain white linen or cotton shirts of ordinary pattern and plain white collars and cuffs. Such petty officers as neither go aloft nor in boats are permitted to wear. Rain clothes shall consist of hat. with the neck opening fastened in front by buttons.) except that the length shall be to the tips of the fingers extended. may be made by the men themselves. with no buttons. The sleeves not to come below the elbow and shall be so made that they will not " creep. heavy. dynamo. -189. and light. There shall also be a hori- the middle about level with the elbow. of the waist. shirt buttons of mother-of-pearl. coat. and trousers of black painted material of the same pattern as Cape Ann suits. (PI. and fire rooms. zontal pocket. COLLARS. for wear on duty in the engine. placed in each front below the line The overcoat shall be Avorn completely buttoned. 26. 191. 24. Cuff buttons to be of plain gold or gilt. UNDERSHIRTS. Besides these of uniform pattern. 187. Chief petty officers. The overcoat shall be the same as for chief petty the side. FLANNEL SHIRT. (PI. namely. with the arm hanging naturally by RAIN CLOTHES. medium.) For chief -petty oficers. flannel.

if desired. The medium drawers shall be of the same material as the medium undershirt and in weight about one-half that of the heavy drawers. medium. 20. 57 The light undershirt shall be of the lightest weight cotton consistent with durability shirt. with braid 201. 197. and. sleeve opening Avhen cut must be neatly DRAAVERS. 194. the crotch to be double and stayed. The device shall be of metal. green underneath chin strap of black patent -leather. shall be of cloth. consist- The blue cap shalLbe of dark navy-blue . and have a nonmetallic grommet. 196. BLUB 200.: . with a band of lusbound with same. 198. 199. The . 195. UNIFORM EEGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. cloth. ^ inch wide. and provided with one gilt and one leather slide two small eyelet ventilating holes in each side of the quarters. USN in silver upon a slightly inclined gilt foul crown to be from 1 to IJ inch greater in diameter than anchor. to retain ing of the letters its shape. heavy. All erdisted men: There shall be three weights of drawers. visor or black patent leather. lastened at the side with two small gilt navy buttons.) trous black mohair . to be stiffened. Officers^ stewards arid oificers^ coohs: and visor. except that it shall of the same pattern as the heavy underhave sleeves only long enough to cover the . Chief petty officers CAP. The sleeves of A heavy undershirts may be cut to the length of those of the medium undershirts. the band of the finished cap being 2 inches wide and lined with a thin leather The blue cap shall be of quarterings shall be in four pieces. . (PI. All other enlisted men except iandsmen: dark navy-blue cap cloth. from If to 2 inches in width. but the arnrholes shall not be enlarged in size and the edge of the hemmed. 202. the same aa but the chin strap shall have two leather for chief petty officers^ slides and shall be fastened with two small-sized black navy buttons The blue cap no device. The heavy drawers shall be of the same material as heavy undershirt. The the base. sewed together with double sweatband. The light drawers shall extend to the knee and be loose around the leg. and the medium similarly altered to conform to the light undershirt. in the finished cap. namely. patch pccket of the same material may be sewed on either breast of any undershirt at the option of the wearer. and light. armpit.

shall be woven in gilt thread through the ribbon. and by individual men whenever necessary in windy weather. CAP. having a band covered with navy-bkie cloth. in formations. the ends of the bow shall be free and cut in a plain swallow tail. 7i Hi WHITE 204. dark navy blue braid. the chin strap shall be coiled in the crown. close together. The strap shall be worn under the chin when under arms. The crown shall be cut in one piece to correspond with the outer diameter of the quarterings. The sizes of the cap for enlisted men. and the ends of the cap ribbon shall be attached to the. quality. lOi lOi lOJ 11 Inches.?i 7§. This ribbon shall be fastened to the cap by two straight rows of stitching. seams and without any slack cloth. . which band shall be 2 inches wide. S. preceded by the letters U. and offtcers' coolcs: This shall be a skeleton cap of the same shape and appearance as the blue cap. The name of the vessel to which the wearer is attached. The cap shall be worn with an outsidfe band of black mohair similar to the blue cap.) Chief petty officers. Indies.: 68 XTNIFOBM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. A plain double bow of ribbon. There shall be stitched around the band a cap ribbon of black silk 1^ inches wide. suitably stiffened. f inch wide. and width as the cap ribbon. Chief pett}' officers shall wear the same device with the white cap as is worn with the blue. officers' stewards and cooks. Diameter of crown (on top with Width of grommet in). not less than f nor more than i inch wide. shall be sewed through its center to the left-hand side. other than chief petty officers. and close and parallel to the upper edge of the ribbon. 6i.. This cap shall be worn with a grommet of steel corset wire. (PI. 203. shall be stitched at one end inside the band on the left side. in plain block letters ^ inch in height. with a welt -^ of an inch from lower edge. shall be as follows Sizes. to be adjusted by means of a black friction buckle. S. covered with sheeting or other suitable material. quarterings. When not worn in place. lined with suitable material and sewed to the quarterings with a double seam. and reeve through a becket on the inside of the band on the opposite side. about 5^ inches long. A chin strap of nonelastic. and bandsmen. center of the bow. 21. and during ceremonies. of the same shade.6S 7i. in boats. and two of the same close to the lower edge. officers^ stewa/rds.

