Kolkata, West Bengal, India, Republic oI ( March 10, 2011 -- India is
switching into B.T.L marketing

' A sharp nail and not a big hammer that creates impact¨. With down trading taking its rolls in
advertisement budgets oI various Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) ,Fast Movable
Consumer Durables` (FMCD),Retail market ,Financial Services ,Automobiles Industry ,Real
Estates & Construction industries ,the concept oI below the line marketing is seeing an
unprecedented boom in business.
M-cube communication is a brand management organization... It is a brand management and
media and pr organizations ,which have set its Ioot in eastern India. The company projects
basically Iormulates in supporting various segments oI brands in India, starting Irom FMCGs,
FMCDs, Services, Educations, Automobiles etc through their various Brand management
strategies and techniques. An unique concept that is made in such a way that a company who
wants to market and sales their Product can do it at a minimum cost and can earn maximum
return on their investment spend.

In Indian Market the turnover in these Iorm oI sector is expected to be double Irom Rupees 250
cores in 2003 to Rupees 500 cores in 2004 to Rupees 1000 cores in 2005 to currently Rupees
5000 cores in 2011.Unlike conventional advertising ,below the line marketing is said to be a
direct end to end consumer strategy.
Five years ago, this industry was growing at a rate oI 50 per cent. But over the last two years, the
growth has been close to 100 per cent, with large FMCG companies cutting down on advertising
and increasing promotional spends,¨ says .Snehasish Samaddar brand manager oI m-cube

Large giants like Hindustan Unilever Limited ,Procter & Gamble, ITC ,Nestle India , Tata Tea.
Pepsico India Limited ,Dabur India ,VodaIone ,Godrej & Boyce Limited ,Maruti Suzuki India
Limited are some the active players who are constantly Iocusing in Below the line marketing
concept to market their products directly in the hands oI the end customer.
In these context lies the 2007 annul report oI The FICCI-PricewaterhouseCoopers who estimated
that BTL spending in India is at Rs.9 billion and is expected to grow to Rs.20 billion by 2011. In
India, we still haven`t explored the numerous new & unique ways oI doing BTL. Indian brands
have played it saIe with conventional Iorms oI BTL like events, road shows, sampling,
exhibitions .

Following the high potential Indian market some oI the major players created a buzz about the
BTL activities which became a centre oI attraction as well as attention Ior the target audience.

. Pepsi organized an inter-school cricket event Ior 425 schools across 14 cities, which worked
wonders Ior it. This was the exact age group they wanted to target. Mass advertising is more
general in its appeal, whereas through BTL you can Iocus your eIIorts better, customize better.
Samsung discovered BTL activities like product demonstrations & cookery classes helped in
making people Iamiliar with the concept oI its microwave ovens and eventually helped in the
sales too. BTL helps you reach the audience on a one-to-one basis.

VodaIone and Fever 104 planned a 'VodaIone Fever¨ contest where every 104 minutes, one had
the chance to win Rs.104,000! Whenever the RJ called, the contestant was supposed to say
'VodaIone Fever¨ instead oI 'Hello¨. This way, both companies reached their target audience in
a jiIIy

Kaya Skin Clinic Iinds it proIitable to organize workshops & events on skincare Ior its
customers. This way it generates more business Irom its existing customers.
Recently Tata Tea increased its budget Ior BTL activities to help increase its volumes. Rasna too
doubled its spend on consumers promotions. Dabur Ioods is equally splitting its ad budget
(50:50) Ior advertising & promotions & so is ITC.

Under this concept you market your products and services using unconventional methods like
road shows, events, product sampling, neighborhood marketing , village Iair, hats, direct mails,
public relations, telemarketing and sales promotions to name a Iew. It gives customer Iirst hand
experience oI products and services.
M-cube Communication is acting as an bridge between the several Corporate Iirm with the
various BTL activities. We consider that customer or client are attracted through the various
BTL oIIers, they are interested as the outcome result Irom this process is seen at an expected
period & the desired customer is reached easily. We in M-cube are moving towards this way &
trying to satisIy the Customers needs in the BTL market that`s why we say ' we know your
brands better¨. .

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