207. rating badges for white clothing with red chevrons will continue to be issued to the Pacific and Asiatic field arch. 205. The chevrons shall be made of stripes of cloth f inch wide. second class. The band of the cover shall be If inches wide. sewed on with blue silk.) men except handsmen: The white hat shall be of well-shrunken bleached cotton drill of 6^ to 7 ounces. WHITE HAT. 4. 24. 22 and 23. by an overlock The badge as made up stitch of silk on the edges of the chevrons. . and buttons crown to be kept in shape the blue cloth band. RATING BADGES. . and cooks: The watch cap shall be knit of dark navy-blue worsted. The rating badge shall consist of a spread eagle above a mark and a class chevron. and for white clothing of blue cloth. separated J inch. first class. the outside radius of the circle being IJ inches. and petty officers. (PL 27. Fleets. the eagle resting on the center of the top of the (Fig. (PI. chin straps.) Until the 3) supply on hand is exhausted. with a hem 2J inches deep at the bottom. the specialty mark shall be in shall be 1^ inches above the angle the center of the field in the angle of the upper strips. 59 same as in caps of blue hy a nonmetallic grommet. third class. 10 inches long. without padding. and the eagle and just above the specialty mark. (Fig. J. conical in shape. For blue clothing the chevrons shall be made of scarlet cloth. all wool. CAP. All other enlisted (Pis.) Petty officers. 2) petty officers. shall cover a field 3| inches broad. iandsm^n. Chief petty officers shall wear chevrons of three stripes. with sufficient stitching around the brim to make it stiff enough to retain its shape. The cover shall be separate from the cap and shall be made of 6J to 7 ounce bleached drill. one stripe. . WATCH 206. shall wear three stripes in the chevron (Fig. made at the naval clothing factory.. USriPOEM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. 1.he bell of the crown being in two pieces and If inches wide. and sewed -flat. the specialty mark being in the center of the under the arch.) AU enlisted men except officers'' chief petty offtcers. officers' stewards. sewed on with scarlet silk. two stripes (Fig.) specialty 208. The lower edge of the cover shall rest on the welt in shall be the clothj the The visor. closely woven. with an arch of one stripe forming the arc of a circle between the ends of the upper stripe of the chevron. with two lap seams on the sides over the buttons and sewed to top of the crown by a lap seam.

Ratings. and the eagle and specialty mark shall be embroidered in silver. boiler makers. 212. 12. painters. and by petty 213. Machinists' mates. SPECIALTY MAKKS. Commissary stewards. Gunner's mates. 15. and bakers. For petty officers holding three consecutive good-conduct made of gold lace instead of scarlet cloth. 4. Bandmasters. Distinguishing 29. 7. Storekeepers. fitters. 8. except that for Hosjjitil Corps men. ship Sailmakers' mates. Bugler. For blue clothing the eagle and specialty marks are to be embroidered in white. 1. and on tlie officers. 9. badges. 13. coppersmiths. (PI. The worn on the blue coat and white coat of chief commissary steward. and first musician. Fig. Carpenters' mates. shall be Plate 29. musicians. water tenders. Hospital Corps (red cloth). 3. oilers. 17. They are . 0. Boatswains' mates. the specialty mark shall be of red cloth for both blue and white clothing. and for white clothing in blue. midway between the shoulder and elbow. Printers.— 60 209. is overshirt and jumpers of all other petty No rating badge or specialty officer. mark regulation unless drawn from the pay except under article 209. Turret captains. 16. Quartermasters. laid on the same as chevrons.) marks shall be embroidered in silk. rating badge shall be other petty officers on the left sleeve. UNIFORM EEGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. Plate 28. 2. 14. 11. Blacksmiths. 214. 210. Eatings. Fig. 10. Ship's cooks 18. on blue for blue clothing. Master at arms. the chevrons for blue clothing shall be 211. The rating badge all worn on the right sleeve by all petty officers of the seaman branch. Yeomen. plumber and fitters. and in blue on white for white in white clothing. 6. Electricians. DISTINGUISHING MARKS. coxswains. officers.

inclosing a circle i of an inch in diameter. f inch high and ^ inch wide. and a bull'seye I of an inch in diameter. first class. 61 19) has qualified as a seaman gunner is to Avear a distinguishing mark so placed that the top comes 1 inch below ihe point of the chevron of the rating badge. enlisted 216. with a star (fig. 21) Every enlisted man who has qualified as a gun pointer. the mark shall be the same. and flannel shirt. jumper. For gunnery and torpedoes the " E " will be white on blue uniforms and blue on white uniforms. if not a petty officer. about wear upon the right halfway between the wrist and elbow. or. 23): This shall be worn by members of turret. It shall be worn on the arm. by rated men 1 inch below the point of the chevron or 1 inch below the seaman gunner's mark. . except at a secondary battery gun (leas than 4:-inch caliber). Gun-pointer marlc (fig. the muzzle of the gun pointing to the front." embroidered in block-letter style. each side 1 inch long. shall wear the distinguishing mark (a gun) on the opposite arm to that on which the rating badge is worn. in place of the rating badge. overshirt. second t^lass. a distinguishing mark embroidered in white on blue for blue clothing. Enlisted men of the Navy and Marine Corps and the Naval Militia qualifying as expert rifleman will ?]eeve of the coat. midway between the shoulder and elbow. shall wear the ^un pointer's mark on the opposite arm to that on which the rating badge is worn. Gun-capta'ui Every man who mark Everj' enlisted man (fig.: UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. and torpedo crews that make exceptionally high scores on record target practice. one ray pointing up. 215. : 218. For engineering the " E " will be red on all uniforms. 29. Sea/)ian-gunner tnarh (pi. midway between the shoulder and elbow. 22) 1 inch above it. 217. with lines of the letter ^ inch wide. and by men not rated on the arm in place of the rating badge. Navy "£'" (fig. It shall be the letter " E. with its axis horizontal. and in blue on white for white clothing. as designated by the Bureau of Navigation. These distinguishing marks will be drawn in the same manner as other distinguishing marks from clothing and small stores. gun. a circle of -J inch in diameter. and by men of the engineer division who are recommended for such distinction to the Bureau of Navigation by the commanding officer of the ship winning the trophy in the annual engineering competition. For a gun pointer. as follows: The sides of a square. and in gray on olive drab (or other color) for olive drab (or other color) clothing. the lines to be of narrow width. 218|. 20) regularly detailed by the : commanding officer of a vessel as a gun captain. fig.

also 226. 26) : This shall be a figure-of-eight knot. 25) gunner's mates. Ship^s cooks. but without any chevron or eagle. qualified in torpedoes and mines according to the requirements prescribed by the Bureau of Navigation. On the overshirt and the dress and undress jumpers it shall be worn on the breast. 224. Torpedoman (fig. 7) The same specialty mark as for carpenter's mate. but without eagle or chevrons. Radio operator (fig. 15) The same embroidered specialty mark as for bandmaster. fig. Bugler (pi. fig. and shall be worn by hospital apprentices on the will be 1 inch below the torpedo left arm in place of a rating badge. 221. 223. wear the branch mark. worn in place of a rating badge. UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. first 227. This mark shall not be worn by apprentice seamen or those who have passed through that rate. second class or higher. In addition a metal lyre device is worn on the collar. fig. 18) Worn by rated buglers on the left arm in the place of a rating badge. first and second classes (pi. halfway between the elbow and wrist. except overcoats. 1 inch beloAV the point of the chevron of the rating badge. but without any chevron or eagle. 29. 222. Shipwright (pi. Branch mark (pis. worn in place of a rating badge. and second classes (pi. 14) This shall be a Geneva cross of red cloth. 28. hakers. fig. which shall be worn by all enlisted men who have . radio. electricians. second class. These men shall eagle or chevrons. fig. 228. 28. it shall be worn on the outside of the same sleeve as the rating badge. and stewards and cooks specialty (pi. worn in the place of a rating badge. but without any chevron or spread eagle. third officers'' and fourth classes. 24) : Worn by 220. fig. Musicians.passed through the rating of apprentice in the Navy. 23) This shall be a strip of braid f inch wide. and shall be worn on the overshirt and jumpers by all men not petty officers for whom the . 2 inches long. Signalmen. 22. Worn by If the man wears also a seaman gunner's mark. and on all coats. 28. the crossbars 1 inch long and ^ inch wide. fig. Hospital Corps mark (pi. See paragraph 243. 29. 17) The same mark as for ship's cooks. 28. Ex-apprentice mark (pi.: : : : : : :: 62 219. 28. just below the loop un^er the neck opening for holding the neckerchief. 225. on the arm 1 inch below the point of the chevron of the rating badge. first class. but without worn on the left arm in place of a rating badge. 3) The same specialty mark as for quartermaster. it mark.

and to be tied in a double bow- To knot. and the braid shall be white on blue clothing and blue on white clothing. buglers. Men of the seaman branch shall this mark on the right arm. tices. with shank • and ring and with a design of an anchor in outline. On coats the lower end of the first stripe shall be not less than 2 inches from the cuff end of the sleeve. 20. To Accounts and of three . engine-room force. BUTTONS. when more •shall 229.UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. placed on the shoulder seam of the sleeve and •extending entirely around the arm. oii the overshirt and dress jumper the lower end of the first stripe shall be 4 inches above the upper edge of the cuff. in red for both blue and white clothing. and officers'' coohs: be of black ribbed silk not more than 36 nor less than 32 inches long and not more than 1\ inches nor less thany| inch wide. (Pis. Men of the artificer branch. shall wear a similar mark on the left wear arm. 231.form width throughout its length. Hospital apprenshipwrights. f inch small. (PI. and to be | inch in diameter. with thread the color of the stripe. These stripes be stitched. Chief petty officers. There shall be one stripe for each complete term of enlistment of three or four years.) o'fficers'' stewards. on blue and white coats. and commissary andmessmen branches wear no branch mark. 21. f inch.) out: as for officers' uniforms. medium. To be worn on the white coats of officers' stewards and officers' cooks. of uni. Service stripes (pis. 21) These shall be worn by all il-eenlisted : than one stripe is worn they shall be | inch apart. and mess attendants. 230. 63 overshirt is prescribed. CRAVAT. For petty officers holding three consecutive good-conduct badges the service stripes shall be made of gold lace. on the sleeve diagonally across the outside of the forearm at an angle of 45 degrees. White. each stripe showing a width of f inch. and jumpers. The same Black : be af the pattern furnished by the Bureau of Supplies and sizes. If inches in diameter. overshirts. namely: Large. men on the left sleeve. and shall be made of scarlet cloth 8 inches long on blue clothes and of blue cloth on white clothes. 29. the side edges being turned under until they meet on the under side. . musicians. 20.

With leggings. only high shoes to be worn. scribed by the BATHING TRUNKS. as mosf 232. men: by the Bureau of Navigaby the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. All enlisted SHOES. except when otherwise directed by these . officers White shoes of similar pattern shall be worn by chief petty with white trousers. and shall be sufficiently long to come well up on the calf of the leg.) steipards. (Pis. to be worn with overcoats on dress occasions and / and generally in cold weather. or The knife lanyard is not an article of uniform. low heels. GLOVES. of fast dye. Light gymnasium shoes of prescribed pattern to be worn at physical training exercises. In working when engaged in work requiring the use of a knife. dress. 233. handsmen. the lanyard may be worn around the waist or around the neck. To be of the pattern preBureau of Navigation and furnished by the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. liberty. SOCKS. These shall be of the pattern prescribed by the Bureau of Navigation and furnished by the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. the first turn of the right-hand part to pass over the left-hand part. They shall always be worn by members of the crew who are bathing from the ship. to conform to the standard sample.) For all enlisted men: Woolen gloves. or cotton. knife: lanyaed. 237. lea'^'ing ends from 4 to 6 inches long. 20 and 22. All enlisted tnen except chief petty officers. convenient. 25. the knot to be directly under the neck opening of shirt or jumper. officers^ and oncers'' cooks: To be of black silk 36 inches square.64 UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. of weight about 2^ ounces to the pair. NECKERgHIEF. and to be tied in a square knot. (PI. All enlisted men: These shall be of black wool and cotton mixed. 234. then up inside through the tape loop on the overshirt or jumper. • 236. iron gray in color. with They shall be of the pattern prescribed tion and furnished broad toe and broad. •235.

in place of a rating badge. 238. bleached drill. one inch from the front opening. Blue dress cap The same as for enlisted men of the Marine Corps. that pajamas be worn as an article of uniform. 243. of the pattern prescribed by the Bureau of Navigation and furnished by the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. when on duty in the galleys. 240. in place of the Marine Corps buttons and device. regulations. Ships' and officers' cooks. white drill. other bandsmen to wear the specialty mark. Of light weight. to be perfectly plain without figures of any kind. WHITE APRON. in accordance with the pattern carried by the pay officer. 84140—17 . They are optional as an article of uniform. on the left arm. fobs. Bandmasters and first musicians to wear rating badges as prescribed for chief petty officers and petty officers. pines. 241. but with small-size Navy gilt buttons and the prescribed lyre device. pins. without eagle or chevrons. It is permitted. UNIFORM FOR BANDSMEN OF THE NAVY. except at training stations. but using medium-sized Navy buttons. All enlisted men: These shall be of khaki-color cotton duck of the pattern prescribed by the Bureau of Navigation and furnished by the Bureau of Supplies and Accounts. : Blue dress coat: The same as for enlisted men of the Marine Corps. first class. None are regulation unless drawn from the pay officer. the prescribed lyre device to be worn on each side of the collar. No watch chains. in the Philip- RUBBER BOOTS. 65 and may also be worn by other enlisted men when prescribed by the commanding officer.UNIFORM EEGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. nor other jewelry or adornments shall be worn exposed upon the uniform. having a strap passing under the shoe and fastening on the outer side of legging with a buckle. 239. LEGGINGS. PAJAMAS. the leg pieces coming' up at to the knee. least These shall be of the best rubber. but not required. shall wear aprons of white. JEWELRY. 242.5 .

Overcoat Sky-blue kersey body lined with scarlet flannel. with two rows of large Navy fire-gilt buttons on breast. as the White coat: Of white cotton drill. the cuffs of bandmaster's overcoat sleeves to bear chevrons of the pattern and material prescribed for drum major in Marine Corps. . the prescribed lyre device to be worn as on the blue cap. the ing naturally to close in front White belt and waistplate: The same Marine Corps. rating badge. medium-size gilt Navy buttons the prescribed lyre device. and White cap cover: The same as for enlisted nien of the Marine Corps. as for enlisted men of the . cooks. to be 1^ inches high by f of an inch wide. to which : issued by the . —Circular. the distance between the rows to be 7 inches at the top and 5 inches at the bottom. to be slit up the back piece 16 inches. the cape will be attached. double-breasted. but embroidered in blue. cut of one piece of sky-blue kersey. . Collar 5 inches deep. in Avhite on blue cloth for blue clothing and in blue on white drill for white clothing. Sleeves loose with two rows of stitching to represent cuffs 5 inches deep three small Navy fire-gilt buttons on each cuff. seven b*ttons in each row. worn when on duty. Blue dress trousers: The same as for enlisted men of the Marine Corps. as pay officer. as for other enlisted men of the Navy. White stewards. to be | of an inch high by ^ of an inch wide. of the same design and pattern summer field coat for enlisted men of the Marine Corps with . . . and specialty mark to be worn as on the blue dress coat. on the sleeve to be embroidered in silk. Cape. to extend down the leg f^om 6 to 8 inches below the knee. lined with arm hangwith five small Navy fire-gilt buttons to have seven eyes on the upper border by which it will be fastened to the coat. cut to the shape of the body. On parade the corners of the cape shall be turned back and hooked together behind. for the caps. placed at equal distances apart. 66 UNIFOEM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. Lyre devices: To be of metal. . for* coat collars. according to standard pattern. to stand or fall to hook in front to have seven hooks under the collar. according to the height of the wearer. scarlet flannel to extend to the edge of the coat sleevfe. bandmasters and first musicians to wear the noncommissioned officers' stripe. measured from the center of the buttons. trousers: officers' The same officers' as prescribed for chief petty officers.. lower border of coat to be felled.

4 inches from open end. same as white. it. on the on the hem. on the waistband on the inside in front and on the underside of the pocket flap. "Overshirts. just below the collar . LISTS. inside. Jumpers. . — On lining. one-half inch from bottom. Particular care should be taken that rain clothes are kept distinctly marked at all times. — On the outside of the right half waistband. using black paint in marking white clothes and white or blue clothes. — — Drawers. across the center shirts. top. Mattress cover. Pajamas. MARKING CLOTHING AND CLOTHING MARKING CLOTHING. —Blue. leg. Ruhher hoots. both marks being placed 1 inch from the bottom of the shirt. each side of of 3 inches from and parallel to bottom. the right of the center line . — On the sweatband. as follows Blankets. near the top. All the right-hand corners. 4 inches from each end. — Rain clothes. —In center.: CHAPTER 7. Mattress. on the Shoes. — — top. line of the front and to the right of the center line of the back inside across the back. 1 inch from the bottom of the shirt and to the right of the center. AYatch cap. Leggings. Inside. split tail. white. or cut initials in sides of heels. —In center. 4 inches from each edge. — Same as blue trousers. — On Trousers. . 24-1. inside of the back of both legs close to the bottom hem. 67 — — ^Vhite hat. On the outside of the front. Jerseys. Every article of clothing shall be legibly marked with the owner's name. near the near Socks. —Blue. lengthwise. —Inside. Undershirts. — On the outside of front and on the inside of back. the former across the center line also on the underside of the collar. Inside crown. Overcoat. white. Inside. Same as dungarees. — Same as undershirt.—^Eight corners. Same as blue jumpers and blue trousers. Neckerchief. Dungaree trousers. Cloth cap. Flannel -^Same as blue jumpers. seam and close to to —Inside on centerpiece. dungaree.

provided he desires to do so. are received on board a cruising vessel. CLOTHING LISTS. such portion as the climate and and other circumstances render advisable them when first received on enlistment. receiving ship to a vessel on a foreign station. the duty to be done. the outfit pleted before the 247. When men fits are to be at once completed. In the case of men drafted from a is to be com- men leave the receiving ship. is to be issued to 246. . Nothing in these regulations is to be construed to mean that a man shall not own more clothing than the outfit requires.68 UNIFORM EEGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. their out- season. 245. ferred Of the outfit prescribed for recruits to have on being transaway from a training station.

2 1 1 Mattress Mattress covers 2 pair. men.-'. * Seamaii branch only. . 5 Except officers' stewards. Shoe brush and blacking Blankets 1 1 Towels . men. 2 mess attendants only. Chlefpetty ofiicers. -pair. pair. stewards. discretion of the squadron commander. but the outfit of at the heavy clothing may be reduced in the Philippine Squadron.. and Officers' 3 officers' mess attendants.oqgks. Eecruits Outfit. MEN'S CLOTHING OUTFITS. andofficers'. ' 69 . > 14 1 1 1 Oversnirt Blue undress jumper Dress juniper White undress jumper 2 1 2 1 22 1 3 3 3 1 Blue trousers White trousers Dungarees Jersey M 2 2 !4 J4 1 As required by rating and according to class of vessel.Optional except at training stations. pair. officers' on transfer from Bands- other petty All other enlisted training station.. etc. . officers' cooks. !1 Overcoat Eain clothes ' Flannel shirt White shirt Undershirts: Heavy Light or Drawers: medium Heavy Light or medium or 12 22 1 Blue cap. suit Bating badges Belt and waist plate Jackknife Leggings -'. for an enlisted man of in the following table. 21 4 pair - Rubber boots « ' . ' CHAPTER 8. the The minimum outfit Navy shall be as given of clothing. .. 248. - Cravat Neckerchief Gloves Socks Shoes «. complete White cap (with two White hat more covers) Watch cap Pajamas. On board vessels in general service and for the crews of training ships. Winter clothing not required in summer One pair to be white dress.- 2 1 Gymnasium shoes 1 pair.' 1 pair. Blue coat Waistcoat White coat White jacket ' . At least'One pairto be»highl shoes. -.

The uniforms for officers and enlisted of the several States. in accordance with sections 3 and 5 of the Naval Militia act of February 16. and surrounded by a circle embroidered in gold.: CHAPTER 9. ranks. midway 70 . All other uniforms prescribed for officers of the United States Navy are optional for the officers of the Naval Militia. 9). 1914. 249. and rates of officers and enlisted men of the United States Navy as prescribed in the Uniform Eegulations. Sword. of the size to be inscribed in a circle 1^ inches in diameter. 251. officers only). with modifications as prescribed in this chap250. In order that officers and enlisted men of the Naval Militia (Naval Branch) may be properly uniformed for the call of the President. the following regulations governing the uniforms of the Na. Overcoat. Sword knot (commissioned Undress belt. OFFICERS. GENERAL REGULATIONS GOVERNING THE UNIFORMS OF THE NAVAL MILITIA (NAVAL BRANCH). on the outside of each sleeve.val Militia are prescribed men of the Naval Militia and of the District of Columbia will be the same as for the corresponding grades. White gloves (as prescribed by par. 158). 253. which must be of regu- lation pattern: Service dress. The uniforms for all line officers of the Naval Militia shall be the same as for line officers of the United States Navy except that the star of five rays on the sleeve and on the shoulder marks shall be replaced by a star of five rays embroidered in gold. Every commissioned and warrant officer of the Naval Militia must have the following articles of uniform. White" service dress. Territories. having an inner diameter of If inches and an outer diameter of IJ inches. ter (ch. 252. but such uniforms must be of regulation pattern. 158). Gray gloves (as prescribed by par.

2 1 inch. 71 between the seams. and on all coats (except overcoats) on the outside of the same wrist. or stripes. Lozenge. with the foul anchor in white. In all cases of the Naval Militia ENLISTED MEN. 1^ inches by Field. The cap device for both blue and white caps shall be the same as that worn by officers of the United States Navy. shall be surrounded by a circle embroidered in gold similar to the circle prescribed in paragraph 253. 255. 254. CHIEF WARRANT OFFICERS AND WARRANT OFFICERS. The corps devices on epaulettes for all corps. by 1| inches." followed by the standard abbre- . such star or corps device shall be surrounded by a circle embroidered in gold. or on each side where there is but one gold stripe. 258. both line and staff. The uniform for all staff officers of the Naval Militia shall be the same as for staff officers of the United States Navy.: UNIFORM REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. the colors being reversed for white clothes. with one of the rays of the star pointing directly down^Yard and the outside diameter of the lowest part of the embroidered circle ^ inch from the upper edge of the upper stripe. sleeve as the rating badge. similar to the circle prescribed in paragraph 253. a blue field. 257. The dimensions shall be lozenge. The cap ribbon for enlisted men of the Naval Militia shall bear the words "Naval Militia. All uniforms for enlisted men of the Naval Militia shall be the same as those prescribed for the enlisted men of the United States Navy except that a distinguishing mark shall be worn on all uniforms (except dungarees) on the breast. the colors being : Anchor. The uniforms for enlisted men of the Naval Militia shall be in accordance with the allowance prescribed. 259. 256. This break' shall be in the middle of the sleeve between the inside and outside seams. just below the loop under the neck opening for holding the neckerchief. where a chief warrant officer or a warrant officer is entitled to wear a star or corps device on the sleeve or shoulder marks or on the collar of the frock coat. halfway between the elbow and This distinguishing mark shall consist of a vertical foul anchor in a For blue clothes. and on the shoulder marks this break shall be at the middle point of the stripe. f inch. except that the colored cloth which designates the corps shall be broken for a distance of 1| inches either between the gold stripes where there are two or more. with a lozenge outlined in white.

Territory. or of the District of Colunibia. ILL. thus NAVAL 260. thus: U. with the Naval Militia distin- guishing mark at the end. Territory.: 72 UNIFORM EEGTJLATIONS UNITED STATES NAVY. S. as the governors of the States and Territories or the commanding general of the District of Columbia Militia may designate. or the District of Co- viation for the lumbia. name of the State. Cap ribbons for such part of the Naval Militia organization of a State. TOPEKA. S. MILITIA. . shall bear the name of the ship assigned to the Naval Militia.

shall wear the uniform of the 73 class to . The Naval Reserve Force button of metal shall be in sizes the same as those of the Navy and as shown in photo cut. except that the Naval Reserve device shall be worn on the collar in lieu of corps device and metal buttons shall be the design adopted for the Naval Reserve Force. Class for the I. Men In time of peace. Officers: In time of peace.REGULATIONS UNITED STATES NAVAL RESERVE Tke Uniform Regulations. the uniform of the steamship line or company in which serving with the Naval Reserve device on the collar of a military coat or on the lapels of a box coat. plate 30. Naval Reserve Force. The Fleet Naval Reserve. except that the height shall be 1 inch. uniform required by the steamship line." 262. 261. UNIFORM . same as for the Navy of corresponding rating with cap ribbon bearing the words " U. both officers and men. " U Class III. 1 The Volunteer Naval Reserve which assigned. Class II. * Class IV. Men Same as : for the Navy. shall govern all classes of the Naval Reserve Force except as hereinafter specified. The Naval Coast Defense Reserve. S. The Naval Reserve Flying Corps." The Naval Auxiliary Reserve. The Naval Reserve. Naval Reserve Force. except that the cap ribbon . 10. The Naval Reserve Force device as shown in photo cut.CHAPTER FORCE. Officers Same as for officers of the Navy for such uniforms as are _^ : required for active duty. United States Navy. Class V. : 2. figure 1. the uniform cap of a commissioned pr warrant officer of same rank shall be worn. plate 30. figure S.shall bear the words. same as Navy for such uniforms are are required. On active service or in war. United States Navy. shall be of ^etal similar to the device on the cap of a commissioned officer. 263. In time of war.











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.PLATE 11a. /insujn midshipman 2'"'CI Ch doatswain Ch Gunner Ch rdachiniil Ch Carpen ler I ^o<7/siVain Ch Sadmaker Ch Pharmacisf Ganner niachinisl iria/e Carpen ter Sadma/rer Phanmacisl Pai^ C/erk INSIGNIA OF RANK ON SLEEVE. Admiral of /he Navy Admiral Vice Admiral Rear Admircfl I Lap lam Commander Lieal Commander Iflid-^hipman l-'CI ' Lieidenanl Lieu lenan Junior I.

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BOATSWAIN'S MATE. BLUE DRESS. FIRST CLASS. CHIEF PETTY OFFICER. seaman branch. Third enlistment. ex-apprentice.PLATE 20. .


other than seaman branch. . Fifth enlistment CHIEF PETTY OFFICER.PLATE 21. — WHITE DRESS.




















32. knife 21. revolver worn 48. beard 233 216 217 31 44 223 24 (8) 54 10 7 15. 158. uniform Barefoot Batliing trunks Beard. 109-129 Evening dress 61 (19r24). 23 232 23!) Commanding officer See regulations carried out May prescribe working dress May prescribe uniform. 51. when worn 54 Clothing factory Clothing lists and issues of clothing 57. 200-203 Foreign port. 30 7 3. 185 241 232 31 Knife lanyard Knife. 83 227 Ex-apprentice mark Expert rifleman mark 218J Eyelets for stops 37 Field dress Fitness report Flannel shirt Epaulets Epaulet devices Par. 40 60 35 38. .— INDEX Acting appointments uniform Acting commission uniform Aiguillettes . 50.67 Evening dress coat and waistcoat 82. 152. forbidden 9&-98 Cocked hat 157. 245. — — Par. 29. 58.08 — uniform 61 65. 229 Distingaishing marks 10 Divine-service dress. 240 231 57 Mackintosh Marking clothes Medals. 16. uniforms 28. divine-service dress Chiefs of bureaus. Bandsmen. 230 Caps. 104^3. 178 173 Blue undress jumper 221 Bugler Buttons 151. uniform 1 Leggings 21. 59. 59 Division officer to inspect clothing 61 (7-9). 190 Collars and cuffs Jersey Tewelry 1 39. 40. sheath 32. medals 147-150 240 3. 23. 248 56 Clothing. Line officers' sleeve star 71 Cooks in galley. officers' Cloals.61 (22-24). white Badges. 22. 174 164-181 24 Naval militia Naval Reserve force Navy Department. enlisted men 162—163 Blue trousers 176. uniforms Frock coat Full dress—Full-dress belt Full-dress trousers 187 13 73. 76 (5. uniform Cravat Crew's dress board . not removed 137-144 27 99-102. 94 28 mackintosh. forbidden 56 Deserters' clothing 214. uniform Headgear Hospital-apprentice Inspection. 67 Dress Mess dress Mess trousers Mess jacket Messmen's uniform Mourning Musicians 20. . 177. 49. chief petty 165-167 officers and stewards Blue dress and undress. transfer of. 143 86 27. clothing mark 53. 22. 25 Decorations. chaplain 53. civilian " 249-260 261-262-263 clothes worn Navy B 15 " 218 75 . badges Medical Reserve Corps. Landing force lianyard. 95 244 26. 67 1 Belt Binoculars • Blue cap Blue coat and waistcoat.' Gloves Gun-captain mark Gun-pointer mark Hair. 18 36. 59 Civilian clothes Cloah:. 8 6 Apron. hair of ^ 26 243 47 234 31. 58 Changes of uniform require Secretary's sanction Chaplain. when Post regulations Commissary stewards. 67 89 85 38-40 30 226 — Dress jumper Dungarees Duty. 6) 137.

2 Selling or exchange of. 179. 66 60 Regulations to be posted Responsibility of enforcing 1. uniform on board 5. 180 63. ship's Target practice. 5. C 62. 57 59 Marking clothing Overcoats 37. 88. uniform. uniform of Revolvers Rubbers boots 207-211 58 11 24 47. 103. 67 S 52 2 219 Radio operator specialty mark Kaln clothes 29. 90. on promotion authority of Acting appointments and commission All clothing from pay officer As affecting fitness reports 6.55. 14. chief petty 165-167 officers. 145 1^^ 59 58.5 — 164 18 o . not to wear uniform 12 Fixes uniform of day When must Signals be worn 19 66 (3) Waistcoat 83 Waistcoat and blue coat. 84 Warm-weather uniform 36. 231 61— 6G 27 Sword and scabbard Sword knot Tailors. 17.—— 76 Neckerchief Occasions of wearing uniform Officer of the deck Officer of division — INDEX. — 1. 188 Rank. 46. senior officer present 9 Rating badges Recruits received Retired officers. stewards Waistcoat. 4 17 77-80 Service coat Service dress 21. 242 21. 22. 43. chief petty officers. Navy. 191-199 67 144 87 12 Uniform A. B. 47. (15-18). 186 170-172 Overshirt Clothing list uniform worn 40 155. cooks. 56 Seaman-gunner mark Selling uniform forbidden Senior officer present Authorizes uniform tion on promo9 Submarines Torpedo boat Unauthorized 5. 236. 18. 51 51 3. 153. 67 68-70 Special full-dress coat 211-213 Specialty marks Staff officers' sleeve marks 72 Stewards' marks 224 161 Studs and sleeve buttons Submarines.44.61. 190 Shoes 41. 63. 237 130-136 Shoulder marks 33-34 Sick-list badge 225 Signalmen Signals. dress and undress 83. 160. stew- ards. \ Par. Pajamas Parades.238 154 215 55 Scarf 66 Combinations of_. cooks 168 162. 23 51 57 37 Promotion when uniform to be changed Punishment. 67. Par. 204 White coat. 40 Watch cap 42. 231 Tie Torpedo man Torpedo-boat uniform Transfer of clothing forbidden Trousers Underclothes Undress Undress belt Undress trousers 37. 163 White dress and undress. 24. 16 Combinations not allowed Designation of Army. uniform Patterns. uniform: 66 Socks 159. (10-14). marks Shipwright 222 Shirts 156. 45. forbidden. 220 5. wearing of uniform during — how supplied 54 9 61. 235 Special full dress 61 (1-4). prescribed 205 38 64 81 44. 51 Suspended officers. 93. and 62—64 Marine Corps together 54 Changes in 13 Foreign port Of day 17. 206 White cap 44. enlisted men White hat White Jacket White House uniform White service coat^ White trousers White undress jumper Working dress Working dress. 67 229 Service stripe 224 Ships' cooks.

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